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OWA for Android (Pre-Release)

Supplied By Microsoft Corporation    On July 27, 2016    Comments(110)

Samsung Phone OWA for Android (Pre-Release) version15.01.0396.034 Download

IMPORTANT: Your mailbox must be on the latest version of Office 365 for business (excludes Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home Premium).

OWA for Android lets you interact with your email, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere using your Android phone. You can triage email, manage your schedule, and sync contacts on the go, while protecting your business data.

With OWA for Android you can get work done faster with email:
- Organize your email quickly with Conversation View, Mark as Junk, Flag, and Categories.
- Quickly search or browse email in all folders including Outlook Favorites.
- Use inline apps for shipment tracking, Bing maps for addresses, and other great features.

You can also manage your schedule with ease:
- Schedule meetings using attendee free/busy and room finder features.
- View shared calendars, including delegate support.
- Use your voice to look up a contact or retrieve your schedule:

Take your mailbox's contacts with you:
- No need to use Exchange ActiveSync to see your mailbox's contacts on your phone. Use OWA for Android to sync your contacts to your phone.
- Update your contacts’ information from your phone's address book, which will then be synced back to your mailbox.
- Keep business data secure
- Skip the device administrator setup — we'll set up a PIN for you within the app. You don’t need a PIN on your device (unless your admin requires encryption)!
- Use remote wipe if your phone is lost or stolen. It erases only your corporate date and leaves your personal data on the device alone.

- Device is running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher
- Mailbox is running on the latest version of Office 365 for business

Microsoft Corporation part of our Communication and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 27, 2016. Google play rating is 59.5394. Current verison is 15.01.0396.034. Actual size 11.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes
Download owa-for-android-pre-release.apk 11.0 MB


Not updating any resolution? I like the concept for accessing email through our phones but so far not liking that it is not updating new emails. I get the notification of new messages but when I open the app it is not updated. I have removed and reinstalled app twice. Is there a resolution being developed?

Not downloading emails I have to Uninstall and reinstall for emails to download. Then it only works for a little while. Also, when I scroll through the emails and lift my finger it opens the email everytime. I then have to exit the email to view all emails again. It should allow me to scroll.

Was working, now NOT Up until about a week ago everything was just fine. Now I can't see any of my new emails. Keeps telling me that I'm offline.

Not updating Same as the reviews below me. It seems they have abandoned this software. I don't expect any thing less from Micro$ucks ;)

Acceptable functionality, shaky reliability Updated: previously, the app would after a few days of functioning stop connecting to my company's O365 Exchange service. It's now gone a week or so without failing, so I'm tentatively raising the rating. Still seems to be extremely low priority from Microsoft, so I'd advise avoiding if you can until an actual supported release comes out.

Need notifications Have notifications turned on and with a sound checked, but still have to open app to see there's a new email or not. Phone doesn't just ding like Gmail app does. How do I fix this? Does it only update and check for emails while app is open and active?

Not sync mails It very slow ... Shows mails after 5 min when they received on my lappy.. Could you please make it more faster?

Stopped updating It notifies that there has been a new email but will not refresh and load the new emails. Obviously this is for business so of course the emails aren't important. Gmail would never do this to me

Always Offline App worked for 6 months, but now it keeps on going offline by itself. Reinstall and it works for 24 hours then goes offline by itself again. I missed several mportant emails thinking that OWA would push my emails through. Never thought the program would shut itself off.

Not working anymore It used to be great, but then notifications for emails stopped coming through a quickly. Now they don't come at all and I keep getting told I'm offline or disconnected. Not happy!

Just needs some polish Please roll back! The last update won't let you scroll, wherever your finger touches it opens up an email instead, its so annoying!

No longer updates I get notifications that I have emails, but the app no longer updates. I've deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times. It works for the first hour or two, then no longer connects. Prior to these issues it worked great. If these issues can be fixed it's easily a 5 star app.

Stopped working Not sure what happened, but I keep getting notifications for new mail, but it's not refreshing and pulling my email in.

Always Offline This app works for a couple of days and then it goes "offline." I get all these notifications but can't actually see any new emails in the app. In that capacity, it's virtually useless. Switching to the native email app soon.

