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Punch Quest

Supplied By Noodlecake Studios Inc    On Nov. 3, 2014    Comments(88)

Samsung Phone Punch Quest version1.2.5 Download

Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game, entirely controlled by taps with your left and right thumbs.

Jab, uppercut, slam, and otherwise pummel your way through dungeons full of monsters, branching path choices, rare events, and fragile pottery.

- Unlock and equip many special abilities and Supermoves.
- Ride a dinosaur that shoots lasers out of its mouth.
- Character customization.
- Punch an egg that turns you into a magical gnome.
- Do quests to earn really fancy hats.
- Combo system where you launch enemies into each other from across the map.
- Tablet support!

Punch Quest is a collaboration between Rocketcat Games (Hook Champ, Mage Gauntlet) and Madgarden (Saucelifter, Sword of Fargoal).

Brought to Android by Noodlecake Studios.

Noodlecake Studios Inc part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 3, 2014. Google play rating is 85.9825. Current verison is 1.2.5. Actual size 18.0 MB.

What's new

    1.2.5 - Android L support, new zoom modes
    1.2.4 - Fixed issue with unlocking upgrade tiers, support for Android's 'immersive' mode for devices with software buttons, other fixes
    1.2.3 - Significantly reduced battery usage, restore purchase button fixed
    1.2.0 - Free update! New enemy type (snakes) & minor bug fixes
    1.1.1 - minor fixes for in-app purchases
    1.1 - bug fixes and portrait mode
    1.0.1 - small bug fix; removed unused permission
    1.0 - initial release
Download punch-quest.apk 18.0 MB


Lacking a lot Game needs to be updated with Android's features to be one hell of a great game: cloud syncs, quests, and most especially achievements.

PunchQuest Honestly,fantastic game,I've had it for a year and a half now,SO glad the horse mode is a real thing,but I'm just wishing a little more would be added,like new enemies,quests,moves,and item drops,great game,I just expect more from such a great game company

Pretty fun Needs more ways to renew health and most bafflingly doesn't have a "quit game" button but otherwise pretty fun. I got surprisingly far by just randomly pushing buttons without looking.

Not too bad, could use some tweaks. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, retro graphics are whack. However, the gameplay could use a few tweaks such as an option for manual movement control (sometimes the character just walks into obstacles). The mini-games could also use some improvement.

So much punching The power up r the best and makes me feel over-powered...LOVE IT

Fun so much fun its fun game to play for sure it be cool if it had online though but still cool.

Fantastic Addicting, fun, and overall great. Progression could be done better, but the randomly generated level design is very much appreciated.

Sounds are bugged now. This game is my favorite game, but since the last update, the sound doesn't appear anymore. I tried and checked my settings but their all on. Idk. Please fix this and I will rate five.

Fun to play ! Game is pretty good, but as time passed there is no new updates or creativity with the levels or enemies. There should be more power-ups and better "Amazing belts and rings options" which will make this game more awesome, otherwise this game is DAMN time killah........

Amazing This game is amazing, some of the items to buy might be expensive But that's what makes you want to play it more until you get them. It is simple and easy to learn. I would recommend this to anyone looking for any kind of game. 5 stars No doubt

Great fun Really enjoy upgrading and customising my character. Controls and graphics are great aswell, and the boss fights are really fun too!

Great game, always a fun pastime Punch quest is fun, simple and quite addictive. I mean, what could be more entertaining than punching stuff? Kudos for including the option of playing as a gal

Punch all the things! !! Amazingly simple and incredibly addictive. 2 button controls at their finest. Name another game where you can eat hallucinogenic food, make your hallucinations explode, then, as your coming down, ride a raptor that shoots lasers.

Punching action satisfaction This is a great little retro arcade style action game with nice rpg elements. If your bored, and had a bad day this is nice way to have some fun. Highly recommended, 5 stars

Amazing game! Really fun and addictive, a good way to kill time and relieve stress. The only complaint i have is that there's no exit stage button... Perhaps you can add that in? It would save me a lot of time. I also suggest more ways to replenish health, but other than that it's a really fun game!

