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Supplied By Tetsuya Aoyama    On June 4, 2015    Comments(139)

Samsung Phone twicca version0.D.9 Download

twicca is Twitter™ Client for Android™.

* Notification
* Auto pager
* Search
* Post with photo upload
* Geo tagging
* Saved searches
* Recent hashtags
* Reply history
* Lists
* Retweet
* Color label
* Managing twitter profile
* Trending topics
* Local trends
* Extending function by plug-in
* Widget
* Uploading profile icon
* Report for spam
* Block user
* Image Preview
* Geotagging with map preview
* Tweet filtering(Mute)

Experimental features:
* Multiple account support.

twicca is looking for supporters for the future development and maintenance. For more information, menu -> more -> twicca supporters.


* If you install to external storage, you might not be able to use some features.

* If widget is something wrong, please delete it and put new widget to home again.

* Please see

Twitter: @twicca_en

Tetsuya Aoyama part of our Social and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 4, 2015. Google play rating is 87.8858. Current verison is 0.D.9. Actual size 6.1 MB.

What's new

    [FIXED] Image preview rotation was fixed.
    [NEW] Instagram Video preview in external app.
    [EXPERIMENTAL] Support Instagram Video on Built-in video preview
    *Experimental features are available only Twicca supporters.
Download twicca.apk 6.1 MB


Twicca made the perfect twitter client. Anything that sucks about it (very few) are things evil twitter Corp forced. Fantastic client.

I don't know why but settings button is not visible anywhere.

List not found That's what I get when I click profiles in Twitter emails. Even after updating to 0.D.6 ver. released 051815. I like ability to save/enlarge pics. Deleted resuming search.

Like it. Nice to see that there are updates again.

Great but recently flawed. Recently been experiencing some bugs. Unable to open pictures. Causes a crash every time. Also, I'm unable to change my profile pic. Always says that an error has occurred. Outside of those bugs it's a very competent client and I love it.

The best Twitter client for Android Without doubt the best client for Android. I love that i can colour particular tweeters, or makes it so much easier to spot important tweets. I would recommend this app to everyone. Plus, I love dark theme-able apps.

Still the best and most sleek Twitter client on Android after all these years

Twicca do something Great app but why can't we open pictures anymore..... Fix please

Awesome! finally twicca has this multiple image preview feature. but it would be sooo much better if it has small thumbnails in the timeline, too... or at least twicca could provide an option to enable thumbnails (I know some people dislikes having autoloaded images). Nevertheless, Twicca is still my favorite twitter app. Thanks!

Loving the latest updates Lovely app. Kindly add support for gifs and videos so I can finally uninstall the awful twitter for Android!

'Shorten URL' button Love twicca, been using it for a long time now, but with the latest update the 'shorten URL' button when posting tweets seems to have disappeared. This has always been one of my favorite features. Has anyone else had this problem?

Getting closer to being perfect I like how my new fav twitter app is back to being updated again. It's been improving, I can now see all the photos someone posts (if they attach more than 1 photo in a tweet). I can view Instagram photos people post directly from the timeline without having to goto Instagram.. Some more changes and this could be the perfect aftermarket Twitter app: 1 Let me be able to see who retweets/favorites my tweet when I press the @ button. 2 I want to watch vines & other videos people post directly from Twicca without having to goto the Vine app or using a browser. 3. When I view a tweet I want to see how many people retweeted & favorited the tweet and which users did it (like how the official twitter app does it) 4. Let us copy tweets

great app best twitter app on the market :) only one minor problem -- it never properly autocompletes usernames. other than that, it's great. optimus 2x running 2.3.4

Best low foot print Twitter App Latest update really good. Only thing I'd like is that while I know the developer is conforming to what twitter is requesting I'd love to see an option that you can see the absolute time a tweet was posted. Other twitter apps have this option. So hence why 4 stars

Wow! quick, easy, clean. Best twitter app I have ever used. I love the 'new tweet' widget/button! Can we get also a mention when a tweet of ours is being quoted? Any idea about also uploading multiple images (like the native twitter)?

Great Works great, has extensions, handles non-English characters with ease, and caches tweets. However, I would like an option to passively update (and cache) my timeline without notifications but to notify me in case of direct message.

