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SoulCraft - Action RPG (free)

Supplied By MobileBits GmbH    On Dec. 4, 2015    Comments(114)

Samsung Phone SoulCraft - Action RPG (free) version2.7.8 Download

The Action RPG SoulCraft is the best free Action RPG game for Android. If you have been a range hunter or melee demon in enough dungeon crawlers and slayers, seen all the loot, blood & glory and wraith, cleared the crime city, feel like you have been a warrior for all eternity already fighting dragons, answer the call, fight for the torchlight of hope, do your duty and choose to be a legendary hero (or heroes of destiny if you will) in the action role playing game SoulCraft. Pick your ninja gun bros (or sister) and put the order back into the world of chaos. Put the game in your pockets and you will always have arcane legends with you. Be the star in the dark, unleash your wild blood and fulfill your final fantasy ;)

*** Action RPG can be played OFFLINE ! ***
*** SoulCraft featured by Google for Google I/O **
*** Handpicked game for Google booth at Mobile World Congress ***
*** our favourite user comment “This game is better than Elvis” :) ***
*** please see for details ***

Setting of Action RPG game:
With humans on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life, angels and evil demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans for victory and keep the circle of life intact. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel (with humans and demons coming soon) – it is up to you who will win this fight. May it be diablo in hell, god in heaven or the human race in this war of heroes directly on earth.

SoulCraft is being developed by the small indie game studio MobileBits. The game is still in development and we hope you will take this chance to shape this free game with us together to make it a real top pick and award winning game with lots of prizes. We will constantly add lots of stuff (locations, character, spells, items and more) and we will use your feedback to decide what to do next.

- free2play / freemium Action RPG game with lots of hack n slash and dungeon crawling
- awesome graphics and great gameplay in this best roleplaying game for Android
- combat demons in real locations such as Venice, Rome & Hamburg, New York & Egypt. More locations coming soon!
- play as an Angel now with more races including Demon and Human coming soon
- five different game modes in legendary quests including time run, arena, hellgate, crystal defense and boss fights
- battle lots of different and diversified enemies and fight with lots of weapons, swords, items, spells, equipment, gear and loot. Kill like a knight of heaven (aka angel).
- Multiplayer: challenge your friends and Co-Op Multiplayer coming soon

Download the best game SoulCraft right now for free and tell us what you think on our feedback page at - and please like us on
Thank you :)

Soulcraft is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at

Android TV users: a compatible gamepad is required to play

MobileBits GmbH part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Dec. 4, 2015. Google play rating is 84.2155. Current verison is 2.7.8. Actual size 202.0 MB.

What's new

    - Ad, Payment, Text and Stability Fixes
    - Fixed crashes in level 3.5 and improved stability
    - Sharper textures for movement and fonts work now everywhere
    - Many additional stability fixes over v2.8.0:
    - Greatly reduced app size from 208MB to 49MB.
    - Increased stability (no more OutOfMemory crashes, much more stable gameplay)
    - Updated a lot of libraries
    - Lots of fixes and updated support for more devices and controllers
    - Payment fixes and improved syncronization
Download soulcraft-action-rpg-free.apk 202.0 MB


Loved it It's a great game with the graphic in the fighting good grade on my phone and I already have to let the games there's just one thing I wish they would add if you added online like all the heroes against each other all the people against each other that's more heros and stuff that would be the best game ever

Perfect but not perfect OK so I was level 18 with good gear, and I decided to log into Google and it set me down to lvl 6 idk if this is a bug or not but other than that its a perfect game and I recommend you get it

M really njoying the game but not fully..coz i can't buy the higher items n its really hard to get sumthing bout it plz

Great game! Nice graphics, fun storyline. As always not enough gold to experience all the cool possibilities. Needs more findable gold. I don't want to spend much to play.

Sync issues Plz dont play this game. Instead of updating my online progress with my offline did the opposite. I was lvl 21 offline and 14 online...i sync'ed up..and returned to lvl 14..lost all items and gold i yad obtained....such a waste of time, energy and effort. Cant make myself play again

It's the grind of all time Haven't gotten very far, but I'm diggin' the grind. Thought I had a problem, got a response immediately - very nice! Why not 5 stars? Because it's a very limited field, as are the # of angels you can build. All in all, this is a sweet game for the money (0$)!!!

Good game but...darkness reborn is better Game play is nice. However the constant harassment from adds and trying to make you a gold member. Also seems to be restricted more unless you pay...

Awesum game Game is very good. Awesome graphics and awesum storyline. But the thing is after every chapter it becomes unresponsive and I have to restart the game. I m using a Nexus 4 and and have lollipop running on it.Sometimes it happens in between a chapter and then they will make me play the game again. Please do something about it and I m sure I can give it a 5 stars.

