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Ever wondered what the people around you are really thinking?

Whisper is an online community where millions of people around the world share real thoughts, trade advice, and get the inside scoop.

“The experience of spending time on Whisper is unlike any other major social network: It's more raw, more moving...and yes, often more addictive.” - Mashable

Chat directly with other Whisper users - it’s a great way to meet new people.

Join the 30 million+ people who use Whisper every month; it will change the way you see the world.

Do you have any questions? Comments? Issues? We would love to hear from you!
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WhisperText LLC part of our Social and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Oct. 31, 2016. Google play rating is 82.4795. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    + Anonymous invites! Want to invite any friend to a Group? Just invite them with a tap, they won’t know it’s from you :wink:
    + Group invites! See a Whisper that resonates with a particular Group? Invite the creator from the overflow menu! :gift:
    + Nasty crash on pre-5.0 when swiping videos during Creation
    + Whisper cells would occasionally be black instead of showing a Whisper image :black_square:
    + Video whispers occasionally play in the wrong tile
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Use it way too much Whisper is one of those apps you'll use way too much when you should be doing something productive. Its like the anonymous facebook. If people would let it stay anon.

Anonymous??? I will just say one thing! They say whisper is anonymous. But its the only chat app people can see your location. And you can't remove it even after you turn location off. So its not anonymous at all. All the other chat apps are more anonymous ....

Good job. The new update seems of have fixed a lot of the issues. Still not getting notifications all of the time, but everything else seems to be working.

I'm kinda addicted Its cool that there's always people willing to talk . . but why can't I erase previous posts anymore.?

I like the app but... I do like whispet. It helps vent and just chat with new people but I don't like that I can't change the location to something more general. I don't always like people being able to figure out who I am by my location. I wouldn't mind if it said the state I was in but the town is way to specific for me. Use the location for the apps purpose of being able to put me in mile radius is fine but please stop publishing the exact town I whispered in!!!!

Nice when it works. The content is a reflection of its users, so there's no use blaming the developers for the ignorance I see daily. However, this app would be fine if they could fix all the bugs. Currently can't change my username, edit settings, receive notifications, or view old messages. Release an update, and we're golden.

Uuuhm..not what I signed up for. First, I will say it is good to get things off my chest, however I was ill-prepared for the attempted sexual advances of the many strange Whisper men who constantly message me. Second of all, when I have a notification from the app I will tap it and then my phone goes into restart mode. Can't win with this one, it's too annoying to keep on my phone.

Would rate 5 star but it keeps restarting my phone Idk why but when I try to get on it my phone restarts every time!

Update i like the app butt the problem is after a couple of minutes on it my phone freezes up and i cant do anything... i know its not my phone because it only occurs when i open whisper. . . this problem was fixed, but i wish that the whispers i have posted on the 'me' part would be under a passcode

Was fine, till lollipop update This app was cool till the android 5.0 update, now when i try to modify my whispers with a searched image nothing happens, it just says modifying whisper and nothing happens

It's fun Nice to share your thoughts privately not so nice dealing with all the sexual crap this app has though but it's still a good app

Its really interesting Just hearing people you don't know talk about things that you can relate to, and some things you can't. Its Quite intriguing.

Penises for Days This app would be hella cool of all the perverts, horn dogs, penises, raunchy women and their vaginas, butt holes, jerk offs and other types of haters werent on it. This is the perfect app to convince yourself to go kill yourself.

Always new stuff to read I never get bored. This is by far one of the best apps I have ever downloaded. Simple to use and allows me a creative outlet.

Fun app Whisper is what it is. Anonymous way of connecting. Sadly, society couldn't possibly get more disconnected from each other. Even still, I keep coming back and connect with the next stranger. The app is better now with the latest update. The app coders actually will get back with you! A definite plus! Recommend it for what it was designed for.

Helped Whisper has helped me through some rough times. It just reminds me that there are other people are going through the same thing or are feeling worse. It doesn't make me feel completely alone. Most of the time whisper just makes me laugh or motivate me to do better in life and be a better person. Only complaint, too many people trying to hook up. Go on tinder yo. Whisper is for anonymous CONFESSIONS, not anonymous hook ups. Other than, I absolutely love this app :D

Great app, but gotta dig for the diamonds Really great app, the background searches are a bit odd, but is still amazing. I do find myself trying to find the really cool needles in the haystack of creeps but it's still always a fun hunt

Many annoying bugs overshadow good parts. This app has such great potential and is usually really fun but some annoying bugs make it really frustrating. First of all...the messaging is weird and doesn't always show up in sequence. Second, despite having Nearby Notifications turned off, I still get notifications for "Someone has whispered in your area". I don't care about those which is why I wanted them turned off but apparently whisper feels I need to see them. Very annoying!

