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Rapid Inventory

Supplied By TEC-IT    On Aug. 24, 2016    Comments(52)

Samsung Phone Rapid Inventory version2.5.4 Download

Manage inventories and stock lists with up to 100 items for free!

Rapid Inventory was optimized for fast and smooth operation on smart phones and tablets; particular emphasis was placed on simple and intuitive operation. The integrated data exchange functions allow you to import existing stock lists or to use the collected data for further processing (Google Drive, CSV, XML). If necessary, the item capacity can be extended at any time.

Use Rapid Inventory for Android to simplify stocktaking and inventory management tasks. Create, manage or control your item lists, partial lists, inventory, serial numbers, supplies, CD and DVD collections, etc. in no time
The built-in barcode scanner and the integrated support for industry-grade Bluetooth scanners allow you to manage your item data in as little time as possible.


• Clearly arranged item list with search function
• Custom fields (various datatypes, low/highres images, multiple quantities, multiple expiration date fields)
• Adjustable sort order
• Tag items with labels
• Data import and data export functions (CSV, XML, Google Drive)
• Supports Bluetooth barcode scanner (Bluetooth SPP devices)
• Built-in camera barcode scanner
• Optimized for smart-phones and tablets


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TEC-IT part of our Business and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 24, 2016. Google play rating is 76.0686. Current verison is 2.5.4. Actual size 5.5 MB.

What's new

    + Bugfix: Item min/max values dropped in edit mode
    + Bugfix: Image viewer for high-res pictures
    + Bugfix: Cannot select external camera scanner
    + Show unused fields in import/export
    + Minor improvements and fixes
    V2.5.0 (BETA)
    + Fixed import/export for updated Google Sheets online service
    + Bugfix: Problem when taking high-res image with rotated screen
    + Bugfix: Problem with external Bluetooth scanner
    + Bugfix: Fixed internal camera scanner
Download rapid-inventory-free.apk 5.5 MB


Excellent Worth every penny and much less expensive then the per month options for people who just need inventory control. Even better app if you are really good with excel. I set up custom filters based on formulas to find stock ITE!s that were urgent, low, OK etc based on our needs and have multiple locations built in. Originally, I wanted the developers to add features and then I realized everyone has a unique need. Well done! Electrical Contractor in Long Beach, CA

Great product, 1 Recommendation GREAT PRODUCT. Use it for keepimg track of shop inventory. Only thing I would change if possible is to have a different color for too much stock than you have for too little stock.

DEMO...NOT FREE!!! I've been using this app for a while now. This was a great app until they made it into a demo of their paid version. Unless you pay for it, the scanner will stop working. I will be uninstalling it immediately.

Update... Fixed bug thank you

Love it but needs 1 improvement The improvement I want Is to have an all quantity to 0 button. That way I can keep the items in it but just set all quantity amounts to 0. Because I have a paid license I have almost 180 items but I want to be able to erase all quantities instead of doing all 180+ manually which takes like 15 minutes. Fix that and I give 5 stars. Thank you and good job!

Great but could use improvement - a way to link 2 or more phones to the same "account" would be fantastic without having to import/export That alone would give it five stars but another suggestion is: - new interface to give it a better look

Perfect solution to bring our annual Inventory process out of the Stone Age **Edit: got a great redesign just after posting this review. Very nice!** This app looks and functions much like it's from the Gingerbread/Honeycomb era of Android, and it could really use a face-lift.

Inventory log Superb app but inventory log is missing

Veay good and so fast......,...

Very good

Small font The best but after the update the font of the product description is too small.

Likey likey After installing a few other inventory apps I found this to work best for me. Future updates I like to see a list for items that are below a given amount to sort out my stock orders from any list, then its 5 stars from me. Otherwise good stuff :)


Force close Today it was working perfectly and then when I tried to upload it to my Google spreed sheet it forced close and I lost everything , what can I do?