Stopped working The app stopped will tell you you have new emails but it won't update.. keeps saying offline but I have internet access

Cant scroll! Opens everything you touch It seems like a great ap but scrolling is super annoying. Everything you touch, even while sliding to scroll through the inbox, opens the email. The only way to prevent it is to scroll with a fast slick but then you can't scan to find the emails you need to read. So annoying. Please fix this. Its too sensitive.

Terrible!!! Does not work, no way to uninstall! Not working!!! How do I deactivate this app so I can uninstall? It's been a month, and still no resolution. Very annoying having to input a pass code every time I use my phone, all to protect work email that doesn't even work.

Don't work Not even able to sign in, for now I'm using the Galaxy S5 default email app and sign in through Microsoft Exchange Activesync account, so far so good...

Works...usually It works. Doesn't notify of new emails usually unless I open the app. Has frequent login issues. Ok to use simply because its really the only option at this time.

Please Fix Love the app, but have been disappointed for about 2 weeks now. App stopped working and I can no longer see any emails I have gotten since the app broke down. Please fix, as people need this e-mail for business and school.

I'd rather use the online version This app should make it easier to check my outlook 365 mail, but it's sloooow, buggy and prone to crashing. Sometimes it syncs, sometimes it doesn't?! Why won't it recognize contact groups I've set up on my computer version of outlook? Altogether a frustrating experience.

Dodgy The app won't let me clear the data or uninstall it, it says it's a administrative app now and it reads my text messages can record audio and delete things on my phone

Okay... needs work... use platform graphic icons PLEASE remove the redundant back button right on top of the actual back button... this is not iOS ... we have a UI. Also adding email function to the bottom bar would be more effect (like reply and forward) ... forward and reply should be two buttons with a long press in reply to all (android normal) and for the love of god - use material design with your colors and do we really need to use different icons ... they are open source and modern ui's icons have no recognizable presence online or in mobile.

Useless This app stopped updating emails. It tells you when you get emails but you can't see them. Completely useless. I loved it for the three weeks it worked...but then it just stopped syncing email. I deleted the app re-installed it twice and it only worked one day each time.

Stopped connecting on my Note 3 Was doing okay, albeit with intermittent notifications. Now won't connect at all. Tried reinstalling, nothing.

Horrible App! I wish I could give this app 0 stars! I have to use this email provider for work and I'm frequently out of the office, so I rely on my phone to stay in touch. This app is horrible. It won't update and show me new mail. Plus, it will say it has sent emails but it actually sends less than half.

Dangerous trash Outgoing emails get "stuck" in Outbox, Drafts, etc. I have not found any way to get them sent, rescued, nor even see the contents to copy it off. There is not how many have not been sent - big deal! I asked MS for help, no help so far! AVOID THIS APP! It will get you in trouble with your boss! Android 4.4.2, D-801.

Needs improvement 1. Latest update broke my scrolling ability. I scroll up or down my messages list and it annoyingly selects and opens the message that was last gestured on. Every time! Rrrrrrr! 2. Also, you cannot add any attachments except photos. I want to be able to attach PDFs, spreadsheets, word docs, etc. 3. It has no integration with the share feature on other apps, such as a file explorer or cloud storage, it doesn't show in the list of available apps to share with.

Fix it please This was the best outlook app till the recent update. Impossible\frustrating to use currently, unable to scroll without opening items. Update: It has now stopped receiving new email.

Worked for 2 days....DON'T INSTALL YOU CAN NOT REMOVE Worked okay for a few days. When it worked emails opened when I scrolled. Setting up calendar invites is nearly impossible. Then it stopped updating yesterday. Well, I get notifications when I get an email but I never can see the email. I tried reseting the cache. Nothing. Tried to log out but app gives no option. Tried to uninstall but when I delete it grays out the option. Now it's stuck on my phone eating memory. Even trying to deactivate on play store is fruitless.

Major bugs Cannot scroll through email list. Everything you touch automatically opens up. Stopped updating altogether as of 3/6. "Disconnected" notification even though both Wi-Fi and mobile data are active. Useless!

Not working You'd think the mighty Microsoft would be quicker coming out with updates and bug fixes but that's not the case. This app doesn't work for tablet and while it did work on my phone quite well, now it doesn't work at all. The app always thinks I'm offline now and tells me because of this that I cannot view my emails.

