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Supplied By Centre for Railway Information Systems    On March 28, 2016    Comments(207)

Samsung Phone UTS versionDYN Download

UTS on mobile app is an Indian Railways official android mobile ticketing app to book unreserved train tickets.

Paperless ticket has been enabled in entire Chennai suburban section, entire Mumbai suburban section and New Delhi - Palwal section, in continuation of Paperless ticket now Season and Platform Tickets are introduced. In addition to that, now 'Change Handset' feature is introduced which is used to Change passenger old handset to new one, and active Season Ticket will transferred from old handset to new one.

Using 'show ticket' feature the ticket can be showed to the TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) or TC. Off-line mode is available to show the paperless ticket if Internet connection not available in the mobile.

Centre for Railway Information Systems part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update March 28, 2016. Google play rating is 62.6927. Current verison is DYN. Actual size 3.0 MB.

What's new

    1.Enhancement in GPS.
    2.R-wallet recharge from the app.
    3. Filter stations which are within the ticket allowed range.
    4.Now mobile ticket is available in Chennai, Mumbai, Secunderabad ,Kolkata suburban sections and from New Delhi to Palwal section
Download uts-1.apk 3.0 MB


Why not paperless Latest update says u hv option of paperless i.e. show ticket feom mobile only no need to print. But in actuality there is no such facility. User still have to go and print. Its just crap in todays world. Give that show on mobile and also facility to recharge online through mobile only. Then i give 5star

Queue Saving... Nice app from Indian Railways... Few restrictions could be removed... 1. You should be 15 meters away from the railway track to book a ticket.. Railway is thinking to block the ticket booking when you are travelling... I can't think of a person who is educated to use UTS app, but dare to travel without a ticket... Many times I wanted to extend my travel, but this won't help me :-( 2. Number of tickets can be limited to 5, but this app doesn't allow us book more than 1. Otherwise all options are really good

I added balnce 100rs to my wallet and i booked ticket for local mumbai train bt aftr booking stil it is showing as printout of ticket is required for jurny.. can u please explain on this??

Digitalization Very good app. Need to allow to book other than rwallet also. Please soon add all chennai suburbans under this for paperless ticketing

Non useful earlier, Now it seems department has taken care. It is operating smoothly, useful one.

How to create Rwallet? Can someone help me as to how I can create Rwallet? The app does not give any details about it. I did not find details about it even on IRCTC website? No details available even on public forums. Is anyone using this app? Unfortunately, there is no other payment option.

Paperless......? Update says paperless then why printout required.. SMS is sufficient for this and for validity include the ID too in the SMS that provided at the time of sign-up. So that on checking user must have to show their registered ID proof

P Mahendran In few stations at Chennai, ticket paper is not available in AVM to print, for that we dont have any info before.. like if we try again we are getting msg as "ticket already printed'..Would be great if this has been addressed.

This app is of no use.. I booked ticket at 12:41 pm and received printing message at 02:24pm after waiting almost 2 hours of time.. What I will do of that ticket .. Now I can't cancel the ticket it gives error that cancellation fee is greater than base fare...???. Please make the message to be used as ticket... This system needs to be updated as IRCTC e-sms ticketing. Thanks...

Extra charges Nice way of railway finance , bonus value of rs.10 on recharge of rs.100 on smart card and extra rs.12 charged on refill of e-wallet for rs.100. Its the only reason i have again decided to go with smart card. At least remove service tax charges while refilling e-wallet. App works excellent no issue at all just consumes 0.75 paise of data while booking ticket.

Best app It should book ticket for limited area . its area should all India general ticket.

Crap Why the hell we have to print tickets and Rs 10/- as ser. chg on 100/- wallet ,,,

Presently paperless ticket option is only available for Chennai..It would good if it is introduced for Mumbai also..Paperless season ticket should also be introduced to help lakhs of commuters.

No paper less ticket option for mumbai ....very bad ....not expected from such a developer

V helpful app Pls pls pls add paperless ticket to mumbai local trains also, whenever i book the tickets i hv to take the print out from the machine, but the machine takes a lot of time to connect to the server to open the page, it will be v greatfull if paperless ticket is added quickly to mumbai users, thanks

Useless payment option Only payment option we get is paytm.. Plus existing balance in paytm wallet cannot be used.. Why??? Work on this! And why we cannot Recharge R Wallet through app itself? This shows how Indian Railways lags behind on technological front

Not able to sign up This app displays me to enter the otp. I think I need to receive the otp to enter it.

City mismatch When i enter my no. It only select chennai and Mumbai but i am from Durgapur, west Bengal.

Stop looting extra 10rs on recharge of 100 rs !! Its too much

Navin Please give show ticket option. Most of the times ATVM machines not working

Useless crap One of the worst apps. Recharging the wallet is like fighting a war. Always unsuccessful. ! Can't recharge it directly from the app.

ST Not updated in Mumbai section

Kindly add paperless ticket Kindly add paperless ticket for mumbai region also

Should be made applicable in whole India.

Not useful Recharge option not directly available in app charges on wallet refill are very high so not advisible to use as well as makes this app useless

From station list fully not updated in chennai

Good try. More room for improvements on UX

Paper less ticket only successfull When booked the ticket irtc sent ticket on sms this is enough to show otherwise we are Q in the machine machines install waste of money ticket collector have smart instruments to check if dought

I loved it Good app just need to fix show ticket facility for Mumbai local ..

nic but how to add money i cant understand..plz help me.

No good. This app no use after recharging the wallet again a king to take printout after ticket booking. So useful this app and one more issue that no cancellation facility of the ticket. If we try to cancel it is showing more will be charged than ticket price.

not able to sign up i go upto 4th step and then in the final it says please provide inputs and throws me back to home page and i have to redo all again. fix this fast.

Add All Cities of India It's only for Mumbai and Chennai but I live in Kolkata please add more cities.

Unable to show ticket

Unable to signup

Hope less Please provide some other payment options to deposited into amount in R-WALLET, in advance. Is this will available in next update. Also paper less tkt for Mombai too???

