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Ultimate Food Value Diary

Supplied By Fenlander Software Solutions Ltd    On Oct. 5, 2016    Comments(201)

Samsung Phone Ultimate Food Value Diary version6.3.0 Download

Watching your weight using a diet based on food value and sick of huge monthly fees?
Do you want a tracker, database, calculators, scanner, pedometer function infact EVERYTHING you need to succeed in one easy to use app?

Then you have found the ultimate app for you!

■ Included in the price of the app ■
√ No membership or ads - pay once use the core app forever!
√ Works with USA, UK, & Australia & Diet Watchers Pro plans.
√ Food, Alcohol, Exercise & Daily allowance calculators
√ Large Online Food Database > 2.5m items - Full of day-to-day foods, snacks and alcohol items.
√ Online Dining Out Guide - 460+ searchable restaurants. (We don't charge you like others apps!)
√ Barcode scanner > 3.5m barcodes (Requires auto focus camera, please check your device)
√ Configurable in metric and imperial .
√ Value estimator - 95% accuracy estimate of a food from just the calories.
√ Meal Maker allowing you to group items together as a meal with automatic portion calculation.
√ Large Exercise database.
√ Full and only 100% accurate tracking system built in.
√ Export of diary to spreadsheet and text files.
√ Track healthy choices plus even record your daily notes
√ Weight & measurement progress tracking with advanced graphs & goal setting to accurately watch your progress.
√ Two great widgets !
√ Unlimited food & exercise favorites

If you take out our optional subscription you also get
√ Smart Plan support - the most comprehensive version of the Smart plans available anyway with the largest database available in any app.
√ Pedometer support - convert steps to exercise values - syncs with Fitbit & Google Fit to get your steps and automatically convert to exercise.
√ Cloud data backup & restore with automatic backups and ability to copy data between Android devices.
√ Premium support just an email away.

Please consult your health care provider before undertaking any diet.
This application is not affiliated with nor endorsed by any company.

Fenlander Software Solutions Ltd part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Oct. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 92.9898. Current verison is 6.3.0. Actual size 10.0 MB.

What's new

    More fixes - you report them, we fix them !
    Smart Plan support
    Android 7.0+ Compatibility
    Various other fixes and UI enhancements to enhance your experience.
    We can't help or fix issues left as reviews, instead contact support.
Download value-diary-plus-wt-watchers.apk 10.0 MB


Perfect for UK pro points HTC OneX This is the must have app for anyone following WW ProPoints. I have been using Fenlander since it's first issue and when I swapped phones and lost my app they were more than helpful with a reinstallation link. Easy to create meals when favourites are put in and customisable for various quantities. Scanner works really well and the additional sections are really useful too. At the moment it's a really good price so would urge you to get this app. Don't bother with the WW app.

Its just ok The scanner is only accurate about 50% of the time. Sometimes it won't scan an item at all, other times it scans the item and clearly it is the wrong thing. Sometimes it scans an item and gives several different options all with different point values. It would be nice if the scanner worked a 100% of the time but it doesn't, so I just have to manually enter ingredients to get the points

My favorite app! I hardly ever open my wallet for an app but I'm glad I did for this one! You can tell a lot of work has been done. The support team is friendly and helpful and quick to respond. This app is way better than WW. User friendly and so far I haven't scanned anything that hasn't been in the database. The widgets are awesome too. Highly recommend!

Love it! Great app! Very comparable to weight watchers but so much cheaper. Only thing it's missing is a recipe builder.

Value Diary Plus An excellent app with a brilliant database that grows as we use it. I have used the app several times over the last 3 years to help me bring my weight back to where I need it and each time it has kept me honest. One small gripe is that the barcode scanner defaults to the front facing camera on my HTC One M8. If it wasn't for this i would have scored the app 5 stars.

Amazing app This app is worth every penny. By using this app and the guidelines set I am losing 2.5 lbs a week average with no exercise! I love it. One thing I wish it had (like the real WW one) is a recipe builder. Like Recipe Builder that you put in every single ingredient 1/2 tsp of this a cup of that and it tells you points. The Meal Maker is pulled only from favorite list.

Great app! I love this app! I used this several years ago on my kindle and recently downloaded the newest version on my galaxy s5. Counting points is the only way I can lose weight and this app makes it so easy and convenient. The only thing that would make it better is a widget to show your daily healthy choices.

