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Samsung Phone PoopLog version2.52 Download

PoopLog is a free application that allows you to track your bowel movements using the Bristol Stool Scale.

20+ Options Available To PoopLog
Location, Photos, Notes, Colours, Blood and Mucus Content, Prior Discomfort, Urgency Level and Pain Level, Medication, Evacuation Completeness, Headache, Nausea, Fever, Backache, Cramps, Corn & More! Choose which options to show by default in the Settings.

Easy To Review History
Review your PoopLog history as an expandable list, separated by month; or display each entry directly on a calendar! Map view coming soon! On large screens, your entry details will be displayed alongside your history!

Chart, Totals & Trends
Pie charts, Bar charts, Scatter charts, Averages, and Totals. PoopLog empowers you to know more about your bowel health, inside and out!

Reporting & Analysis
Create, Save, and Share customized reports for anyone to review. Choose between an easy-to-read plain-text report, a rich-text report with embedded photos, or a CSV report which unleashes your data, making it available to import into any spreadsheet or charting app for further analysis.

Focus on the Details
Every PoopLog entry is viewable as a rich detailed view. On large screens and tablets, your details will be displayed in a secondary pane alongside your Overview or History views.

Share your PoopLog
When you share any PoopLog entry, you can choose to share only a few, or all of the options attached to that entry (location, note and photo only for example).

Frequently Asked Questions

Required Permissions:

• Approximate & Precise Location
  This permission is required if you wish to add your location to an entry. Your location is never transmitted outside of the app as part of any analytics and no location information is ever transmitted out from your device to anyone, ever, unless you select the share option for a PoopLog entry or report.

• Read & Write Internal Storage
  This permission is required if you wish to save photos with entries, or if you wish to save a created report, or if you wish to restore or backup your entries. The only non-system folders PoopLog ever looks at are /PoopLog/Photos/, /PoopLog/Reports/, & /PoopLog/Backups/.

• Read Google Service Configuration
  This permission is required as part of the Google Play Services, which is used to obtain your location. PoopLog must check your Google Configuration to see if you have a compatible version of Google Play Services installed in order to obtain your location.

• Network Services
  This permission is primarily required to obtain maps from Google whenever you choose to add and display your location to an entry. In addition, if you choose to opt-in to analytics, PoopLog will transmit non-identifiable usage data which will help the developer, Kevin, know which PoopLog features are most popular and require further development. The information collected will never contain or pertain to any of your entries, and will only transmit what sections of the app you navigate to. By design, PoopLog user data will never be transmitted outside of the app, unless an entry or report is directly shared.

Issues Sharing?
Some apps contain a flaw where it believes you are attempting to share a link, rather than share text. If you are having an issue with a particular app, feel free to email me. and I'll see what I can do to support it!

Stay tuned to @kefsco, or for any news!

Kefsco part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 26, 2016. Google play rating is 84.1861. Current verison is 2.52. Actual size 558.0 KB.

What's new

    For a complete version history and list of what's new, please visit
    2.52; latest version; released 10/26/2016 *minor bugfix*
    - enhancement: optimzed Poop Type images saving 4.6 MB
    - bugfix: fixed crash when attaching location on devices set to a non-english locale. Thank you for submitting the crash reports!
    - about: added links back to this website, changelog; added more credits
Download pooplog.apk 558.0 KB


I look forward to my poops. This is valuable, valuable data and I can't wait until I have enough to see some long-term trends.

Great app Helps track "system performance" for both celiac and diverticulitis. Did not know Bristol Myers before this app, so helpful.

This app is really what I need! I suffer from constipation and the doctors always want to know the last time I've gone. Thanks for this app!

I like this app except... It doesn't put it into a calendar form or maybe I just haven't figured it out yet. Anyone know?