PUNCH YOUR TROUBLE AWAY This is fun. Like, really fun. I've had this game for a few months, and as pricey as the upgrades and everything may be, the gameplay is fun and hard, like a good ol' console game. You punch zombies, gnomes, orcs, bats, goats, and pretty much anything that stands in your way.

Does touch gaming right Touch screens make for poor button controls so the mindset of less is more is the best way to go. 2 buttons but with a few clever combos and what not make the controls easy and manageable. Also in app purchases are super lame but games like this and jetpack joyride (also a fantastic mobile game) never make in app purchases feel like a burden. Pretty pixel graphics, great controls, high replayability, and rewarding gameplay all lead to a great game.

Punch Me in the Face-- IT'S AWESOME!! League of Evil now has a honorable relative. Punch Quest is an addicting, easy and gratifying on the rails beat-em-up that does right by Noodlecake's prestigious track record of quirky and unique games. Noodlecake is quickly becoming my favorite developer on the App Store and this game is a great addition to it amazing library of retro arcade styled apps. Would Play Again.

Who made this? I have an iPad Air 2 with punch quest. It seems to be from Rocketcat Games. I want to know who made this. Beside that, awesome game. Please reply to me.

Great I love this game to much its amazing and very cool but I think if they updated added like a new egg or boss or both or..... weapons you can use still an a amazing game :-D

Omg love love it OMG its the best game ever my favorite of all my games and I have a lot. A good stress reliever if you really want to punch someone you don't like or if you just had a bad day. Love punching those monsters. Would recommend. Download now

Amazing The thing about this game that makes it so good is the different monster, bosses, powerups, and hats. Its and amazing game everybody should get. This game is big for noodlecake for me

IAP Messed Up I purchased Double Punchos on another phone and when I downloaded this on this device (LG3) it says to Refresh or Sync the save so that I have it again instead of buying it. However, there is no function present for this in the game. Please fix

Dude Game Thanks NoodleCake for another awemfknsome game. The retro setting, graphics, music all make this game one my favourites. And so much punching, maybe you should get Balbao endorse this. Keep up the good work. (Game does crash once in a while but WTH doesn't make it less fun)

Good game Good game... But when I accidentally pushed the random costume button or whatever its called, I couldn't get my character back to the way they originally looked. So please make a way to fix that.

Best game This is my favorite game on android. Good game for when you don't have a lot of time. Disappointed that the update erased my save file, I had everything unlocked, including special hats and belts that cost a fortune :(

Great punching adventure Great concept that uses a two button scheme to its full potential. Very simple yet tons of options into what your character can do and how they look.

Best Android Game Excluding things that don't drive one mad due to repetition. That being said, this little gem is one of the few endless games that I feel avoids that repetitive feeling for a good long while. First time ever giving in to IAP was this game....

Mutogenic rabid gnomey smashness!! This game flat out rocks, especially when you power up and crush it into a quivering pool of awesome. The gnomey goals are absolutely achievable. Its a given. Challenging, trippy, hilarious and its f'n free!!!

Awesome What would make this better is as you progress through the level the hordes of various enemies get bigger and bigger until your undoubtedly outnumbered until you punch through

Somethin New? WOULD LOVE IT IF SOMETHIN NEW EVER HAPPENED IN THE GAME!!! Had this game for a year or more and its a great game (few complaints) and time waster for the small hours. Itd be cool ifbtheyd update it more frequently. New mystery items? Maybe armor? Itd be nice to have at least a shirt.

Great game! This game is really fun, it has cool upgrades, the purchases are rewarding an you can play for under a minute if you want.

?Stuff? ??If u wait alittle at the main menu you can see the whole story??.... Funnnnn to play.... Funnny... And cool!!!

