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ScribMaster draw and paint

Supplied By Alstapp Note & Draw    On Oct. 16, 2016    Comments(108)

Samsung Phone ScribMaster draw and paint version10.2 Download

ScribMaster is a powerful vector based drawing application specifically designed for phones with large screens and tablets.

The paint engine works with scalable vectors instead of pixels, so you can zoom in and work on fine details without pixelation (the filling tool is an exception, it works with bitmaps). For vectoring we use SVG, you can export your images to your pc for professional editing in this format*. You can export PDF* files, too.

The new, revisited and intuitive user interface gives you quick access to the sketching & painting tools while it is still possible to make the interface invisible so that you can concentrate on your artwork.

If you create a ScribMaster account, you can send your artwork to other users via included instant messaging, or upload it to your online gallery (your "ImageStream").

Advanced features such as layers, transparency or the filling tool makes this application one of the most powerful of all drawing apps for Android.

*** ***

(Images drawn with ScribMaster by My Art © Luciano Vivirito,

✓ SVG Scalable vector graphics import and export feature*! Edit your ScribMaster drawings with Inkscape (free) or Adobe Illustrator! Note: Not all features will be exported, only the default and the pressure / speed dynamic pen will work due to restrictions of the SVG format.

✓ Pen only mode (For devices with pens such as Thinkpad Tablet, Galaxy Note)
• Pressure sensitivity for pens

✓ Two finger pan & zoom navigation (multitouch)
• Very huge canvas sizes

✓ Layers
• Import images from Photo Library
• Move and scale one layer only
• Rearrange layers
• Toggle visibility

✓ Gallery
• Store your artwork in vector format on your device
• Upload your drawings to your personal online gallery ("ImageStream")
• Export your drawings and share them (as jpgs)
• Full backup*

✓ Brushes
• 3D-Effect
• Airbrush
• Art pen
• Pressure sensitive pen

✓ Tools
• Line tool
• Fill tool

✓ Instant messaging
• Share work with other ScribMaster users
• Complete history of shared images
• Receive a notification for a new image
• Receive new images on a widget
• Texting

* With premium key only

Alstapp Note & Draw part of our Communication and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 78.0667. Current verison is 10.2. Actual size 4.1 MB.

What's new

    That's new in V10.2:
    ✔ Export to device gallery added
    ✔ Fixed problem while importing images
    That's new in V10:
    ✔ Object eraser
    ✔ Improved usability
    ✔ New intro screen
    ✔ Removed instant messaging
    ✔ Fewer rights needed
    ✔ Bugfixing, many improvements
Download scribmaster-draw-and-paint.apk 4.1 MB


Quality drop I don't know what they've changed for latest update but png image export quality has dropped considerably - pixielation is so pronounced. SG s4, jellybean. Pls fix

It's good but... Whenever I close the app after saving my drawings to continue later some of the colors are messed up on them when I come back

Pretty good app It has some glitches, but it's pretty good.

Not the worst, I guess Not all that good either

Great but... When I'm drawing it keeps signing me out which is annoying and when I try to erase something the ads are in the way fix it plz!!

An amazing art app. I would honestly prefer this app, have been using it for a while.

Good app, but .... So much has changed behind the scenes! When opening a new image, the app shows all previously loaded images and you cannot "close" an image. Took me days to figure out a setting to disable this. And how do I select part of the image to copy? The selection tool draws a rectangle while I am drawing with a pen, but it disappears as soon as I lift the pen. Please fix this issue so I can rate it higher where the rest of the features belong.

Nice it is! Lovely and the best part is colorful text feature.

Yay It made so cute ppg pics :)

Best drawing app Great fun and is very detailed I drew my profile picture with your app!

I can't keep my outline on my picture please help

Got canvas scroll and zoom Enough for me, just what I need.

The best vector painter with stylus support

Jeff the killer vs Cordell the killer Yes please

Can't save So what's the point in drawing if you can't save it??? I can't screenshot on my tablet either.

