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Supplied By Sling TV, L.L.C.    On Oct. 13, 2016    Comments(214)

Samsung Phone Sling TV version4.8.8.488 Download

Sling TV is everything you love about live TV minus everything you hate. Stream top live & on-demand entertainment — anytime, anywhere. Watch 7 Days Free, no long-term commitment.

Watch Pro and college football, MLB, NBA, current hit TV shows like Fear the Walking Dead, SportsCenter, top kids shows, and so much more.

Over 100 live channels available for instant streaming including ESPN, NFL Network, Disney Channel, AMC, Comedy Central, HGTV, TNT, TBS, FOX and NBC (select markets only), A&E, VICELAND, CNN, plus 10,000+ hours of on-demand shows, sports, kids shows, and movies.

Start streaming live on TVs, tablets, phones, computers, gaming consoles, and other devices.

Simple monthly price, as low as $20/mo. No long-term contracts. No hidden fees. Easy online cancellation.

Personalize your television and only get the channels you want with our Extras. Genres include Sports, Kids, Lifestyle, Hollywood, Latino & more starting as cheap as $5/mo. And, get premium channels like HBO®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ®.

Extras include top channels like ESPNU, ESPNews, SEC Network, Pac-12 Network, NFL RedZone, Nicktoons, Golf Channel, MTV, VH1, EPIX, MSNBC, Disney Junior

Get live breaking news and Presidential Election Coverage on CNN, Bloomberg, MSNBC, HLN, CNBC, Newsy, and more.

Interested in Latino or International content? Sling TV is the #1 live international television service in the US, offering shows in 18 languages including Hindi, Arabic, Brazilian, and more. Check out our Best of Spanish package and stream quality Latino entertainment Latino sports on ESPN Deportes, peliculas, novelas, soccer, and more.

Start streaming Sling Orange and get live sports, kids shows, movies & more. 25+ channels for just $20/mo. Including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, AMC, CNN, HGTV, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, HISTORY, Disney Channel, TNT, TBS, Food Network, Freeform, A&E, VICELAND, El Rey, Bloomberg, Lifetime & more.

Get Sling Blue and watch 40+ channels for just $25/mo. Including local favorites on FOX and NBC (select markets only), FOX Regional Sports Networks (where available), NFL Network, FX, USA, HGTV, Comedy Central, AMC, CNN, HISTORY, Bravo, FS1 and FS2, Nick Jr. TNT, TBS, Univision, National Geographic Channel, and more.

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Watch hit movies on HBO®, CINEMAX®, STARZ, EPIX®, TCM, and more. And get access to our amazing movie rental library.

Stream college & professional sports like NBA basketball, NFL football, MLB baseball, NCAA, World Cup Qualifiers, MLS, La Liga, UEFA Champions league, English Premier League.

Go mobile and watch pro football, NCAA, NBA — anytime, anywhere.

Can’t get enough professional and college football? Catch highlights, games, and more at home and via mobile on the NFL Network and NFL RedZone with our Sling Blue service plus Sports Extra

Add HBO®, featuring Game of Thrones, Westworld, Silicon Valley, Veep, Sesame Street & Girls, plus classics like The Sopranos, The Wire & more.

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Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

Sling TV, L.L.C. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 69.3959. Current verison is Actual size 39.0 MB.

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No Chromecast Support How on earth does a service designed to replace cable TV not support Chromecast or any other easy way of getting content to your TV. Not everyone has or wants to connect a full blown computer to the TV in their living room.

Okay, but not perfect. Needs to utilize full screen feature on tablets which most video video streaming apps take advantage of.

Chromecast Support ASAP The app and programming are ok, it's just unbelievable this app didn't have chromecast support at launch. Watching TV on a small screen is not always convenient. Please update!

Good It's pretty nice the only thing I don't like about it is the screensaver on my roku player after 4 hours it come on and stops playing we should have a choice to disable it. Please add local channels and update it so we can use sling on more then one device if I'm paying for it people should be able to use it on more then one device at a time.

I had to duct tape my tablet to a wall. I tried to get used to Sling TV being the only video app I use without Chromecast support. But it never got used, locked to this small screen. Also, unsubscribing required finding a baby at the center of a labyrinth.

Never works Anytime there's a big game on, sling doesn't have the hardware to support the users. You'll be waiting for hours for it to load.

Would not recommened Not worth Sing hindi package is cheap but I have to call atlist 4 times a week, before talking to rep takes nearly 45min then they transfer to other department and still have to wait before they solve the issue which is rare, after dishworld merge to Sling had bad experience. Hope To see Dishworld back.

Absolutely Must Add Chromecast Support Absolutely must add Chromecast support...this lack of it at launch is unacceptable. You should also be able stream more than one stream at a time from the same external IP address. Also, good luck watching anything from HBO On Demand for more than a few seconds before crashing the app...

Great concept, needs improvement Off to a good start but the service needs to improve the issues pertaining to the sudden loss of content that happens periodically and always untimely (read: no ESPN content during game 1 of NBA playoffs)

No SAP on their channels I'm trying it but, I'm canceling before my trial ends. there is not sap on channels known carry sap audio. So TNT, TBS, cartoon network, boomerang, etc has sap. Until sap becomes available, I will keep just my antenna for now. I need sap for my Hispanic family at home, they speaks Spanish almost all the time. And at least 2 STREAMS ARE NEED AT THE TIME. 1 IS DUMB... family at least has a kid which wanna see while the adult see other show....

Error Says there's an error loading channel data. Trying to watch the NBA playoffs. Not happy at all!!! Paying for service you can't use is ridiculous. Saved the screenshots. Horrible.

It's okay This review is for AT&T note with, without wifi, and Xbox one with wifi direct connect. It's watchable when watching sports because you can deal with the skipping. I pay for 100mbps wifi and my tests are normally around 80-130 with direct connect. I still get poor quality and a lot of pauses but it's worth the $20 a month for NBA playoffs.

Smokin' Hot I love the app and the service. The only problem is it eats battery and makes the processor incredibly hot. One thing I wish it had was the Chromecast feature like Netflix or WatchESPN.

Works great for me Sling is pretty awesome. I cancelled my cable and with this service I get all the channels I used to watch but pay $45 per month less than I was. Chromecast support would be nice but there are apps on so many other devices that it's not a negative for me. The only thing that keeps me from giving it a full 5 stars is the quality occasionally craps out for buffering. Other than that I am very happy with it.

Perfect Pay no mind to mindless mouth breathers down voting this. Direct Chromecast integration would be nice, however, you can still cast your screen directly from the chromecast app itself. Zero lag, zero interruptions. If you have trouble with these new fangled electronic gizmos then stick with your current setup; stop down voting a near flawless execution because of your luddite tendencies.

Doesn't allow multiple viewing at one time App all of a sudden ia crashing as wwll on my amazon stick. wtf! I do think this is a wonderful way to cut the cable company and know this will get better with time but it doesn't allow viewing from two different devices at one time. I was watching on my roku and signed in my phone and it kicked me off the roku. Once they allow at least 2 devices at once will give a better rating.

Every channel works but ESPN and AMC :::Tl;dr - ESPN channel is so bad it's easier to use the ESPN app.:::: No matter what channel I change to at any time under any data load in my house, every channel works except AMC and ESPN. It's so bad by the time the show is over I spend 10 to 15 minutes of buffering in any 30 minute show. PC, xbox, or Android, all the same issue. If I switch to tnt or H2 or any other channel, any and all shows including dvr work everytime. I understand growing pains, but the espn app should not work better than sling.

