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Monster Raid

Supplied By Orca Inc.    On Aug. 25, 2016    Comments(70)

Samsung Phone Monster Raid version1.2.5 Download

A true monster collection game is here!
Try your luck at becoming the world’s greatest monster hunter, together with cute and charming monsters!

◆ Game characteristics

Crisp and neat 2D graphics!
Charming, unique monsters!
A seamless storyline, organized into quests!
Over 350 types of monsters available throughout the game
A wealth of contents including event dungeons, raids, the Arena, and the Tower of Trials

1. Over 350 types of monsters

Over 350 types of monsters organized into 6 major tribes appear in the game! Try collecting all of the monsters!
Monsters will continue to be updated.

2. Over 200 quests, and a tantalizing storyline.

Don’t know where to start or what to do? Over 200 quests will keep you engaged.
Do small favors for Doctor Vickers or Rita. They’ll help you become the world’s best Monster Hunter.

3. 7 islands, over 60 regions, and over 200 dungeons

Explore the 7 islands in Monster World, each with a unique environment. These include Jackal, the island of prairies, and Arnoah, island of jungles.
In the Giant Rift that occupies the eastern end of Monster World are unknown dungeons with various environments.

4. Arena system for multiplayer mode

You can battle with other players as well. Check out your opponent’s team, and organize your team accordingly.
Compete with other players in the arena.

5. Hunt down giant monsters with your friends through the raid system!

Throughout Monster World, there are gigantic monsters that nobody can take on alone.
Join forces with your friends to bring down these giant bosses, and gain the change to win powerful monsters!

[For users using Android 6.0 or higher]
We need the permission to access files for loading the resources.

Orca Inc. part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 25, 2016. Google play rating is 83.1012. Current verison is 1.2.5. Actual size 279.0 MB.

What's new

    【Support 3 MORE LANGUAGES】
    - Russian, Thai, Spanish(Русский язык, ภาษาไทย, Español)
    - Cutie Cabignon (6 Stars, Plants, Water)
    - Leo the King (6 Stars, Animal, Fire)
    - Fire Master (6 Stars, Mechanical, Fire)
    - Lilith the Devil (6 Stars, Demon, Physics)
    - Dark Scythe (6 Stars, Spirit, Dark)
    - You can record & share your play as Video in game easily!
Download monster-raid-1.apk 279.0 MB


Like this one! Reallllly wish I wasn't stuck playing with this air head girl....great game though.

Monster raid Cool and nice game :)

Be better if you could choose your character.

Why this game needs internet

awesome game

Loved it It is super fun and a great time killer. One of the best games I've played

Almost A great game! But.. U guys almost nailed it...ALMOST!!! it would have been a great game if only without the poorly and lazily thought INSTANT KILL monster skills.A big disrespect of player skill and strategy.I thought i can get over it after playing some time but...i just cant. Sure its chance but it procs almost every match. Who would want a winning match of 5 vs 5 become a 3 vs 5 bec the others are instakilled? So its either players are forced to put a Jintra on thier team, or suck it up and lose. Sorry but im quitting.

Was a 5 Did rate 5 but after many hours logged, it changed. This game has many cool monsters which is great but the monsters that come out of the capsules suck like every time or just not even what you want. You can feel this game trying to get you to put money into it just to MAYBE get what you want. Solid game flawed by thirst of money.

Lg I love how there are many different charecters instead of just the same charecter in 5 different elements like other games. Graphics are smooth and nice. Decent amount of content hopefully future updates will bring more. All in all its an all around good game..ive been playing daily since i downloaded it

Terrible P2w thus it doesn't qualify as a game so 1 star. If I wanted to buy a I win button I would, I want a game where players win by skill not their pocket books. League of Legends is the most played game in the world completely f2p and they make money so don't tell me you can't.

Awesome monsters! I really love the monster character, it's like pokemon but with epic monsters, i can't help myself but to play it all day, May have a some connection problem but really awesome job on the characters!!!

I'll rate this game 5star if you make this game offline online games

This is cool But please let us have a boy and a girl character.

I would give 5 but Every time a message comes up or a new quest all it says is null and I don't even know what I have to do! Please fix this, I can't do much when I don't know the objective

One downfall Only wish you could choose between a boy and a girl

Waste time Need money to get super cool stuff

Really good game Loved it!!

Need more improvement Energy must be 3 mins or less. Need more chances of getting 5 stars from 10 draws. Need more rewards setting for materials fusion since it's drops are horrible. Game settings must be more easier to delete and get new account. Need more fun pvp arenas. Make boss raid accessible to lower people also. Need more communication on guild. Need more drops on dungeons. Lower fusion materials. Increase friends rewards points. This game lag so much. More gold rewards.

