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Supplied By Microsoft Corporation    On June 17, 2015    Comments(132)

Samsung Phone Wordament® version2.8.5 Download

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Why play against one person in a turn when you can play against thousands at once? Wordament® is a real-time continuous word tournament. Players compete on the same board with everyone at once. Rounds offer challenges such as two- and three-letter tiles, themed words, speed rounds and more. You can be a champion in many ways: find the most words possible, earn the best score, find the longest words, best your Frenemies, or beat your top score. How you win is up to you.

Wordament tracks your progress by maintaining rich statistics about your gameplay including your best word found, total score, best word count, first place finishes and more. Xbox Leaderboards show you who's rocking it for the day, hour and overall. Climb the ranks and earn achievements and bragging rights along the way. Will you be our next champion?

Microsoft Corporation part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 17, 2015. Google play rating is 87.0338. Current verison is 2.8.5. Actual size 38.0 MB.

What's new

    Wordament 2.8.5:
    • General bug fixes.
Download wordament-r.apk 38.0 MB


Hats off to you , wordament! Parents say that tablets do no good and we shouldn't use them so much but ever since wordament showed up, parents are like lemme play! Please lemme play! This increases our vocabulary!

Its great i love it Nice game its cool ive broken five records

Love it but bug ruins it I have a note 4 and when I first downloaded it it worked great. Went to open it the next day and it won't open. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it did the same thing. I love this game but please fix

A great puzzler It's long overdue for Microsoft to bring more games like this to Android for xbox achievements. The game runs smoothly on my s4 although unlocking achievements did seem a little buggy at times. Otherwise, it's a worthy free download and very addictive.

getting poorer and poorer Swiping across tile isn't optimized and often misses the tile when making a word and sometimes even misstouches the tile. Frequent in game lags and annoying time wasting "you're guessing" popups are destroying the game experience (especially for person with poor spellings). Hating this game day by day. I think you're guessing popups should have option to disable by users.

Lovely game! Thismis one of those puzzle games you can't put down. If you love games like boggle (or whatever that game is called), then you'll love this. It's an online game, where you compete to be at the top of the leaderboards. Each round is 2 minutes long, and has all kinds of cool things. While there are letters, also there is things like "-ing" or "en", just to make it more interesting. Some rounds are easy, others are hard. That's about it. While it seems like not much, but trust me, just install it and give it a try. It's very addicting. It's also relatively bug free, basically I am saying I have no issues with this game on my TAB S. I keep hitting an MSN ad on the bottom by mistake because, well, I am super clumsy. But don't worry! It's super addicting. To be honest, this game deserves a lot more attention. It's what every puzzle game should be: a fun, interesting and somewhat competitive game. Anyways, play it! You will love it!!!

I guess it is alright Please read Microsoft corp. I personally think you should make an online multiplayer mode so you can see what your friends are doing at the same time your playing. And add a local network so I can play against my friends

Fun but needs to be streamlined The vote game is fun. The puzzles are challenging and satisfying. What I don't like are the super long wait times in between matches. I don't care about leaderboards and I'd much rather spend the time playing or at the very least spend the time between rounds looking at the words that I missed so I can get better, instead the game forces me out of list view to linger on leaderboards. I would like a mode that isn't time based what I get a chance to discover all the words; a solo challenge mode of sorts.

TEACH TO CHEAT The game is good enough: they copied Boggle and added cheating. The top players are all using software to enter words for them - imagine how accomplished they must feel. If you play, adjust your points for the ignoramuses who can only score if a spelling app does it for them. Each game lasts 2 minutes, and the top players usually score over 100 words: sometimes more than 120. Can YOU swipe one word per second?

MORE time to see words MISSED!!! LET ME chose when I am ready to start a NEW game!

Useful game. One of my favourite games. It really improves our speed of processing, reflex, accuracy. It helps to increase our vocabulary and the ability to find patterns.

game ignores my phone's volume settings so won't go quiet when needed !

Lollipop update NOT WORKING I loved this game. Now that I have lollipop as my os, it says there's an unknown error code "-505" and won't load. I just want to play!

Good game but why my rank is always 0? Whould put 5star if this is fixed...

Good, But Needs More Options Wordament has been my favorite game since my Windows Phone 7 day, but it needs to evolve. The game has categories that should've been selected by choice, such as long words, 13 points, and keywords-related search. I suck in the long word department and only managed to beat it once, hence should be allowed to skip it, or even keywords are later searches. (We never play, or know much about, "hockey" in Nigeria.) Otherwise, probably one of my most favorite puzzle games so far.