Not working Will not connect or update for the past few weeks. Can not get it to reconnect. Missing important work emails.....more stars if it gets working again!

Works well

Was ok until now... Not connecting since Friday. It keeps disconnecting. Literally have to uninstall and reinstall to get emails in the inbox. Back to 5 star once its fixed

Scrolling issue After the last update it started having scrolling issue. Whenever I try to scroll the screen it taps the item and opens the email. Also it gets disconnected in every 2-3 days. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get the latest emails. Fix these bugs otherwise difficult to work with this.

Old domains not included Old domains such as hotmail are not compatible no way of adding as alias. What a way to pay tribute to your most loyal user base. Gmail it is thanks

Doesn't work! Since downloading One Drive this app will not work. I cannot sign in any more. I have been using OWA webmail, but that's not the greatest either!

Can't Scroll without opening emails When I attempt to scroll it opens the emails and doesn't allow me to keep scrolling. Touch seems like it's too sensitive on this app.

Attachments?????? This is a persistent issue both on iOS and android. Attachment is visible but says "this device can't open attachment". Wtf? And I do have all sorts of office and pfd and other readers and applications. Why is this not fixed yet???

Doesnt update Randomly stops updating my emails. I don't know how to make it work again unless I delete it and reinstall. What a pita. When it works its nice though

Advanced login For my account to connect I need to put extra credentials (domain and login name). At iOS it exist, not in Android. Thus making impossible for me to connect to mail server.

Notification sound not an option In all other email accounts, I can be notified of new emails without sound. With the OWA for Android app, there is no option to disable sound. You can either disable notifications entirely or turn off the sound portion of your notifications in the device that you're using. There should be a way around this but I can't seem to find it. It either doesn't exist or it's in a strange location. There is also no option to empty the Deleted Items folder. Only the desktop version on a computer I will do that.

Notifications stay on even when they're turned off in settings. When you get a lot of emails, this becomes irritating very quickly.

Additional OWA accounts I have 2 OWA accounts and have set the app up for one account, can I add a second account to the app. I have the same issue the IOS app. So far the app is working without any issues.

Not that great I don't get notifications for new emails and when I recently opened it turns out I had 100+ emails and now, I don't need to read them anymore. There isn't a way to select all of them to delete them, and there should b/c it's a pain and a waste of time to open each one individually just to hit the delete button.

"All" Contacts hides 97% of my contacts Works pretty well, but Contacts display is very strange. Checking All in the dropdown shows only 100 or so of my 3800 contacts. Selection is apparently random; I don't know what they have in common except that most are *not* ones I send to or receive from frequently; some I've never used. But checking People in the dropdown shows all my contacts (including those that aren't people but companies with no person's name). Why doesn't All mean All? What does it mean here? And why isn't this explained anywhere??

Loading issues The past week or so, the app will not open to my mailbox. I need this app to work so I can receive and check work emails while out of the office. Unfortunately, I will have to uninstall if this is not addressed

App Update Issie OWA Team - there seems to be some issues updating the app. It's prompting to refresh to update .... And when i do that at the bottom it says downloading app update and staying on that screen, it never updates. Also when I tap to open an email its returning an error. I have captured screenshots but don't know how to attach to this message.

Calendar issues I like the set up but would really like a way to see all of my calendars I'm monthly view as opposed to viewing it day by day

Better Interface than Outlook, but REALLY Slow Much better interface and navigation than the Outlook app, but this app is incredibly slow to load new emails. Also very limited functionality (I.E. can't edit contacts). Nav within messages needs improvement (2 menu buttons???).

Still not polished Problems: 1. Not able to rotate to landscape. 2. When doing a Reply All, you cannot delete names from the list. You either need to forward or do a reply and add names. 3. Slow start up Update: 3-16-15 OWA has not synced in 2 days. It thinks it is offline when I hit refresh. I have an unsent message in the inbox. It is now unusable. I have removed OWA and installed the Outlook Preview.

