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National Car Rental

Supplied By National Car Rental    On Sept. 16, 2016    Comments(142)

Samsung Phone National Car Rental version3.2.2 Download

Tap into the power of the Emerald Club® with the National Car Rental® app. We’ve made the app better and faster than ever with features to help you take control of your rental experience on the go.

Speed & convenience in the palm of your hand

As an Emerald Club member, profile details are automatically applied so reservations are easier than ever
Access current and upcoming trip information as well as past rental history
Search National locations worldwide and view location details, like hours of operation, addresses and phone numbers – even get arrival directions to the lot
Contact roadside assistance or 24/7 customer support, and access frequently asked questions.

Tools for the Control Enthusiast

Rental Tracker℠ provides you with timely and important information about your rental when you need it.
Manage your Emerald Club profile, view your progress to the next Emerald Club tier and credits toward free rental days.
Extend your rental directly from the app by simply choosing a new return date.

Virtually everything you need to get on the road

With Emerald Checkout℠, you can take control to a whole new level at Emerald Aisle locations. Scan a vehicle in the aisle (and view details like mileage and features), confirm your rental options and accelerate your exit process with a Virtual Pass barcode.
Choose your vehicle from virtually anywhere with Virtual Aisle℠ (available at select locations). Upon arrival, use the app to choose a specific vehicle (with details like mileage and features) and we’ll hold it for 15 minutes so you can show your Virtual Pass, get the keys and go.

By clicking on "Install", you consent to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, including access to or storage of performance and usage of device and/or app related data for analytic purposes by National or its third-party providers.
Mobile Terms of Use:

National Car Rental part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 74.6555. Current verison is 3.2.2. Actual size 11.0 MB.

What's new

    • We’ve renamed one our key app features known as “Virtual Exit” to “Emerald Checkout” (Sounds much better, right?). Use the app to scan your vehicle at select Emerald Aisle locations and speed through the exit process with a Virtual Pass.
    • We’ve included the credits you've earned toward Free Days on your past trip details.
    • No need to remember which vehicle you rented to get access to the Aisle. We’ve made it easier than ever to “Reserve the Aisle” at Emerald Aisle locations.
Download national-car-rental.apk 11.0 MB


Terrible Does not get past the first page with "an unexpected error occurred"

Avid renter Very limited, the extend rental feature does not work at all. Ok if I need to be reminded what car I'm driving but would prefer the ability to actually make changes without having to call in.

FAIL You need to scrap this app and start over with one that will actually work. Galaxy S4. Update... 3/28/15...still a junk app. It fails every time I try to use it. Deleting. Thought I try it again today. Still fails when attempting to find "past trips. " Either your developers are inept or don't care.

Great way to rent

Why so many permissions? Why does this app need access to my browsing history and bookmarks? Would rather use the mobile web version.

Faulty More issues and errors as time goes on. Cannot reserve or extend on the app. It says "failed to receive data from server." Obviously it's too much to ask to self-serve instead of being forced to deal with the mostly poor service from reps with whom there's a huge communication barrier. I'm sick of it!!!

Fix underage problem I am a executive elite member, however I can no longer reserve vehicles on the app. I am 24 and everything I try and reserve it says user does not meet minimum age requirements. I know there is a fee associated but please fix this issue it's very frustrating expessaly when you rent from your app every week

Virtual Aisle. Crap Garbage. The Virtual Aisle does not work at all. Tried on 3 different mobile phone models.

Rental app Vary easy to use...

Works great Found the nearest location and reserved a car with 90 minutes advanced notice.

I've never been able to make a reservation with it. Just doesn't do what's needed.

Not very reliable Everytime I try to check in, app won't respond

It mostly works Can make a reservation. Can't rate vehicle or see past reservations, two of the "new" features.

Love it easy to rent last minute and in hurry

Servers constantly "undergoing maintenance" App kinda worked once out of four days I tried. Scary bad. Servers never are up.

Dissatisfaction I love National but hate their online presence. Website is weak and new application not any better. Received a note from National saying download app and use virtual aisle for trip I'm on. Surprise function won't work.

Good app I read comments that criticized national because the link takes them to a browser not the play store. That's not an issue with national. See with androids as most people know when you click a link you usually then get the box that asks how you want to complete the action whether it be web browser, play store,or any other options it may give you. Many people get sick of that so they click the little box that says to always do the selected option. If that's an issue then its your own fault not National's.

Good enough This app does its job for the most,part easy to use fast and convenient. I'd give it 5⭐if I would be able to use the one two free option as well..,along side with changing my profile if needed. However I can't, therefore it gets 4 instead of 5.

