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Supplied By Dr. Appche    On May 5, 2014    Comments(52)

Samsung Phone Quick Event version1.2.4 Download

Quick Event is a calendar event inserter similar to Google calendar's Quick Add feature.
Now with Speech Recognition support!

The end of filling out complicated forms !
Add events to your calendar as quickly as possible by taking advantage of advanced native language processing.
This powerful tool allows you to insert complicated event that include advanced parameters such as recurring factors, location and much more.
Works exactly like Google's Quick Add feature so you don't need to learn any new language in order to use it.
just start typing or speaking and let us do the rest... :)

Usage Examples:
* Family dinner @Mom's every Sunday at 7pm
* Meeting with Joe tomorrow at 9
* Buy milk @5pm. reminder 30 minutes
* Test from Monday to Friday
* Another test from mon until fri
* Play basketball w/ Mark 10/10 weekly

In case you want learn more about how to use this app and Google's quickadd feature, just log on to

[1] To change date format go to your phone's Settings -> Date & time settings -> Select date format.
[2] Entering the Edit window will override the reminder and calendar selections and use your calendar application's settings.
[3] For speech recognition make sure you have Voice Input enabled on you device (install Voice Search by Google if you don't).
[4] Designed for English and Hebrew languages only. In case you use any other language you may use the @ symbol as a replacement for "at" for both location and time, and use numeric dates like 10/11.
[5] For any question, suggestion or bug report please contact us either via email or via our website.

This application is part of Android Pro Widgets and is available here for free as a fully functional stand alone application. Android Pro Widgets is also available for free!
To support the developers please consider purchasing APW License Key. Your support is much appreciated!

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Dr. Appche part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 5, 2014. Google play rating is 78.7442. Current verison is 1.2.4. Actual size 573.0 KB.

What's new

    Fixed crash when TouchDown not available
Download quick-event.apk 573.0 KB


Scheduling things is a breeze It took me a few days to internalize the "formula"/ format for creating events, but now that it is, I never use the input fields on my calendar app anymore. This is my quick, easy, and exclusive event creator!

Reminder does not work Hiya wondering if you could help me i think this app is great but when i set a reminder it does not work can you give me any advice on what to do thanks

Fantastic shortcut app! Sometimes, scheduling a complex task within even my favorite calendar app can be a pain. But if I know how to phrase it, I can now get simple-recurrence events in, in about 10 seconds including editing. That's fast! There's just a few things I've tried and want that it can't do: - Transferring the info it's already gathered besides the title (recurrence, what calendar to publish to, etc.) to Business Calendar Pro. That would be incredibly convenient if I could get MOST everything spoken out, then quickly transfer the event creation to another app for my description. I give this 4 stars...1 more star for when this is added. :) - Scheduling monthly events based on week number (i.e., "letter to Vivian 6 to 7 p.m. 1st monday every month" works in Calendar Quickadd, but "1st" is placed in the title when using Quick Event)

Life changing convenience! When used with voice recognition, its a life changer. Awesome in its simplicity and effectiveness. The way most software development should go!

Fastest app for multitasking It opens over any app. It only takes like 10 seconds to open Quickevent and make an event. New events instantly sync with Google.

really good idea, love how it recgnizes months and days and im a few types away from creating an event with accurate time,,, much faster than fussing around with the default cal app! (also faster than voice command

Productivity Boost! This is a great idea and this THE most used app I have on my phone. The users who created this are really clever. Keep the good work. Thanks for the update!

Great idea! No support for languages... It there's if one non English character written, it ignores all the words describing the time (even if they're in English...)

Works great Nicer UI would be nice though?

Not Great Every time I add a date and time it schedules the event from now until then... any advice?

Can't set time Can't set the time for event...doesn't help at all for setting reminders. Its been a week and no response or correction to time setting. Works if you speak the time but I can't always speak to create an event and if the time is incorrect then I have to delete and start over. Poorly designed

Used to be the most used application Had issues with android 4.2 with force closing but working great in lollypop. 5 stars again

So Far Great The ability to voice notes to my calendar is sure to increase my productivity as well as organization.

would be perfect if.. it would be great if the "share" button worked with this app so if for example i copied text with details of an event i could click share with quick add and everything would be filled in (like i can on my computer)

Saves you many annoyances each day

The best!

Easy and quick

Thanks for the update!

best ! best ! thank you for the update!!!!!

Where has this app been all my life?! This needs to come with Android phones as stock app, hands down. There is a typo: when I create an event with reminders every X minutes, it says "mintues". But lovely functionality! Props to genius devs!

The best widget ever! Google with all their millions left the calendar unfinished! Finally someone picked up the tab! Android has a lot to catch up in ease of use compared to a ancient Palm Treo, and this widget is a giant step in right direction! It contains very clever heuristics!

