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Super Dancer

Supplied By wu guangxing    On July 5, 2016    Comments(143)

Samsung Phone Super Dancer version2.9 Download

The Best Graphics of Mobile Game Prize in 2015 GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference)!
A brand new dancing social game perfectly combined with the core technology of Unity 3D and oversea popular music.

Game Features:
♥Millions of Dancersis to be Dating♥
Millions of girls are seeking for a perfect wedding and a loyal partner. Free your mind and write you the most romantic story by the hottest ‘Social System’! Speak out your love loudly by the unrestricted ‘Wedding System’ and have it witnessed by your best friends!

♥Feel Your Love, Feel Your Summer♥
Hand in hand with the companions around you and accumulate the sweet moments in ‘Couple Mode’. Date with your dream and find out your perfect partner in this summer. Can’t wait to show your charm and love to her/him? It is the show time now!

♥Thousands of Fashion Styles, You are the Super Dancer! ♥
Thousands of fashionable costumes are lying on your private closet. The ‘Tailor’ can even cut the dress according to your needs! Match your private fashion styles anywhere and anytime. You are the most brilliant super dancer!
♥Easy Learn, Easy Play♥
Only needs 5 seconds to make you learned the complete game play. Dancing with your fingers easily even with single hand!

New functions:
Added New Wedding System
Romantic dress and wedding scenes. Accept the sincere wishes from your friends~
Sweet shooting animation. Capture this beautiful moment in your life~
Newly added wedding rank. Fulfill your dream of being married!
Added other new features
Battle mode of teams,
New achievements of Wings and Mounts
Added new pictures of scenes and items

1.New version of Dance Mall
2.New interface of Total Rank
3.Fixed some bugs and improved some system
Official Facebook:

wu guangxing part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 5, 2016. Google play rating is 81.8019. Current verison is 2.9. Actual size 420.0 MB. Download super-dancer.apk 420.0 MB


great game but not too good. the game is great. everything is great except, i lag in 4 players when song starts and also when the player has that bubble effects or aura effect. btw im using ipad mini.

i think i might move to au dancing ph its because of cheaters why waste money when others can cheat :.( also its getting boring hackers cheaters no change gender no change name :(

Best dancing game I've ever played I enjoy this so much. I'm so addicted to this game. For me, this is a lot better than "AU mobile PH". I LOVE THIS GAME! Thank you, Wu guangxing, for this very beautiful game.

Good game, but can be better! I love the game. I also spent money with this game just that it becomes too laggy when you dance with (4) players. Also because of its one of a kind effects and graphics you need to buy a high-end device just to satisfied your gaming experience. I think its much better if you will minimize the effects or add some option to have it minimize so that players have the option to choose. I highly recommend to add feature like game boost. Which you barrow from the game fantasy chronicles. Best regards.

3 star because I love this game but I cannot log back into my account. I used playnow, but I also combined it with my Facebook. I worked hard for my player, please help. :\

Can't play it!!! Please just fix it I will share this to my friends what do I still to do I clear the cache and it still doesn't work and I don't want new account because I will lost my couple!!!!!!and....just fix it uhhh damn it!!!!! I hate this game I'll never add four stars if you don't fix this uhhhhh

Where is my character/account? Please give me back my account. I spend a lot of money for this. I really love this game but where is my character please resolve this one. I'm so disappointed...??? please contact me. I wanna get back my lvl 61 character.... username Paul D

Super Dancer Is The Great Game So Fun!! Its so fun But i have a suggestion that if you adventure on kid pls automatically get the items cuz i always forgot to get it and to adventure but still its so fun!!!!!! Im love it And what is the purpose of the dance stage?pls add content

Can you enable change of names? Please i really want to change my character's name but i cant. I dont mind restartong just for the sake of changing my name, but my lvl is very hugh and i dont want to lose my account! So please enable a setting where we can change our names! I will LOVE THE GAME TO THE MAX ?

Hi the quest system is slightly bugged as it does not detect that i have joined a family to complete the quest even though i have joined one. Hope you can fix it. ;) EDIT 1: Thanks for the reply, i have tried relogging but it does not work, thus i have just sent a Facebook message to your page regarding this issue, hope you can guide me through it! :) EDIT 2: Thanks for the quick replies and sincere advices! Here's your 5 stars ?

table update problem hi i have problem regarding ur app it says table error and needed to be updated but i already update this in google play store? what could be the problem?

cant login to facebook anymore WTF dev, I payed good money with this game and now I cant open my account? like wtf!!

