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Pixelmon Hunter

Supplied By We Games    On Aug. 1, 2016    Comments(167)

Samsung Phone Pixelmon Hunter version2.1.16 Download

Welcome to the world of pocket Monsters! Choose your monster, get the weapon and join the battle!

Every player in this block game controls its own arenas, fights and creatures types! Learn how to take the control over each element to invent your individual battle tactics. In edition try an adventure mod and collect all monsters types: fire, water, electric, stone and others.

2 game modes:
- multiplayer mode (with another players)
- single player mode (you vs. bots)

Main features:
- Great creatures with colorful skins
- pixel 3D world
- A lot of weapons: Swords, Magic Staffs, Cannons and others!
- Awesome arenas: Red Fire Top, Windy Sky Ship and others!
- HD graphics
- Atmosphere sounds
- Skins exporter

P.S. You will like this game best if you a fan of monsters style games or any fightings.

We Games part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 1, 2016. Google play rating is 80.7498. Current verison is 2.1.16. Actual size 78.0 MB.

What's new

    - Bug fixes
Download pixelmon-hunter.apk 78.0 MB


Please make the battle more funtional More pixlemon and team game mode in future updates could make this game thrive. A lot of people will be on this. More good reviews hopes for more updates can't wait

Adventure mode is great. Everytime I win a match on single player the app forces closed xD


Erm Downloaded this game as soon as i saw it like a mix between pokemon and minecraft but after finishing the tutorial i tried to enter adventure mode and hit an infinite loading screen nice job developers great game uninstalled after 15mins

Really? You could have given us more coins as we level up, but noo you guys decided to decrease our reward as we progress because we need it more. -_-

Loading time takes way too long (device nexus 7 2013 edition Android 5.1.1) Please optimize the game more so it loads faster and I'll give 5*

Gameplay is awesome but it Takes Waaaaaaaay To Long to Load For All andriod Phones And I cant Even Do Muiltiplayer Plz FixAnd Il Give Better Rating

It's not bad This game is fun and every thing but it's slow loading, please, fix it!

AWSOME but... How do u get more than one pixelmon?????? Its really bugging because my friend has the game but he only has a stonepix which u get at the start??? Except from that, this game is OP!!!!!!!!!!!!;-) ;-) ;-) B-) B-) B-) :-) :-) :-) oh and 1 more thing WHY DOES THIS GAME ONLY HAVE 10 THOUSOND DOWNLLOADS!!!!!?????? It should have ten........MILLION!!!!!!! Oh and I only have one pixelmon but I have storm wild!!!!

Good game but Just because you don't win a match doesn't mean you shouldn't earn any thing

At first no problems now when ever I go on adventure mode or battle or single it brings me back to home screen!!!!!

Bugs Please fix all the bugs ,let us get gems easier, and add cooler weapons, and I'll for sure rate this game 5 stars

No fair I waited 1 hour and 30 minutes for it to load please fix and I'll rate 5 stars

PLEASE READ!PLEASE READ Please add customisation to make our own skin.And Make it faster to load.

Loved it I like this app please let me have a jet pack like pixlegun3d

This app is amazing but the loading time on adventure mode is way to long

Awsome!!! This game is realy good because you can play it on tablet instead of pc

Grrrrrr!!!! I can't play adventure mode!! It won't play it

I really like poke mon and pixels ,when they are together they make a game I want to play

The freeze I downloaded it and finished the tutorial but as soon as i went to do a battle i was sent to the infamous infinite loading screen....i uninstalled it...

Great Game! This is a great game keep up the good work!

This is a hard game I should get something for getting second or third place

Nice I love the game but the chat isn't readable ! I didn't understand not one thing when other pepol text/comment plzzz fix it!!!!

OMG It's like pokemon but recreated ???

IT SUCKS I cannot open the app and it takes for ever

Ok but It takes too long to load anything

Love It Love this awsome game you should get it if you don not

What the HEC Devs please fix this when I'm putting my name down after the tutorial it shuts down fix it please

I love this game it so fun It hard at the time but it fun

Go and make more U should make a pixel mon game again

Won't download I want it I want it 0?

