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Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

Supplied By Seesmic    On Nov. 28, 2014    Comments(47)

Samsung Phone Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) version1.8.15 Download

** Important app announcement: Seesmic has retired! **

Seesmic was acquired by Hootsuite in 2012, and since that time, we announced our plan to sunset the app as we focus development on Hootsuite’s native Android applications. We will now be removing support for the Seesmic app and retiring the app from the Google Play directory.

We encourage current Seesmic users to switch to Hootsuite’s Android app to find the most popular social media management features, including the ability to post to multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, view your mentions and social interactions, and share rich media to your audiences.

Similar to Seesmic, Hootsuite helps you:
* Cross-post to multiple Twitter and Facebook profiles at the same time
* View mentions and conversation threads
* Manage your Twitter lists
* Search keywords, users, hashtags, and trending topics
* Receive notifications for new messages
* Add shortcuts to your phone’s home screen for quick access to commonly used features

Additional features in Hootsuite:
* Schedule your posts ahead of time
* Manage Facebook Groups and Events
* Post to more social networks like LinkedIn Profiles and FourSquare
* Track clicks on shared content
* Simplify your team’s workflow through Assignments

Latest Hootsuite features:
* Improved image sharing
* New options for automatically scheduling at the best time of day
* Notifications for actions within search streams
* Share your streams with team members
* Approve messages before they’re published
* Single sign-in options for Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Submit ideas for additional features to our Android Feedback Forum: http://ow.ly/z9Hcx

We understand that transition can be hard and we’re here to help! Hootsuite has 24/7 support teams standing by to help make your onboarding seamless. If you have any questions or experience any issues, tweet us @Hootsuite_Help.

Have any feature requests? Suggest or vote for your favourite features so we can take them into consideration for a future release: https://feedback.hootsuite.com/forums/40828-hootsuite-for-android

Seesmic part of our Social and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 28, 2014. Google play rating is 84.6323. Current verison is 1.8.15. Actual size 2.9 MB.

What's new

    Seesmic will be retiring. Switch to Hootsuite to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles on the go!
Download seesmic-facebook-twitter.apk 2.9 MB


Still better than Hootsuite. Sadly, its retired :( Glad I can still use it

Do not retire It's a sad thing knowing Seesmic is going to leave us soon. What's even more sad is that Hootsuite is not even close to Seesmic. Hope you guys will change your mind.

? I love this app I have been using seesmic since 2009 on my pc and laptop and now on my phone for two yrs. I have never had an issue with my application nor do I understand why you are switching to hootsuite. I downloaded hootsuite and it is far from the level of capabilities that seesmic can or will do. I can't even get it to show my accounts let alone switch over to the one that I want. On here we know what to do.... Click our cute raccoon and there you have it. I absolutely love this app and have no desire to see it gone

Please don't force replacement! I tried hootsuite after reading that seesmic was sunsetting; it's not the same, and in fact, is eons shy of the capabilities offered here. I hope that, in dl'g it now, I can avert the disaster that is hootsuite.

Please don't replace Seesmic with hootsuite I've been using Seesmic for years and it never dissapoint me. Otherway around hootsuite is really ugly UI, and can't be compared to Seesmic!!

Sad I'm sad to know seesmic is retiring. It's best, cleanest, most organized 3rd party app for twitter.

I love it ··· but... X-( There many twitter apps i tried, seismic is one of the best. User friendly. Hootsuite used to be good. Idk why now it changed much & taking over seismic. Will keep it installed on phone & tab. Won't go to hootsuite. :(

Say No to Hootsuite I AM a marketing and social media director and I hate Hootsuite, and use Sprout Social for my professional channel management. For my personal social management, I do not want an overly complicated app that wants me to pay a subscription, I just want something simple so that I don't have to bounce between apps to post the same thing to my personal networks. Hootsuite is missing an opportunity to attract casual users by forcing people to use their crappy paid service. Keep Seesmic & allow a one-time upgrade.

Hootsuite Blows! Hootsuite is unnecessarily complicated. I guess if you're a hard core Social Media Marketing Manager then Hootsuite could be what you're looking for. However, if you're an average Joe who wants to keep up with your Twitter & FB accounts in one place, Seesmic is/was a much better choice.