Omg so happy! I've paid for weight watchers and can't really afford it. I don't like the calorie counter apps, I do a lot better with counting points. This app is wonderful, I'm so happy I found it. So grateful that someone thought of this. Excellent. Truly

Could be better Love this app except for the scanner portion. I have a galaxy s4,and more than half the time, the scanner basically locks up and keeps opening the camera instead of scanning the bar code. I will keep using the app, since I paid for it, but plz fix the scanner. Other than that, I works fine

Awesome app Best diet app I've used. I have lost 2.5 lbs in two weeks. Caution. .. don't use extra points allowed. Just started weight watchers diet. This app helps me learn the program without paying fees I can't afford. Scanner works well and I can easily include items in data base not already there. Note at bottom is great for motivation and diet journal. I just found where I can record weight each week. I have used the other apps for diet in the past. .. this is my favorite. Highly recommended. Thanks mucho!

Does all I need, does it well First saw this app as a better one than what came as part of a well-known weight-loss program. Bar scanner is great!

Excellent Works brilliantly, food is scanned with about 85% success rate and you can upload missing codes. Only downsides are a slightly low rent overall look, some fiddly on screen buttons, and ticking the boxes to add food from your favourites list is terrible! You can't avoid activating the quick scroll bar. With issues sorted it would be perfection

Very good Very good app to have when keeping track of points. A few things that would make it fantastic is if we can do copy forwarding with previous meals and if we can organize our favorites into categories like drinks, snacks, etc. B+

Great App Love the app! Makes tracking food much simpler. Barcode feature takes this app to the next level. Though I have found some duplicate entries with different points values. Having success with my weight loss is the best pay off.

Pay once and get weight watchers benefit For a small fraction of the cost of weight watchers you get the same guide. If you have used WW before then you know this app is the same guide. Give all the exact same point values for the foods and tracks weight loss and or gain the same way. Even calculates points per body the same way.

Awesome! I hated paying for the ww app every month. This is great. Keeps track the same way. My only comment is that it should let you choose 1/4 or 3/4 of a serving. Not just a whole or a half. Other than that I am sooo happy

Useless & pointless all in one app The Golden standard for measuring energy in humans is measured in calories and kilojoules. This app uses a seriously dumbed down way of measurement that it's only of any use to the dumbest of dumb who will more than likely not even be able to make sense of the shambolic weight watchers program. If you want to lose weight, why waste time and money on the scam known as weight watchers.?

Great App Great app, way better than official app. does loads of cool stuff like working out points just from calories. The barcode scanner works really well was surprised by how much stuff it recognised, and really easy to add details of an item if you find something not on the database. Great app, if you are motivated enough this has all you need to continue to run with your diet on your own without having to pay your subscription.

Must have! It took me a while to get used to the app because I realized you had to be REALLY specific about how you searched for food in the database. Once I got that down, I'm in love! It is great to be able to review previous days, the scanner is handy and the app has really helped me to be successful with my most hated part of getting healthy--tracking the food. I'd love to see updates with restaurant menus, but besides that I'm happy, happy and getting healthier!

So helpful so easy! Def Worth It! First day using it and it's brilliant! I have a Galaxy S5 and the scanning works like a dream... Adding food to the database is just so easy! Put the details in off the pack and Wham Bam Thank You Mam it's saved! Ex App! Def worth the money! If you've added foods to your favourites list it's sooooooo easy to add to your daily diary! Highly recommend it to anyone! Easy to use... It's not time consuming... IT'S FAB! :)

5 stars! I have used the Weight Watchers app before and this is just as good. It has the online food database, restraunts and scanner. $3.99 is a much better price than the monthly charge for Weight Watchers. If you are experienced with the program already then this is a great $ saver.

Just like weight watchers I have been on weight watchers for a long time paying $45 subscription fee. When i found this app i started comparing to weight watcher's diary app. It is better then ww's app I would get so frustrated with ww because of the bugs in the app.

Love, love, love!! Easy to use and keeping me on track!! Highly recommend. Admin just an FYI there is a typo under healthy choices. It says milk and diary instead of milk and dairy.

Overall awesome Doesn't include quarter portion options. Database entries need to be sifted and wrong ones removed because some items with multiple entries give completely different point values. Overall though, easy to use, comprehensive, cheap, wonderful

Repeat user! Easy to use. I find the app extremely easy to use and have used it several times in the past few years, and just started again. First time I lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks before an event I was going to. My husband downloaded it today and we are racing to see who gets to 20 lbs first. I sent customer service an email to add fitbit steps to exercise list.

Love it and I am a dude Greatest app I have ever used. It's literally perfect for what I need it for and have yet to scan an item that wasn't there and the widgets are perfect reminders for what I am trying to achieve. This is the first review I have ever given for any app. I am that impressed

Better than anything I have tried! The point system is much easier than counting calories or carbs. I love the notes area and use it to keep myself motivated. The only person that can make this kind of change is yourself and this app gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Great app. Much easier to use than the ww app! !! I cancelled my ww and was recommended this app and people weren't wrong. It's very handy and easy to use. It's very addictive. One little tweak would be to be able to set your own points, as sometimes I like to have less or if I'm doing the wendi plan it's different points everyday. Would definitely recommend tho!!!!☺

Right tried again. FYI your sight won't let you send your team a note. Tried numerous times. Oh and I did get a generic response today directing me back to the worthless help spot. Nice try. Still terrible. No customer service . Liked the app just don't get a new phone impossible to switch data or get help from their customer no service

Love Please add reminder to track I will give 5 stars! Really need reminder. The scanner works great wish the food list was a little more accurate but over all great app worth the purchase. Please add themes sick of orange and gray color...