Not quite there Still doesn't work quite right. Can't change channels. Select from menu one of the options and no channels come up. Nexus 7

Not bad, but This app would be amazing if one is able to chose own channels. One of the main reasons I ditched cable is paying for a bunch of channels that I never use. Here it's even worse due to the limited number of channels. I'm not an sport fan, yet there are 2 ESPN channels!

No On Demand Fast Forward The user interface of the app is decently useful, but the lack of ability to fast forward when watching on demand content is extremely frustrating. It's not the best on my Roku 3 but you still are able to fast forward through commercials. Also on the Galaxy S5 the picture is zoomed in, cutting off part of the top & sides. Annoying issues that make the app only occasionally used. Fix this please, Sling.

always hanging.. cannot stream in TV, as keeps rrsetting and same in smart phone. very irritating. Also, so difficult to fast forward to certain point, especially when hangs in between movie.

Took back TV I installed this app, signed up for a new account and it worked great. It feels magical to watch TV like this. Looking forward to the next generations of this service and app.

Bug, bugs and more bugs I am pretty excited about the possibilities with slingtv. Problems with out of sync audio and error messages on my laptop are discouraging. Growing pains. I will give them a couple of months.

Hindered, restricted, crippled..."Take back TV"...puahahaha Rather dissapointed in this app and service. * It doesn't support Chromecast. There's absolutely no good reason for this. Anyone with Android 4.4.2 or higher can cast their entire screen via Chromecast to get around this limitation, so why needlessly cripple the app and provide a degraded experience to the viewer? * No Full Screen Immersive Mode support. You have to watch "TV" while having the Soft Keys ( Android's Navigation Bar ) visible at all times. Really?...this is such a simple feature to implement, why bother hiding the notification bar and not the Nav Bar? * More of a Sling "TV" service thing. No simultaneous device viewing for U.S. packages. Only International ones. Yep, that's right. If you sign up for a Spanish package for example, you can pay $5 per additional device. If you want this for your U.S. package, you'll need to fork over another $20...."Take back TV"...puahaha...please! My cable is cheaper than this and allows me to watch tons of shows on the go and event if it weren't cheaper...Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, all allow simultaneous device viewing. As is, Sling offers very little incentive for me and my family to sign up for this service.

Not up to Par Errors out, get catching up, buffering, or an error to call customer service. Crashes at least once every couple days. Three channels that I pay for say content unavailable on a regular basis. Why pay $1 per channel and then not get the shows on those channels. You can't pause, rewind, or fast forward on most channels. PAUSE really, I can't go to the bath room or I'll miss something because I also can't rewind. Most channels have no or very little on demand content. Icons for the shows are not correct and shows are hard to find. HBO is the best part of this package but you have to buy the basic before you can get HBO and the basic is where most of the problems are. Also the programming losses quality or can not keep quality on two tvs even though Internet is 15Mb. This should be enough bandwidth to run the HD signals and work fine with Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services without any issues. Low quality at high price. I do not recommend.

Four stars for HBO addition Still some things I'd like to see, like native Chromecast support. However, with my Nexus 7 (2013), and Jellybean, I'm able to cast my screen to Chromecast with no issue. Unless you count the nav icons showing when casting. Actually kinda looks cool. Just have to rotate to landscape to get full screen cast. I do have to keep my N7 plugged it when casting, but well worth it. #cutthecord

Lags alot I have the 1month free subscription. I was thrilled at first ,but it lags so much and I hate that I can only watch it on 1 device. Needs more support

Sling TV rules!! Greatest app for TV ever way better than cable has all the Channels my family wants. Watch out cable you got some competition and there knocking your castle of cords down! All hail sling TV!!!!!!!!!

False Advertising I downloaded because I wanted to see NBA games and Game of Thrones (GOT). Unable to watch a game so far, I'm expecting GOT to have a lot of lag, looks like I will cancel my free subcription before it runs out. App desperately needs Chromecast, a better UI, and NBA games. Tons of potential, seems like a rushed product and False Advertising. Will downgrade to one star if I can't watch GOT or a single NBA game.

Sling television Can't watch on more than one device. Wife wants to watch AMC I want to watch sports center to bad. It works well . I signed up for 3 months and got an amazon fire TV for half price. As soon as the 3 months are up I'm cancelling the service because its causing fights between us about what to watch and I'm not going for another subscription so we can watch two different channels at the same time! We can watch Prime and Netflix and local channels on our Tablo DVR. This service is only good if you are a single person. Maybe they could charge another 5 bucks a month to let a second user watch at the same time then I would keep it

HTC one Espn anywhere I go,what's to complain about? This is the app I've been waiting for since smartphones came out.

Doesnt seem ready for prime-time Using the free trial with a couple different android devices. Interface is decent although a bit slow with some mank. Having to Cast screen instead of having dedicated chromecast support is a big fail. Do we know why this hasn't been updated yet ? Even though I have a 80MB connection and high-speed wireless router the audio is behind the video and the quality is pretty bad at times. Also noticing that content on the food channel doesn't play all the way thru and you end up missing the last five minutes per episode - seriously ? Not sure its worth $20 a month at this point. Hoping for some updates and better consistency.

It works. Not perfect. Perfect for those that don't watch TV all day. ESPN works fine for me. Plus access to the Watch ESPN app covers the one device streaming issue. I have never missed a sporting event due to this app including NCAA tournament and NBA playoffs. Have found that HGTV audio is slightly out of sync. There are also shows that get blacked out. That is likely a deal breaker for some. Do research before subscribing as this service is not for everyone.

Roku The TV services on Roku are good at best, Voice synchs in fair time, picture is like crappy JPEG file resolution on CN and Disney XD, Samsung Galaxy Note doesn't allow panoramic view when flipped, Freezes or Crashes on channels, HD sometimes appears on XD and CN, work on improving view and crashes first.

it's not the same Freezing and error on app that kicks me out every time. Needs a lot of work. Every time they add something big like HBO they need to be able to handle the traffic. Worst sometimes and does not work other times.

Keeps Crashing!!! I'm having problems on Amazon Fire TV stick and Android (Nexus 7 2012). Crashes within 15-30 seconds on both! Please FIX...Love the service but this is unacceptable.

Add a priority list. I like Sling TV. Aside from Chromecast support, the only thing that I would recommend is that Dish add a priority list of what device comes first. In other words, I want to list my tablet as first priority so that when I'm watching ESPN in the break room at work, I won't get booted off by my girlfriend at home who wants to watch TNT or CNN on Sling TV over the Roku. Maybe that's something they can set up on their website.

This App Sucks I was really excited to learn about Sling. I dumped conventional tv years ago but I do like the idea of watching some live tv, so I subscribed. I am very on the fence as to whether I will keep my subscription because of the horrendous quality of this app. Especially on my ipad. It's comparable to back in the day trying to watch youtube on dial up. So freakin frustrating. Constant picture freezing while sound continues or buffering. I probably would and will explore other options.

Needs Chromecast Support Great idea and a nice app. But it is completely useless for me if I can't cast to my Chromecast. I might revisit this service when it supports the Chromecast.

About the update I, too, am having the app crash due to the recent update, but I found a temporary solution. I went in task manager and cleared out the RAM memory. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the Sling TV app. It works fine then until the RAM gets full and I have to do it all over again. I liked the initial release of this app and I wish Sling TV didn't force it's users to update in order to continue using the app. I have never written a review of an app before, but I wanted to help someone who has already paid to be able to use their subscription. Sling TV, please go back to using your original version. Thanks.

Please fix Sometimes I lose comunication and takes forever to load up again. And sometimes on some channels, like on A&E it says "content not available". Why? And would like to be able for two ppl to watch tv on same account at same time for free. I guess you could charge an extra 5 dollars r somthing to add viewers or whatever.