It won't load Every time I try to do adventure it won't load fix this

Cross over cross over Epic its pixel gun 3d with mine craft with Pokemon yààay!!!

Adventure mode takes to long to load and its to hard to get coins

It is my favorite game I don't like it I love it

It will not let me advancher

New name The new name for this loading screen

Umm.. I like this app but if the single player was a little better I would rate higher. You don't gain enough experience or coins in single mode/adventure mode... I don't always have the best wifi so that could be a great improvement. Also it would be nice to have a stationary moment selection available... hopefully you guys read these

Fix the CATCHING I use the ball to catch the pixelmon or got close to it and says try agian really frustrating but other then that good game

Wow This game was beyond poorly made I played for a few hours expecting another torturing on how to play and nothing the game play and controls are so poorly put together the battle is a joke and what's the point in capturing a mon if you can't keep it and lastly this is very unoriginal even the name is stolen not to mention the creator is literally stealing money from the great game creators of pokemon and minecraft doesn't the "creator" of this game know what copyright infringement is

Love it I love it n I think its cool you should make it easier to earn cash but that 1000 gem n gold thing wow I reeeeally appreciate that

Lvl On adventure mode I was lvl 4 and i was catching pixelmon that you would need to be lvl 6 to get. And when I reached lvl 6 I didn't have the lvl 6 pixelmon so basically I wasted my coins ?

Like it but pls add skin editing/make ur own skin and also make more weapons armour and staffs also more maps thank you creators of pixelmon hunter

What is wrong with adventure mode Every time I try to get on adventure mode it loads up to literally 15/16 away from the full bar what's up with that

Loved it I really love the game but needs more mons plz update this game because after u get to level11 the game is done then nobody will play the game anymore.

Didn't get my bonus cash Hey guys pretty cool game really getting into it. I only really have like one problem with it. There's a "free money" icon on the title menu. So I go into it, install the pixel gun 3d and sadly I didn't get my bonus what's up with that?

Idk i just clicked something and it said Thank you heres your reward but idk if i purchased it or something if you got any news pls tell me

I cant go anywhere I cant go anywhere but the battle mode the other modes just keep on loading forever. If you fixed this i would give 5 stars

Cannot accses adventure mode It always freezes fix and i rate five stars.

Disappointed... The catching is annoying and the catch rate is too low. I bought about 18 balls and upgraded them so max and I tried to get. Stormwild and guess what? DOESNT WORK. if you dont fix that, it might cause players to go frustrated and eventually quit the game.

I really like it but I cant access adventure evertime i press it it loads then stops an stays like that also i have reinstsiled it 3 time an it still wont work please dont ignore me.

This game is stupid... There r NO pixelmon!!!! Just when u fight someone else.. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ITS NOT WORTH IT

BOSS I LUV DIA GAME.... but I die to quick... I think im just bad at the game....WELL I STILL LOVE IT! MAKE MORE GAMES LIKE THIS

An epic clash of both minecraft and pokemon This is a very well made game! I love how you can fight using weapons and using your pixelmon. It is strange though as I have just stared playing the game and I caught two picelmon, but for some reason ut wouldn't let me use then and when I tried to equip them they said that they were locked. Also I don't know how to win battles. I bought a pixelmon from the store but he keeps dying. Thanks for making this game it rocks :)

We should earn 5 crystals when we win in multiplayer!! Pls make getting crystals easier pls give us 5 crystals when we win in multiplayer. So i will rate 5 stars.

:) Add a Story that will be awsome and Multiplayer Servers you can craft Stuff and Play with your friends survial

Cool Game But It's a good game but make more mons and add more costumes

Best game ever It is awesome but it would be better if when you have a pixelmon catcher it goes to your weapon list so u could aim better and catch them easier

No body after level 11 Iv done like 3 battles in a month at lvl 8-10 I did 100 battles in a day

If I could play adventure It's great but the only mode that works is the single mode...