Awesome This app works great for me, love it!! Although when I fill in an area it doesn't fully fill it, it leaves just the edges so I have to go around and fix it, otherwise, its pretty awesome.

What in the world Its annoying it keeps saying I have to sign in but when I try to it says it is unavailable to import a picture

The only app for drawing on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with split screen capabilities but with too many bugs and made too complicated after the last update. Please keep it simple.

It needs fixing The pen size is tiny when on zero but on 1 its giant. Its that feature that ruins it all. Also how do u zoom in on samsung galexy tab 2 7.0

Amazingly smooth for drawing This I definitely one of the better vector drawing apps for android if you are looking to ink your drawings. It is simple yet powerful.

Simply the best vector drawing app out there This is, right now, the best by far of all the vector drawing apps out there. I made the switch from raster to vector with no pain and all the gain. Thank you.

Ok but... Sometimes when I save a picture to my gallery there are bits missing could you fix this?

Vectors , Layers , Pressure pen ... THE best VECTOR app around ! I've tried so many apps ( including all versions of autodesk's apps ) but this one eats them all . it is vector ! it is free .. ( I paid for mine.. ) and it has layers. I hope the programmer will enable rotate layer or object.. any way... best vector prog around. Too bad the object selection cant rotate...

The best.. so far The problems I had with it seem to have gone and now it's the best drawing app around. The only reason it's better than Sketchbook Pro is because it appears in multi window. ~Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

Best drawing app I know of I find Scribmaster to be an excellent program. However, it does have a few bugs, and takes a bit of practice to get used to.

Ok... Actually it's an amazing app but it would be better if you added blurs... 5 stars if u added it!!!

Very useful if used right. This is a very useful tool for my Samsung Note II. Yes, it crashes and yes it has lost my drawings but it is still the best I have used so far. I just export often.

Add one more thing Please make it so curvey and straight lines can join together?

I remember when phones were for making phone calls. It's fun. I used to need a computer for this. Before that, it was a drafting table. Now it's in my shirt pocket.

Great tools but It crashes a lot on my note 12. Plus it gets dangerously hot

Awesome! I just started my first digital art project and its great so far!

It's pretty bad

Boring It's dumb you should try draw enything

wow! wow! needs free rotate (including of whole layer/drawing) ... and font options :-) like the other app by same developer, it would be nice to see what the optional $ extras are, not just their names, but what does the result look like?

Use it every day! This is the best drawing app I've used. Easy controls, multiple formats to save, export and import, and the brushes make the paid version worth it.

Vector points Please make vector point handlers bigger!!!

Incredible It's a very good app

Good app, but it is not finalized. I would like to have the skin in a different design with a modified ergonomics,add settings to work with layers, to give pressure sensitivity pen. In the end, I would like to work program as well as the installed Adobe Ideas for Apple. If you need help with the creation of design of the working environment would help, as the designer would be pleased to take part in this. Best regards, Denis

Vectors , Layers , Pressure pen ... THE best VECTOR app around ! I've tried so many apps ( including all versions of autodesk's apps ) but this one eats them all . it is vector ! it is free .. ( I paid for mine.. ) and it has layers. I hope the programmer will enable rotate layer or object.. any way... best vector prog around. Too bad the object selection cant rotate..

This is great! This is perfect for when I don't have my sketch book with me, and to jot down quick ideas!

Awesome Best drawing app i have found. It is like having gimp or photoshop on your phone! you have layers shapes and much more. 6/26/15 Still the best free drawing app I have seen. However I believe there is some sort of glitch or bug. When i load drawings it will always say error. When i use the bucket tool to fill things in and save then come back and load it in again it will say error and that whole bucket area will be gone. Besides that I would recommend.

Excellent app! A near-perfect little vector drawing app! Works great for both doodles and full-blown masterpieces! The exporting is a little dodgy, though, and the UI is kind of unintuitive.

Missing layering n font size Export doesn't work, lacks layer control n mgmt, and font sizing n orientation. Otherwise OK.

Really good on Samsung Note 8 Have to pay for some premium brushes but even the basic ones are pretty good.

