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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Supplied By Gameloft    On June 6, 2016    Comments(171)

Samsung Phone Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour versionVaries with device Download

The #1 Action FPS game is back on smartphone with a new chapter to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. In the wake of nuclear warfare, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terrorist group.

☢ Feel the story’s dramatic intensity and see both sides of the story by also playing the villain, Edward Page.
☢ Dominate the battlefield with a new tactical movement system!
☢ Wage war and take action all over the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona!

☢ Feel the chaos of war on the battlefield with console-like graphics, lifelike animations and dynamic objects.
☢ The first Gameloft title powered by the Havok Engine for amazing ragdoll effects. Warfare never felt so realistic!
☢ Improved sound & voice acting performed by a renowned studio in the movie industry.

☢ Forge your own gameplay profile online with an improved loadout system & over 20,000 weapon arrangements!
☢ A new specialization system with redesigned skills.
☢ Lead your character to the top of the online leaderboards with a new ranking system!

Find all the information for MC4, the #1 Action FPS game, on http://www.modern-combat.net.

For all fans of action games, FPS games (First-Person Shooters), war games, multiplayer games, online FPS games, and for all players who want to dominate the battlefield!

Minimum hardware requirements to play Modern Combat 4:
- 1 GHz CPU
- 512 MB RAM
- Adreno 205 GPU or equivalent
- Available storage: 1.9 GB
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Gameloft part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 6, 2016. Google play rating is 88.4717. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Minor bug fixes.
Download modern-combat-4-zero-hour.apk 0 bytes


rocks on mojo Controls are better thanks.

Could not be downloaded I constantly got a error (905) telling me it couldn't be downloaded due to an unknown error. I either want a fix, or my money back asap.

Love the game... But :/ Every time I die on multiplayer. The app freezes. It... Really is kind of a kill joy. Literally. If I could get some help for this... It would be helpful :o Oh... And gyroscope would be nice for my Nexus 5...

Wow!!! So the good☺ This the game very nice playing. Got gun to shooting peoples. So nice the graphics too. much impress. Very the good multiplay also. Must download this game!!! Very the fun to the play.

Great game and story Enjoying the game so far. My only issue is the slightly clunky controls. Lots of dragging around to move line of sight and then you accidentally fire or throw a grenade. Kill my accuracy score. Oh well

False adversing by Nvidia - No controller support? First of all the Nvidia Shield Hub CLEARLY states this game has FULL controller support when in fact it does not.. at all. Secondly to have a game like this with no controller support is just completely and utterly stupid, does Gameloft know what they are doing????... I have already had to obtain a refund for Modern Combat 5 because of their anti-consumer always on DRM and now this? Gameloft need to wake up and think of the customer for once.... my advice is to stay away from anything from Gameloft until they fix their broken CRAP!!!

Much improved lately I had previously given this one star but things have improved and THESE GAMES ARE THE BEST GAMES on a phone ... I hate the new console hud on mc5 (if you start with MC5 you won't know so start there) so I hope this game lasts.

AWESOME! I say the graphics r better than Modern. Combat 5. This game is funner for kids. It longer. You also don't have to pick your character and gun, muzzle, handle, clip, or scope! You already have it in Modern Combat 4.

Excellent way to waste a day For an app or even a gaming system this game works really well with very few glitches and lags. I play it on my nexus 6 and my nexus 9 tablet

Pretty good It has PS3 controller support via OTG, although im not sure what imbecile designed the controls for it. Game itself is pretty good, only played the multiplayer for now. Unfortunately, I keep getting put against level 50s, which is kind of hard and frustrating. Some kind of matchmaking/balancing would be appreciated.

Love it Best epic game for Android. I have part 5 for my tablet. It is awesome lags a little but worth the money. Technology is so great game console games are now playable for smaller devices. I can't wait for part six in the future. I can play this and never get bored

Campaign was pretty good.. Multiplayer sucks if you haven't geared yourself up BUT was fun and played well. Played on Nexus 7 2014 running that bullshit Lollipop firmware update using the on screen controls which were a little less than desirable. One of the best shooter games on DROID that is not a complete wallet humping cash grabbing piece of garbage like all the others on the market now. Need more games that have just a price tag on them and no in app purchases and micro transactions.

First impression Controls take some getting used too. Game runs butter smooth on LG G3. Graphics are decent, character models look blocky, guns look good. Now looking into controllers for better experience. Not bad FPS for on the go.

