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Morse Talk

Supplied By 3Colors    On Nov. 18, 2012    Comments(74)

Samsung Phone Morse Talk version2.3.0 Download

You can send and receive message using smart phone's flash light and camera with this app.

It could help you to communicate with others where mobile phone signal is off line due to disaster or other reason.

It converts text message into Morse code and send them as series of flash light or LCD display's on-off , It also receives Morse code using camera and interprets them into alphabet.

Recent disaster in Japan motivated me to make this application.

The main purpose of this application is helping people who meet with disaster to send SOS message.

* If it crashes on chat-mode after app update, Please uninstall and re-install app.

Version history-----
- support ICS
- message sending progress display view added.
- some bug fix
flash light keeps turned on problem fixed
sending message function added in receive mode.
name of receive mode changed to communication mode
install to sd card option added.
2.0.6 modified morse code decoding algorithm .
2.0.5 camera digital zoom mode added. some bug fix.
2.0.4 morse code decode algorithm modified.
opencv library updated.
2.0.3 start button's causing crash fixed. but some model might still have problem.
2.0.2 receive mode entrance fail fixed.
2.0 Morse signal receive mode is added.

3Colors part of our Communication and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 18, 2012. Google play rating is 72.4528. Current verison is 2.3.0. Actual size 5.4 MB.

What's new

    - support ICS
Download morse-talk.apk 5.4 MB


Cool Great idea, and the dev is adding the suggestions well, so coming along nicely. One thing maybe to add when the chance is there; self-detection. If picking up its own flashes with high incidence; maybe it can warn the user that the users own light is interfering with the message, and they should aim the light more carefully? Also, if it's possible, can there be option to turn off camera auto-white balance? I think this makes the camera slow? Maybe white balance can be adjusted manually?

Runs fairly good It's pretty cool and all, but I can't seem to access the other options on my Core II. Any help?

Works fairly well Works pretty well, not perfectly. The app sometimes messes up on certain letters, even when it is receiving input from another phone running the same application. It would be nice to get some more fine grained control over the sensitivity of the camera when the app is translating Morse code, and perhaps the app could suggest alternate translations for certain letters. Other than that though this app is pretty decent.

Nice app Can you please add option to clear received messages, thanks

Could use some speed controls This app could use a control for the WPM rate, but otherwise, is good.

Barely works This app barely works on my desire 500, it is not using the flashlight and the camera detection does not start for some reason.

Awsome I love it!!! Best morse app out there

Works great! Works great between our two phones. Slower phone can sometimes have a problem decoding, but mostly works.

Works perfect This app really works well. I love it. Can't wait to try it out at distance

Works as advertised, to at least a daylight distance of 10' Exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

Love the idea. Now, can we add functionality to control a relay using the audio Jack so that I can switch a laser pointer on/off so that I can dramatically increase the effective range?

Doesn't actually work Seems to fine but it translates every letter received a "t" - so if you need that, i guess it would be great.

F-ing cool This app should come standard.

Very inaccurate. Barely got 20% of messages correct.

A little bug Sometimes it stops when light open

bad nowadays, but nice start. 1) cannot chat with mirror (=cannot read what it actually transmits); 2) message input window blocks reception area; 3) should include sound chat (with receiving capabilities for sure) as well. with these issues fixed MO-TALK will be the only morse application.

thank you so much!! Totally love the app I would however like to request support for samsung galaxy ace's LED Updating my review just to say that to the way I see it this app should be built-in to every android device

Nice app but led Led is not working. Reset flash type = fc. ACER Iconia. A500

Cool Works good on my older Motorola but the flash doesn't work on my new Galaxy Nexus. It needs audio beeping transmit/translate option. Also a way to simultaneously type a message @ the same time it's translating via camera. Also a way to hold translation so it doesn't pick up random lights and translate them.

Does as advertised Good app, but room for many improvements.

. Only Morse cam I can find. Chat doesn't send led message. Like to see variable speed & send/receive on same screen, more features. Well done.

I must say, a must have... ...this is by far the best app and it has potential to the only morse code in the market that is actually worth downloading and using in all aspects of our lives! Great job and so sorry about what happened in Japan, ;)

Works as described and very simple to use This works good on my Acer Iconia Tab A100. Kudos to Sungho for such a simple to use and effective free app!!!

Clever Excellent app. Will be extremely useful to someone. Hopefully I'll never need it.

Excellent Brilliant working perfect on my galaxy s2

Works as advertised on S2 Plan to use it for emergency. Good job.

Unfortunately not flashing LED on epic 4g Works but it unfortunately will not pulse my LED on my Epic 4g. Hopefully will be fixed with future versions.

Great program, just need to be able to move it to sd card then it'll be perfect.

Perfect survivalist app Awesome for us mountain folks who might need distanced visual communication. Thank you app developer.

Not working on GNexus Cannot detect/setup camera flash.. Otherwise seems like a cool app!

Awesome! Awesome and helpful application, some error but not critical. Please add russian support for morse code. Anyway thanks!

error Application raise error when push "chat mode". Led flash also raise error. Idea are good.

