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The Adventures of Tintin

Supplied By Gameloft    On Jan. 15, 2014    Comments(64)

Samsung Phone The Adventures of Tintin version1.1.2 Download

“One of the best and most imaginative film tie-ins I’ve played for years. […] Both fans and newcomers to the boy reporter’s travels will find plenty to enjoy with this stylish adventure” – Pocket Gamer
“The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn is by far one of the most complete gameplay experiences you can find.” – Touch Gen 4.5/5

Explore the exciting world of The Adventures of Tintin in the official Android game of the movie! Treasure and adventure await those who seek to unravel the Secret of the Unicorn!

Use stealth to sneak your way past guards, engage in a swordfight, pilot a plane, solve puzzles, race a camel and discover many more exciting experiences.

Tintin can’t do this alone! He’ll need the help of his friends throughout the story. You’ll take control of his dog Snowy, Captain Haddock and even the legendary Sir Francis Haddock during the great Age of Pirates.

Casual players and pros of all ages will enjoy the game. Accessible controls allow you to easily interact with the environment. With just a swipe of your finger (or a tilt of your device), you can explore the world, collect clues and items, and battle villains.

Every building and character was carefully recreated in stunning 3D graphics and animation that perfectly matches the style of the film. See for yourself what it’s like to walk through Marlinspike Mansion, the desert, and the Karaboudjan ship, all in HD.

For fans of adventure, mystery, action, puzzle solving and platform games.


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Gameloft part of our Adventure and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Jan. 15, 2014. Google play rating is 72.1622. Current verison is 1.1.2. Actual size 3.0 MB.

What's new

    - Added support to Ice Cream Sandwich
    - Fixed an issue making some users getting the wrong version of the game
Download the-adventures-of-tintin.apk 3.0 MB


HTC Desire - unusual glitches There are some unusual graphical glitches on my HTC desire version, the frame rate is low and it requires multi touch for some of the inputs. This should not be available for my phone! Shame as it seems like a good game.

Not quite tegra optimized but... The result is quite impressive. From the general atmosphere down to the minievents, from the reactions and attitudes of the characters to the music, this game is not a poor, hastily coded money vacuum, but rather an interactive and truly fun Tintin story. As a person who grew with Tintin & co., i recommend this game.

Please refund or make compatible It let me buy but then says its not compatible. doesnt work. Dont know why this restriction.

Was having fun My wife and I both installed this game. I Have a Droid X2, she has a Samsung Stratosphere. We had been playing it and got past level one. We were having fun. We both really liked the game but then we did the update. Now it asks us to download the additional files again thru wifi but when we try to, it says "a problem occured" before it even starts to download. What the crap, Gameloft? This is the second game now, that won't let me download the files I need to play. The other one is Modern Combat 3.

Excellent When the game finally downloaded the required update (15 attempts), it launched quickly. Excellent little platformer with the right amount of puzzles, action and quick time events. The game looks superb and runs flawlessly on my Galaxy S3. Voice acting can be a bit hammy at times but certainly has a high production value for an android game, well any mobile game. More like this please Gameloft.

sony xperia z its not compatible with my phone!!! will give 5 stars after it works with my new phone.

Does not support any recent models handsets or tablets Does not work with the Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 or the Nexus 7!! Gameloft is a company to be avoided, aside from their extensive use of in game purchasing they don't provide support for any future handsets or tablets released around the time of the game launch or afterwards.

Very good Altough it's easy , very enjoying to play this game. Only problem that i have is some times games crashes and you had to start beginning of the check points. Especially while using binoculars. Kolay olmasına rağmen çok eğlenceli bir oyun. Tek problem özellikle Dürbün kullanırken oyundan bazen atması.

