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The Waterloo Region Record

Supplied By Metroland Media Group Ltd.    On May 9, 2016    Comments(53)

Samsung Phone The Waterloo Region Record version5.0.0.1 Download

Local news, business, sports, entertainment, events, photos and video from Waterloo Region, Ontario powered by the Waterloo Region Record daily newspaper, serving the area since 1878. Coverage across Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and area.

Metroland Media Group Ltd. part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update May 9, 2016. Google play rating is 39.0805. Current verison is Actual size 7.8 MB.

What's new

    Summary: Warranty release changes for Metroland-built iOS, Android and Blackberry apps for Hamilton Spectator, Waterloo Region Record and Guelph Mercury-Tribune.
    Benefit: Enhance functionality and resolve outstanding defects on initial Metroland app releases for Spectator, Record and Mercury-Tribune.
Download the-waterloo-region-record.apk 7.8 MB


Takes a long time to load This app sits at the splash screen for sometimes minutes at a time. It is very frustrating.

Very slow Too slow to open, takes over 8 seconds.

I use it every morning

Junky Takes forever to load not much content

Record mobile app It is handy for top stories but limited in size . I like it!

Widgets and Format Not the nicest format to look through different categories. I would use this a lot more if there was a widget

Weak Content is cut so far down, it's not worth paying for

Pay for News Not even worth the download. Money for news? Seriously?

Money? Not willing to pay 5$ a month for something I can get for free. Deleted.

No way I would ever pay for news.

Nope! Not paying for a rag like this.

Pay? I can get the news free everywhere. Just thought I'd help out by downloading the app, deleted today - let the sinking begin Record

Subscription? Why am I gonna pay for this app if there are plenty of free news apps? Uninstalled

Deleted I have had this app for a very long time and never had a problem, till today, i got a message saying i used my 18 free and now you want money?! Dont think so, when i can watch the news for free, so after getting that message it was deleted, disgusting wanting money for something you can get for free!!!

0 stars!! $5 a month? Really?? I dont pay that much for any of my apps ON A MONTHLY BASIS!! Maybe a one time fee but def not monthly! Fix this, till then I will find my news elsewhere!

Awful Used to be free, and as of the latest update they expect you to pay a subscription. Deleted, find your news somewhere else.

The Waterloo Record They now have a paywall of 18 articles then stops. Which is good compaired to others. However why would one pay when you can just go to C.T.V.

Rip-Off This app used to be free, but since the last update, it doesn't work properly and it now requires me to buy a subscription. Yet it's still free on the iPhone. WTF!

Mobile App I am not satisfied with the app. Prior to recent updates I had no difficulty in opening news, weather, sports, etc. Now it won't open anything as it wants me to sign in as a Record subscriber. I have subscribed to the Record for over 30 years and it doesn't seem to recognize my sign in. Not Happy

Sneaky update! Used to be free. No warning that the app was changing to a paid subscription. Bad form on the developers!

No Obituaries News access is OK, but i would really like an access to local obituaries using the Android App. You can get to this with a LONG series of links on their regular website. It is bad enough trying to do this from a regular computer, but a bit of a pain with mobile APP.

Pictures?! Pictures no longer show up for me in articles

Paid? I can go onto The Record website and view the news for free so why do I have to pay to use the app after 30 days. People complain young people don't read the news anymore.... this is why, because we can't pay for it. Bring back the full access for free!

Samsung Galaxy SII User When it works it is great..but it often causes my phone to freeze/ crash stuck in the app but frozen. Have to take the battery out to restart

What's the point? The cost to read more than a handful of articles within a month is unreasonable, whereas there are a myriad of free news choices (also with ads) rendering this ap pointless. Deleted. Also bad idea of them to block being able to view police advisories of missing people.

Man shot dead in Kitchener and no mention on the homepage this morning. More of and Ontario news site nowadays and this is why I deleted it from my phone this morning.

Charging monies for information otherwise free is wrong. News is not intellectual property. Goodbye record....along with my subscription.

Meh Was free. Not worth paying for.

Bye bye 0 stars. No news was showing until I upgraded and now I am asked to pay $5 per month for news I can get for free from 570 or CTV. Bye bye app.

Galaxy S3 Works great thanks!

Needs to be free I can understand a one time fee but a monthly subscription is just stupid make it free again and I might use it

Needs help. Slow to open, each section requires refreshing manually, same story appears multiple times, About Screen says it's an app for the Spectator (which maybe explains all the Hamilton stories?). Better than the old app but still needs help.

Aweful This is the slowest and most unstable app I use. Edit. Would give it a no stars. After update it does not work. Embarrassing and incompetent for an app and company located in a great technological area.

Update in march broke the app As of march 2016 it won't open. When it used to work it was fine. Now I use 570 news for local news.

Does not open You'd think they would roll back to the previous version that works, but noooooo!

Garbage Update of March 2016 killed the app. Won't even open.

Does not work Not the greatest app, but hasn't worked on my galaxy note in recent days. Won't even open

What can I tell you...Fresh installed. Never opened, never worked. I used to use on my old phone and it was sketchy at best. I was hoping for an improvement on this phone but this app has some serious fundamental problems. Devs should pull it and revamp it or shelf it completely if they don't want to take the time to do it right.

Garbage. Can't believe that the app won't even open with all the technology in Waterloo Region. Crashes now with the latest update.

Record mobile app March 2016 new update killed the app can't open.

Tricity news Worked great on my mobile phone but the recent update made this app inoperable.

Does not even start on a Samsung Tablet.

Update Killed App Does not work

Takes a long time to load This app sits at the splash screen for sometimes minutes at a time. It is very frustrating. Edit: app now crashes on startup.

App killed with last update Used to love it now it crashes on opening . Please fix

Totally stopped working with latest update on nexus7. Crashes on opening.

Help After latest update, App will not open on Note 4.

Won't open The app. Hasn't opened for days now... What's going on?

Stopped working App stopped working uninstalled and reinstalled hoping that would help. But doesn't seem to have made any difference. Disappointed

Record app This app was ok until they switched to the new version. Now it won't even open. Why can't they fix this?

Now it's not compatible with my Nexus 7. Who wants to read it on a small phone. BRING IT BACK FOR TABLETS.

I can count on this app about as much as I can count on receiving the actual print copy we pay for ZERO. Very disappointing.

Just use the mobile web page. This app is trash.