Awesomeness Best game ever everyone should get this game its awsome you punch everything and fight bosses and leveling up I'v been playing for a while and I'm a level 18 so REALLY big thumbs up for this game five star game for who made this game

Love it but Cant change my character appearence... i get 5 seconds before he drops down into the abyss and on my friends phone aswell...ive spent money on it but no more until they fix this

Wow. Loved every bit of it. Punch Quest stands out because it has a wicked story, very good gameplay and random stuff. That is what some of us here on Googleplay look forward to. Dont stop making games that are unique!!!

Sony Xperia I liked the game, we can punch everything we want but it's hard to predict the flying thingy when they attack and I barely block them, other than that the game great.

Punch Quest Just play it. However, after 9 days of addicted playing, I noticed that it abruptly exits the game or even crashes if you touch the wrong portion of the screen. The jump button has developed a mind of its own. Downgraded to a 4.

Used to be bugless This game was great before but now it has bug in the sound and music. The music doesn't start until you start punching and if I turn off the music and sound and then turn on it doesn't start playing unless you quit to main screen, and only the music start playing the sound still mute eventhough it is on. Please fix this

Best of the best 10/10 punch squid ass

This game is... AWESOME!!! Noodlecake Studios, you're awesome. Anough said.

Amazing game, however... This is a very addictive game with great retro art style. Don't be fooled by the word "retro" though, as this title has amazing graphics. Having said that, I supported the developers in the past, many times, but won't spend another dime until they add Cloud support. I lost all my purchases when I had my device replaced. Fix it, and not only will I rate it 5 stars, but will also continue to invest in the game. Regards. Ps.: What's that restore purchases button for? Only to restore the Puncho Doubler? What about all the other purchases we made? Simply silly.

It's good It's really fun but y'all need to fix it. It keeps exiting out of the game and this time it won't let me get to watch videos to get 500 punchos it is deleted the thing to get it free so now to where you have to pay for the punchos. :(

Great punching game!! Just played it today and I found it hard to put down. Really enjoy this fast-paced game, although my hands are a little bit vexed after playing it for a while.

Amazing game Needs some more improvements. Money should be balanced since its pretty hard to buy the powerups in the later game. Also the cosmetics are too expensive in the game. They should be cheaper since they don't alter the gameplay (except for those crazy hats that have those rainbow head dudes and give you powerups). Also more catchy music would be nice.

Omg love love it OMG its the best game ever my favorite of all my games and I have a lot. A good stress reliever if you really want to punch someone you don't like or if you just had a bad day. Love punching those monsters. Would recommend. Download now

Great, buuuuuut Amazing game, easily most addictive and fun game ive ever played on a phone, but there are a few tweaks id like to make. Getting punchos is terribly tough. You cant get any good items in the game without using iap, and if you dont use iap you must be insane and have a lot of free time. Also, id like to add difderent gauntlets, pants, chest pieces maybe? Different characters? But eh, what are the odds you guys will actually see this ? great game, 10/10

Don't rely on other apps for your data I've moved from 3 phones from owning this game and I was just reminded on how annoying it was to transfer data. I refuse to root and loose my warranty and the helium app is garbage. This issue seems to span to other games as well and that's no excuse. Yes I can get my IAP back but my save data different story.

Good game Very basic but pretty challenging game with cool, 90s-styled graphics :-)

The game is really fun I think it should be updated and should have new enemies and more of a new obstacle or something but it's an addictive game

A good freemium game There are adds, but they're unobtrusive, only show up at the start, and have an obvious close button. This is a good free game. Play it. Maybe tip them a buck. PUNCH EVERYTHING!

Great I rated this game 5 stars because it's the game I love and I got other friends to rate it 5 stars I got a big question can you add a slam punch that knocks enemies in the air like a chop slam..without jumping???? Please???

FUN! These developers always slip in the most clever dialog in their games, if you're down to throw down with the forces of evil in a colorful and retro fashion then download it right now!