Please fix the RT's After the last update, we've lost the RT option. As I've said with desktop apps, we lost the 'personal touch'. If nothing else, give as an option.

Almost perfect Only issue I have so far is the lack of image preview in timeline. Add that feature, and I'll rate 5 stars.

Very fast and stable Best twitter 3rd party app. Use this app if you do not like very heavy twitter official app.. This app also saves usage of internet data since it doesnt load all the images.. Really hope they could also include video viewing and vine Update : Thank you for updating the multiple picture viewing!!

Best Twitter app, hands down. Especially with the addition of multi image preview!

Best Twitter Client: This is by far the best twitter client for Android. Mute feature is very powerful and has lots of customization. Only draw back is no drafts!

Pleased Dev Has Started Updating Again Low battery use, low data use but still very functional, excellent job by the Developer - thanks.

Unable to get beyond... The numerical access code screen. It will give me the code, tell me to return to Twicca, and input the code. Yet there is no input field to do so. Tweecha uses the same type of security method, and it worked fine. So here's hoping this one gets fixed soon. Usage on Verizon Note 4th running OS 5.0.1

Force close error on some picture previews Some work okay, some are causing FC errors


MEGA Awesome Minimal data usage. Very light. Multi image links now on. BEST TWITTER APP EVER!!!!

awesome i though this app would not update anymore ! new feature made me feel great. thanks !! ps wait for gif and video support.

Unuseable I cant use this app in Asus zenfone 5. The option button did not appear, so i cant change anything.

Perfect Latest update makes it the best

Slow refresh, why?

Best Twitter App by far Thanks for the recent updates! I've loved Twicca for years but I was worried that all of Twitter's changes were getting out of hand, but with the latest updates, Twicca handles multi-image tweets and the new quoting system with typical low-key grace.

Excellent! I really do enjoy Twicca. The interface is fantastic, and the range of options is stellar. However, I don't like that I can't see my own outgoing direct messages on the direct message tab, and that the app can't preload my timeline. It would be nice if it could preload the timeline, for example while I'm asleep or busy throughout the day, but still keep my place in the timeline.

Excellent Looking great. My favorite twitter client app. Perfect when network is poor.

Awesome I'm not a power user ofTwitter, but this light weight app has been the only app ever since I discovered it, Kudos

Preferred app for Twitter. Simply good.

Twicca FTW! Simple, lightweight, fast, and pretty. I could not ask for more.

Excellent Review updated with 5 stars ! Looking forward to material design themed one sooner ( specially FAB )

Best twitter app i know of

Simple and effective Looks good, does the essentials and is very workable

Awesome!.... But Been a fan of Twicca. No enough words to describe this magnificent app. Just wondering where the "quote" option during Re-tweet goes. Before it was just there. Bit now iys gone. Hope we can fix this guys. Thanks ?

The best of the best! The best!

Superb! One of the best twitter Alps ever! Please, keep supporting your awesome apply!

Missing Tweets? Explanation please! Why can I no longer loads tweets in the middle of my timeline? Currently I have tweets from 15hrs ago and 5hrs ago with nothing in between! I load 200 tweets at a time as per usual and have never experienced this problem. This is very annoying! Please advise or I'll have to look elsewhere. Kmt.

Issue with Twitter API? After loading the initial number of tweets, when clicking 'load more' no more tweets appear. Been happening in last 3/4 days...Otherwise.....Great App been using for years and nice to see the developer keeping this up to date. Only feature missing is showing the absolute time i.e. 13:34 instead of 2mins ago etc, which is why only 4 stars.

What happened?? Since last update there is now a refresh limit which has absolutely ruined the usability. Looking elsewhere for twitter app, you had a good run Twicca...

Used to be great! I don't know if it's Twicca or a Twitter api problem but if I set it to load 100 tweets at a time and there are more than 100 tweets between my last read and the newest, it only loads the 100 newest and it ignores the existence of the middle ones. I've been missing half to 3/4 of overnight tweets on my timeline for I don't know how long. This is the only twitter app I've seen that keeps your place on the timeline so you can catch up in order but if this isn't fixed soon, I'll need to find something else.

Perfect for phones Very basic and can be difficult to find settings, though there are lots of them. I like basic, and this is my favourite Twitter app.