Ripped off for the SECOND time! AND no support for shield tablet controller whatsoever!!!!! Gameloft seems to be making a habit of removing all my in-app purchases and resetting my credit balance to 1,000. This is both Criminal and Unprofessional! Until I get back the stuff I payed for I will keep the rating at 1 star. Potential buyers BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lost over $60.00AUD now and will not spend 1 cent more until this travesty is rectified! I also had my dungeon hunter 4 & N.O.V.A. 3 accounts reset and in total lost well over $200.00AUD and Gameloft were no help. After I did all the things they asked to no avail I never heard them again and months later they still won't return my support emails. As crooked as a dog's hind leg. If they don't refund the money they stole back to my accounts I will not make any more in-app purchases. LET THE BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Fantastic! Finally fixed and fantastic again! Controller support is good but useless during quick time events because the swipe gestures are not mapped to the buttons or sticks (Pretty Stupid in my opinion). Try Modern Combat 5 after you're finished with MC4. It doesn't have this controller problem and it is just as good with some improvements!

Glitchy The game is really glitchy online and can be really frustrating for example it doesn't let me move when the notification bar pops up "new load out will be applied after next death"

A good game A good game on nvidia shield tablet so far nice graphics and gameplay addictive and stores to SD memory card which is needed great. hope there will be updates

Banned Account I played the game's multiplayer up to Veteran Level 3. was fun, but half the time people with overpowered weapons ruined it. But it was still okay. A week ago, my account was randomly banned. I emailed Gameloft support three times about the issue, but they refused to unban me, much less even tell me why I had been banned. Until they unban me, I will keep my rating at 1 star.

What's up? I uninstalled to make room now I'm trying re-download and it will not start. It just sits there....any recommendations?

Absolutely amazing game on a whole, but... Graphics are great, mechanics are fantastic, it's at least somewhat realistic, and the storyline is actually okay, however replayability is REALLY limited.

Liked it ? Unknown error code during installation - 505 at first. After that encountered error code 941. Looks like my money is refunded. But I still find glitches in weapons and other bugs. Why did you people remove the gore. Now I just can't shoot a player's limbs or head off! Please fix the errors and bring back the gore. ?

Lack of controller options! Looks like a great game, but it doesn't have a good controller scheme and it says that it has full controller support! I've contacted Gameloft and Nvidia to try and resolve this issue, but I am still not happy with the controller options for the Shield tablet! Please update this game so that it's playable with a Shield controller and I will rerate!

Online mode not supporting Its a brilliant game but whenever i try to play online mode, the game hangs.. i will really appreciate if you solve this issue. i play it on my s5 android lollipop...

Speed hackers Nice game and all, better than MC5 (that game sucks), just wish Gameloft do something to counter these no skilled speed hackers, they are aggy af. And drop the noob tube and fix the crashing.

No KitKat support on Shield It might well be a good game but seeing as my nvidia shield is running 5.0 it's not opening. Not too disappointed though as long as the devs patch in 5.0 support x3

MogaPro issue on Lollipop5.0 Note3. used to work fine but after the LAST update lost compatibility with MogaPro2(mode A)..mode B is ok but useless with this game. Now Im unable to use my Moga, Im VERY disappointed, HOW IS THAT YOU CHARGE FOR A GAME FULL WITH BUGS AND WITHOUT ANY REAL SUPPORT FOR THE MOGA on?5.0, I have DeadZone & (modeA) works Perfect and compatible w. Lollipop. Not to mention that I already got MC5 w. the same issue I think is not worth the money. You guys made me feel like walking backwards. Please Fix. is not the Moga.

Right analog spoils the whole experience The right analog stick is not working. Can't look around. Why on earth would I keep on buying modern combat games!!!

Good game but gyro issue Bravo. The graphics issue is fixed. But why don't I see a gyroscope option on my nexus 5?

Loved it Hey multiplayer is not working at all on my nexus 6 (shamu) !! Can't join any matches WiFi nor 4G

Doesn't work like it should Worked just fine before Android 5.0.1, but now the sky is black, areas were there is suppose to be fire are just red line blocks, and the worse of if it I can't get pass the second mission.*After Update* Fixed the effects and sky issue but now the controls for my MOGA Pro Power controller are weird. Why do I have to use the L1 and R1 bumpers to Scope aim and shoot? And what the hell is with crouching down use to just press down on the L3 button now it's just dumb luck.

Not working anymore I log in but I can't join any ranked or custom match or create my own. I see the list or custom matches but I can't join them. It just says LOADING but it can't connect to the match. I know it is not an issue on my net cause it's the same on any wifi I'm on. Please fix this problem.