Please Help! (╯︵╰,) -I cant play couple mode(its been a month). -always lagging -the screen always freezes while music is still playing

Why my account lost??now its ask for account and password to get into the game.please fix it..i love this game.

Account assistance (fixed) I was able to get my account back thank you ^^ here's the 5 stars

Whyyy IMG u just use diamonds not coins! Woowww and if put the dance move oml it puts bad and fix it or I'll ban u from the app store hmm or if you give all the stuff I won't ban u my user is rose83 NOW

Missing play now account! Now it's ask for account and password to get into the game....I don't know it because when the first time im playing the game,it don't need to fill anything... I just click on play now and it start! But now? Can u fix it? Thank you :)

Almost fun But after 2 months my account is banned i am lvl 35 and have many friends and what happened or maybe My ACCOUNT IS HACK NO WAY!!!!!???????????????????????

Disconnection Always disconnected.. cant even finish a game.. im a newbie but its like you are forcing me to uninstall

I can't play couple mode Please help me I want to experience couple mode.. The screen always freeze when the music starts.. If you help me played the couple mode I will give 5 stars. I already clean the cache and my network is fast 4mbps but nothings happen the problem still there

Missing my play now account It's asking for info but I didn't set anything up for it. My account was Fu3kboi Vip 3 now I can't play on it. I was on lotus I believe, I tried everything I could think of and it keeps saying email input wrong. I'm stil missing my account.

I love it I love the game but it is so laggy and I have great connection btw i am a girl ?

If u fix the bug ill will give u 5 star Theres have a bug! When first entry the game u know and i do it all the time to play

i love this game but can you plz add an exit button while your playing and plz add some more song .i really miss the old song in 2015 . now all the song in 2016. is getting boring a little bit

Super laggy when you play with others that wear so much items and wing but overall i like it lol

Crash I got crash , in couple mode . Plss fix it ,my device Asus Fonepad 8

Super Dancer Can you please don't put any ballad songs? Because it doesn't suit with the dance.

when i click the login in to facebook,it said "TIME OUT" why?? can u plz fix?i will give 5stars if i can play again ty!

Great game ? Its a great game but would you mind adding TFboys songs in? Thank you ☺?

Great game But please show the last online time for every player on friend list, thanks

Its a good and addicted game but i encountered game problem, always loading

Please update super dancer Pls make events Easter because it almost Easter and new music like exid hot pink and then I will be happy and give you five stars??✅

Please I can't open my account I have 4 account in this app. I use play now after updating I can't open again please help me about this I love this game.....

I love it BUT Sadly My new phone can keep up can you update the game can be compatible with my phone its Asus Zenfone Selfie I really love the game but i cant play well Its So laggy pls Dont let me stop playing im begging you

Meh Not that great needs more dancing

Awesome Server list doesn't loading and lagging i can't play properly

Why my acount been banned!Im not even cheating on this game????

Liked It or not Because it is awesome but it can't let me bacome an VIP and its laggy I give 5 more stars if you fix it


Perfect !! How This is a great game , I cant stop playing this every time . Hopefully getting better and then top up diamond can be cheaper to become vip member ☺☺

Illegal software... Hi. I'm currently using my Rooted Samsung Tablet. And for some reasons whenever I play it says "Illegal software found, please play game legally." I have been playing SD since November and I never encountered this. This update shows and now I can't even play. I know this is your solution against players that are cheating. But can you please do something about players that are using rooted devices? I already closed all apps and restarted my device. It's still the same.

Help. I can't do the Tutorial. I made an ACC on server 5.Orchid channel Aries and soon as I follow the tutorial and make a room it takes a long time to load and says 'connection unstable please wait-" but after a couple of mins I'm in the room yet it still loads and is unresponsive. I tried doing it right in front of the WIFI but it still doesn't work. A friend of mine is experiencing the same thing. Funny thing is. I'm in germany and she's in Philippines. It only happens in Aries. Please fix it fast.

Help!!! After logging in to my old account I have to start over!!! I've spent so much effort and money on my old account!! How could this happen? Please help or this is an absolute scam!

Table reading error:Language I can't pass through this error message for a week now. boo!