Fun but flawed I originally rated this app 4 stars but I am now giving it a 3. Its really fun but there are several negatives: 1) it is full of perverts. 2) the private chat function does not work properly. I have to restart my phone each time I receive a msg or I cant read it. 3) the popular page has become a page of repetitive posts. Still a fun app though and I would recommend it

Amazing It makes me feel like somebody is really listening to my problems it makes me feel like I'm not alone

I do love Whisper and once functioning properly again I'll give it a higher rating. I like the speed of when I emailed a problem with the quick response.

Sexual predators and trolls galore It can be great and a place where people will support each other and stuff, but for the most part, its clogged with people trying to use this as a hook up app and be sexually invasive and creepy. If they think you are female or you mention your race, you will get a lot of sexual predators messaging you. Some of them fiercely defend their right to make this a "dating" app and will even tell you that you shouldnt be on here if youre not there to hook up. Lots of trolls too that harass you over everything else

It's Like A Journal, But Better You can post your secrets, thoughts, and even read others' and the anonymity is the best part because there's no names, therefore no facing judgment. There are a few thirsty perverts there, that's a given. But you'll get that anywhere. I highly recommend this app to anyone who likes to vent, get stuff off their chest, or just like to talk to a few like-minded people. I enjoy this app very much.

Too much harassment There are way too many people harassing eachother on their whispers. Sooooo not cool. I really enjoyed it until someone harassed me about my whisper. I am not giving 5 stars until the harassment rules are changed.

5 Stars! Great message board. Great app. Great purpose. For those complaining about getting hit on, if ur pretty and secure it shouldn't bother you.

Good, but too little anonymity I don't like being able to be privately messaged. The PM feature makes people use it as a spam/dating/bullying site. The block feature is nice, but honestly I don't want to whisper a confession and have a slew of PMs about how to fix myself/do I wanna hook up/they can fix my problem/bullying/ etc. I've had the app 2 days and deleted over 200 unwanted PMs, blocked 28 pervs, and had to sift through a crap ton of 'classified ads'. The PM feature negates the anonymity and convenience. It's exhausting.

Fun. But still pretty buggy. At least for me. Ive had some pretty Interesting conversations with strangers. See some funny and interesting whispers. I vent on it from time to time but there are some bugs that hinder the app's fun. Like conversations crashing the app whenever its opened after you've sent a photo. And it seems like the location doesn't update after you've gone somewhere else. For instance i work in a different city and when i get home it still shows the cities around where my work is. But overall i enjoy it.

Took away gallery? The new update ruined the way to send pictures. I never use Google Drive. Where is the gallery? Fix it!

Not always available. Love this app!! Only one issue. I can't get it on my windows phone. I had it on my other android before I switched phones and was really bummed when I couldn't get it on the windows phone. I will be going back to a windows phone once I get it fixed and would like to be able to use this app on it.

Amazing but Amazing app one of the best would recommend but.Tooo many creeps

Disappointed I was looking forward to an anonymous social site where I could vent. Instead, it's mainly about young dumb kids trying to hook up. Pretty vulgar stuff. Topics you can search for are pretty limited. Seems like every other post has some kind of sexual undertone. Gross. Uninstalled

It's alright Not much to really say about this app. I'm able to share my whispers, look at other people's whispers, and message back and forth with people.

How bad can it get? If I send a message, it doesn't even send, my messages remain empty as if I didn't send a message.

Creep There's this creep guy that keeps posting whisper to my school and there should be away to block him from me seeing his posts because it's just filled with this man posting weird things to my school

Please fix image sizing Great app, but the only thing that bugs me is images you upload from your gallery aren't cropped to fit the size of the screen. it leads to a lot of incomplete images and is pretty annoying

It's but it has some problems When I chat with someone, the texts are not in order, plus the nearby section won't work although I do get some notifications from it

Unable to send a message to anyone The app is awesome but I a m unable to send a message to anyone.... Like a random person can text me and then I can text the particular person but I can't start a new conversation with anyone

So many creeps ok I love this app its great but I have had it for 40 mins and I already had 2 people message me asking me how old I am and what my name is. I deleted and blocked them immediately but if I get a third creep I am uninstalling also there is no privacy settings :( I can't believe there is a.location thing on here ! Its awful I hate this app!!!!

Its alright Pretty cool app, like yikyak bur you can talk to the people who post stuff upp

Great app It's fun, although I can't use while location is on cause I hate it putting what town I'm in.... Too specific! I don't like that I can't look back on which whispers I have replied to, or on which whispers other ppl have replied to me previously. Also the word cap!! It makes sense so people aren't writing essays of stuff, but that's why I don't have a twitter account!

what have u done??? since the last update it doesnt let me post anything + ive stopped recieving private msgs,have to restart my phone to see msgs ontop of that it keeps crashing

Issues Been waiting over a month to get my notifications back. Contacted tech support and they only acknowledged an issue, but no solution.

