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Samsung Phone Quora version2.1.6 Download

The best answer to any question

• Ask a question, get a great answer
• Learn from experts including astronauts, police officers, actors, lawyers, and more
• Get real industry insider knowledge

Quora, Inc. part of our Social and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 90.4535. Current verison is 2.1.6. Actual size 3.1 MB.

What's new

    We're always working to improve your experience on Quora through new features and improvements across the product. Here are our latest changes included in this version:
    * New navigation interaction and design
    * Improved loading experience makes Quora faster for you
    * Several bug fixes and other under the hood improvements
    Follow our Product Updates blog at to get our latest product changes. Send us any feedback from
Download quora.apk 3.1 MB


Just a tiny change n I'll give it a 10 star rating lol If only there was the option to select text then I'd give it 5 stars.. that's the only thing missing in an otherwise perfect app I feel. Hope you do make this change. Cheers. Edit: text selection now possible. Changing my rating to 5 stars. Kudos!

Some thing close to heart It not only shaped my thinking but gave me something valuable... Every one having a smartphone should b in quora

Amazing platform This is one of the best app and it has a benchmark of must have app if you want some knowledgeable stuff. It comprises highly knowledgeable people in it e.g. Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia) and many more, answering question themselves. For the first time in the history of internet, it has happened that we, India have influence this, many students and professors from top most institutions e.g., IITs and IIMs and engineers are part of it. That makes this app more useful...

Best! One of the best apps I've come across! Please improve the Search feature and add a 'Collapse Answer' button

Application is just buggy. The whole idea of Quora is amazing. The information you get is amazing. Everything said,the app is just too laggy and seems buggy. The answers just won't expand after loading the feed. Refresh it as many times you want,it just won't. Force close the app and then it would do that. At times,going back to feed from some other point of the app closes the app altogether. Please fix it. Thanks.

More stories Notification Can you pls make "More Stories" notification transparent, or aome other design.. While reading a topic, that popup hinders the view and when clicked, goes to top.. A dismiss button would be fine.. Thanks.. My two cents.. Take it or trash it!!

Best place for understanding people's view I really like spend with this app. Really excited to ready and write views. And many more thing at one place

Still great! Good distraction. Good way to spread knowledge and gain information. Social, but not annoying. Perfect!

Nice and informative! Simply awesome in terms of the information that we get through this app. But on the other hand its full of bugs! Writing answers becomes irritating as sometimes the whole answer is automatically deleted while typing...

Its a great app I love the app and the concept is great. I think the credits thing should go though. Why should anyone have to pay me something to get an answer? And there should be some way of merging two accounts. Do that and i'll give it a 5 :)

Answers to questions you didn't know you have Have you ever wondered where all the kind, thoughtful, considerate and well-mannered net citizens hang out? It's here, answering each other's questions with expertise and humility. It's delightfully refreshing in an educationally way!

Great something to do when bored This app is great when you get stuck at a RR crossing with a two mile long freight train going 5 miles per hour. Then you look here for some ridiculous questions and people's sincere effort to answer them honestly. By the time you have had a few laughs and on occasion some serious discourse the train has passed and you can move along.

Greatness meets slowness This app is great. But the only problem is with its speed. It's too slow to get most out of it. If devs worked on that, will give it 5 stars.

Great! I love quora, it can be entertaining,interesting and educational

Great, amazing and fantastic What a good idea. The info is just so incredible, this service is a massive success

Slow!!!. Slow like YouTube buffering. Every single activity I try to do takes hell lot of time. Open a question takes time, expand it, takes time, go to comments, takes time, open the editor to write answer, takes forever!!

Good App. A bit buggy Good application. Hangs occasionally. Works best when auto rotate is turned off. The screen reloads when it is rotated.

Best app for a curious geeks It can be termed as secong Google where u can inquire abt anything & u will be given expert answers even u can clear doubts via comment & many more features which help u to keep up to date regarding your queries

Lagging and doesn't refresh automatically Was Good , this update ruin the app completely. It is horrible and questions won't refresh on opening the app. Every time I open the app I see previous questions.

The site is good. The app, not so much. There's absolutely no words to describe how amazing and informative this site is. But my problem is with the app. It's full of bugs. To write an answer is a harrowing experience. Same is with writing a message. Please fix that. Also, the moderators should contact the person first before collapsing an answer. An extremely helpful answer of mine was collapsed because of violating Quora image policy. I wanted to edit the answer when I next opened the site, but it got locked before that. Please fix that too.

Great ! I love reading. Insane hungry of words. Any random reading material available here. I really liked this app..

Awesomeness with knowledge Quora is awesome app you can ask anything and you can get answer for that. You can also found out that people have similar questions, curiosity and confusion as yours regarding different topics. It bonds thinking of different people regarding same topic, new and improved creative thinking for the same questions as you found it difficult earlier. Love the app as it provides me knowledge about different topics from the unknown friends on quora family.

Great app One of the beat thing about this app is that you can use it even with a slow network connection... The interface is neat and you get what you want... Great answers to intriguing questions... App design is good... I didn't use the editor in the app for writing answers but the reading on the app is good... One of the good apps to download from android store

Addiction. Quora is my daily dose form morning to evening to learn new things, share your experiences.

The app never goes beyond the topic selection screen! Downloaded the app with great excitement but never goes beyond the topic selection screen. Even after I chose, it keeps popping up again and again!

A new level of knowledge! I originally got this app after asking questions on Google for a good 5 hours. I don't what it was but I was craving knowledge. This app certainly treated that. Not only do you get your questions answered within the space of 10 - 20 minutes but you can help others by relieving some of your own knowledge and feel great about it! I've never felt so involved with a community of genius!

