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Spot the Differences: Houses

Supplied By TANapps    On Aug. 29, 2016    Comments(100)

Samsung Phone Spot the Differences: Houses version1.1.7 Download

Spot the Differences: Houses is a free android game where the players will get to play what’s the difference game unlimited. In this “spot it” game, players will get two almost similar pictures on screen and they need to find 5 differences between these two pictures.

How to play the game:

The free app Spot the Differences: Houses offers a lively search and find difference game where the players have to spot the hidden dissimilarities between two pictures. There are at least five differences and players will get the advantage of using three hints to find these differences. If the users induce a wrong attempt to find the difference in their game play, they will lose a life for each wrong attempt.

This stimulating mind game will help players in improving their cognitive and close observation skills: Playing this search and find game is full of fun and detecting differences by watching two similar pictures offers extra boost to attentiveness.

This find the differences app presents a bunch of fascinating features: it will support the players to enjoy the app Spot the Differences: Houses at its best.

• Brilliant user interface: more than 50 funny levels will keep players engrossed for long,
• Players can zoom the snaps: this facility will help them to spot the difference between two look alike pictures,
• Players will enjoy advantage of app integrated helping system for difficult cases (3 hints per level),
• Players can customize the app’s setting: setting is integrated with off/on facilities of sound, music, vibration.
• Players can get their game performance summary in STAT: they can share their score and delight in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Now it’s your turn! Download the app Spot the Differences: Houses now and start playing with its look alike pictures for finding the hidden differences. Attempt to play the mind game without using hints: Try playing without wasting lives, and catch high score. The app Spot the Differences: Houses is optimized for android phones and tablets!

TANapps part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 29, 2016. Google play rating is 85.2955. Current verison is 1.1.7. Actual size 23.0 MB. Download spot-the-differences-houses-1.apk 23.0 MB


jonjee I love the challenge.tests the brain wish thete were more

addicted to play awesome game

Gud one Love to play it

The first difference game that made work harder loved it.

Very addictive.

Im loving it!

Way to small to see

Just the right skill level I love playing games that you have to look for things like these & hidden objects. Also like this one with no time limit!!!!?

Bedtime game Helps me relax and slowly go to sleep! Good job!!!?? fun for sure

Haven't p!ayed much yet but seems pretty good-challenging

I like the idea of being time

Challenging but fun !

Great game.. Very enjoyable, gets harder & harder..

Not to easy,not to hard

Liked it alot Think it is to easy

Challenging but fun I loved the magnifying glass to let you zoom in and find less obvious differences. It was more challenging than most apps like it; but I like a challenge. Plus, if needed, you can skip over a level and come back to it.

I want more The way this game was made give me enjoy. As an old woman I don't have to worry about time, can make the pictures bigger so I can see better. Thanks guys you did a good work and please don't stop.

Fun Still need to see if it works on the subway with no service um but it works well at home

Reminds me of my childhood When I was a kid always loved highlights magazine just enjoyed it, brings back fond memories.

Great game Not too easy to find - which is good!

Challenging I love this game. It's addicting.

Fun game It is a fun game to pass the time. I enjoy playing it.

Awesome game. You feel like you live in them houses...Lol its tons of fun.

Find this game a chalenge, it's fun.

It's great But some of them is too small

Find the spot The best game ever

some of the old house's are great.

Very much fun and headache

Spot the differences: Houses Like all of these types of games you should pay attention to every single detail because you never know what you might miss that could be your difference. These also help some people become more aware of their surroundings so thank you to the creators of these games from a medical stand point

Spot the Difference Challenging. Very small and intricate details show differences.

Spot the differences: houses Nice pictures! Like the magnifying option. Very challenging!

Spot the difference Find the differences really do enjoy the pictures.

Fun and Challenging without ads or all of your info. Take 5 and enjoy

Challenging but fun!