Need improvement

Improved Now the app for Chennai local train routes is completely m-ticket. But the option to remember me like other apps of similar function do is still missing.

Worst app Not useful in Egmore to Tambaram line Today 17.05.2015 mrng 0730 hrs I tried to book tkt from egmore to mambalam. It says unable to book contact customer care, where under the sky u can expect customer care on a Govt service at 0730 hours.Then I booked tkt standing near kiosk from Park to mambalam and tried to print it "it says print tkt at source".This all was happening with me alone taking my luggage and running for the tkt from platform 1 where I got down from long distance train to platform 11 where u have local train Tkt counter.

Awful Cant make a single booking. Keeps telling me to contact customer care. Useless. Will I get a refund of the amt I recharged to rwallet??

Not able to book ticket Unable to book ticket standing inside Tiruvamuyur station. Alwayd shows error message "GPS signal is low.GPS provider accuracy is not accurate". Tried other applications which requires GPS location and everything was fine... waste application... just a eye wash...

Good App App is good, should support paperless travel. Details received on mobile should be valid for travel, instead of printing ticket. ATVM at stations are hopeless always without any network connection, you cannot print a mobile ticket. So this is only useful if mobile SMS recd is made valid. Please make this possible. Tried this again sion station, luckily the atvm was on network, but when I input my details, it said ticket already printed. Lost my money on this app twice. Better make SMS recd valid.

Good initiative, bad implementation App sets a 4 digit default password and doesn't ask users to change it to something more secure. When I attempt to change it, it restricts the password to 6 characters and sends an SMS with the changed password in plain text. SMS is not a secure medium. I don't trust this app with my money.

Not able to book ticket since my wallet having sufficient amount. Gps not finding location after update.

unable to login even i registered i registered through laptop successful y but i downloaded the app after registration . now when i tried to login in my android phone. it says " please login using the registered handset" now iam unable to ticket. please rectify this problem when it will be cleared. i dont know

Still need to improve the app!!Unreliable!!? One can't book a ticket because it says " GPS not accurate ". Please don't waste time recharging Rwallet. Plus in order to show the ticket to TTE your internet has to be in working condition all the time. So stay away from this app.

Ridiculous... Useless app,u have to take print of ur ticket through cyber or ur home printer only.They r not providing u print of ur ticket.if u have to take print of ur ticket then what is the purpose of online booking and this should be paper less.smartcard is far more better option than this.

Dear developers please look in real time Previously: Got GPS error while booking. After rating I got an sms saying my mob number is activated for booking tickets in any stations in Chennai. Now: Can't even login into ur app. Getting error that "Please login using registered handset." seriously don't know y got this error. Note: Dear developers pls come out interact wit passengers, then develop based on their needs. pls fix these login issue and other bugs.

No Customer Focus The common complaint about this app from many (as can be seen from the many reviews) seems to be the GPS issue. "GPS signal is low here; Please try at Open Place". Am also facing this issue. Not able to book tickets. One is puzzled that the CRIS till date has not been able to crack-out this error ? Will CRIS ever fix this and release an updated version of the app? Is CRIS listening ? Will it do something to boost customer confidence ? Why this indifference to the customers' woes ?

No Customer Focus The common complaint about this app from many (as can be seen from the many reviews) seems to be the GPS issue. "GPS signal is low here; Please try at Open Place". Am also facing this issue. Not able to book tickets. One is puzzled that the CRIS till date has not been able to crack-out this error ? Will CRIS ever fix this and release an updated version of the app? Is CRIS listening ? Will it do something to boost customer confidence ? Why this indifference to the customers' woes ?

No grievance redressal... I have been sending emails and making rounds of stations but no one knows anything nor replies are received on email.

Not very easy to use At first I tried to sign up which was failed. later, got it successful sign up I recharge my wallet through mobile site not through app is disappointed. Y v have to pay extra charges for recharge the wallet is not good need more payment options. If v can able to book monthly pass through app will be appreciate & also need to travel paperless ticket will be highly recommended. Need more development in this app. "GPS could not be found even in stations when try to book ticket even in full 3G connection".

New version is utter waste Waste app..despite i have 100% network 3g and gud signal of gps..this waste app always says low gps try from open space...not sure which open place have to go and book ticket...plz remove tht gps location track so that week can book tickets properly..or this app going to be one waste launch

Crap app The developer who designed the app did not do even basic testing of the app. Its not logging me at all inspite of correct credentials. Login error msg is not helpful as well. New sign up is permitted in spite of registering already... security of the app broke in this. A help on RWALLET wud be helpful. This app seem to have been developed by a third grade java developer. Useless crap.

Show ticket not working When I clicked show ticket it says no transaction found! And asking me to sync transactions from the server!! If I gave sync also my booked tickets are not displayed in show tickets area, same listed in booked history colum...please help me to solve this issue

Gps issue Not able to book ticket. Throws an error about not able to find gps location, but Google maps reports current location without any issue. Now to find a way to get back 100rs which was the minimum recharge amount for rwallet. Sony Xperia Z running Android 4.4.4

Always unable to book ticket bcoz not recognising location saying poor gps while google maps showing accurate location in same location. Remove the gps location why some one need to be book only near station. While starting from home , a person can book ticket at home itself and get directly into train from station and moreover there is ticket validity of 1 hour which is enough. either pls Remove this crap gps it is not helping user or update app like that google maps to get better location info. reply to developer reply i tried to book ticket standing nearby track (inside railway station) still not recognising location while at the same time how could google maps could trace accurately the same location. so its the app capability. don't blame gps please. pls update the app.

Idiotic app Either it says stand 15metres away or GPS provider not good..... You idiots the app is not good . wasted 100 rupees on this stupid app recharging the wallet....make an option to get the money back..... Just thought Indian railways is starting to be good.... Grow up guys!!!

Print a ticket ? Are you serious? The whole point of using an app is to go paperless.. but the fact that this app needs you to print the ticket at the station defeats the purpose of saving time ... and then you have to hunt for an atvm to print your ticket! Nonsense!

