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Tap Titans

Supplied By Game Hive Corporation    On May 17, 2016    Comments(202)

Samsung Phone Tap Titans version4.1.1 Download

The world has been overrun by terrible monsters and titans - It needs a hero to bring peace to the land, and that hero is you! As our leader, you must grab your blade and vanquish the terror. With the help of other warriors you can summon along the way, collect artifacts to make yourself stronger and destroy the dark forces to bring peace to the land.

❖ Tap Titans is 2015's best action adventure game. Tap Titans has already been featured on the Play Store 57 times and by the App Store 450 times!

❖ Join fun tournaments, enjoy beautiful art and a wonderful community of players in 2015’s best RPG.

❖ Tap to attack, tap to slay, tap to adventure, and tap to summon and hire warriors and heroes. Tap to activate devastating battle skills, tap for action, tap for fun and tap to collect mysterious artifacts. Keep tapping away. You are our last hope!

❖ Fight in rapid battles or long strategic RPG games; it’s your choice how to play.

❖ Features ❖
➤ ADVANCE through thousands of levels to prove your skills
➤ Tap/Click to defeat 60 unique monsters & titans.
➤ SUMMON 33 warriors and heroes to fight monsters & titans for you, even when you’re not tapping
➤ EXPLORE 10 adventure-filled realms with multiple monsters & titans in each
➤ JOIN fun RPG tournaments to compete against others
➤ BATTLE cursed monsters & titans in the dark dungeons to find even more treasures
➤ PRESTIGE for battle-hardened players to gain even more power
➤ COLLECT 33 artifacts to enhance your many weapons and abilities
➤ EXPERIENCE 2015’s best action adventure RPG!

❖Five-star User Reviews ❖
★★★★★ "...this one holds my attention really well. I have this urge to just keep going."
★★★★★ "Help me. I can't stop playing this game. Tap, tap, tap... Every time I think I'm out it pulls me back in!"
★★★★★Tap to Play the best action adventure RPG of 2015 today!

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Game Hive Corporation part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update May 17, 2016. Google play rating is 94.9078. Current verison is 4.1.1. Actual size 75.0 MB.

What's new

    - Spell Master's Journey
    - Bug Fixes
Download tap-titans.apk 75.0 MB


I'm addicted I love when you close it your warriors still keep slashing so you get back and you are 10 times richer and the upgrades are quick.

Extremely addictive, great game, art style is cool only complaint is I purchased the 2 dollar pack to take off ads and have not reaped the benefits yet :-(, higher rating if I get them soon

Great game!!! There are so many ways to build up your team. You can use your money to upgrade yourself, or you can upgrade your titans. Get this game!!!

Fell in love again! It was getting boring but i still played all day every fay now with multiplayer its awesome all over again! Thanks guys keep up the good work maybe add some new achievements? I wonder if you guys even read these. Lol

Relic glitch All yournpercentages suck. I've inreased a hero by a thousand persent and almost nothing changed in damage output. i also have two relics, the first one says i have 100% treasure box chance but i never see them, and the second says 120% gold treasure box chance. But i still do not get them. Seriously this game is just getting worse.

Loved it Super fun and micro transactions are fair. Hope they update the iOS ver. To including multiplier so I can play with my gf and other friends. Greatest time waster game since cookie clicker.

Brilliant I've spent hours on this game and I can't stop its perfect to waste out time and its really fun!

Addictive and fun! This game just could not get any better.Excellent gameplay, awesome graphics , nerve-racking monster bosses ... it's all just flawless. Perfect job amd congrats to the creators.

Great game but fix some bugs plz! I love this game the sound is amazing, the graphics are amazing, and it is truly addictive. The only problem is when i get fairy chests, when i watch the videos there is an error that appears, and it causes my game to freeze. Other than that keep up the good work!

Game can be hacked better fix it if you don't wanna lose money Tap Titans you are a good game but unfortunately the game can be hacked and for free. Although i prefer to enjoy that more but that consider stealing and there is some people who knows the trick like me but i can't tell how so can people figure it out. It's easy to hack the game when it offline and modifying values then back to the game with wifi with infinity diamond and gold so u better fix that quick but don't prevent it from being an offline game. Hope u luck and try make an option of multiplying speed!

Awesome. Addictive. This game is great. Abilities are cool, monsters are so ugly that I WANT to attack them, and money is earned very quickly. I built an army of at least 8 in 1 day. That's good. Easy to level too. At least 90/100 would recommend. I said 90 because some people might not say that this fits their tastes.

Best! Recommend A+++++ I enjoy playing this game. Good graphics and Great to play with especially if you're waiting for someone and you're bored you just play this game and be wild of tapping!!

Awesome game I love it it's simple yet amazing the level ups are cool and I'm very happy that there is a way to earn jems thanks for this amazing game

Still addicted after months... Can't get enough of this game!!

Fix my game lost my progress i had 35 prestige and. Now on 5 its rolled back my data

Loved it The game is really good and it does look kind of boring but when you download it will be a blast of awesomeness

Entertaining Its kinda fun just leveling things up and whatnot friend code is 31zj3p kinda want to see what the multiplayer things is all about

Great game, recent patch screwed up Hey devs, just a heads up. When I open a hero to unlock an ability at various levels e.g 10,50 ect.. all unlocks shows level 30 instead of the original value. If you need a screenshot I'll be glad to email you. Gets irritating after a while.

Addictive I've been playing everyday for the past couple of month, you just cant stop :)

Problems since this update. I loved playing it until this recent update. When I'm not on the game, the timers for my special abilities don't count down. I have to have the game open for them to reset. Also, I'm not able to collect any money from the time I'm away. I have to have the app open to gain anything. Fix this, or tell me what th problem is, and I'll rate 5 ?'s.