I know the game is good but it won't work now I don't know why i think it's because of the lollipop update help me please

Cannot join the room! Server issue... No multiplayer anymore. The controller doesn't work for Nvidia Shield Tablet, unless I map the buttons! So I don't really like mapping the hub. Make the game as native for Nvidia Controller. All hackers must be banned! Thank you!

Console grade! Love it! Especially with Nvidia SHIELD with controller. But no control mapping :\

OK I got moga back however! Dear Gameloft, you have moga support, however I play this on my TV which is not touch screen and therefore need all functions in multiplayer and solo to work from the controller. Which it doesn't, so in multiplayer why not let me call in support with the use of L1 length of time held could determine what perk is called in. Also in single player at the screens where I need to swipe the screen in a certain direction would be nice if an analog stick worked.... Please update!

happy again c: tysm! the new update worked i can finally play mc4 again :b

I already requested a refund and it won't let give me my money back...gameloft can you please refund it

Reinstalling it but Needs to be MOGA controller compatible Just please do that and I will rate 5 stars

Fun This game runs great on the nvidia shield tablet and the shield tablet gaming controller works well with the game.

Hard to get used to controls This is an OK fps. Some reasonable puzzles and the idea of playing both sides is interesting once you get the idea.

Fix problems. Fix it on HTC nexus 9. GFX settings is very low. Android 5.0.1not supported.

Like it but.... Issue on Nvidia shield console(android TV). Screen is black during gameplay when trying to use the iron sight for aiming in the campaign mode. Unwilling to play game in current state. Last time I played on the Nexus Player I did not have any issues, so I'm guessing it must be an issue with Nvidia Shield specifically.

Good game. issue on Nvidia shield console On my shield console the screen turns black except for HUD stuff when aiming/zooming. Is this a known issue?

Unplayable on Nvidia Shield TV due to bug that turns the screen black when using iron sights and quick time events. Please fix.

Not working properly on Nvidia shield android TV. Screen is black during gameplay when trying to aim

Its awesome???...Kinda Some hackers that made themselves run super fast and stuff but overall its a very Awesome game?? but do something about those hackers...they run super duper fast

Room for improvement Only gripe I have is not being able to customize button layouts, other than that it's a pretty cool and flawlessly executed game.Almost forgot I was playing on a phone because of the great story and graphics, but PLEASE UPDATE WITH CUSTOMIZABLE BUTTON LAYOUTS!update: played thru again on my note 4 this time and still no customizeable controls! WTF Gameloft!UPDATE: Still need customization of buttons!I mean come on, really! An FPS and no customizing button layouts, docking a star for that this time around!!

Good Game is great except for that multiplayer has to have wifi. It should be able to run off mobile network also. The cost of weapons should be a little lower. Also take away the nerfing of the ufia. Eliminate some of the recoil on the charb

zero hour works awesome on every Android device I have even the low powered ones flawless execution gameloft/havoc..well done!

Much improved lately I had previously given this one star but things have improved and THESE GAMES ARE THE BEST GAMES on a phone ... I hate the new console hud on mc5 (if you start with MC5 you won't know the difference so start there) so I hope this game lasts.

Cant join any online Cant join any online games with my gameloft live account but when I sign in with Google plus I find one right away pls fix all my data is on gl account

Best FPS I've played, a few issues though... The good - Great gameplay, full control system and HUD customisation, a good variety of challenges and mission styles.. The bad - sometimes a bug with turning, I can only turn 180 degrees, also very short gamw.. It remains better than MC5 though

Multiplayer problem When I click " random Match " it tells me its loading for people to be added on, but it never loads. It leaves me waiting. I've never had this problem until the new update. I really like the game but this new update really messed it up for me and I just wanna play but it won't let me. :(

Speed hackers galore Nice game and all, better than MC5 (that game sucks), just wish Gameloft do something to counter these no skilled speed hackers, they are aggy af. And drop the noob tube and fix the crashing.

Great game. Great game that works on my Sony Android TV with PS4 controller after last update! One thing that bothers me is when i press right analog stick for crouching the game goes into pause menu. I then have to exit pause menu to get my player to crouch. This is annoying! I know the problem is not with my controller so it's probably a bug in the game. Otherwise I like the game.

Havok and full efects The game uses Havok engine. The ragdoll effects and the flames from the main menu(full details) are missing on Asus Zenfone 2, but they are active on a Zenfone 6(which is older than the zenfone 2). Why?