Great!!!! This game is really great the gameplay is actually pretty fun and addicting and the graphics arw very nice but in my opinion not as good as MC3...but for some odd reason the game runs very laggy on my htc sensation 4G and this is almost as high end as you can get of a phone so please fix the lag and I will rate 5 stars :)

Great game, abrupt ending. Excellent graphics and sound, controls work well, some good accelerometer use, the ending a bit abrupt and disappointing though - not even end titles. Overall great value for money - recommend. Xoom 3.2

Mobile adventuring fun The game is a mix of adventure, quick time events, puzzles and mini games and the story and collectibles will keep me hooked for a while. The amount of polish on this title puts it up there with the best of them, even if the platforming gameplay is a little limiting. All in all, a good game, especially for kids and fans of the movie.

Excellent so far I just played the 1st section on my HTC Desire S. The graphics are outstanding, controls good for a touch screen and the story is interesting, Now looking forward to the rest of this game, Clearly, your experience will depend on the power of you device.

Amazing game I rarely comment on apps but this is just a fun, fun game. My daughter and I are enjoying playing this together. Thanks guys. Gnex with jelly bean

Good It is a good game, with good graphics, nice story and overall good gameplay. I really recommend it to everyone.

Fun for thé whole family An excellent game with interesting story, linear yet reasonably varied game play and high production values. Excellent value for money

Does not work on Galaxy tab 2 Does not work. When opening app messages advises not compatible with this device request refund. Contacted devs and they refuse to refund. Iwill never purchase another game loft game. Absolutely disgusted this is theft.

Door not workin on 2nd stage... I Like what I was able to play, but I can't play anymore because the door won't open after I get the key on the second stage. SGS2 AT&T. Game also crashes and I'm forced to start over. Game could be great for those who can play through...

Nice game take on the movie I'm enjoying playing this game. It's got impressive graphics, and seems to run very smoothly, at least on a new ICS tablet. Hours of fun! It's not just mindless shooting or dumb puzzles. It actually has me thinking quite a bit. I didn't expect that. Pleasant surprise.

Constant downloads led to Invalid license. I bought the game, and for a while it worked until today - saying that my license was now invalid. I've patiently downloaded it every time the game asked, even though this was incredibly frustrating. I own a HTC Desire S. Otherwise, gameplay is great fun, simple and straightforward - though for some reason not the same story as the actual film, but the original book by Hergé. Not complaining about using the original source, but confusing for some who are not familiar with the books. Two stars, because the bad outweighed what was otherwise a really fun game that I've completed a few times over. Now I can't play it anymore, and it feels like a waste.

Very Glitchy This game is very glitchy on my S2. Lots of hiccups throughout key stages makes it a very difficult game to enjoy. For $7 I was expecting a well polished game rather than a bunch of well polished cut scenes. Seems the developer was more focussed on the latter than the former. There should also be an extended refund available for games that require additional content that the game needs to be loaded. Depending on wifi speeds that extra 700 MB in data can take a while to download. Not worth it.

. For whom facing problem in the door in the 2nd level .. Just move you finger many times and it will open ;-)

Update fixed issues Before the update this was loading a bad 2D platformer instead of the 3D action adventure game pictured in the screenshots. This issue is fixed now and I have adjusted my score.

Transformer Prime works great! Despite lengthy file download process (about 2 hours), the installed program works great on Tegra 3, Asus Transformer Prime! Great graphics! Great sound (theme)! Appealing storyline and game play. Haven't completed the game, although initial play has been reasonably smooth without a glitch. Recommended for Transformer Prime, based upon my current experience with this game. VM

So far okay This is one of a the few games that I purchase from you that will run on my older device but not my newer ones. Other game like 9mm either crashs or says incompatible. I have heard about your shady practice, I guess there is some truth to support the rumor after all.

Errrrr... Not that good, and not that bad Nice graphic, but I don't like puzzle game. And, it's wasting lots space of memory.

Simple fantastic! Kills your battery thought, but hey-ho.

messy compatibility check First Android Market let me purchase and install the app however when I tried to re-install it a few days later (after unsuccessfully trying to download 1.4 GB (WTF?!?) of in-game data ) I was told that the app is incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000. And this is not the only Gameloft game with screwed compatibility check. Dear Gameloft, get a grip. PS: After inquiring with Gameloft support I received a link to the crappy 2D scroller version of the game for my Samsung GT-I9000. This is beyond ridiculous.