Not bad Graphics and gameplay are good and although possible to move forward without paying it becomes a royal pain, purchasing an upgrade immediately offers you one better than you just bought. Game has a tendency to freeze up when playing offline which considering its advertised as one is a disappointment all in all a decent time waster

Fun One of the better adventure games. Only thing is you don't really get a lot of gold through the quests. Granted to buy the gold is decently cheaper than most games, nonetheless most people don't want to spend real money on a f2p game.

Its good but The game is great but during loading and battles it constantly minimizes itself and does not sync saved data problems creating account

Buggy Can't even play it because the screen often doesn't display properly. When claiming the free items it always gives an error.

Excellent game to waste some time Love this game but not enough to make me pay for gold. Nevertheless a game worthwhile ?

Interesting Very early in the game but I'm very pleased. Some good RPG type stuff utilized in the game. Character build is fun and you don't have to pay for anything to be able to actually play the game. I'll edit this if I change my mind but I can see this team going nowhere but up.

Didn't take long. Just now started playing this game.I'm already disappointed. Right after installed it seemed fine, but it was late so waited to play after the first level, and today right now it keeps crashing when I go to play level. It's not my phone, I'm using high quality WiFi source so connection's fine. Its b.s. that not one game can just run fine with no crashes. I've been playing Kritika and I love it, but it began to lag so much and will crash a lot. I don't play rpg's only arpg's and no one can bring a great one

Addicting gameplay Overall its a nice game. You dont need to spend to get stronger. Only complaint is the D-pad gets stuck often in one direction and skill button too gets held down even with just a simple press of the button. Hope they fix this.

Challenging Love the game. Gives a bit of a challenge. Very few glitches. But overall great game. Would give 5 star if it let you choose other characters male/female different skill sets etc etc

Problems Everytime I try to do a daily quest the screen turns black or weird pictures come out please fix it recently I gave it a 5 star cuz it was fun but now the screen was going black and picture's come out of nowhere if you can fix it I will rated 5 stars again I would really appreciate it thank you

Pretty good so far... Leveling up is easy with "grind mode." Spend a few bucks to become a "Gold Member", well worth it. Runs smooth, looks good. Controls are responsive.

Good fun. Still early days, it better not get awful for people like me that do not pay loads

Great game with occasional issues The gameplay is nice for a tablet, there is no requirement to pay anything to enjoy the game and play all day (unlike games wich require you to wait massive amount of time between each battle). Not needing wifi to play is a definite plus. The only issue I have come across so far is the screen will occasionally black out, requiring you to restart the round. Other than that, it's a pretty solid game.

Super awesome This game is really great. supurb game interaction . Great role play. great way to keep yourself busy. Excellent game, keep up the good work

Poor support Bought the gold membership but I still see ads because it seems I can't remain logged into my account for more than a couple of rounds. If you make some progress after the logs you out, you lose it when you sync the game by logging back in. This is just terrible coding by the looks of it. And support emails don't seem to get answered either.

Good game When it comes to RPGs on a phone. This one is awesome. But... I am a gold member and am still getting ads and being denied gold member benefits. Without that complaint. I give it 5 stars

Can't See Enemies or Screen Layout on Level 4! I couldn't see the enemies I was supposed to be fighting on level 4: A Huge Blade. It seems like it would be a neat game, but not being able to see the enemies you're supposed to kill kind of ruins the game.

This game is great! This game is easy to play free on. I see people complaining about the ads but seriously people, the developers worked hard on this they're trying to make money. Pay the 3 bucks to go gold if it bothers you that much. A game of this quality is worth a lot more than that. But as a free player they give you tons of money and souls, with daily quests and daily log in prizes. you don't really feel pressured to go gold, which is extremely refreshing. the Dev team did awesome on this game. I'd recommend it.

More than what I thought!!!! If you are like me (Loving RPGs) then you will enjoy this spin off. It is not like a normal one such as final fantasy or grand theft auto but it has action, villians and shops to upgrade. I like it !!

Nice game Hard to get game gold, and monsters difficulty rises fast, very hard to get even with stage level. But over all verry nice and enjoyable

Soulcraft problem I admit that this game is amaze me for the graphics it has. But the problem is. Same as the other player, they claim that the gold was hardly to obtain and the worst is, the game is making me angry for bringing my level back to it's lower stage. My effort making my level higher is useless.