Bye bye Uverse 18 mbps internet good quality picture, I cannot complain about Sling TV.. I would however like to be able to use at least two devices simultaneously for the same price...keep up the good work, and looking forward to future improvements...keep the cost reasonable and my friends and family will subscribe.

GREAT! Especially with unlimited Metro PCS! No cable or dishes for me! Love regular programs, but pay extra for HBO (Game of Thrones, etc) and Epic movies! Racked up 20g data in 4 days, so glad I have $50 month unlimited! No video delay when driving my car!

Good idea, execution lacking. Missing Chromecast support. Frequently crashes or provides low def video. Many channels disable DVR functionality on live streams and do not provide much in the way of on demand content. Does NOT replace your DVR. Best "feature" I've found so far is that your Sling TV account can be used to gain access to the WatchESPN app.

Love it, except Love it, except I dislike the one stream per account (would love if it was one stream per bundle, or one from main bundle, one from HBO, one from kids, one from sports, etc. Could even cap it at 2 or 3 streams total, but only one from each bundle). Also does not work with android M (though that does not factor into my rating, just thought I'd mention it).

No chromecast, clunky interface Lacking: chromecast, watch list for TV shows (with optional notifications), and an interface that's actually usable. Love the idea, needs some major polish.

I enjoy it, but a few bugs Recently the volume on my Sling TV app has been very low. I'm not sure which update caused this... also I get booted and it will freeze up. I also agree that two users watching simultaneously would be more appealing to pay monthly.

Works fine on my other devices, however my Nexus Player with the Android M dev preview instantly crashes when i attempt to load the app. Even when watching another video, I'll randomly encounter "Sling has stopped" messages -- perhaps from the leanback launcher trying to refresh content? Either way, its unusable in this form. Forced to uninstall :(

Needs Chromecast support The app itself is fine, but the Xbox One app is trash. This needs Chromecast support so that I can get TV on my TV without multiple crashes per hour.

Where's Chromecast support? Says online it supports the Nexus player so I would think Chromecast support would also be available. However there is no cast option within the app. Please add this so I don't ha e to plug in my computer to watch on TV.

Needs Chromecast Support Love to carry TV around anywhere I go. But if the idea is to break away from mainstream cable,dish, uverse, etc... What do those devices feed into? A TV. Which now has great devices such as Chromecast which is an amazing interface for entertainment. Hope this is fixed by the end of free trial. 27 days and counting

Please fix Decent design but needs some bugs fixed. Setting for bitrate doesn't stick, at least on android tv. Having to change it every time you use the app gets old. Also, after about 20 minutes, bitrate always goes down to 0.3 or 0.5 Mbps, resulting in an horrible picture quality. It stays there for long periods of time before going back up. Connection is 5Mbps and very stable so that's not the issue, every other streaming app works fine and never lowers its bitrate.

Poor interface. Stuck with ESPN - same old issue with cable bundles. No DVR functionality and no ability to even set a reminder to watch something - an amazing omission... What I need is for TIVO to use their brand recognition to seamlessly integrate paid channels/content with OTA DVR functionality.

it's great I love it. 20 $ a month verses $100 a month is great. I love the chance to say F.U..... to the cable companies and there over charging and poor customer services. in the 15 years that I paid for cable I have paid over $15,000.00 that's just absurd.... and they keep rising fees. ... the channels are great for me the wife and the kids...

You get what you pay for The video quality and reliability is not what you come to expect from a cable or satellite subscription. The interface is clunky. The video can be laggy (is almost impossible to watch a program without lag) the video and audio likes to fall out of synch (audio/ video miss match) I have used this on 3 different networks. Including the use of a VPN and find the experience to like being back in the 1980's and having to continuously re- arrange the rabbit ears on your old Sony Trinitron TV.

Can't watch a single show for more than one minute in my nexus player, keeps dropping off, even I have super fast internet, I regret I purchased 3 months, can't wait to find alternative, don't purchase this POS

Subscription is high for what you get To be able to watch live tv on my phone is awesome. There's a black out that occurs on some channels during primetime which is really disappointing. The price per channel is higher than what you pay for cable or satellite. You get a handful of channels to watch, a few that I could do without, and some that I watch pretty regularly. I think they should add the ability to rewind and fast forward to watch from where you've left off. It pretty much ruins shows by having to watch the entire thing from the start.

UI ruins a great idea Bottom line this is the worse user interface I have ever used. How did this get to the public? Someone should be fired and never allowed to design a UI again. The Roku version is astonishingly, much WORSE. This should be $20 a month I would gladly spend but no, you've turned TV into a chore.

Lots of delay I have super fast internet speed and i use an amazon fire tv stick to watch sling. The quality is good but...the channels "catch up" a bit too much i am not able to enjoy the experience of watching tv without having these delays. Please, fix these bugs and this is really worth it.

Much More Reliable than Cable's Apps There is some room for improvement in the UI and optimization. But I've yet to have a crash or sub par viewing experience. Way better than the Verizon app and unlike Optimum it actually opens. Keep it up!

When it works It's awsome when it works but if I'm paying for something I should have to wonder if the app is going to work or not

Live TV audit out of sync too often And lack of Chromecast. Watch ESPN is much better handling live streaming.

Couple things No chromecast support. The side buttons that go away on the screen force a zoomed in effect cutting off parts of the screen. Please fix.

Money vs Channel Quantity I vote for the money I am saving. Sling has the core channels I watched with Uverse anyway. Happy cord cutter here.

Waste of time While the concept is good, the app is a really bad implementation. Having no chromecast support makes it useless unless you want to watch on your 5" screen android phone.

Love it Works great on my Nexus Player, Shield Tablet, and G2. No buffering issues on any channels. HBO works perfectly, even that first GOT weekend. Chromecast support is not needed, especially with the FireTV and Nexus Player deals. I would LOVE to see this integrated into the Live Channels app. I think with rumors of TV's coming by Xmas with AndroidTV built in, this would be the ULTIMATE cord-cutter setup (OTA HD w/HDHomeRun, cable w/SlingTV, all in a unified EPG)

Cutting my cable Was really looking forward to cutting cable. While I am impressed with the app so far, even with my poor internet connection the video comes through very well. Can switch channels and see whats on.

Good idea, but only one stream per account? For the price it should be at least two, and no chromecast support? That should be a requirement for any aspiring cord cutting program. Subscription cancelled.

Almost perfect.... C'mon guys! We should have Chromecast support by now! I want to ditch my cable but can't until you add this

OK but needs chromecast Needs two streams, Chromecast and more regular channels such as CBS, MNSBC and such, would then subscribe.

goodbye xfinity tv works great combined with xfinity starter internet package. saving over $80 a month with sling tv.

app not opening on MINIX x8-h A few weeks ago an update was pushed and the app does not open so it unusable on the Minix x8-h. too bad because I loved it when it worked.

A lil buggy...... I like the fact that I have cable at a great rate and I like the selections BUT! it keeps freezing up and stopping with interruptions during programming. If this keeps up I definitely will cancel my account. Don't want to but might have to. I'm just saying. Fix it PLEASE!!!!

Just ok It is a good app for watching live tv. Would be 5 stars if you have the major networks and a on demand for past episodes.

Chromecast Support Please! I love the service, but the lack of chromecast support really put me off.

Didn't background suspend What a lousy app. I watched something for like 2 min. And then closed the app later on I got a message saying I used up my 3 gigs of data. I looked, and it was all used up by this stupid app!! Pay you $20 a month?? You should be paying me!!