Read below to get sapprise d Like the game but when you play it it let's you play the tutorial then it says to write my name I do then it freezes. I turned off my smartphone many times and done it again still never works. Plz fix this, otherwise this I think will be a good game to play plz do reply.

I like it but There are 2 reasons why I dont like it there needs to be more pixlmon and you need to earn more money when you play and when that happends I will give 5 stars.

Idea for an update Make more pixelmons and islands to collect them and make it easier to get money but other than that it's great

No just no I can't even play it my phone over heats when it's loading then goes back to my main screen?

Fix the pokeballs When I catch its hard and get coins easier

Cool It was awesome but it needs more Pixelmon and make it easier to get gems and coins

Amazing game but you really should add more pixelmon

Really fun game I think you should be able to get gems quicker and there should be up to an 11 level island.

It's awesome It's a good game and all but what is wrong is that you need something to log in or log out because I deleted it then I downloaded it and I started again to log 1

Best pokemon game ever!!!!!!!! This pokemon game is better than any other pokemon games out there.

I like it. Its a very good game but, i was just going to see if you guys can update the game because my Galaxy S6 doesnt let me go on adventure mode.

I LOVE IT ? Thank you whoever made it you made me shine with joy ?

Beter then pixel gun 3d Best pokemon game.fixe ceching

Freezing and long loading When ever I try to GI on adventure it takes long to load and it freezes

Its good but not that good I captured 3 different pixelmon and i could not youse them

Problem It won't load nor open, and I want to play it.

Adds=slow or stop loading I don't like the adds and you should also add a skip if ya gonna put some ads but can you either remove ads or put a skip button for it and I will give 5 stars if ya do one of them

I cant open it I downloaded the game, i went to open it and it loaded 3/4 of the way and did nothing, i might consider raising the stars if this gets fixed

Honest game reviews Tested on a samsung galaxy s3 android4.3 with australian open optus firmware. The game contains captavating and enjoyfull content for all ages and complies with google practices except for 1 point that it does not include a option to exit the game other then the task manager and is in breach of conduct. The anti cheat is moderate but not perfect. And there are no options to back up your game this defeats making purchases as you will lose your time and effort. Besides that its a solid app and reconmended.

Adds. Every time I would do anything, an add would appear, it's really not fun trying to navigate a shop when clicking the back button shows you a restaurant game you can't get out of your face.

Lame If I could give 0 stars I would I don't pay to play just to have 30 second ads each time I open and a another one when I click play plus the loading screen you lost dl

SO BORING Nothing to do but win lose and fight. I got everything and now there is nothing to do. It sucks.

The loading It is fun but i really hate having to wait for 50 minutes and crash.Internet is good n everything is high.

Honest Response You have to buy monsters, you can't catch them and keep them. Everything is expensive to where you have to use real money. It lags a lot. Ads pop up every minute. It takes to long to walk. It is hard to move around and move the camera at the same time. If you agree with me write #Kiryu.

Its Good But if we want the game much better u, could have some changes. Instead of doing a battle, it will be better if we can play online by having a world to explore and capture a pokemon and also we can do missions, and we need a better graphics Please do I'll give 5 star.

Please!!!! Make a game called poky craft with Pokemon and Pokemon balls.and where you can battle but only play together on the same Wifi but play single player to but saves the world please make this oh and to build your house and stuff just make it cool please please please make this game

REALLY!? Why won't you explain p.v.e mode from the beginning,too many adds,glitchy as crap,and why once you catch a pixelmon would you put a sell icon!?!?If you fix it I will give it 5 stars,if you don't I change it to 1 and uninstall.I mean,COME ON!!!