Error in Final Rankings Recently I have been facing this issue..the score/no of words are different when tge ranking are displayed. I have screen shots. Please fix this.

Not working Great game. Brain challenge. I'm no good at scrabble and still love wordament.

Removed 2 stars. For some days now, it used to force close. And since yesterday it is not even opening. Trued uninstalling and te installing. No success.

No efficiency in bug-fix and app update Used to loved this game , until Lollipop launched update to my smartphone. Now this game can't be reinstalled again...! Xbox did nothing in the last 2.5 months for such situation. Disappointed indeed.

What happened? Background music - cant turn it off. In fact even closing the app couldn't stop the music, had to reboot my Nexus 7.

Loved the game but after spending an evening playing Wordament, it no longer works on my phone.

Achievements for Xbox live are great. But there aren't enough mobile games with gamerscore

Missing & not words A fun game for a while... Until you keep finding words that aren't listed like "dear" and lots of words that are not real are listed.

Got locked out of game without update. Update stinks! Every game you need to reset size of letters-why?

Love It It is so addictive, and It is hard to stop playing it. Love it!

Must have Have an internet connection? This game promises fun...:)

A great word game I first heard about this game when it was a Windows Phone exclusive, and I snatched it up as soon as I saw that it was available on Android. It's basically Boggle vs. The World, as you play simultaneously with players all around the world in rotating rounds. About the only major features I wish it had (but it doesn't) are an offline mode (without ranking, sure, but it would be nice when trying to kill some time in an area with poor reception), and a paid version with no ads. Yes, Microsoft, I'm willing to give you money to make the ads go away. Why won't you take my money? Other than that, one of my favorite mobile games.

Really addictive A very well put together game. Two small downsides are that it only plays in portrait mode so I cant use my transformer keyboard to straghten the screen up, and its all in US english so some words are spelt wrong Very well worth downloading & playing though

Cool game. I like that you can connect it to your Xbox. They should make more like it.

New Version Bug Game stalls at 23 seconds. You need to exit and restart the app. Comparative results unavailable with every game.

Not opening....i couldn't play as it was saying that it needed a update but after update its not opening.

This game will make you think a lot and that's why I like it. The cool thing is that you play for 2 mins and rest for a little while.... It's strangely addictive. Give it a try :)

Its a brain and vocabulary game Awesome. Me and family always play it.

It was nice while it lasted No update available and it continuously crashes.... Super annoying... Really love this game

Great game I love how it allows to improve scores. Real challenging

Not connected to xobox after sign in.

Crash Sudden crashes after lollipop update. Totally unplayable now in my sm-g900h. Please fix.

Rating system could be improved I think that the rating system doesn't need so many ties. Arrange players with the same number of points by least words used. This arranges by efficiency, not spamming.

Great game but Why does it say that I'm from Argentina when I'm actually from Singapore?

Do not connecting to x-Box account I had played this game on my win 8.1, but here is not connecting to x box

The best game for your attention and brains

Perfect word puzzle!

Latest update now doesn't allow me to play. FC as soon as you swipe to play. Swiping across tile isn't optimized and often misses the tile when making a word and sometimes even misstouches the tile. Frequent in game lags and annoying time wasting "you're guessing" popups are destroying the game experience (especially for person with poor spellings). Hating this game day by day. I think you're guessing popups should have option to disable by users.

Great fun This is a brilliant, quick but devious word game that is incredibly addictive. Perfect for 2 minutes bursts of fun

Worked once Buggy as hell. Loved the idea and the guessing detection but now since the first time I logged in I get a login loop and prevents me from playing. Also, why not be able to sign in outside of Facebook? Great idea. Bad app programming. Doesn't feel native

Useful game. One of my favourite games. It really improves our speed of processing, reflex, accuracy. It helps to increase our vocabulary and the ability to find patterns.

I loved this game when it worked The game itself should get 5 stars. It's fun and addictive. Since the new update I can't login with Facebook and I don't have the option of playing without going through Facebook. Now it's just an app on my phone that doesn't open.

Addicting I was a Scrabble fan but loathed the time required to complete a game. This game is one that I can join any time of day and quickly finish. It is competitive, fast paced, addicting.

Wordament I thought I was good with words,but I am not ....

Why is Facebook required The game is barely worth the hassle of having to use Facebook for it.