Not able to recharge the balance to book the tickets Dear friends, please guide me how to recharge the R wallet.

Stations missing The local trains are moving from chennai till nellore(AP), but only till gummidipoondi is listed in the app. Kindly add the rest of stations also

Worst update !! Using GPS to locate the station !! Worst update !! Even in standing in station !! Shows go to 15m radius !! At least show that radius in station area to book the tickets or else remove the GPS location detecting !! Irritating in peak time ..

Worst App Design App does not work if the phone is rooted. Cyanogen OS comes with root option, so this app won't work on it. Guys, pls have a look at techie world, many finance transaction based apps does not care about root. We can recharge our wallet through paytm, but if we need to surrender it, we have to go uts counters to collect our money. Very disappointed. Shame on you....

It's a loot from Railways While recharging your wallet balance, govt is asking for Rs. 10 service charge + service tax extra. Which is not available on regular booking. Even on smart card you get 5% reward. So it's a complete waste of money....

No otp received I have been trying for so long. I have tried almost 20 times but no OTP is being sent to me. Useless app

Really blood shit After confirming otp and filling route it shows enter input properly

great app for metro train user people it is woundeful app. you can book your matrorail ticket via mobile. u can avoid ticket counter queue. I may book ur ticket from 15m away from station. Can not cheat ur in rail or on track u can not book ticket

Average app. How can a passenger book tickets from Durgapur to Danbad Jn. Otherwise it is a good app. Union Railway minister told that the app can be used for entire Indian trains. Please clarify.

I hat this app because not showing all stations Only limited station only updated it is not use use full and one thing is ,here using Mobile app ,why u asking without paper print is not validity . Is not a right app don't download

Showing the true color Its wastage of your time, money and data. I'm not understanding y a ticket booking app need GPS on.. That too in high accuracy mode. Even though you have high accuracy GPS enabled in your phone, this application will not accept it. Wasted my time, money and data for this app

GOOD BUT I CANT USE Because there is no arkkonam station in dis app Please add ajj(arakkonam jn) as source station and for tkt booking please add arakkonam (ajj)

Welcome the uts apps Very nice apps, few stations only available in the apps ,not available from tiruvallur to tiruttani pl' update the admin

Pls make it available for all station M glad to see this app.. but also sad that its not available for all stations ...please sir make it available for all stations nd areas asap.

Very useful, but improvement needed App is useful, but needs some improvement. Most people face issues with GPS. Add support for A-GPS and add some screen showing current GPS status like no. of satellites, accuracy, etc. This way users will be aware of what's going on. Add R-Wallet recharge option via app. Support multiple payment methods.

Couldn't book a single ticket GPS is a big issue,at the final stage I get a error message regularly that I need to be 20m away from the railway track and 2 km away from the station whether I am at home or in the station or on the train. Please fix this

Superb....except... Smartly designed. Very easy to use. But I can't find stations on Naihati Bandel branch line. Both Hooghly Ghat and Garifa should be added. Otherwise it is no use of mine as the app doesn't allow to book from away stations. I can't understand the need of higher limit of distance of using this app.

Gps location issue Not able to lock the position even after 30 minutes. Dont waste the money

Cannot use app MESID:UT02 Error Cannot use app to book ticket MESID:UT02 Error cannpt book any ticket Rs70 lost and no way to contact customer care..

Need to work on GPS and send ticket in SMS The app need more work on GPS. I was present in station but app was not able to locate me properly. Had to try multiple times for one ticket. Another feature should be to send the ticket through SMS so that I dont have to be online for entire travel.

Can't book ticket I m unable to book ticket. It shows error code mesid UT02 everytime I book. The customer care number doesn't work and no reply on email. Very disappointing

"Upgrade" has made this app piece of shit! Can't book the ticket even after setting the GPS to high accuracy! Keep getting Error MTESID:UTS02. Now I feel the prints ticket option was way better...should have retained that option. Seems like no thoughts have been put in while upgrading or may be a cheap app developer has been recruited to do this shoddy job!

Worthless app. Most of the stations are not available. Not even after syncing. Why most of the govt initiatives are always a superb failure like this? Stop corruption in the distribution of this kind of sophisticated projects, that handles consumer's money. A lots & lots of improvement required. First, include all the station names.

USELESS PIECE OF SHIT This happens when govt. give tender for app development to lowest bidder instead of ensuring quality. Problem is a new project is initiated amidst lots of fanfare but follow up is NIL. Now I m stuck with Rs100 in Rwallet and cannot book ticket, some bloody Mesid ut02 error. Would have made sense if payment could b made thru paytm, etc. Now I cannot book any ticket and may scrap the app but Indian railways will keep my 100 bucks and enjoy it. Thank u govt. Of India. Railways should be privatised immediately to promote competition and stop this dadagiri by the Govt.

Useless This app is useless. While google map shows my location flawlessly when the GPS is on, this app says your gps location is not accurate enough. Anyway, you can't expect better than this from Indian Railways. Please don't waste your money and don't believe this app blindly otherwise you may get in trouble.

Pretty useless app... Worst to say it.... First its a headache just to recharge the wallet through UTS site. Most of times the session gets crashed (my net is working just fine). Doing all steps for transaction and money also getting debited from my account, at the end Payment failed... Snap !!!! Second, about the app, it becomes really frustrating to book a ticket where everytime I get an error of GPS signal low here, try to get to an open space, even though I'm standing on damn road with open sky, also no congestion of buildings around. And by the time when I'm trying to book my ticket on go, and if I reached nearby to station area, then the error that you need to be 10m away from track. WOW... now this error is displayed at once only if I'm nearby station. And when I'm trying to book ticket ?? Pissed Off !!! This app needs to get a hell lot better before it is for use. Now I'm stuck with my Rs.200/- when I was trying to recharge my wallet. Amount debited from my account, but not credited in my wallet. Hell man...!!!