Cool idea, poor execution. I love the idea of Sling and I hope they can improve, but the quality is just not there. Picture quality is too dark and their encoding just sucks. I get constant buffering and all their apps crash constantly. Xbox One, Windows, Android, Fire TV, every app is sub par. I've submitted tickets to address these issues but tech support doesn't seem to know what they're doing. Hopefully I can subscribe in a year or two and they'll have their stuff figured out. But for now it's not worth my money.

Getting better all the time Its like having cable but cheaper. Wish there could be at least two streams so I don't have to watch the same channel as my wife. Really like sling TV. Its the best way to watch HGTV without cable.

Great when it works, but it frequently crashes on the Nvidia Shield TV. Frozen images, black screens, etc.

Lags too much and buffers to the point where you turn it off and doesn't want to start. most of the time it tells me bad connection but all my other services work like Netflix,and Hulu flawlessly . It used to be OK but now I hate it

I miss DirecTV If you pick up your phone while casting, it will start over and you can't skip back up. Forced to watch commercials. If you open the app while someone else in your house is casting, you stop there cast as it plays automatically when you open the app and you are only allowed one stream at a time. Pick up your phone during a live broadcast and it will buffer on your cast. I thought this app was mature but it isn't ready for prime time. Thankfully I have 5 days left on my trial and I won't spend money on this.

Programming seems limited to a few shows per station Some of the programming is great but the same shows repeat over and over. Seems to have buffer issues often.

Buffering issue Need to address the buffering issue. It's so frustrating, I hardly use the app because of it. I'll give it a few more months and will cancel subscription. I have no problem with Watch ESPN, Netflix, etc. Even upgraded my cable modem. Performance was better when you first started.

Needs Work The concept is great, I the channels provided are a good variety. But the app constantly buffers, skips, and lags. This is the only app that I stream to chromecast that does this. Needs updating on the video streaming quality.

It will drive you crazy I don't mind commercials, but sling plays the same ones over and over again, and sometimes back to back!!! So far during mnf ESPN has frozen twice and I have seen one commercial 10+ times in an hour. Also now doesn't work on pixel c. Save your money and give it to cable or satellite...

Sling Tv I use this app on my windows 10 computer and usually have no problems however more often then not I get error messages that kill the whole session. For $20 a month it's worth the price it has a nice selection of channel's.

Good When It Works This rating is about the service in general, not the Android app specifically. You would think after a year, the service would be much better. When it works, you get a solid, clear picture and sound with no buffering, but too frequently you have audio chirping, cutout and degradation along with video tiling or cutting out. On the far end of the spectrum the video stops playing entirely or won't play. This is on multiple different devices and networks so let's not play the blame it on someone else game.

Poor streaming quality, cuts out I have been trying to use this service for a few weeks now and every time I do it lags, drops to extremely low quality, finally dropping the connection all together. I have to restart the app to get it to work again. The backbone is there, so ill give it two stars. But the fact that I can't watch a TV show without losing connection (other services [Netflix, prime streaming, and Hulu] work perfectly), makes Sling TV not worth the cost. Maybe in a year or two once they figure how to keep up it'll be worth it.

"Definitely Not Free" This app advertises free channels it looks good until you arrive to the app it asks you to pay $20:00 per month, meanwhile you were expecting free cable I don't recommend for people who don't waste money on junk like this.

May go back to cable Once you start watching a show, you get 75% into it and it reboots. Try going back to the show to resume play and walla, you have to watch it from the beginning. Not worth the money. Now they add a new channel and take away the ones that were the reason why you signed up in the first place...switching back to cable sooner than later.

Glad I tried free trial first - disappointed Really wanted to like this. Wanted to use it with Chromecast, but it really works poorly. All other Chromecast apps work good for me, but this app is terrible.

Fix it Edit a month later: Still terrible with chromecast and decent internet service. Got rid of the subtitle issue which is fantastic. Video and audio quality drops frequently and buffering is still an issue. Video becomes pixelated to the point where you don't even have an idea of what is happening. Like, half the video quality of a 90's tube tv. Audio quality drops from ok to just terrible. Noticeable even on tv speakers, sounds like they are on AM radio. Improved (no random subtitles) but still garbage.

Fun while it lasted For the first day I had no problems and was able to watch every channel. Second day I could only watch CNN, along with the third day (no other channels would load even after restarting the application). Day four, can't watch a single channel even CNN, doesn't load even after be restarting. Not worth $25 in my eyes. Will be canceling my free trial and getting rid of this useless app.

Good service, great price $20 per month for cable on any device I own is well worth it. Love that includes WatchESPN access. Wish the stream would stay high definition 100% of the time but the streaming reliability does seem to be improving. I also wish the NBA TV and NFL Redzone channels could be addons. Regardless, it's still worth it. Keep up the improvements Sling!

Has Potential This service has the potential to be great. There are problems with it though. It has buffering issues on this specific platform. The main complaint that is universal across all platforms is that only one person can view this at a time. Living in a household with 5 people including myself, this is unacceptable. If it weren't for the Roku deal, I would never have gotten this service knowing only 1 person is allowed to stream at a time.

Roku device makes HUGE difference! I recently connected our Roku devices and it's a better picture quality and very little buffering. Dislike that you can't watch live shows on more then 1 device, but it's definitely not a deal breaker! Very affordable and customer service reps are awesome when assisting with questions or concerns!!

Chromecast support is present, but programs frequently freeze and sometimes stop playing altogether. Update from three to two stars: even after this Chromecast specific update (which DOES take care of playback freezing etc.) It's almost unusable. If I have a show open and put my phone to sleep, when I wake the phone up, the show starts over at the beginning with no ability to scrub forward. This is at best an early-Alpha product for Chromecast. Buyer beware.

Was a little skeptical at first, but have not had any issues running on any of my devices. Would like to possibly see some more channel choices. Can i finally tell cable goodbye?

Crashes on S7edge App needs some major improvements like buffering and crashing. When it crashes it restarts my phone. Make it better developer's.

The moment you think it works, it stops! Slow loading. Unavailable channels. Channels like france24 can steamed via YouTube for free. But the app only does non-hd.

Riddled with bugs and issues. Where to start... With a 150 mbps up down connection for some reason I can't maintain a HD stream. If I'm casting from my phone to a Chromecast and I unlocked my phone while streaming the stream starts over from the beginning for some reason. And for a service I pay for its shocking how many "this content is not currently available" I get. Please fix this app...

I just cancelled my subscription. I'll come back when you guys actually get serious with whatever system you have for this. And when your service and your customers becomes more important than money.

Nope. Don't do it. Hulu is cheaper. HBO better as standalone. Run now. This is a message for myself to never use this service again.... Always auto plays.... I'd like to use my phone to search content while the TV is playing, but the second I open the app it plays a show and kills the TV.... Better yet. How about a simple STOP button so the content also stops when you want without needing to close the app. If live TV was the last on, then I must start a random movie then pause that stupid movie so the app is usable! Please fix this seriously horrible flaw.

No change I haven't seen any improvement for Chromecast since the update. Audio and video quality constantly goes from good to bad every few minutes. Still freezes and buffers. No problem whatsoever streaming Netflix or any other streaming service on my Chromecast. Love the concept but starting to hate paying $20/mth. for something that doesn't work as advertised.

Get Netflix and Hulu You pay 20 bucks a month and $5 for any extra package. They don't have too many channels which is fine for the price but the drawback for me is that the screen gets fuzzy a lot like it can't keep up. This app is the only app i have that problem with so I know its not my phone. I recommend getting both Netflix and Hulu. It'll be a couple dollars cheaper and you have more variety and you won't have a buffering problem

Terrible video quality Whenever I watch sports, the video quality is choppy and slow. It's so frustrating as it will cut out most of the game. And it's not my internet connection, I have a great internet speed. I love sling and all that it has to offer, but to me Sling talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk. Fix the video quality and it would be much better.

