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Wifi Inspector

Supplied By LK Interactive Services    On May 12, 2016    Comments(163)

Samsung Phone Wifi Inspector version3.9 Download

Do you want to know if someone is connected to your wireless network without your permission? Your connection is slow and you suspect that someone are stealing your wifi? Are you afraid that the neighbor may have access to your personal data?

Wifi Inspector is a simple tool to see all the devices connected to our network (both wired and wifi, whether consoles, TVs, pcs, tablets, phones etc ...), giving relevant data such as IP address, manufacturer, device name and MacAddress.

Wifi Inspector also allows to save a list of known devices with custom name and find intruders in less than 30 seconds. This makes it easier for us and you will not need to go checking the data whenever we make a scan.

All this in a clear and simple design that allows us to see that our personal data are safe in a few seconds.

No doubt, Wifi Inspector ALWAYS find ALL connected devices!! More than 455,000 active installations demonstrate their reliability!!

We continue working to improve Wifi Inspector and we greatly appreciate that you share your opinions whether positive or negative. We have almost no reports of problems in the poor ratings (only one star with no comment) This makes difficult that we can improve the application. Please if you have any problems / suggestions do not hesitate to send it to us, in your comment or with email, and we will try to fix it.

- Spanish
- English
- Italian
- Catalan
- Russian
- French
- Portuguese

For a better experience we recommend Android 4.0 or more

LK Interactive Services part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 12, 2016. Google play rating is 85.235. Current verison is 3.9. Actual size 3.3 MB.

What's new

    Wifi Inspector v3.5
    - Added more than 5.000 new vendors
    - Updated Lollipop compatibility
    Wifi Inspector v3.4
    - Added Portuguese language
    - Fixed Russian language
    - Fixed minor bugs
    Wifi Inspector v3.3
    - Code and Data Base was optimized (less size)
    - Scan a little faster
    - More stability during scanning
    - Added languages: Russian and French
    Wifi Inspector v3.11
    - Fixed minor bugs
    - Update Google Play Services
    Wifi Inspector v2.12
    - Fixed bug :No more "The network is not ready" at start scan.
Download wifi-inspector.apk 3.3 MB


Good job Nice in detecting unwanted neighbors that is using your wifi. So if i see someone is connecting to my wifi i immediately turn off the device. Hahahah or change my wifi p.w

Mostly satisfying Sometimes, it doesn't give you the name of the computer. But that's for different use. Overall, it does what it says.

Best App Ever I want How to hack wifi do u have app for this ?

Wifi Inspector Really good app but need to add block future ,thanks :)

Good app Its a good app. It can be brilliant if minor bugs are fixed.

Hated it too strong but I gave it one star because it didn't really work on my G S3 w/4.1.2. It did intially give all the correct information about my phone but failed to see my network. I backed all the way out and tried again but then it didn't even see the phone info. Guess I'll stick with Fing.

Excellent app Please add option to block/unblock connections.

Thanks Easy user interface and had easily detected the devices

Not enough. This apps only let you know who's connected to your WiFi, why don't add some funtion that will let you disconnect the unknown connected.?

Works well Does what it needs to good for checking up ;)

Add feature Add a feature to send bad packages to a specifics user to block its access to network

Love it Awesome, thank u 4 making dis! This is what ive looking 4.

Not showing all devices..waste of time.

I like it but ads should be shown less

The scanning is very slow on lollipop 5.1 device and sometimes it does not start the scanning. Please solve it

Does exactly what it says. Very helpful app. It made easier to determine who is conected to our wifi.

Wow very nice app ilove it

good very help against internet thieves

Perfect. Very efficient. I have no regret downloading this app

How to rename the device? How to block intruder in my wifi?