Funny Really funny and sometimes usefull and kill time app while pooping :) The only thing is that I would add a view PoopLog option such as "grid" so you can choose between the list option view or the grid view with poop type icon chosen before as thumbnail. 5 stars if you will add this feature, for the rest... just amazing! Maybe also more poop types and poop color feature will be appreciated :) Thank you

Useful and easy to use Good, basic app. Would be great if I could edit entries though. Thx for making this!

I still have the original pooplog that the developer pulled off the market a few months ago. Now I have two poop logs.

Excellent App! This app IS very useful. At first, tried it for fun. WOW! Use this app along side Colonoscopy Prep app (free). EASY TO USE! GR8 APP!

Holy crap! (No pun intended) This little app is a great tool. I suffer from ibs, and the doctor wants a constant diary of my bm so I can get proper treatment. I would give it a five star if like others said, could be more discrete, add colour of bm, mucus, blood. Also a choice to log days of constapation would be good. That way it could look consistant when looking at records and not have it look like I didnt remember to record things for days. Also a calander view would put this app on top.

as odd as it is, I also use this ap... LOVE IT as someone that takes narcotics for chronic pain daily I had concerns about the frequency of my bowels movements. I use a period tracker to keep track of that (works better than a calendar) so I was going to use a different one to track my BMs. that's when I found someone had already thought of it. I was very pleased as I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and found I am more regular than my brain fog was remembering. I can see how this would be very helpful to others with medical problems.

Great app I'd give it 5 stars if it were more discreet. I keep mine in a folder with a few other health-related apps, so its not too bad, but still embarassing if someone happens to look through your apps. I agree with others that a calendar view would be convenient, and also indicators for color, blood, etc. Above all, it does its job well, just could use a few tweaks.

Holy crap this is the best game ever it has entertained me for hours and hours in fact I played this app sooooo much my parrents took my phone away!!! So after a few arguments and lectures about poop I finally got my phone back! VICTORY!!!!!! This app has some great educational value as well like for example it tells you the exact number of atoms in each poop! I would definitely recomend this app to anybody and I would never uninstall for my life EVER. Hehe just kidding this is a great app and it is very useful if you have ibs or chrones disese like me p.s. it does not tell you the exact number of atoms in each poop nor did my parrents take my phone away

Great app! I suffer from bladder problems, and my urologist always wants to know about my bowel habits too at clinic visits because bowel habits also impact on the bladder. I'm also on a lot of medication that can cause constipation, so this is a really useful tool to share with my doctors. Clean and user-friendly UI, and very easy to use. I think possibly the ability to add photos is a step too far, but hey, each to their own! Very useful app, and top implementation - 5*!

Poop log developer is a jerk and some features don't work I emailed the creator of poop log about inconsistencies in his app . he says pictures of Poo will not go into your gallery well if you have an android they do go directly to your gallery when I notified him about this problem he suggested that I learn how to create my own poop app which I found very rude and exposed his insecurities.all in all I think poop log is a great idea but the developer should learn to take some constructive criticism. After replied to my email I was tempted to delete his app.

Awesome Living with colitis has forced me to become very diligent with keeping track of my bowel movements and this app has made my life so much easier! Obviously there could be a few tweaks such as external discomfort/pain as well as internal discomfort/pain ratings, reasons why one bm is the way it is (ate something you were intolerant to, ate a lot the night before, food poisoning, etc) instead of just the note feature, etc.. but overall I love this app!

Photos will not hide I've hidden the photos in the gallery from the settings on pooplog but they remain visible fix this and its a 5 star app

Pooping has never been more fun! What a great conversation starter! Nothing like disgusting your friends and family with a historical summary of your bowel movements. Fun for all ages!

A log for your log lol I got this app just out of curiosity. When I noticed you can attach photos I nearly fell off the toilet. All joking aside this is very useful if you have any conditions that can affect you bowel movements. It's very easy to use but I have to admit I've not tried to attach a photo lol.

A great tool for the IBS, IBD or Celiac patient! Quick and accurate with the ability to add notes regarding each bowel movement.