Ugh This game is just a big waiting game its been on a loading screen for 30 minutes i dont even know....

laggy LAGGY because of the light effects..can you add some option like on and off of the light effect and the sparkling things ?? i wish you see this..i will rate it 5star if you make an action to that :)

This game make me felt tired.. Its not bad but its also not good.. I love so much my old characther before this and I take a break from playing this game about 3-4 month ago I think.. then when I re install this game back, SURPRISE!! My character just gone like that.. But, its still ok because its my fault for not bind my account.. After that I make a new character but SURPRISE again, I can't login into my new account.. I LOVE this game so much but I feel tired with this game already.. But, still SD is one of my favourite game..

AWESOME GAME if you're looking for a cool dancing game, this one is definitely for you. always exciting, a fun way to kill boredom and meet new friends. so far this is the best dancing game i played. outfits and avatars are just too cute and cool.

WHY Danng it. After all of my hard work its like nothing happened. I started playing this game since december and i quit im at lvl 20 and above or so i just cant remember and that i feel like i wanted to play this game again so i install it again but when i log in with my facebook again my account was like vanished that i need to create again i spend so much money in this game. I usually remember my in game name but nothing left i really love this game so please responce to this i could give 5star if you could solve my prob here

Problem with login After a several month im break from play this,im trying to login my old accountt .. but it keep saying the account doesnt longer exist .. could u help me out with those problem..

FUN GAME :) I like this game and its very addictive but,Theres one thing you should fix is this game is kind of glitch and Even I have a stable internet connection it's still lagging!!Please fix it^_^

Can't play it!!! Please just fix it I will share this to my friends what do I still to do I clear the cache and it still doesn't work and I don't want new account because I will lost my couple!!!!!!and....just fix it uhhh damn it!!!!! I hate this game I'll never add four stars if you don't fix this uhhhhh

I lost my level 50+, VIP 6 character. I tried uninstalling and relogging and updating and whatever, but nothing worked. Hope theres a solution because I paid a lot of money :/

weird rumors hey development company of super dancer i need a quick answer because there are rumors that tommorrow that every player that has no couple will be banned answer quick so i can spread the news

super dance why why software illegal found.every i star the game,,??

THANKS Hi i have a complaint I cant Load it and if its finish loading it says Time out Plss. Reply on What am i suppose to do i already restarted my Tablet

It won't let me download super dancer I try to download super dancer on my phone and I've been playing this game for sometime now and I love the game please find a way I can download super dancer on my lenovo Android phone ..

What happen? I'm updating the game,but then now there's no server choice (only 2 server with number,eventhough I've login with my id account). How can I login to my chara in server 5?? When I can't even locate my server.. cuz when I'm choosing the new server 75, they want me to make new chara.

Not working Dear team I can't proceed to the toutoriel I tried for 2 times it dose not work! Please if not I give you 1 if yes I give you 5 stars

Doesnt open The game is so nice. But after the update it wont open. Keeps playing song while loading is shown on the screen

network error hi every time I go into the game its comes up with network error so I tried turning off and on my internet that didn't work so I uninstalled super dancer and reinstalled it and that didn't work .....please fix it I love super dancer its the best!

Love this game but.. Why i can't login? I tried for many times but it still loading..please fix this

super dancer I've lost my account how shoud i login my last account. ..???it's waisted a lot i love it my rank and my perm

Android 6.0 Optimization Issues Hey SD im using a Samsung Galaxy s6 duos phone . When i was still on android 5.1 Gaming experience doesnt lag even with full players with acce and wings. But now it has become lag. Do update your game to be able to fit for Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Extraction failed I already do that. Uninstall and then download a new one. but when I open it,my old server doesn't appear on thw list. all server are new. so Im started all over again :(

I love this game so much but after the update i cant log in my acc anymore..

Good,But.. When I'm On A Room,And There's An Event.I want to claim it and it took 2 minutes.After that,i'm automaticly out!And always like that,How could this happen?

Wow, I mean WOW!!! How on earth can I be a VIP, it only says needed 10 diamonds, but it always appears " NOT ENOUGH DIAMONDS " But the total of my diamonds is 400+ This sucks so much!!!

Can't Save! I'm login with facebook, when i close it then open it again it's restarted from tutorial... help.

