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Photo Collage Editor

Supplied By Zentertain    On Sept. 21, 2016    Comments(227)

Samsung Phone Photo Collage Editor version2.79 Download

Photo Collage is packed with templates, stickers, grid and layout options, photo effects, and exciting photo editor tools to make photos extra special.

* Photo Collage Editor is a powerful frame photo editor for you to create amazing collages using your photos, fun stickers, backgrounds, text with layout and frames.
* Photo Collage Editor is the best collage maker & photo editor that helps you combine multiple photos with various frame layout and photo grids
* Photo Collage Editor packs a simple design with a powerful photo editor to give you everything you could, and Collage your photos to be amazing

* Photo Collage Editor is a better way to make collage. By following a few steps, you can use any layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends:
- Pick the layout you like best;
- Choose photos from your gallery;
- See them laid out in a cool collage;
- Edit it to make it your own!

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Key Features:
+ 120+ layouts of frames to choose from!
+ Easy to change border colors,BG and patterns!
+ Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize
+ Lots of backgrounds and stickers to choose from!
+ Easy to add TEXT or STICKERS!
+ A full-featured photo editor included!
+ Easy to use UI
+ Amazing photo fx filters
+ Share to social network

Note: the edited image is saved in "Album/PhotoCollage" or "File Manager/DCIM/PhotoCollage" or “Gallery/PhotoCollage"

Zentertain part of our Photography and have average installs from 50000000 to 100000000. Last Update Sept. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 83.1956. Current verison is 2.79. Actual size 20.0 MB. Download photo-collage-editor-5.apk 20.0 MB


Not too bad but not good It hanged after a while and very slow... Not too bad - I can type text. I preferred fuzel in the past, but these days the app also kept hanging. Tried many collage apps, none is considered as "real good"...

Tsk! What the hell happen, i cant open any picture i want to edit.. plsss make some solution aboit it! Then ill gave 5 stars! :(

Wth Opened it and it says tap to add photo and then I tapped where it said that and on the actual collage and absolutely nothing. Am I missing something

Please dont update it like the maker version The maker version update sucked that it does not allow me to create collage anymore. Out of 12 attempts, i only made 1 of it. Well really hoping that the editor one is stable than the maker.

Amazing! Best collage app I've ever had. I love it for Instagram mostly, also the quality doesn't change when you put more than one photo in each frame. Love this app and highly recommend it to anyone who loves taking pictures!

Awsome This is great i have made so many pics and there were easy to make the have all kinds of styles that will give you a better way of looking at your photo i have you can also make a pic for your special someone and for some friends its great.

I would try to bring up my second picture and it would make me redo everything. I tried it 10 times before I just gave up.

When it doesn't crash it's great but it crashes OFTEN I love this app. But I'm constantly having to restart my phone when it starts to freeze. Thank goodness I've learned to screen shot before I literally have to restart my phone to use the app again or I have to start allll ovvvver again. But when it works it's a great app. People always ask me what I use. Unfortunately I don't recommend this app due to the hassle. I'd say it crashes 70% of the time. Oh but the 30% :)

Not bad Only has preset sizes to choose from. And no crop function unless I overlooked it. Please inform me if I have.

Not to shabby Is has many options to choose and others you can buy. It freezes sometimes but it's overall good.

Disappointed 1 star because I like the idea and would have given it more if it worked! Cannot get photos to put into the layout chosen! Anyone else having this issue or am I missing something (I can be a bit stupid when it comes to technical issues) some instructions & or prompts for people like me would be much appreciated.

Crashing... I use this app to make SevenSuperGirls edits, and I get extremely annoyed when it says "Unfortunately, Photocollage had stopped" and I worked hard on an edit and it won't SAVE my edit. This happens at least once in all my edits. That's why I give it 3 stars and not 5. But I do like the app, because it has a lot of cool frames and stuff, and my edits have gotten a lot of likes on Instagram.

Nice App But I found it difficult to have total control of the, can somebody put me through, pls?

CRASH CRASH CRASH Months later and still crashes...Got some great layouts, I'll give them that! And WHEN the app doesn't crash, it looks great.. But best of luck getting there. I've attempted to do collages and it restarts mid way through and I have to restart! Way too annoying and not worth it.

Problem I installed. Appeared to run ok then crashed. Was difficult to close as it froze. Reboot, executed program and froze on a pure white screen. So uninstalled to try again. Well it appears to be working now. The advert seems to have been the problem as it appeared then froze momentary and cleared. Program looks good.