Good Great always play it with my friends. But can u PLEASE fixed the bug where u keep disconnecting, also happens with me and my friends so can't blame my phone. Also this only happens in local multiplayer. If the disconnecting crap stopped i would rate it 5 stars

OMG!! Great amazing game but please put in more snipers like the Barret and the intervention and a big snow map for snipers and all

Not working on my zenfone max Not working on my asus zenfone max, im using an android lollipop. Stocked on gameloft logo and keep blinking. Any fix for this?

Pink Lines the game lunches on galaxy s7 but at the beginning (1st mission) n even in multiplayer, it has lots of lags n no texture just tons of pink lines connected to each other. around the characters bodies, weapon n everywhere else on screen (just similar to a game in-work, where devs using programs n options to create a game)

Great Game! This game is truly VERY fun! I've spent hours and hours on this shooter. The reason I'm rating it 4/5 because the only thing I don't like about the game is the Game Breaking Glitches. Once I've experienced a glitch that made Saunders(An NPC) needed to progress in the game didn't spawn so I was stuck on a certain part of mission 3 and I had to start the game ALL OVER, which made me very upset because I spent almost an hour getting to mission 3! Therefore I was drained, and didn't want to do all of it over.

the whole game display is just lines, red ones, a huge bug .. structural lines about the weapon and the surrounding only, unfinished display .. it used to work just fine and I have a Note 5

Great game but... Every time I customize the hud to my liking it always resets even after I save it, gets really annoying having to keep changing every 10 minutes

WHY NO SUPPORT FOR MARSHMALLOW? NOTICE TO PLAYERS: DO NOT download this game if you are running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). The new OS is incompatible with MC4. This is a sad, sad thing because THIS GAME IS AWESOME. I hope Gameloft understands that MC4 is their best effort by far, and that they will fix the issue ASAP with a new update. I've tried around a dozen other first-person shooters - some with multi-player, others without - and in my opinion, nothing else comes close. Solve this problem immediately, as I have no life.

This is cheating to me. Previously I'm get blocked because i was a cheater, i never used any cheating method, even though i just create a new account and start playing. But again this f@#king bullshit says I'm a cheater, actually this is cheating to me. I swear i never even tried any kind of cheating method, it's hard to build a setup again,totally disappointed

Amazing! Very well made! They really aren't kidding or or being optimistic when they say this game is console like because it really is! From the explosions to the gun fights, this game always makes you feel vulnerable because you die so quickly! I still remember the face i made when I blew someone's legs off with a shotgun (never thought dismemberment would be in any Android game!) Well worth it!

Not compatible with 6.0.1? Does not work on newest version of Android. Just shows a bunch of pink lines on story mode and multi-player. Please fix the game to run on Marshmallow and I will change my rating.

I am not happy at all... I had modern combat 4 installed in my Infinix X510 Android Marshmallow 6.0, and it doesn't work, it keeps showing a pink screen and background. What's wrong Gameloft?, I messaged the customer support, but there was no response, I just spent money for nothing, it's really bad.

The game won't start??????? Wish there was a "zero" star.The game doesn't even start.It just shows a circle rotating with a black background. I want my refund back!!!!!!!Very bad.

Great game This game was a 5 star until they switched the multiple players to permanently unlocked... ok yes u can use all the weapons now but u can with your friends

The Best of the Best First Person Shooter This game is the best creation of Gameloft. I guarantee you will love this game. It is a very smooth running game. It has the best graphics... But do not play MC5. That games graphics are terrible and it is super laggy. This is the best that Gameloft has so far.

Pink lines after update I updated my galaxy s6 and when i go to play it all i see is pink lines. I been playing this game for a long time and this is the first time that this has happen. Other than that i love this game, because it has good graphics and im a beast lol ??

Unfinished game Been playing this game for awhile now and recently the game has gone down hill, out of nowhere the multiplayer game turned into a landscape of pink lines and a wall of finished content and i dont know why, help.

Very good Really good game worth buying game like this :) keep updating this game its really fun! People who says that this game sucks you phone is the problem! Not the game! 5 star sirs!

Great game on older devices Game runs so well in Android 4.2 and 4.4 but I couldn't able to play on my 6.0.1 phone Samsung Galaxy S7EDGE. Graphics shows pink lines all around and runs way too slow on the higher versions on Android. And that is very annoying. Please fix it n the next update.