Useful if it worked The download was very easy but once I was able to get into my email, the app stopped working, it said something about an encryption that needed to be done but the encryption had already processed during the setup process. I thought maybe it was my phone but others in my cohort had the same issue. After I deleted the app and downloaded it again, it worked but only for a few hours.

Used to work well but getting worse Had this installed since 1st beta, worked fine but last few 'updates' have made it almost pointless. Setting up app to work offline every launch so it's about 60s before it's even usable..

Needs lot of work The app itself seems smooth. Needs some getting used to as it uses Microsoft style navigation on Android. But the most annoying thing is that it does NOT notify me on receipt of new messages. Until I open the app, I have no idea there are unread messages!!

NEEDS A REFRESH BUTTON I am currently stuck with my inbox from July 21st and cant get the thing to load new email because there is not refresh option or button. If you swipe down from the top (like in normal mail apps), it refreshes and loads new mail. Why does this one not have that as an option?! Fix this please!! It is super frustrating!!

Keeps logging out The app looks and works great, only two very large flaws that i could find so far... have to log in with password almost every single time i want to check email, and my password is very long for security reasons. And, can't pick/use any of my alias emails. Great otherwise.

Decent, but needs optimizations OWA is very handy for checking and responding to email, all of the bar essential features you could want in an email client / calendar are there. Unfortunately the app feels a bit on the sluggish side when first starting or tabbing between mail and calendar. If the app isn't in the foreground after a few moments when you try to bring it back up it basically has to relaunch all over again.

Slow Everything takes too long to load. I keep the app for notifications but find it faster to actually open the mail in a browser. The app freezes a lot, even for something as simple as scrolling through the inbox. Every time I open the app, it says it's setting up to work offline. Is that ever going to be done?

Look forward to managing multiple email accounts I have been waiting for this app for a long time, the standard Outlook app lacking too many functionalities compared to Office365. I especially like bring able to use my coloured categories for calendar events & being able to search my calendar with keywords. 3 big flaws however: (1) It does seem possible to add a 2nd email account; (2) There is no calendar widget allowing you to view the day's tasks & events on the home screen, (3) When forwarding a message, it is impossible to edit the original email.

Not improving Generally okay. Can't switch off the very noisy notifications. No shortcut for moving to recent folders. Keeps resetting everything and having to be set up again. Very poor and worse it does not appear to be improving. It's been in pilot forever and I can't help feeling that it is intended to drive people to the Windows Phone platform.

App stuck in constant updating offline Every time I open the app it says setting up app to work offline. It does this everytime. It will take 3-5 mins for email to come through. I have to go do something else while it updates. Please fix ASAP.

Starting Over Not into the app for five minutes and already have problems with it responding. Only one view for calendar poor design of dates(you bought sunset how about using it) in the settings when I select feedback it says page not found. I would go on but it would be a waste time. Find something better if you can until Microsoft gets serious about putting out a good app.

Unable to install on 1 +3. Many more times tried, but unable to install. Where as the same can be installed in Redmi note3 in a minute. Please fix the bug and make the app suitable for 1+3

Sometimes works sometimes doesnt I missed important events because outlook didnt notify me about new emails. However the default samsung email app works without any issues. Also this app takes a lot of time to boot up. The default email app from samsung boots up in 1 sec.

Very Flawed Missing heaps of functionality. Shows other peoples calanders on corp network but wont display them even though I have access to them on my normal office365.

Can't find a way to have access to more than one account I can't even find a way to log out of my account to try to access the other. I have an account for work and one for school. Kind of important to have easy access to both. Another reason I avoid Microsoft programs/apps unless there is no other option. The is OK for one account , but laggy. It also doesn't always delete email.

Absolute rubbish This app used to work fine but now it seems to be non functional. It does not feel like a Microsoft product, it's more like an app developer by an inexperienced amateur. Microsoft needs to sack the programmer who created this great rubbish.

Wow what a change Recently the app has become utterly useless. My outbox fills with messages that cannot be sent, edited or resent. You lose all the information and the time you spend composing the outgoing messages. No messages can be sent at this time. Zero. Also I have files that are noted as unread that I cannot open under any circumstances nor race. I wouldn't advise using this program. The darn thing looks good but messes up your day.

Literally the worse App on my phone This App has the timing and feel of a late 90's program. Slow, not user friendly and doesn't work with other Apps.