SLOW Great game but waiting 5 minutes to get bast all of the start up screens is aweful. Even skipping them doesn't make the wait worth playing. Needs optimized.

Not compatible Lags on my old SGS1 and my SGS 8.9 Tab and is not compatible with my Nexus 4, if I could actually play it on something where it didn't lag (i.e. my Nexus 4) then it is likely to be a good game.

Perfect Perfect I was really looking forward to playing this, but when I went onto it, it just checking required files, please wait, then it says a problem occurred during the download, would you like to download it again I pressed yes and the whole process repented itself, kinda disappointed please fix. I don't know if this is only on my phone (HTC Desire)! A couple of hours later I decided to get a bigger SD card works well now, I love it, some parts I like even more than on my xbox!

Disappointing ending Ok, it is a great looking game, with solid storyline and graphic.. But Wifi only downloading and big data make it loses 1 star, another star it loses is because of the ending, which is abrupt and incomplete. Have potential, but developer decided not to fully utilise it. Half disappointed.

Not happy :( Same problem, can't get through the door on level 2 with keys. Droid 4. Sent an email, it sent me to a tedious web form. Filled it all out, sent and got no confirmation. Just the empty form. Tried again, same thing. First I was polite, now I'm annoyed. Now the game won't even open!

Great game... For a dollar it was a steal... Totally worth it...! Graphics were pretty good too...

Excellent game. The game makes you feel as a part of its great story. It is cool to play this "real adventure" game.

Still not compatible Its been a year since I purchased this game. It showed compatible when I purchased it.

Galaxy note2 and ive never been able to download Galaxy note2 and ive never been able to download it. Dont understand. Every few months when I think about it. I try and same message not compatible!

Crashes, please fix! I have played through escaping the ship, but the next chapter wont load. Playing on Galaxy Tablet 10.1

I love this game, till... the door... I can't get past the door on the second level. Please fix this! I've tried for the past 15 minutes, and no worky. I tried restarting the app, exiting the game and coming back in, etc.

Fix the compatibility Game doesn't work for basically all my android devices (I have 5). Mainly Nexus 4 and 7. Please fix it.

Bang for bucks. I don't understand why this game has low rating? Had problems on ics, so downgraded to gb and guess what not even a single stutter. And gameplay will keep u glued to the screen. Thank u so much!

Won't load! Please fix, won't open on my tablet running Jellybean 4.1.2. My daughter will love it if she can ever play it. Too late for refund after downloading gamedata to find out it won't even load. Will change rating, happily if it works. ZERO SUPPORT unfortunately so if it doesn't work, sorry about your luck. A company who sells as much as they do could afford to actually support the people who have purchased their products.

One of the most stunning game in the store! I don't know why there're so many negative reviews. This is one of the most beautiful game and it has nice gameplay too. Perhaps some of you should upgrade your device as the details are so high, it needs hi end GPU. i with no doubt will give this game a minimum 5 stars. Good job, Gameloft!

Great game! Im a game design artist and i must say that this game has the most creative game play out of anything i have seen on android as of yet. Bravo to the dev team! I bought it for ¢99 and id gladly pay $10 for this title. I expected nothing from the 'me too' movie genre...pleasantly surprised!

Doesn't work Does not work on my pipo smart s1. If you update I can actually play it but right now it gets one star because not only can I not play but I can't get through you customer service portal because my device isn't listed. Pipo smart s1 dual core a9 quad core GPU 1 GB ram

Update compatible devices!!! This game should be allowed for downloading on Nexus 4 and now the 5... I guess I'll be sideloading. It will make me more wary about buying games through Gameloft. All you have to do is enable the download for more devices, it should work fine on the Nexus phones at least.