Nice app , browser experience is better though. The app is good but is relatively slow on normal 2g networks. Works fine on good wifi connection or 3g.

Major issue I've got a problem here,whenever I open the app,it continously keeps on asking me to choose 10 topics,even though I already selected them a moment before.This screen keeps on repeating.Developers,please figure something out.

Keep getting redirected to selecting my interests. Not able to access app.

Uninstalled in 5 minutes. The app really sucks. Its keep on getting redirected to choose interested page by asking me to choose at least 10 interests, even though I chose almost 30-40(including not interested topics).

Great but too many bugs → When I start writing the answer, sometimes, the text gets all tangled and it hangs for a second or two and the autocorrect makes it worse. → It takes relatively longer time to load the contents compared to other social media apps like FB. This should be taken care of. Thanks.

IT CRASHES NOW AND THEN!!!! I installed Quora just few days ago and it started crashing now and then without any reason. I sent fredback many times but no reply from Quora. Please help. Otherwise... Quora is awesome, just make an update for this bug fix.

Hate the layout love the content The app feels clunky and poorly organized. Too much going on a answer. Love the content.

Typing sucks Really hard to type whilst it constantly changes and messes up my sentences. Its weird because my phone doesn't it do it on any other app. Pls correct :/

Quora is annoying Why do you ask everytime to set bio for every topic?

Quora moderators don't really listen Some of my answers get blocked for no legitimate reason, and sometimes when you report racist slander, nothing is done about it.

can get answers to all most all the weird questions well.. a handy tool to broaden the outlook & enhance the smartness quotient.. any field you take.. eg. love, workout, career, & even hardcore scientific research.. there is someone to share his expertise.. actually you ll feel good to know people's perspectives on a particular ambiguous issue.. but the app is retarded.. sometimes hangs abruptly.

Brilliant it is one of the best app on my mobile. best intellectual masturbation. Good time pass and lot to understand brilliant peoples minds .i love this app

Best One of the best places on the internet. Recommended for everyone. App works perfectly

Xcellent app People can understand that nobody is a genius, once u start using this app...

Excellent! Tons of good and useful answers on virtually any question. Doesn't like non-latin login - please, fix that.

So good Tons of useful knowledge

Cool app, works perfectly well

Pretty good Though left menu bar is annoying.

A bit unstable, but still awesome


Everythig works perfectly Everything I use quora for can be done with this app. Enjoy.

I like minimal of quora's design

Thank you Good app. Thanks to the creators.

Fantastic!!!! One the most amazing apps I have ever used

Great app! There are many interesting questions to discuss, and also a number of excellent answers.

Doesn't login Can't login. Asks for FB account info and then asks for Quora pass which I have no idea what it is. Fix it please. There is no option register Quora account.

Best The Best

!!! Very interesting app! Thanks! 8)

Great Great app for use in life

HTC EVO 3D That's gorgeous!

Very infomative One of the best apps I ever had before.

SGS3 Could not create account. Deleted.

Amazing app You can get a lot of information about many things via this service.

I aint able to check anything beyond the topics... Even after selecting ALL the topics it is taking me back to the topics page.. again n again... Can u pls check this?

This app is missed up It keeps showing me the welcome to quora page where i choose at least 10 topics... Even though i've done that like 5 times!!! Fix that please.

App has some serious bugs I can't seem to submit answers, and all of the keyboards I use seriously malfunction specifically when using your app.

Can be much better.. I wud hav given it 5 stars...but app functionality is sometimes a issue. I dont know probably coz i hav a low end i get error msg which is followed by non responsive behaviour of app sometimes..(like wen clicked on write answer and many places). App is slower than mobile website. Few improvements in this app can make this app even more better..p.s. please add some assistance on choosing topics quickly after firdt installation.

Scrolling issues in the latest version!(Android 5.1.1 on Nexus 4) I've seen this happen many times. Scrolling down beyond a few questions doesn't load new content but just gets stuck with the loading indicator. Issue with the news feed, notifications and comments as well. This was working fine before and seems to be happening with the latest version only!

If apps were house bricks This app is so stupid that you would be served better if when you clicked 'install' someone from UPS knocked on your door and handed you a standard brick. Now that has lots of uses compared to this app which has none. Come to think of it, I wonder if any asked this question on Quora?

Too slow It takes too much time for loading content even on WiFi. Please fix it as soon as possible And please bring material design.

Please improve the APP, the website concept is cool. It take a minimum 2 mins to open any any section or the connection is timed out & I don't have any network problem as YouTube video streams without buffering.

Awesome,doing a great job. I shot out many query's really very very helpful.

Knowledge.@full on Realy good app. With full of ease.. may it be posting your own questions or getting an answer to our question.. we can get incredibly exciting ques frm then to that. Nice app.

Fucking stupid application This is is forcing me to install the application by redirecting the pages directly to its website. For me the application which is doing that is just to increase the number of downloading person. Yes now you got one million download. And I know why it become to that much of big amount. Bcos Iam also one of your fools you ass hole administrator.

Cool.. Works well on OnePlus phone.. But slow on my lower end devices..

Really Thoughtful Discussions The well informed and carefully written contributions on this site are a welcome change from the shallow comments and flame wars that are so plentiful on the Internet. And the app works as it should: you read the content and don't need to think about the app.

Content is great, the app is not. I find the way to view topics and consume information cumbersome and off putting.

Completely useless without internet all the time I somehow expected that we r not in 2007 anymore so app will cache previously loaded content. Silly me..