Wonderful Used GVENT until Google ended it, this was actually easier and better. Was 5 star. Big problem, no longer works with the S3 & does not work with my Nexus 7 tablet. Says "unfortunately quick event has stopped" and fails. Dead end app never updated. Too bad.

No support Used to love this app but I emailed the dev because the app stopped working (force close every time I open it) but no response. I can't believe I paid for the pro license key.

Crushes... Try another app: Add Quick Event. You can add events even quickier becouse you do not need to rely on faulty speach to text.

Great when it works I drive a lot for work and I'm the type that will forget something if I don't write it down immediately. Being able to add calendar appointments by voice is a lifesaver when driving. The problem is that this app only works about 30% of the time. Issues like cutting my speech off too early, putting appointments at ridiculous times like 2AM, or simply not adding the appointment at all has made what could be a killer app into an occasional waste of time. I have to verify every item to make sure it was taken.

Used to be amazing, now broken This used to be one of my most used apps. I loved being able to quickly add events such as tests and quizes into my calendar in seconds. But now that I am running android 4.2 on my phone this app instantly force closes. I would love if this app is fixed, but until then, it shall remain uninstalled.

doesn't work No updates since 2012. Don't install! Tried using voice command. Mixes time dates and text up. Never gets date correct no matter what order i say it in. Samsung gal 2

Excellent! Great package! The only feature I would suggest is an option to automatically display the voice recognition prompt when the program starts - for a true "one click" solution to quickly adding appointments! Bought the full version to support the developer. Great job!

Pretty sweet I'd like a few more features available for users that only care for the voice part of this app. Automatically listen when opening the app.

Great app! Makes your calendar way more useful since adding events is so quick and easy, especially by voice input. Should be part of the stock calendar and Google voice search apps.

Top ten productivity Android apps Simple, elegant, and reliable! Would love to have this functionality work with google tasks organizer (Gto)

Awesome but.... One of the best... It was... But keeps crashing since Android 4.2... Author should pull it out. It was worth paying for... Sad

1 Please, make ability to enter 11 as 11 am, but 1 as 13 hours Also requested: parser for Russian language

Needs update... Used to be perfect. But now on android 4.4.2 it force closed every time. Needs an update please!

Broken, unmaintained unable to launch on my device. problem has been reported. developer seems to have no interest in maintaining this app. functionality replaced by google Now anyway.

Alarm doesnt fire if reminder is earlier Ics 4.0. Please add option of reminder on time. Than 5 star.

Nexus 10 The app doesn't work on my tab ,says unfortunately quick event has stopped

Want to give it 5 stars but it seems like Dr. Appache is very sick Dr. Appache...... hello?where are you? Your app is broken! Force closes everytime I just open it, the second I open it. Did u give up? This guy is not responding to email or anything... needs to update to 4.3 .... Otherwise. Thiswould be a great app. I loved it 2 years ago when it worked. Too bad.

Great, but can't see conflicts Given that this app means you don't look at your calendar before entering an appointment, it would be nice for it to give you an opportunity to see if you can actually fit the appointment in at the proposed time. Best would be to preview that day's other appointments below where it's showing you how it plans to parse your input. Nevertheless, a very well-done app.

Most of it doesn't work Quick event is slooooowwww on primary account and does not work on other accounts.

Very nice and easy liked a lot

Makes Organization So Much Better I wanted this feature on Google's Calendar app so I could add events super fast. It's on Chrome or a web browser, though. Want to save time? Get this app. It's worth a shot! It's free!

Indispensable The most beautiful and simplest way to offload all your thoughts and turn them into manageable tasks

Excellent.thanks a lot Tried all. But this is the only app which has shortest path (less clicks) to add appointments to native calendar. The best of all. Excellent

Works great Best on the market for what it does! Now just needs a material design update! (Shouldn't be that hard I suppose)

Now loving it! Now working as expected. Very nice app to drive your day.

Add events in seconds! Fastest and most intuitive way to add events.

Perfect Specially the shortcuts!

Easy and brilliant once you get used to it! This has a home in the top right corner of my home screen; I now use it to schedule all of my meetings and events. Thank you!

Not for Jellybean (4.3) I used a gesture for this up to 4.1.2, and though I could say "Create a calendar Event" to Google Now instead, this is (was) still faster for me. It recognizes "now". I'd been hunting for something that does this for maybe a year before Dr. Appche put this out, now I just wish I'd have put my 5* on this earlier. Rock solid on 4 different Android versions/convolutions, just not the latest two.

Amazing if not on Android 4.2 Won't work on Android 4.2 :-( instant force close. Great productivity app, makes adding multiple events a breeze. Should come stock. Get it! You wove regret! It's super easy and quick with almost no learning curve.

Makes Organization So Much Better I wanted this feature on Google's Calendar app so I could add events super fast. It's on Chrome or a web browser, though. Want to save time? Get this app. It's worth a shot! It's free!