Great cept Resolution issue on load up. Said to log out through leader board to fix but i don't get that far. Fix it

Ok They forced me to rate it lmao! But in truth, it's a nice time wasting game!

It gets tedious after playing awhile The newer update lags the game, Need new artifacts!!

Poor Tap as fast as you can! Oh, but ads randomly pop up exactly where you are furiously tapping. Underhanded ad-click farming at its best. Development also stifled by having to wait for garbage iOS approval.

S6 Had this on my S3 worked great but when i transferred over to my new phone the single level button does not work

Hopefully I had a backup in the cloud I didn't lose my progress after all. But if it happens again this will be inexcusable.

Great game beginning is slow but as soon as you prestige it's amazing. I would love to see some type of clans though........

Help please? I love this game but... Recently I can't get my afk gold.. It says connect to the internet to collect gold...I'm connected but still can't get please?

Addictive If you are tired of clicking rest a while. Your heroes will protect front lines while you are gone :)

Best game ever I enjoy playing this game it's fun and enjoyable

Its a grate game but I'm upset that I spent almost $20 to buy diamonds and I didn't get any but the no fairy adds

Bug Theres supposed be skill unlocked at each heros level,however afte the update the levels indicated is all lvl 30

Crash After the last update i can't play it at all. It shows the loading screen and when it loads the game it just crashes and says "unfortunately, tap titans has stopped working". I tried reinstalling it but it doesn't help.

Addictive It is so addictive that you will not take your eyes off te screen and your fingers xD

Ohh!!!My Diamonds My diamonds are recently 127 but when i closed the app in became 37 but my achievement are completed what could i do?

This game crashes everytime after finishing its update. I like playing this game, so I try reinstalling it over and over again but it keeps on crashing after it loads. Can you please fix this, for now I will uninstall this because it doesn't work and it crowds up my memory space. Thank you.

Add Addicting........ dont do it.. no dont tap.. it will consume youuuu! Oh no!!! Yup you tapped it. You now have countless hours tapping your screen.

144 level in 1 hour?holy fuck! Best game evrr 10 out of 10 4intense8me

Nice workout when you play, fruitful when you dont. Never been so engaged to tap the screen. So simple for pick up and play and yet, that simplicity makes it so addicting. What really makes the game for me though is the fact that your team works even when you aren't. Just leave a boss battle and get on with your life. Come back when u have time to spare and, reap the benefits of their labor. It's nice.

Big problem The fact that I can't collect my generated gold if I don't have Wi-Fi is a huge problem. It's not fair that we get penalized for not having data or not being near Wi-Fi. I like to play this game while I'm waiting on people where I most likely don't have an internet connection.

This game This game is doe though all the tapping makes my fingers hurt but nothing serious plus its fun to play so I don't mind

I love it It's a really addicting game and I can't stop playing it, but you should be able to get 10 gems each 100 monsters you slay. That would be a great feature to add in this game. Otherwise great game.

Very addictive fun! At first I thought "is this it?" half an hour later I was hooked! Extremely addictive, you can play for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. For me, just one big problem. Full screen pop up adverts in a tap based game is ridiculous! Sometimes I activate all my power ups, then a pop up ad appears, I click by accident, and lose my power ups! Besides this, love it! (originally posted that fairy videos didn't work. Since realised it was a setting on my phone not allowing)

Amazing Best tapper/clicker games i have played. Really interesting art style, which is rare to say for a free mobile game. Not pay to play and has refined leveling systems. A must try for any android user in my opinion.

Great game ..before I cn connect tournament but now I cnt please fix it ..I don't know why whenever I click the tournament nothng happen so icnt collect artifct and join tournament@.@ fix it

Issue since 2 days ago Since 2 days, when i close the app, it doesnt progress in levels anymore. I get a lot of money as if it progressed but it just stays at the level i closed the app at, while usually i should have advanced dozens of levels. Also not because of boss killing.

Sweetness on 100% This game is the best...would be better if u guys added boss arracks and enemy attacks also with an health bar too male an RPG feel custom

Meh Daily rewards yet you gotta fight bosses you can hardly hurt. K and they get stronger k

Soooooooo good This is the most fun game all u do is tap but its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun you can get ppl to help u and power ups

Extremely addictive! It's a very fun game, with a simple, yet amazing concept: tapping. It's excellent, very easy to get into, and most importantly; fun. 5 stars, and recommended to anyone!!

Not just Tap-tastic but UNBELIEVABLE! A well-thought objections, hats off to you guys!. This shot straight to my top-spot wrt game-time, first RPG I've got to play that IAP's is not necessitated to level up...Artifacts, Prestige and Tournaments makes this an endless fun game to play; and you get coins 'passive earnings' even when you're off it!

Can i sync? I just downloaded this game in my tablet, and also have this game in my iphone. The one in my iphone already have some artifacts, just asking if i can transfer or sync my my progress from my iphone to the tablet? Thanks

Definitely Addicting Much like another hero clicker game I have play. I think this just replaced it for me.

Battery DRAIN Battery drain is better due to quality yet it's still somewhat of a lazy workaround. Needs more end-game content.

Ask Can you make 1hour challenges like happening every an hour (prestige once)=20diamonds or (slay 20k monster or 2 k bosses)= 100 diamond it will be more addictive ^^

I love it!! It isn't the best game ever, but it's good for a game on a android device! I rate it 5 stars!

This is great I downloaded this because I needed something else to keep me busy and I really like it a lot. Haven't encountered any flaws with the game yet and it runs fluidly. But if you leave the app running in the background and don't close it completely it will kill your battery.