Great concept, unstable and terrible app. $20 a month is steep Ford the amount of channels available. I was still willing to pay rick watch walking dead but whenever I try to watch the screen just goes black every 20 seconds. It makes it unwatchable then I just end up downloading a free torrent of the episode anyway. I'm unsubscribing until the app use completely redone from scratch. No update will fix this because it's too poorly designed.

Great service, bad for my Galaxy 6 Don't get me wrong, the service for the price is great. The app itself is a breeze. My issues come with streaming to my Google Cast. Playback had been smoother since the last update but now my S6 keeps telling me the app (when casting) is causing my device to run slowly. Once this is addressed I'll be like a pig in poo!

Liked it more Sling is really good for the price. Kind of disappointed about removal of the H2 channel. The replacement channel Vineland blows. There are like 5 or 6 shows on that channel that they just keep playing over and over. Local channels would be a nice improvement. They provide one local weather channel but is no good to me. The city that they provide information on is located on the opposite side of my state. Would have given 5 stars but no more Ancient Aliens.

Great on Chromecast, Horrible on Xbox One On Xbox One, seems to play whatever channel last left off on for the most part, but if you try and switch channels, or play something on demand, you get an authentication error and to try again later.

Concept is perfect, execution has a way to go SlingTV is exactly what our household needs...when it works. And I do appreciate that they are making improvements, including better Chromecast performance (thank you!). There is still work to do. Some channels perform much worse than others (Freeform and Lifetime are awful). But the company is clearly making an effort, which is appreciated. My biggest requests are 1) an option to take ESPN OUT of the basic package (and the ridiculous cost of it for non-ESPN watchers), and 2) an option for a second stream

Happy cordcutter Had it for abt 30 days now. Using through a amazonfirebox. Wifey loves HGTV, I love ESPN and CNN. The rest are bonuses. Good HD video quality on my projector HT. disappointed that audio is mediocre stereo since my HT is 9.3.4 Dolby atmos. App is stable on my Acer jellybean

Terrible Chromecast Viewing App works great on a phone, on a computer but it's nearly unwatchable even AFTER the update. Audio doesn't sync with video, buffering, buffering buffering. Laggy, inexcusable trash. They should ship subscribers more free Roku devices because that's the only thing it works well on.

Too many hiccups After uploading the latest Chromcast/ SlingTV updates, buying a stronger wireless router and paying for higher Internet to cast to our TV via Chromecast, buying a new Minidroid phone, a Samsung Galaxy s4, and a new iPad Mini 2, and we STILL have to put up with that irritating buffer circle and hiccups of audio and video that can last several minutes??? Not one of those work better than the other. Can you please find a better connection because it's not better than cable.

Only 3 Star because don't have Chromecast capability . If you add Chromecast then I add more channels. Well Now you have Chromecast good, but you are who choose the channels pkg not us. And that is Not good because must of the channels You choose is not on my interest then I have to paid for channels that I Don't want or like? Also you make a BIG mistake If you NOT include at least Two Spanish channels. Hey The Platform is great and nice But another reason is That ONLY I can use on ONE DEVICE!! That means that if I have the app on my Table, phone or laptop I ONLY can use it on ONE????? So if i have another chromecast {I have Two} on another tv set then I my wifw or kids -grandkids can not watch on my Chromecast or Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick??

Needs some work I cut cable to save money so I guess you get what you pay for. I'm watching the SEC tournament on SEC Network and it's cut away 4 times during live action to go to a commercial break. There's considerable lag at other times as well.

Chromecast is terrible I really like this provider, but the stability and and reliability of this app for Chromecast is awful. It's always lagging and the audio and video aren't syncing properly. I would also like the ability to fast forward on a show in the app. Every time the app crashes, it resets where I'm at in the episode and it's getting really annoying. If the Chromecast feature is improved, I would definitely give it 5 stars.

Much better experience with the February 18th, 2016 update for Chromecast. A few latency issue still exist but upgrading to an AC5300 router solved most of the issue (keep in mind other apps have zero problems with the old setup). But it's getting close to being a five star app. Please keep improving the Chromecast support, Sling! You've made great strides lately. I have to revise this again. There is an annoying bug chromecast when I hit the power button on my phone the app skips back to a previous show on the channel, which is weird. But when you have to reset what you are viewing every time it will make you angry. Sling, you are getting better but you still are not on par with competing apps. This bug is so bad that I took a star off. You guys can do better! I have faith in you!

The app sucks. Good idea. Poor execution. The app crashes CONSTANTLY to the point I have to reboot my phone to get everything else working again. You cannot get thru a 30 minute show without restarting at least 2 times. Got a message on my device earlier that said Sling has caused 23 errors on your device in the last 24 hours. Please uninstall this app. When the app runs, the video is constantly buffering. And no, it's not my internet connection. App AND service is pathetic. I definitely will never pay for this again. One month and I've learned my lesson. I will be waiting for AT&T's service to come out later this year. C'mon guys. I can't believe your QA team thought this app was ready to be released. I'd call this an Alpha, not even a Beta. Pitiful.

Sling t.v. I had two months of not bing able to cancel my sling account cost me 50 dollars i could gave to my three year old it never worked good enough to enjoy all i want is my money back satisfaction not guaranteed if you ask me i say don't do it. I'm filing with bbb soon.

Poor information Downloaded this thinking that the antenna I bought my mom came with this cool offer for some roku thing. Doesn't say it costs $90 to get or home internet required. So have no use for this crap.

Bad Customer Service Bad Chromecast support If Sling wants to compete with the big boys they need to first A. Fix the Chromecast issues B. Keep in mind they only have 600,000 subscribers out of 300 million people in the US C. Treat those current subscribers better before they go belly up and Hulu takes them out.

Poor streaming quality and no HBO Go I like what Sling has to offer but I paid the $15 for HBO access and can only access the live channel stream no downloadable or streamable shows. So going to cancel HBO through Sling and get the now app. The streaming quality is garbage. I have fiber and it stutters pauses when nothing else does. It also doesn't stream in 1080p.

Display ratio is not correct The screen is zoom in on the Android device. Sling TV developer can take a look at how MLB at bat app scale the screen correctly.

I would like to keep it, but.... I would like to keep it, but after 3 minutes on the free trial it has crashed on me on all 3 of my devices multiple times, on my galaxy tab s. Nexus 5x and Chromecast. No warning, literally just crashes for no reason....

Horrible buffer issues This I use this app with my chromecast and it constantly buffers and lags. Every few minutes the screen will become so pixelated you can't see anything for about 15-20 seconds which really sucks when you are watching live sports. Sometimes it just won't even play on my chromecast, just continually buffers and stays on a black screen. Will not keep my subscription past the month if this isn't fixed. No other app does this with my chromecast.

Good Service Bad Play on Chromecast I really do appreciate what they are trying to do but I have to pile on with others that it always buffers on Chromecast 1st generation . As far as the service and what it has to offer 5 stars, but this is about the app so I rated it accordingly.

7 days free trial with credit card!!!!!! Don't say free trial with credit card on file. I uninsstalled immediately after getting to the page of submitting your billing info. This a complete turn off. You guys are killing yourself like that.

Sucks! I use it on my xbox one, my only problem is that I always have to restart my xbox one in order for this app to work... its annoying specially cause Im paying for a service that never works properly to start it up. fix it.!!!! I wanted to add that some of the on demand features dont work in some channels, so why make them available?

Video issues I love this service and I'll happily rate 5 stars if they can fix whatever issue is causing the edges of the video to be cut off the screen on my S5.

