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War World Tank 2

Supplied By CreDeOne Limited    On Sept. 21, 2016    Comments(75)

Samsung Phone War World Tank 2 version1.2.4 Download

War World Tank 2 ( WWT2 ) is a simple, funny and exciting tank battle game. This game will give you a vivid graphic and ultra mobile gaming experience.

Game Features:
- Realistic 3D graphic
- Many types of leaderboard
- Multiple languages support: English, Chinese (Simplified and traditional), Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean and Japanese
- 60 Mission
- 10 Tanks
- Multiplayer mode (Bluetooth, WIFI and Online)

CreDeOne Limited part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 77.0541. Current verison is 1.2.4. Actual size 66.0 MB.

What's new

    Version 1.2.4:
    1. solved some problems
    Version 1.2.3:
    1. solved non English name input
    Version 1.2.1:
    1) Bugs fixed
    Version 1.2.0:
    1) solved some multiplayer mode problems
    Version 1.1.9:
    1) remove online mode restriction
    Version 1.1.8:
    1) add 2 tanks
    2) add 20 missions
    Version 1.1.7:
    1) solved tank's problems in the mission mode
    Version 1.1.6:
    1) solved some tank's problems
    Version 1.1.5:
    1) Added 20 Missions
    Version 1.1.4:
    1) Added 20 Missions
    2) support "X86" devices
Download war-world-tank-2.apk 66.0 MB


Unique! Very fun and unique game! Excellent work clean fast working nice interface and great Idea. I really appreciate it great work by the developer.

World War Tank 2 Great game, very smooth and fun to play .

Good time pass Game is quit good but first person turret movement could be better. But nevertheless for graphics I give you 5 star rating.

Sweet If u get multi player working we will be golden

Amazing app Amazing app very exciting and funny. Cool graphic!! I like it

Just give 3 stars because controls are not so good. Even for the turrets. The turret don't even turned open the scope to turn it. If you make this game more better I think more people will love to play.

Awesome game But please add tiger I

Tank value I'm giving you five stars because I love tank games but you should lower the price of the tanks so it would be easier to buy them and take a look at the game called iron force it may give you some great ideas for future updates

Please stop all .. Please stop all bugs and glick!Pls Pls

Nice Full Featured Tank Game You Are Doing a Good Job Making Multiplayer Games. Thanks

Good Multiplayer Tank Fighting Game I would like you to continue making LAN Bluetooth and Online multiplayer modes for all your future games. Thank You

Not enough tanks Needs more tanks, then I will give u 5 stars

Epic I love it that its 3d thanks for multiplayer online!

Five For Now, But It Would Change Soon. If No Improvement: ? Everything is good, but their some few issue. The scope of gun turret is difficult to use. Please put some compass on gun turret of the tank. So we can see our gun direction while we maneuvering. And also, add some more tanks like. Soviet T-34, American M4 Sherman, British Churchill, German Panzer 1 to 5. With powerful monster tank like. IS-1 Heavy Tank, M26 Pershing, and Tiger 1 and 2. That 3 monster tank have, very strong armor to survive in long battle, with powerful cannon. But slow maneuver.

Blue You need Bluetooth to join

Cool It's fun and it works great, good job on the graphics!

Iron force Very challenging, and I love it.

Great game! Easy to play...

Thought it might be alright but been waiting about fifteen mins to get in a game so time for uninstall.

Pile of rubbish

Not enough tanks There are only four tanks three German tanks and one Russian tank put more tanks on this like every tank from other country's us British French etc etc etc please put more tanks on this then I'll give five stars

Very good game I just down loaded this game,its graphics are super,controls are easy to work, if I could give this game 10 stars, I would recommend this game for tank lovers??????????

Best tank game for phones with small RAM! Last time I played this it has only campaign now it has multiplayer!!! Now I hate myself for deleting it before because im done i didn't realized that when multiplayer updates tanks are also added! By the way please add Tiger I and Tiger (p) they are both germans.

Terrible Dreadful, awful, dire and worse. One of the worst tank games available. Don't bother. Download World of Tanks: Blitz, far superior in every way.

LOOKS GOOD? LOOKS GOOD? It looks awesome Nice Job My Friend Plsss if youre planning to make this online DON'T...Do that....P.S...Make The Graphic More Realistic Not Like Paper Tank Just A Friendly Tip...

Superbbbbbbb It is nice games first I don't tank game after playing it I like it

? why is it so slow? The loading to my very advance Chery mobile flare light? My phone has foremost latest OS version. This game should load swiftly as wind in this gadget.

I would give five if you add the t-34\85

Upgrade price and tank price not worth it -_- Expensive update cost for a slight differences, please, rework on your prices, also tank price is to expensive either, for specs that even worse than an upgraded previous tanks

Just if y'all made the game tanki online that is on computers for phones and tablets

Wow Lmao the turrent doesn't go up or down and the way they designed the platform you need a 4x4. So good luck shooting anything when your on a hill cause usually it's straight off into space.

