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Supplied By Quaerendo Games    On June 22, 2014    Comments(80)

Samsung Phone Wordplay version5.3.0 Download

Wordplay is a grid word search puzzle / word finding game for all ages. In addition to its solid default gameplay, it can be configured very well to suit every user!

The basic idea of the game is to find words in a grid, and indicate them using your phone's touchscreen. The many options, most of which change gameplay drastically, make it a game that will never get old!

Listed below are some of its many features (but you'll have to try the game to really see the wide variety of fun gameplay it can offer!):

* English (American and British) and Dutch dictionaries included by default, as well as SOWPODS and TWL 2006.

* Game rules can be changed whenever you want:

There is endless gameplay variation. By default the game is set up so that consecutive letters in a word must come from adjacent dice blocks, like Boggle.

If you play in this mode, you can choose to enable or disable or even strictly require diagonal moves or bends in a word to keep the gameplay fresh.

If you play without the adjacency restriction, it's a whole other game all-together! In that case, you can jumble together words using all the blocks in any way.

You decide what is most fun to you!

* Minimum/maximum word count: Generated games will contain an amount of words within a specified range. Only want games with lots of words in them? No problem, specify a high minimum word count! Want a totally different challenge? Specify minimum word length 9, maximum word count 1 and try to find the only 9-letter word in a 7 by 7 grid. (Good luck!)

* Ability to block certain words and add additional words (on a per-dictionary basis). You don't think "biwinning" is a real English word? Block it!

* Customizable grid layout: you vary the width and height or the playing grid, play on non-square grids if you like, for some variation on the old 4x4 gameplay. You can even disable individual blocks if you want even more variation!

* Word definition lookup: Simply press on a word twice in the list after a game to look it up online! This makes the game educational as well as fun

* 8 nice default color schemes, plus the ability to choose a custom color for your game blocks

* Scoring system, using points per minute and percentage of maximum score metrics. Think you're better than your friends? Now you can (dis)prove it! High scores can be kept per metric per dictionary. Note that letter frequency determines how much points a letter is worth!

* Two different input methods: by default you drag your finger along the screen to form words and releasing when your word is done. If you prefer, you may choose the alternate input method, which using tapping on letter blocks and a separate word submission button.

* Hot blocks:

This feature adds a lot of fun (and stress!) to the game. It works as follows: if hot blocks are enabled, the game randomly picks a block in your grid, and designates it "the hot block". It will be darkened on your screen, so you will be able to tell easily, which block it is. Now, if you form a word while using this letter block, while it is hot, this word will be worth more points. You can specify the duration a block will be hot (when it cools down, another hot block will immediately take its place), and also the score multiplier (ranging from 2x score to 5x!).

* Local 2-player challenges

* Game saving: you can save your games at any point and then resume them later. The game also contains an autosave feature that activates whenever you navigate away from the app. In case your phone battery runs out, for example, you'll still be able to continue!

* Tons of look and feel options, you can basically customize ANYTHING about this game


This free game's development is supported by ads.


If you liked word games like Word Hero, Ruzzle / Rumble, WordUp / WordzUp, Tile Takedown, Boggle, Wixel, Word Game, Syrious Scramble, etc. you won't be disappointed with this game! Have fun.

Please consider reviewing/rating Wordplay on the market, if you enjoy it!

Quaerendo Games part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 22, 2014. Google play rating is 85.5301. Current verison is 5.3.0. Actual size 4.6 MB.

What's new

    5.3.0: Bug fixes
Download wordplay-1.apk 4.6 MB


Redownloaded and all I saw this game on my friends phone and was instantly intrigued, however once I downloaded it, the letters I click will not stay on the popup screen part, so I can't see what I'm spelling nor does it show words I've already used. I don't understand. I redownloaded it and still isn't working. Fix this or I'll have to delete it again

Tried to purchase the adfree version and it wouldn't open. Bummer. Ended up getting a refund. Would prefer to support the developers by purchasing it!

Fun but too many dumb video ads A fun game that's good for passing time. The video ads are exceptionally annoying, though. Here's how to skip the video ads: Tap Home when the ad appears and then go back to the game by tapping the game's app icon. I'd buy the game but the audacity of those video ads has turned me off completely.

Very simple. I used to really like this game. I don't want lots of fancy special effects and music when I am playing a word game, and this game fits its purpose perfectly. However, the amount of ads on the new version I recently installed on my tablet renders this game completely unplayable.

