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Lollipop Crush

Supplied By BitMango    On Sept. 20, 2016    Comments(154)

Samsung Phone Lollipop Crush version1.1.5 Download

Beware!! Once you pop, you can't stop!

Free Addictive LOLLIPOP Block Game
Fantastic fun!!! Easy Crush Play!

The all time favorite puzzle game was played on millions of touch screens everyday. Now, are you ready to see something new?
Share your score to varies social networks. Challenge your friends.

Let's pop! Let's have fun.

• Just tap two or more blocks of the same color.
• There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage.

Tips on Scoring :
- Remember just two rules below :
1. The more blocks you pop, the more score you will get
2. Try to clear all block, you will get a lot of bonus.

• Easy and fun to start but a challenge to fully master.
• Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface.
• Variety Mode - ADVENTURE, PUZZLE
• Fabulous visual animation
• Provide daily coins

• Enjoy the game with various devices (Phones and Tablets).
• "Lollipop Crush" contains banner and interstitial ads.




Contact us if you have any questions, ideas for improvements or experience any bugs when playing the game:

Your feedback will be used in future updates.

Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played "Lollipop Crush"

BitMango part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 88.2002. Current verison is 1.1.5. Actual size 30.0 MB.

What's new

    Version 1.6.0 Note
    The brand changed from PopStar Ice to Lollipop Crush.
    • Performance Updates and Optimizations
    Thank you.
Download popstar-ice.apk 30.0 MB


Poster ice Awesome game fast only thing is pop up ads then the game ask player to pay 1.99 to stop the pop up ads ...not good .then to pass on to higher level you have to pay with your winning coins. ..I want to keep my winnings ,fix and would give 5stars

More addictive since update Now we have 3 styles of the game so triple the addiction, cant put it down. Brilliant

Popstar ice It's fun and makes the mind think

Great game... I finished the original PopStar. This is so much better. Different levels and ways to play. You will love the challenge!

Nice game. Very addictive.

Way to many popups Would give 5 ⭐s if there weren't so many popups

Cool Easy game but fun

Love this game Totally addicting

Fun and addictive

This Game Like it

Really fun It's fun

Very addictive.

Very addictive

I like this version of popstar. But I'm not a big fan of the clapping. It sounds like you're at a golf game. If you got rid of that I would love it.

If you don't get a target you have to go right back to level 1, not good when you get to level 18. Not impressed! May uninstall.

No IAP to remove ads. Game is great but no IAP to remove ads, so you're kinda stuck with them. Please give us an option to remove your ads as an in-app purchase or do give us a paid ad-free version.

I love this games. Play it everyday am it is a 10 star. If it was one. Lol

Popstar It is the best game I have ever played.

Pop Star Ice Very Fun I loved this game.

Great way to kill some time yet still fun !

Great fun. This is a great game. Very relaxing.

Cool I'm a game addict so I really like this game other then all the pop ups

Good game for time please I like it

Get rid of the ads & the game would be perfect

Very good and interested game for time pass I like it's

Love love love this game it's great

Addictive Can't stop playing this Game,very addictive,

pop star awsome game

Petty good game like it

Doesn't even work Just returns to phone home screen after I try and open it. Galaxy S4.

Best game My first favorite game in android games.

Hello I always love ds type of games.

Awesome Addiction to Game!

This game is fun

It was very very good game, I just love love love it

Love this game

Love it I'm having fun of this game...

I love this game it helps me to distress

Thanks s is additing

Great Awesomely addicting.

Still addictive! !! I ran out of stages cool!!!!!! This game has so much to offer it will keep you busy and your coins.can add up I've got 3009 unfricanbeliveabel!!!!!

Thanks for giving us house of fun

Very addictive...ok just one

Fun and addicting

Fun but to many ads This game is very fun and addictive. This game is great for passing the time, but there is way to many ads. The ads are very annoying and make the game almost unplayable. I'm thinking about deleting this app because of the ads and it's a shame because I like playing this game

Fun game! Awesome game, keep up the good work.

Star brain Very easy to understand n ok

Popstar ice I love the game

So far it's lots of fun!

Really Great Game! Fun, I can do this one!

Cool game So far a very cool fun game. Will have to continue to play.

Really fun game

Awesome game

Love this game

Great fun Really like all the stages and puzzles this game offers. Can't stop playing and replaying to better my score. Bonus on this game i don't need to wait for life to recharge lol

Too many ads And they they try to trick you into clicking them by making them look like stuff you need to click to keep playing. Game is decent.

Adverts!! Would be 5 if not for constant adverts! Dont mind the odd one here and there but there pretty much all the time. Dont want to pay to remove them either

Too many ad interruptions Then they want you to pay for ad removal. Not into annoying game play like this. Free should be free, not annoy you into buying ad removals.

My newest favorite game! Very addicting, I can't stop playing. I can play for hours.

Love love love this game This game goes on forever, no disturbing buy this app advertisments, no level blocks to buy app before you can go on. This app is one of a kinf fun that keeps going on and on, hours of entertainment.