Virtual Aisle gives error Virtual Aisle does not work and gives errors.

Never works! 3rd install different devices

Nice Works as expected on nexus 4

Getting better App keeps getting better. It works ...allowing me to book, check, or modify reservations when traveling. Useful when I need to find a dropoff address too!

Perfect app. Work perfectly for me, thanks for making my reservation very quick and easy :)

Never able to get online Thumbs down

Not terribly useful You can make and view reservations, edit your profile, and see your rewards status. All things you could do just as well on the website. Not sure I understand the point of the app then. How about letting me reserve precisely the car i want, based on what's currently on the lot? How about a function that uses the phone s GPS to guide me to the National drop-off place? Or a map showing nearby fuel stations so I can fill up before returning the car? Or a function to give me updates on the flight I'm trying to catch while driving back to the airport? Just a few new ideas and this could be great.

This is awesome I loved this app but I changed my phone and I wanted to know how to put the app on my sd card instead of the memory on my note 3. Also I wanted to know if you guys had the cts v with the 556hp supercharged v8?

Great Application Must have for all travelers.

Stuck!!! Can't update, it stops at 28%, now this app is useless to me. Please help me fix

Works well so far

Not syncd with PC version I have an account, works on PC version, does NOT work on this mobile version.

Doesn't work. Why bother?

Updated it and it sucks. Won't open lost my data can't find my info for my rental Monday (2 days) Update is a failure

Nice recovery? Nope Back to the original problem. Myteriously moves itself to the ext sdcard and then stops runnong. Update: amazing. Really works well and some parts of the interface are better than the web application.

Won't even start 2 versions ago this ap was fine. I updated and now the aps crashes before it even finishes the start-up process, 100% of the time.

Easy to use UI is intuitive and easy to use.

Exceptional This app made it easy for me to look at what I need and reserve before I get to my destination.

Under maintenance? The last couple of weeks it keeps telling me the the system is undergoing maintenance. Worked perfectly before.

"Under maintenance" For at least a couple weeks now the app always gives me the error that a system is undergoing maintenance and doesn't show me any information.

NATIONAL RENTAL I have used National before when my husband and I went to Mexico last year. Your company was really great, so let's see if this year your company is just as courteous, professional and personal to your customers!!!

The best App has never let me down very easy to change or extend my rental

National rental app Easy app and convenience you check reservation and get rates.

Never works Every time I have tried to use this app for the past few months, it always says it's undergoing maintenance and won't pull up my profile or anything. I always end up having to use the website instead, which makes this app completely useless.

Doesn't load rental details completely My current reservations does not load complete details. Error given.

Useful, not all advanced features work Virtual check out won't auto focus to scan the barcode, cutting me off from that useful feature. The rest of the app works great.

Unable to scan barcodes in app. Using a Google Nexus 6p running 6.0.1 and the app had issues scanning bar code to leave. The problem was that the app would not focus when using the devices camera. And the device has no issues when using other barcode scanner apps. I would also like to see maps of car that tells you where each car is that is searchable by make and model.

Works great for me, can make new reservations or track upcoming res. I've been an Emerald Club member since they first introduced the program!

SLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW Slowest app I have ever encountered. Fire your developers and get some that know what the hell they are doing.

Virtual check-in fail Camera portion to scan does not work for virtual check-in. I have a Moto X. Sounds like all Android phones seem to have the same issue.

Scanner blurry My first experience with National was great, but the app would not scan the QR code, no matter what I tried. I could use my camera just fine, but within the app or was blurry.

Still can use the virtual exit The camera does not focus nexus 5X

Virtual exit doesn't work Like the others, scanner won't focus and light won't come on. LG G4.

Doesn't scan Sony Xperia Z3v. I tried at 3 different cars. Nonevof barcodes were scanned.

Moderately useful Does the virtual aisle ever actually work?

Nice application, it makes it easy to track my reservation

National App Works great for what I need it for. No problems reserving or looking up upcoming trips.

Wish I could find a way to disable the push notifications, which are not at all useful

Extend rental doesn't work. I have to call into customer service in India and I have a 50/50 chance of accomplishing the extension of the rental.

Extend rental feature does not work This app needs a lot of work. Useful to look up details but not so much if you want to do something. I ttied several times on different occasions to extend tentals but end up calling the help desk which recommends the app (ha, ha). Have complained about this several times without any reaction. Have reinstalled the app several times on a brand new phone. Same result.