Some features of this app is very irritating. Some features of this app is very irritating. As example, phone IMEI registered feature. The app automatically save mobile number and phone IMEI number. U can't use the app on any other phone by simply use your user name and password. Every time u have to use same Mobile number and same registered mobile phone for buying your ticket. Kindly change the feature, its very impractical in our changing life. Except this feature everything is fine.

GPS issue The GPS is not working at all. Unable to find location and hence unable to book ticket. Request to improve the functionality... otherwise its a waste.

Good App but need some updates I'm frequent traveller outside Chennai and I'm staying at Avadi. Whenever I return to Chennai and want to go back home, I'm not able to book tickets, due to GPS finding I'm at station and to move 25 mts away. My travel mostly to Andhra, hence I reach Chennai Central and take a local train to Avadi, while booking before reaching or after reaching Chennai Central not able book. I don't think we can go out 25 mts just to book tickets via App.

Pathetic Change of handset condition How on earth software provide only one change of handset request in 3 months? What's logic behind such condition? Simply inconvenient and waste of money if u book from this app. I thought of saving paper and ready to pay extra 10rs. But such unprofessional rules just denounces any good work. Never gonna use again.

Excellent app User friendly and very useful saves time and can avoid waiting long queue. Please update the app with online wallet recharge from mobile banking itself, instead of going to counter each time

Unable to book even a single ticket Maximum time it is facing GPS issue , and "could not connect to the database : null pointer exception" .

Keeps searching for location I could book tickets from my home earlier, but lately I haven't been able to! It says "searching for location" and "it's taking longer than usual" and eventually fails. This is highly frustrating! Moreover, there is no potion wherein I can reclaim money from my wallet. Is there any way by which the wallet money can be transferred back to my PayTM wallet?

Plz tag the user guide Many user don't know about the limitation of 25 meter to 2 km rule, leads to unsuccessful in booking ticket.

Can't book on this, issue with location even when in the station the GPS does not give accurate on preventing use to buy ticket & moreover doesn't show most of the stations

Getting Booking Error all the time. Code MESID:UT02. Called customer care, the concern person was not for any use. lost 100 bucks in recharge.

Good App...but... Needs upgrade to have recharge of wallet thru mobile app too, currently only available on website only.

Welcome movie by Indian Railways A "Must Have" app by all Indians, easily to book tickets , recharge, cancel and show ticket to ttr !

pathetic im not able to book tickets using this app. i get error code mesid ut02. ive balance in my acct.. i emailed uts 10 days back and i have had no response. keep up the good work indian railway

No customer care number I had surrendered r-wallet few months back now I want to start using this app again then unable to recharge r-wallet...

Active tickets should be transfered Handset change request feature should transfer any active (season) ticket from old handset to new one

Wallet Recharge issue Account debited 2 days back but amount not credited to Wallet. No customer support. Very disappointing app.

Mobile change option complicated Tickets not carry forwarded. Railway should understand that smartphone will get damaged any time. So season ticket carry forward option shall be there. Any way ID proof is manadatory

IMEI Change Request IMEI Change Request option is available only ONCE in 3 months, which is totally unhelpful. My mobile had some issue twice in the same month, so app was trf to my Tab, but now i am not able to trf it again to my new Asus mobile. Rs180/- is stuck my Wallet Balance. Kindly fix this issue to once in a month as its a very helpful app.

Gps not working When I try to book ticket for electric train, the app wants to identify my location by gps. But it fails and not able to book ticket. Kindly rectify this problem.

Poorly designed. 1) you don't need to logout on app close. 2) should allow to add your family members, so that you can buy their platform tickets. 3) should give online payment options. 4) should let you login with irctc account. 5) please add all stations.

Should show tickets offline! In order to view/show the purchased tickets also, it needed to be continuously connected to internet, which is a major drawback of this app. If I dont have internet, or I am in train, or I reached a rural station where internet is poor or doesn't work, how can I show ticket to the TT on demand?? Ability to view purchased tickets in offline mode must be added immediately.

Not appropriate Midnapur(SER section) station is not in the station code list. But, 34 local trains run everyday in between howrah & midnapur...... Can anyone tell me why????

Can't change handset within 3 months due to imei. If I lost my new handset on which I have transferred tickets from old handset. Now as per your policy I am not able to change handset again but due you your limitation of imei can not change within 3 months I can't change handset.

Station add Request Admin Durgapur / assansol station not showing in the app .I want to go there from howrah through express or local train

It never opens or books a ticket Indian railway guys, plz don't post an app with an intention to service people, which never works. I tried nearly 10 times in station, away from station. Nothing works. I had to always stand in q and miss my train.

Useless till now The GPS locating is horrible feature with zero accuracy used by this application. Standing on a platform it didn't buy a ticket. Recharging the account is a loss of money

Wallet recharge not possible in app itself Need wallet recharge from app itself through net banking or credit/debit cards. Currently we have to topup from web through paytm only with a fee of RS 10. Please provide this option in app to 5 stars.

It's A Crap! First of All, while selecting Paytm as Payment Gateway, it asks to pay either using Debit Card or Net Banking, doesn't lead to paytm as payment gateway. Secondly, It starts finding GPS, I can't understand why it is made Compulsory. Thirdly and Most Important is, Can't save Tickets to show it to the TT while Offline. It means, I need to recharge Expensive Net Packs always to buy just a Rs.5 ticket!!! Very Funny...

Works like charm.. Nice app and good improvements happening... Need option for extend ticket.. Can't book ticket if i want to extend my journey from season ticket. I have to leave train.. Go outside the station book ticket and then board train again.... Also i suggest people install app use yourself and deside don't just believe reviews you will see here.. They are just haters and some of them don't have enough knowledge of systems.

Booking doesnt work GPS 2 out of 3 times while trying to book ticket it gives me error that gps is low failed. Even though my gps is fine and i am out in an open area. Why does it need gps for booking and searching stations? Its making the app very slow and battery consuming. Please remove the gps dependency.

New issue now If u change handset it givibg me error book from registerd handset, Developers develop product like 2016 not like 1996. With handset change it should work.