Works OK but not perfectly on Lollipop I've used this app for years on and off. There are some strange words sometimes and not too many like "LBW" which is a familiar cricket abbreviation but not a word. Since updating to Lollipop the playing board is behaving strangely but I'm sure it will be sorted out.

Can't stand flashing when you find a word Edit: now it flashes white when you find a word. Feel like it is going to give me a seizure. HATE THIS!! Plus I still wish words could be longer than 9 letters.

This game is fun for nerdy spellers I really enjoy playing this game cuz its one player and I can go at my own pace. However, I'm never able to complete a whole game. I guess I'm not smarter than a 5th grader. Lol. Droid Turbo

Lots of fun! I've learned words I didn't know and it's a fun time passer.

Video ads ruin it for me I'm all for ad supported services, I get that's how you make revenue but I really dislike the unskippable video ads that have plagued this app in recent times. It's distributive and intrusive and uses unnecessary data. I've had this app for years but I'm uninstalling it due to the video ads. It's unfortunate bc it really was a good game.

Great game but excessive ads and expensive As others have said, game is well made but too many unskippable video ads make it very tiresome. Thought I'd buy it - seems reasonable if you consistently enjoy a game - but was shocked at the high price and so haven't done so.

Played Well BUT Improvements Needed While I've enjoyed playing this game for quite some time, it needs work. Not being able to see your top scores at will defeats the purpose of having it at all. The dictionary should be better. I've added countless words after confirming I was spelling them correctly. It sometimes forgets the last game I was playing and blows it away. Too much time wasted as a result. Left top character when selected makes screen too bright making the whole board turn white. Pretty soon I'll have to find a substitute. :(

Was great BUT... Now the screen turns white when a word is found and I have to tap it to change it back. It isn't just annoying, it causes a sickening feeling every time I see it. Uninstalled and reinstalled but no change. May or may not be a coincidence, but it started to malfunction right after the lollipop update.

Great until Lollipop, now unplayable Clean simple game. Too many repetitive ads in free version, but still a favorite. Unfortunately unplayable after Lollipop upgrade due to color issues. No response from developer.

A Nightly Routine & Skipping Videos I really love this game. It keeps me thinking and lets me know when I need to go to bed; my scores become horrible. There are some basic words that the game doesn't recognize, which is a little bothersome. Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars. The videos can be skipped by clicking your home button, then touching the APP icon again; it takes you back to where you left off before the video.

Awesome Its a fun game. Never had a problem with it. If i want a word i keep trying and it shows eventually. I am addicted lol

This is by far the best boggle, word game, i have tried most of them and this one is best,u can custimize settings. Only problem would be the dictionary, but u can block out words u dont know. Also to many ads, exspecially the video ads that u can not skip. Please get rid of them

Great app Unlike Boggle, this one won't freeze or crash your phone. Only complaint is the dictionary it uses recognizes some pretty funky "words" but doesn't know "pee" or Scrabble basics like "ret". Overall, this is a great app. Even the ads are unobtrusive. UPDATE: I take back the parts about not freezing and unobtrusive ads. The latest ads consistently freeze my phone and I have to exit the app after every game. Very annoying. 3/21/15: Now board grays out when you find a word. I give up. Uninstalling.

Not good with Lollipop This has been my favorite game for 2 years, but since the update to Lollipop it doesn't work like it used to. I paid for the ad free version but now can hardly use it

Word Love it, even though I am far from a walking dictionary I have always enjoyed word games. This app allows me to play without a time limit, lets me set the grid or number of letters I wish to use in play, and I have been impressed with the dictionary. Thanks!

Perfect! The ability to add words to the dictionary is a relief. This app's customizability is unmatched in other 'boogle'-esque games. Great, great, perfect, great.

It's Fun I've had this app on all of my Android devices throughout the years. Tablet, Droid X, Droid RAZR Maxx, Droid Maxx, and Samsung Galaxy S5. It's always a good time-passer game.

Very fun I like this game better than the other word search games I tried first. Simple and easy. Only giving 4 instead of 5 because the dictionary they use includes some very obscure words, sometimes it get frustrating to try and find the last few words on a board only to discover one was slang from 1913.

Advertisement is way too annoying Unlike other games this one makes you wait for 10 or 15 seconds ad to run after every game. That's just too much. Uninstalled just because of this. The game itself is fun.

Great game but button press has gone funny on Galaxy S4 This is the best game of this type I have played! Please fix the button press problem on the Galaxy S4 running Android Lollipop... Thanks!

