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PrivacyFix for Social Networks

Supplied By AVG Mobile    On Jan. 6, 2015    Comments(65)

Samsung Phone PrivacyFix for Social Networks version3.0.2 Download

AVG PrivacyFix™ is the simple way to manage your online privacy settings through your mobile device. Download it now and get access to one main dashboard that quickly & easily shows you what and with whom you’re sharing stuff on Facebook®, Google®, Twitter® and LinkedIn®. Want to change something? No problem! One simple click takes you directly to where you can change your settings.
New! Twitter fixes keep you informed and in control.
Download for FREE now!

Since we all use different devices and platforms, AVG PrivacyFix was designed to let you manage your privacy settings on your phone, tablet, desktop and laptop.

For Facebook you can:
★ Discover over 8 different Facebook privacy settings - including some you probably don’t even know about
★ Set it up to be as private as you want it to be
★ Manage your crowd – don’t want your posts going to all your ‘friends’ but don’t want to unfriend them? Simply choose who you want out of your crowd and who stays in
★ Stay up to date - lets you know when something new needs your attention, and takes you right there
★ Protect loved ones - your family members may not be as careful as you are with their privacy settings. AVG PrivacyFix helps spot when loved ones are oversharing, so you can give them a hand

For Google you can:
★ Choose what’s saved, viewed or blocked - Whether it’s allowing your searches to be saved in your Google account, what happens with your You Tube ™ viewing history or blocking collection of your data history across the web – you decide. Block collection of your data history

For Twitter you can:
★ Quickly discover and tune 4 Twitter privacy settings
★ Set up your experience to be as private as you want it to be with the AVG PrivacyFix app

For LinkedIn® (available through the web browser plugin) you can:
★ Find out if you’re sharing your network with the world and if others see when you check their profile. Easily review key settings and decide what’s right for you

Download for FREE now!

For the latest privacy and other updates from AVG:
★ Join our Google+ community: http://plus.google.com/+AVG/posts
★ Join our Facebook community: http://www.facebook.com/avgfree
★ Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/avgfree

By installing/updating AVG PrivacyFix, you agree that your use of it is governed by these terms: http://m.avg.com/terms

Facebook® is a trademark of Facebook, Inc., registered in the United States and in other countries.
Google® is a trademark of Google, Inc. registered in the US and other countries.
LinkedIn® is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation and its affiliates in the US and other countries.
Twitter® is a trademark of Twitter Inc. registered in the United States and in other countries.

AVG Mobile part of our Social and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Jan. 6, 2015. Google play rating is 83.1616. Current verison is 3.0.2. Actual size 5.9 MB.

What's new

    * Bug fixes and Android 5.0 (Lollipop) compatibility
Download privacyfix-for-social-networks.apk 5.9 MB


PrivacyFix for Social Networks I like the availability for you to choose what others can/can't see of you/your online histories. This is a great privacy tool!

awesome and easy to use actually logs you into the social media sites to correct any unwanted actions by the site

Thay say my phone is slow and that is a lie.Thay say my I.P. is slow"WOW JUST WOW".Thay are the one's that have slow computers!It has takeing all day to download this app. and all there add-ons. No good.To much add-on app's stuff to add just to have protection.You can not see the pasword that thay email at all and how are you to see if it is the right new password.Thay can change your password anytime without you knowing about it and thay will say that thay can not do that you know what thay are liers it has happened to me befor by AVG so don't rest your password.The sad thing here is i like to have the right to change my password that thay email me.I will give them 5 stars if thay fix this issue.

"Xanax" of the security setting industry Trying to secure all highly personal data yet in the same breath allow for navigation through those settings can be a nightmare. This takes out ALL THE GUESS WORK. Not anymore do you go nuts trying to find a security check box or a duel setting. AVG - The "Xanax" of software development.

Nice shortcuts to privacy settings Simple, cool idea, whereby the app gives you links to where the privacy settings are on Google, Twitter and Facebook. I was surprised to find, for example, that Twitter had my whole mail address book, but happy to see I could delete this. What would be nice is also to tell you what information those sites have about you that you cannot control. For example, I am pretty sure Facebook got my address book at some point, but I do not see where I can delete it.

Simple Condenses all the confusing sentences in privacy policies etc, and says them in a way you can actually understand. Very helpful! Also lets you change what companies can find out about you from the app

Brilliant!!.... This must have app detects ads hidden within apps, then helps you get removed from the advertisers networks and mailing lists etc. I highly recommend this app, if you like me hate receiving push-ads for games and apps that are crap, or ones that you've already got installed on your phone anyway??.. Faultless and easy to use interface. l also recommend AVG's phone security app. l have used their security products happily on all my pc's and laptops for over 10 years now. Thank you AVG. ?