Worst App don't download I have updated the latest app today. Nothing enhanced in GPS. Can't book a ticket from Tambaram/Perungalathur/Urapakkam and many places I have tried within station open space. Don't download especially don't recharge. U r money will last. U can't use it anymore. As usual no response from the App support team

Good Thinking bt need more improvement Payment issue is the big issue plz added like mobile banking ,credit/ debit card for payment method

Error in Normal booking The list of stations is not automatically opening in the field for source station in the "normal booking" page. But it is working correctly in the destination field.

Very Useful Ticket booking is working fine and some lag in GPS. That needs to be improved. Now offline mode is available to show tickets.

I got my R wallet charged with Rs 100. Its been 3 months I am still trying to book ticket. This is not an app it is just another crap of Indian Railway. Request all not to download or Charge it. It DOES NOT WORK at all.

After update also it take too much time to search gps location After update also apps Not search station location in station booking station like Mumbai cstm. Finally booked ticket in counter. Urgently required more improvement to resolve GPS location finding problem

Another retarded app So here's the story, on this fine day when everything was going quite well I came across this "OFFICIAL" app from the Indian while the download was in progress I waited and saw some reviews and there came some the horrid ones, aaand the ones are true. You can't change a handset without going through the terribe ui of a hideous website. After booking a season ticket I'm now bound to use the other one since they can't even handle the imei request because there are tickets available for the day.

Good app need more improved version It is a very helpful app. It save time for us. But recharge balance is very costly. Recharge via Paytm, service charge is very high. So it will be more helpful if we can recharge via netbanking or via debit card directly.

Good app with some drawbacks We can't show ticket to the TTE unless we have internet connection at that moment. While travelling by the train in case we can't connect the internet due to network failure we can't show the ticket. There should be an option to show the ticket offline. Developers must think about that.

GPS doesn't work Always show "please be in radius of 5km from station selected" even though we are inside station. app is big joke

GPS Location issue Its not detecting GPS location.. Does not allow to book ticket without that.. I am not sure why they want our GPS location, I can be in Africa and book the ticket and it shouldnt worry them, for Godsakes this is an unreserved ticket, its not that I am blocking any seats by fake bookings.. I book a ticket and not travel is my loss your gain.. Pls remove this stupid GPS thing..

This is really i want.. I was using karbon Mobile in that GPS was weak so i were rated that 1star.. But now bought lenovo k4 in that i feel awesome features of that apps.. Because it help me book tickets by home when my family going for outside with me..

Decent app I'm able to book season tickets but not the general tickets for suburban trains. Even though GPS is enabled n inspite of selecting the source n destination I'm not able to book tickets. Y not keep it simple just by selecting the location without GPS? Give the choice to passengers rather than the system.

Good App but way more to go Good and very useful App but way more to go. Basic features like given below would be more helpful: 1. Ticket Extn for season holders, 2. SMS feature for offline mode, 3. Ability to purchase ticket for other (family) members and share SMS as valid proof for them to travel. 4. Option to choose VIA station for multi route.

Till now not able to book 1 ticket. When trying to book ticket, some time one error coming. Error is " Unable to connect database : java. Lang. Nullpointer exc eption" . some time it says " you should be in 20 meters to book the ticket" even in the Station. Kindly share the customer care no. Or resolved the issue. 100 rupees is wasted.. Pls help.

Needs signification improvements!!! Positives: Allows you to book platform tickets without getting into hassles of getting into long queues. Negatives: Extremely basic, lacks even basic hygiene. No option to change/set password. User needs to use the auto generated password which can be hard to remember. Also platform ticket booking options for a lot of stations (e. g. Anand Vihar) not available. Cannot book ticket in someone else's name, payment only permitted thru R-wallet, etc.

Does not work for most suburban stations of Howrah Attempted booking Suburban ticket to HWH from Bandel (BDC). Failed each time. Queues are far more reliable and quicker!

Eligible for 0 star rating only.Users require more space to write against the App. Why 10% charge on every recharge instead of discount given while purchasing ATVM cards ?.Worst thing is one has to move outside the station to book a ticket and if wallet is surrendered he gets back the amount only if he goes to the railway station with code .Railways may try to take the help of Ola or Uber instead of depending up on incapable app developers in identifying the location .Railways not making any improvements despite grave comments by users and regular update by them.

Wasted loading money into this app Railways advertises this app in their digital displays in trains and station.I was hoping this app will be very helpful when there is not much time to get a ticket waiting in queue and board the train. But this app is pathetic always you will get either low GPS signal or it will ask you stand within few meters of the station or near the track, even when you are standing in any location of the station. Minimum topup amount is 100, railways want to earn interest on this unused money. I want my money back.

Very useful app with poor GPS problems. I successfully booked my tickets two times only. After updating I can't book my ticket now . It is always showing that GPS signal is low. Please solve the poor GPS problems.Otherwise, it is very convenient.

I am using this app since last 4 months and found it is very helpful and good app, only issue is with GPS sometime , And one drawback with online recharge, you need to pay extra so better to recharge the wallet from ticket window only. Further booking of season ticket is definitely a great facility now. As far as in Navi Mumbai area I have face very little issue of GPS. but yes when I go to Mumbai side , there are few problems. One more thing this App is still not available for iOS that should t

Not working at Sealdah Station I tried a lot to book my ticket standing on Sealdah (Kolkata) station platform and near from the track. It didn't work. The GPS embedded with this app do not function properly. Please eliminate the embedded GPS or make it correct. Otherwise it will become a failed app soon. Pathetic service.

Time saving It's reduces the time which were no need to stand in queue. Only one drawback in these app, that if we change dual sim in sim slots it's not working...

New Problem again I didn't change my handset but UTS app says for change handset request. This happens when you update UTS app or Upgrade your handset. Don't do both within 3 months because you can't apply for "change handset request" two or more times within 3 months.