STAHP This is a good app to vent and overall open in the helping of getting another person's view on something(minus the constant harassment from perves). However, it downloads 100's of images onto my phone without my consent and shuts down a lot. Other than those minor bugs it is a great app.

Interesting Sometimes it cliches, but you meet all sorts of people, and you can tell your deepest secrets and no one will know its you or who your talking about. All In all, a cool app

Stopped working No longer able to send chat messages, error every time. Tried using my mobile network (which I never had a problem with before) AND my wi-fi. Won't send anything, i can no longer continue all the convos I was having. Disappointing.

I really do like this app. (when it works) I just keep getting messages from whispers I never made. I'm not sure what is causing it but I really want it to be fixed. I've seen a lot of people complaining about it too. Including the first problem I can't message anybody else either. I think it has to do with the first problem. Hope you can help!

WTF. I get notifications saying that I have a new private message but when I go look it's empty? How can you say you redid they messaging part but I can't see my messages?????

Whisper App I enjoy this app a lot... A lot of pervs, but I always block them. Other than that, cool idea, and I use it daily!!! Very much worth 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So far so good Just started using it and I must say, it's quite interesting. Don't know how to turn off my location yet (a lotta weirdos out there) so I'm still playing around with it. All in all, a good way to pass the time.

An Outlet It's an app that houses a place,more like an ecosystem,were you say anything you need to get off your chest.A must have on the Life-hacks list! :D

I like this app but right now 60% of my messages aren't sending. Is there any way this can be fixed? Like now?

I'm like a fish, I'M HOOKED This is the perfect app for me, someone with way too much free time and ABSOLUTELY no life whatsoever.

I love the concept of this app Haven't really gotten to use it quite yet, but I have kinda looked around it a little bit..and from what I see so far...I like a lot. Thanks for the awesome idea..

It great but... I like how in the older version you can set the location to what you want whenever (also have it hidden) but stil be able to use the 'nearby' tab freely. I also been having issues with the chat. Each text bubble doesn't go in the order they were posted, like there will be just a whole row of my replies on the buttom while the other has theirs at the top. It then takes extra time to scroll up and see the last message. Also after some time I forget who sent what last. Please fix and I will change my review.

Was good intill messages fail I been using whisper for YEARS! And last night it had the biggest glich of life. I thought it would only last the night but it continued till the next day. The messages just stopped working you guys need to fix it. Its stupid that at times I had to turn off WiFi and leave it off so I get some messages but at times I have to turn WiFi on and off just so one message can send out, or me receive something. This needs to be fixed. Its dumb one has to be on and off WiFi for it to work. Hate it

Dislike, ridiculous, beware Hope u don't post things people don't like. My app stopped working and I contacted support. They said I was flagged too many times, permanently banned from the app, people found my views offensive. Wow, so much for free speech. I see people post all day about wanting sex with hooter girls and nothing. I post secrets, political views and opinions and I'm banned. Welcome to America I guess. I remember free speech, that went out the window with the rest of my rights I suppose!

LISTEN TO YOUR USERS This app is the largest piece of crap. Also if I have to update whisper on my android to that new format whisper has come out with I'm going to shoot myself. How can you possibly change whisper that much? also right now it is showing a red exclamation point to any of my friends whom I send a message to. whisper has yet to satisfy anybody I know. and my friends thoughts on the new update word for word she said, "IM DELETING WHISPER, the color is blinding me, I HATE PURPLE" u ppl are a joke

Whisper is fun! Love this app so much, makes me laugh a lot however it's a little addictive hahaha

Glitching I personally love the app, but why does it crash so much? Whisper can you actually fix it? Plus why is it that if you want to delete your account you can but, you can make another one your device?

Pictures different For some reason when I post something it gives out a different picture from the one I wanted .

What happened In the last 4 days 90% of my private messages won't go through. It is really aggravating when you can't communicate with someone and have to wait and hope that your message might go through. PLEASE FIX THIS!

would be 5 stars.... if the age limit is raised again and enforced.... till the kids disappear, I will not be using this app

Really cool. Though you are indefinitely anonymous, you still have a kind of 'account', which helps you identify our own whispers. Also, it alerts you of whispers made nearby, so you can see what people are thinking about close to you, which is actually pretty interesting (not so much written down though ).

Fun! I like this app a lot. It's a great way to pass the time. I just wish so many people weren't on it to private message dirty pics

Not bad needs work It needs to be able to rotate with the screen. It also needs a way to filter out spammers and/or annoying users.

Interesting. Just a question... On the nearby tab, while I'm spamming refresh, the value for mi (miles/minutes) away keeps changing. Does that mean it tracks where the user is so it can calculate the approximate distance? Anyway, great app. I find it entertaining. :-)

It's fun This app is fun and entertaining have put some stuff on here and I like to see if I know any of the random things people say that are around me. The fonts could have a not more options and the backgrounds are pretty close to what you post. All in all its a good app for anyone to have.