Nice but not much Good app for the first 8 time. Then it started to hang. First when I tried to save a photo it hanged. After sometime all went well and suddenly it hanged when I added a photo. Very nice app but needs to be fixed. Will work better after fixed.

Good app. So far pretty good, would love some more fun features.

Pretty good ap I have to say upfront that I have not compared this app w/ many other apps, so I don't know how it compares to others. The app is pretty straight forward, & basically easy to use, but when adding the text to the pic's, it is frustrating when you are trying to shrink it down & make it lay straight on the pic, I would like more exact control with that, takes too long to make it just right, gets frustrating! When making collage I threw myself off on mistake, & lost it all!, would like a safety save feature to

Surprisingly good... But. Way to many ads messes up the quality of the app so three stars, but other then the ads very user friendly and cool layouts and cut outs.

Amazing and awsumm Very smooth app, I just love when the final results come my family members love it toooo.

Best one yet This is the best divided app I ever had but theres one problem. When I leave the app my unfinished progress is not saved. Otherwise, thus is the best app yet

Love it, but it lags I love the app but it lags a lot and makes me angry and frustrated. So that's my only problem

Good app...... But there is way too much adds and after mi first collage it already asked for a rating.....But overall a cool app and a great layouts and i luv it!!!!! ???

Ehhh I guess Its OK but it keeps starting over after I add a few pics which is highly annoying

Terrible app Although the designs were i would say decent. The whole app is terrible overall. The second i enter it is showing two pop up advertisements which will certainly open up due to abruptly coming all over the screen. Three advertisements just before i could complete one collage ? Really now? Secondly i hated the ui in the app. Maybe there would be a way by which one can zoom in or out of the picture but saying that. I'd say IF that is to be true it is just not possible to find it easily. Photo grid app it is..

Cant get it to work Keeps popping up adds cant get pics to load.

Needs improvements The app kept asking me to rate it every time I selected an image. Plus the images cannot be swiped with each other without re-selecting from album.

I LOVE IT I love it because framing photo's memorable is the best

Best image editor! It is best image editing app I try this it's cool i love this app!

Overall very good app! But is there an 'Undo' or 'Remove' feature? First time using it, and in many ways is exceeding my expectations! However, I am curious if there is a way to undo certain edits (i.e. adding a space for an additional photo). Or perhaps a way to delete that extra space that was added (i.e. add a 4th space for a 4th photo in a collage that already contains 3 photos...then decide to stay with 3). Overall a very user friendly, good app! ?

Not the worst It does crash sometimes but when it's not it makes pretty good collages...I guess?

Total crap Crappy crappy crappy. Doesn't work. Stuck in a loop. Pick collage, pick picture, pick collage, pick picture, never saves the first picture you put in there... Uninstalling.

Doesn't work Tap to add photo it says but nothing happens. What a waste. Now I'll be tapping to uninstall.

fine until it stopped working It worked for the first collage but the next time I used it tapping the button to add photos did nothing no matter how long I left it and it hasn't worked since

Ok Good grids, pop ups are very annoying while you try to add a photo

nice for photo collage include edit and decorate many layouts, u can edit the photo, but need more wallpaper and stickers. why I can't resize the photo in the layout?

Nice App I like it.. It is nice app.. Only I faced one problem that to choose photos from Gallery or to replace chosen photo with another.

Cool app Love it so far. Lots of fun!

Photo Collage Awesome app. Easy & fun to use it. Simply loved it!

It's cool Better then a lot of editor and stuff like that but and I know that's where it gets the money the ads are annoying

MORE THAN 10 STARS I never knew what I've been seeking for is just this close to my chest. God bless as you gave me this joy. SINKINRINMINDIN 1

Almost.... I love this app but there's only one problem. The frames. The frames are pretty and all, but I have a samsung now and on my old apple phone, I had an app just like this but it would let you change the color of the frame. It would still be the same design but just different colors. Other than that, I think it's a great app to make for wall paper and just pictures of old memories:)

Could be better Simple to use, but the amount of ads and the lack of features (limited stickers, can't edit text, etc.) is annoying.