Love it! Love the app and the information it offers!! After using this app for a few weeks, I have dropped WW. Also, I wish I could find all my scanned items stored once I add the bar code info if it is not already in the database. Love the app!

Fantastic! Tracking is a breeze with this app. Scan barcodes, add your favorites, track on the go. It is so much more convenient than paper, and I really love that. It means I'm far more likely to stick to plan this way. Thanks!

Great app A real life saver when doing Weight Watchers - could not live without it!

Best app on my Samsung tab! It is brill, I track everything and have been losing weight every week.

Just joined I just joined and I am enjoying the app so far!! How ever I am not seeing how to contact support!!anyone could help please?? I have a couple questions. Thanks

Amazing app! I have done WW several times over the years-the best plan being ProPoints. But I can't afford those monthly fees now so was looking to buy WW app. I am actually really glad I couldn't find a WW app to buy (only the free one was available to paying members) as the reviews were awful. I have used it in the past and it was just ok, not many foods in their database. This app however is completely awesome! Every single item I have scanned/searched has been there, my almond milk, homemade chips etc. Brilliant

Easier than the WW official 1 I am currently doing WW program & got their app included in fee but I prefer this 1. Straightforward quick & easy. Well done

Awesome app! I am very pleased with this app! I've had it a few days and I love it! I'm able to save money every month instead of paying for WW app. Thank you so much!

Motivating I really like this app. Would like to be able to work with my 49 extra points alone as I am on the simple start plan. Is there any way to do this?

I love far superior to other counting apps Such a great product just wish they included filling and healthy option. Still does not have the pedometer function as it does on my old iPhone 4

Very good app but the Android version does not have the pedometer function. So, I'll be using the app on my old iPhone 4 until this one is updated to include the pedometer.

Great app Love it but would love to sync my fitbit. Will u be offering that for android?

Love this App!! Joined WW but didnt want to spend the money for the online tracking App through WW so after reviewing the feedback for the Ultimate diary app that does the same thing for 3.99 I purchased! Sooooo worth it! It does everything that the WW app does! Recommend highly!

Better then the actual weight watchers app! I can almost always scan what I'm eating and it's already programmed in. Love, love that even Aldie brand items can be foumd and not just brand name items. Only one time have I noticed that points we're not correct.

Best App for Weight Watchers Points plus users This app is great. compared to the Weight Watchers plus online program. This one works exactly the same. The only difference is the price. The one thing I do miss, is the recipe builder. The recipe build r is a useful tool for those of us that cook and want to see how many points per serving our recipes are worth.

Great app, scanner works great, obviously going to be country specific things missing but app is just the thing to get rid of the summer excesses!

I love it! Great app! Really easy to use. Quick and easy. Only thing I'd like to see is being able to sync with fitbit on android. Now that would make it perfect!

Needs Community! I would have given the app 5 stars if it was a little more visually appealing (I know, not necessary) and if there was a way to have community! I love that I'm paying very little (I paying for the upgrade) but I really hate that we can't communicate with other users!! Also would love to sync my Misfit to the app as well!

5.7.8 crashes killed program Used to love. Lost 17lbs+ in 3 mos using this program. However latest update causes many crashes. Cannot calculate and add, cannot add food I already know points of. Cannot click on items in database to confirm nutritional values before choosing (important when several entries exist with different point values). Don't like look of new program as well as old, either. Wish I could undo the update as the program is non-functional now. Take it back to the older version!

Ultimate food diary Love this apo. Use to have weight watchers app before and when they moved to SP I needed something else. This is better. The scan part works on most things. You can set your points for maintaining or losing weight. Try it out.

Wish it synced between devices, and had an application for the PC Great app. Really enjoying using it. Would give it 5 Stars if it's sync between devices and have an application for the PC. I consider this not syncing to be kind of a big drawback.

Love this app So quick and easy to keep a daily and weekly track of points used/ left. Great to enter changing weight which is visual in graph form x

No Happy anymore Long time user use to love this app! Now scanner doesn't work tried everyone they provide. So ? upset

LOVE! easy to use, points plus plan. Very flexible app that I can use to basically customize to fit my diet. LOVE this app

Love it I love it. Since WW started SP, PP went out the window. This app is perfect for the PP.

