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Unblock Me FREE

Supplied By Kiragames Co., Ltd.    On Oct. 2, 2016    Comments(212)

Samsung Phone Unblock Me FREE version1.5.5.9 Download

Unblock Me FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to unblock the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way, unblock it with the minimal moves. Unblock Me FREE comes with 4 difficulties ranging from Beginner to Expert. There are 14500 puzzles in total, the highest amount of puzzles you'll find in any game, worth hundreds of hours to keep you challenged and addicted.

With 3 game modes in Unblock Me FREE, you can challenge yourself in challenge or choose to just lay back and relax while solving your puzzles. In Challenge mode each puzzles has 3 stars to earn, adding its replay value so you can always try to get all 3 star in every puzzle. A ranking system and achievements are also added to keep you even more challenged. In the multiplayer mode you can now play against other Unblock Me players around the world. It's super fun, be the King of logic and train your brain daily.

Unblock Me have been used in many schools to help improve students with their studies in classes. Unblock Me can help you train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday. It have been one of the top free games for 4 years and have created the category of Unblock puzzle games where other follow. This puzzle game is for kids and adult of all ages, play by yourself or challenge your buddies to compare your moves. Line up and have fun with your buddy :)

* Multiplayer Mode - Play Unblock Me competing with your friends or fellow Unblockers from around the world
* Sync or Transfer Game Progress between devices using the same Google Play Account
* 4 difficulties ranging from Beginner to Expert
* 14500 of Unblock puzzles in total for you to enjoy, it will be a long saga to complete all the addictive puzzles
* Two game modes, Relax Mode and Challenge Mode
* Ranking system to keep you more challenged and up to finding the best solution
* 21 Google Play Service Achievements, try to collect all the achievements
* Keep track of all the puzzles you've cleared
* Hint system that will guide you through the puzzle
* In App purchase so you can buy more hints when you need them
* Undo system
* Fun themes such as Easter, Christmas, Valentine and Unblock Me 5 year anniversary theme
* Hours of entertainment for FREE! With many Million downloads already, you can't go wrong with this super addictive puzzle game

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Kiragames Co., Ltd. part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 50000000 to 100000000. Last Update Oct. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 84.769. Current verison is Actual size 14.0 MB.

What's new

    Here's another awesome update
    - You can activate the home/back button or phone status bar by sliding down on the top of your screen for Android OS 4.4 and above
    - Added 500 more puzzles, 300 to beginner and 200 to intermediate difficulty
    - Added a new Autumn theme. You can changed the theme back to your previous theme anytime in the option screen.
    Please send your feedback to Thank you!
Download unblock-me-free.apk 14.0 MB


A must have! Pros: tons of puzzles, never gets old, great time waster, and there are no cons! I felt so proud of myself that I got through 30 beginner puzzles within 20 minutes that I tried to do the hardest...took me around a half an hour to do the first one until I used up a hint. I'm now trying to finish the beginner puzzles.....great game!

Nicki Love this game, it's so addictive, never gets old, makes you use your brain and makes you proud of yourself when you've finally figured it out on your own and didn't have to use a hint love it

Watch your data usage Got game this morning played to level 20 and was surprised to see the app had used 460mb of data. What the hell is it doing to use such massive amount? Deleted immediately.

Great game It helps me to increase my logic...Im so addicted to this game. :)

Really good application Fun game to play if your killing time and want something good to play.

Unblock me It's a great game! Some of them are difficult but it's a challenge to your mind!

Great app I love it as stated it is a great game to play if you're killing time !

Solid puzzle game Tons of levels, and almost endless hours of fun. Great micro transaction model, as you don't need to actually make use of micro transactions to complete the game. Would love to see a second game or more levels (not that I'll be done solving the thousands already built in any time soon).

Love it! Great game and app overall. This app is great. It runs smoothly (never freezes, shuts down) and its design is simple. Game wise it's really fun! You can work your brain and there are tons of puzzles so you always have something to do. There are ads but not so many that it's obnoxious or obstructive.

Great challenge This game is fun and great for pass time. It's frustrating at 1st but once you get going you can't put it down. I love the chaakenge!

Data rape Watch your data usage. I used this for a couple days and got an alert from my carrier that I had used 75% of 6MG!? I normally don't use anymore than 2MG!!! Deleted Immediately!!!