Has issues Exits to O/S at random during gameplay. Very distracting. Plus the usual extortion - punchos being the fiat currency. Developers: try working on something useful -- or at least original. More "me too" swindles not needed.

Fantastic Addicting, fun, and overall great. Progression could be done better, but the randomly generated level design is very much appreciated.

Amazing to say the least. It's a pretty fun game and very colorful but confusing when you want to use different upgrades and power ups.

Wow What more can you ask for from a game, this game has so many great features/creative moves. This is an amazing game to pass the time or when you want to do something fun. 5 stars, and this isn't an add or something,this game is actually great. Running on my LG Optimus L9 and its smooth

Well designed really like the idea for the gameplay. i didn't know it could be this engaging.

Awesome Freaking awesome and fun to play! Love the pixel art style. Easy to use controls, some times frustrating to play but that is hakf the fun!

Great game! I hope there would be stats upgrade available and hp bars, both enemy and hero

Cool Game, can be improved I liked that I could upgrade stuff and I loved the shuffle character feature. It made the game a lot more fun and less repetitive. Some people say you should add cloud syncs and I agree but I think that you should make the game more social and add a leaderboard so we can beat our friends scores. I believe that adding a social feature would give more depth to the game as it would give you more things to do such as beating your friend's scores. Furthermore, it would allow the community to grow, etc.

Insanely fun Nonsense beating and easy controls, a perfect time waster that never seems to get old, the best fun I've had on mobile in a while

Love it The game is so very cool, I kept seeing it everywhere and always thought It was dumb, but I relized that the game is very very fun and addictive.

Loved it, but now I only like it It's a captivating and fast paced left-to-right fighting game with powerups and bonuses, but honestly there isn't much room for improvement. So when I lost all my data when it updated, including a few powerups and options that I had paid for, I went from loving to the game to just liking it. Developers/admins, pause what you're doing and fix the problem you created! This account had them beaucoup bucks AND killer skills to pay the bills. U wiped me out like a Jew with no prenupt.

Sound design could use some work The game is entertaining for what it is but the sound design usually makes me keep the volume off. A large chunk of repeating audio sounds like billiard balls clashing together when you punch things.

Fun extremely fun and inventive. Simple but not simplistic. I plan on wasting a lot of time with this game.

Great, buuuuuut Amazing game, easily most addictive and fun game ive ever played on a phone, but there are a few tweaks id like to make. Getting punchos is terribly tough. You cant get any good items in the game without using iap, and if you dont use iap you must be insane and have a lot of free time. Also, id like to add difderent gauntlets, pants, chest pieces maybe? Different characters? But eh, what are the odds you guys will actually see this ? great game, 10/10

Addicting new game with old school feel Its been a long time since ive played a beat em up arcade game. This game feels like it puts a new spin on two genre's. The modern mobile runner and the classics i mentiones above. It ends up creating a very fun cross over game that gives hours of fun. And to mix it up they even added literal easter eggs which are almost homages to other games with the same design. Over all this game is something you must pick up if you love 2D action games

Controls Depending on the device, you better use the newest cleanest fastest one if you want to block for more than a second witthout punching but dont expext expext to more than two. Ive lived when I should have died and died and and and died when I should have lived from phantom punches. A flawless game you just cant interact with in real time. Buy the psychic mind reader hat ASAP.

Love it Brings back the retro 2d beat em up. Feels like jet pack joyride. If I could have one wish I would ask if you could make a Co op two player option maybe to purchase (as add on material) ((make your money)). Besides that, I like the game, and great job guys.

Quite a fun little game. A mix between a side scrolling runner & combat RPG. Works quite well. However, I wish they did a better job of explaining things for new players. It doesn't tell you how to block, or how to use super/ultra skills, which both seem quite important. Perhaps a tutorial would solve this problem.

One of the better ones Never seems to tire, unlike other endless games. Recently, however the title screen music won't start until I've played a round, and then returned to the starting screen. This however is a very minor bug, and doesn't warrant a change in its rating.