Love this app! I was following the Weight Watchers points plus but I quit when they switched to smart points. I searched for and tried a lot of different apps that still worked with points plus and this is by far the best one I've found.

The upgrade a couple of days ago broke part of the "I know the value" feature. But just as I was about to log the issue with the developer today, I noticed there was another upgrade available. After installing it I was pleased to see that they had already corrected the issue! That's absolutely awesome customer support! They fixed the bug before I even had time to report it. Still my go-to app for tracking.

I love this app. It keeps me on track. I will probably upgrade to the premium app.

Not bad Obviously made for iPhone and Android was just added quickly. Example versions of make a meal. My wife uses WW. Please make more effort on Android.

Great app but have a question Is this the same app as Pro Tracker Plus for IPhone?

Great app Really like this app does everything the high dollar apps do, no subscription needed, will help you stay on track.

I love far superior to other counting apps Such a great product just wish they included filling and healthy option. Great finally has the pedometer feature far superior to all ww apps just buy it you won't regret it.

This is a very good app. It works out the pro points very quickly and keeps a log of all you need to lose weight . Excellent

Best weight loss app!!

Used this app some time ago and forgot how great it is. Love this app especially ease of using barcode function and multi add function.

Easy to you and all inclusive.

I'm happy again! I've been very upset since Weight Watchers made so many changes - especially replacing a program for life time weight management with a diet. This app makes me happy. It has almost every feature that ww used to have. The only thing I don't see is the recipe builder. Love this app! Thank you!

I love this app Tried all the others and this is by far the best, massive database, finds everything I scan and regularly updated to keep fresh - I really like the new changes ! Thanks devs

I'm extremely happy how quickly they respond to complaints. I even came across meaner then I should have, and they still listened. I apologize for being snippy and am grateful the team in charge was so quick to respond and make changes.

BETTER THAN WW MOBILE APP!!! I wish I could give this app more than 5 stars! I tell EVERYONE about this app. It's better than WW new Oprah program. You can track points, exercise, and more. You can search brands and restaurants to find points. You can scan Barcode to get point value and add bar-codes not in its database. THE BEST EVER!!

I like but... I like but when I enter quantity I have to increase/decrease 0.01 instead of 0.5. I know it probably takes a few more seconds but it's annoying.

Clunky Poor database options, problems with touch recognition, not easy to use, and poor features. I tried to make it work, but found a better option. My biggest gripe was the inability to easily select portion size and have it automatically calculate the point value. As an example, if a serving size is 1/4 cup on a scanned item and I consume 1/3 cup I want to be able to select 1/3 cup and have points calculated. I don't want to have to figure out the decimal value for 1.x servings.

Not User Friendly I've been using the app for a month. I still find the directions for changing portions unclear, time consuming and not user friendly but when I use the portions as listed it's fine.

Excellent, just excellent! After the shocking disaster of the new WW program forced on us and their app not even working, I found this... Thank goodness!!! This app is amazing, worth subscribing for the incredible pedometer feature too!! I use this daily, have lost nearly 30lbs and I'm at goal, but using this app is now a way of life for me to maintain... Please don't ever update to smartpoints... It is a dreadful system. Congratulations to all the Devs of this app. Can we add to the database though for more UK restaurants? Thanks!

Like it a lot! Please do not switch over to Smart Points. That's a terrible plan and mainly why I switched over to your app. Works wonderfully and accurately. I just wish it was a little nicer to look at with more color but it's not a deal breaker. Thanks for this app.

This is far easier to use than the WW app, and only costs $4. The database is huge. The scanning tool has 95% of what I scan. If it is not in the database you can compute the points easily by reading the label for its fat, protein, carbs and fiber. You can then pass that along to the database if you wish, so others will have it if they buy the same thing. Once you find what you like you can post as a favorite, so your regular foods are quick to add. Anything posted to a meal or snack can be easily edited later if a mistake is made or you only eat half. The app allows you to record weight and measurements, and shows your progress as a bar graph over time. It seemed very intuitive to learn. Setup is straight forward. This records your exercise, with lots of different activities and effort levels computed by the time and effort. You pick if you want to save exercise point for the whole week, or if you want them used the day hey are earned. I've used the official WW application, which is almost painful to use and requires you to pay an ongoing subscription. Only $4, and no additional cost for this app, it is a delight, and is making this diet effort far easier.

Better than "original" I agree with the comments that this is better than the official points app. It's also far less expensive. I only needed something to track points for me & this app does it just fine & for a fraction of the cost of the other. I can make all the changes I need under settings & find answers to most questions under FAQ. I use 2 devices & sync them through the cloud. The app explains how & it was easy enough for me to do. I personally get alot of use from this. Glad I tried it.