Change the condition and update app for a user friendly If oyou want to book a ticket , if you use this app it will take at least half hour to book a ticket. Please update the deficilty. can't book a ticket near railway stations .Some time GPRS will not work properly or u should be in and around 5 km when you r booking the . What I am doing I am booking tickets...I am not doing something.??? Please change the condition and updates the for user friendly. ..I am telling you this Is not a user friendly app...

Crap Always shows GPS error. Its been a week since my request for refund, no sign of it. Now it's not letting me login in the main window itself. I don't know if this was developed and managed by frauds.

Cannot book tickets.refund the amount. Useless and fraudulent service started by railways . don't want to give even one star, but need to give atleast one star to comment.useless things have been incorporated to harass travelers. Could not book a single ticket till date.pls refund my Rs.100 which railways has pocketed.

Waste of Money Recharged Rs. 200 in RWallet but all my anticipation went in vain. Started trying to book ticket from Madhyamgram (MMG), kept changing the journey start station till SEALDAH (SDAH), but could not book my ticket. Even at SEALDAH station, I tried various locations like different platforms, two UTS booking counters at the SDAH station but All failed. Hopeless app.

'From Station' don't populate station list...amount debited but recharge failed login issue even on sane hanset and mobile number Upgraded app has the recharge wallet option...but developers has forgotten to include the station list in 'From Station' in Normal Booking option. This is not enabling me to book a single/return journey ticket for Mumbai travel. Its a defect which needs a fix asap. I also saw lot of feedback relevant to the same and also relating to GPS. I also feel GPS option is not at all required. Now recharge failed after debiting amount frm my account, twice failed. Also unable to login. Totally a crap app.

Good App While the app is of great utility, but one option should be incorporated for making it even better. The option which is required is : while the user is offline 'show ticket' option appears in the opening page, but if an user is online then 'show ticket' option comes only after logging in. In low network region of some stations logging in itself is troublesome. The developers of the app should consider , incorporating 'show ticket' option in the opening page itself in both online and offline situations.

Cons How to show ticket in offline mode. Remove GPS options. So that we can able to book ticket from near the station. Need these are improvement in the app. Developer's must be think about these reviews that is CRIS. Why tha application is getting logged out automatically. It's such irritating yaar .Do something railway .

Takes more time and asks for exact GPS location I try to book mmts ticket or platform ticket in secunderabad division, app shows error message for insufficient network for picking GPS location. I should be able to book mmts ticket from anywhere. No need of asking for GPS location. The main motto of this app should be to help user travelers to book mmts and suburb tickets from anywhere. Please solve this problem.

Worst app ever seen Dumb application made by some of the dumb ppl. No testing done properly in congested areas in peak hours. Better wait in queue n buy tkt rather than relying on this stupid application

It showed be before fews days, to update the app and give change handset from website. I did those.. Now again today it shows me to give change handset from website, but web restricts me to do so. What i do now for my current season ticket booked? How can i recover?

Never install After new version included with m - ticket option, i am unable to book ticket since gps is unable to locate you almost in 95% bookings. My 300 rs are stuck in wallet. Should also have option of paper ticket when gprs do not work. Its not reliable app when you are really in hurry to book ticket

Check this__ no revert yet O hello why i am not able to take ticket of different location other than actual location. I had pass till kurla i want to cst i cannot take ticket from ulhas for kurla to cst................... , At least with this application railway cannot eat our money in the name of buy new atvm card Rs 100 u get Rs 50 that to get expire after 12months , where is money no records it directly goes inside railway stomach .........update - > Recharge only available with Paytm - it is charging Rs 10 service charge.

Improve UI & systems FAST/UPDATE THE APP ASAP (1) Option for auto sync,, (2) OFFLINE TICKET VIEW(in description there told offline is available but where? After opening the app u need to log in 1st,so what is the point, if there's no connection?),, (3) PAYMENT OF FREEDOM (don't want to add ₹100 or multiple of ₹100 to R-Wallet. Plz accept BANK CARDS /NET BANKING /E-WALLETS like paytm or want to pay payable amount directly not ₹100) please

Surrender the wallet as is was not able to book the ticket Surrender the wallet in the app and my questions is when I asked the amount at the uts counter for refund amount that people don't have any knowledge how to refund the surrender amount.. Please provide the help to get the surrender amount back

fix GPS issue every time it says try in open area even though used 3g data with full signal in open space... bought ticket year back,up to now I'm unable to book

App Stopped I signed up with my mobile no and OTP. Suddenly the app stopped working. I did not get chance to setup a password. Now I cannot login or retrieve password from Forgot Password button. Support Team please assist.

cannot recharge my wallet it takes only debit card and its net banking link does not work. it dont allow to use paytm wallet balance

Couldn't book a single ticket GPS is a big issue,at the final stage I get a error message regularly that I need to be 20m away from the railway track and 2 km away from the station whether I am at home or in the station or on the train. Please fix this

Poor app This is 3rd class app. Still now I am using this app. Only because of, I've recharged the wallet. I am not able to book my train ticket even when I am in platform. It shows you are 35 mitre away or you are not within the GPS coverage.. etc.. just irritating. That day I've to travel the train without ticket.

It don't have any payment gateway to recharge R-wallet except paytm.More over to do recharge Rs.100/- I've to pay almost Rs.115/- which is very bad.Overall it's not too much helpful.

Eligible for 0 star rating only.Users require more space to write against the App. Why 10% charge on every recharge instead of discount given while purchasing ATVM cards ?.Worst thing is one has to move outside the station to book a ticket and if wallet is surrendered he gets back the amount only if he goes to the railway station with code .Railways may try to take the help of Ola or Uber instead of depending up on incapable app developers in identifying the location .Railways not improving for the last few months. Sorry.

I installed the app. But unable or login or recover password. A few months ago when the app launched, i registered my mobile number. Then uninstalled it. A few days ago, Again I downloaded the app but it's not working. When I am trying to login or recover password, it's always showing "Please Try After Sometime". Plz help me immediately.