Nothing else This is a great game and all, but there's nothing else to it, I would rate 5 stars if there was at least an island or at least something...ANYTHING!!!

Problem Recently ive noticed that it needs wifi to: collect generated gold, cooldown skills while phone is standby, complete daily dungeons please fix

Amazing price to lvl up artifact I have lvl 24 artifact death seeker, before last update of equipment the price only 250 relic but after update the price rise to 250k relic, holy amazing price to up i think

Braindead Is it really a game when it pretty much plays itself? Requires no skill except the ability to turn off your brain.

So addicting I am so addicted to this game - the only problem is that sometimes the achievements will glitch out and will not give you the rewards. I was supposed to get 25 diamonds for opening 100 chests and I didn't get the diamonds :(

Bug? I used to play this game on my old phone and I loved it a lot, but ever since I switched phones, I can't even get past the tutorial. I can't seem to press the buttons at the bottom of the screen. It is very frustrating, and I hope that the placement of those buttons can be changed. I certainly do hope that I'm not the only person experiencing this problem, otherwise I would feel quite guilty about bringing this phone problem up only for my own benefit. I truly appreciate everything and every update.

Fun little tap game Very in the style of Cookie Clicker. Basically, what you'll be doing is upgrading the companion heroes and letting them do the work until you have enough gold to make yourself stronger. Then repeating the same thing over. But they do it well enough with a great art style and a great score of music. I love this game. My only complaint is that I didn't play it sooner.

The Best Went into this game and the only thing I can say is I am surprised. Great art style, great gameplay and fun for any person that really wants to have something to play. The game is not only free to play but with hard work and tapping you can get any of the items in the game no matter how big the price may seem this is what the game does best.. luck, tapping and pure fun and enjoyment.. at first people won't get it but when you continue to tap you'll all understand. Absolutely 5 stars

Excellent, simple fun! I'm currently at level 30 and having a great time. The premise is simple: tap your screen and your hero attacks, and try to kill monsters. The music is cheerful and well-suited, and I couldn't think of playing without it on. I have no dearth of good things to say about this game. I may have a complaint further down the line, but I shall revise this review on that date.

Good but Addicting This is pretty good because games like these which have a stupid gameplay I usually think are stupid and a waste of time (such as brave frontier), but this is pretty good because it has tournaments too and equipment that makes you play more to upgrade your character.

Awesome Bad a** game. Love it. Keep up the good work

Cool but needs challenge This game is pretty cool but it would be better if the monsters could attack you back so it wasn't ridiculously easy.

Fun and addictive This hame ks veey fast paced and awsome i've been going crazy in one sitting and its really easy to et Dimonds this is a bery great game to waste some time or some thing

Gets better and better The fact that you gain coins while your offline is awesome. Works out perfect for times when you just can't beat that boss.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Tap games sometimes get boring for me, but so far, I'm really liking this one. It's more then just making money. It's slaying the monsters, and becoming more and more powerful to be able to win against the bosses. The only thing bad about this game? My fingers

Great game for idling. Like the game a lot. I play it constantly. One minor problem (not a bug I think), when a monster dies the death fade out is really long ( maybe it's a balance thing? But) it gets in the way of killing the next monster. I mostly play by leveling up enough to one-shot normal mobs, so I get gold quickly and the death animation could either be removed or shortened. Also maybe a gold bonus when one-shoting mobs like 10% and is dealt with by an artifact. Good game though.

Amazing This game is interesting and a time killer. However, new content is long over due, especially for those players who already obtained dark lord and all 29 artifacts. Would like to see a challenge mode that would allow player for work together killing monsters that would fight back in a certain time limit. Or new artifacts and heroes that can only be obtained after reaching a certain stage and number of prestige. More hero customization options would also be great, diamonds are just being accidentally used.

Great game to kill time Easy to play, a bit repetitive, but keep a you playing

Great So if you al looking for the best way to utilize your time doing nothing, this is it my friends. It's a great game and absolutely mindless. Enjoy

Amazing!!! I love it!!! It's by far one of the best games I've played! I would like to encourage others to play this and will do so by telling my friends and family to download. Highly addictive, fun, and hours of tapping jolly fun! I would love to see more options for weapons, clothing etc... Available to buy with coins. Or perhaps an even more monsters! Thank you for making this game! If you came out with a second I would definately download.

BADASS Who ever thought of this is a Badass, I mean who think that such an easy idea like taping could be so effective for a game? I didn't and I studied game productin. Good Job fellas it must been tricky to get it going, but you got it going and that's what matters.

Lies and cheats Stole my money and never gave me the gems I paid for along with the face book gems its just a scam to get your credit card info don't do it

Don't ever buy anything from these people I bought twice and only received 1 of the purchases. The first one I received and now the second one o bought I never got and trying to get a hold of these crooks is impossible I've bee trying for days. I like the game but I may be quitting it very soon

OMG!! My friend was playing this and i got addictied to it. So i downloaded it but the only problem was 1. There wasnt any auto button. So i really couldnt do anything when ur thumbs hurt so badly. Wish it had auto on it. 2. What are aa in coins?? Im young and have no clue what it means.. thanks

It's pretty fun Downloaded sometime ago and played for a bit, came back recently to find a mountain of gold waiting for me.

Addictive Hhahahha i have two gadgets its cellphone and tablet if the other one is lowbat im using the one im playing this game for 20 hours no sleep its addictive now i have 132 trillion money and 728 gems and all heroes are complete except the two heroes

The Must Weirdest Game Yet Super Awesome When I was checking the games section in Google Android, I sow this game, and I usually read the reviews and the comments left for this game, and the first thing my eye sow is (this game is addictive) so I scratching my head how come this game is addictive, I gave it a try and can assure you this game is really addictive.

