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Neo Monsters

Supplied By NTT Resonant Inc.    On Sept. 15, 2016    Comments(75)

Samsung Phone Neo Monsters version1.4.2 Download

You arrive at the capital city of Othlon as the sole heir of your late uncle's monster ranch. Your mission? To become the Champion of Monster Trainers!

Assemble your team of monsters and topple numerous challenges. Take the fight online and compete in special missions for rankings, or clash with other players directly in head-to-head combat! Are you ready to take the challenge?

You'll have to put your skills to the test both on and off the battlefield! Battles in this game feature 4 monsters on the field at once, and party sizes of up to 16 monsters. Construct your party wisely, because certain monsters have abilities that work in tandem with others for chain strategies. A well-placed monster can mean the difference between a close victory or a crushing loss!

There's many different strategies available to utilize. Monsters can lock enemies down with stun moves and attack with Timestrike, or  lull enemies to sleep and drain their health with Dreamhunt, or keep their allies safe with Protector skills, and many more!

-Capture hundreds of fully animated monsters!
-Explore 6 different worlds in 60+hrs of adventure!
-Train and customize your monsters at the ranch!
-Fight through 6 leagues to become Champion!
-140 optional online missions to test your skills!
-Master devastating combinations from among tons of different monster abilities!

Deal massive damage to poisoned monsters with "Poison Eater"!

Put enemies to sleep and then feast on them with "Dreamhunt"!

Killed one enemy? Rack up the kill count even more with "Bloodcrave"!
...and many more!

Terms of Service

NTT Resonant Inc. part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 15, 2016. Google play rating is 90.3164. Current verison is 1.4.2. Actual size 73.0 MB.

What's new

    Version 1.4.2
    -Fixed issue with some players being stuck at the loading screen
Download neo-monsters.apk 73.0 MB


Very nice Smooth gameplay, reminiscing the pokemon feeling but i dislike the iap, because it's to much waste of money but still great, must download for a pokemon fan

Help... Why can't I connect to server when i wanted to play online.... I used gems to refill my thickets... And when I exited the game to a while .. Then I open to get online . I cant.. Because it says ... Connection failed to server... Disgusting........ By the way... My connection is pretty strong and stable.. I can play even high draining data games.... Just on this game.....

Great until late game Very fun in the beginning since games are quick with the great battle system. But later if you don't get legendary monsters from rolls (rolled at least 20 still got none [90% epic, 10% super epic]), good luck because the game will get super stale with your your underpowered team. As an analogy to Pokémon battles, it's like having your UU team versus a OU team. Sure you can win with time but a team of Charmeleon will take much luck to win against a team of Charizards.

Data is not backed up If for some reason your app is deleted all if your progress is gone too. Also say you would like to play this on your tablet. The data does not transfer either because it is not backed up. Other than that this game is just tun!

Stop deleting keys and tickets Like the game but cant advance because my keys and tickets keep going missing. Have 1 key? Try event and it tells me i dont have keys and of course the key is now gone. Have 2 keys? It consumes both! Same with tickets. Then today I open the game to have all my tickets removed and the timer reset to 20 minutes. WHY?! 3 stars until fixed. Edit: Game breaking bug. Permanently stuck in training mode. 1 star.

This game was fun but turned out to be a money making game. You have to buy chances to spin for legendary monsters that are almost impossible to get but needed to compete. It seems your opponent gets 4 or 5 turns to your 1 or just out matches your monsters. Very, very frustrating game to play!

Can't buy from app store Can't purchase any thing from app store there is an error message "cannot connect to app store" please fix it for God's sake i am trying to give u guys money

Wow So far this game is rather enjoyable! I love how there are over 1000 monsters, that's awesome. They look cool. I wish there was a different movement mechanism like d-pad or touch and drag. Also, gems are kinda expensive. But the game is pretty fun so far! Great job!

Very Fun The company keeps online content fresh and relevant. Adding new story missions and rare monsters all the time. Great work NT.

The game itself is decently well made. Nice story, and good graphics. My biggest complaint is that for a game that costs money up front, it has a terrible pay to play system. To get good monsters you need to ether spend money or days getting daily log in bonuses and even then its literally a roulette to if you'll get a good monster or not. Also there is a energy system to do any of the online quests which you HAVE to do in order to gain levels and fully evolve your monsters. I would much have rather this game cost 5 bucks up front instead of having this who pay to play system. Such a sore addition to a good game.