Cool This app is good but can be slow. I would say to use close up photos because distant photos don't really work as well

The best Really easy and simple to use. Lots of grid styles that are simple but pleasing to the eye. The grids can also be customized by dragging. No lame and corny effects necessary. Changing and editing the pics in the grids are easy to execute on this app. If you just want your pics to be in a nice simple orderly collage, this is for you.

Liked it ? This app is very cool and makes nice looking collages. There are a few small things that could be better, but overall it's a good app.

So-so ... half works When I pick the collage template and tap the box to import the photo it doesn't do anything. Not too happy with this.

USER FRIENDLY This app is very easy to use, but limited features disappoints...

easiest Picture Collage to use for me just hate the annoying advertisements other than that it's perfect

Works great! Lots of choices. Easy to change. Works great and user friendly.

Fun and user friendly for a free app.... worth the add interruptions

Wonderful ??? This is better then pic college great app you should get it really awesome if your not sure just try it and edit pictures ??????

I would if i could Actually its good but THE AD IS TOO ANNOYING so please repair it ad 5 STARS IS COMING YOUR WAY

Cool It is cool lots of stickers and designs and u can have fun with what u do.

Cool Magic On this app you can create your own college. But here is the thing. You can tell they put effort in to this app ?

Eh It's good but when I want to change the size of something like an added sticker, it won't let me so it blocks everything else.

Very fun This was fun and simple to use! Loved my results!

Works for me! All the options were great. I just wish there was a way to download even more frames and stickers and grids.

Cool app I love this app cool photo collage hahahahqhq

Best I absolutely. Love this app it's so easy to work and then in the end it turns out so pretty on what I worked on

Nice options, but... I like the different styles of collages offered and the options, but it doesn't show where the saved grids go after saving.

The best This has got to be the best picture collage I have ever seen! It has a bunch of cool styles, and shapes in which u put the pics in. I totally recommend it.

Good and fun Ads are annoying but its fun to create

It doesn't work! It is supposed to be a great app but it doesn't work on android I guess. I can't add photos at all! Please fix it!

Awesome app DELETE button should give a warning message...otherwise user will loss the creation if user touch the Delete button on mistake..because both Delete and Save buttons are place on same place.

Eh. It's OK. Text is awful, you can't even edit it once you've finished and you can't see it on the collage when you're typing it. There's no way to change the size of the text either. Aside from that though there's plenty of framing options which is nice

The best I tried other apps but I love this one they have cute backgrounds where others didn't and didn't even have the option to write a text or make a cute sticker love this app

Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! I love editing and doing stuff with pictures and I'm REALY picki with picture apps and TRUST ME this is the BEST PICTURE COLLAGE APP in the whole appstore and play store so go ahead and download it since EVERYTHING is on locked so it's unlimited use!!!!!!!!!!!?????? BEST!!!!and can u just add a button where u can do a grid so like just we swipe abd it makes strait lins

Awesome I use this to make DIY idea post for my instagram and it is awesomely can mak3 it as formal or as informal as you want it to be. So much freedom with this amazing app. I I were to recommend something to be changed it would be to make the stickers change colors. If they all ready can and I am missing it, please someone tell me. I love this and it is NOT a waste of space!

Photo Collage App! Best app ever. Love using for Facebook when posting one picture or several. Fun to use and helps me be creative with my pictures.

How do I use it? I get as far as picking out a layout.....THAT'S IT! St the top of the layout, instructrd to Tap to choose picture???? Nothing happens. I tried using the help menu.... I expected to find something more than...Tap to choose picture.

So simple and fun love love love it. So simple to use and much more layouts, stickers etc on offer than other apps I've tried.

Very nice easy app. But the gallery take time to view photos, , otherwise it is fun 2 use it

It should have 2.5 stars people who are reading this comment pls note that this app can slow down your phone. My antivirus or something like it told me it is slowing my phone. Pls fix

When it works it's awesome. There are times when I tap the centre of the grid to open up my gallery and nothing happens. I have to close the app and reopen it to try again. 90% of the time, the app doesn't work. It's annoying and needs fixing.

Doesnt work on Androids I have a LG G3 and it doesn't allow me to add photos. It looks promising shame i can't use it.

Awesome Works like it's supposed to and makes great collages :D haven't found any bugs at all

Nice and usful??BUT This is a usful app because you have sooooo many options and edits and STICKERS including HAIR STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!???? ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋ BUT✋ the lines make it hard for the photos to appear and delating texts is hard and this part isn't important but the app looks dull ✋but ?the effects are great and you should get it,it's just these are minor details but you should have it?