Want to love it. GREAT concept. TERRIBLE app. Ugh. I'm going to continue to be a customer because all I want is for this to work. However, this thing is nothing but bugs. I can't use my phone while I watch anything because it will cause the TV to jump back to the beginning of the show, and then I can't fast forward back. As I'm writing this, it actually just happened. Mind you, this is not because of my Internet connection because that is excellent. I want Sling to be so successful and work so much because I hate Time Warner. Please be better!

Doesn't make sense I'm not sure if they even do QA. Almost everything is annoying with this app. The major annoyance is that when casting to chrome cast from my phone I should not open my phone in the middle of the movie, doing so will stop the cast and I'll have to watch the movie again from the beginning. It simply goes back to the beginning, and no way to fast forward it. Second, I have 250 Mbps speed internet, I have no idea what causes it to buffer. Overall, it feels like the app was developed by amateurs.

I wanted to like this service... I had bought a subscription when it originally came out, but cancelled due to lack of Chromecast support. I came back this year for March Madness to try it out since it has Chromecase support now, but alas, the service itself is still incredibly poor. Constant buffering issues, consistent timeouts, and many other issues.

Pretty much unwatchable with Chromecast. Maybe I would be willing to let it slide is this was a free service, but Sling TV costs $20 a month. For a paid service, this is totally unacceptable. Sling has been aware of the issue for some time now, and they have still failed to address it.

Best Cable Alternative Exceptional app and product. I use it on all my TV's with Google Chrome. Works seamless. Cable should take notice of Sling TV and be very afraid. Apple should have come up with something like this as well. HULU is a great app as well but doesn't have the feel of traditional cable, which Sling totally emulates. It's also nice to have a visual guide and remote control all on your phone, as well as local cable channels available. Sling beat everyone to it.

Cord has been cut! I absolutely love this service! I'm on the multi-stream and couldn't be happier. Haven't had any issues with video or audio in the 9 months I've had it. Keep up the great work! One suggestion would be to integrate with the Live Channels app on Android TV. That would be super slick!

Great cable cutter alternative I have had sling for over a year and am quite satisfied with the service. If you have fast internet and a stable connection this is a solid app and service. If you don't have that much bandwidth you might have buffering or choppiness. For the best experience i would use this with a device thats connected through a LAN cable this avoids any problems you might have with wifi interference at different times of the day. Overall I love the service and for the $25 I pay it is well worth it. $5 extra for sports.

Not reliable! I started using Sling two weeks ago, just to be able to watch soccer. However, for 2 out of 3 games I experienced enormous frustration. I lost around 20 minutes out of 90 minutes just waiting for beginning of streaming. I am not happy with my choice and I don't recommend this app if you can't tolerate loosing half of a game because of technical issues of this app.

Streaming issues Constantly going out can't turn it on a show half the time just get a black screen. I restart everything and still isn't working. Does not stream well to chrome cast. When it does work I think $20. Is fine not being able to watch stuff half the time isn't worth it.

Worthless using this app and Chromecast. Worthless on Windows. Freezes, glitches, and audio and video WAY out of sync. My other Chromecast experiences are flawless (netflix, Vidangel, etc). Seems OK on my phone, but I don't want to watch TV on a 5" screen. Cancelled service. Rep said works best on ROKU, but I ain't sticking around to find out.

Great TV option, come along way Great options at a fair price. I feel like a lot of the low ratings are from people who tried the service back when it first came out. To my understanding the sling service has come along way and I would encourage anyone to (re)try it out regardless of its mediocre rating.

Aspect ratio screws up after a few weels The app is great when it works right. It always screws up on my phone after a few weeks and makes the image so large that I can't even view half the screen, and I have no way to correct it outside of hoping for an update to permanently, or at least temporarily fix the problem again. Five stars once it gets fixed permanently.

Irritated Whole reason I downloaded this program was to be able to watch TNT's Rizzoli&Isles on Monday nights. But half the time it freezes and goes black. I try to watch other things on here and it does the same thing. Starting to wonder if it's worth it.

Awful stream quality The app is very nice looking..... but the steams are useless unless you only plan on using it on your phone. Absolutely awful on a TV and I mean awful. Shows interrupt during the show and the actual commercial breaks. Really wanted it to be good for live sports and news as we cut the cord, but I was extremely disappointed.

Performance could be better More channels than before make it a better deal. Chromecast video quality still not consistent, but rarely stops completely. My experience improved after I bought the newer Chromecast. Had major issues with original. However, video quality still dips too often into pixelated mess. I have checked the connection speed in app and have found it usually hovers around 2.5 Mbps despite my 100Mbps FiOS connection. I do not have a similar problem with Netflix, Hulu or other streaming video apps.

Needs Help! Although I enjoy the app, it does need a lot of work. For the content the base price is expensive. Especially since a lot of networks have limited shows and what they do have may play episodes 4, 8 and 12. Who wants to watch like that? Also, E! and Bravo, music commercial break is ridiculous. Lastly, i was 3 episodes into a show and now the 6 remaining episodes are no longer available. Its hard to know what to watch. And for the price, its not worth the trouble.

Don't waste money Before you spend a dime please try the free trial. This service is so horrible you will regret even trying it for a month. It probably streams properly half the time. The other half it is either frozen or so blurry it's not watchable.

Streaming issues? Check your connection settings.. Check your picture quality settings on your Sling account & streaming devise. You can't stream 1080HD on slow internet connections being shared by multiple devises. (Use an ethernet cable, not Wifi)

Fix The Chromecast!!! This app works decently on the phone. It also works about 80 percent of the time on Roku. However for a paid service to be almost unwatchable on Chromecast is unacceptable. I will be cancelling it after the 3 months I prepaid to get a free roku are over.

Thank you Sling TV Here is your 5 stars. You really did listen. You added the 2 channels that I asked for. Just changed my package so I can get those channels. Only lost 4 channels that I didn't watch anyway and gained a lot of new channels on top of my channels that I do watch. Made me and my son very happy.

Freezing and stopping issues Every program I've watched has either kept freezing up all the way through even on commercials or completely stopped playing and with that being said why would I waste money every month for something that barely works. I've tried 3 different phones and I keep getting the same thing. Constant freezing or just stopping all together. It needs to be fixed! If that were fixed I'd give it 5 stars.

90% of the time it buffers all the time If you love glitchy, pixelated TV that spends more time buffering than actually streaming, this is the app for you. I'm using Chromecast and TV is unwatchable. The content and price are not the issue. I've heard others have had a better experience with a Roku or Apple TV. If you are planning to use with Chromecast think again..

Nothing but errors, buffers and disconnects Great idea to traditional cable, gives me most of the channels I would want for a reasonable price. That said, the app sucks, as does the service. It constantly stutters when casting (and yes I have good WiFi). It also doesn't let you choose a lower bit rate. I'll choose medium quality, but it automatically goes back to no limit quality. Also the lack of a menu style guide for what is on is really irritating. I suggest alternating between Netflix and Hulu, or hell, even cable.

Why can't I watch Copa America on FS1? The whole reason I downloaded the app was to be able to watch Copa America. In English. I really wanted to watch USA vs Colombia on FS1. I was watching the pregame show, then it switched over to some Nascar show. The game is available on FS1 through their website. But not, apparently, via Sling TV. Super lame. What gives?

Still pretty terrible After a few updates, my review remains the same. How hard is it to fix this app? Pretty much unwatchable with Chromecast. Maybe I would be willing to let it slide is this was a free service, but Sling TV costs $20 a month. For a paid service, this is totally unacceptable. Sling has been aware of the issue for some time now, and they have still failed to address it.

Terrible Always an issue or channel not available, seems to be all the channels I like to watch. Sports channel streams are slow and terrible looking. My internet connection is 200mbs every other streaming service works great. I am very disappointed this would be a great alternative.