App has not been updated to confirm material design Almost all major apps have been updated to sport material design. Why is Quora still lagging behind?

Completely unusable I am forced to download this on mobile if I want to visit the site, but when I do I am unable to view the question I am interested in. Very sloppy. I will no longer be using this app or the website at all

Lagging and doesn't refresh automatically Was Good , this update ruin the app completely. It is horrible and questions won't refresh on opening the app. Every time I open the app I see previous questions.

Phenomenal app I have always been a questioning person and this app is like a life saver to me. Though I don't find exact answers for some questions, while some questions don't get answered at all, I am still satisfied with the elaborate answers I get. Cheers to the founders and those who take time to answer them!!

Won't work I have selected my topics in which I am interested in at least 10 time and it still ask me again

Its best ways to gathered knowledge. But its very heavy to upload a page its take a 2 to 3 min on internet 2g data. And lots of data usage.

I've been using Quora the website for quite a while now, especially on my smartphone. So I'm reading some story from my feed as usual, and you cut in with a screen "You need the app for the best experience". I tapped "I don't want the app", because I meant to finish the article. Doesn't matter: "Create your personalized feed by adding more than 10 topics..." - I've created one already, I was reading it right now. Back from the prompt screen. Few taps later - "You need the app for the best experience!". Okay, install the damn app and shut up. "Create your personalized feed..." - I've done this already! Why do you assume that I have no preexisting account? Better still - while opening the app, the home screen flashes for a sec, displaying the correct number on unread notifications on my account! So the app did pick my login details after all, yet it still forces me to set up a new account. And I can't find any way to explicitly log in to my existing account. I love(d) you Quora for all the awesome content you provide, but whoever is in charge of your UX department deserves to be slapped hard. With one move you effectively locked me out from your service on both platforms.

This app just detoriated. Does not load at all and shows network error all the time. I am using moto g. Missing days when this app used to be good.

Best Of Both World's These App Used by Me to kill time And Also gain Knowledge, so safely called as Best Of Both World's

I love it, but 403 forbidden After I've updated to this version, the app prompts an error. I tried using data and the app works fine again. Im only having this problem using wifi. Please kindly help check.. Thanks!

Worst.. First of all it forced me to install the app, I was happy with mobile browsing. Secondly after I installed, I tapped 10 topics, when I hit Done, it again asked me to tap 10 topics. I did this more than 15 times, so total I tapped 150 topics. But no, I cannot go to the home page. It again redirects me to that page. Google please introduce negative stars. -1 for quora

Addictive and fun - slow app Quora attracts an impressive amount of brainpower. The discussions are knowledgeable and spirited, but usually civil. The Android app can be slow to bring up links, much like the Facebook app can be slow.

I learned a lot This is my go-to app when I'm bored

Great content Quora provides consistent quality content though the app isn't spectacular. I wish you could control more of what you see with the app.

Great app You will find lots of knowledge in what you follow only and managing this is too easy and reliable.

10 topics glitch Repeatedly ask me to key in 10 topics and am unable to access any other page. I'm sure you (the developers) are working hard to fix this problem. I've heard great things about this app/website so I am really looking forward to giving it a go. Do fix it fast. Cheers.

Useful but... It needs material design, whenever I press app it feels like I've just got Android kitkat

Awesome if you are selective It is an awesome source of information and knowledge. Really great people share their experiences there and their answers are full of useful information and wisdom they gained from years of experience. A word of caution though, decide beforehand what you want to look at and be focused and ignore unrelated things completely to gain maximum from this app.

Remove the UPVOTE count please... It helps in reading all answer with equal importance instead of looking at upvotes and then reading only popular answers.

Super! Very easy to use, wide variety of topics and a very open and friendly community. Been looking for this type of app for a while!!

Comparable to Yahoo Answer but more academic I love the level of education in this app. I can ask any question and get at least two very through responses

Please solve the issue in starting the application, which is asking to choose 10 topics, nd it is asking it continuously to select the topics. Please resolve it...besides that it is very usefull application

Love it to the core Am actually putting my phone into good use by using this app :) it works fine for issues best pal to have :)

Cant access content Keeps asking me to pick at least ten topics I'm interested in. When I do, it asks again.

Can give more den 5 stars. Deserves it! D only problem is faced was when ever i am uploading the profile pik in quora it rotates to horizontal view. I would request you to fix that!

Great app, but still needs changes. The CHARACTER LIMIT, made me spend 15 min to just a que, because, i really needed to add the more details. Should be increased to 500 char at least. Also, the upvote and other buttons have become too big. Disliking the UI change. Please change it back. The app is great, but hating the ui change

Still having problems with this on my Android tablet. No response whatever from Quora. Initially it worked fine, much better than accessing Quora in my browser. But about two weeks in, it started malfunctioning. When you hit the "answer" button it takes you to a page that allows you to type an answer, but not submit it. There is no "submit" button. Actually, there isn't much of anything except some little icons for editing....And they don't work. The only way to get out of the page is to hit the back button and that gives you a dialog box asking if you want to delete... That's the only way out. Quora works fine on my computer..... Also, when I access Quora from my browser on the tablet, (Samsung) it will not default back to the last question after answering. It defaults to the top of the page. Very annoying as you must scroll through all the questions again each time.

The perfect network Ask anything anywhere and never be judged. Answers can be helpful and downright surprising!

Simple Text oriented app suck cheaply When switching between other app, the contents reset and the app refreshed automatically. poor UI functionality. Also supports for ZenFone withdrawn. I forced to install quora by downloading apk file.