It was a great game, but.. I had play it nonstop for 3 hour when i install this game for the first time. But after i quit, i cant play this game anymore. Its always crash at the loading screen. Why this is happened to my phone? Im using asus ZenFone 5. Please help me...

New Updates increase Replayability! Before I had no reason to prestige, and now updates gave me that reason! 5/5 any day!

So far, so good! Its pretty addicting! Just lots of tapping. Really staright forward, as far as game play. I like that the monsters are docile lol it feels good to beat them and get coins. I still haven't gotten to edit my equip yet? Looking forward to that. And also meeting more helpers.

Crashing issues Too many crashing issues. Every time I load up the game it crashes so I have to re install it and I lose all my progress. Please fix in now and this game would be amazing

DO NOT PLAY GAME Let's see what do I want to say, being a smartass I love this game I'm glad this game is good not this game give me viruses on my phone and I recommend people not playing it.

Diamonds?? So paid for diamonds. Game froze and ugh... No diamonds! Also when I watch videos for the fairy gifts I have to exit out and reset game >:(

Great game Except the amount of hackers n cheats who play tournament mode... Tourny up for 2 hours and someones already on lvl 19999

Game hive please read I just want to say that this game is fantastic and good stress relief. However... It does make my phone crash after a certain undetermined point. I have an HTC Desire 626s. I'm not absolutely certain if it is the game or not. The reset does occur only during a "tap session" and unfortunately I may have to uninstall the app as to prevent any possible damage. I am hoping that you guys read your comments section and hope to hear back from you with some advice. If not I'll keep an eye out for the next update.

Fun and addictive! Nothing more to it, just tap like a mad man and kill monsters. Addictive and time consuming amusement. Shame that the only challengong part of it is to kill the boss in 30 seconds. Could be cool if different weapon types and or an HP system were introduced.

Tap Titans It's like a adventure you go and kill every monster in your way but those big bosses are hard so start your adventure and get tap titans

Fun! This game is a good time spender and I have only 1 question. Does the relic "undead aura" work? I have not seen its bonus relics so far in the game.

Can't play because of internet req. I played for a very long time with out this being an issue , but during the last tournament I expericed a glitchy video that I clicked acxidently while spamming to beat a boss. The video never loaded and finally a pictured appear I clicked the small x with my thumb to close , but somehow activated the advert when I pressed back the collect gold option was gone and I had an option to collect money for being afk , which resulted in the dreaded needed internet message, I was connected to WiFi, very sad day.

Fun game/super addictive Such a fun and addictive game, I love it great time killer, only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is because of the tournament it still feels "unfair" but other than that, Awesome game !!! .

BUG TWICE ?? Later edit - completed the stage 500 and pressed colect and did not give me 200 gems ?? WRONG WAY TO MAKE PEOPLE PAY GUYS... i completed a 25 diamond achievent and it only gave me 4...i had 95 and now i had 99..fix these probelms and i'll change my rate

Great Clicker Probably one of the best clicker games out there if not the best one. Still suffers from the fact which most clicker games just being a waste of time. You fight stronger monsters so you can get more gold to buy stronger heroes to fight stronger monsters.

Non- stop fun As simple as it gets this games gets you hooked up from second 1. Ultra recommended for hours of fun. Tap away my friends.

Good game but This game is good however its getting boring now its just a constant grind please give us more heroes, custimizations and a higher stage cap thanks! Will give 5 stars if they do this

Spent real money, didn't give me anything Bought a pack, and it gave me my stuff, but when I bought the second one i got nothing. I figured I must of cancled it somehow so I bought another and still nothing. It charged me for 2 and I got neither. Very big issue.

Why on earth am I having to watch a 75 second ad for a fairy gift? That is absolute garbage.

Crashing Amazing game but it really frustrates me when I try to watch an add for 5 diamonds because it just freezes with a black screen

Love it but.... Recent crash issues have caused me to hate this game at the moment. Everyone I get a fairy bonus it crashes and I lose the bonus.

Traveled, marked as cheater I recently deployed and while I was traveling I was playing TT just fine until one point it would no longer allow me to collect anything offline (where most of my playing is done) and my cool downs pause until i turn the game back on (which I can't just do since I have to conserve power). Loved the game and was my main time killer but being marked as a cheater for deploying and going between multiple time zones is really disappointing.

Just Wow Really hard after a while but fun and addictive; a new genre of mobile games within itself.

Ultra-addictive level grinding game This is not an adventure game. It's only barely a role-playing game to the extent that it has heroes you can level up. This is the central game mechanic: tap to deal damage to incrementally more challenging monsters. Hire and level heroes to augment your damage and upgrade their abilities to make your taps incrementally more devastating and help you collect incrementally more gold to advance. There's little skill or strategy here, just slow yet super-addictive level grinding.

Won't open please reply developer Its won't open and it'll start to load but won't open before it did that they were sending mail saying that I was cheating but I was checking instagram and playing same time please help me fix it

It's good but... I've been playing this since the start of February. I really enjoyed it, but now I've decided to delete it. Why? Because of the ads. Ads pop-up every 2 minutes in the middle of your screen so you will inevitably press them and go to the Play Store. After a while this just gets tedious. I would rate this game 5 stars if they had just hidden the ads down on the bottom of the screen in a banner or something, as I am not paying to remove interruptions.