Pretty alright. Its probably one of the best free mobile RPG I've played. But it would be nice if u could remain stationary while attacking instead of every attack pretty much being a charge. Fix this and I will raise my rating

Amazing A very good game challenging and time consuming I could spend hours just discovering the storyline. Everyone complains about the lack of gold but souls kind of make up for it. It's definitely a grind but if that's what you're in for then you will most definitely enjoy it.

Easy way to kill time This game is a lot of fun and a great way till those times that you are stuck waiting.

Really?! I bought gold membership. I got everything. But a few minutes later, it all just disapeared! Now I have to buy everything again! I would like a refund of $1.99!

Entertaining, yet incredibly repetitive I often find myself skipping the dialog. It doesn't mean a thing.

Nice Awesome app have some difficulties entering my google account. Beside that app is a good game

Best rpg app so long... Easy to play and to evolve, the game currency is very accessible through daily challenges, the story is very reasonable and easy to follow, the graphics are absurd within so little Memory occupied (becoming accessible to download on Samsung Galaxy Core Duos, like mine). Overall, a very successful game, a "must have".

I could not play the level 3 of the game when the level 3 is loading the game automatically exit. I will gavr 5 star if you could fix this. Thank you..

Love this game Its cool but the adds are a bit annoying

Best game I've ever played A well thought out and built game, new baddies each level, like the fact you don't have to actually become a member to get high in the game, chose to become a member just as a thank you tbh, keep it up guys !!

great game This is an excellent game. It would have a 5 star rating but the game has several issues that need to be taken care of. Levels will be black sometimes and are unplayable even after exiting the game the problem sometime persiss or the game will lag to Were you cant hit the enemy but they can hit and kill you. These probles happen on an off wifi.

Pretty fun Nothing ground brealing but for a free game its excellent. Get the gold membership it's only 2$

Really fun just hard to get gold So I've had this game for a few days now and I love it. The only thing I don't care for for is the difficulty of getting gold and not being able to buy certain weapons and armor with souls. I'm still giving a 4* but if this gets looked and and adjusted in game I'll definitely give up a 5*

Addicting Good game to kill time. Only problem is that missions are short. But overall great game. Highly approve of getting it for the RPG game lovers. UPDATE: I must say I prefer this one instead of the second one. The second is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO BUY ITEMS WITH SOULS AND GOLD! Those who want a soul craft game, get this one instead of the second one.

My essence disappear, and sometimes it doesn't upgrade my stats on weapons and armor after I pay. THAT SUCKS, otherwise great game.

good but needs more variety of things to do,would be nice if you could choose story difficulty,ads freeze every few rewards please fix asap

So far seems ok Been playing just a couple days now. Not bad. Hated the ads so dropped the 5 bucks for ad free. ***update*** I have noticed since kind of glitch. I am on a galaxy s6 edge plus running Android 5.1.1. When exiting the game there is a popup notification "press again to exit" in a small window. After the game closes this window and text remains on the screen, as well as the music continues playing. Sometimes killing the game in the app manager works, other times I have to Reboot

crashing i hate the fact that this f#cking game is crashing everytime i play. considering the fact that i paid MY MONEY!!! to become a gold member. is this how you thank me? my hard earned money? like really? cumon dnt play me like that, i aint no sucka

Well I enjoy soul Craft but the part I don't enjoy is when it start to say sorry soul craft has been stopped whilst I'm in middle of the game,buh other than that I give this App 100%

The game is awesome but everytime it crashes which is so annoying...u must fix this problem...

Just another free-mium disguised game If adding ads at the beginning or end of every fight is considered an update, many people can start their own gaming development already. The game is probably not making enough money to sustain the group of developers. But thanks to these ads, I was recommended better games to play than waste my money and time on this trash they call a game. Thanks & Bye MobileBits developers!

glitchy some settings once changed will not change back. The adds seem to make the game unstable and occur before every battle. adds can be removed for a reasonable price, but I have decided that until it shows stability I won't risk spending on it. definitely going to download an app killer. great graphics, solid play control, clumsy tutorial, well thought out upgrade system, game has a lot of potential.

Very good game. Awesome. Iam running it in a Noblex tab, and its ok, some bugs when i put buffs in a weapon or element. Some constructive critics: -Need more potions. I cant keep playing a game that haves just 1 tipe of potions. For example, potions for bonus attack, potions for rage mode, for speed movement, invisibiliti, etc. - Need some class of blacksmith, or weapon crafting. That allows you to upgrade the weapons, and combine them characteryst..That will be perfect. -Some things are too expensive. Like ore needed to play double or bust game. The rest its awesome. Congrats

Fair Good game but the movement of the player could be a little better, I find I keep lagging. But all in all very Addictive :)

Adds are annoying Good game and 3d graphics little more improvement about realistic all in all great game

Hot and cool The game is nice I liked it very much it has beautiful H D graphics nice actions and characters but I hope it wold be tough, difficult and challenging cause it's too easy but the game is nice

Multiplayer on LAN I'm so thankful that you will put multiplayer soon...editing our heroes costume is best so we can boast our heroes to friends. Can you also put like choosing your skills everytime you make a new character just like in angel—you can choose your first skill from three different skills depending on your choice—Awesome game.