Really fun! But why don't you keep punchos between games? Always resets to zero at the start of each run! Kinda like Ghosts and Goblins from back in the day but with a run game twist. I really like it! But punchos should carry over between runs.

Holy crap! This is honestly the best game I've ever played. Update: I recently switched from the LG f3 to the LG volt. There's less of the game screen visible on the bigger volt than on the f3. I tried to fix it with the options but zoom 1 just zooms in closer than 2. Fix this and I'll give 5 stars

Great game, but... ... It's gotten boring. There should be a story mode, with levels and bosses at the end of each one of them. The art of this game is amazing, and I find it rather sad that all the work that was put into the "design" element is wasted in a game that feels rather aimless.

Addictive I have made some purchases due to its addictive gameplay... After that I bought 'ki master' in power 2 slot which is not triggering when it is activated..... & seriously add cloud storage of game data... After investing real currencies we expect to utilize it for long time if I want to change my device all my purchases will go in foe!!!! That's bullshit!!!! I will rate 5 star if u fix these.....

I dont even know what to say. First of all, genuis idea! Retro beat em up on a phone? YEAH! Another thing, i like how its in 32 bit. Most retro games are 16. I didnt really play this at first, but then i found out there are hats.this combines everything i like in a game, powerups, fast pace, KILLER SOUNDTRACK ,customization, controls that dont brake down after a while and retro. Honestly,this is my second favorite app, right next to x-plane.i dont think i will ever uninstall.

Amazing... This is the perfect runner. For those looking for a little depth to their runners, this is it. You will get the most out of it once you gain enough punchos to purchase upgrades. Changes the entire experience. This game NEVER gets old. Combat is easy to learn, difficult to master.

Great game Only setback being the need for more power ups! Maybe throw in new character sprites for people to choose from. Besides that, a very addicting game that passes hours if you're not careful! Great game devs. Thumbs up.

Have not played since loss of data Lost all of my hours of play time after I had to reset my phone. Haven't picked it up since. I loved this game, but I can't spend time to re earn everything. Shame there is no google drive backup...

Stitched up App won't restore my IAP so now I don't have the punchos doubler :( kinda annoyed. It just hangs on 'accessing store...' I have to close the app to stop it. Shame because I used to enjoy this game but now I just feel a bit annoyed with it. Would have rated 5 stars...

Punching spree I love this game, its a super time killer. It also is so fun to just sit down and enjoy. It should one of the first games anyone should download. And i really like the retro feel about it, really is like an arcade game

Hell yeah This game is freaking beast! I don't see why people complain its perfectly fine!No lag No unsynchronized music and no bad gameplay! Over all 6/5 stars! Gets addicting

Manly! If Jesus could have made an application, it would have been as manly and badass as this game. There're dinosaurs, muscles, monsters and one man to punch their soul right in the face. Well done guys.

Punch Quest Very fun and addicting! Only one problem though, the gnome hat can't be bright red haha, if you could can you add costumes? The game is truly amazing!

Awesome game Great game. Hours and hours of fun. I could not believe that The game was FREE on the play store! I love the game so much that I decided to make in app purchases to support the developers. Though to enjoy the game you do not have to make in app purchases you should just to buy the creators a drink. Thanks for a great game that myself, my wife and my kids all enjoy together. We compete to see who can get the highest score and to see who can make it to the highest level. Again Thank you.

Nice work, bro! This game is very good all around, and I happen to be having a lot of fun with it. My only problem is the sheer difficulty of getting punchos! Even the final reward upon hitting max level isn't enough to buy most of the upgrades!

Punch the hell out bats n zombies Like really punch the hell out of them. Get mad money for punching the hell out of them, use that mad money to buy upgrades to be better at punching the hell out them. Save up more coins to punch the hell out of them and look damn good doing it too with hairstyles and armor. So what are you waiting for? PUNCH THE HELL OUT OF THEM!!