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Philips M100/B120 In.Sight

Supplied By Gibson Innovations Limited    On Sept. 12, 2015    Comments(85)

Samsung Phone Philips M100/B120 In.Sight version4.6.3 Download

The Philips In.Sight wireless home monitor lets you watch over your home when you are away. Setup is easy, giving you instant monitoring from a smart phone. Push alerts tell you when motion or noise has been detected.
The In.Sight app works with Philips In.Sight wireless home monitors, giving you audio and video via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi networks.
Working seamlessly with the Philips In.Sight wireless home monitor, this app lets you:
• Watch over your home on your smart phone with the In.Sight wireless home monitor
• View multiple In.Sight wireless home monitors, which can be placed anywhere
• Records videos, and automatically uploaded to your private folder of your free Dropbox account
• Motion and/or noise detection, receive alerts via push notifications when events occur
• Share your monitor views with others easily
• Take pictures via the monitor
The Philips In.Sight wireless home monitor is armed with these features:
Stay close to loved ones when you're on the move
• Wi-Fi monitor can be placed anywhere around your home
• Instant monitoring from Android smartphones
Secure and easy to set up
• Quick and easy set-up of Wi-Fi monitor via QR code
• Easily adjust viewing direction of monitor and extra wall mount
• Highly secure connection
Phone alerts and noise/motion detection
• Built-in noise and motion detection technology
• iPhone alerts when monitor detects noise/motion
• Recordings uploaded to your private Dropbox account

Gibson Innovations Limited part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2015. Google play rating is 50.2336. Current verison is 4.6.3. Actual size 5.3 MB.

What's new

    Security improvements and bug fixes
Download philips-m100-b120-in-sight.apk 5.3 MB


Galaxy S5 problem solved! I have 3 of these cameras but could not see how to connect more cams after getting one set up.At first I could not see where the set up and add monitor buttons were on the android app.Here is the answer(for Samsung Galaxy S5 users anyway).Open the insight app, once it has logged in, press the bottom left hand button on your phone for 3 seconds, (the one that clears all your recently used apps if you press it quickly in normal use). Settings and add monitor buttons are revealed! Sorted. App works fine.

Connection Problems Solved If you cannot connect to your wireless network i.e green light just keeps flashing try turning off your internet routers firewall if it as one, “spent an hour trying to work that out” then turn it back on after the webcam has registered on the app it will then connect. Also the add new camera button is only revealed by holding the menu key on the actual phone. Apart from that the webcam picture is below average but then I only paid £25 for it.

Android app is hopeless I really don't understand why Philips developed the Android app if they weren't going to do it well. I hate the camera as a result and will go for others that are not focused on IOS only. Load of rubbish!!!

I am so disappointed I bought the phillips insight baby monitor and had so much trouble even trying to connect my phone. Finally after 2 days it started working. Now when I stream on my cell, there is a time delay with video and sound. Please fix! Also I should be able to keep the video up on my desktop while vewing other apps. YouTube has this feature and it's nice. Also the whole setup process and initial connection was a nightmare! I'm just glad I finally got it to wo I don't understand what was the purpose if I can't watch

Menu button...??? No menu button in Android 4.4, makes it pretty much unusable...

Menu option There no menu option to set the camera. How should we set the camera?

Login Failed All it says when i try and login on the app is login failed please check internet connectivity

Worked for a while Now I can enable alerts at a Dropbox account is a requirement now. But when I try and add the usual Dropbox account it doesn't work. I hope my investment in Philips gear wasn't a complete waste of money!! Please fix the bugs where possible.

Was working fine... It used to work very good on Android devices until thé new updated now is not working on my galaxy note 3. .u need to fixe it.please ..i have 6 caméras but it works great on apple products so we need à new updated..please

I can not add my second camera ;@ I have samsung s5. I tried to connect my first camera no problem bud when i try to add second camera i cannot find any option to add hidden second camera anyone can help me?

Basically worthless Almost totally unusable. Camera has no range, regularly goes offline and/or video and audio freezes up the point app must be restarted, only to have the same problems occur again and again. Doesn't work reliably for even a short time. Save your money and grief and go buy a cheap IP camera that (btw) isn't limited to this proprietary junk software. Do NOT believe those who say it's great! Maybe as a paperweight, but I wouldn't trust it to watch paint dry on the wall, let alone a child!

Shockingly bad Just about nothing works in this app. Once you add one camera, you can't get to a screen to add a second one. You can't link your cameras to dropbox - it just jumps past the screen where dropbox asks you to allow it to connect. Philips appear to have put a load of effort in to the iPhone app, and ran out of money to do anything for Android. Disgraceful.

Need android app I have a galaxy 5 and the app was working great but notice the app doesn't have a setting icon nowhere so I cannot setup the rest of my cameras. Need a new app for people with android devices the app is very limited to android user and is fully compatible if u have iPhone but not android

Awesome App. I don't know what everyone is whining about. This app works perfectly on my Galaxy Mega. Not to mention, I picked up a two camera set, at a discount outlet, for 40 bucks! It's paid for itself, 10 times over, with what I've caught on camera!! Thanks, Philips!