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Fun Boredom I like this app because in my bored-est times i can still have some fun. I love the puzzles that make me think. Some of them get pretty hard but there are the few easy ones too.

A lot of fun! I just finished over 250 beginner puzzles. Adds are unintrusive - big screen after a completed puzzle, and easily dismissed. Hints? Why would you need hints? Have fun!

Great puzzle game Easy game to pick up and play. With so many puzzles, it'll fill the time; however, they do feel repetitive over time.

"App isn't installed" I downloaded this app two weeks ago and it is forcefully closing and saying the app isn't installed. Also that is really annoying is that you only get three hints before you have to pay. Fix these problems and I will give five stars.

Unblock Me A game that actually makes you use your brain. These are the types of games that makes people less dumb.

Extremely superb Dimaag ki batti jaga de . This keeps my brain active so nw i dnt need a tea to wk up my brain.

Thousands of puzzles Runs smoothly. Has enough puzzles to last you a lifetime, or at least a year's worth of visits from the in-laws.

Great game Have been playing this for a long time but surprisingly the ad's are too much and diverts the attention while playing would have given 5 stars for it

Very challenging I get lost in time paying this game ... I have to make myself quit playing.

Unblock Me Love playing this is just enough of a challenge for me UN like those other games I really am in control of how and when I finish

OMG The creator of the app has no life... there are actually 10s of thousands of levels....Bloody brilliant game though. This is gonna take a while.

Annoying ads Fun challenging game but ads are annoying; does anyone actually click on the ads?

Awesome!!!!! This game is quite frankly amazing.. I'm on level 106!!!!! It test my mind as well as keeps it sharp. What's not to love lol. Definitely worth downloading ❤❤

RELAX MODE? I don't think I will ever get out of RELAX MODE any time soon. I am getting better though. Thanks for the challenge.

Great Its simple n fun,addictive even.... Try it out.... No adds during game play... Just fun

Would Pay I'd pay for an ad-free version if one existed. The ads, complete with sound, are great when you're in the bathroom. Thanks. And now there is an ad-free version, so buying that instead.

Awesome Brain-Training Tool This is a fantastic and highly engaging problem-solving tool. My whole family is into it.

Unblock Me Free I really enjoy playing this gsme, because it helps me to use my brain.

Grey matter workout My brain has certainly been put to work with this one. Really good challenge and the new boards just keep on coming.

Great brain exercise I've only made it through some 30 odd levels, but really enjoy it. Bug on level 23 but the game let's u bypass it, so its cool. Makes you use that noodle of yours. Good way to pass some down time. Thanks for a great brain teasing, puzzle solving game

Rip off This game will rip you off. They sell hints then take your money and never give you the hints. Be ware!

It is great It is an amazing game, but i think my brain isnt enought intelligent to play this app. I am so stupid!!!

Addictive! Very addictive. Keeps the little grey cells active. Monsieur Poirot would approve.

This game is great! Loved it just like the old version j played as a kid! There is thousands of puzzles to solve and a lot of fun if you enjoy solving puzzles!

Addictive I play this game for more than 3 years now and still find pleasure in finding the way out for that red block :)

Easy to learn The premise is simple, get the red block free. But the challenge is in figuring out how to do it. Good time waster that doesn't feel useless.

The best!! I love it!!amazing. These types of game really help u use ur brain and boost ur thinking skills?? AND idk why i feel like im the smarter human being in the world when i play this game.

Makes me think while having fun I really like this game. Could do without having to buy more hints since they only give you 3 but oh well.

Correct, please I decided all the "Expert" puzzles, but the achievements are not, correct, please!

Unblock Me Free One time you may solve a particular puzzle with no problems, then the next time have difficulties. Just goes to prove how important the correct mindset is in problem solving!

Even though it sucks that I can't get the full version for free on Mobogenie, this is still very fun. I played this game for three days straight without getting bored at all. This game just has that simplistic classic charm to it while at the same time keeping it original. I would buy the full version, but I have plenty of ways to get it for free (Kickass Torrents).

AMAZBALLZ I'm only on level 821 and there is still more levels, I love how it's an exciting game and that the levels aren't that hard to beat but still challenging enough. I think everyone should have this gane, I absolutely LOVE this game.

The perfect free app! This game is great. It's challenging enough to where it sucks you in then you're on a puzzle that has you saying WTF! Where is the solution? Then you're tempted to use the hint but try again and solve it before you do. You really have to try this one. 5 stars from me.