Not bad so far. Armoured Aces is still number one in my opinion.

Great Ive hered a lot about this game hope its as good as people said.

Love your game Low sized but amazing graphics

War World Tank 's2

Can you make some bots pls.And when I fully upgrade the tank they are all same armor,damage,etc pls change it. I hope you reply when you update it pls make some bots ok good game oh and generated mission,capture the flag pls . keep it up make the other one like this if you update the deluxe I was commented on the other one to I'm going to help your team to improve your games.There so many tanks you don't put in this game so I commented it I hope you make it.

Radar sucks not correct then firing is uncertain????? How days does it take to actually destroy a tank or get to the center a tootsie pop. I'd rather lick a tootsie pop. It's about the same wtf?

Sunil Plese Don't download this game but great game

The online mode The online mode does not work

Awesome Runs great. Could use some better graphics thoe

Love it! But please fix some issue like glitch.

Never loads Growing old waiting for players to load

Its stuiped I think this game is a joke as a whole .. if it wasnt made by high school kids then it shouldn't be on the app store

Buggy Controls are hard to use. Sometimes the turret wont move or only moves very slowly. Enemies tanks just drive up and shoot at point blank range. Earning money for a new tank is very very slow. Good graphics.

I'll try it

Not bad on budget devices with low memory. Nice controls. Haven't played against anyone else yet but in single player mode enemy tanks should either be slower or perhaps a lower setting for novice players. Got to push a lot of buttons to quit game! Other than that not bad. Please fix for five stars.

I have a problem with the great game Every time I try to create a server and it does then my friend connects then my game crashes for some reason I'm using a lenovo ideatab s6000-H.Plz fix awesome game :)

Update Add multiplayer using mobilehotspot add new tank add custumize upgrade them

Awesome tank game! I love this game so much. Smooth controls, great graphics. But please add Tiger 1 and King tiger. It will be great for 5 star.

Great Very very great game

Add more settings like somewhere in the eastern or western front. Add Tiger 1 and King Tiger Tanks, so that it will be more fun to play.

Not so great The tank tree is bs, T-34-85 isn't better than a Panther. No one's on multiplayer is empty.

User Friendly ;-) Best tank combat game I found yet; reason is-controls are 100% responsive-graphics are great-no obtrusive ads that have to be closed out before game play-nor do ads cover more than 5% of screen if any-ability to earn monetary credits by completion of any mission that can be quickly applied toward 5 mechanical upgrades to enhance attack power/defence/tracking speed/turrent rotation/land speed by upgrading motor size etc. etc. So simple and easy to play I really appreciate this version of tank warfare game!

Tank value I'm giving you five stars because I love tank games but you should lower the price of the tanks so it would be easier to buy them and take a look at the game called iron force it may give you some great ideas for future updates

Multiplayer online was empty ..edit - it is fun mowing down the tree's however.

No player Cant see any player,..

THANKS SO MUCH "This game is very fun with the multiplayer so I can compete with my friends off-line THANKS"

Hard to control This game was really hard to control and I'm good at all video games

Bad I cannot control all the cannons

Nazi tank with a muslim mosque in the same picture , very bad message and a bad game

Worst game ever I just gave four stares because I didn't want to be mean OK

I like the multiplayer option Please add option to turn off map to add difficulties, more explosion effect, bigger maps.

Button not working Please fix the aiming control

But how do I get a FBS

Not working in 6.0 Waste of time

this is perfect gamee I loved it and I come from Croatia

To many adds Before I even sinned in BOOM ad in my face!!!

pls help me how to change the language to english.

its great but there's one problem I really love this game and can you please add some more tanks. if you do that I'll give you a six stars

Great game If you could make them able to blow up the bigger buildings and drive through them and you could make them leave track marks and make like there driving in it In the sand like they do and you could add more tanks like thei tiger and the king tiger and the panther 2 the is2 and you could make the other gun on the lee fire nd you could add tank destroyers nashorn and jagdpanther and jagdtiger and m18 hellcat and m36 jackson and m10 and hetzer and make it the in game money not real money keep it free other then that love it

Its Free People It's cool, but not the best! You can't expect to much for free! It reminds me of tanks of fury

Please..... This game is good game......but please dont show the map in multiplayer mood......its to easy to kill the enemy

IlovedisGame Can u create a game like c.S???and multiplayer like dis bluetooth wifi lan yeahh

Great tank game Can you please make a tiger tank and also I love the game

Click here to able buying It would be nice if the click here to able buying is not available because i want the grant ???or add new tank the Landkreuzer Panzer 1000 (HP 100000)(Power 100)(speed 150 kmh)(rotating speed 100)and better graphics automatic mg turret and in the city and village theres a people and we can collapse the houses⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐rate and add night and day cicle button