Great but.. Well once we have loaded the from the net contents ought to be available offline too for later use when net is not available. And yes, it is too slow in loading stuff

Best way to share knowledge... App is good but freezes after 10-15 minutes on Asus zenfone 2 laser... Please work on this...

Need system font I just wished the app allows system font rendering instead of using custom font. I am not to be believe that they still dont support it. My review comment is more than a year old. Ridiculous the app with its own font looks so restricted

Fay Jordan Absolutely love this site.Wanted to make a few comments and suggestions and I thought I already had this download but I guess I didn't. Anyway I just found out I have to pay for this and after what happened to me a few days ago on my Yahoo account I am very very upset and Leary about giving anyone my personal credit card information ever again I'm a single woman live by myself I only get SSI which is not much it just about pays the rent gas Electric phone bill food and household items so for companie on

A perfect knowledge booster with a serious drawback I face this problem every time i use Quora APP. I start browsing through APP and after 10-15 mins,my phone gets stuck and i cant browse anymore. The app responds after some 30 sec. I close it and open again. And the same problem occurs again. It would be helpful if Quora takes up this issue.

The best Just addicted to it, best place to find smart people.

Interesting Interesting, informative and the best way to know about the vivid ideas from the people.

No more crash's! Thank you finally. My i should open Quora on my LG G4 and every time it would crash so weird but now it seems to work wonderfully.

Love this app Can't add comments or edit questions to add further details anymore. It keeps on loading and then nothing happens. Fix it!

Screwed up after the last updste The last update has thoroughly screwed quora up. It used to be my fav app but now it takes ages to load. When it does it loads just around 2 or 3 stories. Fix this

Addictive If I pick up my phone and find that I have Facebook posts and Quora questions waiting, I will go to Quora first!

Sunny Khade The app always stops when you are right in the middle of something interesting. This has been happening quite a few times. Please save this app. It is stopping. Continuously.

Awesome Very interesting and the answers are on point expert answers from experts puts yahoo answers and others alike to shame.

Latest April update bad Suddenly, I can't post or even save my answers or comments as drafts. Editor has become extremely sluggish too. I'm only posting this as a warning to others to hold off updating until they release a fix.

Shit App...!! Crashes all the time... Not at all stable As soon as I click on comment on any answer it crashes like hell... The app is sometimes laggy... Plz fix this...

If you doing research If there's a single point I like about it - it's simple and straight to the point. Plus troll free

Beauty As good as best of the app can get. Very useful. Love it.

Up vote status quite mysterious. It is so discouraging to find your up vote number decreasing everyday while you receive regular up votes with the name of the person and the question for which it was given.E.mails to quota are unanswered every time.

Smart app Everyone on quora works on making you smart and the app does not come in the way at all!

The best Try it out if you are in the search for answers to almost any topic.

Still not working properly. Still lags, still mangles or deletes words I've typed and I still can't see the answer or comment I'm responding to while I am typing. The developers have found time to pointlessly move the notification bar to the bottom of the screen, but not added anything helpful, like a question/comment review pane.

Quora is awesome... The new Quora UI sucks. Please get the original one back.

Not working!!! The app has suddenly stopped working on my Asus ZenFone. I open the app and only the loading circle is displayed.

Love it!! Although the app uses more data than it should for just loading text and pictures.. !!

4 Mb to 24 Mb. Too heavy update. It's 60 Mb after installation. IDK what's going on? Although there are no added features.

Great app..but.. There is a problem with posting answers...I can't post the answers becoz the DONE COMMAND doesn't work..please see this and fix

It's amazing! I wish I could say more, but quite frankly, I'm at a loss for words.

Revisiting and pleased! I enjoy his app. I do not enjoy the reviews of Quora, and other apps, which use foul or vulgar language. Thanks for this, it really is helpful

App needs optimising: buggy when editing It is often easier to craft answer in another note taking app and then paste it into Quora, than editing in there. Google keyboard keeps dropping in and out whilst editing. Also, there is no help for new users to orient themselves through the app or to discover what they can do with it. Using the website is seamless, and the app has a long way to go before it's like that.

crashes all the time Nice app good content but crashes every 15 mins

Very good app designed for avid readers who love to read anything and everything..

Excellent A fantastic platform for knowledge sharing across topics. Highly recommended for the insomniacs!

Knowledge Bank! How much memory can quota hold. Amazing!

Oase for your inner nerd Just loved it

Excellent app The best app ever on playstore. Very informative,innovative,contains high level answers answered in easily understandable way by experts as well as amateurs!! Keep it up quorans!!

Great App When Twitter & Facebook are full of abuses this is what you need.But make this app a little lighter takes a lot of data & time....

My previous history with Quora has been Obliterated! I had an extensive "reading list", of topics that have been removed.

If you are a Liberal, it's great. Not so much for independents or conservatives. The only problem I have found with this app is if you disagree with their POV, you are censored. Example I will support either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump in the POTUS election but not Hillary Clinton. For that my opinions on this subject are downvoted, my questions are marked as needing improvement, and sometimes removed for no reason. It is a very bias program.

Quora is great but the app needs work App can be quite buggy at times. Often not possible to click into anything or upvote answers.

Great app but lil bit buggy Great app... really superb website... But there are some bugs... Which are should have fix it.. When i saved any answer i can't find again. On offline i have to go to online.. It's disgusting.... Please fix it

Quora always crashes on my phone The app crashes frequently. When I m in the middle of some interesting post, quora crashes and exits. When I restart the app, it shows the latest feeds and I have a very hard time re finding the post which I was reading prior to the crash. Please sort out this issue and I will rate it back to 5 stars. BTW I am a huge fan of quora and spend a lot of time on it.