Only thing wrong, there are 7000 levels to go through before you get off the beginners but I enjoy getting the brain to work

Super great There may be reoccurring unobtrusive pop-ups, but the game overall is great. Challenging to the mind, and time consuming. It's perfect for the classic boring summer.

It's awesome This app is awesome! And there are different kinds of puzzles at different difficulties so it's suited for everybody!

Really enjoyed this game for the last several weeks. BUT when you get to upper levels like I am on 5000 plus it freezers up to the point of annoyance. Seriously thinking of leaving the game. Reported this problem several times. Guess they don't care about the problems.

Its really good but... I really like this game. Some levels I beat in seconds, other levels I have to stop in frustration and just think for a second, which makes it enjoyable. does get boring after a while as its the same thing over and over...however its a great time waster.

Awesome Brain-tease! Puzzles look easy, but takes more though this first look. Amazing how I'm stuck on a puzzle, put it down, pick it back up and solve in seconds. Love the challenge... play for hours! Very addictive.

Cool Love the different themes better then just Brown more colourful now.

Unblock me free Amazing.. and so easy to be addicted. And unlike most "free" games not only is it really free but I complete 10 puzzles plus a day an at over a 100 and have yet to come to an end! And that's just in beginner! Thank you guys for making!

Awesome I love it is so fun and AWESOME! !!!!! I like or lets say I love it . It may take a few tries to unblock it but I'm pretty sure that most people like it (:

satisfied but feeling delighted there is no thrill because when i already achieved in level 300 something, i noticed the arrangement of the block is the same when i first started playing this game

Boredom killer It really kills ur boredom, it can be stressful for some but overall its a good cheap game. Very useful when waiting for anything.

Relaxing It's been one of my first and favorite apps. Absolutely love the relaxed mode where you don't feel time pressured to finish the puzzle right then and there. The convenience to stop and come back any time is nice. 5 stars! Plus the block designs are visually pleasing. I hope they keep making more options.

Great game Some levels are harder than others but not in order good for the brain

Simple but not easy Simple premise but can be difficult at times. Always compelling and is onerof those

Exactly right! It's the game I wanted, what else can you say? I don't care about other skins or backgrounds, I just want to play the puzzles!

Cool game! It's a good mind game when your bored or if you just want to relax a bit. Since there is a option to not be timed, I mostly stick with that option.

Icon disappeared I now have to go on Google play to start this app as the icon can't be found.

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...

Challenging I love this game. Sometimes it makes me mad that I have to spend more time than I want on one puzzle. But I take a step back and I'm able to go back and finish it. It's a really good brain worker :)

Love the game, but Google play ID? Utterly unnecessary, undesired, inconvenient. It's a solitaire game, a way to stimulate the mind in the "between" times. It's still a stimulating set of puzzles that I enjoy doing, a few at a time.

great game BEGIN EDIT now that the Google Game connection problem as been fixed the game is great :) thank you dev. :) END EDIT / the app requires 'full network access' and 'view network connection' but tries to connect again and again and again to Google Game, even when no network is available (in train, metro, etc.) making the game hang and error messages pop. very poorly programmed

Great game I've been playing this for a while now and have enjoyed it, even when seems like I can't figure it out. I either figure out the solution or stumble upon it. This latest update (4.2) however has an issue. When it comes back from an ad there is a huge delay from when it starts taking input again. This one of those times I wish I could rollback to a previous version to make sure it's not on my end.

DONT DOWNLOAD IF YOU GET ADDICTED TO THINGS EASILY I have 2 finals tomorrow and instead of getting sleep or studying, i just spent hours playing almost 200 levels. I hate this game man but I HAVE TO KEEP GOING. Update: got to 200 maybe i can sleep now. Goodnight guys

Great little time killer When you want to escape for a few minutes but it does make you think

So addicting Love love this game. Seems so mah ok but you play and its fun and challenging.

I love this game It is so interesting. It keeps your mind bothered all the time! :)

Just for me I love it. Very time consuming. When's there's nothing to do after work I spend hours on this game.

I do love this game. Just wish you got more than 3 free helps

The game is fun and is interactive. It helps me use my brain for once.

Unblock Me This game is great and there are not many adds at all.

One star lost I love this game. I used to have it as Klotske. There is only one problem ... I evidently used up all my hints getting reacquainted with the game, so when I needed a hint, they wanted me to buy them! That's NOT going to happen. I guess if I get totally stuck, I will unfortunately have to uninstall. Too bad for both of us.