Repetitive whispers appear when scrolling through posted whispers or replies. Nearby is broken; when I turn on my location and post something it doesn't appear in the nearby category. Unable to move text to other ends of my posts.

Problem It's not letting me send and photos and I think it be more fun to go and have like a profile you can look at and other people can see it maybe

Very Entertaining & Therapeutic I install and uninstall this app all the time reason being the whispers are scary or weird or sometimes but I always go back for fun and it gets better each time and I love to post whispers and reading some of the emotional ones and then reading uplifting replies is entertaining.

I like it, but these notifications??? The app is still pretty good after the update, but even after disabling every notification except for new chats (and even turning them all off), I still keep getting "someone just whispered..." notifications. If there is a way to fix this, I'd be 100% satisfied. Still, the app is great aside from the occasional jerk and creepy pervert~ Keep up the good work! <3

Great App I love this app so much. I use it all the time. You can talk to people from other countries, religions and with problems just like yours. It's great and it helps you find new friends, help peoplw with their problems and get help from people just like you. Completely in love. I use the app all the time, you should get it you won't regret it.

Seriously? Backwards progress.. Used Whisper now for two plus years. Used to be a great app until they forced everyone to update from the older app by disabling chat instead of sending a message letting anyone know. The new update is awful. Slow. Hard to look at. Feeds other than latest and popular are often duplicated and full of month old whispers instead of recent as before. The new UI is not user friendly at all. Huge, massive disappointment. Search no longer works. Great job, devs.. Not.

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9506) Android 4.4.2 █ Reverting to Whisper 5.9.0 because of these reasons: █ Disabling "Nearby", "Popular Stories", "Daily", and/or "Related" Push Notifications do nothing, notifications keep being pushed and their respective settings re-enable themselves WITHOUT the user's consent, respect our choices █ Never enabled "location features" for Whisper, and still receive "Someone posted in your area", shouldn't happen █ MULTIPLE "Daily" and/or "Nearby" notifications are pushed to my device, up to 8 one after another for no reason, shouldn't happen █ The new, square, Whisper icon is QUITE bad, being much smaller than other apps makes it stick up like a sore toe; and it doesn't look "Android", the purple circle with a white ring looked much better █ The "Stories of the day" area just takes space from the Categories in the "Search" section █ Disabling the "My school" icon (By Selecting "I don't go to School") makes the selection circle for the "Latest", "Popular", or "Nearby" icons crop at the top, this didn't happen in previous versions ▒ At least the chats are quite good, since the overhaul I haven't gotten any "ghost" chat notifications

Am not able to chat with anyone... neither are my messages delivered to them... nor can I get someone's messages.... I don't understand am I blocked by Whisper ?? Like it worked totally fine uptill few hours back.... but then this is happening.... please help me.... my Internet is perfect My device is newest version with max ram no issues here and there.... Please help?!!!!

So Great The anonymity of it is so freeing. You can be absolutely truthful with no fear of repercussions. I saw this app on YouTube but just decided to download. Wish I'd done it a long time ago

The enlightenment, intelligent meetup app I've been waiting for. Perfect way to meet intelligent, creative, passionate, open minded, free spirited people in a world where those people have always been so strictly difficult to find when I seek out. Hidden from me until now, whisper I thank you for bringing me this breakthrough capability to find those people I've been waiting my whole life to meet.

Awful update Horrible, ugly UI. Hard to navigate. Feeds such as family, confessions, etc., are now full of month old whispers instead of recent posts. Slow as hell. Chat has been screwed up with GIFs and "profiles" which it reminds you to fill out every fourth whisper.. So much for anonymity. Whispers are often duplicated in feeds. New update was forced on me by disabled chat-- y'all couldn't send a message.. Search doesn't work anymore. Used to be awesome--not so much now. Shame on you for this crap.

Great app ? It's super fun and easy to use. There are some people looking for love or even a little bit of pervs but the app is setup in a way that if you don't want that or feel harassed you could just simply block them and give them a review so everyone gets the heads up. Nevertheless lots of cool casual conversations and you get to make awesome memes to connect to others with?

It's ok When I updated it, it takes more than a minute to load. And now its starting to freeze up.

Too many unwanted hook up requests I know you guys have done a lot to minimize the random nude pics and you guys have done a great job. My suggestion, create either a separate app for that purpose or a tab to access local and in state hook up requests. That way, the users of the original Whisper app don't have to get that stuff

Older Version Was Much Better New, usless update. Horrible color scheme. Can't truly turn off the chat feature. Waste of time.