Good Good, but i hate it when it selects a picture individually with an orange box around it bcoz then it's really hard to get back to normal without messing up the other pictures. If I press the back key on my phone, then it just takes you back to the screen where u can choose a new layout. It does save the pictures that you put in the boxes, but it doesn't save the position you put them in within the boxes, if that makes sense. I rated this 4 stars bcoz complaining is better feedback than complimenting.

Messes Up Usually when I'm making my collage something goes wrong all the time either it changes something for me or it just chooses the wrong size that I want and easily erases the whole thing.

Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! I love editing and doing stuff with pictures and I'm REALY picki with picture apps and TRUST ME this is the BEST PICTURE COLLAGE APP so go ahead and download it+most things get unlocked free or by watching an add!??

Nice app Easy to use, nice layouts. Ads are a bit annoying, but that's what you get with freebies.

Makes nice collages but you have to sit through soooooo many pop up ads before they let you upload pictures that I'm deleting this ap. Waste of time!

Nyc App Enjoying the app but too many ads..still wanna giv 5stars..thnx for d wonderful app...plz cut off those ads..

Used to work now it doesnt I open up the app, I tap the boxes to add the photos but nothing happens. I keep tapping but it won't let me add photos. Stupid! !

Can't get this to work Can only make one collage the app then freezes and won't let me change any photos as put in. Utter gash I'm off to delete it and download a better one

LOVE IT ! LOVE IT ! LOVE IT! Fantastic choice of college's ,Stickers etc highly recomend

Cool photo collages Easy, simple to use with many options

Not even letting me make one collage What's the problem with this app? As soon as I opened it & tried selecting a grid, it shows a pop up of "showing ads" and it just keeps blinking with no option to escape it or make a collage. Can someone help me with a better app?

help... Can anyone plz tell me why I can't download this app....It kept saying an error occurred which is very irritating. I tried downloading it a hundred times but as usual an error occurred!!

Felt sick When ever selecting a pic, editing,saving advertisement pop ups. Do not download this. You will feel sorry about your data.

I love this My paw paw recently died and my collages came out great for me and him and some of him and my has a great variety of things .....and I love that you can write n the pictures and stuff.....I really like this app and I highly recommend using it for pictures you need to put together and then you can also go have them printed

Could do better Easy to use but after a few failed attempts at sharing on Facebook there doesn't seem to be an option to retrieve a saved collage.

Where are the photos?!! I was trying to make a collage and then I was ready to put in the photos. I couldnt find the pictures button so i clicked help, and that wasnt helpful at all! Great variety of stickers though.

Really useful app This is d ultimate free photo collage app. Very handy, useful n have lots of options to choose from. I love it

I love it, but... It's great. It works exactly how I want it to for what I want it for. I've probably been using it for a year now. BUT there is a glitch that is greatly interfering with my using the app. It's almost impossible for me to click the squares to add photos. It just doesn't recognize that I'm tapping on it? I don't know why, but I Only have this problem in this app, and i can tap everything elce fine. It eventually figures out im trying to tap it, but only after like 30 seconds.

Love it "I love this app so much it is so easy you can do it in a snap.a and you can make cute pictures that are fun to do."

Too many ads Have ad after every click you make and if you can't delete ad you end up there and back to beginning on app too frustrating when so many others out there

Surpassed expectations It's all my favorite photo editing tools in one app, and I get to group my pictures of total perfection :) winner!!!!

Personally... In my opinion this application is great! Not only does it involve many picture frames, you can also add small adjustments to your picture. ☺

Title I tried to make a collage for my sister's birthday and post it on Facebook. This app refuses to let me and it deleted the collage I created and the well thought out post I wrote! Now I'm back to square one! Thanks for wasting 45 minutes of my life I will never get back.

It's a great to do different things but it doesn't work each time and to much advertising, so I'm deleting it.

Help Good app, but I can't seem to update this app to the latest one. I keep re-downloading the Christmas version.(w/ LG G3)

Not bad but... It has adds and before I've finished it went down and I lost all I've done

Brilliant App For a beginner this is perfect. I have never been very good with editing photos and this helps me no end with special features. Just wish you didn't get the adds

Amazing It's really good you choose everything for your self and for me there is only like 4 adds

It's okay I wish they could auto fit the pictures to size . Good variety of colages.