Love this game I have been playing for a while and it is a great way to relax and let my mind do some problem solving. I love how you can change the themes. It can be very addictive but it's a great game.

Immediately Addictive This game keeps me on my toes! A really great way to past time and exercise neurons.

Addictive Play only if you're willing to use your brain

Awesome unblockme It makes you think and use your brain.

Debbie Berry I love this game it keeps my mind working.

Unblock me Great puzzle to play with. It refresh my mind.

Perfect For Me Lovin it in highly recommend to download this app xD

Fun Great mathenatical based puzzle game. Intensity ranges from quiet easy puzzles to extremely hard ones.

I love this game! Can't seem to stop playing it. Very addictive!

Great game It challenges your problem solving abilities really well.

Brain power This game is very challenging. I like playing this at my doctor appointments. Love it!!

Love it It's a mind game n keep my mind occupied

Its so good I like it its so good mate the guy who says its not good you are wrong

Unblock me It is fun. Keeps your brain going.

Entertaining and thought provoking Keeps me thinking. Love it!

Interesting Interesting challenging game this game help my to work sharply in every challenging situation it help to work faster thinking skills improved a lot for me by playing this game this game is very addicative helpful to think as merit in my life I am thank full to creator of this game thanking u sir u help me a lot thank u sir I am showing my intelligence to my friends puzzels by completing the game

Pop ups Too many sometimes uses my data

Unblock me Fun game, makes me think!

Unblock my mind This is just right when in need of a bit of r & r. Takes over if you're not careful as it's very addictive. I always say, just one more...

Simple to learn brain exercise This game takes about 30 seconds to learn, but provides some reasonable head-scratchers. Recommended.

Please Please include the option to disable solved puzzle screen, it slows the game down so much..

Uunblock It's the perfect way to wait your turn, or relax and enjoy for hours of challenging play.

Well deserved 5 stars Its a an amazing game for killing time and showing brain skills.

Helps Stress When am stressed this helps meh and am a stress free person so.... BUT 8 LOVE THIS GAME!!!

Good Good fun and addictive. And Internet free so kill time when there is no connection. Chuffed. Cheers.

Why can't I go beyond 472....? Is there a problem, or is it because I haven't purchased any clues?

The Pinnacle Puzzle Game Absolutely perfect! Life demands a great deal of our time and attention, and yet also reminds us to be patient. Unblock Me is both challenging and fun. In relax mode, it is the perfect "mental break" I need without putting another demand on my already busy schedule. (Although, I often catch myself contemplating strategies to solve the current puzzle!) For me, it is the Pinnacle Puzzle Game and I highly recommend it!

My life is over !! Cant stop playing!!! Addictive. Very few ads pop up. love it but needs easier way to close the app. That's the only fault I can find.(besides it taking over all my free time)

I can play at my ez pace. Love to change the theme. Not a long game so works for my time frame. Works for me.

Kicksyerarse Fun, gets harder as you go along. Nice challenges, good spatial maths game.

Challenging and addictive. Easy app to use. Great time killer when at long lines or waiting at an office to be attended. I rather read books but found this game some challengingly different for once in a while entertainment. Thank you for this app.

Played first time after I installed it but After that it just didn't open!! Decent game though

Very Nice But ... Initially I rated this five stars until just a few days ago when it asked me to rate it!The newest version is supposed to fix that bug, but sadly it I introduces flashing banner ads so I have no choice other than to uninstall it. (Due to seizures.) Online versions of this game go by brand names such as "Rush Hour" and "Grid Lock".

Used to be good. Now it tries to connect to Google Play Games every time. No way to turn this off. I don't want it to connect to Google Play. Just a waste of my data, which is NOT unlimited.

Unblock me free I've had a great time playing. HOWEVER, AT the same time, I hate it! My husband has been playing it continuously for weeks!

Good .after noon Anita All I wanted to see you more

A classic, basically Had this game on my old phone for years. Simple premise and great execution. More levels than you could possibly wish for.

One of the good ones.. One of them games to keep you occupied when you need that 5 minutes of meaningless...

Way too many ads A good game with lots of puzzles, but the pop up ads drive me crazy. Therefore I only play for a few minutes at a time. Shame because it is a good game.

Awesome when you need to fill just a few minutes... Even better if you have to fill a few hours!