Great options, but dictionary leaves something to be desired. Includes slang and obsolete words, as well as foreign language words. It does include the option to remove/add words, but fully editing the dictionary will require a lot of work. Fix the dictionary and this would be a five star review. Explain the dictionary source, and if it's decent, I'd go to four stars.

Drop the video ads. I really like this game but the video ads are so horribly annoying. If it wasn't for those ads I'd rate this game much higher.

Awesome It's challenging,it's fun and it's...addictive.Except for the ads,it would have gotten 5's free anyways!

Houston, we have a problem!!! I love this app. I play it daily to unwind. However, since I downloaded the new lollipop upgrade, the game is not running right. Complete ROWS are turning white as you are selecting words. Help!!

Simply the best of it's kind. Well-behaved and customizable where it counts, with a developer who's responsive to questions. Cool.

Fun and frustrating! I can spend hours playing this and its free. Great game and a real challenge even if some of the words are pretty weird.

Flexible and fun This Boggle-type game is excellent for user personalization. I finally bought it after a year+ of the ads version. My only annoyance now: the board flashes to white after a word is completed. This bug showed up after a lollipop upgrade on Samsung Galaxy S5. It desperately needs fixing, guys! Get this right, and you get five stars.

Seriously.... Good game but 30 second mandatory commercials before/after every game is overkill. So went from 5 to 2 *s

Addicting. ..:-) Only reason why four stars and not five because it's too broad a vocabulary... I'm no where near dumb but dang come on now.... Other than that love love the game....

Best word game! I enjoy not being on a timer. It increases odds that I'll play it even when my gray matter is tired from the day. I like the simplicity of it. No monotonous music or screen being eaten by unnecessary space filler. I like that I can come back to a game if I don't finish - all incomplete games are saved. I understand purpose for advertising. I just don't like where you've placed them. Allow me to see my score first. Question: summary screen; some words are high lighted in red, others in blue-why?

Some words are clearly a spelling error. I love the game and would give it a 5 star rating, but cannot get above 95% rating due to errors in spelling on words used in your dictionary. Other common words that are used in American & British English are not accepted and have to be added, via your add option. Overall a great game and a credit to the creator. Thank You.

HTC ONE S & Moto X I've have found this game exasperating! Unless you are a Jeopardy whiz or are well read in Old English, Medieval writings, Finnish, Latin, Old German and French, OBSOLETE WORDS, Shakespeare, and other writings/books from the 1600's to 1900's, do not expect to make 100% on any games! I usually find all the words that I know and some I don't (accidental ones I simply 'played' with!), hit "finish' and see what happens. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised! It does have a "Wikitionary" to see meanings. Good luck!

Totally addictive If you want a word game that challenges you to make many words and long words this game is the one to choose. The lack of a time constraint allows the player to seek out larger words, unlike others with s time limit.

Fix White Screen ..and I'll be happy to change review. Screen whites out upon selecting a word. Extremely annoying! It didn't used to do this. Also, words added to Block Word list keep showing up.

My Fav This is my favorite game, it's a challenge at times but helps me relax. I love it.

Nice and clean Perfect version of 'Boggle' with nice features and relevant customizations. I've had it on my phone consistently for a couple of years and it's now one of my 'core' apps.

I used to love this game, but the white flash every time a word is found is beyond annoying and hurts my eyes. Won't play again until this is fixed.

What the heck? I transferred this to my new phone and all of a sudden it is highlighting every word I trace. I can barely see the letters with this bizarre light show going on. I've adjusted the settings multiple times but can't make it stop.

Why wont this work!! I had a customer come in with this app and I instantly loved it.... except I tried to DL it and the app automatically shuts down within 5 seconds!

Why keep the board white when word is found?? REALLY LIKED this game on my old phone, so when I bought a new one this was the first game I downloaded. I CANNOT STAND how the board stays white after you find a word. This didn't happen on my old phone. Agree with Kacey and her review on 4/11/ is annoying. PLEASE go back to the way it was with NO WHITE SCREEN after a found word. Thank you for your consideration.

Wordplay review The game is quite flexible. Youre allowed to create your own dictionaties, however the game asks whether you want to add words during gameplay (for instance if youve played the same non dictionary word twice in a row) and its not clear at all how to stop that. The game has annoying graphical glitches causing the letter backgrounds on the entire board to change to white. If the game allowed custom dies and fixed the above issues, it would be the best offering in the playstore by far for this type of game.

I have had a hard time loading new games. When I can get one to load tho its fun!