Perfect app amongst immature friends! What can I say? Guys grow old, but they don't always mature. This app is a great tool for tracking and letting your friends know exactly what you've been doing. The descriptions are accurate and hilarious. Instant Message, Email, etc.. there are many forms ways to let people know. Just poop, log, and choose your "I just pooped!" message.

Good Intuitive & simple. Keeps a useful health record. I have been using it for over a year & there have been no glitches with this app. I agree with others that a calendar view might be useful, but it works great as it is.

Not as claimed Showing some of my gallery photos and they ask "why do you have a picture of poo?" quite embarrasing. I set it to "hide" but it doesnt work.

My girlfriend LOVES this app she's on it everyday Always in the bathroom poop log in it :D cupcake Ily 121010

Super! Awesome app! As a Nurse... I truly appreciate this and its importance. Adding a Calendar type view would be great.

Great app! I have I.B.S. and this app is a must have. It works 100% on my Galaxy S3.

Great, informative, well designed and user friendly

Only one thing missing Easy to use, helpful, and free. Only thing I was missing was some sort of chart or graph showing frequency over time. I would happily change to 5/5 if that were included in the next update!

Needs improvement, but great! Really great interface. Easy to use. App would achieve 5 star rating if you could add a colour log. It would also be fantastic if the app could analyse the stool and suggest proper eating patterns etc. Otherwise, my favourite of the lot :)

Great app, it helps me monitor when I go because sometimes I don't go everyday.

Would be 5* if.. it could use the vibrate to help me when I am constipated.

Nice Very happy to see the Bristol Stool Scale included. Only wish I could back log the last couple of days. I don't understand why there is a custom date and time but when I out the time I want it enters the current time. If that gets fixes I'll be back to give 5*. Tfta

When I found out what this app did, I wanted to go poop right then!

Thanks so much for doing this, it's really helped. Difficulty with intestinal matters is a side-effect of my cancer, I really appreciate your work.

I have MS This is nearly perfect thus only 4 * I actually need more accurate description so I don't have to write it myself ... thanks ;0)

Move buttons This app is great! But after you log something the first option should be 'back to menu' and the LAST option should be 'share this poop'! Once that is changed around its absolutely 5 stars! More people want the main menu than to share their poop experience!

This is Great! some of us...or many, rather. Award for best widget & best app name (it fits). Thx to dev! HTC TB

Hilarious! Great idea. I'm going to install it on my wife's phone, log a few, and confront her with it!

My wife Leticia absolutely adores pooping. She really loves keeping a log of her logs. 5 stinky stars. Love you babe.

Please add stats I like it, but it would be nice to have stats: like average time of day, type, etc.

Needs a few things This app has been really useful. I plan on using it to show my Dr. for help with some digestive issues. The only thing missing is some kind of graph or calendar to show patterns. Other than that it's a great tool for anyone watching their bowels..... Edit: I had to change from 4 o 3 stars...Had to reset my phone and lost all of my info, just when I was starting to see some improved patterns. So in addition to some kind of calendar or graph this app needs the option to back up or save data.

Pretty good. I have UC and my doctor needs me to document poops. Would be perfect if it had options for blood, mucous etc....

I just downloaded this and one other to try. This app seems to be what I'm looking for but I have a Galaxy S6 so I'm not seeing the pictures either for the selection of the type. My husband has a Note 5 and I think this would be the right one for him, but Google Play is saying that this app is not compatible with Note 5. I also agree with Brittany and Dale on their suggestions. Brittany suggested adding calendar and/or graph feature to help with seeing patterns & trends. Dale suggested adding the ability to record when stools contain, blood or mucous. Please add these features, it will make it top notch with me. So I'll be watching for & waiting for your update! :-) For now, I'm giving this 4 stars but I really want to give it 5.

