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Supplied By Gaz Davidson    On Aug. 19, 2010    Comments(65)

Samsung Phone Rainwatch version1.2.3 Download

Rainwatch UK shows the only type of weather the British care about, in the form of local and national rain prediction maps from the BBC.

To use the local view you must have network location detection enabled in your settings->location menu.

Gaz Davidson part of our Weather and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 19, 2010. Google play rating is 76.5156. Current verison is 1.2.3. Actual size 45.0 KB. Download rainwatch.apk 45.0 KB


Galaxy s This app is amazing and extremely accurate , I go with this everyday and not the tv forecasts best weather app ive ever had , 5 stars ? Id give 10 if it went there ...

Good app but ... Found it really handy a year or so back but now seems to just predict rain all the time. Appreciate these are third party maps but they just seem so inaccurate now :-(

Was favourite This app was the most fantastic and accurate one I'd come across. Unfortunately all I now get is 'the was a problem downloading. Try again in a moment'. Uninstalled and reinstalled and no change. Feeling very sad now.

... This used to be great, very accurate and nice graphics. Last few months just says 'problem downloading'... a load of sh!te

Outdated & inaccurate This app used to be great and I used it all the time. However I think the data feed is now broken. It bears no resemblance to the rain map in the Met Office app any more. Or the actual weather! It was a great app when it was maintained but I think it's been abandoned since the met office brought their own 5* app out.

Great app, reliable,stable,hasn't been wrong,or let me down yet &I use it nearly everyday.

Was brilliant but app has error Was a brilliant app but for approximately 4 weeks I havent had access. Says "problem downloading"? Such a shame as it was fantastic prior to this issue.

Inaccurate The app looks good, and on first day showed showery weather as well as could be expected. A nice idea (people who want one-hourly intervals rather than three-hourly are really expecting too much) but for me the big issue is it's just not accurate. The main BBC weather app may not have dynamic maps, but it completely out-fought this Rainwatch one over a test period. In two days Rainwatch predicted rain when it stayed totally dry and then showed no rain for a day when it poured. The BBC app got it dead right each time. Weather forecasting may be a bit inaccurate by nature, but this app is wrong too often to be useful. A pity.

Great app but Was such a great app but now doesn't work in nexus 5 and looks like it has been abandoned. Will sadly uninstall until /if it is ever fixed

Perfect app Simple and small app.It is working well.I always know if the next 2 days gonna be rainy or not.Excellent app.

Unable to open I've been using this app for some time now both on my samsung galaxy s and sansubg galaxy 4 mini. The app crashed regularly and I have to uninstall then reunstall to get it working. This time its crashed and is bn over a month now where it will not work when reinstalled. I miss this app that's why I'll keep trying. Please advise!!!

Was good, seems to be abandoned now Used to be a brilliant app, accurate, useless!! connection problems all the time, contacted developer, not even a confirmation of my email.. sad, because it was a 5 star plus app previously..DO NOT DOWNLOAD will only take up space thst could be better utilised

Was brilliant but no longer works Probably the BBC have changed something, and the developer doesn't want to (or can't) update it.

Unfortunately stopped working Recently I just get "error downloading" whenever I use the app. Still saying the same 3 months later so I guess the developer has abandoned it and the underlying map data has changed. Pity as this was quite a good app. No real choice but to uninstall it.

What happened guys Rainwatch used to be the best way to get the latest news on the rain, but hasn't got it right in ages. Currently tipping it down outside and the app thinks it's clear. :-(

Very good, simple and effective. Few little additions such as wind speed/direction would be great but lack of doesn't detract from a polished app

One of my favourites. Has been for months. Just wish we could zoom into our own local location like we used to be able to.

What's gone wrong??? A few months ago rainwatch was a great & accurate tool. Now all I get is "problem downloading please try again later". Have deleted & reinstalled to no avail. Why??? Such a disappointment!! Fix it please!!??? 5* when it works!!

Recommended. Works fast and is as accurate as forecasting can be. Always starts in the wrong area though, I'm in spalding this shows me in huntingdon

Brilliant app. So easy and quick! Great high quality map image too! Love it!

Great little app Works well on both my HTC wildfire s, and Hubbys HTC Desire S. Clear, no real bugs, easy to access and accurate.

Downgrading from 5 to 1 star, since it got frosty it looks like it is permanently raining. Sad, was perfect before. HTC wildfire.

Great if you live in East Yorkshire - can't get it to scroll anywhere else. How about some instructions/help?

Broken This used to be a really useful and accurate app. But for the last month it has been completely wrong. Don't bother with it till it is fixed

Problem downloading I was wondering why you gave cloud all day for the last two days, when we have not had a cloud in the sky. C'mon guys, sort it out, this app used to be the dogs danglies!

Great app. Like it as it is any future services such as temperature/forecast would be a bonus. Worth installing. On droid.

Good app but Bears no correlation to the current BBC weather map data, please update.