Challenging Fun and challenging

It was ok Not as good as others I've played

I love this game. Very relaxing

Fun and challenging

Lorraine Good Brain game makes you think keeps your brain active

Doodz Really love this game,its just a bit of fun to pass the time, so thank you

Fun Pastime The houses are a little more challenging than the rooms but still fun! Appreciate the hints:)

I like it :)

Its great to wind down and relax, no timer like other games I've tried. Also the tranquil music is soothing. Great job! Only come across 1 fault that I had to use a hint and that was because the missing part was behind the arrows between pics

Spot the differences:houses a hard game to find things , but that's okay I rather have it that way then too easy great job.

I love this game. The only problem I have is, whenever I use the magnifying glass & start moving around I lost a heart.

Hard but I like I like the 5 spot , this is harder than others I have played. I like the way it is set up .

Fun Couldn't stop playing

Kept me going. The pictures were nice and clear and the puzzles were graduated smoothly as they got harder moving up the levels.

Good game Good time wasting app.

Fun but touchy and sound when you find one is a little startling .

Another Winner! Great fun, and hard work combined.

Spot the Difference: Houses Not too hard; not too easy

Spot the Differences: Houses Challenging and fun!

Erica It is alot of fun to play and I love how your not timed cus I like to play right before I go to sleep it helps me relax and sleep well thanks

Spot the difference. I really, really like this game.

Nice game! Very fun, and very relaxing

Almost Zen-like Relaxing and no pressure to solve within time limits. Just enjoy!

I like there is not a timer. I can do this for a little bit, set it down to take care of other things and come back to it. It is a little more difficult, but so worth it.

Houses Find the difference.

Love the music very relaxing. The magnifying part is awesome

Fantastic I love this game and especially the magnifying for the hard ones to find

Karin This game will keep you on your toes. Not a easy game but lots of fun

Find the differences - Houses Certainly challenging. A good magnifying glass is a big help.

It's really challenging

Spot the differences Fun and a little challenging

Much harder than others

Cool game Helps you Focus really close

Finding the differences Great for the minded

Fun I like this game but I think it would be better if there was a time limit

Find the difference between two houses This game is best .

Find the difference houses Truly a challenge

Good Some are a little too suttle

Enjoyed Lots of fun

Spot the Differances: Houses Neither easy or timed (or vice versa), and that's why it's terrific!

Great colors and graphics. There is no question when there is a difference. It either is or there isn't...no ambiguety. I usually have to go back a time or two to find the last difference, but all fair in love and war. Jb

Need more levels.. Very fun game.. not to easy * not to hard. Way to go!!!!!

Spot the differences The game levels only require you to find 5 differences each but they're very minimal and sometimes only by zooming in can you tell what they are. The hint circles are helpful, but don't blindly tap on the screen or else you'll lose your lives and have to start over!

Challenging A good game to exercise your eyes and your brain. Look out for tiny differences.

Find the Differences A good game, keeps me coming back to find more. . .

Great Game It's challenging but if you get stuck, there's an option to get a hint.

Challenging Good game. Differences are not easy to find.

Spot The Difference It Is VERY Good Game And I Hope If U Make It 10 Instead Of 5 But Thanks For The Nice Game

Fine the difference Love the game. It keeps my mine sharp and eyes focus on things in life I sometimes look over.

Spot the difference Okay except for the fact you have to touch the screen very lightly or it will give you an x

Fun Game Clear crisp pictures make it better to see . Great fun for passing some time ! My grandson even likes to play ! Thanks !!!!

This is the best and most challenging game I have found. I wish there were more like it.

Kim Seems fun. Non judgemental so I just take my time and relax. ?

Barbara Good game but can't see the small items

Scenes not very clear

U This game gives my brain a good workout

Interesting game, must be able to concentrate. Enjoyable!

So far so good. Hope for more new games.

Can't put the game down Lots of fun

Great game! The details are amazing

Challenging Fun! Puzzle makes you work to find all the differences.

Hard to see some things. Way to small even on zoom. Uninstalled!!!!

This is a nice way to relax and exercise your mind and eyes.

Challenging Makes u just think harder

Great it really makes you work