Why can't I delete my saved searches anymore?. I also can't save a seach anymore either. Please fix this problem

People losing tweets: YMMV, but uninstalling and reinstalling seems to have fixed the problem for me (at least for now), just loaded a few days backlog of tweets without losing any.

Still the best. Period. Previous version was a total disaster. Sent crash reports and tweeted to the developer. A day later, saw the Play update (I was looking frequently) and updated. Now the best app is back to being the best. Thank you.

No settings menu I changed my phone to LG and the settings button disappeared, I can't configure twicca anymore

Still great but I cant change my display picture. It gives an error everytime

WTF Used to be my favorite. Now it's not even letting me refresh my tl of log in.

Clunky and unusable What a clunky and unusable app. Takes five different clicks just to get anywhere. Uninstalled

There is a bug in the new update, it only load a few new tweets of a list, then concatenate the old ones.

Loading tweets broken Other people are having this problem too. Tweets aren't loading completely. Please fix ASAP or I'll have to look elsewhere

Timeline update limited?! What went wrong? Was perfect now timeline update is limited to 200. Thereby losing many tweets overnight. :-( please fix

Twicca v0.D.9 ➕ Settings → Timeline settings, Status update settings, Search / Trending topics settings, Notification settings, Color label settings, Appearance settings, Profile settings, Preview settings, Mute settings, Cache settings, Plug-in settings. ➕ Lists → Shows Following, Followers, never seen in any app before. ➖ Ugly UI. ?ℹ❓❗Try once the app gets a good UI.

Settings button is nowhere to be seen. Using LG G4. No settings button on lollipop

Some enhancements though Add logout function please

Menu No menu icon to be found on this app.

Quote Tweet This was my favorite Twitter client because i could edit my RT but all i have now is that hateful quote system that doesn't even appear in your mentions. Two things that changes 'perfect' all the way down to 'annoying'

HTC One Mini, Nexus 7 2g Pretty well the perfect Twitter client. Small and beautifully formed.

Excellent Works great.tho it would be great if you materliazed the look

WTH? This was an awesome app but now I can only get a few tweets when I refresh my feed. So ill have about 10 most recent tweets, then it goes back to the last one from the last time i was on. What's the point?

Cannot access setting menu on MIUI

API limit 0/15 Why it should have limit? And have to wait for 15 minutes.....

Image preview bug.. From a prior time now the image preview does not work, this is definitely quite annoying. I'll think change my client, you could not fix this bug ..

Uh oh! Having the same older-tweets-not-loading problem :( help!

Missing Tweets Found a new app, Ubersocial doesn't have the missing tweet issue, so for now it's off to that app for me, I hope twicca fixes this ........

Best twitter app Used it for the last 3 years now, lightweight, allows quote retweet.

used to be my fav app :( please get rid of the new RT with the links. or at least bring back that feature for those of us that enjoyed the traditional RT

Simply the best. List functions work again in the new update, woohoo!

My preferred Twitter app for Android Tried others, always come back to This one!

My go-to Twitter app It's not graphically sexy, but it's the most functional, lightest-weight Twitter client I've used on Android.

imho, probably the best twiter app, but only thing i stopped using it is MISSING of inline prewiev of pictures, videos (media in general).

Wow! quick, easy, clean. Best twitter app I have ever used. I love the 'new tweet' widget/button! Can we get also a mention when a tweet of ours is being quoted? Any idea about also uploading multiple images (like the native twitter)?

Excellent no nonsense app Recently not losing my place in timeline any more. Great. But I fear twitter has killed it for now? Can't retrieve tweets any more ..

Hey people Don't know if anyone of the people saying they can't find the menu button in Twicca will read this but on my Note 4 if i long press the menu button that is on the actual phone Twicca's menu pops up.

Perfect for phones, though quite bare. The biggest problem with all the other 3rd party twitter apps are there ads. This app hasn't been updated for a while and doesn't have all the functionality like polls and retweeting in captions, but its simple, which is all a twitter app needs to be.

Well.. Was the best twitter client. However, since the dev never update it again, some function has became useless due to new APIs :(

Meh... Not having pics and videos preview as I'm scrolling the timeline (I have to tap the tweet, tap preview, and maybe I don't have the right plugins but only gifs play. Vines and other videos I have to look via browser) makes the app pretty basic. Love the interface but not having those things makes a huge difference in the app. Loved not having any ads but I will trade that for being able to preview items seamlessly.