No longer works Used to be great but now just says 'problem downloading...' and doesn't display the maps anymore.

Good app but is there going to be an option for showing fronts/ isobars etc in future updates?

Not good Used to be very accurate but over the last couple of months it's got very poor. Rain Alert is much better.

Great app. Thanks. I wish the BBC would sort out the colours though, blue = both frost and rain ...

A good addition to the htc weather app. Let's you plot the rain, no more need to go to the BBC website

Perfect at what it does! And I'm also looking forward it to add other features like little bit text? Keep improve it! HTC desire

Was good but does not work now Tried to reinstall but will no longer open. Uninstalled.

Why did it stop This used to be my go to app many times a day for the latest rain based watching. its so out I can't trust it....not un installing just yet but I am close

Perfect! Does what it says on the tin. Brilliant app, extremely handy hasn't been wrong yet and more accurate than the met office web site in my experience. no probs operations wise either!

Believe me I've had this app for months its brilliant. Thank-you

Good app, location maybe still needs work. In Glasgow and getting Borders info.

Was good, now crap. Used to be really useful app. Now very inaccurate & seems to bear no relation to reality.

Aspect ratio Excellent! Makes the BBC animation much more usable. Navigation between zoom levels works, but not obvious how to return to UK. Would be nice if maps didn't get squashed on tall aspect ratio screens. Black bars top and bottom? Now stopped updating.

Really useful Does exactly what I want and nothing more or less, amazed the BBC doesn't provide this themselves. I guess they don't need to when there are brilliant developers like these to provide this kind if app for us. Thanks a lot!

Excellent but stopped working This was an excellent lightweight map based app but its recently stopped working... ie the charts bear no relation to the actual weather. fe today its heavy rain right across the UK but the app shows cloud and sunshine. Please fix bc the is a seriously excellent app!

Problem downloading? Used to work and with 95% accuracy was my most used apps. Now it says that there is a problem downloading! Please sort this out and I will add 4 more stars!

No longer accurate! This app used to be absolutely spot on... virtually to the hour! Used it for several years! But something has dramatically changed recently ... The map showing the rain bears no resemblance to what's actually happening outside!

Doesn't work Used to be excellent. Now just says problem loading and has for some months. Wouldn't work on my old phone and doesn't on my new M8. Sadly I'm giving up on it.

Excellent product as ever Have been using this app for ages, and on many devices.. ZTE blade, Moto Defy, HTC sensation and Nexus 7 & 4. No problems ever, no adverts, simple and effective. 5 stars.

Not working A pity as this was a good app but now just says "problem downloading, try again later" all the time. Tried uninstall and reinstall but still not working. What's happened Gaz??? Shame.

Not Accurate Inaccurate.Claims to get it's data from BBC Weather maps but doesn't match up. Unfortunate because, with the correct info this could be a good little app.

Useless Do yourself a favor and don't download!! Apparently its been raining for the last 4 days where i live!!!! And i haven't seen one drop, this app is as accurate as me picking the correct lotto numbers every week.

Used to be excellent. Now just a black screen. Tried re-install several times, no good. What a shame

Used to be amazing. No longer works. Used to be the best weather app for the uk, now it won't load anything. I think this is probably due to a problem accessing BBC weather data which it relies on.

No longer showing correct charts This used to be a great app but recently the weather charts being shown are completely wrong compared to all other forecasts and reality. Please fix then is is a 5 star app.

'There was a problem downloading' 'There was a problem downloading' Over and over again, for weeks now. Wi-Fi, 3G, reinstalled, not working. Used to be great! :-(

Not working any more I used to love this app but now it keeps telling me to "try again in a moment." Very frustrating.

Completely out of line with reality - a big band of rain from west predicted in middle of current heatwave. Complete rubbish I'm afraid!!

Used to be great... But it doesn't work anymore. Since BBC made some changes to their weather site it's no longer able to download weather information.

Problem downloading No longer downloads data. Has not been updated for a long time. Worthless as is: uninstalling.

poor glad its free as doesnt work AT ALL! just keep sayin problem downloading please try in a while. dont waste time with this junk. uninstalling

Was good, now broken No longer works. I guess the developer has abandoned it, which is a shame. It used to be my go to app for weather.

Useful app. Only problem I have is that there is always a picture on the third day of UK forecast that is wrong (htc wildfire). 5 stars when fixed.

I've been looking for something like this for while. Great job! Saves going to the BBC website. Only thing missing is a widget hence 4*

Very good BUT! When you have the colours on the legend the same for rain and temperature. Erm? Well is it indicating it cold .. Or raining?

Used to be brilliant..... .... But now appears to be broken, I also get the problem downloading message :-(

Doesn't work anymore The app doesn't work anymore, just says there is a problem downloading. Please sort it out - it was very useful when it worked.

HTC Sensation XE Used to be good and accurate. All I get now is 'problem downloading data'. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still no data. Disappointed.