Easy to use This app works great. Easy to track, great list of food, Restaurants and easy to scan items. Great replacement for the one i used on my Palm. Thanks

Very Good App, Not Quite Perfect This app does what it says it does and does it well. The barcode scanner is especially nice. The food database is robust. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it is not onerous. The main drawback is the inability to sync between devices. They offer a workaround, but even that only allows you to backup between devices using the same format, Android to Android or iOS to iOS. There is no version for Windows, so you can't use it on your laptop. Currently there are no plans to produce a Windows version.

Better than the Official WW App. It is much better. I use both..but if my official one wasn't free with my monthly pass..this is the one I would choose! (UPDATE: Sure hope it updates to Smart Points.) (UPDATE: I decided I like Points Plus 'all is good'♡)

Best app for losing weight The price is so worth it! The scanner is a lifesaver when at the grocery store. I lost 5 lbs on my first week through ww.


Perfect Really couldn't get on with the new weight watchers smart points programme and this is an excellent substitute for the old weight watchers pro points app. Very happy and impressed.

SCANNER NOT WORKING I have a Sony Z5 Xperia an scanner doesn't work.

Good enough I wish it were easier top find calorie count with food entered.

Shameful..... I purchased this app when it first appeared, in 2012... then again after the first (purchased) app suddenly became obsolete. No refund was offered at that time... Now, it's a MONTHLY was not as such in 2012. Subterfuge? Or flat out fraud?

Great app! A joy to use... Really great app. Brings the tablet food journal to the 21st cent. Just wish the remaining points would convert to negative rather than staying at zero, so I can see how much i may have gone over rather than having to manually calculate the overage.

Great for tracking UPDATE: They have now started checking entries! I really like this app. It's easy to use, well worth the price. I've used both WW and this one. The only difference I've seen is WW is a little prettier. My issue with both apps is the tracking is a little wonky for points. You can search wheat bread and get 2 points to 7... I'm sure it's other users adding food, but it's still annoying. I wish you could have the general, common and reviewed pts for the food, and not get everyone else's add-ins.

Good app, but definitely has room to improve I've been using this app for several months now and I'm pleased enough with it. It has been through several upgrades in this time so I am thankful the programmers are still on the ball. I would like to see a more complete listing of the restaurant items but I'm hoping they will continue to populate and update it.

Disappointing This app is disappointing. It has not updated to the new Weightwatchers program. The food calculator is worthless now, the only thing this app is good for is keeping track of weight loss. Please update to the new WW program.

Amazing app! I lost 35lbs in three months using this app. I love that it calculates your exercise in, explains the points system, and doesn't require you to give up the foods you love. It re-trains you how to eat correctly and about the food you put into your body. I downloaded this app over a year ago and waited a year to post this review. I am pleased to say I have kept off the 35lbs I lost, I eat well, I exercise moderately, and it's not hard to follow at all. I recommend this to everyone!

Good Overall I does what it says it will do. Sometimes the numbers don't match on the actual label but out of 30 products I found one that was off. Not the apps fault.

Perfect This app does everything that I need it to do and it is just as accurate as the Weight Watchers app. The only thing that I would like for it to do differently is when you click on your food I would like to see the nutritional values. I like to see all the nutritional information just to make sure that it is accurate with what I'm entering. Especially the sodium. That's important to me.

Excellent, just excellent! After the shocking disaster of the new WW program forced on us and their app not even working, I found this... Thank goodness!!! This app is amazing, worth subscribing for the incredible pedometer feature too!! I use this daily, have lost 30lbs and I'm at goal, but using this app is now a way of life for me to maintain... Congratulations to all the Devs of this app.

Love it so far!!! I wish the recipe maker would just list the recipe instead of all the ingredients when I add it to my diary.

great app, a few suggestions very user friendly. recommended it to several friends. just a few suggestions....1) would be great to have a list of recent items to choose from in addition to favorites and search 2) sometimes one item has several listing with varying points. I have to manually enter the stats to see which listing is correct 3) to calculate a recipe or meal, it only allows you to add items from your should be able to add other items as well. otherwise great app

Great app! This app has amazing feature! I'm still using the WW app but I got this plus the upgrade for my fitness tracker because I was curious. I like knowing what other options are out there. :) I know I will be recommending this app to friends who prefer PP. (Or anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money. I personally really like my WW meeting family.)

Paying for extras Wish the pedometer entry was not extra. I would pay for it if it would sync with Garmin. The app won't work with garmin to allow for that.

Great database of foods! I am loving the app so far! I cancelled my ww subscription because the new plan just wasn't for me. So glad these guys have provided us "points plus" fans with a way to continue the program! Big thank you to the creators!!

Awesome! Everything you would need to follow the points plus program! ?