Upset mad So I recently got tap Titan about a month ago the other day I prestiged so I decided to move my tap Titans to my SD card so I can clear my phone of other data that's just lingering around all the stuff that I did not need well it ended up working out until I put my card back in my phone trying to backup my apps and it says that the cloud has no recognition of my Google Play name or my account I don't spend money on this I really like the game I just want my character backwards some really depressing and bor

Love it. Some suggestions My damage sometimes drops to zero and I have to waste a prestige to fix it. Really huge bummer. I would like the option to sort my artifacts. I think that would be super convenient. If there was an option to also just max level each hero with one press, that would be awesome. I'm tired of having to keep pressing upgrade all the time. I do agree with some of the comments about the tournaments, their should be a tier system to help the more fresh players, instead of just throwing 200 random players in one box

Tap tasting voyage! I love the game... but for some reason it crashes on my phone and when I restart it won't get past the loading screen. I'm still giving it a 5 star rating because the game is boss lol.

Awesome GAME Lpved this hame im addicted at this like 2 weeks ago or something its so awesome best game ever that made by taping

Too much AD It's a kill time game, doesn't really need you think much, not bad, in fact, after you reach a high level, you don't even need click the the screen too much because it doesn't help that much. (Only skill works later) Ad is a lot, and you can't remove even buy the game. Its sounds is very loud, can't turn off

WTF How do the tournament's groupings get decided? It's no fun to compete against people who have 4times as many stages as you for a crappy condolence prize. People would be more willing to buy diamonds to use, if they had a chance at a good prize.

Force closes and doesn't save. Pt.1 After watching fairy videos, the screen freezes and I can't claim the prize. Then it shuts itself down. Pt.2 prestiged for tournament in last 30min and opened app again when I got home and it revereted to preprestige phase.

Weird I love the game but after maxing out several important artifacts for getting more relics I keep getting fewer and fewer relics when I prestige even at the same stage with roughly equivalent character levels? Answer me why and I give 5 stars!

I absolutely love this game. I have been addicted to this game for years and I have gotten all my friends and family to play as well. It's truly addicting and really fun to play.

Brew of absorption This artifact is new if i'm not mistaken, and it gives DPS boost if you are online. I have the issue that it either gives the DPS boost anyways, or it never does. My all dmg % is the same number either way. (Pretty sure that it does not give the DPS boost, tincture of maker gave a huge boost on me, but this did not altough it is already at 80%) I'm hoping the creators are reading this, and can fix it. I love the game tho :)

Fun game, no plot This is a fun game with some nice design, no real plot or anything, just tap to slash the monster. I'd like some kind of plot, but yet still find myself playing daily.

Fun toilet game Pretty addicting and simple, takes a few prestiges to hang with the big dogs in tourney, but not too bad. Just wish there was some sort of warning for the adds so I dont get kicked out of the game all the time, or at least no full screen adds

Fun to start but if you join tournaments you better figure out how to cheat since that's the only way your going to have any chance to Crack top 50. Gives me no desire to keep playing. Can't be that hard, developers, to spot cheaters.

Fun game but cheaters Tournaments are marred by ridiculous levels of cheating. Minutes into tournaments & the top spots are held by players on Level 10,000 and above. Sure takes all the fun out of it. Otherwise, pretty entertaining. But Lvl 2000 for a new adventure? Make it Lvl 1000 and I'd have a sporting chance.

Actually keeps my attention I've spent a bit of money here and there on games that don't keep me interested for more than a few minutes, this is the first game I've played on my phone that has actually kept me interested and playing pretty much every day or every other day , tons of levels and unlocks to get and it's all free, you can even get the "diamonds" used to purchase things in game that cost cash from chests or achievements in the game so no need to spend money at all

Unfortunately... The new update causes my game to crash approximately every 10 seconds. Before the update, this would never happen. I had fun playing this game. If this has the possibility of being fixed, and it does, I'll come back to enjoy it again. If not, I'll just delete this and get a different game.

A true challenge! From the start, this game has been a challenge. Every time I think that it has gotten too easy or hard I reach a new point and the game keeps me engrossed! Prepare to get carpel tunnel in your fingers and thumbs...

Love it Only one problem the Monday tournaments clutch I don't know if its because of people cheating or just a bug but it messes up Monday tournaments.

Love playing this. i started months ago. and it was sooooo addictive. now i dont even have to tap. its pretty good (but makes the name of the game irrelevant)

Fun distraction A game to pass the time. Great thing is that you don't have to put money into the game to get towards the end game. Just requires time and patience.

Crashes I really love this game but there's a problem, once I reached above 1500 or 1600 the game crashed, and now it won't let me open it, I don't think it's my phone because everything else works just fine, and even after uninstalling then reinstalling and starting at the very beginning it STILL crashes and won't let me open it! If you can fix the problem, that would be great, I lost everything trying to use it again and it won't open.

Give me what I paid for. I spent 2 dollars on this game and still havnt gotten my gems. I only spent 2 dollars but the point is when I spend money on somthing I expect to get it. I've sent an email with the receipt and everytjing still nothing. When u fix it I'll give a real rating on it. Until stip robbing people and pay me

EH? This is ADDICTION HELL for carpal tunnel sufferers, I can feel the BURN..So simply simple, yet i found myself, rather quickly, getting a strategy going, unable to stop beating my tablet with both hands, fingers tap-tap-tapping as if I was an ADHDer on CRACK, playing a piano/guitar, which was also on CRACK.I could never play this in public, for my mouth, neck, and shoulders get involved & I get a crazed look to the eyes. Hubby took one look at me while I was in Super Speedy Gonzalez- mode, and left. TYSVM!

Great game but reset me from stage 70 to 61 to both me and my wife had to work our way back up and it reset us again pls fix this bug thanks

Good but, This is a good game and I enjoy playing it in my spare time alot! One problem though, I wish the tournaments were monitored in some way. I have been playing for a year now and it's annoying when hackers/cheaters enter and reach insanely high levels like 3100 in literally minutes!! Something that is only possible to reach in 3+ hours of one-hitting everything with all the relics collected. Makes me want to quit the game.