I love this app BUT for some reason it is not working right now.. every time I add my pictures it starts slowing down & screwing it all up so I have to restart my phone.. I have a galaxy core prime.. so I guess I have to just delete it...

I can put any photos I want and it never gives any problems probably the best app I have on my phone! ???

Too many ads I like this app but hate the ads. Could you please make a payable version to remove the ads? Thank you

Where's my ad blocker?! Soooooooooooo many ads that pop up after every....let or so action u make..... Uninstalling.

Very good I have wattpad and its really hard to make covers and thus is by far the best phaoto editor

Not user friendly at all. Can't edit anything, or at least can't figure out to and that's insanely irritating.

Photo editor Love it :) My pics look so much better .I'm a online seller.And photos are everything in this business. Thank you my sales have increased because of my pictures.Just one small thing .It would be nice if the backgrounds were not so cartoonish .but i love it *****

I try to love it but its turns off can't save the picture!is not working.

Its very good app !!! Very enjoy with this activity. ..haha. ...I love it so much. ..its useful for me to create my pics. .. Thanks ♡♥♡

Its really good and cool Its cool because u can use it for anyother app and hardly any adds x

Good but It doesn't let me share on instagram...not just instagram it doesn't let me save it to my gallery.

Way too many ads I couldn't even use the app because apps kept popping ups.

All. In just one. This app has all the editing options possible. Loved it!

It's a great app and I enjoy using it, however there are so many ads that I could definitely live without.

There could be a wider variety of frames

Nik It's very nice

Filled with full screen and other ads. Unusable

Wow very good for collage

used to love it... now it refuses to let me add pics to the frames even after i updated it sooooo uninstalling

Really awesome app

The best

Lock screen ads! As of today's update, it added lock screen fast charging ads to my phone. Not acceptable! Uninstalling now.

Lock screen ads Was a good app until they started using lock screen apps. No hesitation in giving a 1 star review and uninstalling. Good job selling out and losing users!

BEWARE. Lock Screen with annoying ads abruptly appeared in new version. New rubbish feature implemented in the way that it's difficult to discover which app it belongs to. Such approach shouldn't conform a quality app. Dislike. Uninstalled the app right away.

Malware alert! Without opening the App, it installed a Malware "lock screen". NOT HAPPY!!!!!

Full screen ads Since the recent update this installs a full screen lock screen ad when charging, really annoying and introduces an extra step to access your phone while charging. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP

Awesome & lovin it I really like this app, it has great features & awesome design's.. plus it's really easy to use!!

No. It is now forcing ads outside app onto S7 Edge lockscreen, apparently disallowing fast charging if you want to turn off the ads. Horrible invasion of phone usage. App went from great to never use again.

Dropping ratting to 1 star because of lock screen Ads This is a 5 star app that only gets 1 star now because the developers had the audacity to turn on a lock screen with ADS without permission. Will be promptly uninstalling.

Too many ads Uninstalled once it started forcing ads onto my lock screen. App didn't even work that great to begin with. Not worth it.

Adware App works fine, but with a recent update it it added a feature that replaces your lock screen and shows you ads. Went into the app, into settings to discover that that "lock screen" was checked, and it said "allow this for faster charging!". No way in hell that allows faster charging, get this bullshit out of here. Uninstalled.

Too many ads, BS lock screen Liked it well enough to keep, until they added the bullshit fast charging lock screen setting. It's total bs, doesn't charge any faster, but adds ads to your lock screen. I uninstall any app that includes such bs. Goodbye.

It wouldn't even work for me! I went to the Help screen and it only gave me one measley bit of information and even that didn't work. Uninstalling now!

BEWARE OF ADWARE It added addware to my lock screen and who knows what information they have stolen from me. Don't not download.

Unreliable interface and ads took over my charging lock screen! I already wasn't crazy about the app because it was often simply unresponsive and full of ads. But the last straw was when it added a full screen ad that took over my lock screen whenever the phone charges. I won't trust this developer again!

Installs an unwanted add-on It installed a 'charging lock screen' (malware or adware) with an update without warning. Had to find out which app did it. Shady, lying, cheating dipshits.

New lock screen Adware annoying Great product and like others I can put up with the adds in the program but NOT this new lock screen thing. It is invasive and offensive!

It's fine It's fine, works for me. Shows ads, sure. The app is free so it's common. You don't want ads then pay for another app. Never had a problem. It never showed ads anywhere else.