Absolutely love Seesmic absolutely hate Hootsuite! I'm not adverse to progress but Hootsuite compared to Seesmic seems confusing and my initial thoughts are that I can't see combined Twitter and Facebook posts in one list, something that Seesmic does very simply and very well. Not happy that I'm expected to pay for Hootsuite pro as well having already paid for Seesmic. Am planning to stay with Seesmic until the end as it stands for simplicity and quality which is the reason I bought it and still love it!!! Say no to Hootsuite!!!

I love how easy it is to use The app is cool, the only one I've found that gives me real-time feeds. It works well for Twitter, wish it did more for Facebook.

This app is what Hootsuite should have upgraded too. Fit the most part it does what other apps do. However this one does it in a simple user friendly manner. No other app that I can think of, or that I have tried, enables the option of a combined Timeline. Switching through tabs is very annoying and much less convenient. It's pretty sad when a large number of people would STILL rather use an outdated, retired app over the 'apparently' upgraded one......and what happened to the 'PRO' version?

Love Seesmic, HootSuite is NOT a suitable replacement! So, HootSuite has purchased Seesmic and announced they will be retiring it. Why? GREED. As a professional social media management platform, HootSuite looks like a nice tool. However, if you have more than 3 social media profiles (who doesn't these days?), you have to pay $10/month to use HootSuite!!! As wonderful as it may be, I do not need the power of the HootSuite platform to manage my PERSONAL social media accounts. I have already purchased Seesmic Pro so I can have all of my personal social media accounts appear in a single feed. This is a feature not many other apps offer -- not even HootSuite. There is no comparison between what Seesmic offers for non-professionals and what HootSuite offers for professionals. And that is precisely the point. Casual social media users do not need the power, or expense, of a tool like HootSuite. Why not offer Seesmic Pro or Pro+ for a few dollars to cover the development and maintenance costs and let casual social media users continue to enjoy it?

This app is ridiculous the way it post It's obtrusive the way it post like a flippen billboard sign taking up massive realestate on your screen. I'm deleting this ugly P.O.S. IT MAKES YOUR SUPER SMALL AND IRRELEVANT AND EVERYTHING ELSE WOLLY MAMMOTH HORRIBLE CRAPPY WAIST OF DATA USAGE I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR MY DATA USAGE. GOOGLE YOU NEED TO SCREEN THESE APPS YOU SUCK IT TOO.GOOD I JUST FOUND OUT THEY'RE QUITING GOOD YOU SUCK ANYWAY. Copy and paste is the smartest cleanest way they are not clean at all what a joke on that remark lady kiss butt. What you see on the screen here is not what they do on you face book screen they trash it big time it looks like hell.

Missing ping.fm Ping.fm is the most robust multi-social network posting app that died when it was bought by seesmic, which in turn got bought by hootsuite. I like how this app uses twitlonger when posts exceeds 140 characters.

Sucks This app is suck, it keep saying authentification failed when i want to log in into my twitter acc using this app,please show me an insight how to log in into my twitter acc using this app properly

Give it a try! I like this app. Seesmic is enough for a casual twitter user like me. I DONT think i WANT MORE features. Beat me, but i think if you can keep this app running "good" on every android devices, we just dont want to change into another twitter app; including hootsuite. Or maybe you have different opinion? All up to u.

Seesmic Broken by evil Hootsuite :( Nobody likes Hootsuite... Get a grip you evil people! I won't use you simply because you ruined a good thing!! I will use ANYTHING BUT Hootsuite. They Suck :(

Please.... I don't like hootsuite (I ever download it before), and for me, seesmic is better. Please, I have use seesmic for a long time, there are none like this. Hootsuite just a little bit complicated, though. So, don't retiring please.

Upgrading to 5 stars because this app is so good. Afraid to do any updates because I don't want to be forced to Hootsuite. Does the job well. Handy for multiple Twitter accounts. No crashes or problems on my EVO LTE or Nexus 7.