Great app for Crohns/IBD sufferers I know others have mentioned all these things but this app could be further improved with; - a "notes" option where users could write in blood/mucus etc. - the ability to choose more than one poo type. - and the calendar view. :)

Great but needs fixing! Concept great, love the descriptions, I often use it with my gastroenterologist. The "type" section lacks pictures and when scrolling up in type numbers, it skips to only odd numbers, only able to access even numbers by ascending then descending. Still waiting on much needed update, please fix

Very happy to log my logs! Lol Printed out my log for my doctor and she was pretty happy with it. She actually wants me to email updates to her. She actually might contact the app maker to discuss options. I think you should be able to add the photos to the printout. I also have food alergies so being able to put in what you ate that day would also be nice.

Poopilicious I have 3 children's BMs that I am currently tracking and would really like to be able to track them separately. Is that possible?

Long time sufferer of IBS This app is invaluable when it comes to telling my doctors about how bad my BM's can be at times. As someone else said, graphing ability would be awesome! I already export to excel and graph by myself but in app would be great.

Excellent log!!! But... I wish you could log more than one person... I need this for me & two kids. If you could log multiple people, I would have scored a 5!

Good format Great app, very nicely allows me to log details about my logs. Only change I can think of for now is with note attachment feature. Right now it's more like tag attachment. I have lots to say sometimes and this feature is designed with the assumption that the notes will be a few words #probably #following #hash #tags. When editing the notes you have to scroll and scroll to where you want to go when it can be easily reached if note typing had more screen space. Otherwise, thanks for the app, it's very useful.

Best but not perfect Love this app. It has all the sections I need apart from one. When one is offered the option to add a picture it has to be a live pic. It is a great shame one cannot select or choose or use a picture from the gallery. There are times when I simply have time to just snap and go not open the app and select the option when in a hurry. Please make it possible to choose a picture from the photo gallery/file not just live. Otherwise great!

Great tracker. I think this app is a great way to keep track of whats going on. Often this is something we don't really pay a ton of attention to but it can really help show signs of possibly something going wrong or right. I would recommend anyone download this app or many others that help keep track of bodily happenings.

It's ok. Needs improvement. First, biggest issue, anytime I am logging a poop and I accidentally hit the back button, everything I input gets deleted. including the photo. Second, it would be helpful to be able to add more than one type. Multiple/combination types in one poop can happen. Third, colour list would help too. I'd prefer not to have to write everything in the notes section, but allow multiple selections for each section. Otherwise, it's a good app.

Love it! Only prob i have is, i set a pass key cuz i started datin a new guy who started goin thru my apps. Talk about embarrassing. But now it wont let me in. Says its wrong, but i always use the same key. So becareful.

useful app! but needs a few more things... definitely add smell (even if it's a number range) add color (poop varies in color - light brown, dark brown, green, pale, blood, with food pieces, etc.) the field where you add a description could stand to be formatting a little differently (such as being able to hit "enter" to make a list, rather than typing a long line, as that makes it more difficult to edit) since our poop is an indicator or our health i think this app needs just a more things to make it even better.

I am normal once again! Thanks PoopLog! This just made showing the doctor a sample hastle free! Think about it, No more odd looks in the waiting room because of that embarrassing odor!

Good to have I have bad digestive problems. The doctors are always asking me poop questions I've never given much thought. Now, I can show them. As ridiculous as this app sounds, if you're like me, it really is useful. Works well on my Motorola Atrix.

Saw this on Good Mythical Morning Downloaded it as a joke and sent a log text/pic to my best friend. We sometimes send pics of our poop as a joke anyway, but this adds to it x2 because it's descriptive lmao thanks for inventing this app I might just keep it

Genuinely useful. This may sound like a joke app, or one only for poop-fixated weirdos. But when you're recovering from bowel surgery, it's both serious and useful. Except the "share on social media" function; that's for the weirdos.