Still learning the app So fast line the app fees things I'd change

Ultimate food diary Great app,easy to follow. Scanner and database excellent!

Love it Added bonus is if it would take your exact weight from fit bit scales but other than that it's brilliant 5 stars x

This is the best app ever. Thank you so much for keeping points plus alive!

iOS version easier I have just moved to Android from an iPhone. I loved this app on iOS but the functionality on android is very different and it makes me sad! Wish I could get my money back :(

Great alternative to WW app Just getting used to it, but so far so good! Very user-friendly and a responsive database. Looking forward to losing weight using this app.

It's a great substitute for WWs I'm so thankful to have found this app. I'm losing weight, and can find all the foods I eat.

CRASHING App now starting to crash when inputting nutritional info into a new item.

Horrible. I live in MT, 90% of the restaurants we have here and NOT even an option. It is VERY POORLY set up. I bet a 2 year old could make a better app than this ! Horrible WASTE of $4.00

Great app Better than the ww app less glitchy and a bigger data base of foods

24 hour time frame Would love to be able to set a 24 hour time frame from when my points start and end. I like to start using the daily points with my dinner, then the next mornings breakfast and lunch. Didn't see that on here and if it is, if someone could tell me how. Just started using this app and so far I really do like it. And for the things I can't find on here for restaurants, I have used I site I found some years ago. It lists so many places and foods.

Fantastic app! This app is awesome for tracking all your meals and snacks every day. I especially like the low one time price and easy to use interface. Well done!

So easy So easy to use. Very economical alternative to Weight Watchers.

Awesome program Works just like weight watchers does but doesn't cost 20 a month. Hooked to my fitbit where WW app never could and customer service never could help. Scanner works great and huge database. I haven't had a food yet that wasn't in the database. Very happy. Customer for life

Love this app Easy to use and pretty large database

Propoints App No complaints! It's brilliant so far! Been using it a week now and it's far better than I expected! :-)

Love this app. Good value for money and does everything i need.

Just like WW but...better I absolutely love this app.

Love it! Love the app and the information it offers!! After using this app for a few weeks, I have dropped my WW app.

Nice app Great app. I would give it a 5 except the food database is limited.

Best WW App! This app is so convenient for doing WW without the meetings. Helps a ton! The online search is perfection!

Easy to use and cost of app was great compared to paying for Weight Watchers every month.

Fun and easy to use! Helps make losing weight easier

Perfect Just what I needed. Great app

Easy to use and I haven't had any problems finding most foods.

I have this app and I love it! I've never been a WW fan but am finding a lot of success with the 5:2 diet and intermittent fasting. This app is perfect for my non fasting days where I keep to a sensible calorie intake. I've made my favourite meals and with a couple of taps I keep track of everything. I think it's terrific and for a comprehensive yet simple to use calorie tracker, this is terrific.

Pretty Good Needs to be able to calculate 1/4 and 3/4 servings ... and Healthy Options screen layout hard to tell which item goes with which ... but still highly recommend it. Syncs with FitBit Steps for small addl fee but that's not a biggie compared to how much I appreciate the daily diet calculations.

It used to be so good! I dont know why the app is so drastically different from the iPhone version. The Android version is sloppy, not as clear to use and should be made easier. My sister who has only ever had this app on her Android has even commented that it has changed and not for the better. Please update!

I found it very unhelpful. There is better on the market.(and free) Sorry but not enough barcodes, and the application in itself needs to be simplified. If you are to spend 30 minutes to enter data before the meal, you just never bother to do it again. And you end up wondering why you paid for this application. I don't intend to be rude, I understand it is already a lot of work to get to this level so keep it up. Nevertheless I feel scammed as there is the same, sometimes better application for free.

Love this point system. I am so happy to have this app. I left WW when they recently changed the program. Now I am counting points in the way that worked well for me. I paid for a year of the premium app and I love that my fitbit syncs and automatically adds my fitness points. I would like to see a recipe builder added. Then I would give 5 stars.

Easy to use Intuitive, very good points tracker, easy to use. I wish portions went down to quarters instead of just halves, but that's a minor quibble. I recommend using this app and joining TOPS for low-cost group accountability.

Great app! I really like this app. When weight watchers switched and changed everything, it upset me. I don't want to learn anew program because the old one worked just fine. I did a ton of reading on the reviews of the WW app and found that people were suggesting this app. I was reluctant to pay for it incase I didn't actually like it but it is well worth the price of a one time fee rather than a monthly price. I have had great success with this app and plan to keep using it until I reach my goal!!!

The app works really well once you get used to it. It is a little more work than the actual WW app when figuring out portion sizes, but if you have basic math skills you can figure it out. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is that I really wish it had a recipe builder. That is the biggest thing I miss from the WW app.