Can't find my school I love the app, the only problem is that my school isn't listed when I search for it. Every school around me pops up except mine. Plz fix this then I'll rate five.

alright need one thing fixed Please make it able to transfer your account you have onto another mobile device.

Could add some more features Gallery option is clumsy, you can update it so that we can use other applications to locate pictures. Other than that i didn't find anything.

Would be 5 stars If you could make it so that we don't have to go into the notification bar and activities section individually to make the notifications go away

Eh, feels kinda weird and VERY inovative but pretty goof, I like this Whisper thingie.

My chats dont work Everytime i message somone they never get my messages and when they try to message me it comes up that ive blocked them when i havnt this needs to be sorted

FIX THE CHAT ISSUE It's a very fun app to use and meet new people but the chats glitches sometimes and won't or me send or receive messages, I'd give it 5 stars if you can fix it

It meh It's fun but when your chating with someone if won't let you click until. 2 min pass.

Great app Brill little app... great for burning time and finding things out about people that you may have in common.

it's awesome! this is super cool! it's like expressing your feelings and other people understand about it! it's awesome!

Recently changed. Sucks now. They changed it all. No way to browse Whispers local to you. When you do your own posts it shows you all of your pictures. You cannot use an external app or filter by folder. So finding the photo you want to use is almost impossible. Program is now a piece of crap.

Great app! No, I'm not payed or a bot. I'm 15 and this is a great social app. Quite addicting, actually

Awesome app Love it, met some cool people and made new friends. Please update: Really like the new update, some issues but a lot better. UPDATE: Bug where all the post don't load. Nexus 6

Whisper This app is okay. Its not bad tho. My friend gets all her boyfriends off her whisper

It's good, but the school feauture is annoying. The app has a feature where you can whisper to your school. The issue is that it automatically adds a school if you happen to be near one and you cant shut the notifications up or delete the school.

I like it, it's helpful to have an outlet for the parts of me that I can't show anyone else.

Would be a 5 star But I can't find my school on here please fix thank you.

You guys are awesome!! I appreciate the "no sending pictures early" feature in chat. It helps us feel more comfortable.

Thank you Amazing I love it so gives me the opportunity to talk and get things out when I need to and gives me friends to talk to and have a shoulder whenever I need someone to listen..?and I thank you so much for app ever????

Great I like it but the only issue is that people harass a lot but you can't change the people but generally it is very good!

No problem but The messaging makes me want to punch a baby especially when it stops notify me or not moving messages to unread section. Now I can't seem to find some pictures for my whispers. Also it takes longer to post a whisper. I tired of useless updates fix it or don't but stop giving updates that cause more damage. And you jerks took Anonymous out the discription.

Didn't even work It just says "no internet connection" for everything. I literally can't do anything.

Amazing I usually don't do rates or stuff like this but its amazing how it works and what it does I to be honest learned of whisper thru buzzfeed and was bored so I did it all my secrets are anonymous they font ask you any personal information all it does is take you straight to the app and I love that and no ads either

Message behavior My messages was disabled for the fact that my "message behavior" wasn't good enough to continue to use it. I am sorry that the world can't be messaged first with "hey" what else I am to say?! I will delete this app and NEVER get it again!

Should have a login I accidentally deleted this app and lost my account and the people i was talking to , there should be a login for this app but still be anonymous because i would really like to talk to the person again.

Absolutely! Definitely recommended this to everyone, even shared it on instagram! I just found a new love for this app even though ive had it for over a year...just never used it. Now its become an everyday thing for me! Well done! This app deserves 6☆s but we're not allowed to do that so...whisper whisper whisper?

They absolutely NEVER let you choose your own picture. And where ever you put the text, they move it back to the center, even if it's on top of a person's eyes.

I need help. I was about to post a Whisper, but suddenly the location part- Everywhere but school, or School- just blanked out, and now I can't post Whispers. I can only reply or chat.

Private It doesnt give any description of who you are, so you can say personal things (not TOO personal) and no one will know it was you!

Seen, Typing and Online feature You guys should also introduce a seen and typing feature in private messaging and also a feature where we can see who is online and who is not, after the introduction of these, this will be the best app, I mean your app is already very cool but you should make it even more cooler

Chat and Whisper??? My messaging doesn't work and my whispers won't post!! They automatically get deleted!!! Why?? Please help?? Update to fix it already!!

Really helpful I honestly wouldn't have been able to survive school and everything else going on in my life if I didn't have this. Download please. It. Will. Help. Trust me. I doubted it at first but it is really useful and I don't see why you wouldn't get it! (^-^)

Unfortunate.. I've been an avid whisperer since it's meager beginnings. And I still enjoy it. However, it seems more and more people are using it as a hookup app instead of what it was originally intended. And this is unfortunate.