Absolutely Useless Spent 2 hours trying to set these cameras up. Once setup they randomly go offline. Also Philips has the cheek to charge extra for remote viewing. Also the app is awful

Rubbish Since the last update live streaming no longer works, I have 2 cameras worth 250$ and can't use them, please fix it!!!!

Unable to pair with Dropbox The app works barley, but fails to connect to drop box, simply because the application authorisation screen is "skipped" with it being visible for less than .5 seconds. This appears to be an issue with the developers integration of the dropbox api.

Camera won't work and says it's offline. No settings or add monitor button so I can't do anything to try to fix it.

Can't link dropbox account I cannot link my Dropbox account, once I sing in to dropbox the page to allow is shown briefly before being taken back to the settings screen with a message saying could not link with dropbox.

Slow and unreliable Very slow to connect and respond. Doesn't always response at all. Neat concept with lots of potential but needs work.

Drop box link is a big issue In principal this setup works OK but the drop box issue is a real let down. Skips past the 'Allow' screen too quickly as others have commented.

Used to be good This app used to be good dropbox recording was awesome bt after the update I can't even link the app to dropbox it wont even let me I don't use this cam for realtime streaming don't have that kind of time the only way I see my recorded videos is through dropbox please revert to the older version

Dropbox not working Come on guys, fix the Dropbox issue. As reported by others the authorisation screen disappears in under a second so you don't have a chance to hit the allow button. It's the best feature of the m100 camera and doesn't work. Should be a simple fix.

They fixed it The app finally works again, but with some bugs. The 10-minute limit for night vision is a big disappointment. The UI is ugly and nothing like a native android experience.

Can't link to Dropbox Authorisation screen disappears in the blink of an eye leaving you going round and round in circles trying to link to Dropbox

no "add monitor" button trying to add monitors.. the applications says "add monitors using add monitor button" but no button on this app!!

No setting option There is no setting option for samsung S5

Cant link to Dropbox! Poor update, lousy app!

Sort out Dropbox All set up with mulititle cameras but.the Dropbox link screen skips so you are unable to link to Dropbox and therefor can't get alerts. Please resolve otherwise cameras will have to be returned for a refund.

No settings icon? Have a Samsung S5. According to the android setup instructions there should be a settings button for sharing/image flip/audio etc. But there doesn't appear to be one.

Frustrusting Is this app developer listening to previous comments here? This camera does NOT work on android phone or tablet but still work on iPad! Please fix this app for all android users!

Not to bad Is it possible to adjust to the proper time on the camera and also can I set recording to more than 15 seconds?

Frustrated This product has a design flaw in that it is very difficult to tell whether the indicator light changes from "flashing amber" to "flashing green." Anyone with vision issues (color deficiency or simple aging) will find it difficult to set up.

Does not work anymore App doesn't work anymore. Can't view on Android only ipad working

Stopped working on Android The camera no longer streams video on my android phones and tablets, no matter the os version, but is still working on my ipad. Fix it for android!

Note 4 Doesn't work any more on my phone. Stopped working a few weeks ago. Please fix. Works on apple products not on android

Nice to see Not living in the same state it's nice & comforting to check on my granddaughter! Thnx!!

Android lollipop Doesn't steam the video

Does not work on samsung galaxy s4 keeps saying check Internet connection

Voice feedback I'm using this app with my B120E/10. Everything is fine! Great works with dropbox

I can not add my second camera ;@ I have samsung s5. I tried to connect my first camera no problem bud when i try to add second camera i cannot find any option to add second camera anyone can help me?

Lousy product and software A bad philips product. Can't watch live video with Samsung note 4, fine for iPhone. Come on, fix this.

S5 not work It is not work at my Samsung S5

Awful This baby cam was the worst purchase ever. Seriously. This horrible app is part of the reason why.

Pretty clunky. Works decent the first time and then good luck. Get used to uninstalling and reinstalling..

Junk I'm taking back to the store tommorow. Can't even setup the first camera. There's no fkn menu, your products are junk also taking back the car DVD Player bought for 160 broke second day.

Terrible Just horrible all around. Super disappointed and can not believe such a big company hasn't fixed it by now. Motion Notifications don't work. (whole reason I got it) Records motion sometimes and not others (exactly what you want in security, I know) Terribly designed UI. Takes incredibly long to connect compared to other apps. Just bad. If you just bought your camera's return them quick. This product/app should not be available for purchase as it does not work. Philips please help.

No settings Why isn't there any settings option for me in the app...besides watching, I can't share, can't change volume etc...while the sales person told I could do wonders with it...

Needs tuned up Laggy and having trouble when switching screens on device, good idea bad execution

The worst buy. This app always blocks the mobile. It functions the first time, after that it doesn't work.

Notifications broke I can live with the low quality and slow responses, but recently notifications broke. It needs to be fixed.

Needs was working very slow and laggy. . Used to love it. Now I'm starting to get annoyed.

