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The Amazing Spider-Man

Supplied By Gameloft    On Aug. 14, 2016    Comments(102)

Samsung Phone The Amazing Spider-Man versionVaries with device Download

Get ready for intense web-slinging action with The Amazing Spider-Man! Join Spidey in the official game app of this highly anticipated 2012 blockbuster! Play through the movie storyline as Spider-Man faces off against the Lizard and rampaging gangs. Web-sling and crawl your way through an open, fully 3D New York while using your amazing skills to save the city.

** Note that The Amazing Spider-Man needs 2GB of free memory to install **

• Fight the Lizard and his minions to put a stop to his dark schemes.
• Play The Amazing Spider-Man through more than 25 immersive missions inspired by the upcoming movie's storyline.
• Climb, jump and web-sling from building to building for an aerial thrill like never before!

• Explore the city through its five distinctive districts (Central Park, Business, Downtown, Pier and Residential)
• An exciting and enjoyable fighting system with melee, ranged, combo attacks and much more
• A wide selection of upgrades to customize your style, attacks and skills

• Explore an open-world Manhattan, teeming with action. Discover random missions, collectibles and more secrets in the City that Never Sleeps!
• Fight in a fully 3D New York City with cutting-edge graphics.
• Advanced shaders and visual effects make Spiderman more realistic than ever before!

Minimum hardware requirements to play The Amazing Spider-Man:

- 1 GHz CPU
- 512 MB RAM
- PowerVR SGX540 GPU or equivalent
- 1.5 GB of free space on the device

For optimal performance, we recommend restarting your device and closing other applications before playing The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Gameloft part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 14, 2016. Google play rating is 78.648. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Minor bugs fixed
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The game has stopped working I would have given this 5 stars but the game loads up spiderman appears and there is no movement controls where there once was. Fix please

Please help me play store I play the game story mode and then it just goes to home screen or it just says this game is unfortunately unavailable. please help I deleted all of my apps just to get some room on my phone for this game so please please help me.If u guys don't tell me why or if I can get a refund.I will report to you and I no that a lot more people are gonna contact play store to report you and then this game will be down.So fix it up gamesoft.

PLZ FIX! I got the game and for a few days it was fine, then when i turned it on to play the stick to move with was gone and i couldnt move the camera. Plz fix and then will be 5 stars because i really like this games but that just spoiled my fun

Brooklyn Bridge Mission issue I don't know what's wrong with this game. I downloaded it 3 days ago. It runs perfectly. As I have reached the Brooklyn bridge level where spider-man meets the lizard first time, as soon as I complete the chase after lizard the crashes and I have to that mission again again. I have done that mission 4 times and the same thing is happening again and again. Please fix thus issue Gameloft.

Good and Bad Game It sucks on web slinging and other controls it is kinda cool but it is not worth six dollars. That is my opinion

Won't work properly on nexus 10 The game always crashes right before starting any other mission than the first one and also when getting near to the highest skyscraper

Always crash, when swinging Dear gameloft, i want refund. My tab is samsung galaxy tab s t705, if i can't refund please give solution. I have uninstall and install it oncemore but its always crash

The graphics are good but All the graphics were awesome and I loved the game. But I think after the update everything became small. The jump button and the web sling button and the attack button everything became small. After the update I hate it. Please fix this problem and I'll give 5 stars. Please give me a solution to this problem. I need a reply.

WHAT I can cant see the flipping controld what has HAPPENED?!?!?!?

Awesome This game is amazing great graphics awesome gameplay the voice isn't as the movie but other than that it's an amazing game really recomend this to everyone who likes Spiderman!!!!!

This game cost me 6.99 and it is a complete rip off, When I downloaded this game I really liked it! It really got my attention and I was hooked! The next thing I know, the game freezes up on and off! Then as I am playing the arrows to move the character disappeared and jow I cannot play the game! My advice to you is to save your money this game is not worth the trouble!

Update killed it. The last updated erased all of my progress and awards. Then this newest update killed the game. I can't move or do anything. All I get to do is look at Spidey. NEW UP DATE: I had to uninstall the game and reinstall it to fix the problem. Game loft never did. But now today the game all of a sudden crashes every time I try and web swing. I remember playing this game for hours and loving it. I also remember when Gameloft used to make the best mobile games too.

Bad voice The game is awesome but the voice acting is bad, n the game crashes a lot what up with that gameloft fix that n I'll give it 5 stars. Needs a update,!!