I'd give it extra stars if.... Good app, but I'd give it more stars if we were able transfer the app to our phones microsd storage space for those of us that have microsd. Storage capability, instead of having to use up the phones internal memory.

I love Quora but... ...the app keep refreshing while I'm trying to read and it gets worse for each day. Waiting for a fix, please.

Are you on drugs? Why on earth do i have to login just to read an answer off of your poorly planned website. Statistically this has proven multiple times to be a TERRIBLE business decision and I would expect you to have figured that out by now. Do you know what people do when they see that login screen? They exit your page immediately 99% of the time.

Unusually Extreme Lag My internet is fully capable of using Quora. So is my phone it's only a year olds and it was one of the more expensive models. First thing that happens is a loading screen for a least 15 seconds. There's no point in using this app if it doesn't work better than the mobile version of the website. I've tired the website and I love it except sometimes I'll get a keyboard issue with it. Super annoyed. I was skeptical of getting this app.

Fun Crashed when I first ran the app as I hadn't setup my account yet so I did that on PC & the app has run fine since. It's a really informative and interesting app, thanks!

Lots of repetition I see people talking about 'Quora' rather than the app. Rate the app not the website. There are lots of bugs and require improvements. The app doesn't have its own image viewer but rather uses the browser's. The search bar is too basic. Doesn't learn the user's requirement. No proper filters that are otherwise available on the website. The app is too slow. But the highlight is that it loads questions completely even without expanding them. So that they can be read later when offline!

Interesting stuff Some posts do repeat themselves, this just makes me feel like there's nothing new popping up lately.

Stories for life I've questioned myself whether everyone is doing it the same way I'm doing it But this app helps me find successful people who gave tips to some confusing moments in my life so I really thank you for making it possible But I'm facing a lot of lags and bugs in the iOS (iPhone 4s) so I'm switching to android now please see to that soon

Really enjoy this app! A group of intellectual people with the most interesting questions and answers. I can sit on quora for hours reading up on science politics and even relationship advice. I highly recommend this app to anyone who loves to learn or has an opinion.

SO far seems the young lady was very sweet..her words without knowing if I will BE able to fix a mess,, were unblievibly welcoming and kind words ...WELL IF I FAIL AT LEAST I KNOW OTHER WOMEN ARE AS KIND AS HER WORDS! Kudos Trying to text out messages and STILL cannot after the final...and now I PRAY I can get things I worked hard to get and read and reread SO I can BE ready for another WELL...I HATE confortations a/ intimitation but I have to do right and even if others never know isn't that's what its about..SO here goes kind ones

Nexus 5 Nice little app. For some reason I get the same questions with the same answer in my feed, which I don't know how to fix.

Best wine in worst bottle. It's a awesome thing(best wine) but the app (worst bottle ) is not great thing with lots of flaws

Notifications don't disappear on the phone when marked as read inside the app. App doesn't maintain its state and a lot of times I have to bookmark things so the app doesn't take me back to home if I'm returning to the app even if I've only switched apps for a few seconds. Of course, there is also rampant racism among Quora moderators but that's not an app only problem. It's a very sad thing that one of the best modelled social networks is ultimately bad enough to have a racism problem.

awesome app Awesome app to those who wants to learn.....( learn everything) every awesome guys are on quora... they answer ur questions professionally very well... one problem scrolling in feeds if you have come down it is very difficult to get on top.. please rectify

Great initiative backed up with worst app experience This app works too slow. Search bar is absurd and has no sense of suggesting relevant things. Its the most bogus feature of your app. Quora should work on its speed. I am using 3G speed which gives me extremely better performance in other apps than Quora. Dissatisfied.

Great app but needs 2 features 1. Refresh button - instead of swiping back to the top to refresh content, please provide a refresh button separately to instantly refresh content 2. Please provide the ability to collapse takes lot of time to swipe down to the next answer if the current answer is very long... A collapse answer feature would be time saver

Slow..! Lag.! Crashing Writing answers with app is pathetic.! No matter what rock solid LTE connection you have or you have a nexus 6p..... App uses lotta memory and also no fluidity.. Simply crashing even on high end phones... Definitely need smoothness and writing improvements.. At least writing is improved, i would give a 4????

Overall, pretty decent. The community is great, there's plenty of sensible and knowledgeable people on here, and its usually very user friendly. Thing is... A lot of times they'll give you a temporary ban for the stupidest reasons and often just for the sake of banning you; the moderators are more delicate than an iPhone 2 screen. Only other issue I have is that quite often the UI freezes and nothing responds...

Great work I found jerks and abusers in Facebook, Twitter, and even the comments section of Times of India. But the Quora community is excellent. Here you can discuss(and not argue) in a mature way with mature people. The answers are excellent and you feel good and learn new things reading them. I used to feel disturbed by reading the abusing comments in various other sites, but the editiors have done a very good job keeping Quora clean. I hope they will keep it this way. Thanks from the core of my heart.

Ever since I updated the app, it keeps lagging and sometimes unresponsive. I could only load 5 Q/As at a time and have to exit the app just to read another 5 Q/As. Ive been using Quora for about few months and it was working perfectly. Please fix this issue! Edit: Able to load Qs now but app crashes sometimes. Unable to view the comment section too.

Awesome! I never really use this word "awesome", but damn this application deserves it. I can make myself busy emtire day reading answers here on Quora. Thank you so much team for this beautiful app and creation. For me this one's the best application i have in my phone. its better than Facebook, twitter, whatsapp & instagram together. Cheers!