Stream? I am seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription. I spend more time watching shows buffer than watching the shows themselves. The picture quality is awful, it goes out of focus, then slowly comes back into focus. You need several improvements to convince me to stay!!! Good luck!!

Big problems SLING TV YOU PAYING ATTENTION You need to fix buffering scene freezes then jumps ahead or rewinds itself 2 or 3 times in row. Why should i pay for this if it dont work right. Come on Other streaming services work fine except the most expensive one.

Sucks! Stay away! This service sucks! Especially when you need it the most for live events like sports. Super slow and stuttery. And lags WAY behind real time. I gave it a shot when the service first rolled out and thought maybe it was too early. Well here it is years later in 2016 and it seems to be worse and I have a faster Internet connection now than the first time around. Very disappointed! Oh and the apps aren't user friendly or intuitive. And they are very slow to respond as well. Nothing like Netflix and hulu apps.

Its F?? it's not free at all I have to give the card information before the trial is over actually before it starts I wouldnt rate it a 1 star but I have to warn people. Stupid as hell first app that has made me violently angry ever

Keeps freezing I've only been using the app a few days now and I can barely stand it. Every few mins it buffers and takes forever to load. Works a little better on my small devices (cell/tablet) but when trying to cast from my phone to my Chromecast... yea, don't even bother with it. Says my wifi signal is weak or show is currently unavailable and I know i have a strong wifi connection so bull. I don't see it being worth $20 a month so I'm probably canceling.

Ugh I decided to go ahead with one month subscription and will be cancelling before it rolls into the next month. Freezes, blurs and sometimes sound is off from video. I'm going to try Playstation Vue, just a few dollars more and more station....hopefully better quality streaming to chrome cast.

Great App! It has all the major channels I want for an extremely better price than what cablevision offers. The channels look amazing on my tv. I haven't had any trouble and for the price it is perfect. I just hope they continue to work on the different packages to offer better variety. The only thing missing is the ability to switch channels that I do not care about for channels I want. That would make it the best option for most cord cutters in my opinion.

Laggy and quality issues I stream from my phone to my Chromecast and it's a bit laggy and the picture is fuzzy. I tried the 7 day free trial so I'm going to cancel it until the issues are resolved. FYI, it's not my network. I stream Hulu and Netflix from my phone to my Chromecast and don't have any issues whatsoever. My internet is fast and reliable.

Great idea, poor execution Streaming was an issue with this app. All my other streaming media apps work well. It was just Sling TV having issues which caused me to cancel and go with another streaming service.

Bad UI. The UI is pretty poor. Scrolling through stations is horrible. Why can't it be like all other TV guide like layouts. Also video and sound breaks up in the evening. Not my net because other streaming services I have work fine.

Good service, poor Chromecast performance I like the idea of saying goodbye to cable TV. This service works well on my phone, Samsung Note 4. But on Chromecast, it's just terrible. Quality turns poor almost every other minute and takes 10-15 seconds to get back to normal. And trust me, it's not my internet speed. I'm on 75 Mbps Comcast Blast. I'll give them a couple of months to fix this, otherwise I'll cancel.

Sling tv errors If you have an Xbox one as your only streaming media center. Think about buying a roku or firetv!! From day one on my xbox one the video playback was choppy and would stop every 5-10min. I have a solid 40mbps Internet connection. And the xbox is directly connected through ethernet. Now I am receiving error 10-403 and can't watch any channels. Support for this issue is not helpful. More or less was told to buy a roku or firetv for better viewing experience. So like I did with cable. I just cancelled it!!!!

Fantastic! I can watch Travel Channel and History channel and my husband can watch his races. I took back my TV.... (smile). Works great and I love the automatic next episode feature. Works good on the Google cast, and great on the Roku. Well worth the money.

TV for cheap A terrible program when casting. The voice is often unsynched with the lips and it will suddenly cut off and go black for a few seconds. You only get a few channels. Three or four of them are Spanish speaking. The sync problem really gets to you pretty quickly.

Works well on good connection My internet is very fast but initially I tried to watch channels via 1st gen Chromecast. It was very bad. Unwatchable. Things changed when I switched to the new roku stick. The picture is great! I am sure the 2nd gen Chromecast would work great too. I noticed using 5gz wifi makes a big difference. It is all about bandwidth.

Constant freezing... I have no doubt my connection has enough speed/bandwidth to handle sling streaming. Yet I have constant freezing. Tried on different devices. This is a $1 service not $20

Issues with my Chromecast. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Viki, DramaFever and other services all work flawlessly on my Chromecast. This app is such a disappointment. It won't load what's playing on my phone's screen even though it seems to work fine up until I want it on my tv. Please fix it so I can give it 5 stars.

Still closes on launch After latest update the app still fails on Android N preview 4, app doesn't get past the splash screen, sometimes toasts about lib errors. Please fix - still crashes after 6/21 update

The best cable alternative Use Sling everyday. works great on both my LG phone as well as my old Toshiba Thrive tablet. I keep it permanently plugged via HDMI to my tv and I have had zero issues. For the price (25 a month for 45 channels) you can't beat it. Keep up the great work.

Great value for cord cutters I have had no issues with Sling TV. I love it. In all honesty I think it works better on my phone than it does on my Roku but overall it is great. I can stream on 3 TVs (or 2 TVs and a phone) with no issues. It will occasionally pixelate or lag but not nearly bad enough to cause frustration or miss something on a show. I cancelled my cable because my wife and I didn't watch a lot of TV. But there are a few channels we enjoy and Sling offered those for more than half the cost.

I changed from 1 star to a 3 With this new update to the Sling App im rating this a 5 star app.. Streaming via WiFi and or T-Mobile my picture is perfect .. If your looking to save real big Money. Get T-Mobile with a phone (2gig plan) not a ( data only)hotspot. Then create a hotspot with the phone and stream via Chromecast for FREE... Sling TV is free streaming with T-Mobile Binge. :)

Excellent app for all devices except Xbox one and AFTV stick Works flawlessly..had a few hiccups when system was updating for a preview week but otherwise awesome. I use it on 2 TVS with Roku or stream from tablet. Comcast customer with one cable box. Dropped cable bill from $250 to $105 with Sling payment. It's worth considering.

Room for improvement I really love the potential of this app but just as some others are having issues with stuttering and synchronization problem, I too have the same dilemma. I have above standard Internet averaging 76mbs download speed and 50mbs upload so I'm not sure what is causing the app to stream this way. Hopefully sling has a solution for us...

Very poor casting capabilities We have Google chrome cast on all of our TVs and sling would CONSTANTLY buffer and lock up completely while attempting to cast shows. On my phone it was good but very inferior to Netflix or Hulu when it came to casting. I would definitely re-subscribe if they would fix the casting issue. I would even cancel Netflix and Hulu because Sling has awesome channels.

Bad reviews so no thanks for now Was psyched in the beginning until I read the reviews. This is no Netflix and is extremely limited to the point that there is nothing competitive in today's market place. With the prices and limitations I decided to wait until they use common sense before I cancel my cable television account.

Has come a long way I am a cord cutter and this is a great cheaper alternative. I tired the 7 day trial for 2 days and canceled my Direct TV. It's been over a year and a half and don't miss satellite or cable a bit!

No cast to screen?? It works be a great app... But there is no cast to screen, the resolution on my phone is ALWAYS OFF. You have to buy Channels in bundles. It's owned by dish network so you will get an app that is still stuck in the old days of screwing customers over instead of delivering "Netflix" quality.