Poor Response To sync station it's taking a lot of time, always shows stand away 8 metre 3 metre away from track but I stood outside station why it's not allowing me to book the ticket fix the issue immediately I missed three trains but failed to book ticket through app

Worst waste app I am not able to book tickets to station like aarakonam, it is not mentioned in a list. Rwallet doesn't have a gateway it use Paytm worst app

Very useful apps by IR This app is very useful. The offline mode to show ticket to the checker is good thought, as in most of the station due to geo fencing, sometimes internet does not work and even if it works, it is slow. So with offline mode purpose can be solved. One request to UTS developer team to start other recharge options in RWallet, like via bank. Now only through PayTM and direct railway counter are available for RWallet recharge. In PayTM amount is comparatively more due to service charges. That should be waived.

Very poor app, tried to book a platform ticket in Sealdah station but it showed that I have to be 20 metres near the track and which is not possible as the place would come under the ticketing zone and also the GPS signal strength was not there to confirm my location,so please look into this kind of problems.

Do not install!!!! Are you using GPS from mars? Tried for 10 mins could not buy tickets. In the station the automated system did not work. Finally used the MANUAL system and could not catch the Train. Please remove this app from store. Do NOT make people suffer because your lack of skills you bunch of IDIOTS. QUIT.

Senseless App I did recharge of 100in my R Wallet throught Paytm Debit card 100 Rs. deducted but still there is 0 balance in my R wallet,dony understand it takes more than 20 mins for 100 rs balace.really senseless app

Cant book any ticket always error Cant book ticket, always error, no help menu present, no customer support, my 100 rs wasted

I'm trying to change the city from Kolkata to Kolkata-SER. Everytime it is showing "city updated successfully" but it is not getting updated. The stations are not visible which I want book(csz, bhp etc.).

Awsm Considering the amount of passengers our railway carries daily I am impressed with such an amalgamation of new technology with our overburdened rail system to help common people .....hats off....proud to be an Indian

Need to improve the GPS service of this application It's GPS tracking is not working. Though I have ₹100/- balance in my R-Wallet, but due to week GPS between Sealdah to Naihati in Eastern Railway, I can't booked new ticket. Please address this issue.

Nice app but season ticket is not transferrable to another mobile Hi everyone, its a nice app but it needs few more improvement. I have serious difficulty in using monthly season ticket. I have been using monthly season ticket for few months. Unfortunately my mobile started giving some trouble. I was forced to change my hand set. Since i have valid season ticket. I was trying to transfer season ticket. I was shocked to see if any active tickets available its not allowed to transfer. Pls provide this feature by other extra authenticatio like otp or id used while booking.

Idiotic app Change the GPS type booking system we know in which railway station we are and u idiotic people can't even know the use of GPS if the facilities is not working properly then why are you showing you can't do the thing ! Need to fix a lot this app is to avoid queue??? But we should stand for 45mins to book a single ticket !

Lack of availability of Online Payment modes Other than Paytm wallet, if you "The developers" introduce other modes of payment gateway to add money to the wallet, then it's gonna help the users. Moreover, I don't know why the Government impose charges for payment gateway whereas the pvt players in various sectors in the e-commerce industry waive such charges. It seems very ironical with respect to the statement made by our Govt to digitalize our nation.

this is a very helpful app, but i have been facing issues sometime while booking ticket even when i have 3G network. Not sure if it's the problem with the app or network, otherwise this is a very useful and must have application. I would like to suggest it should be merged with m-indicator

today morning I had installed uts app and transferred money to uts 100 during transaction net got disconnected and balance deducted from my account but don't got credited neither to uts app nor to my account ?

Lots of bugs This app is very useful if you use in metro city only. But in urban or rural aria you can't use this app. Also many station for destination is not there as I was trying JGM. GPS is on but station not track, standing out side of KGP showing Girimaidan. So this app needs more work and perfection on its results. Hope in future you will solve these issues.

Needs a lot of improvement Its a cool app. Good initiative. But lots of bugs. 1. It doesn't allow us to book tickets when you are near by the station. 2. What is the usage of Gps tracking? Really it is an annoying thing. If somebody want to travel from a station, he should be located within 5 kms of the station (and also not near by station). 3. Even if u are standing in a clear sky, with highly accurate Gps, still it will show as Gps not found. 4. Gps shud be disabled and it should be able to book ticket from any location

Excellent initiative! This app is very useful and easy to use. It saves a lot of time. It is a must-have for frequent passengers who travels a lot in various sections and can't buy a session ticket for a particular route. One thing I would like to suggest. There should be an option for making payment from other wallets like paytm, instead of only R-Wallet.

V useful Very useful & easy to use & hassle free.. Would've given it 5/5 if it could be recharged/topped up from within the app/phone & 2nd if the GPS location requirements were a bit lenient.. I understand the logic behind the 30m/2km thing I.e. to avoid misuse etc but still.. Some work around over it like time stamps etc would be better!

Convenient & Easy Good initiative taken by Indian Railways. Convenient and Easy to use but still few things they need to develop... (1) Introduce more mode of payments like Wallets, Cash Cards, etc. (2) App uses Paytm Payment Gateway but still don't accept Paytm wallet. (3) Executives at Ticket Window are still not aware about how to recharge R-Wallet. (4) Improve the GPS accuracy. (5) ScreenShot or Paper Print option should be available for season tickets.

GPS does not work The app is unable to correctly determine the location. Needs lots of upgrades. Pretty sure CRIS had tested before launching the app but sorry guys this app is still work in progress. From Kolkata. Could only book once at 5:28 am however during the whole day the server is busy can't get any booking. Need to improve the server bandwith to manage the incoming traffic to this site.

If you do Factory settings app does not work I took season ticket for 3 months, and due to some reason had to do Factory settings app did not worked, it asked me to register for new handset...when I tried registering it mentioned a season ticket already exist new handset cannot be registered, enquired about it in Ambernath and Thane stations railway staff no one has a clue about it, poor for taking extensions, if net fails you are considered without ticket

waste app, I am pretty unsuccessfull to book a single ticket. That to dealing with our Central govt employees for this kind of systems implementation is worst. with a frustation, I have surrendered R Wallet. By giving a 4 digit code it is asking to visit UTS counter, No body Knows what is UTS counter. for any thing need to visit Secunderabad Booking Office supervisor. Thats the fate by using this app. dont wast your time with this app. pretty useless app.