Copy Paste Doesn't work I answer alot of Quora. And most of the times i like to paste the links of websites or of videos that might help the asked. However, off late quora has removed this basic feature of copying pasting. Herez hoping that this feature is back in quora ASAP

Best app for knowledge Development team should really work on this app. GUI loads too slow and images don't get loaded many times. Even though network speed is good, these problems persist.

Love the interesting reads Found entertaining as well as informative sometimes even entertainingly informative. Just a fun really nicely laid out, try it yourself.

After the update,the app is crashing very frequently. I've been sending the crash report each time. But all those don't come to mind when surfing Quora :)

5 for Quora -1 for the app I like Quora but tge app sometimes crashes. Will change my rating if I don't find any issues in future.

Great, but... This is my most used app, I love Quora. But I think you guys can do better (performance wise. The idea is perfect). The search takes ages, sometimes the app freezes when I click on an answer. I won't reduce any star, because I absolutely love this app. I would love it more if the performance improves though. :-)

Loading answers! Ever since the latest update rolled out, the feed loads to old answers which I've already read and/or upvoted. It's getting really boring reading the same content over and over. Please resolve this

You will get ur answer .. If u have question or you need genuine people reviews you can come to quora rather than wasting ur time on paid reviews

Freezes and I lose potential answers There are many times when I am writing an answer and I have to Google something. When I leave the app and return, I continue writing. It's only when I try to click "done" that the app crashes or I'm forced to restart because it won't submit my answer. This causes me to try to find the question again, which I'm often unable to find. Extremely frustrating when you wasted 15 minutes writing a comprehensive answer.

Great app, but unstable Since the last update it crashes a lot, especially when I'm in the middle of writing a post. The only way to get it working is a device restart or forcing the app to close/clear cache, using the device settings. Using HTC M8 on Android 6.0.

Search improvement needed With the recent updates the time taken to load the search results has drastically increased leading to bad experience. Please improve!!

Great app I spend a quite a bit of time just lurking quota forums and absolutely love this app! Hopefully I'll be knowledgeable enough to answer some questions in the near future

Slow Considering the fact that the content includes majority of text and few images, the app is super slow. Still addicted to it.

Quora Amazing App. Really lets you know where you stand. More often than not, I'm left with a gut-wrenching, terrible feeling inside...But that's because up until recently I haven't been a very good person. Thanks to Quora, I know that and there's about an 80% chance this goes in a good direction... 20% chance it becomes the saddest Quora story of all "upvote", history. Haha. Seriously though, favourite app of all time.

Content is the only reason to stay Too many bugs. No offline reading. I do most of my reading in subways where network is constantly on and off. I have to put my phone in airplane mode just to make sure this app doesn't try to refresh. If I forget to do that, it tries to refresh when there is no network and suddenly, when I'm in the middle of reading an answer, "try again" message appears. Other than that, it's a battery hogger and slow and typing answers using phone is painful. The editor has bugs too. I avoid using the app if possible.

What is it running in the background? For the past couple of weeks, I've been noticing that whenever I read on the app for more than 15 minutes, my phone starts to heat up. Doesn't happen on any other app. Seems a bit suspicious.

Great app but few glitches It's wonderful and interesting, but I think it needs few updates. While answering a question I wanted to save it as a draft for future editing.... instead it kept loading for a few minutes only to be redirected back to the same page. I thought it had been saved and closed the app only to find out later that nothing has been saved.

Crashes constantly I was writing an answer to a question, the answer was multiple paragraphs long, and as I was typing on my phone, the app kept shutting off the keyboard, it did this for several times until the entire app crashed while I was typing. It logged me out entirely, I had to log back in to realise that all my work was gone.

The preserver of online sanity However there are a fair number of period where where my feeds where filled with crap after an update. Hope that doesn't become a permanent change and quality of the quora in its nascent stage be brought back

My favorite app I learn something new every time I open the app. I have become so obsessed with Quora that I'm constantly reading something during my breaks at work, it's even the first app I open in the morning... I have recommended Quora to every friend I know, thank you so much to the creators of this, I don't know if I can live without it now.

Interesting site Some contributors get a little touchy if called out but hey its a q&a site. If another person has better info SHARE it

Search isn't working properly. Dear Quora, your search especially on app is way worse. Whenever I search something, it shows me my previous searches and stop searching anything further after a few words. For god's sake add a final search button as in google (in case if instant search is not working.)

Ämazing I just simply loved it. I never thought getting answers were so easy. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you want to learn on the subjects you are interested in. Download it. But speed is very slow. Annoying that loading stuff.

Good if you love reading others views and facts It makes us busy.. Once you read one topic you don't stop you just go on reading more and more and i think that's the good part

Time consuming and I love it The only social network I don't feel bad about spending time on. Getting thoughtful answers from experts and people with experience is something wonderful and there is no place like quora for it.

No Technical Support Quora team never respond to your requests and appeals. Had a very unpleasant experience using quora.

Keep up the good work I love quora! This is the best ansswering app. On the planet.I recommend the Facebook users to try quora and enhance their knowledge....!

Email notifactions won't turn off! Settings arent working properly and I can't stop the emails. Fix it, as I dont want or appreciate your spam! Other than that I enjoy your site very much.

Stop flagging answers !! Do not mistake me for a quora hater. I like it.. but the keyboard on the quora android app just sucks. Stop flagging answers which I write with full interest and just because the keyboard does not recognize the simple keyboard inputs and just acts on its own. Even the editing tools. I've posted a question as well, regarding this on quora and sorry I have not got any replies yet. It just irritates me all the time when i painstakingly write an answer with such a keyboard and you keep flagging all my answers.