Lollipop Issues Great game, but having crashing issues on Lollipop (Nexus 6).

Love playing with the world, keeps my mind active, challenging, great game

Good game Lags a bit

Great when it works Great, addictive game... until I upgraded to lollipop. Now, it crashes too much to be usable.

A Must App In Smart Phone After Whatsapp! :P

Words Right good if you like words. If you prefer mindless, inane dross then this isn't for you. Occasionally closes during a game which is a bit annoying (Galaxy S4)

Wont log me into xbox account Whenever i try to log into my xbox account it says connectivity error. I forced to play as a guest

Reduces my score It worked just fine until now but now it reduces my score somehow while showing the results and hence worsens my rank. Do something.

Won't run after lollipop update. It's a shame, great game

Wow, This is real cool! I liked the idea of playing word games with many. Its addictive and a learning experience. But I face issues when there are intermittent internet connection issues. When this happens the game doesn't get reconnected automatically. It takes an eternity reconnecting...

Fun but lose the MSN ad NO I DO NOT WANT MSN AS MY HOMEPAGE. At the very least take it off the in game screen, I'm always bumping it.

Great game but… Really wish there was an offline mode, especially given how often it fails to connect when every other app can connect online okay.

Addictive! I don't usually play games on phone, but this is so addictive. Glad it eventually got ported from Windows Phone where I found it a couple of years ago.

Wont work for xbox Can sign in with facebook, but every time i try my xbox account it fails to connect. Only reason i got it was to sync xbox. Fix that and I'll give 5 stars

Needs a fix Tiles don't swipe properly anymore. This used to be one of my favorites.

Fails to connect to internet 1/3rd of times Offline mode not necessarily needed... Atleast update your servers for better performance. Otherwise a good game. Cant rate more as i cant play due to failure to connect even in wifi!!!

Score total has stopped updating Would be 5 stars, but my score total and word count has stopped updating!

Tired of not being able the install Getting an error message reading "-505" everytime I try to install this previously liked game. Please resolve this issue for AT&T LG G3 on stock 5.0.1 rom. I will change my rating once I can actually play the game.

Sign in issues Can only occasionally sign in to my xbox profile. Fix and will change to 5 stars

Alright Game It was a great game until it stopped updating the score. I uninstalled it and reinstalled to see if that would help, but it didn't. I will rerate if the issue gets fixed.

Randomly but Regularly Crashes While in the Middle of Swiping a Word Wordament is a lot of fun, especially if you are a fan of Bogglery type games. You're playing almost immediately, and I like that you don't have to play a one-to-one game. 5/1012 place is my highest so far. Unfortunately the application randomly "exits" on a regular basis, and always when I'm in the middle of swiping off words. The application just disappears from the screen and the running applications list. I can't find a log file or log entries for Wordament, so have zero inkling of why it's so unstable.

Addictive It Doesn't always show the game hint such as long word, speed play, etc. After the round ends the hint becomes visible.

Good time waster, when it works Good game, but the same games are repeated too soon. Been locked out of this game for days now, none of the suggested trouble shooting works.

Fun game I love word games but there is no way you can get over 100 words in 2 minutes. There are too many cheaters.

Lose control... Often I thought I will not open my wordament window today. But I never felt so hopelessly out of control in my life. Trust me, if you care for your time don't ever play this game even once, let alone downloading it.

Would be 5 stars but The android app on my note 3 crashes every time i start playing a board. I've tried re-installing but same result. I love this app. If fixed i will change my rating.

James jewell I had a brain aneurysm 16 months ago!! Game is doing great for me!! 1st 3 days I was finding 3 letter words.. But doing a little bit better now! And yes my brain exploded because I was so smart brain just couldn't take it any more! Lol

Why dont words flash green/red any more? Tiles used to flash green or red as you swiped to show if you got a word or not. Why remove this feature???

Why force login? It's a good game but I'm forced to look at pointless scoreboards for 30 seconds between games. I'm not interested in logging in to share my game playing with others.

Wordament It keeps changing how you can log in. Sometimes you can't even use it. You should be able to keep your gamertag, even when changes are implemented. Used to play everyday, now not hardly only when EXTREMELY BORED.

BEST GAME EVER!!! I soo longed for this game to launch on android and its finally here. I just love it! Seriously addictive, wonderful interface, smooth and lag free. Ultimate time killer.