Its okay, but, will be more special if this program can execute the unwanted user with one button, without changing our wifi password.

very good i try it and i am satisfied isee the hacker hehehe

Awesome app This is the best app ever on play store.. Download this app

Good Does what you expect very easy to use

:) What u need is a removable button in the app that way we dont have to worry about a lot of thing we can kill the cannection from the unknown user

Good app Good app for unknown device's

Does what it says

Amazing I have always wondered to see if someone was using my wifi because it was so slow and i just had 1 device connected well thats wat i thoght untill i downloded this app and there were 2 other unknowed devices so i called my company and they fix it thanks for this amazing app!

Great App Good utility. Performs as advertised. Excellent to reveal any unwanted users on our system.

It works! Ir works well as it is easy to name something on your network. When id doubt switch the deice off, if it dissappear you know what ot is. Rename it and you'll know what is is in future. Tip: gateway means its your router not another device.

WiFi protection It help you out by let you know and what Wi-Fi your using and even get you your important information for you to see,if are really connect to your Wi-Fi!

Doesn't show correct information. For example, I have IP camera and two wi-fi repeators in my network, but it shows all of them as tree instances of the same device with the same MAC address. UNINSTALLED!

This is really Cool I forget to say thank you This is almost just like a frequency counter thanks again I give this a five plus

its ok but somtimes I find my phone getting restarted while using tis app.

Detected my device, gateway, but didn't detect even my tablet connected to the same network.

It really works!!! Sometimes there are as many as 5 people hooked to my neighbor's WiFi, including me. But i have my own. I do it just to see what kind if neighbors I have... It looses signal at first but then it works fine...

I only gave a one star so you would read Great app, works fine, but if you could add the ability to disconnect/temp ban devices (I don't know if that's even in the realm of possibility) it would be truly amazing.

Keep it up. It works but needs more improvement and increase a little bit accurately.

amazing now without logging to wifi router thru web it really see's whos connected to your wifi router.

good but i'l give 5star if you add password setup/installer thats make this app cool....

Doesn't work Doesn't work after last update, Android lollipop.

Please I give 5 stars if you can update it to kick other WiFi connecter

Useful A very good app to keep a track on wifi thieves

Very good app, if it block intruders, it will be ultimate.

Don't show all connected devices

Useful app I can check who connected to my wifi

Working as per description Enble user to monitor whose connected using our Wi-Fi

Very good Helps me detect unknown user

Very nice...I can now see who is connected....

Love the app! Would give five stars if it could remember what was seen. It found all my devices (another app could not), plus it found an intruder app.

Not Working It only detect my device and my wifi router when i know there is at least 1 other device connected to the same wifi.

Does what it says Does what it says it does. What else is there to say?

Sumsung Galaxy Core Prime Wow it's Works....ThankYou.....

Wish u could add block option in it...

gr8 aPP......!! Keep up the gOOd wOrk...!!

Helped me kick off some dude that stole my wifi so yeah its pretty good :)

Make some improvement Can u make i block the wifi user that stole my wifi

Its worked ! Please add task to disconnect those thugs...

App. is good. But, if I can't exit someone from my WI-FI this app. Just wastes time.

Luv ur app. I feel I can see who is possibly trying to watch me. The only thing is, I dont know how to get away from them. Cant figure out how to change my password when I need to.

Wifi Inspector The first I have seen but I think it is really good I am impressed.

Superb To good i just wants to say that its excellent.............

Its nice It works great

It just works. Useful app.

No way to get notification about intruder No way to get notification about intruder on my wifi, it's not practical to update connected devices manually everytime! It should be automated to check any new device connected n notify by some means

pretty awsome not what i was looking for to fix my wifi but i like what this app can do i recommend it to every one that thinks of un-wanted user's

Only detected 2 My ph and my modem (wth!) Didnt detect my ps3! Which is in same location.not impressed at all. If it cant find that, how it gonna find wifi thief?

S6 edge lollipop Doesn't work. Finds nothing disconnects network. Probably nicking my wifi password as I type.......

Great! My speed slowed down and I was wondering why... I have my neighbors connected. Try to crack pasworrd now. B-) app is great...does what you said it will do. Keep the good work guys!