Lock screen ads It started showing me a charging lock screen with ads. It took me awhile to fund out it was this app... HATED IT

Don't even work It just keep showing "Terms of Use"

Lock Screen Ads The app had been useful and the ads not too bad until the last update. Lock screen ads are too much and I'm uninstalling. It'd be one thing if the app had them to start with but I think it's sketchy to just toss it into an update without any warning

Adware/spyware/malware/virus DO NOT INSTALL. After an update it replaces your lock screen with adverts. i will never use this developer again

People complain too much It's free expect ads. That's how they make their money. You want a collage you accept the ads or pay for a ad free one. On another note this thing is awesome thank y'all.

Bad upload of pictures It take for ever to even show you your pictures, I keep taping on the box and sometimes I get lucky and am able to upload. I hate this, cause this is one of best pic photo app.

Great app, hogs battery Easy to use, great way to create collages. Unfortunately this app hogged 35% of battery even not in use for very long time. It'd be interesting to know why. Ads? Bitcoin mining?

Easy to use and free! This app works great. Honestly, who cares about the ads, it's a free app so stop complaining! This is easy to use and no name stamp on your photos either. Has lots of options for collage styles.

Serves its purpose I find that ads pop up at the most inopportune moments. Also, when trying to add photos to the collage, you have to click the squares a hundred times before it opens your gallery. Buggy, but it serves its purpose.

Awful its like im dying I try to make a fun picture but that does not at all help AT ALL

At first, ok . Then, deletes everything! It served it's purpose the first few days, then it deleted all the pictures I had saves. They were there but unseeable and wouldn't load. All my pictures. So pissed!!!!!!!

Amazing! IMG! This app is amazing I love it it is so fun catch attractive and creative I really love it???


time waste you can't zoom image after setting up. need to make user friendly.. its just time wasting. WARNING: DON'T DOWNLOAD. ????

Fun and easy but sometimes it freezes I have not tried other collage app yet but I find this sufficient enough for my use. Pls. Fix the freezing or non responding glitch.

Amazing app Sent collages to friends and family. They loved it, asked me how I did it and they think it's so hard yet so simple!! ?

Easy and fun I love this app. It makes ugly pictures beautiful. I've made so many pictures and I love them. U can print them and give them as a gift to a family member or just someone u love.????????

Loved it It's was the best app to add lots of picture in one frame then you can but it on a drive an d it would be good to use on your wall

I agree Valentina ! It's free okay ppl ! There's always a hitch when shut up about the damn ad's, or purchase one so ppl aren't exposed to your constant whining...for god sakes,GROW UP!

Good Minus 1 star because there is no "fit to frame" function... tried to make a simple 4 equal squares collage for 4 photos...looks odd

I just wanna do photo collage Far too many ads kept popping up.

Bullshit It is the most bullshit app I ever seen it doesn't work at all...just waste of my time...bullshit

Doesn't work How many times do I have to "Tap to add photo"?! I can't sit here and bang on my phone all day trying to get your stupid app to work!

Ads Ads interfere. How to make a proper evaulation ?

Excellent app This app is really excellent because I can put pictures together in all shapes and sizes also colours

Amazing.... I loved it . It had so many features & also personaly i recomend this to all who has interested with collages

Adds pop up alot but what u get when u use a free app

Beautiful pictures Very cool pictures It a very good app pictures are so beautiful you people could get it

BEST APP EVER ! ? I love it ! Its so cool and useful amazing backgrounds and colours ! You all gotta love it !!! ?

Nice to have I like it very much, however, when I downloaded the update, I didn't get the new backgrounds I saw on the page???

Good app for photo editors This app is awesome and download it soon it has many options in one touch...... @ pratik

Easy to Use & Great Options Used it for the first time today. Went very smoothly. I like the interface and the text, resize, etc. options. I made a graphic to send a friend via text. Communicated exactly what I wanted to say way better than text alone.

Negative stars! Horrible to use, and GO AWAY with all the stupid adverts! Disgusting greedy choots. Deleting and never looking back.

Love it Always saw other people's collages. Now i can do it. Thanks

Doesn't work Only works 25% of the time.. the rest it just shows ads and doesn't let you add photos

Love it It works great and let's me move things add things and be creative!