Tap and hold to upgrade This the main issue that I have with this game because we have so many heros to upgrade and it gets on my nerves to have to click more than 1000 times on each one so am giving it 4 stars

Best game ever You need to get the phone because then I can tell you that you need a ride on a regular basis of their lives and I am a little while to figure it out out is to a have be the a few weeks back in from out a way way to fold and the every time year old and the new job is to get to know that you have any of these days ago and I will give me a call call for a couple days to come up to you soon and I am a little more time with my family and I the same thing as a whole lot easier for you to know that I am not sure

Very good update Love the new boot world....damn..i can only use my diamond..not any other thing like artifact in new world..:(

Tap I can't stop tapping my stupid phone addictive little game simple to learn

I love this game I love tapping my cellphone so much and i dont know why,but when i go to play store i see this game then i download it.And i love it so much but sometimes my hand is getting hurt because im tapping it so hard???

Help I have my tap titans since 2014 then i stopped playing it because my cellphone has broke so i haven't play it for 1 year and 2 months... I tried to restore my game but then its not working anymore but i can see my level the money ive earned but its not working i wish you could help me with this i like your game so much ive spent so much time in it so i hope you can help me or ill be forced to uninstall this game thankyou

Brilliant game The game play is brilliant, the ability to play with friends is great, the challenges are good and rewarding.

Good game Fantastic game no issues at all really fun if hard at times because difficulties increase pretty quick... *updated* after a few days and a couple of prestige's later it gets easier alot quicker =)

Need Stable Connection? It is great and addictive game however I experience a lot of hangings or the game is not responding on my device Samsung Galaxy S4. I have to either quickly back to home screen or hard reset my device when it's totally hanged. Really annoying :( please fix and will increase the rating.. Thanks! EDIT: seems like the game requires stable Internet connection (for fairy ads?). Playing in phone flight mode seems helping. Thanks for the great game!

Tap Titans It's a plain game but time consuming it's absolutely pointless but good game

I'm definitely enjoying the game. I couldn't give it a full 5 stars though, because it's a tapping game and will randomly pop up an ad where you're already tapping. Instant tap on the ad. Tricky. Otherwise, very fun game. Edit: I've been tapping in the tap area, and in the last ten minutes two different ads popped up right where you're supposed to keep tapping. Instant ad hit. This is a devious practice and very frustrating as it dumps you completely put of the game into the Play Store for whatever the ad was for. I already voluntarily watch the ads for free coins and diamonds, but I don't need this crap. I feel my blood pressure spike and I may just have to walk away from this otherwise pretty great game.

Perfect perfect perfect game Soo funny I loved it some much fun best best game I try it best game In the world ??????

The Sense of Accomplishment This game is addictive, more addictive than any other tapping games. Why? The sense of accomplishment. Your character starts dealing 1 damage per click. Before you know it, 100 damage, 10,000 damage, 1,000,000 damage. The game gives so much sense of accomplishment, and it's really satisfying. I've been playing the game for almost a year now, and I still feel accomplished every day by playing it!

Omg just wow unbelievable You think it's all over, BUT THEN, MORE MONSTERS APPEAR. can finger for hours. 10/10 would finger my phone for hours again.

Good tap I dont like tap games in general .. but this game provides a spacious and clean tapping area with multiple fun events that keeps you entertained. Reommend it for all people

Great... My only problem is that at about stage 150 the ratio for gold drops to prices gets uneven and i cant afford or make the gold to get any upgrades and i have prices that rang from 1g to 1h and i get 10f from drops.

Super addictive fun Plenty of achievable upgrade options to make you more able to get rewarded. Regular tournaments to boost up. Great stuff!!?

Crashes This game crashes very often, the idea is good but I crash every 2 stages and the developer's were too lazy to put in a proper auto save system so I have to constantly replay stages. I also have to add that a game such as clicker hero's doesn't do this.

Best tap game on the market?! I must say, this game is pretty amazing. It runs smoothly with NO bugs, it's fun and has variety unlike most tap games, and its at a great price: FREE! Graphics are good, cloud saving means you don't have to start all over again after a device switch, and its just amazing. I think that there should be more multiplayer functionality, such as Online Game modes (Fastest to a certain level, most money in a time limit, etc.) But this game is a must have for any gamer out there.

Best game ever Got it about an hour ago and already killed my 300th monster. It's really kinda simple in a way, but addictive and fun.

Crashes It seems like it could be fun but it crashes every time I watch a video ad now.

Reliable and Deep Has great longevity and replay value that will keep you coming back regularly

WTF I recently started a new game since February last year and it worked fine until it asked me to download a detected cloud save. I downloaded it and the game was very glitchy. All my heroes were attacking like 5 times per second and I couldn't tap anywhere and the titans weren't taking damage. It throws me out to homescreen after about 5 seconds. Uninstalling.

It's amazing Simply a must have, one of the simplest and most addicting games around. It's free and there's no need to upgrade, though spending money could go a long way. It's very entertaining, it's easy and the best part is that it keeps getting better over time. The new upgrades promote prestiging and getting to levels unexplored. Currently on prestige 37 with 14 artifacts and I've never spent anything. Furthest level so far is 467 for me, but there's a lot more than that

I really like it! Been playing for about a week now, and I'm loving this game (very addictive you bastages lol). But I recently had an issue where I was tapping away and my thumb accidentally hit the relics tab and in the heat of battling a boss I tapped away not one but two of my relics. Losing two good ones and much hard earned diamonds in the process. Can you please make the Salvaging process a little harder and not right there in the middle. Maybe put up a warning like are you sure you want to do this? Thanks

Best Tap Game!!! ? It is nice that the dev people fixed many game bugs and added new features like quality adjustments. I uninstalled it last year due to many bugs but yeah most of then are gone hahahaha. Nice job dev peeps for listening to players' suggestions and fast responses. Kudos and hope it improve more ?