Great app! I'm glad I found...easy to use! It's just like the WWE Points Plus used to be before they changed it for worse. Thanks for this!

So far, so good! The app is very easy to use and a perfect alternative to its MUCH more expensive Weight Watchers counterpart. Very extensive database of foods and restaurants. The widget is very helpful as a reminder through the day.

Does a brilliant job like the expensive apps but at a fraction of the price! Gives you all the weightwatchers points - its just fantastic if you are following a weightwatchers points plan.

Works just like WW app Love this app! Works just like WW and has gotten me back on track to my weight loss goals!

Love this app I had WW app & I found that I like this app better & is less expensive. I also find it is easier to use. The 2013 version is better than the last one & I really like the updates. The 2016 version has a much better scanner. I really like the favorites option so I don't have to keep looking up the same item over & over or copy the meal from the day before.

Brilliant Brilliant alternative to paying out for WW online. Really easy to use and finds most things. Also converts smart point products to pro points

21 lbs in 3 months Injury stopped me from working out last few months but this app has kept my weight loss on track.

Awesome App This is just as good if not better than the official WW app. Easy to use and easy on the wallet. My husband and I both use it and are very satisfied.

Way Better! Came back hoping for some changes and was pleasantly surprised. My fitbit syncs now without issue.

Easy and helpful. This app is great when I'm grocery shopping. I keep a sharpie in my purse, mark the points on the product and stick it in my shopping cart! Easypeazy

Awesome! I have always been able to find what I eat or its equal here. Better and far cheaper than Weight Watchers.

Best app So much cheaper than ww but same thing. Absolutely love it.

I've lost 10 pounds Easy to use and so flexible. This system is totally working for me.

Exactly what I need This is the exact diary I wanted and cannot argue with the one time charge.

Easy to use This app is easy and intuitive. Unlike other similar apps it is very stable.

Great! This app is great. I love that it has a database. It seems to be very accurate.

GREAT APP Easy to use. Great extensive database, with added bonus of barcode scanning.

Wow I love this app its a less expensive alternative to the actual Weight Watchers.

Great app Love it. Lost some 20 lbs. With it, good tool.

Love it I Needed a app with a scanner this one works great

It's great Could use better updates for restaurants.

Smart points When will you be doing smart points,

Love it Really easy to use.

Wow, what a great app! I did the Weight Watchers program a few years ago and lost over 30 pounds. So I know how many points go with certain foods. I use this app when I really want to be strict and count every point and every ounce. I eat a lot of the same foods throughout the week. I love the fact that I can make foods my favorite, enabling me to quickly add these foods to my dairy . The look up feature is great. The scanner is so helpful at the grocery store when trying new items.This is an awesome app

Love this app. The one thing I'd like is if they would add the feature that allows u to put in all the ingredients that u use in a recipe, divide by number of portions and it calculates how many points per serving. Weight watchers has this feature. Maybe it's here but if so I can't find it

It's a mess; but no alternative Lots of issues, but I'll cut to the chase of the biggest issue; the database. Want to record 5oz of chicken? Good luck. An ungodly amount of items in the database have ridiculous measurments, like 1.34oz, 2.58 oz, etc. Who measures things like that? In addition, some stuff is ounces, others grams, cups, etc. The measurements desperatly need to be normalized. The fact remains though that as far as I know, this app it the only way to continue points plus. If an alternative was made aware to me, I would try it

Ok app has some benefits Can't set your own daily points allowances based on WW calculations which has declining points as you lose weight. Points are much lower than WW which would make you lose too fast.

Better than WW app. Newest update is spot on! I love this app and the fact that developer frequently makes updates. Two wishes though. First, wish I could sync my data with computer account or something. Every time I get a new phone I start over and lose my history. Second, wish measurement units in database weren't so weird. For example, you might look up something that should be measured in cups, but it will be listed as 1.99 oz.

EXCELLENT Cancelled my weight watchers app as it's far to expensive and this app is just the same does the same was used to using the smart point system and the app has pro point system but that's fine don't think there is much difference between them anyway. Great app guys! A must download if u want to lose weight all for 2.99. Brilliant

Very pleased I went to weight watchers and lost 2 stone. I stopped going and gradually the weight has crept back on. I tried to re join but couldn't get my head around the new point system. This app is just what I needed. I have used it a lot and feeling the benefits to far

Excellent, just excellent! Fab update, love the new UI. This app is amazing, worth subscribing to, support the Dev. I use this daily, have lost 30lbs and I'm at goal, but using this app is now a way of life for me to maintain. ❤❤❤❤

Love it The only thing I wish would get added was items being added to your favourite list automatically when you put it on 3 times rahwr than having to add it, and add it again to your favourites. Mine also doesn't have a way to add weight. There's just an option to add weight loss/gain. But I love it. Easy to use.