Good but bad Good game, love it. Gotta love the graphics and gameplay style. But wait...after just 4-5 quests it blocked. So basically after a quest it obviously does a savegame synchronisation and after that, an advert. Oh wait: and after that, another savegame. And after that, another advert. And so on until you're old and bored. OR UNTIL YOU UNINSTALL IT!!!

Only game I play now! I love this game, no waiting around to get energy have fun smashing away at enemy monsters collecting souls and gold. Kudos to the developers

Well...It is good in everything exept... It always Freezes and pop ups Soulcraft is not responding and it wont run anymore unless I restart the app....Please fix!...I love this game

This game would be great if it didn't freeze up all the time I hate when I pay money for an app and it is unplayable because it freezes and crashes constantly. This game is not worth playing for free. It would be great if it worked.

Really Don't download this game it will force you to buy the Gold Member ship because when i proceed to level 7 and continue the game it will show many ads and I can't even play anymore because of that. I thought this game can be my new past time but nah it force you to buy there s**t.

Glitches Games saves progress, then add pops up. Press X. Goes back to saving progress, ad pops up. Press X. Did this dance 6 times and gave up. Happens everyday. Seriously don't know how I'm level 11. Today I played one level and it did it again. Boggles the mind why gold membership keeps popping up. Why would I pay when I can't play?

Unbelievable It is unbelievable that this is such a large game and 0 lag! This is truly the best action RPG game in the WORLD.

Theres a daiLy reward right .. But why cant i get my reward .. ?? Sad . but i like it .. Its making me beast moDe everytime i got killed .. Making me want more power .. So i play and play and play and play and so on .. I hope the money can get more easier ..

Cool gameplay The game play is good and I don't mind a few adds here and there

Warning: Highly addictive. I will give 5 stars when you stop having clusters of continuous ads.

Atleast try and fix the lagging of defeated because the game controls buttons freeze...not cool.

Very good You guys should make more RPG games that don't need wifi

very satisfied will you please add a multiplayer mode to compete with my friends and other players online....but don't make it fully online game,just add the multiplayer mode.....thank you

This sucks, i paid for the gold membership and it worked for like 3 hours now i have the gold plate angel still but get all the ads and have to wait to heal, fix this and ill change my review

Loved it I love the game really good grafucs well done Guys keep up the good work

Decent game Decent game, I just wish support would email me back to tell me whether or not there's a chapter 5 so I can know whether I should keep wasting my time or not. Also not liking the paywall for this game or soulcraft 2. Otherwise it's a good game.

Ayush Good game only 50 MB with no more additional files download it now

Amazing A little expensive to get good material, or not enough gold or souls rewarded either way only bad thing about this game, good job guys!

What the hell Would rate this higher because it cool but ever since the last update the ads have been causing the game to loop and you have to manually shut it down because it stalls

Ironic Nice but i can't save the game nor sync also i can't signup my google

Sucks!!! I can't open the application!! If u fix it and i will give you 5 stars!!

Yes Really enjoyed playing this game. Had little to no issues with it. FREE! OFFLINE!

Please fixx After 3 days i cant open the game on my phone please fixz it i really love the game

Interesting The non combat interface is among the most confusing I have ever seen. The icons are small, the fonts hard to read, and there are buttons all over the place which makes it very hard to tell what it all does. The hangs and crashes are the bigger problem. I made it to level 7 but i give up trying to keep it running.

S6 Edge - confirmed 2200 Gold Package and it not only stays in Process, I don't have my 2200 Gold? I think I been cheated.

Thanx alot for everyone I love it alot,,very nice and good game,,i'm enjoy it very much,,

Excellent Good game, graphics are good.. the ads are annoying, skim it down a bit.

Just starting I like how easy it is to play and under stand. No get lost levels and penalties for dieing, but I am still on easy so I am not sure if that is true in every mode.

Good graphics Well-played game adventurous and exciting very good detailing must played game

No uninstaller? Too hard to maneuver the guy around to face the baddies. Evidently, the programmers don't read posts from folks in regard to the issues this game has!!!