Not good enough. Enjoyable game but way to short. Come on Gameloft only one chapter for $7.95. We the paying customers deserve better than that. You lead us to believe that it's the full length game version of the movie. Save your money until they fix it. We want value for money. Only worth $2.50.

Not compatible with Google Nexus 7!?!?!?! Update. Not even compatible with Nexus 5! Advise everyone to boycott Gameloft as I have as they seem to be deliberately supporting samsung only and even then not always! very poor business model, designed to stop you keeping games when changing phones and requiring repurchase each time! HOW can a game not be compatible with THE google reference tablet? Seriously Gameloft, most of your games don't work on my nexus, what's wrong with you?!?!?!

Please help Very annoyed! I downloaded the update of almost 1 gig yesterday through my carrier. I played the game last night. Now today I wanted to play again and it said it needs a download (again?) And that it can only be downloaded via wifi. I use my tablet as my wifi router! So what now?

Uninstalling on principle Gameloft software has been nothing but trouble, and definitely not worth the money paid (even at 99c). The games are so full of bugs and generally won't start, so in spite of hundreds of megs I've used to download this game, I'm getting rid of it. Screw you, Gameloft!

Needs update Doesn't stay on htc flyer on honeycomb unless i remove the bottom bar. Crashes throughout the second level and wont let Me pass it. Fix these bugs gameloft. Great game otherwise

Gams keeps crashing Game keeps crashing during the plane/storm mission, when flying passed the first lightening bolt. I'll switch to 5 stars when the issue is fixed. Played on samsung galaxy s3.

Stupid Wi-Fi I don't know why these companies continue to have wi-fi downloads only. If I want to download on my 4G network, I should be able to. I hardly Ever come across wi-fi And now I have to wait to play it. Really sucks.

HTC incredible s Over 700 mb! Really? Taken so long to down load only to have a file error and now to top it off won't restart download. Game developers, more work required! Very disappointed. Will be seeking refund.

Error Nexus 7 "Your device is not compatible, please request a refund" message appeared after starting the game. - On the play store it says my device is compatible.. Its a Nexus 7! :((

Don't buy this!!! What a waste of money. After you buy this you need to download 800MB in order to play the game. After trying to download it 5 times I only managed to get to 400MB. And guess what, it took me longer than 15 minutes so I'm stuck with a non working game and I'm unable to get a refund. They probably make you download this pack in order to take you longer than 15 minutes so you can never get a refund. If you don't want to feel like a fool don't buy this game.

Tintin Issues I purchased this game but could not download it to my Note 1. it says is not compatible. with my device and therefore must request refund

Great graphics, limited game appeal The graphics are decent for a mobile game, however the gameplay is far too short. It just started getting interesting and then, bam. End of. The most annoying thing is a awful fake British accents, though!

HTC Flyer HC: solution to play (for rooted dev) Guys, if you have root on your HTC Flyer Honeycomb you can play this game. I installed Honeybar and now have possibility to hide bottom status bar.So, you should hide status bar and then run the game... The game starting and working perfectly!

Tin tin problem Was enjoyable until the lastest update which has caused it to crash while fighting the pirates am very disappointed because I now can't play the game and I was having fun. HTC Incredible S

Does not work on my HTC EVO SHIFT 4G. Either I get a blank screen or kicked out all together. Good thing I only paid a dollar for it!!!

Really? Are we not supposed to get a complete game with our purchase? I mean, it really doesnt make any sence to make a film into a game unless you intend to at least keep the story the same. I remember about another hour playing after this ending in the movie. Very disappointed to say the least!

Lackluster device compatibility... I can only play on my years old Droid X. But won't work with galaxy s3 or nexus7; Lowered to one star... it also won't work with Note 3... VERY POOR jobs here developers... very poor.

Can't install Keeps insisting i use wifi. No other option. I paid for it and i cant even install it. What a waste

extremely impressed with Gameloft's direction. this game is absolutely fantastic in every way. it lags a bit on my phone. u need to have dual-core or higher for best experience, I imagine. -Nexus S 4.0.6