Brilliant SmartPoints App! Great app, had a problem today with login and they sorted me out straight away. Couldn't ask for better service. I only use the SmartPoints that I've entered as some it's very American based content. I have recommended to several people already! Worth £5 a year!

No recipes, shitty BMI calculator I have to estimate the amounts I have out of any home-cooked meal I make, and the credit system makes no sense to me at all! The BMI is bullshit to begin with, and this one puts me at morbidly obese when I still wear medium sized clothing. The sooner they make Easy Diet Diary for Android, the better!

Great! I cancelled my ww online membership and bought this, adding the premium option to do the smart plan. Pretty much exactly the same as ww pro and smart points and a hell of a lot cheaper! Only negatives I would say is the smart plan is more adapted for American users, but the calculator is great for products not listed and the scanner works a lot better than ww one! Well done guys and thank you, 5lb lost in my 1st week.

Good mobile app It is a good tool to have with you when away from home. Time consuming trying to find specific item in database. Geared more for packaged foods & resturants than homemade or cooked at home foods.

Help was great I was having a hard time logging in, i emailed for help and within minutes i had a response. After a few more emails my problem was solved. Excellent help !

Love Love Love Easier than the WW App and if u dont like the new smartpoints u can do points plus. I gave up meetings this is so easy. O use this and Ww magazine. 1.8 lbs in first few days.

A great app if you hate smart points Doing what WW won't... The UI really could do with some work... But it gets the job done

Can't sync with my activity calculator Decent app for the price apart from not being able to sync with my activity calculator. All other apps I have used, even the free ones, have had that feature.

Love this app I have the premium subscription and it is worth it. The ease of use is amazing. I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to keep track of their points. Their tech support us AWESOME!

Multiple Servings When adding multiple servings it doesn't seem to be calculating correctly.

Keeping it real This app has changed the way I see food!!!

Does Just What I Need and More I am enjoying this app. I like that I am able to keep track of my points (with the premium subscription) and the ease of its use. Great App.

Great food diary I love this app. I've been using it for a couple of years. I've lost 125 lbs. (Healthy eating and exercise)

Awesome tracking app! Best, best BEST tracking app!! The app is easy to use, has a ton of food in the database and customer service is fast and courteous!!

Better than WW app! Save money...this app is great and is just as useful as the program without the monthly expensive fees!

Brilliant Love this app worth every penny i spent to get the full version x

Food Diary This app is effective as a food diary and points plus calculator.

Amazing app!!!! Does everything the Ww app does and more. Superb tool when going it alone well done developers !!!???

Fantastic This is a great app. Guaranteed to help you stay on the plan!

Love it Just like Weight Watchers but without the monthly fees.

Love that it links to my fit bit This is a great alternative to wwapp.

Great app! Absolutely love it! So easy to use and great when on the go :)

Brill Brilliant I never have any trouble and is always correct

Food diary Brilliant to track your food intake

A+++ Love this App!!!! Great alternative to the WW app....

Very handy having scanner.

Great for pro points and smart points

Not bad but could be abit better . The database is American stuff mostly and it does not even have semi skimmed milk unless you change what data base you use. You don't get many of the restaurants here though has most I would use. The database is abit unreliable as it has two values for flora. The bar scanner is so so something's are missing but it does make tracking easier plus I could add my own items to database. The calculator seems fine. The excerise calculator seems fine . not bad app but database could be abit easier and more items .

Amazing This app is phenomenal. It is exactly like Weight Watchers but much cheaper and easier to use. I lose weight easily when using this. I do have the yearly subscription because it's so darn cheap, and I walk alot for my job so I like to use the pedometer feature. The database is huge. The only improvement I would like to see is the addition of a recipe builder! There is a meal maker option but you have to choose from foods that are already favorites. I use the myfitnesspal one instead for that. <3

Love this app! This app has everything I need to be successful on my weight loss journey. The bar code scanner works great! That is why I gave it 5 stars. Can you sync activity from Gear 2? Keep up the great work!

Really helpful to track points plus! Some entry's have multiple choices with different values, usually only a point in difference which is slightly annoying when every point counts! Overall, great app at an unbeatable price!

Great app This works well and in my opinion I think better than the expensive weight watcher app. I like how easy it is to track and view your healthy choices. Added plus is that its continually being improved.

Useful options for counting Great to be able to set how you count. Would be easier if foods you looked up were added to favourites, have selected this several times but always defaults to not saving, which makes it a bit time consuming at the start

Very useful and easy Works great for tracking food and exercise daily.. Only problem I have is that it keeps telling me I need to subscribe when I already have a year subscription.

Great great app No need for WW monthly fees. This app does the same and better. Absolutely love it.

Great app Love this app. Very similar to the original WW without the heavy price tag.