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Song Guess

Supplied By KurtChen    On April 4, 2011    Comments(50)

Samsung Phone Song Guess version1.0 Download

Have lots of songs on your phone? Let's play a small game with them, I play random 10 seconds of one song, and you guess the song name, let's see how you know about your songs!

KurtChen part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 4, 2011. Google play rating is 68.3388. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 130.0 KB. Download song-guess-1.apk 130.0 KB


Doesn't work It used to work for my galaxy cover X2 but i tried to play it on the s5 and it says unfortunately the game has stopped as soon as I press start. I really like this game please fix it :(

Really cool! I have alot of music so it made the game really cool but the thing is that it doaent stop it just keeps going anyeazee still and really cool

Good idea, poorly executed. If this worked more like Song Pop, it'd be a lot more fun. You could be scored on how quickly you manage to guess and have rounds of 10 songs or so to try and improve your score. As it stands, it just goes on forever and is just a bit dull.

Good idea, but... I really liked the idea of quizzing oneself on their own music, especially if they are a rapid collector, but as soon as I pressed start, the whole thing crashed. This happened three to four times and there is no connection problems or anything of that sort.

This game SUCKS!!! What a waste of time. I can quiz myself on MY OWN music all day long, and keep track myself like I have to do with this stupid game! I wouldn't give it any stars but you have to just to get your rating on here what a crock!

boring the game doesn't stop no score system.. need points, time limit n other functions to make it more interesting..

Quite boring No points and they quiz you on YOUR songs like you dont know the songs you put on your phone.No points no grade no time limit no pressure NO FUN

Uuuuuuum Ummmm.why are u guys using my playlist songs?such a give away!!!!p.s.y'all so stupid(I'm so sorry )

I doesn't work I have a galaxy note 3 and 90% of my music is lossless audio. I mean FLAC, ALAC. fix guys

Some kinda joke. I know my songs. And why anyone want to play this. You have angry bird,cut the rope. Gangstar. And other quiz games so why this end less point less app?

Aright It was realy easy. They were saying the title of the song in the song. But i did get some wrong.

=] It good but force closes to much plz fix Htc one s

good but need points good game as i don't really remember the name of the songs i have on my phone but i would prefer being scored and only doing like 10 songs a time rather than it going on forever

Was ok, now it doesn't even work! I used to play this all the time. I downloaded on my new phone (LG Optimus) and now it doesn't even work! I hit start and the app crashes. Please fix this.

They just play the same songs in your library which makes this too easy.

This game stinks ... thats all I can say no point wastin my time

Song guess It is making me mad because I want to play with it and it says it unfortunately stopped ya'll need to fix the problem now

Actually I really like it But 10 seconds is too long for guessing the songs. If you make it shorter or at least make an option to change the song's length, I will rate it 5*. Up to now, the idea is very nice but there is no real challange in this game.

love it, but it keeps force closing. please fix!

Great for language learning I use this to quiz myself on vocabulary I'm trying to learn. Works great. But let's have a paid version. The ads suck.

It's Okay, I Guess I was expecting a bit more difficulty, like a hangman sort of game.

i love this its so cool how it uses your music from your phone, pretty cool app????

Plz Fix Used to work but now when I press start it stops the app.

Stupid Should have read that it test you on your songs. No fun in that. And no score plus half the songs says error. Don't waste your time

Nyan Cat Kindove, alright...i guess Basicly a crappy doodle jump.

Almost perfect, just need to be able to set a limit of songs to play so we can then see how many we got right of a set amount

Duh it says in the description. How well do you know your it, good way to pass the time.

Boring Kinda stupid to quiz u on ur own songs, duhh i kno what they r i fn downloaded em! Also out of about 200 songs on my phone it kept playin the same one

Just what i was looking for I like it. I agree with that other person that it can be improved in a lot of ways but it's all that i was looking for. Brilliant. I like it. Good job. :)

It plays the same songs evertime u play.

Uninstall Coz no score or points or rules or gameplay.

Crap!! As one rater says....this app plays songs that I have in my phone.

I expected random songs not mine Iknow every one of in one second

Forced closed before I could play it.

Should add result at the end Should add results at the end...if not you have to play until you died...

It's ok It does test you on your music, but there is no scoring, out no goal, just an endless test

I can't go in at all!!!

Please fix The only thing I liked that it installed quick . every time I push start it stopped 7 times and I have a lot of songs on my phone

It's Okay, I Guess I was expecting a bit more difficulty, like a hangman sort of game.

Doesn't work! When I press start the app crashes!

I prefer 1000 of times playing Music Guess Game or Music Guess Game Free! by Kamlov. . . This Game is boring

The game is way too easy. It always plays from the beginning of the song and chooses 3 completely different sounding songs making the answer obvious.

Stupid!! Plays all the songs on my Sd card

Prrty stupid app Pretty stupid if u download the song means that u know it duhhhh

This is stupid it sucks most is countery music I hate it

Fail App Plays the songs I have on my phone...

NOPE. They just played charlie the unicorn..... .-. Don't recommend.

Stupid Apparently I got to have my SD card pluged in

Keeps crashing Keeps crashing on Note 3.

How sad Maybe because in the past I had mp3 files in my S2 but today I only have m4a files in my A3