Great game I love it, it reminds me of monster madness, where if you can clear all the blocks you get extra points. Any age would love this game. The only thing I see wrong is the adds at the bottom are fine but sometimes they are blinking so fast it's hard to strategize what you're doing. But overall it is a wonderful game.

Excellent game A++++ Best game ive played for years. Lots of sub levels. Would make it even better if was rewards for each day. Plus dosent kill your battery

This game is great! !!! I really like playing this game, the ads are annoying but other than that it's fun, and very challenging. I've been looking for a game like monster madness, and I finally found one. And this game is even better than that one because it is very challenging on different levels. Great job y'all !!! And I am definitely going to purchase ad free! !! Lol, so worth it .

Ads.. Great game but.. Love the game but bullying me with annoying ads to pay for the removal just makes me dig in my heels and not. I know money makes the world go around but "adnagware", tsk tsk.

Loves it. This game definitely comes in handy wen TRYNA kill time, I will rate this game an awesome 5 stars loves it completely..

Fantastic The game reminds me a bit Crush Saga and it's matching kind of thing. The only thing I don't like about it is that you don't get a separate score for each level you get one total score once you get to third level 38

I'm loving it It is so worth spending a 1.99 to pay for ad removal. I used to play a game very similar to this many many years ago and was devastated when they got rid of it so seeing this made me very happy. I paid for ad removal before I even tried it because a game like this is hard to find. I just hope the customer service is great should I ever need it. Yay I'm excited. And quit crying about ads, get a measly 2 bucks and remove them.

Popstar I really love this game. Its a lot of fun. I love puzzle games anyway & this one tops my list. It definitely challenges u.

Addictive This is a cute game. I love how exciting it is. Graphics are sweet and game play is smooth. I don't mind the ads popping up, for a free play it's really good.

Ad Free - how? Love the game, hate the ads. Would probably purchase this ad free version you speak of ... if I could find it. No way to upgrade in the game and only the ad-ware version on Google Play.

Time Pleaser Game keeps your mind working all the while escaping reality for a short time. Very addictive.

Awesome Great time waster I look for spare time to play. Little bit dodgy sometimes with the ads but not enough to drop from 5 stars. Great game

Fun and addictive! Awesome and fun. Great way to fill in some time

DUMPING THIS LOSER! Greedy developers attempting to cash-in on the popularity of match-3 games! They don't seem to get it other JUST DON'T CARE that games are EITHER ADD SUPPORTED OR IN-APP PURCHASES SUPPORTED! These greedy Jerks do both & the ads aren't just obtrusive THEY'RE BETWEEN EVERY SINGLE BOARD BUT THEN IN THE MIDDLE OF GAME! UNINSTALLING!

Adverts! Adverts! Adverts! I Accept adverts, I just don't see why so frequently. Not such a bad game TBH but please reduce the adverts. 4* if adverts reduced.

Upset I just got ten thousand free coins and the game froze so I stopped it went back in and had zero coins I want my coins back before I play again this is a worthless game if u can't keep the coins and than lose them this is dumb if u ask me

Always come back to it Keep downloading it on every new phone, I delete it bc i get frustrated but I always re-download it!

Simple but addictive I'm not a game player but I enjoy this one. It helps me block out the world for a little while.

?Too Much Fun❄!!! This game is a great way for me to wind down during my 15 min breaks at work. The fun and fast levels keep me entertained. The graphics are sleek and attention grabbing, while not being overwhelming to view for long stretches. Try out the "Adventure" feature. That was really fun to get through, and added more layers to game play.

Great game I really like this game because you don't have to have the internet to play like almost all games. I had downloaded a different game like this that needed 3 blocks & internet to play. When I saw this game I downloaded it & uninstalled the other game.

Cool Application Enjoying game. Great stress outlet.

Love It! I love this game, there is a fun puzzle game, and you get to pick your puzzles to,I want to tell you how much I love this game but I need to get back to my game...Bye B-)

Fun and relaxing I like it bc it's fun enjoyable

My babies love this! My 3 yr old loves this, and my 1 yr old loves the sound. Adorable to watch them play together

Its cool game gotta do it again I don't much like the ads though kinda get in the way

Popstar Ice This game is so very much fun. It's fantastic and so very, very hard to put down.

Popstar Pretty cool adds at the bottom get a little annoying but that's what you get for free! I see people complaining about the adds but they have the choice to purchase it without adds only ones that are annoying are the flashy ones at the bottom when your trying to strategize

Fun fun fun! It keeps me entertain! Just love it, it's getting hard to keep up!?

Pop Star Ice I love it, but it has to many ads after each level.

GET IT!!!!! :-) I love it great its goods when I was playing on an app the advertising came up I thought wow! I'm trying it... :)

Pop star ice Love it. How many levels in first one, second, third. Especially first one in the 300

Not a lot of ads, easy, no pay2play Micro transactions are readonablE relaxing, BEST GAME EVER

Cool A little monotonous. But incredibly mind-boggling. I would recommend this game to most of my friends.ï

Collapse with pizazz Each level gives you more challenges. Tempted to pay to remove ad's and I'm not one to pay to level up or gain demands coins etc. I did pay to remove the ad's. Love the continual updates of levels.