Not bad, virtual exit unusable Not bad overall but the virtual exit feature doesn't work. It can never focus on a barcode in app even the my phone camera has no issues doing this with the camera app

Needs Work Expected National car app to take me to National car return at DFW. It didn't. It said, Your Destination is on the Left. The only thing on the left was an open field. Should have just followed the signs!

No reservation number...really? When you call up National to confirm or cancel or modify, the first thing they ask you for is your reservation number. But when you look for it in the app, it's nowhere to be found. How can a company put this much work into an app and leave out such a key piece of info?

How about allowing it to function on a tablet?? Asus Nexus 7 shows no longer compatible.

Easy to navigate and great choices.

Horrible. Uninstalled Website is much better.

National "with the" Pro's

It ok needs work

It's convenient, but I don't know why it needs access to my camera and such...

Why need access What is the need for camera, calendar, and photo access for?

Best rental app National makes it so easy to make a reservation, extend, or modify. It has everything I need in one place.

Always something wrong. App won't open Repeatedly, app won't open. Features look great but not so great if app is just taking storage space on phone. At Newark airport now and again - app does not open.

Easy Push notification that my car was due back tomorrow. Extended the reservation with a few clicks.

It's getting better Can usually make a reservation when the app works.

Emerald Club Rocks! Always a fast service. It can literally take me 5 minutes to get a car of my choice with free upgrade most of the time. Loving this Corporate discount =)

Typo It doesn't recognize my contract ID. Every time I have to use my pc to book a car.

I love it! My only comment is, Aisle is not available in SLC airport. I love the fact that I got to pick my own car. It's like Christmas all the time! When can you make The Aisle available in SLC airport?

Notifications There needs to be a way to turn notifications off. The notifications from the App has woken me up at 2 in the morning again!

Very helpful Easy to use, and helps with my multiple travels per year.

So slow to load reservations.

Permissions Newest version requires access to camera and media files. What new feature requires access to my camera

Awesome App I never have any problems getting a car when I need one

Does not allow edit to existing reservations Older Version 2.13.1 allows you to edit/modify an existing reservation, however the latest version 3.0.2 on google play store does not allow this most important functionality. Please fix the issue. Thanks.

Cant login After update this app really is unuseable. I cannot even login unless i change my password. Then when i try to log back in later, same crap. It wasnt broke, lets do an update and break it, brilliant idea.

No longer works I'm an executive elite customer who rents vehicles 200 days out of the year. This app since the update won't work on any of my devices. I have to call in every month instead of extending through the app. What's the point of the app and why not make the option available via the website.

Camera doesn't focus when trying to scan the barcode in the virtual exit feature. Phone is an LG G4. Getting to the rental details is a bit unintuitive because the button looks greyed out while it actually is active. iOS version does this better.

Completely useless App no longer works. Doesn't display all reservations, doesn't show rental details when you can pull up reservations, doesn't let you edit or cancel a reservation. Between this and the worthless website, I am forced to call to do anything.

No longer works Says no reservations but I have 3 upcoming. Search finds them ok. Won't show profile details now saying no data. Poor upgrade. Totally unusable now.

Keeps crashing after new updates. 'Stopped working' after 3.0.0, same after 3.0.1. Fire your programmers. I am sick of uninstalling and trying to find older versions elsewhere on the net. I have a new ASUS phone running Lollypop. P.S. 3.0.2 still crashes. Uninstalling again.

Fix the extend rental button please.

Great App Helpful on travel

New Update Sux Upgrade is not user friendly, cannot easily make a new reservation. This needs to be addressed ASAP

Crash Keeps crashing

Can't see future reservations Virtual Aisle never worked when I could see my reservations in the app, but I can't see them now. Other parts of app are really good.

It's OK but Virtual exit has never worked on my phone despite several updates (refuses to scan the code no matter how many times I've tried), so really, what's the point of a feature that can't be used?

Camera doesn't work for exit Using Nexus 6p and selecting digital exit, camera doesn't focus. Otherwise easy to use.

It's getting better Modify (a current reservation) button does nothing.

Great app I've had this app for 4 years and never had a problem

Bug in latest update Keeps crashing after the update. Was great before though

The app is pretty solid for me and works for making reservations. I have not been able to get the new virtual exit to work on my LG G4 though, it opens the camera but it does not focus on the barcode despite tapping on the screen like you would with most apps.

Looks nice but virtual aisle doesn't work I have the same experience as many others posting here. The virtual aisle feature doesn't work. It doesn't focus on the barcode.