Amazing Note: New update makes 1-4 minute loading times on my Ellipsis 7 Tablet, Android version 4.2.2

After the last update all in game scripts display as null. Please fix this as I do enjoy playing

Too many wait on loading Refresh screen takes too long. And too many loading on screen. And it's not because of my connection, believe me. Loading when open mission, go to other building/places/menu. Almost everything we do its started with small loading time, but it happen a lot, makes it kinda annoying. beside that, it's an okay game. Nice graphics, good story, funny conversation, addictive gameplay..

Will get 5 stars It a good game! But take too much loading... times.

Internet connection required, it's hard to get into the flow of the game, when you go into the dungeon you have to hit the move button, then the arrows, then there's pauses for picking things up, and loading screens for everything. It would be better if you could just start walking on your own, and the things you pick up just give a notification, rather than having an animation (even though I do think they are cute).

Awesome game The game has great graphics and awesome monsters

Runs surprisingly smoothly even on an an old phone like mine. Great game, decent free to play aspect, and overall an excellent time killer.

it is crashing 20 taaims a day waai???? and Iike dis game

Love the game but there is just to much waiting! Takes forever to do one mission... pls improve, make an offline mode pls!!! and more monsters pls! <3

Like it If u give me 6star monster then i will rate to 5.. thank n i really enjoyed play this game.. so addicted

Greater than great

Translations on the names are awful and nonsensical.

Monster Raid I love this game, the creators are always impoving the game.

Shuts down Why does it shut down whenever Im playing. It's always like this. Whenever I'm playing out of 10 games, it shuts down in 6 games. It just keeps on shutting down.. Would you please fix this..

I love it very much but... U need to put a new feature where we can give our own monster to our friends and we can also see what move do our monster do so we don't have to go to battle to see what move it do

I like the game but... It could be better if you made more ways the main character could look like. And there should be a boy character too.

Evolved or combined Evolved or combined monsters cant be selected for use, please help?

One concern... Cool game, though while im playing it always crashed whenever im in a dungeon. Making me frustrated... -_- please, im requesting for an assistance.

Nice game already and getting better with each update.

No gems received 5* when fixed Please send my daily gem package...I paid for it but didn't receive the 80 initial gems. Please set me up to get them and the rest of them each day this month.will rate give stars when changed. This is a very good and slightly addictive game but I hate to be ripped off

Wtf wheres my gem!? I bought gems and i didnt get them but i was charged! and no customer support?

Bugged Can't get past intro. I didn't get the rare draw and can't unlock next quest. Terrible

FRUSTRATED!! I have lost alot of energy, everytime i do raids in dungeon chasm, the game always crashes and force close. It says monster raid is having problem in google play services pls contact devs

Awesome Really great. Could be a easier way to get gems tho.

Awesome. One of my fav. games.

More events ?

Some issues I would give it five stars but right now the monster drops and the exp are just aweful. Overall you have great graphics challenging turn base play and excellent story. Fix the first two issues i will be more then happy to reinstall and rate a five star as it deserves.

Fun but really bummed and I've put money into this.. Really kinda bummed have put money into it and I have not gotten any dragon fruits or any dragon stones. It's basically impossible to evolve any of the starter dragons. Evolution materials don't pop up ever... also it would be nice to have random increased monster drops more ways to lvl your monsters ..if u fix it so the dragon fruits and stones are more easily accessible I will change my rating and review

"Increase mobility by 35 when the monster's attack a dark monster". So what does "mobility" mean? Same to "speed"? Sorry, I am not good in english.

Fix this thing There is basically nothing to do at all... everything remains locked... Even if you have. Mission in that area.. What the hell

Good Game I personally like this game, the monster is great, the graphic is good.. but everytime i click to some place or item, it always took loading icon too long..

Amazing game Lot of fun, cool monsters to discover and evolve. Great visuals and great play style.

One Problem Sometimes it Crashes could you fix this pls?

Great game.. It's good but why the character is female.. please add male char hahahha

Just tweek the evo mats drop a little, did 20 runs to get dragon egg. Got not a single 1 on that 20 runs

AWESOME GAME ! This game is really fun 10/10

Best game ever Its not paytowin and easy to play

Great game but the drops are rubbish

diamond dear admin, can you make easy to get a diamond without buying?? tq

Amazing I wanna join the Beta... ;-;

Great and fun game.

Like it (y)

I love this game

No problems,fun I swear No problems for me at all and this game is soo fun.Download it!! I swear u wont regret it if your looking for a game with leveling up,competition,evolving monsters and a game that will keep you playing forever.Keep up the good work Orca Inc.

Help I really want to play this game but every time I opened it after I beat the tutorial it keeps crashing everytime I get to the home screen please help

Monster RAID TI good but it is a bug make me get out fex it please good game

Please fix the connectivity issue.

Greate game I factory reset my phone and i had a fronga lord of darkness i am literaly going to cry if its gone

Quest four glitches I played quest four almost 20 times but still good game

Did not let me name my monster

restarting again and again

Awesome Game