It's normal that when your friends visits you they wanted to connect on your Wi-Fi. The fact that they are near at your house just to be connection, well that's another thing. Now I can check the device's that are connected and blocked away those passing by.

WiFi Inspector Just performed 2 scans: proved my VPN staus, and after second run, eliminated a coattails attempt by a local chromebook device. Also gave me the manufacturing company of this device, first one to do so. Great job. Update 7/06/2015: Suddenly no network is detected even if my firewalls indicated that this device is on the VPN. Update: Gets lost in my VPN of choice, so may be excluded. I was in a tunnel and not on WiFi, so go figure. Not my choice now. Uninstalling. Having the VPN crashing during scan. U out

Perfect!!! Worried about if there could be any intruders connecting up to my WiFi, but this App really helps me secure my network from them!

Nice app...important app for those who have wifi connection This app is helpful in keeping eye on people who are using their wifi connection...whenever my wifi speed slows down I always check whether someone is using my wifi or not..really helpful

Doesn't work crashes every time Yes and fix his application! Doesn't come close to working on LGSM 330.?

I think this is a great apk for checking if u have any leeches on ure wifi network. Good work keep it up!

NOT WORKING FOR ME ? Just downloaded this app expecting wonderful things but every time I try to use the app it just disconnects my WiFi leaving me more concerned than ever. ?

It is a nice app to see who are misusing ur net but the major drawback is that it should contain a block button to block the unwanted users for more safety.........

Works Ok, when it is working properly. Functionality is inconsistent and a bit spotty, but that may be more due to RF nature of WiFi than the app itself. The app is unable to reorient itself to upside-down portrait mode, so this requires a little re-coding. Please note: no app will be capable of booting off unwanted connectors -- you have to do that yourself from your router's settings and control interface.

Unlike all others. This is the only mapper I've found that tracks MAC addresses separate from access points. All others require you to reenter all your device notes if you connect to the LAN via a different AP. Would be better if it also remembered and showed devices that go offline (perhaps in a different color).

very good When do you need to know who's on your network so you can block them or whatever you can tell and then you can ID what you do recognize so it's easier to tell next time.

Worked pretty good until I rated it UPDATE- Well, since I posted a 5 star rating yesterday, I've found today that all I get now is lame commercials to watch and even more lame commercial pop ups at the bottom of the screen while the circle spins in the upper left corner saying "preparing network" and nothing. I've let it run for 10, even 20 minutes. I've rebooted, nothing changed on network, guess the take home is- don't rate this app if you want it to stay working! It will get deleted now!

MOTO-G This app does what it says, but I can't give it a 5 yet because it shows all the DEVICES connected to my network, but it doesn't show if one of the DEVICES it's counting is my router. That would help as mine shows all my DEVICES & 1 that I am not sure if it's my router or not. You need to clarify this then I will give it a 5!

Not a fake app Once we touch the inspect button on the screen It really inspects all the WiFi catching devices so the WiFi signal hackers should be aware of such app

Great It's great for finding unwanted connectors, but completely useless for kicking them off. So can you please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please make it so that you can ban/kick unwanted users from your wifi. I've read the reviews and lots of people are asking for something like that. If you guys truly want to improve your app, add a system like the kind several people are suggesting, otherwise this app is useless.

Awesome!! Great app for finding out weaselly WiFi stealing neighbours. But it is a bit slow, hence 4 star.

Its a gr8 app... mst have!! Its a gr8 app mst hve for all mobile users who want to chck if their wifi is gtting stolen... i jst wish if this app can also remove othr unwanted connected devices..

Not working as expected Every scan shows 2 devices one is mine/self and one is router if i am wrong correct me please or it should be working fine in paid version

Good We can see all unknown device in this app but cant disconnect them. Need more improvement. App should provide disconnect option for unknown divice

DO NOT INSTALL Unfortunately, I was expecting it to do a lot of great stuff, however, I don't recommend this app to anybody. I have installed it, but as soon as I run the app my wifi goes off and damages it, right now I'm connected through my mobile data not wifi because it still doesn't work after I opened this app. Note that I'm an IT Network specialist and I was trying this just because I'm always curious about these kind of apps.There're many effective and professional ways to find out who's connected to your network.