Like It was running fine in till the movement bottom dissappear. And can you make the amazing spider man 2 compatible with sony xperia z ultra cuz I will like to have spider man 2 PLEASE

A good game... Its a great game but could you add peter parkers first costume? It used to be on the game but isnt now and could you add some extra missions and a few more suits? And please fix the problem with the disappearing controls its getting on my nerves and im not able to play the game.... :'(

Ok but.... Game worked fine to start with, when reloaded spiderman just stands there and cannot be controlled, map etc. can be accessed but no control of spiderman. Reset the save data and game worked, but once relloaded same problem again. Running on SM-T530 android 4.4.2. Will be 5 star if fixed as my son loves playing (when it worked) if not then a waste of a fiver.

The amazing spider man Awesome it better than GTA 3 and ganster Vegas best game lve ever played but why using there a fuking demo version

I paid 6.99 HELP GAMELOFT HELP REPLAY TELL ME WHAT INTERNET I NEED TO cheak required files I kept installing the game and it says something went wrong with your INTERNET what internet do I need help REPLAY BACK and tell me whatt internet I need and it said download the app again/even I buyed batman and samething or update it please fix

I really was disappointed I switched over to android for better likeness of this game. But I was disappointed. The voice acting is just awful. Also I was expecting better alternate suits. How about instead of doing ones from the first three Spider-Man movies, you put ones from The Amazing Spider-Man in it. I mean they should've done the Vigilante Suit and The Amazing Black Suit from the console version. Come on guys. This could've been a great superhero game.

Not compatible Doesn't respond to touch controls on the Galaxy tab 3-7.0. I'll update my review if and when they fix the problem.

Needs fixed please! I paid for this game and now i can't play it as the button to control spiderman has gone, was good til that happened

Love it It's amazingly smooth. The only problem is the lack of background sound during cut scenes and the graphics are not as good as the given pics, which can be in the next update if possible. Also, I would love it more if more suits, upgrades and the slow motion zip were added. Lastly, it would be awesome if you could add a free mode and/or other characters to play as if wanted so you can do more than now. This, I think, would make the game even better. Thanks so much for making this game for the tablet. Also can you make a free version of the second one so I can get it? It can be a demo as long as it has free roam and isn't time limited per use like some ps3 to tablet transfer games are. Thanks so much.

Wow. I never knew gameloft could make such a good game, and its Spider-Man!? Thank you gameloft for such an excellent game, it was definatly at a good price and it was worth the money (Sorry if i spelled definatly wrong) It was awesome and i loved it, thanks gameloft and i hope to see games like this in the future.

Amazing This game is truly amazing. I love it. Spiderman is one of my favorite superheroes now, because of it. Although I do have a samsung galaxy tablet. I do not know if it works well on phones.

Please fix the game The game is brilliant but keeps crashing and sends a message stating "unfortunately the amazing spider man stopped".. I Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, still keeps crashing. Either fix or refund me.

The Amazing Spider-Man This game is a god of Marvel's game's but some missions are very bad that has to change then the game wonderful

Amazing Only one concern, please make the buttons bigger. (Or an option at least)

Doesn't open!!! Costs money and it's rubbish. Can't open it. It says there's no Internet connection. Please refund or fix it.

outraged this game sucks i found out how to restart the game and that brought the movement back but i cant do a mission on level 1 and if i have been cheated and you don't fix the problem you are gonna give me my money back. so until you fix the freakin problem u are not getting a good review.

Good but I have already done all the missions. But when im doing the side quests, it forces close:(. I just wanna collect the spiders to buy the black suit spidey. Please fix that

Small control's I have a lg g3 l90 but my control's are really small I tried reinstalling but it was the same small control's please fix then I will give it five stars

needs work all of the game is good but the buttons are really small make then bigger but I'll rate it 5

Fix or Refund Well I have been playing this game for like a day none stop. Its A great game. now I tried to play right now and everything was good untill I noticed my Spiderman was dying to fast so I went to My items where you do upgrades and thats when I found out that all the upgrades I had bought were gone. Whats wrong ? Im not tryin to go back and do all those side missions to bring my Spiderman up to the level he was early in the morning.... I need a refound please im done with this games. Thanks . Reply

Buttons are small Everything is fine except for the touch controls they're small like small that you can't even touch them please fix

Freezes On the 1st mission it freezes and I waited for 5 to 6hrs and it still wont unfreeze plz fix samsung galaxy tab3 7.0

The amazing spiderman Its a good game I love it and it is amazing

useless update this update didn't fix the grafix problems on my galaxy note 4 .with android version 4.4.4..please fix and i give 5 stars

Good game but... Please fix the control customizer. Make it where you can change the web and scale?