Tooooo many crashes. Otherwise ok. Why does it suddenly say that my device is not compatible?

KD kozom Mostly I like game graphics, and than Overall great. But players xp power could improve.

Great game Great love but one thing I dont like is that u show can watch video to get coins and stuff.

Good but need to fix crashes It closes itself sometime but super great game! :-)

Ads or Game? Ads appear even BEFORE you have ever played the game. Full screen ads. Ads on stage loading page. Hell, I don't know whether the game is any good & you show me ads right away? Uninstall!

The HELL is wrong""!$"('-@'!%")%$-@ My online saved data was 6th level. For a long moment I wasn't online, and I had progressed my way to 17th level! But, today, when I signed into my Google account, my level went back to 6th!!! I don't thing I would like to go back to building back my score............ THE MOST DISAPPOINTING moment!!

Awesome The game play and graphics makes the whole game for me. You guys really rock. No freezes, no lags, it's a complete package (still waiting for the humans and demons though). I got work to do but I'm stuck playing ;) Keep me stuck guys. Epic!

camera movement I dont like the camera movement make my head dizzy..then yeah I tired of ads.. after play for 10 minute then I uninstall.. hope heard good update for this game and wish to play again..

Favorite game Cant wait to finish it please add another character to use like an archer or knight with a shield

Its a nice game.... However, I'v signed in my google play account and I've already done what the achievements said to do, but I'm not achieving the achievements... Whats wrong?

Great game but... Ads make it unplayable for me black screen lag out exc.

Great game. Add more ways to fight and overcome enemy, like jumping, kicking etc...

Get it or regret it First time I played this game I knew what I needed on my android phone awesome,gruesome,well crafted game only one fits that description it soul craft get this game now

Too many bugs - for me. Bought gold membership, but still kept some things locked. Still showed ads as well. My gold disappeared, and it 'saved' that as the new status quo. Sync problems. Upgraded/equipped character looking forward to playing - resets at random. Lots of my time and efforted wasted for nothing.

The ads kill it Half the ads have no exit button, never time out, and the back button only takes you back to the last screen. They prevent you from passing to the next level. I think I would enjoy this game if the ads weren't so invasive.

Best RPG ever played You guys are geniuses,I really enjoy this game.But I'm just having trouble with the angel's movement.It's a bit hard to control,maybe you guys must add an optional control like tapping the area where you want your avatar to go.Good job guys,just keep on improving this game

Add, Crash, Play with bad resolution or ghost overlays, rinse repeat Used to be a great game. Don't download it. waste of time.

Satisfaction guarantee! Customer service done a great job on assist in payment problem, thank you very much! Now it is time to go back adventuring..

Good but I like to have a girl or other looks of angel and another thing can we have new armor ,swords,bow,or helmet thx

Bugged achievement? Great game... one thing bugs me a bit tough... I got 39/40 achievements... last being Archangel (getting to lvl 50) which just wont pop despite the fact I have a lvl 50 angel... any toughts? Thank you!

Ad barrage After a few rounds, I the game wont let me continue unless I'm a gold member. Too bad. I would have enjoyed playing. The developers thinks too highly of themselves. Hehehe. This is not the only game in world you know.

Addictive! nice game .. but plss remove the damn ad's... dont need to buy for that ad's thing... and by the way can u add archer character... cause i'm enjoying playing the game even many advertisment... remove ad's for 5*..thnx great game...

Simple game play platform to defeat hell army and not open world. But is this offline game or online game only ? My tablet asus ZenPad c 7.0 red runs game just smooth and the lag game just few second ! Now tell me is this offline game or online game ?

No Females I was really disappointed that I could not play a female character. I'm a female and therefore relate to a female hero. I can't comment on the game play as I didn't get that far.. Add girls and I'd be willing to try it again.

Campaign level too hard This game is sweet,but putting people to play at very hard level at low levels is not good. Please rectify this and I'll give a 5* rating

Bugs I would have rated it higher. The game is definitely enjoyable but the problem is that if i log in my play account, it restarts to just level 5. If i dont, the daily does not seem to reach its "daily" count down so i dont really enjoy any daily rewards.

It's not bad The game really opens up when your phone has a faster processor, bigger ram, better GPU. I have octacore 1.3ghz, 3gb RAM, Mali T720, and the game can strain the phone more. Anyway the areas seem short, game is not play to win, overall smooth gameplay. Dialogues could be better, bgm could be a more subdued style, graphics are good. Hope the story isn't cliche, but I'll figure that out.

Best, most cohesive dungeon grinder, free. I can't speak for p2ps but this is handsdown the best I've played since dungeon fighter from nexon was out.