Best Twitter App! Hands down the best Twitter app on Google play. I've tried a dozen different apps and this one seems to be the best out there. Plus there's no ad's with this app which makes it better.

No menu button There is no setting button. I can't setting my account and can't change my profile picture, ang everything that i shoul can do in menu. But this is good apps anyway

Minimalistic. Rooms for improvement The options bar appears on my Nexus 5 but not on my Note5. Please check back. Hope it would support video preview and push notification soon.

No longer can't search tweet? Oh I liked this app but current ver are useless so i'm gonna uninstall it. meh

Good like the appearance and how clean it looks but I can't seem to see notifs of who retweet my tweets or favorites them and I can't find quoted tweets?

Still the best. Been using this app since I bought my HTC Evo years ago. Even in 2016 it has no rival for a minimal Twitter client.

Any chance We could get the buttons on the timeline moved to the top? I'm always hitting them when trying to hit the back or menu button.

Cant access "more" settings Im on android 5.0 and when i click the option "more", nothing happens. I cant access twicca's settings. But everything else is great.

Excellent Review updated with 5 stars ! Looking forward to material design themed one sooner ( specially FAB )

Great app But my new smartphone have no Menu(3dots) button. And twicca's Ui has not too. So i cant do anything in menu.. so please add 3dots button in twicca.

Can't log out of Twitter account This app worked well on my tablet last year. I just installed it on my new phone and can't find answers on how to log out and change Twitter accounts. I have 2. Unfortunately, I gotta say goodbye.

Above Average Can we finally get an update that'll allow us to see retweets and favorites/likes?

Simple app that does the job well Great App been using for years and like it's simplicity of the timeline ie no pictures or videos. Only feature missing is showing the absolute time i.e. 13:34 instead of 2mins ago etc, which is why only 4 stars.

Four stars because I'm missing pools with this app, otherwise it'd be a five stars app.

please change material icon it's best twitter client for me.i think want to please change icon design belong material policy.

Android 6.0 seems to have removed the menu button graphic, making many features now inaccessible. Please consider adding a new button to access the previous menu items.

Black theme. Can load and make new lists from the three dot menu on bottom Android navigation bar. I do wish there were unread numbers instead of a red dot for mentions/DM's. Notifications don't include names or tweet/Dm content which is unfortunate. App has a refresh button instead of being able to pull down to refresh. No absolute time setting.

Great but settings issue I love this app. It has the most functionality out of all and control is clear and quick. Muting, colour coding etc all good...BUT you can't get to any of the settings unless you enable on screen keys via my oneplus 2 :(

The Rolls Royce of Twitter apps But there needs to be an option of when you click on the arrow next to the username, to be able to "follow user" user.

Amazingly useful! I have not seen another twitter client that keeps all the important features right at hand and the other features easy to get to. The color option is super useful. Following links, retweeting, replying, and favorites are all one click away. It's so awesome when an app does exactly what you think it should! A very intuitive app.

Was Great But Now Cant Access Settings Just upgraded my old Samsung GSIII to the GS5 with Android 5.0, and cant access settings & menu. This is my favorite twitter client but ummmmm.... fix that, please!

Is it possible to upload more than one picture at a time? That would be a very useful feature

too expensive i'm glad that twicca's features were almost free. unfortunately the price of one week subscription = one month bbm subscription = one year whatsapp subscription. it's too expensive and the bonus features aren't really great.

This is THE twitter client Beautiful with great expandable functionality. If there was a port for Linux gnome I would personally hugh the developer. ########################## EDIT: might be a good idea to replace the hardware menu button as new devices do not use it anymore

Profile Pic Wont Change I love this app but it doesnt sync with iphone users when I try to view a pic they upload and it wont let me change my profile pic. Please fix!

Beautiful but crippled. Lacking essential features including lists and, worse, any way to change any settings at all.

Can't increase font size. Would've given five stars if there was an option to increase font size.

Missing features? Could you add back old style quotes? No reason to remove functionality.

Tried once. Never look back or else. Best UI/UX

The best twitter client! Lightweight, no bloat, just a good twitter client.