Nice Game Addictive game but I get stuck on online tutorial. I got internet connection, but all the time its says on the screen us "connecting to server" I've waited at least 15 mins.

Can be better While the concept is nice n fun to play. There is much missing. I need to remember what monsters I already caught, this game does not transfer from one device to another this is important, the battle screen can be better i mean its just blah and allow customization of character i mean not everyone that plays is white. You can achieve much more if you pay attention to these comments and not just be a money grabber.

Really fun game It a fun game but mine is stuck. While training it works but then freezes after I use a card and my character just runs in place. I've tried restarting my device and game but as of now I am totally stuck and can't play :(

Fun game So far only 1 crash everything else is smooth. Gems cost too much spent $110+ on 1 normal legendary. Disappointed after all the time and money spent, not really that worth it.

Cost Firstly your cost to buy a gem is way high.It is even easier if you just play side mission to have it.second the cost of monster in team.It took a lot of cost to put high level monster and to up the cost is hard.not normal hard but very hard because the cost of my monster is too high.please fix

Very Fun by NEED HELP I bought a gold egg after saving 5 gems. After I purchased I never received the monster and it already took my gems. NEED HELP.

Where's my gems Love the game but I paid $3.99 for gems yesterday and have yet to receive them

Not happy Just payed 40 dollars fir gems and have gotten none but my google acount was charged not happy fix this and ill give 5 stars but im very unhappy that yall took my money and gave me nothing in return

Sick Just dont let thig die down give us more missions

PLEASE FIX!!!!! Restore data not working. I want to transfer my account to my new phone with the given code but it doesn't work. Please fix. I want to continue playing.

Great game but new update deleted my game I was on the final 4 champions and spent a lot of money on this game and my game was reset with the new update I spent over $100 and I want my profile back

Like Pokemon I like pokemon a lot and I found a game similar to Pokemon. Keep it up and I will leave it at 5 stars

Great game! In memories of My Old Poke battles when i was a kid..

The game I've looked for for so long. Thank you haven't played it yet but ik I'll like it.

Teams Idk why but sometimes when I start the game it has the wrong team selected. I'll notice this too late and end up wasting my tickets and time by starting a battle with a 4 monster team. All because we can't change teams 'outside of the city'. I do like the game but this has screwed me over several times. Especially for the missions you have to wait 24 hours for. 3 starts until fixed

Fun game Enjoying the game, campaigns start easy and eventually have practically all legendary/super epic monsters in them. Competing at late game will either take months if using in-game mechanics money can be spent on top of the initial purchase of the game. Pretty well designed with fairly regular events and updates.

Addictive Pokémon Inspired Clone I missed the day's of Nintendo handhelds so I downloaded this and relived my childhood in a different way. Gameplay reminds me of the best from Pokémon meets monster rancher and dragon warrior monsters.

Hard to restore account I have just factory reset my android, save is sure lost but i already backed up with my facebook and google account..but it is using some kind of code not email for and i will give more stars..

GOOD really nice game, even gem are hardly to get. but it worth and easy to play an keep it up

**** I love everything about this game.. My only problem is, when u have special egg event.. They say u have 2x higher chance getting legendary or featured monster and Super Epic monster .. I try 4 times and all in different time but only get EPIC monster.. I even buy gems using my money to get egg but only get Epic. Such a liar..

I really enjoy it This a very well created game with a good story, amazing artwork, and awesome creatures. The only downside there could be a bit more freedom.

I've always wanted a game like pokemon, this is the best so far

This is a fantastic game. Best game of its kind, highly recommended. Worth every penny.

Cool Continue your great job...i like this game...i wish i can get legendary monster...☺☺☺

Hmm First game I haven't refunded in anwhile.. 8/10

Love it Very fun and certainly fills my pokemon needs even if it's a knock off.

Please read this!!! I think the game is positively contagious and addictive. I love the designs of the monsters. However, the only problem is the ultra evolution phases of the game. It requires way too many silver coins when an abundance of them has been used already to train your monsters... you can't even spend a little bit of money on silver coins. All you can buy is Jems. The way you guys make money is counter productive. You would make more money if you provide us with more options for us to spend money on items

Great game Very addictive, I have a lot of fun playing it.

loved it the game is great the best thing of it its that it can be played offline.