Entertaining I like this game and it takes me into a ZONE!

Thinker Really makes you use your mind. Great work out.

Addicted I can't put it down, love it!

Awesome game Very additive.Time whizzes by when I'm playing this.

Challenging Try to do 2 of the puzzles each day to challenge the mind. Find myself wanting to do more than that because they are fun too!

Loved it I didn't get addicted but I like it

Challenging No bars of gold or extra lives needed, or getting stuck on a level, just solve as long as wish. Meditative and good for your brain.

Cool Its a nice mind challenger to do...

Finally. A GOOD free game Minimal ads, creative themes and waaa-ha-hay too many stages. It has a few difficulties with loads of packs in them with like 500 levels in those. You'll definetly be playing this for a while

Unblock Me I love this game. Totally helps me relax and unwind after work!

It's fun and hard to put down.

Never thought It could be a challenge to move a bunch of blocks around. I was wrong.

Mr Dinesh Kumar Very good for children

Good to entertain kids It is challenging!

Great Game Fun and relaxing!

It so fun There so many pizzle

Love it I love this game it's one of my very favorite games I love the relax mode not being timed and or having a time limit..... I just wish it still showed how many moves it took at the end BUT no matter how many moves it takes it NEVER effects score at ALL and I accidentally hit reset/refresh all the time RIGHT BEFORE I'M DONE ~ it should ask if you want to reset/refresh before it clears everything!!!!!!

Got Better I had this game a while ago, and when I upgrades my phone, all the levels I cleared got erased. I avoided downloading it again because of it. Now it seem like you will be able to save your levels if you have an account for those moment you upgrade to another phone. It's a great quick mind puzzle game, but after a while it seem easy to solve.

Great game but.... Multiplayer mode is a joke. Opponents can disconnect when you're winning, and you lose your progress. You should at least get points for the games you won before the disconnect. My opponent waited until I was just about to win my final game and disconnected. Great game otherwise though; extremely challenging! :-)

Fun but... After a win in multiplayer mode, I always get stuck loading for AT LEAST a minute. When my competitor asks for a rematch, I can never accept ot fast enough and then they end up leaving. Please fix. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Fun game This game is perfect to pass the time. Honestly when I'm not in the mood for much or I'm just bored, I could play it for hours. I do find myself getting tired of it every once in awhile so I delete it but I always find myself reinstalling. It's an instant gratification kind of game I looooove hearing those chimes when I get the red block out haha.

Unblock is great game. I'm not sure they have any commercials. That is how little they have. Maybe once a week a commercial pops up on open. But not continues as you play. I never will delete this game and it was the first game I put on my new cell. Move brown blocks to get the red block out of the door. It's a fun challenge yet still relaxing to play.

Love this game! It's just challenging enough to keep me on my toes, yet relaxing and fun too. I'd like to see the shortest number of moves in relax mode, compared to how many it actually took me to solve.

Great App! Does exactly as in name, you need to unblock. Loads of puzzles at different levels. Cant see why people continue to complain about free apps. Most likely their phone is the problem.

Good puzzler I enjoy the challenge. I don't like the ad overlaying the three standard buttons. Probably intended to fool you into triggering ad clicks (and revenue) when you're trying to exit the game. I play it less frequently now.

So addictive! I get so frustrated with this game...but that's a good thing because it keeps me trying to figure it out! I finally finished every advanced puzzle. So simple yet so much fun!

Great game but... Multiplayer mode is fun and exciting, but it's easy to avoid a loss by disconnecting. I discovered this when I noticed how many players disconnected when losing, especially the ones with good records. Personally, I think any disconnect should be scored as a loss, even if the disconnect was not intentional.

Really really hard It's damn hard for even the 1st level I play I need to use hints 'what a shame'. My brain was like migraine after play the 1st game. But the game is good no lag and simple for people who like to play puzzle game

Love it I like that there is an untimed version of play and the graphics are nice. And if you use a hint, it actually shows you all the steps you need to take to solve the puzzle. With other games I've had to use up 5 or 6 hints just to feel like I'm close to solving the problem.

Great game. It really keeps me focus. Love the fact of the levels and that I can close out of the game if want. An still return to the same game if I choose. So addictive. This game is five stars plus gem.

So much fun Good way to kill time. A lot of the puzzles have similar solutions but it does switch it up enough to keep you on your toes.