Good So far so good...need to spend some more time with it to see If it's fully functionable.

peace of mind now ill know who connects without my permission. One request can you add a system where you can block or kick the unwanted guest? of course with permission granted to the router/the owner. tnx!

Excellent app 10* Thank you devs for making this easy-to-use app, it works beautifully. The free version is full of ads, but the paid version is realitively cheap (so it's a fair trade-off). This lightweight app helped me find that there WAS someone on my wifi who shouldn't have been. (suspicion confirmed; problem rectified)

Pretty handy Would be great to see an option to disable unknown connections and or a pc companion software to link to phone to verify if you are admin

Bad app Does show my device and router, but doesn't show any of the other devices that are connected to my WiFi. So the main intent for the app is lost.

FIVE FOR NOW , Just installed , if it is user friendly and actually does what it says , then by all means *BRING IT ON* HACKERS ARE CRIMINALS EVEN IF THEY WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT , YOU WANT SOMETHING ? JUST ASK ME , DO NOT THROW ME IN THE BUCKET OF *ROTTEN APPLES* . `HACKING´ = `ILLEGAL ENTRY´ (period)

very good. in few days I was thinking that somebody is using my wifi then I tried this app and found them all thanks to you guys

Good Really traced unknown user. But more satisfying if l can also block them?

Awesome, but As soon as I find one that doesn't trick me into tapping a banner ad to start the scan this is deleted.

Fake app I have three devices connected and it only shows the item I scaned with and the modem it's self. ( fake app ) This is app is crap. Also reply in English... I'm still pretty sure it's fake. 99.99% sure this app is fake or you morons broke it.. lol

It is just a simple way to see what speeds you are getting from your WiFi,and see who,or what is connected to your network. I used it to prove that ee was not working like it promised!

It's nice app to find out who is connected on your network but should also have the remove feature of unknown users on network

It's usefull And now i can know who is connected to my wifi!! But you must add a feature that let us block a user from connecting!

It's working well, but there's too many ads. Also, it sometimes doesn't really pick up all my devices connected to wifi.

I like it I was able to find out who was on my WiFi and name all the devices that I have connected. I like this app.

Useless It didn't pick up any of my 6 devices.

Works well Does what it says, could have more features perhaps.

Good app Now I can know who is connected to wifi

Helpful Nice working app..tnx to the Creator ?

Serves the purpose Apart from ads it serves the purpose good it is meant for, Would have been better if we could even disconnect unknown connections to our personal wifi.

Fully functional app An app that do what it need to do, could be better if you can put a built-in block Mac Address.. But its still a useful app

Love it Can check who connect to my router.

Not working The wifi turns off when I wanna use the app!

Useful It helped me catch the bastard that's been using my connection. thank you for the app!!

Very helpfull Finds my connections fastly

Now in know whos conneting on my wifi... ?

About this app Expected features available

doesn't block unknown networks

Disappointing Only detected 2 of 6 devices.

Nice Works as advertised

Love it This is a very useful app!

Very good application

Good Very helpful

Edit 20/06/16 To claim, as you did in your e-mail to me, that wanting access to my location is, "just for adds" is a legitimate reason, is an insult, and the most pernicious and hollow thinking i can think off. All your products are now on my, (large group) of friends black list. Remember the power of social media.. . . . Your e-mail read in it's entirety, "Hello Michael, the location is just for ads (admob from google)" . . . . I repeat, When you provide a Legitimate reason for wanting my location, i may change my mind. Until then you deserve no stars at all. Uninstalling, go & get knotted.

Ok. Could inspect devices connected to the router but can't kick a device or anything. Works well enough for me. It would be troublesome if anyone could just connect to the modem and kick a device like an administrator.