Okay, not great Am having problem attaching and sending pics from photo gallery. They either send without attaching or disappear without any record of them in my sent folder. Very frustrating.

Pretty okay One grip, and maybe they are working on it. There doesn't seem to be a setting to check for mail at certain time intervals. The notification option for new mail is useless because you only get updated mail when you open the app. I like the clean interface, though. Just needs a few more options.

Not enterprise ready I downloaded this app hoping it would work better than my LG's built in email app. The good: all folders synch as they do on the desktop app. The bad: way too slow. The app takes for ever to open and download new messages. The email preview on the notifications icon is unreliable and have to open the app 90% of the time to view the email contexts. Final word: needs a lot of improvement

Unbelievable How can a company with the resources of Microsoft build such a useless app? New update makes it slower, don't get notifications on emails in sub folders, no widget for calendar etc etc. Somebody just needs to get it right as this is a pretty essential part of their cloud offering.

Needs improvement Allow more options in the settings for the mailbox and calendar. I manage multiple calenders and I would like to select color identifiers. The feedback bottom in the calendar is a broken link.

calendar issues I have to use this for work but the app won't let me ADD new appointments. The app also freezes and moves sloowww at times..

Slow and lacks calendar synchronization You can view your calendar but it doesn't work with Android calendars which means, no widget support... Something to work on for final release!

Never let's me sign in. I give it my email address, it redirects me to my organization's ADFS server and then the page is blank. Never able to actually give it credentials.

Lousy UI and super slow Slowest app ever. UI is terrible, switching views in calendar is blind, just keep tapping you may get a view you like, no real control. Contacts is nothing more than local phone contacts. Email is ok, but super super slow.

Need more improvement. The features are fine but the user interface needs improvement. Please make it more user friendly. When phone is restarted it does not gives any notification. We have to start it manually and then it gives notification. Active sync works better in terms of notification and is more faster than owa for android.

Slow and non-intuitive When I open the app there's a message on the bottom saying it is preparing offline folders. This takes a minute or more and while it is happening the app runs unusably slowly. Once open there's weird design and usage. I can't figure out how to switch calendars, the app doesn't use the phone's back button so if you press it nothing happens, I have to type commonly used email addresses out completely each time or search the directory because it doesn't remember or autofill them. Feels like a beta from 1999.

please make the below changes feedback does not work. FEEDBACK WEB PAGE is down. 1. custom notification for each folder as I do not want to be notified for every message. I usually put rules to move newsletters into Other folder. 2. should be able to save/download ? rather than just read it. is very sluggish and one reason why Microsoft was never a good player in mobile market. CloudMagic was an amazing app but my organization decided not to use 3rd party app. so I have to use OWA unfortunately.

Good when it works. Resets are painful. I am not sure what all the one star reviews are for. This is Microsoft stuff. What did you expect. It is also pre-release (for more than a year?), unfinished, like basically everything coming out of Microsoft. It actually works nicely with office 365. My main problem is that it resets randomly and I have to set up my account and signature, etc, over and over again.

auto sync is too slow there is no option to intiate sync manually and auto sync is too slow to start and download the emails. even the notification comes fast but when clicked on it the email takes aroind 5 minutes to load

Very poor app. Should have more features to change fonts. Attach emails etc, reply all options, compared to the outlook version it's below basic standard of Microsoft. Anyways there is no use to comment, many things are just ignored

Still have to improve One of the problems is that i cannot sync the picture in my signature in web version.

Email sending error New photo attachment when sending email does not work properly. Snapped a new picture, however the app attached a different picture.

Doesn't reloud emails and I'm stuck with emails from the first time it loaded only. So basically I can't check my emails.

Still has quite a few kinks. Cons.. Buttons don't work sometimes. Cannot sync to my Google Calendar. Slow boot at times. Pro.. Finds available conference rooms easily with appointments.

Not good It was work now one message come couldn't find your sittings

Why won't this thing dractivate when I click the deactivate option. So annoying.

Seems very slow. Have just installed it, but only installed it because the original Outlook app stopped working completely with my company email. Why is the type face so massive and without any function to make the layout smaller so to be able to see more messages in the inbox. Lets see, although reading the reviews i am not hopeful......