Great app. Is it on ios...??? And if not then please make one. ...request

Almost perfect This would be exactly what I need if I could take a picture of the product

Deceptive product description - not really free I have not tried it yet, but those that describe it as FREE should be a bit more forthright in the product description. It is only free for a 30 day trial, after which it costs $60/month. That is hardly free. I don't think many businesses need an inventory system for only 30 days, so best to state upfront that it is a subscription based system which costs $60/month. Free Downloading is only for a trial. It may be worth the $60/month, but be honest about this disclosure the description.

IT IS SIMPLE Very udefull for iventory own parts

My favourite app Have 2 tablets and always have this app. I wish if I can insert product pict, even just small clips are fine.

sandi The best free simple inventory app

It is okay Using it but please customize your app

Very Nice App Everything I need and very simple to use!

I [want to be able to] CAN scan data to other fields For example: many items of equipment have a barcoded serial number or an in-house generated info barcode. I would like to be able to set a field to be able to accept data by scanning a barcode or QR Code. I was misunderstanding the operation - which suggests the interface could do with clarifying - but I can indeed scan data from a barcode in to any field as long as I have the Barcode Scanner app also installed - this adds a SCAN button to the standard alphanumeric keyboard.

Great, one small issue and no reply to emails Thanks for a really great program. I have a problem when synching my qty data to Google spreadsheet. All decimal values get the wrong format i.e 9.25 becomes 09.25.00 whilst 9 will become 9 so probably it has a problem with decimals. Hopefully you can help me get this right, have emailed your support mail to me avail.

Very neat App For my work I have various stock items. One item is serial numbered and barcoded. Every week I have to write down the S/Ns and enter them into a spreadsheet. With this APP I can scan the barcode and then export the data and simply cut and paste the S/Ns. No more transcription errors. What would be nice is if you could bring up the previous/next item when on the item description page by left and right swiping. It would also be nice to add fields to the list page e.g. Description, number, minimum stock Update: Excellent news. I have several other ideas for features; >QR code support would be great. > With the minimum stock level please change the colour or otherwise highlight the deficit item. > It would be nice to select what fields you would like to export, dates aren't particularly useful to me. > Share via email would be useful, I have to email my stock details in weekly. >It would be useful to attach multiple serial numbered items to one 'parent' item. E.G. My stock carries one item simply called a Logger, however I carry many of these each with its own barcode. Many thanks for a great little APP. Simon

Great Tool! Perfect for keeping track of my inventory. Most of my inventory consists of unique items so I lose track of where things are stored in my 1,200 square feet of storage. With the custom fields I can enter the rack and shelf where each item is located. No more searching the entire inventory each time I make a sale. Your app also makes adding items to inventory much easier. I can take a pic of the item at the time of acquisition, assign an ID, enter cost and vendor and save the file to Dropbox. When back in my office I just import the file from Dropbox with my inventory software. Looks like you're already working on all the enhancements I can think of. I look forward to your next release. I'll be buying the expansion license very soon!

Photos It would be good if we could include the item picture. Even better if there were an auto fill mode based on the bar code ;) Nice design.

good app some missing.... good user interface. however if you change labeling of a exported Google spreadsheet it won't update correctly. if I'm doing something wrong please advise!

The date field is not working This is a great app but I tried using the date field but the date dont reflect. And if the interface can be improved, it will be great but not a big problem.

nice apps very useful too, but it will be more effective if I can replaced as a widget.

Yet to test. I just recently downloaded your application and have yet to implement it in my work, but I just wanted to show you my appreciation for you replying to low scoring reviews and trying to take care of issues that are being presented to you with consumer testing. For that reason, I'm giving this application 4 stars. A program is only as good as its programmer(s). Keep up the splendid work! More businesses should be this receptive and agile with software improvements.