Rocks It's the best out there everything's now running all some thanks avg you rock do your self a greater. Favor all get avg

Fails on Twitter at two-step verification hurdle App unable to forward mobile number verification, after password entry, to access Twitter. Screen refreshes back to original Twitter login screen.

Sometimes it conflicts with My FB app on android and I get logged in on both the app and my browser at the same time. But it does all else well.

HTC m8 great lill app The app deal's with all Privacy settings on your media!.was welcome extra added security, thanks yhal!.

Great so far Seems to have great suggestions and options. I just hope it can deliver what it claims what it says it does. Update: Working great. I highly recommend.

Would have been useful but... This app is not compatible with my 4.2 android tablet, so I must uninstall it for now. Too bad.

Privacy fix for social Networks Looks good, seems to work okay but will take some time to understand it then will give 5 stars. You really need this Application.

AVG It works great. I love it . I tell everyone to use AVG. (Fuck kaspersky, Norton, Panda, Avast,Avira,Trustlock) Fuck off everything & Use only AVG

Although I've followed directions to the "T" when I start the app it shows a grey question mark for the Google + protect search history.

Nice app but... App requires log in which mean others can access ur account at avg etc. Facebook plainly tell u never give out ur log in info. Ur doing this by linking apps,etc. Deletedx2

AVG Privacy Fix Excellent app, as are all their products. You must try them!

Joe Joe Hi everyone if you had just gotten a brand new phone just like I had done 2 days ago or have an older phone that you need some protection for, I recommend this APP it is 100% because it has the ability to do what it tells you it can do more. is a wonderful app to have and is just awesome and protect you from everything you can possibly imagine and it is up to you what you want it to protect it will do much more. This APP well do so much more than what you will expect it to do.... JoJo

Easy to use and a great app Everyone should be able and allow to choose what to share and what not with so many apps having useless and sometimes more permissions than needed is nice to know that this app checks you social apps to be sure everything is good. Highly recommended this app to keep your social network privacy clean and safe.

Always avg Like to hope I'm fully fixed with privacy online. Especially Google as iv had details stolen.

Helped me with Facebook privacy Yet, all has 3 types of adware.... Some app if it this one had even affected my proxied Tor browser and proxies connect.

On Samsung Note 4 I jst say Amazing for new social media user❤

Something which needs fixing I know this is weird but could AVG Privacyfix be able to disable safety mode

Bug Have been using this for sometime I use to be able to go to my crowd when using my mobile now it's not there so I can't edit who see what if anything ?please fix .uninstalling .

Thanks AVG for fixing I'm been waiting AVG to fix compatible issue against lollipop, and it fixed! Thank you AVG again and I love you!

Very bad,becuse My phone is Xperia Z, this app in time to arrival to come out,and actually dont open

Cool app that makes you feel a little safer with Google and youtube,and Facebook. Does exactly what it says in discription.works really good.

OK app Its good so far Lotta time trying to set it up though

It looks good but not sure yet asw i have not examined it practicaly

Important for every person who uses the internet/social media. Many people do not know when, and where their personal information is being collected or how it is being used and or stored. This app will help protect your privacy by making you familiar with certain features and settings.

Wonderful Finds the big problems and takes you to the very in-site settings page you need to make the requisite changes. No more slogging through FB's morass, for eg.

Works well. Protects all my accounts with settings I didn't even know exists.

Several Profiles all in one This nifty little app helped me access all my privacy settings in one app. It saved me time to go through all the confusing and complicated settings that I needed to go through for each social media site. Now I have control over my search history should I ever want to look at too much porn and hide them from my loved ones. Thank you AVG!

Loved it Before my phone should barely stay on let alone let me play games......

Great, just what I needed! When my accounts were compromised I felt helpless, this awesome application walked me through the process of getting control of my identity. You all did a fantastic job. Thank you

Does not work Other avg apps work good but this one doest work on my device

Can only log into FB FB is 1 of the biggest spying apps ..So why can only sign into FB?? Wrote developers on G+/other ways of intergration sign in but no response..-8 stars in my book

Like it This my first time using this but do love it a lot but just cost much funds

Cool software Best of the best

um ok. can only do one setting in FB. i get this for the rest.. "The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page."

Cumbersome Awkward, cumbersome and poorly executed. The tools each network provide natively do a much better job. Surprised this has so many downloads and such a high rating.

Would 5 starts if it worked 100% Everything works except for Twitter. I simply cannot log into twitter with 2-step authentication.

AVG privacy This app will be super when I learn how to use it. Otherwise, so far so good.