Awesome app I would have gave it a 5 star rating but it's too many ads

Ads One of the reviews said we need to accept the ads. Gladly, i would. Excepy that they don't even load and stay on the screen, and if i press back, it closes the app, still going in to find it with an ad.

It is a good app I did something funny with my friend

Still trying to figure out some simple things that should be easy

Super goof The best ever also love the cute stickers♡♥

Wow Its a good photo editor whom ever made it deserves a Grammy lmfao

Great app Awesome quick to use ok has ads but i just click them off

I REALLY like this photo app! It has SOOO many things to DO! The Only problem and thing I don't like about it is that you Can not turn your pics the way you want them, u can only make the pic bigger and move it up and down. PLEASE TRY TO FIX THE APP WHERE WE CAN TURN OUR PIC IN A CIRCLE THE WAY WE WANT IT! Greatly appreciate it for real.. thanks!

Was great but now sucks thanks to ads!!! Way too many adds popping up even when my phone screen is locked.. this needs to be fixed or you will lose a lot of people and me being one of them!!!

I realllllly like this app Unlike other ? apps you can really customize it and make it how you want it im keeping this forever.. It does have alot ads but low key its kinda worth it

To many ads !!! I was ok with all the in app ads but taking over the lock screen as well??? No this is way too much - sadly now uninstalled!

This is really great Mine works very well and I love how there are so many grids to choose from. I did have adds pop up a few times but its worth it even if adds do pop up. I absolutely love this app

Unlock screen and too many ads Added an unlock screen that required a swipe action... also displays ads... when turning on device. Love the app, but don't use it enough to put up with bs.

To many adds Even when phone is locked app is off I get pop ups from this app, it even changes background into a add. Uninstalled this post app.

Ads are annoying Fun to make collages but the ads are over the top.

Program works fine....Hate the malware The program works fine. I do not like that it displays ads on my lock screen. I am removing from my device for this reason.

Didn't work I don't know if some buggy update was installed, but I was not able to add photos to the grid I chose.

Spamming Put the new lock screen on your phone so they can put ads on every time you open your phone

Full screen is pop up ads even when app is closed Like the title says, ads, even when the app is closed. Takes over your lock screen too. Uninstalled.

Seriously I did like this app till you decided to take over my lock screen with your own advertisement. Way to give yourself a low rating and a deletion from my phone.

Way to many ads.. my phone cost me a lot of money.. I shouldn't have ads on it ,,

Best collage app so far Combined with the Pixlr the results are stunning. User friendly and the best collage app I've found so far

Lock screen ads Don't put this setting automatically on at download. Assholes. Uninstalling.

You've got to play with it a lot! It really is great so far. It depends a lot on your own talents.

Keeps shutting down Every time I get ready to add a photo of cuts all the way off.

This app contains so many ads and it's really frustrating app it really doesn't help making collage

Amazing.... And actually works I ? this app. It is amazing and can be sent as a gift ro a friend or relative

I'm here If yall don't know I'm the girl that almost says negative stuff on these apps and this is honestly one of the apps that's better than the other ones

Ads are horrible.. Uninstall Can't use this with all the ads

Horrible This used to be good, but I reloaded it and all the good features are gone and it's nothing like it used to be.

I dont like the adds and where it tells me the battery is low otherwise its fantastic

its.'s DISGHUSTING ...... a bloody suckerr... itssss not wrkinggg ........ yaaar .. wht it cause . Need help ........

Amazing and so easy to use. Well deserved 10 stars. God bless you and your team. Thank you so much.

Not cool Will open even when not in use, solely for the purpose of showing an ad. Uninstalled

Review The best filters and qualities. Also love how you can write a little title and all the fonts it has

Stupid lock screen Really a lock screen I didn't ask for with ads? Uninstalling.

Love it .. Very nice collage maker but frames are not good

I seriously love it so so so SO much it's awesome I love it because I seriously can't explain how awesome it is I love it so much

Brylee I love this I need it because my two favorite cousins just died

Is it legal My phone is off and adds keep popping up on locked screen! So creepy delete

Works wonderful I love how theirs multiple split screens and you could decorate it and only at the beginning theirs ONLY 1 ADD!!!!!!

To many Adds It is horrible there is way to many adds

I luv it! It works very good! Not to many adds. And the effect is awesome!

I just love this app Easy to use Recommend it to everyone I know

Wrost app It is not working properly

Ads and lock,screen Remove the lock screen swipe crap