Better then being on Facebook I enjoy reading random questions and answers every day. I find it better time pass then Facebook. Only reason I gave four stars is because I find it difficult to go back if I like to re read something or if I just want to save one answer out of many given.

Educate Yourself on Quora Any question is answered providing you with the best detailed answers from strong minded individuals. I have my husband on Quora and friends. I recommend this app to anyone who enjoys expanding their mind to learn and digest new ideas.

When will you have night mode ? The app is great one of my all time favorite. The only issue is the ux , team should consider this and at least come up with a night mode to begin with.

Good, can better. Please provide a button for refresh. After scrolling through the latest topics, when it's time to refresh I have to scroll all the way up. Any solution?

Filled with knowledge It's great app to download then any other app... One drawback it loads slower in 2g network..

Best but with some problems Best and useful content. Extreme informative but the app is slow to load, not good interface, can be added more feature.

Changed my life ! I've learnt lots f new things in here.. absolutely loved it <3

I would give more than five stars I don't know what to say. There is a lot of smart people's idea you can read in this app

Good , but interface is little problamatic Grt platform, for exchange of information. But I'm unable to paste the content.

very good knowledgeable website : ) liked very much... though it is addictive, but this addiction is positive or good is also useful for getting knowledge that what is happening in this world...there is no any topic on this website which have no any description...we can give our answers or suggestions or votes about any question...we can also see another's answers ,their point of views etc. ...liked very very very much : ) : ) : ) ...... ." ) ." ) ." )

Cool app I love quora and the app is great medium to read quora (i dint use desktop version much). No complains.

Great app I must say that this app is a great platform for any person to share their point of view with everyone and to know other person's point of view on any topic you want to. Each and every time, this app increases my knowledge in every field. There is not even 1 topic that has not been included in Quora. Everyone should use this app. LOVE IT! :)

Compared to Yahoo's Answers I quite like the concept and have used several different platforms. This one seems to attract a better quality of contributors. I think the user interface could be improved. Overall, a good experience but would like to see a ranking page of some sort.

Not as good as the desktop version. But still out of my love for the amazing possibilities of the site, gave it a 5* rating.

Better than pokemon go The sheer amount of knowledge in this app is amazing, download this app and read it from time to time you'll become a person well versed in current affairs and world issues as well as quenching the never ending thirst for knowledge

I love it. I have a few hangups, but it works very good most of the time.

Best social network! I love quora, and am so quoraddicted. I must use it for like 3-4 hours a day. Great way to exchange information and learn amazing things, quora has something for everyone!

Unique platform It's a unique platform where you can ask any question you want. The app is quite fine except that it takes too long to load the questions sometimes

Not working good. Galaxy I9500. The app hangs and crashes when stressed on stock ROM (lollipop). I had reported this issue earlier too, but it's not yet fixed.

Stuttering After using it for a few minutes it then starts stuttering when you scroll. The longer you're on, the worse the stuttering gets. Worked before I updated to marshmallow. Please fix :)

Great stuff! Quora is full of interesting and smart people. It's a great way to spend time on the bus/train but not waste it just on social media. Because with Quora you're always learning something new.

Great UI Awesome, user-friendly,gorgeous,trust worthy app ......?Thanks to developer...?.

Quota is awesome Not a single day goes when I do not learn anything new, Quota is easily the best app to know anything and everything. All questions stand answered..... Almost all :)... It's addictive... Enjoy it

I couldn't do without this app Love everything about this app. Your questions are answered by experts, the content is interesting and informative, the search engine is flawless...... It's a great way to get information!!! I'd give this 7 stars if I could!

High quality answers - Professional minds at work Its a good place to be with so much quality content at a single source. The moto is sharing is caring. I did read about the founder of quora and its a wonderful place to spend more time on this website than facebook or google. There are times that i have asked a question in google and used the word quora alongside to find my answer right here.

Overall, pretty decent. The community is great, there's plenty of sensible and knowledgeable people on here, and its usually very user friendly. Thing is... A lot of times they'll give you a temporary ban for the stupidest reasons and often just for the sake of banning you; the moderators are more delicate than an iPhone 2 screen. Main issue is the constant server errors when replying to comments... Wiping your entire comment

Intuitive and easy to read Would be nice if it remembered my position in the feed when I close it. Would be nice if I didn't get questions totally unrelated to the topics I am following. Ok have a overall or trending questions but give me the option to turn it off so I don't have to see someone's creative writing exercise about being super rich or having cancer

Editings mad!! Quora works well on desktop, but in the app it acts madly. Occurrences; Sometimes; if typed a letter a whole meaning less word come out of nowhere mostly which resembles the word wrote previously. Working with • points it happens regularly

Worst app for Eyes.. There is no option for resizing the fonts in the app... Fonts are too small difficult to read for longer duration. There may be close nexus between Eye hospitals and Quora... They are getting bribes and commissions from Eye hospitals for sending patients... It's Scam.. Don't install... If you continuously use you become eye patient... People are getting eye strain...

Blocked I was just blocked because the questions I was trying to answer would expose. Believe big brother has eyes on me. I am nothing more than a test dummy who can acually think for themselves and possess critcal thinking. Uninstal asap tigershifter

Auto shutdown Since the latest update app always closes automatically if opened for more than 15 seconds. This is really annoying and interrupts the flow. Hope you can suggest a resolution for this issue?

Very informative!! The best thing about Quora is that it brings the answers to your questions from real life experiences. You will end up knowing so many interested things about life. I would suggest people to be more honest while asking or answering the questions. Quora, you just added a follower! ??