LOVE it.... but.... I love this app & I'd give it 5 stars but, it keeps crashing on me all of a sudden. Please fix it. It's making me sad :(

Disappointed Since the most recent update this application has failed upon loading every time and has even on repeated times caused my phone to crash and reboot automatically. I'm very disappointed in this.

The best This is so awesome. You get to find new people, confessing makes you feel relieved. Bless the person who got this idea??

Uhh, its getting fake Yeah, so, what's up with ALL of the school pages having the exact same whispers being posted? All of the whispers get hearted immediately. Its all do fake... That's not cool. It doesn't seem as close as I thought i guess.

Props to the dev team! I have an issue with my phone and I was not impressed when the support representative indirectly pointed out that my device was the problem. I mean, their app should be flexible with any device since they entered the android market which obviously have variety of devices specs. Then here comes their new update and my problem was addressed. See? It's not the device, it's the app.

Hilarious Never knew so many freaks were less than 5 miles from me on a near constant basis.

Amazing It's totally anonymous so you don't have to feel uncomfortable expressing yourself. Plus you meet awesome people all over.

TOO MANY NOTIFICATIONS. I am seriously dissatisfied with the number of push notifications that are not about my notifications or messages. The "someone just Whispered" notifications several times a day are extremely obnoxious. And when I am inactive on Whisper they get worse. I am so close to quitting Whisper.

Amazing I love to be able to vent to people without them knowing who i really am and receiving the best advice back.

Great idea. Unfortunately the comments are equally free to express themselves. My admittance to ignorance was met with trolls calling me an idiot and a horrible person for not knowing something. Not enough positive to outweigh the negative. Will keep to browse but not to post.

Love it I love this app, and you can choose a picture background in case you don't find one suitable, its user-friendly great interface, and fun. You get to meet and share your secrets, thoughts and opinions with a vast sort of people all over the world. Congrats to the developers. Its a must have app.

People Great app to explore and be able to connect but the people on here are so horrible! Something really needs to be done about the jerks and perverts

Good at first Easy to vent and all until my chat stopped working. I can't send or receive messages. I've Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still no resolution. About to Uninstall for good if this isn't resolved soon

Update ruined a great app Great... Before the update. Laggy, and the location function is wonky. It was a fantastic app before the 6.0 update, and I loved to use it. Now, I can barely stand it.

Half and half Overall it's a great app that helps you talk about your feelings and let you get them out without having to tell people you know. But there are some problems. There are a lot of adult perverts like adult men who could be talking to me and I would never know. I don't like that asked if you want to put in your school because a lot of sexual offenders or perverts could find where you live if they hacked into it.

Good..but It's a really fun app to mess with, but when I try to take pictures or use pics from my phone the app crashes. I've tired acouple of times thinking it was just a glitch of some sort, but it kept on happening. There was acouple of times where it froze up my phone completely and i had to force shutdown, when I tried to turn my phone back on, i couldn't. Besides that the app is cool.

Hookups It was a cool app until it became mainly for hook ups, people wanting drugs, or threatening to kill themselves. Still entertaining

Love it I really really love this app but the reason I left one star off is sometimes it'll say I have a notification but then when I check I don't but other than that its perfect I get to talk to people and post things people don't know and get to express my self

This app is like a hookup app. Even though you're "anonymous", users know where you're located. And most users are dumb enough to put their photos up. If you want to hook up, use tinder.

Cool ! But No emojis I am not able to find emojis. I have to copy emojis from other apps. And paste them in whisper.

Too many trolls, idiots, stoners, and angsty teenagers. The new chat combined with the inherent anonymity only aggravates the problem. I'll change my rating if/when improvements are made to flagging, moderation and possibly even some kind of user i.d.

LOVE ITTTT This app really is lovely I can now share whispers and get reply and hearts I wish you could add that who ever gets the best whisper win to win you need the app maker to love your whispers love you pleas add that and pick me.

URGENT UPDATE REQUIRED!! I like the app and would happily give it more stars but it is really not functional at the moment and has been crashing immediately after entering the app. This problem has persisted ever since the last update. Please fix this bug! The app is useless to me right now

Blocked for NO reason. What's going on?? I just reinstalled this app. No one is replying to my private messages or posts, also doesn't seem to update with posts. The app appears to be frozen. Not happy about this .

Hate loving this app This app is so good, cutting edge features. Synergy.

Great It's an awesome app and I love the anonymity of it all. However, Whisper needs to monitor how easily people can attack others. And sometimes I wish you could unblock someone you've accidentally blocked or find a conversation when you've lost them. Other than that, nice app.

Please add night mode theme I know the new ui is great but it get really uncomfortable using it in night because of so many bright colors. If you could add some dark night mode theme that would be great !

Nice app. So far so good. The app is stable, and social networking through it is excellent. It consumes just a tad too much battery. Some improvements can be made, like creating your own circle where you can keep all of your favorites and send them Whisper's. Also, it will be nice to know who hearted my Whisper's. Still there is nothing wrong with the app itself except the battery draining issue.