Problem solved When u lost connection and after reconnect redownloading the files back, the required files will be corrupt and another thing.. this game is better than mc5

WHY GAMELOFT WHY ? YOU DIDN'T HEAR ME :( Fix the controller issues ! I don't want to play with touch screen . It's a long time to wait for the update but still the same. I can't move the camera and i can't throw grenade. PLEASE FIX IT GAMELOFT ! TQ :(

Amazing This game is so much fun amazing graphics plus if you don't like the controls the are full customizable. I just beat the game great story and amazing multiplayer over all best fps ever on mobile. 5*

Ipega PG-9025 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Joys tick Android iOS Tablet TR Great game. Love not having to spend or wait for energy. First real game I've played of its kind. Hope for more games like it to come. . . Csn anyone tell me if this controller works with this game?? Ipega PG-9025 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Joys tick Android iOS Tablet TR

Sweeeeet! ( UNTIL 6.0 UPDATE! ) U can customize HUD to fit your taste if u don't like the layout. It's the coldest shooting game out there. I'd give it a 5 if I could customize my tronsmart controller.* ****Now since the marshmallow update all i get is grid lines PLEASE FIX

Bugged Graphics For me all the graphics on multiplayer and story are bugged. Everything is displayed in red lines and it is very laggy. Please fix this. Galaxy s6 edge android 6. Fix this immediately or give me a refund somehow as I bought it for 7 dollars to see this?!

Amazing THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! I love it...campaign is good and action packet.

Bes game I have ever played yet Why just a small update make it good and bigger but don't ruin it like mc5

Nice. Hey gameloft I downloaded the game and yes it is a 5 star for me but now the problem is that multiplayer is not working please fix it . Can't access to multiplayer account coolguy3112 please fix it

Great looking game but the right analog stick isn't working as it should be on my moga controller PLEASE FIX!!!!

Refund Please? Worked fine with the lollipop system for my galaxy s6. With the latest marshmallow update it's super laggy and everything is a purple line (Like what the developer would see). Please fix.

Love it but I can't seem to have more than one military support even though there are three military support boxes

Stopped working Hi The game has stopped loading on my LG V500 8.3, click app to load and screen gose to gameloft logo then nothing, just stays on the logo. Please help.. I did pay for this... I like the game...

Doesn't work This game does not work on the Galaxy S7. The screen has red lines running through it making in it impossible to play? If this gets fixed I'll change my rating but in the meantime the game is unusable

Sean0071 I really didn't like the fact that the game has a glitch in it to where as though you can see red lines I hope you update this game because this game is very good and graphics and it doesn't work on the Galaxy S 6 with marshmallow I hope you guys do update this because this game makes your company

Nvidia controller not fully functional Right analog stick does nothing. I can't move my view left or right

Samsung Galaxy S3 Magnificent game... bought the game one week ago, only started playing a week after. I must say one of the best if not THE BEST First Person Shooter mobile phone game. As you would expect the controlls are not easy, however the graphics and the sounds in the game are flawless. Should only take you about 20minutes max to get a good feel for the controls and Only 2mins to know exactly what a great game it is :) Definitely Recommend!

I LOVED IT This game is awesome, good graphic, easy control, great story and great gameplay . Best game ever

One of my favorites game loft should put out more games that you have to pay for I known I'll pay what they ask for a small contribution for awesome game. But I guess people are too cheep to pay so we're all stuck with the free to play bull sh:*.

Good game but sort out controller mapping I have a MOGA Pro Power and this game is now virtually impossible to play. On my S4 there were no problems but as soon as I got an s6 edge, my controller doesn't work the way I want it to. Please create a controller mapping option so we can decide our controls. Thanks

Rated the game one star after Installation failed after all 1.18gigabytes were downloaded to my Infinix Hot3 ; then failed again after a second download! No response from customer service except an email that led nowhere. After 15 days, additional files were pushed to my device, and hey! Bingo. Moved rating to 3 stars.

Sweeeeet! ( THANKS FOR FIXING ) U can customize HUD to fit your taste if u don't like the layout. It's the coldest shooting game out there. Much better than MC 5.

Needs to be a longer campaign It's a great game but i literally completed it in three days also can it require less storage because it requires too much I can't install it due to too much storage requirements

Good Great graphics, good story, great controls, great gameplay... The best

BUG FIXED After i update the software to Marshmallow on S6edge, this game run wreckly.. and after update this game run perfectly

I have to rate 5 Very F^€×/*$ disappointed, evey since the updated this game has come to crap. People in front of you end up behind you and takes a whole clip to someones head to kill them? I dont like writing negative comments but im really disappointed.