Broken with Lollipop. No fixes now The app does not behave with lollipop. The letter grid stays highlighted light grey after spelling out a word making it difficult to read the letters. This ruins the game. No response to my email. Support seems to have ended. Shame, as this is easily the best Boggle type game out there.

Best time wasting word game. The dictionary has some ridiculous entries, but you can customize it.

Wordplay I recently downloaded this game to a new tablet and now the board kind of whites out after a every word is found. Makes it very difficult to see and kind of a hassle to play. I'm bummed because this has been my favourite game for years. I'll have to take back a couple of stars.

Love the game, free version has way too many very intrusive ads, paid version is much more expensive than others like it.

As many others complain, I absolutely cannot stand how the board turns white when a word is found. I can't find in the preferences how to stop this and I will NOT play this game because of this very stupid problem.

Really??? Why does the game crash ALL the time....I would say 4 out of 5 games it "stops unexpectedly"....HERE WAS MY PREVIOUS COMMENT & I GAVE IT 5 stars***This game keeps my mind alert...I loved it MONTHS ago...when I rated it ...and that hasn't changed...:-) It is the PERFECT stress reliever...Keep up the great work guys...:-) :-) :-) WHAT THE H**L HAPPENED...:-(:-(:-(

Disappointed Whats it take to get an update??? Emails sent unanswered. My game is frozen. If I uninstall, I lose all my blocked words Hate white screen!!!!! Fave app for 4 years. Added to new phone, very disappointed in changes

Are u fixing these problems??? Seems everyone has similar complaints! This is a classy game. Please fix the problems. NOW, I am experiencing ALL of the problems listed here. And frequently when I spell a word, the letter doesn't "register". Come.on folks.Only you can save us!! Ditto Lisa Spears comment! Really annoying problem. Plus, I bought a new phone, put WP content on it & now it doesn't accept of the words that it did before. Also, the max time limit is a little tight if one is challenged with finding 200+ words. Since the game is adjustable to the players needs, why not offer a greater time range? You make changes...good! No changes...I'm looking for a new word game (I have really enjoyed this one). Thanks for the game & the opp. for input!

Seems okay Many of the words aren't really words...nth? Sometimes difficult to go diagonally with picking up extra letters. Why does the screen turn white after selecting a word. Makes it hard to read.

Used to be great... I wanted to email the author but there is no email address listed, so hopefully they'll read it here. I recently downloaded the Lollipop update on my Droid Turbo, and now whenever I find a word on this game, the screen flashes white--then STAYS white until you swipe the next word. And while swiping a word, half the letters will show red and the others, not at all. Both are annoying, but the flashing white screen is EXTREMELY annoying; even worse than the egregious video ads. Please fix!!

Board is so annoying now I used to love this game. I played all the time. Now I can't stand it! The ads are hated. The board goes white when a word is found. Keys stick. My phone is running lollipop.Maybe that's the culprit. Or maybe you're just trying to annoy us so much we might be tempted to pay for the way over priced ad-free version. Hmmm...

Nice Word Find game. Ready to play yet it will sometimes use an obscure word from another language usage like Arabic or other variations. Overall, pretty good game.

Game does not work anymore For a few years I was absolutely addicted to this game. Absolutely the best word game, I've yet to find.. Although there is nothing wrong with the game, per se,. it will not work on my Galaxy S4. It does work better on my tablet Galaxy Tab S2, but upper left corner whites out. Game opens fine, but after choosing the first word, all letters white out and you can barely see the letters. If this game works on your android, I highly recommend it. Just apparently Samsung Galaxy ' s non-compatible.

Great app If you enjoy word games, you will like this. It's like Boggle. The only thing annoying is that after every word, I have to press any key to see the playing board correctly. Turned in a ticket while ago but never heard back.

Used to be 5 stars plus! Played this game at expense of all others. It was phenomenal. Even with the white screen. Then it filled with words that are practically nonexistent. When I began blocking those words as well as x-rated words, it allowed me to play a couple of games then "generates" for ever, we'll past thirty minutes. Maybe it's my Note 3, maybe not, but I really miss this game that has kept me from endless waiting, except when I'm waiting for it to "generate game."

Great game My previous review was 5*: "Simple, enjoyable, works great. Addictive." But I've taken it down to 2* because while I don't mind ads on a free game, I strongly object to the new un-skippable 20 second video ad. The game remains great, but if these videos continue, it's coming off my device. Update: Back up to 4*, now the ads are less intrusive. Game is highly personalisable, with editable block lists, language choices, lots of format options, etc. Would like to be able to import/share block word lists.