Not smart. Not so smart. When you click "Inspect Network" it will disconnect from your WiFi-Network and next connects to a different WiFi-Network you don't want to connect to and starts to inspect that one. Very inconvenient. And then the overload of ads. Uninstalled!

Awesome app It quickly tell me that anyone is stealing my wi fi. download it and catch the theif but you must add a feature to block the unknown

doesn't work after some time i had 4 devices connected to my wifi and it was showing only 2. hope u can fix this.Uninstalling it?

Remove unknown users for 5 stars A good app on the basis it delivers exactly what it states but for a perfect 5 stars this app could use an update allowing the removal of unwanted connections. Many thanks.

Ads From Hell I understand your money hungry and nothing is free. But he'll you have more ads on this stupid aplication then on TV.

Ads have become intrusive Would be even better if you could use the app to deny intruders access to your router

Meh All it does is just disconnecting my wifi connection upon clicking "Inspect Network". Nice design though.

Not all wifi equipment connected are discovered and listed. I have samsung phone connected on the wifi which is not recogniced by the app.

It's very reliable. But I hope there's a "block" option for the intruders/hackers.

It is useful I caught my ISP cheating me

Amazing app This app works really good and all it needs is some adjustment to make the UI much smoother. Rating 4/5

Great app Easy, quick, and doesn't create any lag on your phone. I highly recommend this to anyone who is curious as to who or what is using your wifi.

Liked it... should have a way to remove unwanted users though

Didn't do anything Scanned for a while. Then closed due to an error. Never gave me any information

Nice app It works as promised. It has been tested on 3 different Wi-Fi environments and its a very nice informative tool. I dont mind about the adverts so much

ADS EVERYWHERE The second you open the app you get hit with an ad. Try pressing anywhere and get hit with another ad.

App works great! When wi_Fi moves slow I know it's just the servicem

Loved it This is a very usefll app and i think its next verson should enable us to se what people are surfing at thatimet

Too good.... So easy to know who's connected to your device. .... damn its too useful for me

"Very useful app, and works great at catching Wi-Fi thieves." works perfectly, just like it says!

Perfect!!! App really helps secure the network from intruders.

Wifi inspector Works found out neighbors was using are wifi

Best app Easy to use, but speedometer not correct reading on broadband

Perfect It's works well and clean, corresponding all expectations

Very good It is very friendly and it helps me a lot

Maybe an improvement? I luv using this app when I notice my wifi slowing down. But when an intruder. Is found, I wish I could bounce them right off of my. Wifi! That would be a great update.... To be able to get rid of them.

Does not work anymore I had this app for a while. Now for the past two or so months, everytime I run it, it shuts off my WiFi and discovers NOTHING. I have to close the app and then turn my WiFi on a few time (it keeps on switching off) before it stays on. I even had to restart before the WiFi come back on. I only kept the app this long so that I could find time to write this review. I am uninstalling it.

It works Not a lot to praise. Has too many ads. Rather pay for the app straight up, but I guess that's a lost art.

Gud bt nt great It disconnects the router for few sevonds it should control therouter completly it should also show the data usage of each device it should be able to allow n block any device connected thank u

Great tool. Ruined by ads The ads are very destructive in my opinion.

Caught one intruder soon after I downloaded it. Awesome app to let you know it's time to change your password.

Accurate Very accurate but I wish it said if the device is currently using wifi or if it just has the password saved. Also would be nice to add a built in Mac address blocker

Didn't work I have connection with 4 devices but it shows only 2 misleading

Use less It doesn't detects all devices which is connected to our network. Completely useless.

Nice and simple to use Very easy to use best wifi inspector app out there others are very confusing.

Superb Working great,through this app i am able to find intruders and block them. Thankyou.

Wish WiFi inspector also had a built in button to stop/block unwanted intruder instantly...

Doesn't work It keeps disconnecting my wifi and says no wifi found.... D'oh!