Nice and distracting It's a great app. It has a good idea behind it . My only problem have nothing to do with the design its it's just the people on it, for the most part people here can be unpleasant and aren't to nice but on the other hand you can find wonderful nice people to relate to and talk about problems, stress, or just to chat to. I use it almost daily and I can always find something to pass the time with

Now extra creepy! Should be rated M. Used to be for 17 and up. The developers changed it to "T" for teens. But a developer-generated topic recently was "OMG CONFESSIONS FROM WOMEN WHO DON'T LIKE RECEIVING ORAL". So the old creepiness factor is increased a billion-fold now that kids are allowed. Disturbing. 13 year olds don't need to read about urination fetishes(another dev topic). Wow! Plus, the video backgrounds are terrible.

Surprising You get to use an username, so it's fairly anonymous. When someone sends you a chat you can read it without having to reply and you can ignore their chat if it's offensive or whatever reason. Only been using this app for a few days and I've vent a lot, I love it! Also if you regret a post, you can discreetly delete it without hassle or delay.

Latest Update Breaks Posting I no longer can press the back button to hide my keyboard when typing anymore. The back button brings me back to the previous page and I lose my message! Very Dissatisfied.

Was great for a while... Right up until the last update. I can't post any whispers, can't read and whispers, can't access my messages. I've sent emails to whisper support and have heard nothing back. Tried uninstalling and re-installing, and nothing.

It's pathetic but this app is where I run to when I want to express something. The only thing I dislike about the update is the video backgrounds. Annoying and completely worthless. Eats up more data too. Video backgrounds (which are not even relevant to the post) get autogenerated more often than image backgrounds.

Data eater I font know if you realized it, the little 2 second his you use murder data. It's why Facebook gives you the option to disable auto play videos. There needs to be something somewhere to fix this out at least opt out. They're also really annoying tbh.

I love the concept, but Few things need to be fixed: it drains battery a lot, very slow background search, sometimes replies are missing, and sometimes chats couldn't be delivered. Way to go, dev!

The speed of the app I like this app.. This is one of my favourite app right now.. But the only problem is this app is a bit slow, quite slow actually.. Sometimes it's very annoying..

The new update was great, even though it looks ... Really terrible, until the notifications outside the app kept glitching, and now I get notifications saying someone has sent me a PM when nobody has. And when someone does, half of the time I don't get notified about it.

Helpful I love the app, I can relate and talk to so many people that to through the same things as I do. Update: I hate how slow it is and how much it crashes. Please fix this! I really do like the app itself.

I hate this! I've deleted it and then redownladed it and it's opened up someone else's app and I can't delete it or start over I hate it!

Not shabby Anonymous feelings-sharers are cool. Especially when they have region-controlling abilities like Whisper. Trivial emotional updates seem more significant this way.

I love whisper!! The app is stable, and social networking through it is excellent. It has everything. You can remain private and still chat with people. I have to say the idea is pretty unique. You connect with people all over the world, and also share your thoughts without having to worry about your privacy. Absolutely cool!!

Messenger stopped working with recent update Great app, but after the latest update the messenger isn't showing or sending anyone's messages. So be wary of that.

Fake posts get featured The popular page has nothing to do with what's getting hearts and everything to do with whisper staff deciding. You'll have something gain 300+ likes in a minute but when you look at it in certain views it only has a few. Posts will be "from an hour ago" but have comments from a week ago. (Two weeks for one of my recent popular posts) Whisper is highly biased and will delete the simplest posts disagreeing with it's agenda but leave highly offensive posts that support what it's pushing.

FAKE APP. DON'T DOWNLOAD My messages are not working. Did not receiving replies in inbox from the last five days.Why? Already complained, but no reply from whisper.

Great app Have lots of fun posting! Annoyed with peoples boobies or selfies though. Other than that reading some of the stuff is pretty hilarious

Creepy Anyone can read anything. There are underage kids on here and they can read any of the posts. Also so many unwanted offers

Video is worst update. Better stabilize the app and do things rather then a video update.. also please focus on improving the chat aspects

Helps I can get my feelings out and people who can help or want to help chat. It's always good to talk to someone.

Kik me @dannymonkada Stupid app does not work ever since the video update. Won't let me post Wtf

Unblock I think it will be better if there is an unblock option for blocked chats. Accidentally blocked someone and now repenting.

It's fun Only thing is that more than half of it is people trying to hook up, especially men.

Addictive Totally thought i wouldn't like the site. turns out I love it to death. Still having a blast with this site

Deleted texts Now, when hitting back on the keyboard the whole message vanishes. HTC One.