COULD NOT BOOK TICKET, TRAVELLED WT. Couple of days back I had to travel wt because the app ditched me. Couldn't book tickets from Howrah till end of journey till Bagnan. Tried 100 times at howrah station and ensure, alas. On return journey also the app didn't allow me to book ticket, had to stand in long queue to take manual ticket.

Ticket format should allow to save!! The booked ticket format (like PDF) should allow to save in my phone. As internet not available in every location, so if I am asked to show on the way, I would not be able to show in spite of having it. So please understand & work on to provide better facility...

Epic fail!! Asks me to stand 3 - 30 mins away from the central station but doesn't work even if I do so.. Wasted 10 mins, left the train, and had to stand in line. A truly irritating implementation of an app. Please Google, give us option to rate 0 start!!

Payment problem I recharged wallt through my paytm account but recharged amount was debited to my bank account.There is only one option of paying through paytm in your system but after selecting make payment option only 2 options appear: net banking and debit card.Why is the payment not being made from paytm?

Unable to book ticket GPS issue Even standing on station cannot book ticket ,it says its taking time more than usual.This was not a problem when application was launched with ticket printout.Either GPS should be removed or should be rectified. Railways not doing anything even after many people complaining of GPS issue on the station. Please refund my money.PLEASE SUBMIT UR FEEDBACK FOR GPS ISSUE A REQUEST TO ALL.

Handset Request rejected My handset request is not getting processed message reflecting....Cannot process IMEI change request, active tickets are there for the day. Kindly expedite at the earliest. I hve monthly pass nd i need to ref no : X043BM9003

Worst App by Indian Railways This is worst app. Don't download. Never detects GPS. Added money in wallet but not able to book single tickets. All other app detects GPS. But even on high accuracy it fails. Standing in DDJ station but this app fails to detect location. Worst app. Waste of money and time. Even ur is costlier. Better to have IR smart card than this waste of time.

Unable to recharge wallet Its a very useful app and i am using it for the past 6 months. Now i am unable to recharge my wallet to renew my season ticket. It says that "recharge wallet is temporarily disabled". I am sure no one will respond to my query. I wanted to convey that this is good only when u use it for the 1st time. Without recharging the wallet how can I use this app.

Good app Plzz note - If you want to book a ticket use your mobile data because geo location will not book your ticket if you are using WiFi ,so one should remember this and the second thing is that it is clearly mention that ticket will not book if you are using this app near 5mtr rang of track so if you want to book a ticket through this app your distance should be far or you can book ticket from ur home also .

Hats off developer team You just made a piece of CRAP. Which can do nothing but show "you have insufficient balance". Takes ages to sync stations. Without having a fare chart how do I know how much I have to recharge wallet balance? Seriously, who hire you to do this? Is/are he/she/they dumb like you?

Need improvement Takes good time to find location via gprs .Also not able to book tickets for onward journey even if we have soft e season ticket. One more thing to suggest if this app stops secronizing. Stations it will be successfull successfull else not

Good and essential Good effort by IR and it's now getting maturity. Should have facilities to get wallet balance by other means like debit card, net banking and different recharge wallet e.g. My Recharge etc. besides present provisions Rly counter and Paytm. It will be more convenient if user can transfer his/her R Wallet balance to another user's R Wallet. While booking ticket, "minimum distance 20 meters" also creating problem sometimes. Paytm service charge should be waived.

Doesn't get GPS signal everytime Everything is better except acquiring GPS signal. All other softwares like ola, uber gets instant GPS signal and location, but UTS is far behind in this case. Most of the times it's easier to get ticket from counter instead of spending time and battery on trying to get GPS signal for UTS.

Waste of time and energy You just can't trust this app... It's one idiotic app I have seen.. It's location service will take ages to figure out your location ..standing in queue will you get you ticket much faster...

So useful but This app now having all the station including all halt station also but when I are three in halt station the halt station are showing within 2 km station I think this is a small glitch which u need to solve,station like SANHATI and narendrapur halt are not showing as of now which I have tried to ticketing from this area . Please resolve this problem for more convineance for people.

Not much useful This is a good approach of Railway to book unreserved ticket online. But due to very precise GPS tracking requirements, this app is not working most of the time. Today, I tried to book unreserved ticket from Kakdwip to Sealdah. I was in Kakdwip station only. But even then it could not trace my location.

Fix GPS issue Worked flawlessly earlier. Now whenever I try to book it says GPS signal low. This has been the case for past six months or so. The developers of this app do not bother to read or reply to these reviews

Feedback tab / Error while booking 1) After last confirmation for ticket it shows and get back to main page , so i tried for 5 times and check the balance then i realized tickets was booked for 5 times :( it is a bus in app. So 2) i didn't find the feedback tab in the app and if its not there you should add it on home page because don't think you developed and app it's a full and final version without bug's .

A very useful app to book tickets in more than an hour, then also not successful Wasted long time to book time even I am at railway station itself. There is no provision to add image, else I would have added, always says GPS problem, even GPS is working fine

Useful but can be better Does not allow you to book two passes. If you have booked a first class pass from bhayander to dadar then for the same date range it does not allow to book another pass from say kurla to dadar. Should include extension tickets without the GPS.

Not good for local train ticket booking App is good for season ticket and platform ticket booking. Not good for local train ticket where GPS enabled routes. If you try to book ticket it ask us to go near station. I am already inside station and near ticket counter still I can't book ticket using UTS app. Each time for wallet recharge consuming Rs 10 . This is expensive.

Introduce via system to buy ticket for distant places . In present system for example it is not possible to purchase ticket frm tarakeswar to kharagpur via howrah directly, but it is possible in atvm machine. So please consider the matter to popularise this app. Otherwise it is a good app & I have not face any problem so far.