Help I forgot my accout please help me Now I Need start over again :(

I'd rate this game 10 stars Guys check that its downloaded completely the additional files for super dancers I just saw now it's letting me on the game but not letting me log in because it hasn't finished downloading all files completely dono how that was possible but just incase the same thing is happening to u double check other then that still loving it ps. If this is the case just delete and re download game just sharing my experience just don't forget to write ur ACC and password

Time Out That's what it says whenever I try to access my account...even though my wifi connection is excellent ????

It worked. Thank you so much. I suggest that there are more songs to listen and to dance.

Names !_! All the names are taken this game has so touch for using the same name.. it's stupid..

best games ever played!!! hi there I'm alinewtypes from 2-lily ...just happy play and get a new friend ..also a new girlfriend ..maybe ..just remember this games takes patients and practice so have fun playing!!!

WHAT THE HELL After I updated to the latest version, I can't open and use my level 57 character. Help me fix this.

Add help Where in the hell a help button when ya need it?! What the hells a white circle and colored arrow mean? I pressed the same colored button as the arrow and it says miss all the time! And one one more thing why is everything so expensive can you please answer my questions plz?; ( I swear I'll give it 5 stars when this is answered cause I do love this game

Love the game, but lag I'm love the game, but problem is the game is lag

Parameter Error(500) ? I really wanna play the game but it said parameter error..please help

little complication i love this Game But When im not Active For 1 day Only I cant Play Because i dont have an Account When i register my Player on yhe Game. Now I lose My Higher level player And now i dont Want to start again on level 1

Dissapointed Im kinda dissapointed with this new update, there an item mall that can increasing exp ring by using just 10 diamonds its equal we play for 10 times.. its CRAZY like hell, how we spend the time and money for get those exp ring max, now u just spend 20 thousand diamond and u will get exp max ring in ONE HOUR.. thanks to this memorable game in last 1 year.. Goodbye SD

Everything is amazing...but.. You need to make it so that you can walk around, and do actions with other players. If you wanna know why its not letting you log in is because they are still updating! ? And GM.Vivian is abusing her power. #FIREGMVIVIAN!

Bug??? My wings have a problem I send my problem to your facebook page please fix it I will give you five stars if you fix this problem....

Facebook Rewards I already send more than 60 invitations through facebook and yet I still can't claim the wings and the mount. I cant claim any rewards, Please fix this problem

It used to be a great game but after the recent update, the game turned into a PAY TO WIN system. This game is all about spending now. To be on top you have to spend, those who have nothing will never have a place on top even if they sweat blood by hard work.

still can't Please help me.. even when I use wifi or my own network this game still not show up the log in bottom.. I have already uninstall and then install again.. but didn't change.. can u help me please?? Im so love this game :'(

Cant download Obb Updating Why im stuck in updating obb package? It is never get download. Please fix this issue, i really want to play this game again.

Depression I once so in love with this game .. Playing everyday non stop juat for cp lvl . now my effort and my cp effort hopeless everyone can get our cp lvl just in 1 minutes . using diamond . become so so so so sad and too disapointed . my day without sleeping for this game is wasted . me and my cp lvl us 72 s10, and 55 s3 ring lvl . its all useless now. Become so depressed just because of the cp exp cards . my cp quit playing sd after the update. im still in sd not as active as before with planing to quit .

Secret love song Why can't u hold me in the street why can't I kiss u on the dance floor I wish that we could be like that why can't we be like this cause I'm yours .....

Very addicted and ilove this game! Ilove this game its very addicted,! Now the new version is very good! And great love it!????

Fun Just an update for the reason you can't log in: if you haven't seen the Facebook post. They are still updating the game. It should be open in a few hours

Help My Wings after update my wing plum love become downgrade its level please fix tqu

Too awesome to not play this game! Aside from some minor bugs that wont really affect the gameplay,this game will really bring you the best dancing experience. From awesome clothes choices to awesome music and backgrounds and (almost)smooth gameplay with amazing dance moves,its everything you would want in a awesome dancing game!So start playing this game now. Consider it as a birthday present for them and a great chance to collect more rewards since its there first anniversary! Watcha waiting for?!Click that install button now!

Loved it but... Why can't I login it always says "Time Out" and I redownload it , it stills says "Time Out", What do I do?