Loyalty and stuff yada yada its fun! Lovely game really simple and addictive. Edit- tried a purchase of $25 in gems... The $25 is out of my account and the gems still haven't shown up yet... Don't play if you have money it's a grind it's addicting but in the end it's another tap tap wait till tomorrow game where you wait till tomorrow for months.

Why Why is this game so good? Is it because im just a half a second from killing this boss? Or because it is so frustratingly close to getting a new hero? Maybe because it is a game that is so fun and addicting that i spend an hour playing on it. Yes this game is very well made and with simple yet good graphics this game WILL leave you burning through all of your spare hours that you have in the day.

Nice I see that you fixed the time manipulation tricks. And that is awesome cause there is no more cheating and apparently my brother cheats it up all the time so no more worries. ? Edit: Lately I have been experiencing a bug since the last update. It goes like this, sometimes when I forgot to close the game it seems to be still "active" like I'm still playing the game but I am in my home screen. Bad news is that, it won't seem to earn the passive gold, and the skills won't cooldown. Please fix this 5-stars. ?

Pretty cewl I keep on thinking that there will be an end because there are SOOOOOOOO many levels. But I often leave it alone to build up coins so there are who knows how many aa's I got

All of my progress is gone I have enjoyed hours of this game but now when I re-install the software on my phone and reinstall Tap Titans to continue play on my save file that I have on the cloud. But there is one huge issue, I can't download the file from the cloud. It's says make sure that you are signed in to Google Play Games, which I am. I have played this game for a significant time and that this happends annoys me. Please fix this so I can continue to enjoy this game

Its good but needs love I have put a lot of hours into this game ever since its come out and I have seen how the game has changed over time. It has a very unique art style and seemed like the the developers really cared about the game. Its just when it comes to the magician I feel as if you started to give up as many of the hero's have the same abilities and names. I feel that work also needs to be done to try and remove "bots" from the competitions or at least make different leagues so new players could get in the higher prizes

Needs more! Would love to see a pvp mode same teams or versus also something that shows your taps per second would be cool good game so far just hope you expand on something already great! To expand on the multiplayer thing a matchmaking system so you can actually gain friends to play with

Flawless Amazing game. Well made, beautifully crafted, and all around a great game. Although, I do have a recommendation. I was thinking that maybe you could sort your artifacts. It would be a little bit more handy, because you could sort most important at the top, and least at the bottom. Not a problem, just a recommendation. Keep up the good work devs!

New update now works on my phone I wasn't able to play on my Samsung S4 before but now i can. When I tried to load cloud data I saved from my tablet the application always restarts and refused to play. However with the new spell summoner update the game is better than it was and probably best played on tablets.

Unusually Addictive... I'll be honest I didn't get the point of this game right away. Tapping to kill monsters that don't even attack back? Just didn't make sense to me. To be completely honest it still doesn't make sense to me lol but I have found myself continually coming back to this game over the past couple days constantly upgrading my heroes and just tapping away. I don't understand why I enjoy it so much but it is entertaining and a fun time consumer. This game is ridiculously simple, give it a try and you'll be addicted.

Help Love this game. But i lost all my data when i changed phones. Can it be restored? Im prestige 2 and currently in a tournament, my ign is cjfoo. I cloud saved once but when i tried download from cloud, it didnt work. Give u the last star if u guys help me fix it. Thx

Uses a lot of data The devs have designed the app to play ads in the background while the app runs. So even if you're watching no ads, and with fairy ads disabled, the app is still viewing ads behind your back. In turn, this will use gigabytes of data. The devs are forging the google play rules and are making money through these advertisements. I play about 1 hour a day on my mobile data, and at the end of the month Tap Titans uses 2gb. This is my biggest data consuming app. But not anymore, time to uninstall.

Can't get my game back I had to do a factory reset on my phone. And now it says I need to login to my email account on Google play to get my cloud save back. I am logged in. I was topping out around level 800. Can you please help. I don't want to have to undownload this game because I have to start over

Game broken - uninstalling due to lack of response I was clearing level 700 easy. Had spell masters journey open andto level 85ish and have about 9000 bonus damage from all the artifacts. Game crashed phone restarted now all my achievements are gone and my artifacts gone... ive paid money crystals are gone. Back down to 1600 bonus damage.. pleasetell me you can fix this.

Pretty good in short bursts The game is pretty cool and the unlock rate keeps everything fresh for some time with new allys and attacks. But it still is just a click game so it won't hold your attention for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

Good but.. Great idle game. Enjoy the variation on the idea. Everything was working fine until recently. Now all ad bonus don't work. Ad plays, returns to game and then game crashes and requires reload to play (tap) and bonus does not show up. But otherwise fun game.

Conflicted feelings I really enjoy this game. I only really have two issues; the cheating in tournaments, and the faulty math. For example; how is it that 444.03aa damage times 1000%(which should equal 4.44bb) end up as 1.27bb? I could just be doing my math wrong but from what I can tell we are kind of getting a percentage of a percentage.

One of my favorite phone games I enjoy this game quite a bit, because it allows me to play as much or as little as I want. Prestiging allows going deeper into the game more quickly. One issue I had is that you have to leave the app to get details on the items and systems in the game. I wish the in game tutorial page gave much more specific info.

NOTICE ME Why the game keep reset? I play far and close to lvl800 and spend my time but when i close all my far level gone and lost? Why this keep happening.. but why my tournament keep at last lvl I play but the game reset... i got the master jurney but it reset to. My connection was fine. Please notice and fix

Great game but... I love this game! But I was ripped of $30. I purchased today once at $30 but I wasn't given the gems so I thought it might not have gone through and tried it again. But now that I checked my bank account I've been charged twice and only gotten the gems for one purchase!!