Been playing this game a while now, sometimes very frustrating but always very addictive, but having trouble. It's not updating my latest results in the Ranks and Stats, please help

Problems Best rank and top word don't refresh. Have gotten repeated higher ranks than what my highest rank says it is and have screenshots to prove it....never updates. Wtf?

Pretty fun It would be nice to have an offline practice feature for when I cannot connect to the internet.

Connection too buggy The alliance between facebook and Microsoft.... Won't sign in through xbox anymore....not happy. It used to be a great game

Fun But it took a long process before I found it on the app store. Advertise a little more so I can have more opponents. ??

I love the game, but lately I can not log in. I've tried on my phone and tablet and nothing. =(

Can't log in with Xbox account Also, quite restrictive on word forms for no apparent reason, where you can put endings on some words, but not all

Good.. Should be made optional online game... I'd like to play it offline when internet not available ha.. 5**** if made offline aswel

Amazing! I don't like games on my phone. Period. But this one I'm a fan of! Only game on my phone. ?

This game will ruin your life The shortness of each round masks the addictive nature of the game, and if you lack impulse control (like me), you will be driven to the brink of ruin wasting countless hours playing this game.

LOVE IT. And Microsoft rocks. Must have application . one mode , one game , lots of eyecatchers. One thrilling yet easy puzzle. All the best.

Awesome Game First of all I love this game, simple and fun.... Early today I got 10th rank but score board is showing 11th rank.... previously my best ranking was14th.... please fix this....

Good Wish I had more time to review possible words and 1/2 the time to wait through rankings

Super addictive This is best of all word puzzle games. I always keep this on top in my preferred ones

Issue with frenemies and ckpurplecat I've added heaps of frenemies, but they don't appear on my scoreboard although they're on the top scores. Also, could ckpurplecat and AidKay chill out for a bit and quit getting top 10 all day, that would be great ;)

Addictive, but buggy It seems the developers cannot get the synchronization to work properly. Takes forever to load, often crashes or does not load the next screen.

Its really useful game... I love it. It really helps me in spellings, how many words I know how can I make new words its really really useful. Awesome game✌✌??

Alright Game It was a great game until it stopped updating the score. I uninstalled it and reinstalled to see if that would help, but it didn't. I will rerate if the issue gets fixed.

Amazing! This game happens to be my favorite kill time activity. Awesome game play, no ad intrusions, fairly competitive and really fun to play.

OK but often hopeless screen-response Screen can't keep pace with tile-swiping. Get a decent word going and it stops responding. Need several attempts WITH sneering, time-wasting "you're guessing" pop-up. How about an untimed option to give the thing a chance to keep up?

Yes, it's addictive. .. Love competing with the best in this game; great to see your handle on top of the table if you win a round...only drawback right now is that the stats section has stopped updating, hence missing star in the rating.

My leaderboard nt updating Love playing dis one.. bt my leaderboard is not updating since sometime.. deleted n reinstalled bt no use..

Not working keeps kicking me off after I put in a word or two. Please fix the issue it's a great game otherwise.

Can't play game Have had this game for 2 years and I really like it. But for a while now I would need to Uninstall the game every few months because it would start just shutting off in the middle of a game. Now it shuts off as soon as I try to play. So unfortunately I have to Uninstall the game. I hope this problem is fixed.

Good vocabulary builder The app is good. I can build upon my vocabulary. The only downside is that the Xbox sign-in link doesn't work after I enter my credentials. I get the connecting scree forever. If I close and open the app again, the same screen appears and then, after a while, an "Unable to connect" screen appears. Please fix this.

some things lacking if game number,date and time along with history can be provided you can have better compition and bet with your friends online . And if score and wins can be maintained between frenemies date wise it will be great game

Major bug at 23 seconds For some reason, the game decides to freeze when the countdown timer hits 23 seconds. It doesn't happen all the time. Perhaps 1 in 3 or 4 games. I have to kill the app and reload to play again. It happens on both iOS and Android. Great game otherwise. Please fix!

Wish I could play on my S4 Wordament will not install on my Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-i337 with Android 5.01. Error message on every attempt. Love the game, but now can only play on my Windows tablet.

Ads!!!! Seriously. The ads will force me out of a game to chrome! Which makes my phone freeze and by the time I can get back to the game that round is over, or I'll get back and it'll send me right back to chrome.... I never had issues until I bought a new phone(Lg Zone 3) worked fine on my Droid Maxx

I love the game Boggle and this game is basically the same game however know that the top scorers aren't human. They are all bots. You will find them scoring a word every .8 seconds or less. And some times they use words which are not words and ignore words which are words. F rating.