The best Always a pleasure using national

Update reservations confusing Not sure why it's thought this is better

Better than the website The National website is not very good. At least this app is more functional.

Virtual exit doesn't work Virtual exit doesn't work since launching, stays blurry and doesn't focus. Using a LG V10, but also doesn't work on LG G3, and multiple versions of Android. Needs fixed

Still says no reservations... Totally useless Says no reservations but have 3 upcoming. Totally worthless still. Seems nothing in their systems work right now. No longer getting emails either. No notices that car is due. No welcome to emails... Pathetic.

Useless Changed password online. Cannot log in terms hninal error. Totally useless. Shame on you National.

Inconvenience An app for travelers implies that it makes travel easier... Very difficult to CANCEL a reservation easily on app. Very disappointed

Crashes non-stop at a check in attempt The app simply doesn't work, what's worse, when you attempt to scan the car barcode to check in and it crashes, the exit agent doesn't have your reservation anymore.

Doesnt work The app crashes on load, used to work, now it doesn't. I'm using a zenfone 2 as well.

Crap This app is terrible, you can't find anything that you need on here, such as making cancellations, how to book a new rental, etc. It is way more complicated than it needs to be

App crashes Everytime i try opening the app it just crashes and closes. I am using asus zenfone2

App crashes everytime you try to make a reservation.

Not working Just got the app for ease sake tried to open up for two upcoming reservations and not showing them

Poor customer experience Love the company and the benefits. The app needs an overhaul. The apl will not show my reservations.


Expected better There are issues with rentals not showing as well as using the virtual exit. Every time I try to use it, the app keeps trying to process the info and it locks up. Sometimes the actual car scanned shows but I cannot select options or it won't even load car info. This is a real negative since I travel frequently and like to get on the road as quick as possible.

Terrible app This app is always under maintenance and unable to connect. Frequently logs you out of the app and incredibly slow to connect to the server. Come on national. For a "NATIONAL" company you're playing in the minors...

Crashed several times after update Selecting the option to reset password caused my phone to reboot. Twice. Uninstalling app for now.

Worrhless app Says i cannot rent because i am under age requirement for a rental in ohare. 6 days ago i did just fine going to LAX. All this app does is take up space. Not functional at all

Crashes immediately Wont even start on my asus zenfone 2 laser. Would really like to use it. Please fix.

Virtual exit does not work Tried it at ord and rdu. It scans the car barcode but the reservation blinks forever in a loop

Best app for best RAC Makes sense a great rental car company would have a great app!

Easy n Fun Finally a no hassle app!

Good app but could be better.

Much improved. It will know load. Loading error now corrected. Haven't had a chance to fully test it but it seems to be great.

Emerald check out Doesn't work Scanner doesn't work. It used to work when it was called virtual checkout.

The app is back in working order It's been repaired after the last update made it nonfunctional. Unfortunately, my trip is over, so I'm not sure how useful it is.

Unexpected errors "Modify" function is useless unless you want to consistently see "unexpected error". It's not so unexpected anymore.

Very convenient Does everything it should. The special offers are great!

Update won't install Failed update.

Back to normal thanks for correcting the issue.

Finally works. Cautiously optimistic.

Coupons registering but not applying BUG: Coupons are not applied on the final page of the reservation. It will list the coupon at the top, but looking through the math, it will not actually apply it. Only after restarting the reservation multiple times will it finally apply correctly. Also, why can't we add additional drivers via the app? And why is the begin reservation page so hard to follow? The material design theme is a bit much, IMO.

Permissions Newest version requires access to camera and media files. What new feature requires access to my camera

You broke it Same issue. Update wouldn't load. Deleted old version. Now can't load new version. I'm glad I already transitioned to Uber.

Won't install New version won't install. Removed the old version to try clean install. No luck. Now I'm screwed. Not happy.

Can't install new version LG g3 So can't install new version, uninstalled old to upgrade, that doesn't work either. Wtf. Really national, who's the idiot that does your sqa testing on new releases. Shifting back to hertz, their app sucks less.

Needs work Latest update fails with a 505 error. Never had an app update fail to install.

Latest Version Won't Install on LG G3 Have only used the app a couple of times but I can't even get the newest version to install. Have tried on and off for a few days now.

Newest Update won't install on S6Edge+ Error 505. Not sure what to do....

Keeps failing to install Needs to be fixed. Won't install on Nexus 6 with Android 6.1

Will not install on LG G3 after several attempts

New version will not install on Nexus 6P New version will not install on Nexus 6P