Updated to Samsung Galaxy S7 need help This app always works well for me but now that I've changed to a newer Galaxy(S7) I can't find where the settings button is. I've used this for many years through 4 different Galaxy phones even back when I had a Blackberry phone. Had no problems then. Can you help me find where to click for my settings?? ?

No support I've emailed the developer 4 times in six months. Still no response. Find something better people.

New Galaxy Update Doesnt Work well The app used to have an option to push a button to go to the Home Page and now it gone. Cant see RTs or anything.

Looks like Twitter changed some stuff again and now pictures, list functions etc don't work. Hope we'll get an update one day soon.

Long press menu button This feature will not work to bring up the menu bar in twicca bc its already a feature used by Google.

Unusable My galaxy A5 doesn't Have a menu key,so I cannot go to options and more

Liked on Samsung s3 but doesn't work on s7 I have always loved the design and features of this app. However seems to have issues on Samsung S7. I can't find menus nor can I find my profile or lists. Is it something to do with android 6 or S7 specific issue?

recent update needs a fix Share this tweet appears to be broken. Only allows me to share via gmail now. I hope this gets fixed soon, because I really like this app overall.

LOVE it and have used it for years, but like many others, I'm missing the menu button. Cannot access lists, retweets, options, settings, etc, so I can't turn on my push notifications. Disappointing, this has always been my go-to twitter app, but it's not nearly as easy to use now

Needs update Still my favorite client for its clear interface, speed, and advanced control, but it's not updated regularly. It fails on some image types and on all Twitter-hosted videos, and doesn't intelligently show replies to tweets like the web interface can.

Unable to access settings on Galaxy Note 5 App has been great, my favorite Twitter client for some time, but I just got a Galaxy Note 5 and there is no way to access the settings menu.

Adding another account?! This is by far the best twitter app for Android out there. However, I have no idea how to add another twitter account, someone help please :(

For anyone unable to find the menu in Twicca, one of the following two methods may work for you. (1) Long press Android's menu button (the square one at the right on recent phones) and if that doesn't work then try (2) Press the menu button twice in rapid succession. I have Twicca on two Android 6 phones at the moment and one works with the first method and the other with the second.

Desperately needs update to lollipop There's no menu button option and app isn't streamlined with lollipop. Can't change settings at all.

Lack of updates unfortunately made me uninstall. I'd say this app is dead. Lack of updates, seems to be abandoned as the other apps are adjusting to the twitter changes. Waited long enough for something. DOESN'T MEET CURRENT twitter requirements.

Can't see people quoted us Definitely in love with this app for years I even think to marry and have children with it. The problem now is that when people quoted me, it's unavailable in the mention section. I need to use official app for this function. Hope it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Videos Need To Be Added This app is THE BEST Twitter app next to the original Twitter for Android one. All this app is missing is being able to view videos. Make it happen, Twicca!

Best Twitter Client: This is by far the best twitter client for Android. Mute feature is very powerful and has lots of customization. Only draw back is no drafts!

Always been my favorite twitter client but the API thing isn't cool. Can't preview certain media either. Also more color tags would be nice

I'm sorry to give you two stars. Failed to upload an image in a crutial time is bad. Very bad.

alternate way to access settings is needed **update** you can get to the menu and settings by holding the back button on a s7.

Love it Few years on Twicca and had no prob at all. From Sony to my current Asus. Though, after update to Android 6.0, I cant seem to access the previous submenu to view list of followers, settings and search for other twitter handle to follow. Long press the submenu button wont work anymore. It only comes out the current running App. Hope it'll get fixed so I can continue using it.

I have been using twicca for almost 2 years and find this the best.. But recently I switched to android M on RedMi 3S and can't find the three dots switch at the foot of the screen. Not able to use all the features. Can't view my profile or search a user. Please help fix the issues by moving the switch to the top of the screen..

Twicca is bae Used it since snaptu went under. Thanks ? it isn't working now though..

After my old twitter client stopped working I went to twicca and I enjoyed it for a while. I haven't had a phone with a hard coded options button for a while though, so I can't change any settings and after having my photo uploading to Japan I'm finally dumping it. Oh well,

Wow! quick, easy, clean. Best twitter app I have ever used. I love the 'new tweet' widget/button! Can we get also a mention when a tweet of ours is being quoted? Any idea about also uploading multiple images (like the native twitter)? Also new 140-char limit should be implemented.