God help you guys with your super aggressive promotion. For me you are a black hole. Sometimes I forget about it and click on your link if its a result of google search. But to be honest, I would love to have a default setting to filter them all out. You screwed up big time.

I loved this app no doubt but sometimes it automatically get restarted Hi I am using Sony Xperia SP smartphone, in that when I am reading some answer it automatically get restarted and sometimes it close the app go back to home screen. This fix bugs is creating problem. I hope you will fix this bug ASAP.

Addicted Great app but there should be a way to choose a daily limit to make it something you won't regret. As it is, you can spend hours on Quora, then feel guilty for wasting time and want to remove it!! Please add this feature.

Submit process is taking too much time Whenever i tried to answer a question or comment, after i tap on add comment or answer option it starts loading or saving the answer and after 2 - 5 min it take me back to the edit box. So question remains unanswered and i am like " now i am not going to waste my next 2-5 min again". Please optimize

The Alternative!! If you want to really waste your time, waste your time here on quora. You might even gain some knowledge. I have using this platform since 5 years and its actually the investment of time which gives fruitful results ?

Unable to add a blog Hi there, I am unable to add my blog URL to my profile as it says its "unavailable". There is no option to contact any support or help personnel to address technical issues such as this incident.

Good lord you must have a horrible crash rate. You really need to fix the crash on startup. It has been happening to me on every version update. Not every single time though. I'd say 4 out of 10 times

Usability issues seem to have mostly been solved, but I think this app might have a memory issue now. After browsing for maybe 5 minutes or more, it begins to slow down noticeably, and I can see it using well over 100MB of memory in my task manager.

Buggy input The mobile keyboard that is working fine normally, is presenting problems with spelling not auto correcting but producing total BS spellings, also editing is very tough, whole word needs to be edited you just can't change it's spelling, so the App is a bad experience for me on my Letv Le1s, though no doubt Quora is just awesome.

Dreadful experience Just improve the loading speed man its just don't run on little slow connections... I would like to give it a 5 star rating as it is such a useful thing but u have made it worst, the loading times are way too high...

Please provide offline feature enable to save some answers offline so that I get a good experience while traveling in fluctuating network conditions. Also enrich books feature with folders or tags

My new favorite app :-) From smart drug comparisons to ..erm... nuclear bomb comparisons (and everything in between). If you're like me, and are constantly curious, then this is for you. Highly recommended.

Quora is a good thing, but this app does not make one feel like it. The app crashes a lot. Sometimes, questions stop appearing in the feed, as if although the network is alright, the app is trying hard to connect and making us wait for some untold eternal truth to be explored!

Memory issues Using too much memory and ran out of it. Automatically closed sometimes. Takes too long to load content. Fix needed.

Loved it!! Couldn't have missed all this while !There's always an expert to dispel the myths and explore the truth . Wonderful knowledge transfer site. Keeps you glued once tried.

Fantastic app This app is a reliable source of knowledge and information. Experts are actively involved in answering the question. However, it is very slow when browsing on 2G network. I guess it's specially designed for 3G network. Hoping the developer will make it a better app for 2G network.

Great concept The user interface on the app still needs development especially clicking to open the answer separately is a pain please look into

Change the font!! Change the font. This new updated font is very bad. The earlier font was better. Also keep a uniform font. Some part is in a different font, the rest in some other font. It feels irritating.

Just love quora. I could have given 5 stars.... But due to the old style and a boring user interface I am giving 4 stars. Please improve.

Really awesome, content wise, but... The app keeps failing on my device. I've had to delete it thrice simply because the content wasn't loading anymore.

It's Awesome.??? Really it's very good app. It's knowledgeable. I can teach most thing hear. It's for every age person , they are student or business man or etc , doesn't matter. It's really good. Please use one time if you like use always. All the best guys???

Poor Integration UI is well designed and easy to use. Content discovery average. Search is mediocre. App needs to integrate with mobile ecosystem. Can't open in browser. Can't share with other apps.

Seems like the app gets worse with every update. The data fetching needs 5-6 minutes even at a 30 Mbps connection. The app is so non responsive that the background apps sometimes start behaving weird because of Quora. The UI used to be seamless till a while back but now it's just a waste of RAM. Still a fan of Quora but will access the desktop version only.

I really like it But why can't I move it to the SD card? It takes too much space from my internal storage.

Wat I still can't delete my own question AND the appeal button doesn't even work.

Very good, only missing a slight few things It's Quora, easy to use and good - there are just a few things it lacks, but whatever. This app is actually worth using.

The app is collapsing I am using Xperia M and the app collapse as soon as i start reading an interesting feed.please fix it.

Quora is the best of the best Quora is a really great invention. You get answers to your problem and you get to help others to solve their problems.

App and website have pretty much the same UX Unlike many other websites that have an Android app, the Quora app matches the website UX very closely. It has all the same features, the layouts are neat and the UI has the same minimalistic yet essential flavour. Yet to come across a bug. The overall experience is just brilliant. Kudos to the Quora team!

Every question gets answered here There is an answer to even the simplest question by the community members. An amazing set of member dedicated to the forum. Makes the lices of so many ppl easy. Thanks man i really appreciate this app..

Love it! You learn new things, but some of the questions are so ridiculous they are funny.

Nice UI, too large installation size This update is very stable, want a tabbed browsing option so that I can have multiple questions/posts open at a time e.g. *Open in new tab* feature. It takes 77MBs of space in my phone running lollipop 5.1.1 seems too large for this app.