Notifications don't work. Drop box sync doesn't sometimes works. Now just to top it off the app keeps un installing itself every day or so. Never again will I buy these cameras. Also buyer beware you can only watch 5 minutes at a time if you want more it asks you for a annual subscription. On a plus the picture quality is actually quite good. ...... When it works. ..... For 5 Minutes..

Still broken Just upgraded app and firmware on two cameras: remote viewing still not working (same WiFi network mainly works, but not across different WiFi or on website). I bought the cameras for remote viewing (which used to work well). These are expensive things for which several years support is needed (despite the nonsense EULA). UPDATE: after much fiddling the app 'works' but notifications are not working, so it is still useless. Please please fix!

Taken from another user ".At first I could not see where the set up and add monitor buttons were on the android app.Here is the answer(for Samsung Galaxy S5 users anyway).Open the insight app, once it has logged in, press the bottom left hand button on your phone for 3 seconds, (the one that clears all your recently used apps if you press it quickly in normal use). Settings and add monitor buttons are revealed! Sorted. App works fine."

Frustrated Didn't even work. I have a note 4. And the app for this device isn't allowing me to retry to reconnect my cam with the phone.unless I create a new email so it can read it as a new account. Even at that it's still isn't connecting. Whack

This app dont have a ADD button!!

Notification alerts failed after latest update. Poor update, lousy app!

slow , lag

Notification not working

When it works it's fine but..... OK so first off when this works it's great. I get banner alerts on the screen of my iPhone to say when there's been movement detected and it records to drop box. But it doesn't send notifications to my Sony android phone. Also I can't add cameras using the iPhone or delete them but I can do it with the android phone. So I'm left carrying two devices round to get full functionality! Just recently one camera dropped off the WiFi and it now won't reconnect so I'm trying various fixes but nothing works yet.

Can't install the 2nd camera on Samsung Note 4, pls fix it!!!

I cannot see settings for monitors how to shutdown and turn on monitors

Needs more thought I don't want motion sensors on all the time, it would be more helpful if you could schedule the sensors to be active at a certain time I.E. Night time or working hours when the house is empty depending on the users preference.

worst software ever

Cant add camera or friend...pls update!

Rubbish! Wake up! Philip!

The worst quality

Outdated app The camera does the job, though there is a little bit of delay. Quite acceptable if you are monitoring your baby sleeping. The issue I found is related to the app itself, which should had been updated to the android lollipop standards. The absence of the menu shortcut on lollipop compromises the operation of the camera, as always listen option is just available from there. As a good practice this app should be updated to deliver the always listen functionality in the left menu.

Does not work properly After a tedious setup got it working but there is some kind of software issue that doesn't allow you to record motion or even allow notifications. Terrible app. Don't buy if you need security because as of right now, you can only view the camera but it won't record on its own

Worst app ever. Avoid at all costs Very poor app with appalling lack of support from Philips who abandoned it before getting it to work. They are fully aware that the app doesn't work but are still selling the kit. Won't allow alerts to be sent to Dropbox so recording detected motion can not occur and push notifications also do not occur. So utterly useless as a security device. The hardware is decent but useless without the app working so should not be allowed to be continued to be sold as it's not fit for purpose. Avoid at all costs.

Lousy performance Works extremely slow, always disconnected, I spend more time solving problems, install and reinstall than the actual use. The idea is great, the performance very bad.

Weird choice of UI for Settings The setting menu, curiously, is bound to the menu capacitative button. Good if you have a Samsung note 3, Not good if you have an S7 edge where that button is replaced by task manager. Wished the setting option was on the UI instead.

Useless on android. Please fix it Pretty much useless on android specially alerts don't work however works ok on iphone

Used to be good The app has no option button for android 6.01 id say its not compatible you can only view the video feed cant link dropbox and cant access the menu button either

NEEDS MENU/CONTROLS Has no menu very little controls and lack of instruction, expect delays but does work.

Notification alerts failed after latest update. Poor update, lousy app! Never buy Philips products!

horrible nothing about these cameras or the app work. just flushed money down the toilet basically.

Such a bad app So are you guys going to update the app to allow notifications??

Insight philips Wouldn't allow me to type in WiFi password nor did the add monitor button display . Would not connect to my android device.

Raphael Poor application, can't connect. Can't even see my monitors description number which is M100D-37-R

Very disappointed Have been playing with this for 24hrs and not one time has the cam worked but it was nice enough to tell me to up upgrade to have unlimited view time. Ummm. I've been sitting here looking at a loading loading never showing the room the cam is set up in..only time the cam showed the room was during the sit up of the app to the cam now nothing. Update took the software update and the can is doing much better not a good picture but I can see the room now.

Worthless on android Ap is glitchy camera won't load paid for a sound monitor works great on ios but a real failure on droid wish they would get this fixed

Redundant software -useless Just impossible to get any benefit from a security perspective because the software is redundant. Philips ought to ditch this S.ware provider.

I have an Android phone and the app doesnt have a add button or a settings button to add another monitor