Not impressed Needs fix I purchased it in its saying error connection something like anyways I want a refund or fix asap please.samsung galaxy tab 2

Not Working I downloaded this game and its not working at all. Its giving me a network error message every time I try to go on. Really would like a refund

It sucks When ever I use It frezzi my tab and then n no thing works and I have to wait until its dead

Keeps closing It keeps closing, I am trying to do the end of the lizard mission thing and after a quest it says'spiderman has closed' fix it please

Was good once upon a time. Was going great loved the game. But one I got so far the game stops. It says unfortunately it quit working. Then it made me restart the game, so I gave it another shot. And.... it stops working again! Please fix.

Ok game but some crashes Whenever i go to the oscorp tower or near it, it just freezes and crashes and then i have to reload the game all over again please fix this bug then will give 5 stars. New update: whenever i fight the game crashes and i have to turn it on again plz fix this bug

Best game for had Love it love it love it love it its a emotiitonal killer game its a enchantment but graphical not too good about it ITS FREEZING AND ZOOMING AND I CANT PLAY IT MAKER OF THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN

Worked 1 hour only - crashed Reinstalled 2 times just keeps crashing - not going to bother asking for refund from what others have said

Cool I love this game cus he is cool

I loved it I loved this game and i finish it to the end but ofcourse if your device was no storage and the game is downloadid you can't play with it

Great game for 1 week Game just kept stopping after a week. Cant play for more than 30 seconds. I want my money back please!!!!!

Great game, except... Whenever I get even somewhat close to the story mission marker (it's the one after following the Lizard to the gigantic skyscraper) my game keeps freezing. It has happened every time. I can free roam and do side missions but I cannot continue or beat the story mission because of this bug. Please fix this issue Gamesloft.

Error but fixrd The game was not downloading....showing error but finally I tried 10 times and the yipeee

Awsome but one flaw Awsome games, easy controls , after I beat the game it starts kiking me out of the game other than that awsome game

Why dont the controls work?!? Used to be a great game and now thr controls that work at all....wtf its been like this for a long time..payed like 7 dollars for this game...fix please asap

Stopped working Similar to others below, game stopped working after a short time with no movement controls on the screen. Will be seeking refund and would not recommend spending money on this.

Bad voice The game is awesome but the voice acting is bad, n the game crashes a lot what up with that gameloft fix that n I'll give it 5 stars. Needs a update,!!

This game is amazing. It's really realistic plus great gameplay favourite game thanks Gameloft. On and I have found a solution to the no button glitch connect to a network and if it doesn't work kill all running apps and switch ur phone/tablet off .Switch you phone/tablet back on connect back to a network and play the game. I assure you it can works cos it worked for me and my friend and if it doesn't work I'm afraid I cannot help you and u will have to wait until Gameloft fixes the bug :-) Thanks for reading folks :-D

Graphics leave much to be desired In comparison to TDKR, the graphics are notably inferior on this game. The potential is there as the story line is good. However for the money it is glitchy & lacking at the moment & the developer needs to improve for the premium price.

Registration issue I downloaded this game, when I open it it tells me that I don't have a Google play account registered, and to add one to continue. But I do have one . Please help. Will rate 5 stars if fixed

Great game, seriously let down by CRITICAL BUGS. ** DON'T RISK PURCHASING! ** My boys (and me!) have enjoyed about a week's worth of fantastic gameplay from this game, but then EXACTLY THE SAME has happened as has to *many* other users - loss of control, so now rendering the game useless. Has clearly been an issue for sometime now, yet the developers haven't actioned this show-stopping bug. Abysmal. My lads are gonna be very upset, I'm out of pocket, and do Gameloft care at all? This issue's been known for a long time now, and still no fix. Bad business.

Fix it preety please ? The controls are very stuiped its not what it looks like worst game in the frekin world

It would be nice if we could move! This game worked for about 10 minutes before we could no longer move Spiderman around. The web button and the walk/directional buttons both disappeared making this game pointless.

Amazing game Just one small problem there are bugs. I wish you can fight Bosses like the lighting guy from the other Spiderman fillm. That will be amazing. I wald give it 5 stars.

I will give 5 star if u.. It's a great game but it makes all the boss run it hard for Me to cach them all so stop making the bosses running then 5 stars and a discripson on it

-EDIT galaxy s7 is incompatible. It says I need to register a Google play account...- Fun Game,but ENORMOUSLY flawed. It's riddled with collision issues,but since it's an older phone game,it's to be expected.Also i think the bug that people keep complaining about comes from changing the hud,so don't do that.Also i've played this game on an iphone 4s,a galaxy s4,and a cheapy rca tablet and none of them come close to looking as good as the screen shots.

Bad voice The game is awesome but the voice acting is bad, n the game crashes a lot what up with that gameloft fix that n I'll give it 5 stars. Needs a update,!!