I love it, but... This is the first mobile game and the 3rd online game that I've enjoyed. I got attracted to this game because it's not all about money. It's also about time and effort. It's sad that the marriage system that was once free, is now being paid for. The ring that flourish each level through hard work can be paid for. The couple ranking which was attainable to all (through TIME and EFFORT ALONE), can be easily achieved with spending diamonds. Where is the fairness, hmm?

Fun but... I love this game but after updated, i dont know why the game suddenly go glitch and at some points it got hang. love the new feature but....Please fix this problem and respond this

Can't login after update After i update the game, it wouldn't let me in. I tried it couple of times, but it still wouldn't do. It keeps loading and loading and it drives me crazy. Pls help T-T

I Love it, please don't delete account play now Please don't update too much lag

Where are my wings? This recent update maintenance make my wings dissapear. Please fix it. I also want to see my character float again. I'll give 5 stars once you fix it. Thank you and i hope you guys could fix our problems. This game is really good.

Wing dissappear My Vip wing dissappear after the most recent update. Can I know what going on?

What happened? After reinstalling SD app. I noticed that there's a lot of changes happened in my SD accounts? My wings are missing, tailor back to zero, tasks in tailor I've finished needs to do again the tasks. What happened, fix it please , back my wings back, and the tailor also, and etc. ?

WINGS Hello, please help me with my wings. Its plum love, i enchanced it until it fly(lv4) but why now its down to lv3. Please help me, i will give u 5 stars if u give my wings back. PLEASEE HELLPP MEE

Super addicted games I really enjoy this game .. my stress reliver haha .. but sometimes its always saying that my internet connection had a problem .. even though its none .. but i love this game .. :-)

HELP!! why i cant login after updated the new version. Im just excited to try the new songs and some updated features but its loading too long in login page.. please help me..

Notice me please Please notice me. What should I do I got back my wings but its not like my old wings its not flying anymore maybe because i enchance it at 100. what should I do get it back from 50 please help.

It's OK ? I like the new update, events, Dance mall, Room, songs, new clothes, and also the free diamonds, but my Wings is bug -3- It doesn't fly do some action please ??

Love! I love this game, amazing music choices, great choice of clothes you can buy in the mall. This game is great for everyone, its a fun dancing game, but you can also get a couple (boyfriend/girlfriend) on it, meet people around the world, and lots more.

Lag everyday everytime i play with 4 players, it's super lagging on my phone, please fix it comeon

help may bind (play now)I didn't populated Account

What is wrong How come I can't login into my account? Why is it loading so long? I want to go in. Please fix

I love this game so much I never been none becouse it so good have this game

Perfect this is the best game ever ? i love this .. This is the best game ever ?

Super Ilove it :* .. Dto kase kami ngkakilala ng Mylabs ko ee.. thankyou for creating this game :*

Fix it Waaa what happen after updating I cannot log in its to long loading huhu pls... fix it !!!! Tnx

I love it There's a lot of bug need to fix in new update

Great The game is epic, and the team has been a great help, if somthing happens they will go out of thair way to help you. =)

°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° There's been problems with the updates but still my favorite game.

Main Account gone but... I HAVE TO MAKE A NEW ONE!? There's 2 issues that I need this game to fix... The first BIGGEST issue, I got is the account issue; What I meant was that whenever I log in to my account and go in to my character, it's like it's been deleted. Like, I'm on to the character selection. This happened at least 2-3 times already and I'm sick of it. If you're trying to fix this bug, you should make everyone else's account have the highest level character restored and back. The second issue is the plume perfect rechargeable wings. They are gone.

Not letting me in Ive been trying to login into super dqncer but when i press login it just keeps loading. Im wondering if its just the maintenance and i should wait a while but i need to know for sure what is wrong. I hope u can fix it because this game is my life ty

I really love the game but lost my WINGS!! I am one of the players who love this game very much but I am very disappointed for what happened. Not only me but also my friend lost our wings that we got from first recharge then. We already enhanced our wings but suddenly when we open the game a few minutes after, we have noticed that our wings was lost. What's the problem? Please developers fix this problem. Please.

Account and Password?? What the heck.. You updated!???You shouldnt not do that!! I dont like it..You have make it into normal. As a punishments, you need to make more K pop song and Raon lee song.. You knkw raon lee.. JUST TYPE IT!!!And please mak the clothes and hair.. is. Coin not diomand.. If its really really beautiful .. you need to make it a diamond

Accout problem please help anyone I have an account on my note 2 but that's unregistered.. How Can I Get that account on my note 4.. Is there any way i can do that? I used money on that account.. Please help..