Just terrible They just slapped the popular pixelmon title on and barely put any effort especially with the 5 minute loading time especially with ads every 15 seconds it was ok when I was actually able to play it but otherwise just terrible

Just like Pokémon Well im like its awesome because i got all weapons and im level 20 but my 9 year old son played he is already on level 14 but he really wants the lightning sword thing

my thoughts to help this game needs a way to get rubies beside buy them and can you add some free skins and can you add a free roam mode to roam around and add an arena that people become 1 of there pixelmon and use there abilities and add different abilities and make getting xp easier please happy new year sorry for making the note so long bye my player name is silent ninja bye bye pleaae consider it i spent 2 dollar for coints on this game hats my thoughts how to improve this game also can you make a way that you can unspawn your pixelmon and when they are unspanwed let them heal 30 sec for a full health sorry i edited it just now bye for real i might come back to add

A GIANT VIRUS Don't install!It will break your device,and it's overall low quality and forces you to install apps when an add just simply pops up.IT IS A DEVICE BREAKING VIRUS!!!!(update):defidentaly don't install!this is the worst virus I've ever seen!please help!my device is so unstable that I can't even TRY to fix it!I had to restart my nextbook aireis 7 to get to the app store!I'm warning you!don't Install this if you don't wanna lose your tablet/phone possibly forever!

RIPPED ME OFF! I Love this game but it ripped me off $4.99 of Crystals, can one of the developers help me cause I want a refund

This game is actually good People say games like this are slow but they probably just have bad phones because they arent laggy for me at all

Name When i put my name after it freezes so when i go back to the game it still says put my name then when i do it freezes again please fix

I really like this game I do wish there were more weapons/pixelmon and that u could build but other than that its great ?

Would've been great If you could actually load the ____ adventure mode. *what bugs did you fix?

PLS DO THIS PLSSSSSSS Pls we games read this all to make the best game!!!Add more pixelmons PLS MAKE A DOG FIRE CALLED ARCANINE BECAUSE IS MY FAV AND FIX FLAREHORN MANE LOOK HORRIBLE!Add more dungeons in aventure and make aventure multiplayer but not with battles BUT MAKE THOSE I SAID PLS!And delete those Ads ARE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BORING!IF I SKIP THEM I WONT GET REWARD!!Make the spots you put the pixelmoms without gems but for free!!!!!Oh i forgot,good luck fixing em all!Make it the best!Make those in the next update PLS

Paid for in app purchase but no coins credited! Emailed 3 times for help but had no response!!! Terrible customer service. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

It's okay The games is okay but it the mons are basically just copy of pokemon for example flowble looks a lot like squirtle and the game lags a little and if you catch a Mon that you can only buy in the store when you reach a certain level you don't receive it but the games ok

Cool game but But when i download it and play it it's work then when i want to play one more time it dosen't work fixed and i will give you 5☆

I love it but can't go in adventure Every time I press adventure, it loads but not all the way! #probably a bug

Broken Wow, apparently you can't leave the pixel island, you can't even catch other pixelmon and the whole game is p2w, I'm uninstalling thid

Great but...To many Ads It's a great game but. .. To many Ads if you remove most of them to the point where you only see an Ad when you log in that would be great until then only 4 stars but do what I asked and it's 5 stars for you other wise good job I love the graphics

Locked It is good. You should not show locked Pixelmon at aventure mode because we do not get the lock Pixelmon

It's OK It's OK but it takes so long to level up and get money maybe you should make it easier.

Ripped off If the game developers give me the crystals I bought, ill change my rating to 5.

Played once played twice I first played in 2015 it was awsome but then i deleted it because new games took lot of storage on my papas tablet witch im still using cause im 9 and download agin never delete

Ok can u add levels instead of leveling up with mony and... Mony like the actual pokemon game and ul probley be over wellemed with downloads cuz like alotttt of ppls love pokemon plz read my coment and put it in mind

How To use ? Terible load. I hate this game it has terrible loadig,i wasted 11 persent

Wait I was wrong this game sucks It takes 1hour to download what a wrip up stoped game.but I cuald make a dission if you can make the download faster maybe a cuald considder 5star if you make the download faster but for now all make it 3star.