App itself is great, but I'm really frustrated I lost so much data when I got a new phone. I tried exporting the report and emailing it to myself then opening the file from my new phone. It didn't quite work, since it wasn't really a file so much as just text inside an email. So I can't import it to the app on my new phone. That's a lot of information I needed for my doctor visits that I've lost. If you could fix this, definitely a 5 star app!

Does what iron claims. Good: nice interface, easy to navigate. Bad: Doesn't really take subject very seriously. Like to see more health/medical related info, data collection

I love to poop Just dont get to as much as I'd like to. A great addon would be some sort of diagnosis if something isnt normal. Blood in stool, see a doctor. Something like that. Good app though

Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for the easy to use app! I also suffer from bowel problems and wanted to track everything. I would pay for this app if it had a calender view and maybe even some graphs.

More features please Why just pain? I'd like to say yes/no to more options.

Great app but I've got few suggestions Thanks for creating this app. Very helpful for those who want to track their poop cycle. Hope you'll consider these suggestions: add an option to change theme color (brown looks like a real poop and it's yucky), change the app icon so it's not obvious that this is a poop tracker, resemble the log to a calendar for better viewing, add option to indicate the color of poop. That's all. Thanks again for this app!

Super Simple! Logs your motions quickly and easily. UI really easy. Wouldn't mind a few graphs and a summary for reporting. Exporting & using Excel. Agree with others here about being able to log/see more details. Other than that I love it! Very helpful for my Crohns.

Needed this I was looking for a generic tracking/logging app to use for this purpose, looks like I'm not alone! Some additional characteristics worth adding: presence of blood, presence of mucus, urgency, and incomplete evacuation.

Almost perfect Great app for logging bowel motions, just needs to add smell category and be able to view notes in log then will be 5 stars.

Great app for IBS This is a great app for logging your poops... just one thing missing... sending updates to facebook or twitter!! Fix this and it'll be 5 stars

I was using pooplog to take a pic of my stool all of the sudden my phone fell in the toilet luckily the stool was heavy large amounts and saved it 5*!

Don't need it, until you need it. App has some serious inconsistencies with additional information. Brown color is very dull.

Good App Becomes Great I have done this application to be handy ever since I downloaded it onto my phone about 5 months ago I love her with a new update it also is super easy to use and looks cool. If I knew how to give the developer some money, I would. I'm on an HTC.

WHERE'S THE LONG OVERDUE UPDATE Will we ever see an update someone needs to know that is 2015 . NOT 2011.

New update I love the update. I love the graph and that it's now easier to identify trends/habits. The app is still easy to use, it's still more discreet than a paper diary and also much harder to loose than a paper diary. (P.S. I feel a bit silly getting so excited about a poop diary lol.)

Best app of its kind! Thank you very much for this updated version! At the risk of sounding weird, I love the app and find it very useful. Plus it's free!! The only suggestion I would make is to add a quantity vs. time(day) chart. Thanks again!

Best poop tracker Very good for people with irritable bowel syndrome and report to herbalists for medications adjustment.

Love the new interface!! Thanks!!

Update! I am in love with the new update

The new update rocks! When I first started using this app to track how often I pooped, the interface was a little clunky and there weren't many features. Now everything is smooth and I can see a lot more use out of it than just tracking the frequency of my movements. Thanks for doing what you do!

Love the updated version! Huge improvement over older version. I like the new month view and stats. Have only logged one entry since updating so unclear of stability of app, but I loved the changes so much I wanted to say thanks! Wanted to see what "default options to display" would do, and that crashed every time I tried. Sent a log report once. Not a big deal as everything else works and it is doing what I need it to do. I use the app to track BM of my 3 1/2 year old who has had a history of holding it. This app helps us a lot.

New update crashes I updated to the most recent version but whenever I go to Settings > Default Options to Display the app crashes

Thank you!!! This app helped me keep track of my poops and remembering the last time I did.

Useful health tool Great upgrade! Much more data to add and easier to review history. Thanks ?