Horrible buffering I have the highest speed internet available and the buffering and digital lag are still horrible. It helps if I shut off wi fi on my other devices but I shouldnt have to. Great idea but a long way to go. Cancelling subscription after one week.

Hd, streams well but... Not a lot of good channels in the basic lineup. You have to buy the extras to get 1 good channel and that can cost just as much as cable in the end. Each package has 1 good channel i like except 1 pack lol but it costs to much to get each pack for 1 more show.

I hate sling TV- Free Trial ripoff I tried the service. It was hard to run on any device, and even harder to mirror on my LG flat screen. The it was choppy/pixelated, and the sound was out of sync with the video. Horrible!!! I cancelled my trial, i was still promptly billed on the last day of the trial. Then requested a refund through my account. These bastards have the audacity to reply, we will have to escalate to our billing dept. to process the request, and you need to give us your credit card info already provided on account. No ph#fml

I Love sling TV! Perfect option for cable cutters! I love Sling TV! Sling TV works great on my Roku 3 and Roku 4, (5 stars there too!) Great interface and awesome redesign. Thanks for the app update, Sling TV now works flawlessly on Android Nougat 7.0 on my nexus 6P. Again, thanks for the update, you've hit a home run developers!

great except for chromecast when streaming to my phone i have very little complaints but streaming to chromecast is iffy. sometimes it's more stable. have 250 mb internet and watching ESPN right now and picture is buffering from a clear image to very blurry in and out and driving me crazy and having to tell my guests why this is happening. no probs buffering probs with Hulu, HBO go and Netflix

Third time disappointment I've tried sling now for the third time. It buffers a lot and has poor picture quality. I've used it on my phone, iPad, and fire TV stick. All play poorly. Sorry, I wish it actually worked as described.

Service and stream quality good, app sucks The service that Sling TV offers is great. If you can get the app to work. 90% of the time, I get an error message requiring the app to restart. It does this in a constant loop. Sometimes I get lucky and it finally works. This is frustrating enough to where I'm considering canceling my service over it. Why pay for something I can't use?

Love the mac app, but doesn't work on iOS or android I don't have much issue using the mac app but the iOS and Android apps are unusable, especially with streaming. Constantly lags and freezes.

Don't pause it on your phone! I have a Note 5 which isn't too old... however, anytime I pause a show and put my phone down the app freezes in a way to where I have to close the app and restart. I also hate how the app automatically goes back to Best Quality after I lower it to low quality to save on data.

Good could be better. I've beens using sling tv for about a month now. I do like the fact that it cost way less than cable but what I hate is that I can't stream it on multiple devices. So my 5 year old daughter is stuck watching what I watch or vice versa. I do have some issues with buffering sometimes not all the time but it's still better than my high cable bill that never had anything good to watch on. So I will continue to use sling because it still is better than the alternative.

Mostly Great I love being able to watch cable tv without cable but my favorite shows arent able to be replayed Rizzoli and Isles and Cougar Town only on middle of the night and Sci Fy doesnt have Ghost Hunters no point having it all the other shows are stupid. I used to love Sci fi now i hate it. Buffers sometimes but mostly okay

Error 11-100 on Start Receiving 'error 11-100' on app start. I'm a new user. After two days of use, the app has stopped working. Phone has not been moved from initial location - my home. Other Sling devices (PC, Chromecast) still working fine. (Samsung S7 Edge, Android 6.0.1, AT&T)

Like the program options available on the app and it makes cord cutting practical. However, and this explains my eating, they have fallen far behind on their updates and I currently can't use this app on my Nexus 6P because Android N isn't supported. This is what those in software would call a P1 issue so I am dumbfounded that it has been several months with out this issue being addressed. May have to walk away from the service.

Unreliable It's a great service and all, but I really dislike how unreliable it can be at times. ie; it's 6am and it's obvious that it's going through an upgrade, affecting me being able to watch my morning news or other shows I could be watching.

Still needs work. I stream it on XBOX One and it has issues streaming. I was watching baseball and had to reset the app because it was delayed by an entire inning. There were also issues with the quality cutting down.

Extremely low volume Sling is great. The Andriod app needs in app volume control. System volume has to be turned all the way up in order to hear it. This results in all other sounds being extremly loud. Please fix the volume on this app!

Probably can't keep it because of a few channels missing Sling would be a permanent switch for me if it included CBS, ABC, and Sportsnet (so I could watch the Lakers). That would pretty much contain every channel I would need, but it misses the mark just hardly. It's a great service, though I feel it would be even better if you could create your own package of channels and have your price adjust to that. It would cut down on the actual worst part of TV, the extra channels you don't want but have to pay for. The service works well, but I can't justify keeping it.

MY 2ND DAY OF HORRIBLE SERVICE Haven't been able to watch a single movie today. Continues to crash. Very disappointed.

Do not use this service This app will crash, freeze, buffer and unexpectedly start over more than any other video/cable cutter streaming app. Avoid this service. Anyone that says other wise is probably employed by Sling..

Best out there, but could be better. 4 stars for being the best out there for a live tv subscription. But there are some really annoying "features" to the app. 1st. Android tv controllers are notoriously bad, but it's impossible to use them with this app. You need to upgrade to a clunky keyboard/TouchPad if you want any hope to use this app with android tv. 2nd. I can't rearrange the channel line-up. I have to scroll through all the junk channels to get to the ones I want. This is why I left cable tv!!

Love it I absolutely love sling TV works great on my android nexus 6p,kindle Fire, roku streaking stuck and 4,and chrome cast. Wonderful channels, great prices. Keep up the great work sling TV and keep those channels coming

It's terrible on Chromecast. Audio always out of sync, constant buffering. Take note, long time subscriber. I've not wanted to pass judgement because I believe in what sling is doing when compared to Comcast and DirecTV. But, their service is horrible. For example, this app supports Chromecast. ESPN is included and you can either use this app to cast or it's possibly the only channel that allows direct login with a Sling TV account. ESPN and all of Sling will be unwatchable, start casting with WatchESPN & everything is fine. So, if you just want to pay $20 for access to cast WatchESPN ONLY then this is perfect.

Doesn't work on cell phones Works on fire tablet and samsung TV but just fails and tells me to restart the app on galaxy S5. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing

Took to long to fix Android 7 I love sling, but shame on you for taking months after Android 7 was released to make it compatible especially when you had a years worth of time to do it proactively.

Terrible Works fine on the fire stick but will never open on my phone. Always a problem. Only watched once on my mobile device. Can this not be fixed?

Can't Chromecast Works just fine on phone or Roku, but on Chromecast it just can't stream. Keeps lagging and just isn't watchable.

Good service. Good price, good selection of channels, but the app is awful and makes it almost impossible to watch. Constantly loses the stream and buffers. Had to cancel a perfectly good subscription because it's impossible to actually watch.

Give it time Give it time, it's cheaper then cable/satellite no wires no big box. Same bugs Netflix had when they started out and look at Netflix now, I say give them time to work out the bugs. Secondly they need to get local channels up and going so work out them deals with those companies and bring us local television.

Too many issues First and foremost, streaming is a major issue. Picture goes from perfect to blurry with no sound. Its on their end when you consider netflix streams just fine 24/7. Second issue is packages. When you go up in package price, shouldn't you retain previous channels and gain some new ones? Not with sling, you lose channels you might have watched and gained plenty you won't watch. Same programs over and over, reruns from a time ago. Where's current programs? if I left cable tv for sling, Iwould be disappointed

Good deal...but.... I guess what market you are in matters whether you get ESPN or not. I have the 2nd tier channel package with the sports option and ESPN is clearly listed as a channel I should have but it is nowhere to be found!

Still issues with chromecast..again New update, still same issue on chromecast 2nd generation. Buffering is worse now.