Please Fix it Why i cant log-in on my samsung j1? When i want to play this game its always appear an "OBB UPDATE" ??? But on my tablet its played. please fix it :( i'll give 5 star. Please fix this problem :(

Help!!! I have a srs problem. I always play with my acc using fb login but I register it with a different email address. I enter the game to change n edit the email add but it cannot be changed. Pls help me.

Pay for everything The dancing mchanics are fun, but u can't buy any clothes unless you have diamonds, and u have to pay to get diamonds. The coins are useless in this game. That really sucks. Make the payment option optional.

Upset! I cant log in after i updated the game. what's the problem with this new version?! It keeps LOADING only. I already uninstall and install it again. But still i cant log in. LOADING AGAIN. What the heck!

Why updating obb dont move? I take 15 minutes longer to wait updating obb but its still 0% plss help me to try this game and i give 5 star thank you

PK ISSUE Why wen I'm playing PK if straight combo until 28x the game just stop playing , and don't move anymore, either that or go disconnected or so lag even you have the right WiFi connection? Please fix because it's a nice game , but I have this issues already been a while ago now!

I love it but.. It got this OBB UPDATE and is not running pls fix this problem I will give u five stars if u fix this pls we don't want any of this OBB UPDATE thing again many people did complaints and pls reply me faster wuguangxin

Can you add more new song? Add please. for New more songs make Totally fun Please. and please dont make have expiration on voucher. btw very addictive game Iloveit ! I give 5 stars!!

update correction Please fix lag even in good connection. and please fair game , normal player can't get high rankings even they play hard thank you...

Problem with my account.. Ive not played for a fiew months cause of some problems....but just resently i reinstall the game to continue playing but my tier 2 wings was gone i have no idea what could you help me with this or at least explain what happened...i really loved this game and want to keep on playing...i hope could help me...thanx!!!

Download is slow It's slow, once downloaded, let's see my battery and the contents inside this cool colourful game. My brother downloaded, he just started playing. Now its 65% battery

Always network error 1 star becous i can not log in COMPARING GAME VERSION PLS WAIT and then NETWORK ERROR

GM doesn't give you any update regarding recharge failures. Give me my money back!

Please help me,, Can you tell me how to get back my character after i re-install it.? Please..please tell me......... i really need my character back.. maybe you can give it back to me because i've bought vip to my character.. maybe you can tell me how...

Why we need to log in fb everytimes we sign in!? I really loves this game but this is what i dislikes about it. Please fix it and i will give you 5 stars.

MERMAID TAIL EPIC FAIL!!!! I love playing the app, reaching level 83 vip6 is an achievement. Lately im expiriencing bad connection issues moslty when im playing PK, even on a normal stage sometimes. Its surprised me playing wearing my mermaid pair and dancing with it? It shouldnt be like that.. Dancing with fish tail is funny but amusing... But it used to turn into feet once i started dancing. Can you please fix that? And please block those players whos using some self created cheats such as Auto typer and Time Hacking.. Its not fair

Please no more updates I had to make another account cause my last one is not working anymore and your updating makes me run out of storage i had to delete all my musics but please i know you want to make the game better but i dont want to make another account i love this game please!

I give u the 5 stars if youfix it it doesntwork for me it keeps kicking me out im using a 4.4.2 Irulu tablet

Comparing game version please wait... This is my second day of trying to get in to superdancer but not letting me in.. always said that COMPAIRING VERSION PLEASE WAIT... I WAIT FOR 5 TO 10 MINS BUT STILL NO RSPONSE.. i clear cache . Clear data . Force stop then try again but still no response.. i UNINSTALL THE GAME 'TWICE' THE DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN BUT STILL I CANT GET IN . PLEASE REPLY ASAP OF WHAT TO DO I MESSAGE YOU THRU MESSENGER BUT NI RESPONSE.. PLEASE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM IM IN MY SECOND DAY OF NOT PLAYING THE GAME.

PLEASE FIX LAGGING ON ASUS ZENFONE 2 4GBRAM i love this game so much please make it better on asus zenfone 2.hope the problem will fix as soon as possible and lucky gasha stuck.

Fun It's always fun to see your character dance with other people or just by themselves, it's addicting to be completely honest. Some people might not agree but whatever. ?