Eh not ideal for tiny phones What the title said

So far it's working for me

AMAZING!!! ?? I highly recommend this app. It's supper awesome, & easy to use! It's got a lot of features that I couldn't on any other drawing app. And the best part... It's FREE!

I love the scaling capabilities This is the best and Ive tried many.

love the smooth line function

Absolutely amazing

Great but... Is it possible to undo a deleted drawing? I've worked on mine for hours and accidentally deleted it after saving it.

Outstanding tool Most drawing (and specifically vector drawing) apps for Android failed to engage me, quite often their interface just wouldn't feel natural. This one has become a must for me when I want to make quick sketches and I've managed to make quite decent illustrations with it. Well done!

I like it, but one problem It lags way to much and it's seriously starting to tick me off. It also moves some of the small pieces of my drawing to a diffrent drawing. Just fix that and everyone will love it! Tootles ?

Great! I love the ability to zoom in really far, while retaining the crispness of the lines. Simple, easy to use. Ads are not obstructive.

Pretty good Easy to use but it's a little buggy and there are some features, like grouping, that would make it better.

ScribMaster It's simple & easy to use but there is an issue, when a text was set onto a pics, it becomes unable to edit...

It needs some help It could be a great app, but is buggy and needs help...

Very functional I'd love if saving was easier or more tools. Otherwise awesome!

Didn't even work I kept on frezing then it turned off

Well.... It's great for doodling and producing a lot of small drawings quickly. I don't like the lack of a canvas crop tool, neither do I really like the fact that it gets really buggy if you draw something too complex. Also, I'm not sure why but the way the eraser tool works bothers me.

Amazingly smooth for drawing This I definitely one of the better vector drawing apps for android if you are looking to ink your drawings. It is simple yet powerful.

Please fi× When zooming, previous strokes move and drawing is wrecked.

Pretty good but saved files has gone missing ?

Very buggy and crashes when trying to load a save file. Edit: just found out after opening the file via different app, the image's quality dropped alot. It's a shamed because this would of been a pretty cool app

How To Make Cartoons? I Wanna Make if i go on instagram i see all of these cartoon pages?..and they give me da app..and they says it scribmaster..i download it but idk how to make cartoons?

Nearly useless Cannot open my svg drawings from file. Useless

It a helpful tool. But writing with finger is a bit dificult. Also if u save using the option save it means u lost the picture coz i cant retrieve it elsewhere. So be careful to choose to device gallery or online.

it's grate they told me to do this

i drew some squiggles fix the app

It freezes up on me a couple times.

it's the best app for outlines, i love it .

Does not do what I want it to dooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but when it does it is nice

Outstanding Love this app

Have no idea to use this app? At first i was good then messed up ? then i was like how do u delete the drawing then my sis what why did u get that stupid game i was like yeah stupid? then she clicked something and the drawing disappear and i was like ? why did i did not think about that im im 9 ? so i will give u 5 stars if u put a trash can so i can and other people understand how to delete the mess up on drawing so hard ?

Simple and easy It's not gimp, but it ain't no mspaint either. I've found everything clear and the greatest limitation so far has been my bulky fingertips on a 12cm screen.

My old scribmaster app been deleted by my kids Thank u for still developing this app, it really help me to visualize ideas. I lost all my files from the older ver app since my kids deleted the apps :D but the newer version is rockin'!!

I absolutely love it, this is a fun and easy way for people of all ages to draw. I am terrible at drawing anything digitally, but it doesn't matter about your skill. This has many tools that can be used to create either something that you will draw later on a piece of paper, or something that you just want to draw now all digital. I recommend this to everyone who loves to draw ☺???

Didn't see the pressure setting and was defaulted to sync all my ''friends". Big no-no is syncing my anything to anywhere. Uninstalling.

Really good It's a really good game so fun.but all I would like if when you text you can put your text into different like way eg:in like swirly neat writing or messy kinda writing and more so please update no problems so far

Ad covers large strip of drawing area I installed the app and used it twice, there were no ads present. I turned off my tablet and came back to it later. When I reopened the app a large ad that couldn't be closed covered 1/4 of the available drawing surface. This is the stupidest ad placement I have seen, as it renders the app useless.