Awesome App This game is such a great brain trainer for both the young and old. With the many different levels and difficulties, you are sure to stay interested and fight boredom! Sweet!

Need more tiles as it gets more difficult I love the game! I really do enjoy it. I just wish it would get a bit more challenging after the 300th level. Otherwise still a great game.

Fun exercise for the old nogin Endless combinations that are best solved by forethought as well as trial and error. Intermittent commercials are displayed briefly and spread out between several games played

Very relaxing I love this game......It would also be great if you had more patterns to choose from. Like it would be really cool if we could put images of our self on the blocks! Just something to think about.

Mean an nasty Strikes true the statement, "had it been a snake, ita bit ya in the ass." Awesome and good to measure my daily confidence level, lol.

Challenging puzzles Interesting puzzles to challenge your problem solving skills. Can try for a personal best or just play for fun .Out of the 30 or 40 puzzles I tried, I did have one, though, where one piece would not respond when needed it. But I was able to go to a different puzzle, so did not totally lock up.

Good fun Anytime im bored on a flight or waiting for my girlfriend to finish shopping i always play unblock me. Makes the time fly by.

Love this game....but something must be wrong... I don't get ads on my game! Ah, they've appeared! Don't like the ads, but the game is free! I'm addicted!

Once you start playing it, you will forget your tensions. Your mind is just into solving puzzles

Analyze then Solve! Flex your right brained thinking with these challenging puzzles.

Surprisingly good Great brain teaser, I'm not a gamer, but this game does test your problem solving skills

Amazing challenging game An excellent way of working my mind, keeps me thinking all of the time to find the red brick it's way out

Almost impossible Some of them, I literally looked at from every angle and some of them, you can literally cannot do less than the required moves resulting in the perfect solution, it is practically a f***ing p***take

Short term rewards This game is perfect for when you have little snippets of time to kill. The games are quick and rewarding.

Really hard It's really hard you really have to think about what you have to do. It's also fun to play.

Great game! I love your anniversary theme the best although they are all beautiful! Any way you could give the option to remove the "ta daa" sound, but still keep the block sound?

Highly Addictive Best puzzle ever, once you start you don't want to stop!! Before you know it, you're already at puzzle 98 and so on...

Screen went black When I first opened the game my screen went black and didn't turn back on

Addicting with a Challenge Love this game. It challenges my way of thinking and keeps my brain churning...?

Good game Quick and challenging puzzles, really enjoying the app. Had it a few weeks and haven't found any glitches yet.

I'm beast at this game Love it, something to do to take my mind off people's bullshit

Note 7 Even though I set up an account it continues to erase my progress. This is the second time. Also it didn't tranfer like other games with smart switch, so I had to re-download and now I get ads which I hate.

I really am enjoying Unblocked Me. It's fun and challenging. I can't wait for the opportunity to play the next level!! One of tne most fun and challenging games. Glad I found it.

After I done installed this app, it doesn't appear in my home screen.. I need to enter playstore and find this app when I want to play it... Why ?? What is actually happen ?? What should I do ?? BTW I enjoy playing this game !!! Its a good exercise for my brain..

Helps keep me level. I play it every smoke break at work. Good brain exercise to :)

Time to have fun OK so this game is dead simple to learn and play; though after just 2 weeks I am hooked. In theory you just move blocks and bingo you finish the level simple. Well sorry it is not that simple... go ahead download this game and get hooked to find out why ?

A Puzzle which doesn't need words to express admiration Really, no further words needed... Excellent puzzles which make me frustrated when I don't get three stars, simple Spartan nature of the puzzle arrangement, no Grandiose wasted, this is a fantastic piece which would be appreciated by any one of any age.

It's. Fine Puzzles are good but very easy. There is no encouragements given when you complete certain level. Old forms are there for background.....need new ones. Many glitches are also there like the competition level is not properly functioning........ I can't compete with others.

Fun relaxing game I like strategy games and this one is simple but gets more complicated as u go. The nice thing is you can do 2 things at once with it. U don't have to just focus on the game.

Banners with porn ads What are wrong with you guys? My kid was playing and a banner titled "Hot gays" with barely dressed guys appeared at the bottom of main menu.

Best app for quick poops ever! I'm a 42 year old male who suffers from lifelong constipation. This app saved my life! I have been struggling to find an app that allows me to forget the stress of the day and just relax while trying to make poops in the potty, but until now, I have had no such luck. Fortunately, a friend recommended this app to me months ago. Now, whenever I pop a squat and open up this bad boy, the feces flows right out of me like sweet poppy syrup! Thanks a million!