Can't play it Wasted 10 bucks, now I can't even play it, won't open, please Gameloft, fix this, no support for Moto E 2nd Gen

Bad game Wth is going on I bought this a few years ago and not it says I there is no account register to this game fix this thank you

Outdated The gameplay itself and swinging, is on point, the graphics, meh outdated, but that's not what kills it for me, the horrid voice acting for spiderman, omg it's atrocious and makes me cringe, why they hired that guy is beyond me, imo the amazing Spider-Man 2 for Android is a lot better by far.

Great game but the cutscenes cut off The game itself is fun to play but the cutscenes just cut off mid way. I guess the audio is not on point with the game

After waiting for such a long time,simply superb

It's a bad game .

Amazing It was so addicted

I like the game a lot so to me it gets a five

Now Awesome

Hard Make it easy please and respond

Button size Well I really like this game and it's quite exciting but there are two things I don't like about it: 1. The Button size is way too small so you can't just swing along the streets because you sometimes fall down cause you can't hit the button. 2. the game always breaks down after a few minutes so I have to restart it again and again...

Dont Get this I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 and a dell venue 8, and for some reason the controls on both are super small. I used to have a nexus 7 and it was great then, but now i cant play it. Please consider fixing this, gameloft. I know you already have my money, but please do this and i will pay again

Love this game so much I finished the hole game already but I keep on restarting the game every time I finish the game and I just hope I can be like him in my Halloween party at school I wish I can throw webs too but Spiderman is just fiction and please let a give 5. stars at this game . Love this game so much(+_+)

FRUSTRATED Everything I open the app it stays on the introduction screen and reafs5"you don't have a Google play account register please try again"...Uninstaller and reinstalled. What's up

Very Dissapointing..... Was going good but now the game force closes every time so very disappointed. It would be nice if you took into consideration other people's reviews as I've just read a few others to not seeing a reply back to anyone one of them yet where OK to pay the 4.99. REFUND or sort the game out ASAP for me and others to change a review and give better ratings! Don't be a fraud!

Was grate when started, but crashes every time I try to play. After 8 seconds after continuing from last checkpoint it crashes every time I play. Please fix and will give 5 stars. I have a ZTE phone with Android.

Won't start It keeps saying I need a google account registered and I know I have one already registered. Spider-Man 2 works fine but I really want to try the first one. Please let me know if u can help me I have an lg4. Thank You

Cool but I really like thIs game it's fun and addicting, but the controls are to damn small, I cant even webswing right and I always end up losing a mission cuz I couldn't fight anyone because of how small the retarded controls, its super annoying fix and I'll rate 5 stars

Would be best game for android Would have gave 5 stars but after playing a few days, now when I spawn into the map, I cannot move spiderman. I can look at the map, fast travel, do everything except PLAY the GAME. When I press the d-pad nothing happens. Spiderman just awkwardly stands as cars drive by and crooks run amuck. I paid $6.99 plus about $5 in upgrades just to play the game for a few days. I am playing on a Note 5 that is up to date. Will never purchase from these guys again. Sad because the game would be awesome.

Doesn't work Every time I load up the game and start running around, it just freezes and closes down. If the game is fixed it will get a higher rating.

Disappointing! Not the gameplay I rarely rate games and that too after I've finished it. That being said, I was on the verge of finishing the game as I was fighting the Lizard on the top of the Oscorp tower, when suddenly the game crashed. Using it disappointing when a game is paid for and one doesn't even get to finish the game or just swing around. Kindly either fix the bug which after the upgrade still doesn't work for lollypop or return my freaking dough.

Game does not work!! Do not download! Waste of money. You are making a bad choice if you get this game. The pictures look like thegame is fun, but now I just wasted 7 freaking dollars. I can't wait until someone else makes a game that actually works. If you fix this I will get this game back and gibe you 5 stars. You fixed it a little bit, but now i cant even move.

Stopped working, Every time I play I go to play but as soon as I web sling it goes back to the home screen and says "this game is currently unavailable" and also cannot move!!!! But otherwise great game but still PLZ!!! FIX!!!

Spider man and water Spider man can swim they need to add that and the people arent even opening their mouths and the game needs different people and it needs to be more realistic looking and you need to be able to take off the costume and play as peter parker

It will not work When ever I try playing it after I get past the cut scenes it crashes. Please do fix.

Zack ?I like everything in this game,?but the graphic is the problem,not HD not clear enough,I will continue to support you guys.

Almost done, but not really. I was in the final stage but my sister deleted it by accident.

refund it's not even starting, keep in saying it unfortunately stop. I would like my refund please

Hard Make it easy please and respond and make amazing spider man 2 free

The amazing Spider-Man I love it but I want my money back

Amazing The amazing spiderman is a cool game but i finished in 3 days

The best The graphics make it look so real

Spider man I hated this game

Love it Its the bets ever

Having trouble