Decent game, horrible interface and terrible experience Would be a fun game if it wasn't so buggy. The Xbox live login never works so unless you want to connect your Facebook account, you have to play as a guest. At least use the Google authentication...

Login issues. Having net connectivity issues repeatedly even when other online apps are working. And what does "timed out" means? Would ve been a 5 star otherwise.

Great game, TERRIBLE connectivity to X-box online The game is fantastic. But the experience of it is ruined by constant problems connecting to X-box online. This is consistent across multiple devices and high speed connections. Wish Microsoft could get its identity services sorted.

The game is really addicting and fun to play, but for days now it has stopped functioning every time that I try to play. I have reported the issue several times and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program without any success. Very frustrating!

Needs fixing This was my favourite app on Windows Phone. Still great on Android (Xperia) but only when it works! Can be very slow to connect and often crashes between rounds. Fix required please!

Vocabulary update It's a great game. Its very addictive but the administrator needs to update the vocabulary. Words that I know are words are not recognized. Very annoying!!

Serious problem while connecting to wifi When i am using mobile internet, this game easily connects to xbox and works well, but when i am using wifi, this game never connect to xbox id so i can't play..pls solve the issue.

Loved until xbox login failed Until recently I've had minimal problems with this game. Over the past few weeks I've experienced times when I couldn't login for a day or so, now I can't login at all with xbox. I don't like using Facebook, though that still works.

Wordament crash I use this on my Windows Phone with no problem. I play it on my galaxy note and it crashes after every other game. Damn annoying.

Crashes I can log in ok, but as soon as a game starts, it crashes. I'm using a nexus 7 tab (2013) running Android M. This used to be my favourite game and now I can't even play it. Please fix this so I can enjoy it again.

This game freezes all the time i hate it. My old phone which was a optimus g worked fine. Now i have g3 one game and it freezes. Even on wifi

Major bug at End of every game. For some reason, the game decides to freeze when times up (2 Minutes). It does happen all the time. Perhaps 1 in 2 or 3 games. I've to kill the app and reload to play again. It only happens with Android Marshmallow (Redmi 3S Prime), It runs smooth and with out bug on KitKat (LG G2). Great game otherwise. Please fix it.

Very interesting game..BUT..!! Facing some problem with the scores, is Wordament game app's server stuck as there is no update on long word/scores for over a week!? Posted my grievances but Still the issues are not solved!! Team wordament pls do look into the issues!

Great game,but... It doesn't keep stats correctly. In particular, I've had two words better than my "best word". Fix it and it's five stars.

Stuck at 23! Changed my 5* review to 1*! Lately, everytime I get a good board score.. One that could give me a top 10 ranking..The post game score counter gets stuck at 23secs and then doesn't register or show me the final score screen. So disappointed. Losing interest in playing!! Works fine as long as the ranks 10+..

Garbage. Can log in perfectly on ipad and PC but Android? Nope, used to be able to but now not ever. Like so any Android apps this is poor and barely works. Cannot wait to get back to iOS

Good but it has some bugs I Like the game and all but my timer always gets stuck on 23 seconds. I have a Samsung tab A and a Samsug galaxy S3. Please fix this!!!

It's an awesome game but something is wrong from the past few weeks. After playing 2-3 games it stops working and if u have to play again u will have to try again after near about an hour. I is this. Pls fix this thing as quick as possible. Thnq...

Love it but.. This is the only game i ever play. Ive DL for every device since i found it, i have had friends DL so i can play against their score. Ultimately this is my favorite app. The only problem i have is that i do not have xbox or Facebook so i cant keep track of my accomplishments and this is frustrating. If Microsoft could come up with a user profile for this app i would give 5 stars as it is definitely worth 5 stars.

Keeps crashing I had it installed on my phone for months and enjoyed the game but after wiping my phone and installing it and uninstalling it multiple times, it still crashes after one swipe of a word. Very frustrating!

It doesnt make sense in dutch Half the words that are correct dutch words arent in the dictionary and they seem to have been replaced by someone with a fantastical mind. Love the gameplay, but it is very offputting and annoying if you cant even make some of the most basic dutch words. Maybe it time to use a dutch dictionary instead of what you think is dutch ;) Would be 5 stars if this would be fixed