Decently challenging and a fun time waster. Used to play wood puzzles lik.e this when I was a kid. This version is splinter free, few ads, and holds my scattered attention for as long as it takes to pass time waiting.

Good puzzle game It's a good game, but can be frustrating if you are stuck. I like this game but ad pop ups while playing can be distracting

Love it This game definitely passes time quickly, and entertains your mind all in one! I love these puzzles, its exciting to be stuck one minute then figure it out the next.

Great game. It really keeps me focus. Love the fact of the levels and that I can close out of the game if want. An still return to the same game if I choose. So addictive. This game is five stars plus gem.

Somewhat Addicting I find myself going back to this game in my spare time. It's a great game to challenge your mind or just to play to relax.

Great Best way for older people to exercise their brain power. It may help prevent some thinking problems like short term memory loss.

Really fun Really fun but some of the levels are really hard and it takes sooooo long to complete. Especially since we don't get a free solution power up.

Great brain teaser It gets my parents off my tail for being unproductive and becoming dumb. :) I love challenging myself w/ this game

Very lengthy This game is great in my opinion because for one, it never gets boring. Secondly, because it makes you think. And finally because it's free. :D

Love it! Downloaded for myself for a change from word games. My 6 year old saw me playing, and loves it! I only let him play brainy games. This game stimulates his problem solving skills without boring him.

Ok game Nice to pass time. Getting stuck is fine; it's part of the challenge. However, having to pay for hints is ridiculous.

Ms Jessie powers This game is the best. I could play it all day but have to give up for awhile

I'll rate it five star if you do this... Please make it so the blocks can go up, down,and side to side

Hated it Please don't download this game guys it is boring

Worked like shite for me Would not function nor shut down and this app can acess my phone ? ..... quick delete

Addicting with a Challenge Love this game. It challenges my way of thinking and keeps my brain churning...?. Great so many puzzles.

Super addictive Saw my co-worker playing this one day and I was intrigued. I started playing it and I love it! Fun and challenging for the brain. I try to limit myself to only 10 levels per visit or else I would play all day!!!

Fun It's a great game to pass the time. Does not heat up the phone if you play for a long time like some other games.

❤❤❤❤❤ This was my favorite game ever since i got smartphone years ago! Im really good at this. Countless times that i installed & uninstalled it. I am just so happy that FINALLY!! ??? my progress ingame will be recorded.

Fantastic,engages you to think for solution Awesome apps and I am playing when I need to make decisions and I am stuck in any tasks

Awsome game Great pass time to play a round or two when you have a few free minutes or can easily make an hour go by in no time play round after round.

Mind Boggling I am stumped at times but I try not to give up. It keeps my brain active.

Used to be a good time killer. Now it wants you to pay and connect to internet in order to play. Uninstalling, and won't be back.

Fantastic game. Excellent game.. but it have same thing at every level, But it's level are tougher than previous one.. good game for a while...

Good games Im sorry uninstalled as my poor brain cant do these.Not paying for hints that prove im stupid!

Addictive puzzle game Very difficult to stop when you have solved a few of the puzzles.

Satisfying Sounds & Fun The sounds of the wood blocks are soothing, the graphics are super crisp, the holiday and wood grain themes are precious, and there are soooo many puzzles for free!! My favorite app - installed on last two phones and will be first app on my new one. The playing board is a good size, too. ??

Nice little game Nice to have one to play offline, good design and a nice little time burner. Ads aren't too often and don't divert you

Love it but need more hints. Can purchase hints for emergency Hints are 99 cents each. Nonsense that is. But the game is good.

Pretty cool ? Definitely keeps you occupied when wanting to kill time i. e. @ a Dr's waiting room, on the bus etc.. Gets your brain goin a bit... :)

Unblock the cobwebs in your brain Great game fits the classic definition of what ludology recommends ... Easy to play difficult to master

Eddie UK Very good for testing your mind and logic skills. I have had this in all my mobiles it passes the time away and it becomes addictive..... This new version has a few advert which spoils it just a little but still worth installing. Thks

Time consuming The game itself is pretty cool and challenging also very good for the brain

Fun It's very difficult but it is also very addicting game. Once I started I can't stop ???