Awsome But add new pixelmon from pokemon and plz could you make bigger maps and when you go hunting make it so you can keep the pokemon and then you can use them rather than buy the pokemon just to make it more like pixelmon? Just a idea for new update? Other than that cool game :-)

Coolness is all here! Cool,i mean so cool all you need is more pixelmons,levels, items,arenas and special packages and pls remove ads

Good but is missing 1 thing THE CATCHERS!!!!!! Please remove the chance thing. REALLY! I get the coins (THAT ARE VERY HARD TO GET) I am on the island I daze my dream mon, then I throw the ball and I think yay! I'm gonna get stormwild! Then I throw the ball, and 30 CIONS WASTED!!!!!!!!

Good..... It's a good game but when u r level one the level one single player is really hard and I can't do adventure fix this then 5 stars u will earn

Its not great its only freeze you click on adventure or single or battle its loading i wait wait wait its not working its only freeze dont download it????

Its Fine Honestly they tried there best and i think its pretty goo but not perfect D:

Gr8 Job!!™ Love this game so much !! Only thing i have to say is please add more pixelmon and more arenas plus, put in a co-op and a social function. Thats all love it keep up the gud work..™

Need cloud save Need cloud save when I have my tablet I wanted to pass that data to my phone but it doesn't have a cloud save and when my tablet broke I had to start all over again and that really suck because I was in a very high level and had a lot of pets and gems and money I bought with real money

It bad becouse it didn't have a lot of pokemon and why not blastoise man but I do like the skins yu can be

Jesus Christ ANSWER ME PLEASE, I love this game, however, you have tooooooooooo many ads. At this point, I should go into the files and delete them out selves (if we could). Every 5 seconds there's an ad, like, my god, can fix it.

Its fun however... There are too many ads. Every 5 seconds an as pops up. I know you make money by putting ads but you've put so many ads to the point were you only care about money. This game is OK but if you remove the ads it will be great or if you remove some of the ads but still keep some every once in a while it will be a good game.

Adventure and ads!! The ads are way too annoying like every 2 min I get a ad. Stop it. And when I tap adventure the oading doesnt work and when it does it keeps tellin me to use somethin so I can get a pixelmon but when I buy it and use it it does nothin so id say this game is bad until they fix all of these problems

Why this game stinks My personal opinion this game stinks! Because of all the repetitive ads that come along and they usually come every 40-50 Seconds and that makes me quite angry and dissapointed in the developers of this game...Alot of people love POKÉMON or PIXELMON and this just makes people frustrated . That's just my opinion towards this game , Please fix the ads!! And make people happy. I understand you developers make a lot of money from the ads but just dial it back to aboutb1-2 ads every 10 minutes -Jolteon OP

"Very Glitchy And Annoying" Let me tell you why... Well 1, it has too many adds, and 2, it keep glitchi g when I go on adventure so I can't get any pikelmans. (Yes, I know how to say Pixelmon but I call it pixelman and pokeman)

ALL THE GAWD DAM ADDS Now I'm ok with ads u can skip instantly, I'm OK with ads u can skip after 5 seconds, but this... this is just spamming 40 second ads that u can't skip. DO U EVEN CARE ABOUT FUN, what if u were playing multyplayer or found a rare pixelmon, huh, oh yeah that's right, U DIE. Worst game 2016, if it even is a game, DONT, DONT GET THIS.

Horrible game dont download I just started to play and during your gaming experience there is an add EVERY TWO SECONDS so you cant even get into the game but even without the adds this game isnt very good

Pay to win Pay only weapon which is stronger than free weapons, premium currency only for later upgrades of weapons & armor, have to spend premium currency for more than two pixelmon in your party at once. The first and last of those ruin the game...I could have lived with premium currency for later upgrades since they give you a little bit of it every time you level up.