Not bad Needs a move to sd option if it gets added will give 5 stars Uninstalled until then Keep up the good work though

Scanner doesn't work Looks a great concept but the inbuilt scanner on the galaxy s4 doesn't pick up very well at all. Trying to scan with an area the size of a stamp is not easy. Any chance it could use the zxing scanner instead ?

Worthless Will not work on Galaxy S4 Company ignores issues after many attempts at communication

Synchronization Error!! Please fix I love this app, and I have been using it with the google drive. There is error when try to sync with google drive. Error message as follow. Invalid account/password. Using Google 2-way authentication? You neer t generate an applicaion password: see your google account security settings. The weirdest thing is my account dont have that 2-way authentication set up. Now even try to set that up and it still doesn't work. Mr Developer, please fix this issue. Thank you very much

lesterstrachan1 after reset re root partitioning and relink to sd lg ms500 reapid inventory wont share or link to spreadsheet in google sheets i un linked it from sd i reinstalled it rebooted phone every thing i could think of ... nothing . this hardware and software is the same i've used since i moved over to lte network from cdma metro zte . so i know it works and very well too .but whats wrong now? love this app but it really needs to work too i use it every day [you may say i have a low level phone as most people and you would be wrong , this little phone smokes any i phone i've seen ..the things i do with it with just 32 gigs of space sd android is a big part of the future ] the last time i had a problem you guys put me into tec it beta and it solved it all now i'm hopping you guys can repeat the genius of before .

not working not working. not able to export to google drive anymore

Nice App!! But how do i export to Google drive? Getting a Sync Error..

I bought the 500 item version but can't get on my new phone Total waste of money and my valuable time to have to keep re- entering all of my product. Would love to have someone contact me to explain how all my other apps were easily available but not the one I paid for from this company

AWESOME app... and so simple! I can add or remove inventory by touching 2 buttons: 1) select the item, and 2) click "+" or "-" . Adding items, categories or tags is just as easy. Tagging items when I enter them allows me to search for grouped items with the touch of 1 button - so convenient. The Google Spreadsheet backup is absolutely awesome, too. I don't have to worry about losing my data and can back it up in 10 seconds or less. Highly recommended! The icing on the cake would be to have an automatic backup option and/or to have log-in to sync across multiple devices :)

looks good, but they dont reply when you write to them, i am still waiitng for a reply from them, i want to buy the full version....

Great App Does exactly what I need especially allowing exports to Google Sheets

User-friendly & good! Finally I managed to find an app that able to fulfill my requirement. But think will be better if able to sync the data on different devices under the same google ac. Besides that, I realised that I have keep the image files in phone or sd card as it couldn't display if I deleted the files.

It's OK All good and I will buy as soon you add pictures to item's.

Not exactly a "Fraud", but deceptive. It says, "Free", but after I entered a few items, it notified me that this was a 'demo' product. Hmmmmmmm. Took a while to see the 'up to 100 items'. I don't consider this clear at all. Took another while to find price by reading user Reviews. Deleting. Not exactly an 'up front' approach.

Love it, delivers what it says it does Going to use this everyday at work

NO LOCATIONS!!!!!! How can inventory be managed without location field????

RC#27 Bought 500 item storage and found out later that i needed more storage,how can i buy another 500 item storage?

Changes? My question is, i like the feel and flow of this app and i am willing to pay for it. It is just missing some key features . Are you guys open to improving?

Amazingly superb!!!!!! It is very helpful app as I am working in a pharmacy setup. Now I could keep more focus on stock discrepancies. I would like to go for purchasing the unlimited entry version but some doubts I have which is to be clarified. (1). In this app there is no personal account login so if I move to another device I have to purchase the app again? (2). Is there any option to make different sets of stocktake; like store1,store2 etc.(3). Possibility of converting data into excel sheet (4). What about cloud support.

Nice Can i backup and redtore my data

Great app for inventory management Great flat file inventory manager. Does what it says and does it well. The only thing, that would make it better is if you could have two inventory locations and be able to track both locations. But it truly is a great written and running app.