Needs a few things changed. I don't want other people to see me "nearby". There should be a setting for that. And I wish there is an option to edit your whispers in case of typos.

Wtf Every time I type a whisper, and press back, it deletes the whole whisper I was gonna make...... if you guys can fix this, I'll rate higher

Download this To whoever thought of this app... Cheers to you... I think I found my addiction... And I'm in love with this....????

So much Orwellian bs Claims to be an open, free, anonymous medium for expression, yet many users postings get blocked due to "community standards".

So much fun Love being able to post anomalously, and no one to judge me. It is a lot of fun, and a great way to make friends. Would recommend it, but then people will know my account. ?

EVERYTHING IS GONE All my whispers are gone when I had to delete the app. Now i have i and i have NOTHING anymore.

It won't let me use massage anyone or create whispers, I can read everything anyone else whispers

Doesn't send chats Was working okay but now I can't reply or receive chats from anyone :(( was talking to awesome people now I can't:(

Chat has stopped working Tried everything uninstalled it everything but no chats at all -.-

Not loading. Doesn't work. All I get is a white screen with some purple

Crashes every minute or so. Can't get to PM people right because of that.

Wayyyy 2 addicting This is an app that has unlimited possibilities and millions of people to meet. Even if you don't like it... You gottaaa try it!

Er... So how do we use the video section or you going to keep it to yourself??

Great app but.. The app won't allow me to post my own photos, but other than that it's amazing.

Stupid Every time I post a whisper it deletes it! Pointless

Not anonymous and auto deleted is absurd. Not really anonymous when the app shows exactly what small town you live in and doesn't give you a choice on if you want it shown. It doesn't even tell you it's showing your location. It just shows it without your consent... Also, there needs to be an option to clear ALL unread messages. And so many of my whispers get deleted for NO REASON.

Eh... This app is good for putting your emotions our there but not having to tell anyone or anyone knowing its you. But ppl also use this app to hook up with people. I have gotten many messages from old men to hook up with me. So disgusting and not the intended use for this app.


Nice! The only thing is the notifications. Maybe I haven't figured it out yet but I'm having problems with the private chat and notifications. Lol first conversation was horny kid though, there seems to be a lot ladies. Watch out.

Let your dirty laundry out to dry Now I feel free to be the terrible human being society frowns upon with absolutely no repercussions! Thanks Whisper!

Am i blocked My whispers and replies wont post. Am i blocked from the app? And if so, why? People are way ruder than I am.

Not working Updated the app and now I can't see any Whispers or my chats. It was great before the update.

Fabulouso Very nice app I enjoy it. Lots of diversity and the best thing is you can remain anonymous when you post your "secrets".

Good, could improve One possible improvement is the ability to send videos or even to have a live video chat with someone. Otherwise, great app!

This apps kind of a form of therapy for me, haha, kinda sounds ridiculous that an app can help you more than talking face to face..

Privacy It's what everyone needs in his/her life ... you feel safe sharing your top secrets even the ones that you never spoke about to anyone ... I love this app ... It's my favorite

fals msgs iv gotten a notification for 3 pm's But when i go to look at them theres nothing there... whats going on

Private messaging The private messaging feature does not appear to be functioning. I do not believe others are receiving my messages and I am not receiving others' messages.

Back I missed having this. I couldnt go without this app.

Love it Honestly getting to talk to strangers about life problems that will never know the faces of the stories is great cause you get unbiased help it's great

It's something different Just cool to post things and see what others post and say about your post's

I used to be depressed but this app let me express myself without consequences and i finally had the courage to go to a therapist

Love it This app is great I've made several long time friends as well as met people who share my hobbies and interest

Amazing Actually helps so much

Love love love It feels so great to get things of my chest and not have to worry about it anymore

After a certain time your chat doesn't work Please fix this otherwise it's a good app

It's great Very great for blogging ur thoughts and feelings anonymously

Your feelings are limitless and so are your opinions It's a breath of fresh air after letting it out

It's great to just blurt stuff out Sometimes you just need to vent and move on. I think this is a fun way to do that.

Amazing Always helps me get out any thoughts I might be having, an insanely good stress reliever

Amazing! Finally I can say what I think about some things and talk with people that think the same thing!

Amazing Definitely a five star rate, you can post anything you want its just the best app ever

I can finally express the things I feel and nobody could know that it was me posting that stuff

Updates I enjoy the updates that you guys keep coming up with it, easy to use, fun to browse through.

Greaaaaaaat Like it.. let's me express my self and write what I think

Therapy This app is like having a therapist to talk to, I can speak freely and openly

Love it It is really helpful to use to get things off my chest

Please Love the app. Would be nice to be able to delete all activities with one button

Yay Lots of creepers tho

Addicted The best app ever!!

Pretty good. I can tell my secret without anyone knowing.

I used this app for years and loved it. Now it doesn't work