Very good idea! Author, please fix camera problem on Galaxy Note!

Doesn't work on my Samsung s5 I really love idea but only works on my Samsung s5 to send screen option only. Unable to use flash or receive with camera as described.

Battlefield 4 Easter Egg led me here Thumbs up if the Battlefield 4 easter egg hunt led you here.

Crap App Doesn't work on LG3 phones. Was gonna use this app to figure out my Easter egg morse code for BF4 and i only get to see text to morse code option. No camera option at all.

Focus failed I used this for a BF4 easter egg. The app doesn't seem to be able to focus on my Galaxy s6. So the light source was blurry and out of focus. This caused numerous translation errors. Also the app would be improved if I didn't use the cameras built in auto exposure. As the light source was changed from off to on, the camera would try to compensate. Would work much better worth a single exposure calc at the start.

Only sends. Just a black screen with a box to enter text, and a button to turn to flashing LCD. Useful but 1/5 for false advertising.

Loved it for Battlefield 4 Easter egg This app works wonderfully , it helped me receiving message from the morse sent by battlefield 4 through Easter egg hunt and it got solved in lighting fast speed with very accurate results for me and my Friends

Great Note for all samsung users click and hold the multi screen button on the lower left corner and then click chat mode

S5 User To use chat mode you have to press the task button about 3 seconds. Then a menu will appear in the bottom of the screen. Fonctions are limited and I think the size of the app (5.64MB) was too large for those applications. After, this app have access to all your files, so please pay attention.

Wont read messages I do no see any options on galaxy s6 to use chat mode to read a message. All I get is type in a message, and then the screen blinks.

Doesnt work with Droid Turbo Can't access settings to change to chat-mode. All I get is a text line and the button to start transmitting.

Battlefield 4 Works perfectly to complete the BF4 easter egg to get the Dice LA camo

This app will not allow you to decode Morse code signals with a Galaxy Note 5, as well as several other phone models. Lots of complaints here about this. It will allow me to transmit morse code, but it won't let me translate Morse code by using my camera. It's just a black screen with a single "Enter Message" field.

Worked great in BF4 easter egg, the 0 were . when it encrypted it but thats about it.

Doesn't work All I get is a text to code option. No visual morse translation option. Useless.

GREAT! For those of you who say only the send mode works, HOLD DOWN your back button or whichever activates quick settings for your phone type! Then select chat! Wallah, now you can read morse code if you're steady enough. Messages on bottom btw

Used it to decode messages from Battlefield 4. The camera for the light decipher is low frame rate and pixely, so it sometimes can miss read things.

Does not work on galaxy A5

Works great! Works great between our two phones. Slower phone can sometimes have a problem decoding, but mostly works.

sometimes when recording lamp on my screen it gives me weird text

It works Works quite well. I would like to see an IOS version. Also somewhere to adjust wpm would be good (the speed that the morse is transmitted/received)

LG G3 Can only send. No option to receive with camera.

Battlefield 4 Easter Egg here i come Thumb up for Dice LA camo

How to recive mores codes via camera?

Bf4 easter egg worked great Samsung note 5 just had to hold back button to get the receive menu up

Note5 No-Go Does not fully work with Note5, send only option.

No way to switch mode for galaxy s5

Hey! It works.... but initially had the same problem of other users: Only the black screen for text and no options to change for reading. To make it work: Go to SETTINGS on your phone and look for SCREENSHOT. Then in Hot Key Settings TURN OFF "Tap and hold the recent apps Key to take a screenshot". Done! Go to the app and press the Recent App button for a couple of seconds and will appear 3 options: CHAT Mode Settings About Press CHAT MODE and therre we go, we can use it. Hope it helps!

Should be able to read Morse code from light source, there is no option to read it, seen somewhere else that you need to adjust screenshots setting to get it to work, but never found any setting, as far as this is go's, not worth installing on any Samsung device, and from what I seen note worth it on any other as well

Good app for reading visual codes. Crashes when backing out of chat mode frequently. Could use on-screen buttons to switch modes and access settings faster.

LG G3 Works on either LED/LCD just fine.

Doesn't do anything but send through screen....

It's not working without multitascking button

Great niche app Good fun for camping and actually could save someone. One request, add a speed setting... it needs to go up to at least 25 wpm IMHO. Thanks!

Doesn't work anymore Worked great with samsung s3 but not with my s6

Not compatible with Z813 I'm just simply trying to do the dice la Easter egg and use a simple app but what do you know? The flash doesn't even work. It just flashes a white screen and there is no chat or whatever the hell people are talking about. I'd rather have you guys say it's not compatible with my phone. I've never seen ANYTHING like this. Seriously what the hell guys.

Doesnt work Only able to write txt

Didn't work. using Samsung galaxy S5 no option to recieve via camera as described

Can you somehow add an options button. i dont have it on my lg optimus f60 so i cant switch to the video part

Doesn't work on my G2 I wasn't able to open the camera scanner.

No camera option on Note 5 Please add an options button to the UI for phones that do not have a physical options button, so that we can select the camera and other features.

Yep bf4 easter egg led me here too