PLEASE keep Seesmic!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, we are down on our knees, begging, PLEASE keep this app! There are MANY, MANY happy users that will be upset if SEESMIC is deleted. Again, PLEASE, PLEASE keep this app available!!!! We thank the developer for all of the time and effort in creating and managing this great app!! Take a look at the reviews dev.....its definitely an app of choice!! Think of all the users that will be disappointed if it is no longer available. Please.....and Thank you!

Very good Sad that the best android Twitter app is retiring. Hootsuite isn't as good or user friendly. So I will have to look for something else. Not a good move to retire this app .

Still the best... The 'Combined View' feature is something I still haven't found with any other Twitter client.

Love Seesmic! What about us who paid? I paid for Seesmic pro, and love it. It's flexible and easy to setup. I hate that it's being retired. It's not right that I'll have to pay twice for the same software. I'm keeping the Seesmic pro until it doesn't work any more!

Fantastic Can u plz update to Android 5.1 lost a feature since I updated my phone to Android 5.1 wish I hadn't but too late now. Please please update

My favorite twitter app Used this app for years, then moved to Talon. Seesmic is just a better twitter app - some other apps try to be fancy with their own browsers and windowed interfaces - Seesmic is a more elegant implementation without all the extra junk.

Amazing My phone stinks. This app allows me to connect w twitter w/o my phone slowing or crashing. Been looking for something like this 4 a long time. I dread the day it goes away. PLEASE KEEP THIS APP!

5* app!! They covered pretty much everything. Must have app if yu a twitter junkee like me. (DON'T RETIRE SEESMIC)

Uche Been using it since 2012 till now.... Best twitter app ever, i'll miss u guys

Amazing 12/4/2014 I jyst downloaded. It took not even a second to download. This app is super fast and easy to use. It gives the real facebook app a big :( im suggesting all my friends for download

This works Great Unlike the nonworking windows desktop version, this Seesmic for Android works great. Good job Android team

Love Seeismic. Hate Hootsuite. Very simple. Even though I'll be sad when Seesmic folds, I'll jump to any third party Twitter app EXCEPT Hootsuite. How smart are you gonna feel if everyone does the same?

Great app - don't retire it. 8th Feb 2015 - still no idea why seesmic is being retired the usability and design are by far the best for Twitter, I've tried hootsuite mobile and it simply isn't anywhere near as good as Seesmic please reconsider and keep it going 30/11/14 this app works so well and much better than hootsuite mobile, the desktop hootsuite is great but please leave seesmic on mobile. Brilliant, allows me to update multiple networks very quickly and easily

Great App Had it for years. Nothing better out there in my opinion!

Issue under lollipop... I can't seem to switch accounts from the default one :( tried Hootsuite and Twidroyd and didn't like either.

Sorry to see it go Truly there is no app that can compare to seesmic, please don't go!

Best ever app Still works great! Shame they are pushing us to hootsuite

Nowhere to edit settings I've been using Seesmic for years and I find it very good. But after installing it on my new phone I couldn't find anywhere that'll allow me to edit the settings. Does anyone know where I can edit it? I know Seesmic is retiring but when I tried Hootsuite it forces close and freezes my phone so I'm sticking to this. If only now there's a way to edit settings.

It's good. But, the photos are too small I can't see it. Also it's a little bit hassle that you have to open a post or click it, before you can 'like' the post.

Please don't retire this app! Loved this app! Tried hotsuit but this is what I like most.

Upload images Doesn't upload images to twitter and twipic.

Xperia pro 4.0 The Best !!!

No HOOT PLEASE!!! I'm new, I don't want that hoot crap to take over . Please!!! Nooooooo!! I'm poor and I dont want to loose this new treasure. We deserve better than a bunch of hoot!!! Hoot = poop!!

Excellent Another brilliant app being bought by another less good app and then being removed. This is excellent but now Facebook has changed it's api again with no update it's rendered seesmic useless. :( and hootsuite is no where near as good.

Won't show anything after logging in. Same crap as hootsuite. Both apps won't show anything after logging and authorizing the app. Big world of android apps is so small to find a good Facebook client to replace the official app

DON'T RETIRE Seesmic is the best Twitter Application on my Android device. so dont retire :'(

Love this app..! Adjustable font size...love this !.. Cute tiny versatile app..