Thanks AVG for fixing I'm been waiting AVG to fix compatible issue against lollipop, and it fixed! Thank you AVG again and I love you!

Everyone who frequently uses the internet and or social media must use this app. Many people do not know when, where and how their personal information is being collected, used, and stored. This app will help protect your privacy by making you familiar with certain features and settings. Be sure to follow Everyday Electronics on Google+. Your #1 source for all the latest videogame/electronics related news & troubleshooting tips.

FINALLY SOME PRIVACY ?!!! I just got the app n so far so good its kinda stuck on the Twitter settings right now but I dont even care!!! I quit installing facebook a long as time ago cuz of all the permissions u have to agree w.So this is AWESOME! ! YALL R MY FACEBOOK HERO'S, IT IS VERY APPRECIATED!!♡♡

Insuficient storage available I dont know why. But i can not install this app. Playstore always give me pop up message insuficient storage available. Fyi i have plenty free space on my note 8.0 at least 2gb. It is not a fault by my handheld because when i try to install any other apps, it's works. So i think the problem is in your app. Plis fix this. Thank you.

The google plus search history cant turn green? But i paused in the settings. Is that a bug?

Nice shortcuts to privacy settings Simple, cool idea, whereby the app gives you links to where the privacy settings are on Google, Twitter and Facebook. I was surprised to find, for example, that Twitter had my whole mail address book, but happy to see I could delete this. What would be nice is also to tell you what information those sites have about you that you cannot control. For example, I am pretty sure Facebook got my address book at some point, but I do not see where I can delete it.

Easy and simple This complete protection of AVG apps that work together is the best ever and also to give phone's, Tablets and ipods more space and to optimize your space which really helps me out of problems of very low space but this one protects privacy on your devices which is what i like to hear

Loving it Gives power back to the population. these account settings hidden away from regular users of social media. This Helps protect privacy, ad targeting and much more. I strongly recommend this app. Never liked avg. But this changed my mind.

Excellent! Brilliant idea, and perfectly executed. Recommended to family, as it really provides an easy way to manage your (notoriously bad) social networking privacy! Easy to use, although some Facebook pages weren't "available", and intuitively laid out.

I don't have a twitter, in fact, if I remember correctly, only about 10% of people on the Internet do have a twitter, I'd like to be able to stop it from constantly trying to scan my nonexistent twitter account to see if it's safely run.

I don't know, as if this app gives ads anytime I browse on Google! Are you sure? I hate to see ads okay!? This is the first time it happened to me, since I downloaded this!

Very cool Most people don't realize how much of their privacy can be invaded by simple apps that are used daily, such as Facebook, google, Twitter, etc. This app is a quick, simple way to review your privacy settings on all these apps. I also love the "what you're worth" function, which calculates how much Facebook and Twitter could possibly be making off a user such as yourself, based on how much and what you do on the app. Great job AVG. Thanks for all the protection you give.

Great...Straight forward to use I recommend anyone to install this app! Glad I did because it's helped me to manage and change privacy settings which have been hard to find before, plus more that I've never even heard of (which is quite worrying!). I would give 5 stars but some settings and most of facebook settings lead to a 'unable to load/view this page' message when you click on the links. But thats typical of fb thou, they won't give up your info and details that easy!!

Apps Good apps its work well, but make more feature dan update theme for pro ver it will make more interes

Won't help me fix any of the Facebook problems I expected much better out of AVG. MANY problems. First, it took forever to link to Facebook and Twitter. When it did connect, when I try to click on the links to go fix the Facebook issues, it keeps taking me to the Facebook page that says link is broken or you do not have permission to view this page. A "privacy" app that can't help me fix privacy problems is pretty useless. *EDIT* Wouldn't load anything at all today. Never did work right. UNINSTALLING!

Love the app. Getting this app made my flip to Android worth it. I just wish that I could add some other social networks like Pinterest excetera.

Not what I expected The program takes too long. Then when you go to run another day, in order for it to work halfway correctly, u have to reset and log out. Then you have to log back into Google, Twitter, and Facebook for it to check.

Use it on my computers also I love avg Antivirus and the privacy fix just got new phone and using them both on it

Where has crowd control gone?! I had this on my old fb account and loved that I could control who did and didn't see what I posted. For a while now the crowd control has been gone, why?!

SETTING'S NOT LOADING Settings starting from Data Protect under Twitter and all throughout the Facebook Settings they do not load and therefore you can not progress down the list of settings. My device is Samsung GS5. LOLLIPOP 5.0 Update installed.

Can't fix google App has always been good, recently re installed again after a backup, but I can get everything fixed with a green padlock apart from protect Google search. Even though my setting are paused, it's not recognising it. Annoying!