Good game, but the pay to play aspect is over the top. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing the game, but a vast majority of the monsters can only be acquired through paying. The story is good, but has limited exploration. Also very few rares can be caught in game with ridiculously buffed stats. Overall the game is good, but I'd prefer to pay upfront. It would be nice if at least half of the monsters could be caught without paying. This game could be wonderful with a little more consideration to the loyal players... That was the most disappointing part.

Save File Corrupted by update. Now the game wont even load or recover/roll back to a previous session. What a cheat. I just got to the end of Master League and spent tons of time playing this recently, not to mention spending REAL money, which I now have nothing to show for it. I'm not a happy customer.

2016's Best Game!!! It just needs some additional ways to get legendary monsters, not just spreading them by random. Some newbies get legendary by lucky, some old players try so hard but no guarantee to get even one. But overall, it is superepic game. Must play!!!

It's okay This game has potential to be great. There are some things that could be fixed. For instance, you can't catch epics or legendaries, you have to purchase an egg. While you do earn gems in game, it's very far and few. Gems are also extremely overpriced. .99¢ for 1 gem. 1 egg for 5 gems. The lvling system is kind of lame. It also doesn't really explain ultra evolutions very well either. It does have a good story. The battle system is decent as well.

50 gems for 10eggs lost data I have alreadly used the 50gems for the 10eggs hatch, but when i used it, the bug system got issue, it hang, and when i restart it back it, i can't seem to recover the 10eggs that have redeem, can u pls insist and get back to me regarding this matter, thx.

Fun until... You need to start Ultra Evolving. The process is drawn out and tedious. Collect fruits to give your units more training points until you max their stats. Do missions to collect silver and a plethora of units that you can only find in the one place in the game. Of course the missions cost a bit of energy, of course your max energy pool is low, of course you can't be on all the time to optimally use your energy, and so of course they oh so kindly allow you to spend premium currency to refill energy.

Fun game but pay two play So far only 1 crash everything else is smooth. Gems cost too much spent $100 on the festival and recieved no legends.

Don't spend money! I made purchases so I could get more monsters. I've had to restart completely a few times and I don't get my purchases back. Change that and I'll give 5 stars...

More Gems Please! This game is absolutely awesome but the one thing that annoys me is that you rarely get gems and 5 gems just to get one egg? If you could give everyone more chances at receiving gems after the story you'd definitely get 5?

good for around 20hrs. after that you will absolutely hit a wall where you cannot proceed without getting a couple legendary monsters, which you will not get. and this is why i stopped playing. greed. 4% chance on Legendary is an abysmal greedy pointless thing to do to your loyal fans. i got bored with nothing to do. (level40 here with all main battle stories/dojo modes done) if they make legendaries attainable, ill start playing again. until then, im done. 48/50 ppl on friends list quit 40+ days ago too. your losing players

Better monsters than any other game like it. Worth $1, I spend more than that on summoner war and clash of clans

Good game After updating, everything is good so far. Plus factor that it can be played offline. Nice!

Game stopped working after last update. Stuck on loading screen

I love this game Thanks guys for fixing the loading issue so quickly... Very much appreciated

Neo monsters This game is awesome, just the gems are pricey.

Neo monsters Its great exept it takes so long to load

Nice game!!! It just keeps getting better and better

Really fun game Its a really fun game. Thanks for fixing the issue from last update

Great Overall a pretty great game so far, gems are pretty scarce but other than that good game.

Fixed but lost save forever

Hang on training results The training results just have a next button and nothing else. Seems like a bug to me.

Very really GREAT I love it so far so worth the money plz keep up the good work

Lost saved game Every time you update you lose you saved game.

Great game So far the game has been awsome, specially for the price, well worth the value!!!

Addictive Very nice game .Wish the upgrades doesn't end or max for the monsters

Lots of fun Can't stop playing

I dig it. It's easy to pick up and loads of fun. Definitely worth the buck.

Absolutely Incredible!!!!!!!!! I love this game so much and it is, just totally amazing, love it and can't wait for similar games and updates!

Awesome Great graphics great story line and good monsters

Good game but restores Everytime I play it restores my device

Neo monster Great game to pass the time

Loved it Great story and cool character

Pretty fun with a detailed story line

great game.. reminds me of the old days... ??

Really good so far

Its fun qnd addicting