Nice time passer Fun, engaging without making your brain smoke. Relaxing play.

Addictive Until you hit the adds! Big down point is when they pop up, half the time ur redirected because pop ups so fast. U think ur clicking next when ur actually clicking on an add. If a txt comes on phone ur game gets paused then u have at least 2 adds b4 u can continue ... so many adds r a bit of a turn of for me

Very relaxing Best game of its type, east way to empty the mind and relax. The ads at the bottom of the game are a real pain so I'm lowering the rating to 4 stars

Great game Very good way to pass time and very addicting

Awesome Addictive game that a baby can play that makes you think.

It's real good. This game is addictive play...

Good game Good game but the music makes you bored quickly with the game. Needs a more upbeat tune.

Samsung note 4 I love this game!!

Pop Star Ice Too many ad pop ups.

Found it One of my all time favorite

Pop star ice Quick & enjoyable with good sound effects

Too many adds Fun but too many adds....

Fun Very fun and addictive

Satisfied Very relaxing and yet a fun game!

This game keeps you busy you cant put it down

I can't sleep xD Very addictive!!

That poppy block ice!

Addicted ?? Love this game, it's super!!!

Entertaining Love this game! Fun and challenging, hard to put down.

It's ok but have to wait too long (month)to unlock new level. Done all of the and it says "coming soon" and nothing changed for month

Pop Star Ice A good break from work.

Great game Hours of fun great work

Great way to pass time...

Great way to pass time ! Fun and fast pace but not nerve racking!

Best game Very addicting

Great killer of time.

Popstar ice this game can't stop playing it Love this game can't stop playing it

pop star ice every addictive

Very easy game

What the hell You killed my fun when you changed it. It went from a cool game to a tooty fruity baby game. Ice was hardcore. Now I feel like Mary Poppins. Wth! And what happened to all the clapping? Omg that was the best part now we got freaking babies laughing. Why didn't you just make a new game instead of changing this one? It sucks now. :( Me and my friends decided to uninstall. We'll return when popice is back.

Pop Star Ice Very addictive and fun. I used to play collapse on a laptop and this is as close as I can get to enjoy collapse again. You have as good a games as Microsoft, just different is all.I see you have expanded the basic game to make more games! Ten times the fun! Yummy

Update restarted me I had the game downloaded when it was PopStar Ice and had a good bit of the game done. Now with the update and name change it started me all over again back at the beginning. So all that game play and stages beat, all those coins and the update starts me all over again, what a waste. Is there anyway to recover my game play ? Other then that it's basically the same. Was 5 stars before but because of the issue 3 stars now.

Lost all my coins. Was my go to game. Loved it. Now it's stupid . I didn't mind the ads because I liked the game. Sponsors, you'll be wasting your money paying for ads on this game because it sucks now. Find another more worthy gaming company.

This is what we get for an upgrade? This upgrade is sadly lacking! Instead of new levels they give us fake child's laughter (that can't be turned off if you want to leave on game sounds, it was bad enough before with the hurrahs and clapping) and childishly colorized graphics.

Fun game but don't like the new update This game is really fun and super addictive but I really don't like the new update to lollipop candy blocks! The patterns are too busy and colors are too bright or bold making it harder to tell the blocks apart now. ? I would've given it 5 stars before the update.

Just a reskin of Popstar Ice This game is practically identical 2 pop star ice they are using basically the same assets with the reskin there is no difference between the two games kind of disappointing

Popstar Ice Did love it. Not anymore. Graphics slicker, not the same game. Also lost all 80000 coins. So I bought a game I like, and.......? Addictive

It's ok. Not saying it's a bad game, but I'm feeling like the game is lacking something. Just can't put my finger on it.

Very fun Don't have to think to hard. Just relax.

Needs a save/ backup option I had many levels over 100. Got a new phone today and downloaded the game and have to start over completely over.

I want the pop star ice back this one sucks

Awesome This game is awesome to play more addictive than candy crush and I Loved that game but this on has pretty much took it's place !!!

Sweet dreams Best candy crush type game thus far, fast non-stop action

Lollipop crush This is a fun n addicting game i just started playing so we will see

Growing on me I like it so far.

Fun It's challenging at times but that's what makes it fun!

Awesome I love this game I don't want to stop playing??

Why The update freakin sucks why did yall do this????!!!

Where is pop star ice gone??? I don't like this replacement!!!!!!!?

Fun Got hooked instantly

Pop Star Very fun. I like the different levels.

Lollipop crush Great fun for all ages!

Fun, addictive and great time killer..

It is so much fun.

Very contagious and fun to play

Lollipop crush Awsome game

Simple Awesome

Lollipop Love the challenge

Yes Love the game