Too many adds I understand if there are some adds but this game has way to many . I cant even play the dumb game! Delete most of the adds and you might have a good game anyother game is better then this game this game might be good if you remove the dang adds don't expect me to come back to this game anytime soon and stop being stupid

Ads I dont know whats going on but ads are just there to create more revinue? Are you that greedy? Give me the option to pay to remove ads, and I dont mean $20.You probably dont care but I wont be playing anymore until you fix the ads

Hate the adds WTF really every single freaking time there will be an add that will pull up even your in the game. That's a freaking bull. Just to be honest here. I really hated it

5 ads in less than 5 min!!! How can anyone get into a game that spams game play so much you can't get past the tutorial without 5, 30-40 second ads!!! It looks like it would have been a good game but this is just too WAY much....UNINSTALLING

I love it I love it and I don't known other taking about the add it doesn't happen it to me but I have to report something some may be using a hack because it had no target and I can't damage him but before it happen he had stop for 5 seconds and boom he hack (not sure). Plus can u pls make at least one gun is free and can u pls make that every platform of pixelmon are free because I'm poor and can't afford it

Too many ads This game would be an awesome game if it wasn't for the ads. These are ads that are 30-40 second ads and you cant skip them, I know they need to make money but this is just too much. In the first 5 Minutes of the game there were at least 30 ads. Would not recommend.

Too many ads Please please make there less ads. Or, if you're too interested in making money, at least give people a way to get rid of ads. (Also, fix the adventure. It absolutely refuses to load, no matter how long I wait, or how many times I restart my phone.)

Oh my god... PLEAAASE LITSEN, THE FREAKING ADS ARE POPPING OUT LIKE EVERY 5 SEC, and i understand you need money for the game but god please, do something like after u watch an add u get coins? or something. I need your attention, Thank you.

Are you serious? Its probly a good game but i cant even tell for sure, every 10 seconds a 30 second ad pops up. For that reason alone the game is garbage

Ads are way too much If you want to earn money , let players have a great time playing this game. If the player dosent like the game becoz of the damn ads , they will uninstall the game and dislike this game. So do u think you are earning money???

Bruh I thought it was exaggeration They are right no exaggeration it actually does happen quite often it has ads mid gameplay: hit a monster ad, summon pet ad, walk around ad. LAME

Beautiful Voxel Arena Game Although Journey has never worked and refuses to load no matter how long you wait, I can say the rest of the game is pretty solid and is really fun and unique to the play store. Pleasentries aside the game sucks, you are interrupted in the middle of playing, in menus, after games end, and everywhere else for ads. UNPLAYABLE!!!

Good but... TO MANY ADS! Take away some ads and I'll rate better also fix the adventure bug were it doesn't load! And until that's fixed I will be mouthing bad things to everyone I know! If your reading don't install this.

Ads Look, I get that you need to make money but you also need to make it enjoyable for the player. Way too many ads. Would rate 4 maybe 5 stars, but the ads let this game down.

Good Developers please don't add an advertisements on PvP s some of the players really pissed off if the ads came out.. So please don't add an ads on PvP multiplayer and don't reply this message "you can get rid of the ads if you buy on store" look developers I am just a kid I can't buy something on your store .. Please get rid of the ads #respectful feedback

To many ads and doesn't work Way to many ads. Can't even play the game because of this. Also adventure doesn't work. Just sits there on the loading screen. Game needs to be fixed.

Give it 000000000000 Evry time I kill somebody a ad comes up Evry time I go to do somting a ad shows up all thow neverminde but to many ads I might delete it

Pretty boring The load for adventure is WAYYYY to long and way to many ads to,and its hard to earn coins so its hard to maintain having at least 1 pixelblock

People you are wrong People play it and think it's boring but if they like pixel gun 3D then they are saying they hate pixel gun 3D cause pixel gun 3D is just like this game so yeah and by the way I love this game and who cares if no original Pokemon you can create your own it better

Too many ADs!!! It's a great game, but there's a 30 second unskippable AD every 10 seconds!! It makes it literally unplayable.

You hardly get any coins in single player and in the mon world im still lv 1 and i have all of them caught why is this game so slow and hard to get coin/xp if this doesnt fix i will one star this and leave a comment how bad this is fix it

Needs to load faster Solo slow I have to wait 2 days and leave it on to play it and stop placing ads!!! No one is going to plY this you you have to many ads

Solution To Ad's For people who wants to play this game with no ads follow these steps 1. Go on google. 2. Look up Lucky Patcher. 3. Download the highest version. 4.Go onto Lucky Patcher, press on your game, remove google ads, and press all the yellow till red! 5. Done! Play your game with NO ads

This is a disgrace Too many ads first of all....when you go on adventure the Pixlemon attack you for no cant get what monster you want because the always stop you...Hitboxes are die way too much...prices are too high for a monster you can buy..Overall the game is garbage..0/10...the worst.