Once the best Boggle game Something in Lollipop made this game unplayable; the screen flashes every time a word is selected. I found changing to left-hand view and landscape only orientation mostly resolves this - the screen still flashes when selecting the upper left character. I *really* hope the developer is still around to fix this because I have not found any Boggle game that comes close to this.

Old was better I had the original version of this from 2012 and it was heaps better. Got a new phone and had to get the updated version. The only advantages of the new version are the ability to save games and add words. I miss the old way of keeping top scores, it was better. A top 5 for each board, etc. Top 5 on x4 board, top 5 on a x5 board and so on. And some of the new words to find are just ridiculous!

Great Boggle substitute When I first saw it I knew I had to buy it. Play it constantly on my Toshiba thrive and my HTC smartphone. My only negative is that the dictionary needs some updating. Otherwise, one of the best games that can be found. Play it constantly on my Acer and Samsung devices. A minor annoyance, the letters stay highlighted in Lollipop.

Used to love it It used to be my go to word game I loved its simplicity and its got a great dictionary, but now whenever I find I word the whole screen flashes. I hurts my eyes and makes gameplay unenjoyable. I'm holding on to see if there's a new update that gets rid of this.

Buggy after phone upgrade Still love the game, but since upgrading to my Galaxy Note 5 the interface is buggy. Whole board turns gray/white on found word and top left corner tile always goes red when selected. Makes game play very distracting. Hopefully developer will fix these issues with next update!

Was decent Now has full screen video ads which blast audio even when you have game sounds turned off. I would tolerate the ads w/o audio but this is just thoughtless and rude. Also now has an obnoxious screen blink when you complete a word, which you can't turn off. Every recent change has been for the worse.

Good challenge I live that it's not timed and treks me how many words are left to find so i can get as close to the total sad possible. Hard to find some words, with a huge range of how many are in each puzzle. Some are obscure of course.

Great game! I prefer the timed mode, which is no longer the default, but it is still an option. The reason for not giving it five stars is that the choices they make about about which words to include and exclude seem odd sometimes

Love this game but it happens more often than not that it registers the words i find but when i finish the game they hv not bern registered. Its no wonder im constantly looking for words that i hv already found. Wd get 5 stars if this issue is fixed. Great game otherwise.

Used to rate 5 stars I have this app on several phones and even though I've already rated it it won't stop asking me to do so. When I say yes, I'll rate it again so maybe it'll stop asking me, it shows I've already rated it. So down one star. Please fix?

Updated review... After my recent update to Android 5.0 lollipop, the game screen goes almost transparent after finding a word, until I tap the screen again. This is very frustrating and makes the game much less fun. I've played (and loved) this game for years and even bought the ad free version a couple years ago but I may never play it again unless this bug is fixed.

Nice and fun but flakey I've played several games. There are times when I try to pick a word and it won't let me, only to list it as a word I missed. Other times it does let me pick a word and it registers but then it still shows up in the list as a missed word. I know I spelled "set" correctly. It also does not like some plurals.

Used to be good.... I loved this game but then downloaded it on my new phone and can't stand how the words flash or just remain in a flash state when you make a word. It is irritating.

Truly addictive.. BUT DOES NOT WORK WELL ON ANDROID LOLLIPOP I play wordplay daily and thoroughly enjoyed it until I upgraded my phone to android lollipop. Now it does not work correctly and the developer is doing nothing to fix it. Very disappointing.

Relaxing I like to play this game before going to sleep; it helps my mind unwind. App is stable & while the word list is weird, it's helpful for learning obscure scrabble words. Thanks! 4 stars Update, 7/25/2015: Upgraded to lollipop today & now this game is broken. Find a word & letter blocks turn silvery-white. I wish I had not paid for the ad-free version. Please fix this!

From GOOD to GREED. WAS a 5* game....But then they added the very excessive, annoying video ads. I understand ads but Christ, this is just ridiculous! After reading other ratings, it's clear everyone agrees. UNINSTALLED for a similar app that doesn't rape me with ads.

Fix it please! Doesn't work well with Android 5.1. Grid fades to gray on found words. Upper left character flashes red when touched. This is one of the very few games I play on my phone.

Nice design It's fun to discover new words buried in the puzzle. However, it is impossible to "win." Apx half of the possible words no one has ever heard of. Also, the fee for the ad-free version is way too high.