Hard to gain gold When I reach level above 200. Its soo hard to move on to get the new hero cause the gap of price between the hero is soo high. Not just hard to get gold. Its also hard to defeat the ordinary mini boss. This gap of hero price make me stuck at that level for a very long time

Amazing Game This game is super addicting and a really good time killer. The only issue is that recently i havent been able to enter tournaments because im 'Disconnected from the server'. If there is a solution to this please let me know. Otherwise, plz fix this. Overall, its a fantastic game.

For a clicker game, this has way too much depth, and has pretty effectively sucked me in for the last two weeks. You don't need to pay a penny to enjoy and excel at the game, which is nice. While endless tapping is the primary mechanic driving this game (sad as that may seem to veteran gamers), it is actually secondary to everything else that is happening behind the scenes here. The first day of play can seem fairly uneventful, but don't give up! Pretty soon you'll be hooked. Beware carpel tunnel.

Makes my thumbs sore! A game that doesn't demand too much. It's fun to upgrade my heroes and see how they progress. Just a time killer really. I wish their powers were more visually appealing...

Amazing It is really fun to play but it takes time to progress im currently only at 3 billion dmg for my guy on the 3rd-4th hour playing it. I think it's really good because it just goes on for so long but the downside is on the boss or mini boss parts you need to spam so hard to get through without the abilities.

Fun but skip the tournaments Tournaments are marred by ridiculous levels of cheating. Minutes into tournaments & the top spots are held by players on Level 10,000 and above. Dev doesn't seem too concerned. Losing interest. Still, it's a good little time killer.

Used to love this game Uninstalled it because had to install some apps for uni but now I reinstalled the game and it wont retrieve my cloud save even though I can see my last save date in my Play games. Fix this please!!! It says my account doesnt have any saved data when I click download from cloud. Seems the devs have given up on this game. I sure hope not.

Since i updated the latest version there are some game errors occured Since i updated the latest version there are 2 major errors encountered. First is the dungeon and free gold, i can't go to dungeon and also i can't get my free gold when i played it offline it needs to be connected. Second is when i clicked watch video from the fairybox instead of getting the reward the game exit. Please responce to my concern game developers.

Great game, bad ad tactics This is my favorite game so far, but I am not okay with the picture ads that pop up while I'm tapping. They cause me to tap the ad and generate revenue for you using my time. I would never click the ad on purpose. Uninstalled.

Game reset I live to play this game but a few days ago the game reset itself one night and from then one I have yet to play the game again. Be careful it's a bug that has yet to be fixed. A lot of my friends have had the same problem

Good but flaws I love everything about the game except that heroes can die on bosses. Dumbest mechanic ever and it makes me scared to look away from the screen in fear that I need to wait 24 hours to revive my hero.

I used to love this app... Until recently I really enjoyed playing this game. It's, as the others say, super addicting and fun. Ever since the last update, Tap Titans causes my phone to crash and drains it's battery at lighting speed. I won't be using the app until this problem is fixed which is really unfortunate.

Addictive and fun It takes the already well known consept of rapid cliking, but its somewhat better than, say, i klicker heros. It achives this by not making the dps too strong. In the aformentioned klickero heros, I frequenley find myseld just walking away to have a snack because the dps is so powerfull. In this game though, the dps is not as op, making it so I need to put moer effort, also making me have more fun!

Just cookie clicker with flashy graphics This game is a prime example of the rewards center of your brain being exploited. It takes no skill and very little strategy, but since you keep seeing bigger numbers you feel like you're accomplishing things. There is no increase in difficulty as you progress, and once your heroes are strong enough you don't ever even have to tap. If you like that, more power too you, but there are hundreds of games that work the same that won't try and con you out of money.

Great game, but it takes forever to get to higher levels I have been playing this for a year and I have been wondering if there was a faster way to get to my max stage. I can 1 shot everything until 2800, but it takes forever to get back there once I prestige. Please ads an artifact that would speed up a game. Thank you!!!

Fav game, couple bugs Been my favourite game since its release. Couple issues ive come across are the game freezes with a black screen after advertisements, and after purchasing an artifact i am unable to deal any damage, which is fixed by restarting the app

Glitches are getting annoying Everytime i get a 5 free diamond fairy gift it does the ad then screen turns black. I have to close game and reopen, losig the 5 free diamonds. Super annoying and frustrating. Plz fix your latest update

I can't stop! This game is so addictive! It's really hard to put down! My only discrepancy is sometimes when you watch a video, you don't get the prize & you get bumped off the game. Here recently, it's not letting me prestige! Server is down and I want to get stronger! Please fix these problems...

Good Game I really like this game. Its simple but the graphics and bosses are really cool. One thing I think would give the game a better feel is if instead of a 30 second countdown against bosses you had a health bar. Even if the health bar went from 100 to 0 in 30 seconds every time I think it would be cooler.

Love this game! 1st off would like to thank you for this game, alot of people saying it's easy and doesn't challenge the brain, well I don't need another thing in my life driving my brain insane!!! I've seen a few comments saying that once your heroes are good enough there's no need to tap, well it's called tap titans so why not try a challenge and keep going even if your heroes are good enough. Because I've got to the stage were my tap does 100x the damage of my heroes!!! I love the tournaments!!! Great great game!!!!!!

I have a problem I really love this game but recently I got a new phone and I want to get my data from my other device to my new one but the cloud isn't working. It just comes up with a error. I've done this before so I know how to do it but it just isn't working. Please fix?