You guys who are typing is very selfish Y'know you guys are very selfish these guys created the fame so that kids can have fun even though there are ads who cares ?

Fun but.... WAY TO MANY ADS PLZ FIX. I've decided to stop playing cause of the ads. So many ppl have said about the ads. Fix this.

Ads makes me lose My 4.1 only likes ads. We want ads free. Ads are f**king things I dislike the most. Please disable ads

Coins issue Why is it so hard to get coins? MAKE IT SO ITS EASIER TO GET COINS AND EXP PLZZZZZZZZZZ

I liked it Adventure mode doesnt work, ads come up then I die, also loading the game hardly works only sometimes it does

To many ads Every time i tapped 3 i see a ad so can you get rid of them or make it so we can skip them then ill change my rating

Too many Ads! Had over 10 ads while trying to do the tutorial. The ads were all about 40 secs long. Ridiculous I dont mind an occasional ad but when you get more ad time than game time makes the game not worth playing!

Fix Its one of the best games. But the only problem is two and i would give 5* but the first lag is that whenever i get on online multiplayer game lags and it goes back to multiplayer screen. And second problem is adventure loads for 2 minutes. PLEASE FIX IF UR READING THIS.thanks :)

Will The Devs Ever Response ?! The Game is actually fun, however There is way to many ads for a game. Like seriously every minute u play there will be an add come up. Probably the add is make this game free and balance thing. but it gives a player An UnComfortable Gameplay. And a lot of player already said that. So please fix this

THEESE ADS ARE STUPID If you want to keep your costumers at least get rid of some of the ads they pop up every few seconds. I understand you make money by using them but i just wanna play the game I didn't buy it to see ads.

Too many adds your all noobs if you want us to pay money for THIS dumb game this game sux don't waste ur money on this it would be at least four stars if there weren't as many adds

I dont know how to say how bad it is If i could give this app no stars i would. This gives you an add every second . Fix it its like the stupides game ive ever played

Awesome game, awful ads Game is great, WAY TOO MANY ADS. I loved this game but I uninstalled it after three days. The ads RUIN THIS GAME. Do you see HOW MANY PEOPLE HATE THE ADS? For God's sake fix it!

WTF Ads there are so many ads that pop up out of nowhere that you are forced to endure that it takes all the potential enjoyment away. literally almost 50/50 ratio of ads to game play. worthless

That was a disappointment This is what happens when you get tight fisted greedy @$$holes to make a game. They dont give a $h!t about the people playing. All you care about is the amount of people you can screw over with the next buck you make. Within 2 minutes of playing I uninstalled this piece of $h!t. A minute and a half was watching ads. Easiest decision to make in my life. Have fun watching your fan base drop. And all that precious money too

Why? What is wrong with this game? Start playing, AD, second part of tutorial, AD, finish tutorial, AD. And I mean, you get bored of this after you catch your second pixelmon,and this game just lacks any gameplay!!! When I install a game, I don't expect ads every single second, and at least not some app that just lacks interest after you play it for 15 minutes, and for the people who say this is SO similar to minecraft, it is not! Not in one way can this wanna-be app be like minecraft, and if you get scammed into playing this game, then I really don't feel bad for you. Just the loading screen made me want to delete right away. But I actually thought this had potential...oh boy I was wrong..maybe if you could stop the constant ad pop ups,you could probably get another star,but I mean you just made me feel so stupid for playing this...thanks if you do see this and fix this crap, and for the 7 year olds who say this has a similarity to minecraft, then your wrong,just because it says pixel as its name, doesn't mean you can just say it's minecraft totally. And tbh, I shouldn't have took the time to write to this game and it's developers. Good day wanna bes.