Much better than Outlook app Email notifications do not work on my device. I need to refresh manually to check for new email. Slow in some functionality but I find UI best from many different email apps. Even better than the Gmail App. I agree with the guy who notes that developers have no intention in improving. Just fishing people to Windows platform. OWA website even recommends on should install outlook instead.

Good app, could be great I like this version better than the regular outlook for Android but it needs two things: separate notifications for email and events and the ability to silence them separately. The second thing is fingerprint login. If you could add quiet hours/days, that would be great too.

Poorly written User Interface The functionality of this app is so bad. For example, deleting a single email is 2 painful actions and then it automatically resets the view back to the top of the list. If you want to remove multiple emails, just forget about it. You have to hit this tiny little square or it opens the email instead of selecting it.

Decent, but needs optimizations OWA is very handy for checking and responding to email, all of the bare essential features you could want in an email client / calendar are there. Unfortunately the app feels a bit on the sluggish side when first starting or tabbing between mail and calendar. If the app isn't in the foreground after a few moments when you try to bring it back up it basically has to relaunch all over again.

Slow and cumbersome. They app is good but it is slow and cumbersome! Too slow. I get notifications feom it but them use the web version to check email and such because it is faster! Microsoft, you need to work with Google mail and figure this sh*t out! You're falling behind the times.

Has issues Was working fine with my school email account until recently. Now I cant download any attachments. I have tried to uninstall it but it says it needs to be deactivated first by administrator who is me for this phone. I need this to work can it be sorted.

Alerts are annoying Interface is good but they need to allow email alerts to be disabled. I wanted the app mainly for meeting alerts. I get so many emails that my phone is buzzing all the time and is distracting.

Not working anymore When I first used this app I had to enable device encryption. Now after a flat battery it will not recognize that the device is encrypted. I've tried reinstalling the app but it still will not let me use it, it says please enable device encryption!! Arghhh , it is encrypted already!!!!!!

Needs so much work This app is slow, jittery, and generally unpolished. I was willing to overlook all of that in hopes it would improve over time -- until I discovered I could not attach at document to an email. Pretty basic and important feature for a work email client. Get your act together Microsoft!

Not working Say server not responding, at the same time I am able to connect to webmail from my browser.. common MS expecting some better things from u.

Great for looking up contacts that's it If I had the available space I would keep it on my phone just for looking up contacts in the corporate directory however the rest of its functions need a lot of work... and if I were to use it primarily for my work email I need widget this doesn't have any I guess I'll check back to see if it improves but for now it's useless

Good but not the best It's ok, I like the interface and the screens, runs smooth and it will not force adminstrator lock code on my phone. There are some wobbly parts as well: There's no notification for mail, even though calendar events send notification. And if my password expires, it will not prompt for new password at new logon. It will eventually appear but that does not help.

MORE Encryption required even after multiple encrption. My mobile is encrpted with Finger print and this app also encrypted with password and different finger print still it is asking to encrypt the phone I dont understand how much encrption required for single app. Develop please redo in encryption settings of this app.

needs to work like outlook 2016 wish you had the option to get all emails, (outlook, gmail, yahoo) instead of just office 365 email only

OK, but has problems So I can read my emails and calendar info, but don't get any notifications for calendar reminders on my phone. Also, no way to disable pass code that I can find, so beware of that. With some tweaks, this could be a really useful app.

Notifications and ease of access This app is always having some problem for me. It does not send me notifications for emails even when I change my settings. I can't reaccess the inbox easily because it doesn't save my password. When it decides it wants to reset it clears all of my information and I have to reinput the server, domain and username information. It's a hassle. There is also no way to log out of the system unless it kicks you off itself. I have not been able to access my email for two weeks because it wants me to reset my pw.

Can't Add Account Install, go and try and add an OWA account in system > accounts but it just closes the window. Doesn't allow me to put in any of my server info which I need to do since our OWA server isn't discoverable by my work email address. FWIW, it worked once. Wiped my phone and now I cant add an account. Garbage....

Not great Doesn't always show new emails, never notifies, bulk select doesn't work properly. Not sure why Microsoft just can't get a good app out there for 365 email.