It's amazing It's fun to use and I haven't had any problems

Great Works well and is supported by Samsung split screen

wtf. how can you make it so difficult (impossible?) to do the most basic drawing task i can imagine: (1) select colour from image, (2) draw filled rectangle. That's it. I can't get this app to do that, nor any other Google Play app that I have installed. What did I do to deserve this? Oh. And this is ANOTHER app that google has hidden the UNINSTALL button for. I wonder why.

Great over paid apps I've used other apps which are nice until the trial is over; this is great!

Great!!! It's great good for creativity

Almost perfect So great. Vector..pen and finger mode.. i love one fonger dragging and then drawing with the stylus. I think it could be a little better.. easier swapping between draw and erase... more control for size.. ie bigger eraser.... also the smooth function could use a much stronger setting or configurable... where a super wiggly line can smooth to a straight line.... load save popup text is a bit confusing... would be need to have some preset options set... so when i erase i dont forget what my pen size was.

It's great It works alot better but the colors and lines mess up if the app is closed. Also the eraser is basically the same thing as coloring something over in white and when I select something near the erased spot it moves.

Pretty good app, but has some major bugs It has some glitches, but it's pretty good. As of recently I've been working on a very complex picture that took me several hours to even be halfway done, but yesterday it started glitching out!! I was so upset because it was going to be a gift for someone and I worked so so hard on it!! The picture won't even open without a message popping up saying "error". Fix this then I'll give 5 stars.

Really great art app! It has a lot of nice options for on-the-go doodling and drawing. The only thing really missing I can think of is more layer options, setting layers to overlay or multiply or whatnot

Have been searching for it It's awesome for drawing medical diagrams which requires ultra zooming. Although few bugs but overall app is cool.

Great!!!!!!! Update please because I want to see more features thanks a lot!

CEO good 4 simple samples of sketches

10.2 sucks. Layers are refusing to cooperate as in, for example I would paint on one layer and add spray paint on another and the spray paint would disappear. It also constantly stops working and always refuses to export files for "not enough memory" bull, I have lots of memory. I liked the old version better. Fix it. Also, I should suggest adding more tools And brushes if you want more money. And saves would sometimes glitch out and won't stay as I left it. Please fix And I will give it five stars again.

Love it Though its kind of complex.but im sure ill figure it out somehow☺

Get it!! I love it 100/100

"Sorry, not enough memory for this" When i want to edit a picture from gallery, this pops up. What is that mean and what do i have to do to make it work?

The new update want let me upload a image from my gallery pls help!!!

Can the smoothen have levels to be chosen? Thanks

I like it, but one problem It lags way to much and it's seriously starting to tick me off. It also moves some of the small pieces of my drawing to a diffrent drawing. Just fix that and everyone will love it! Tootles ?

Changing this to one star The tools are amazing but how am I supposed to know when the picture ends? I cant tell if what im drawing is too big or too small until I post it somewhere and see all this white space. Dreadful. This app has a tendency to crash, completely obliterating all my hard work.

Inspirative. In this application I created many images which I used in my presentations. With the layers you can achieve very complex visual effects - even photorealistic images, if you have enough practice. I would apprecite adding gradient tools but even now I sometimes can't help buying the author a cup of coffee using that funny button ))

doesn't want to import from certian apps I've tried to import PNG images from different gallery apps, alot make scrib master crash

How To Make Cartoons? I Wanna Make if i go on instagram i see all of these cartoon pages?..and they give me da app..and they says it scribmaster..i download it but idk how to make cartoons?

Exactly what I needed It has an option for smooth strokes, multiple layers, fill tool, and importing images which is what I mainly wanted in a vector drawing app. The UI is pretty nice and easy to get used to.

Good... Could be much better. Interface is very clumsy and seems dated.

Super love it! I've tried so many related apps. This is the best so far :)