What is the problem gameloft? I paid for this game and for the last 6 months i can't join multiplayer, it just loads and gets stuck loading! Severely upset with Gameloft. If you can't keep your customers happy you'll lose them forever.

Ipega compatibility still not available After all this time still no ipega controller support so disappointed man can't believe an update came still not fixed supporting ipega

Audio issue. It's been since 2014 since I changed my review. Please fix the audio issue.

AUDIO ISSUE Audio issue with latest update. Sort it out GAMELOFT

Best game of MC series! Story gameplay everything is up to next Level of mobile gaming, i've played mc5 but i am enjoying this one more than mc5.

AUDIO ISSUSE plz fix audio issuse other ways everything is good

Thanks for listening The latest update for marshmallow proves that Gameloft cares for its customers and franchise. Thanks

First i got an error for 2 hours saying there is no wi-fi wtf.. second when i play few games and leave my money and xp does not save and third there is a lot of bug/glitches.... so i gave 7€ for what? how can i fix this or can i get my refund the app is broken.

Sucks Idk why for some reason this apk i bought it but whenever i kept trying to play this apk it keep crashing...what kind of scam is this?

One of many Need an update fast, marshmallow is a NO GO, may day may day, do you hear us. Do you copy? Best shooter on android. Hey, look what I've found , an update, thanks devs. 5 stars .

Unable to download .....already purchased.. Money debited... Nd now i cant refund there is no option..help

Awesome Better than MC 5 the best MC series MC 4 and 3 nice GL

Was great, Now the Bluetooth controller buttons are crap. Wtf? I have played this game using a moga controller. Now you have removed that particular setup. It works with Bluetooth controllers still but it's a horrible button mapping. Plz plz plz!!! Add the ability to edit button mapping for bluetooth controllers. This was my favorite shooter now it's very complex to play using a controller. Plz add and update this

Finally Finally fixed it. Thanks!

It's Amazing The game is everything I want

thanks for the update. now I can play Modern Combat 4 in android 6.0

Audio issue It was good until I updated. Now it's CRAP. FIX THE AUDIO ISSUE

Online game The online games and the story is all perfect best game with no ads that i have playd

GREAT This game has a great graphic and some what look like call of duty.

Thanks Gameloft! U guys fixed the problem... I can see u guys really care about your customers #keep it up

Update Thank you for making it compatible with marshmallow! Awesome game!

Very nice..but add same network co-op plz

Moga controller. Says it was compatible won't let me play with Moga Controller

Crashing in Android 6.0 . There's no option to refund. I want my money back Gameloft.

Can't play offline Your recent update doesn't make me able to play offline. Please fix.

Great game and wonderful story, the best among the best.

The app won't get off the downloading screen any tips?

error is fixed thank you very much for fixing the miner error. enjoying the game. THANKS.

Galaxy $5 Cool game but takes for ever to download thas the part I hate waiting for ever a I wish they Impprove that part.

Awesome Very intertaining and cool story line.

Controls Why is there no auto sprint option

Way better than modern combat 5 Even though mc5 had better graphics, i loved mc4 better. You can purchase the guns you want, the modifications you want, the grenades you want to use, the list goes on. And since I remember my username and password for it i have not lost any progress from the game. Mc5 screwed me over with that. Gameloft, go back to the simplicity of this game. It would be something i would keep up with.

Great game Love this game best mc game ever better than 5 and 3. Please add kit selection like mc5. Also add a mortar please. Hkw much is modern combat 2 black pegasus? I played sandstorm before that even came out and sandstorm was awesome. Had to get sandstorm from a website. Was not on the store ever. Please add a zombies mode. The glocks in this game are awesome. It is sometimes hard to aim with your glocks. I have the very first glock. Could you add boot camp for news. This is like battlefield 4.

Amazing (Hero)mckaybrigg__ This is an amazing game and I love how well the controls work with the screen, the graphics are 5* and so is game play, wish there were more guns and player customization. Wish you could have made mc5 like it but you messed up the story anyways, overall worth $6.99

Much better than mc 5! Still made professionally, story is deeper than the mc5 has. What i like about mc4 instead of mc5 is because the story mode isn't just moving from one battle to another while the story mode in mc5 is a rip off. Well optimized performance, just fits for every smartphone out there (almost).

Still the best there is Having played the s**t out of this game for three years, I am totally sick of it, yet no other FPS comes close to it. Multi-player mode is the only reason I play this game. No one else delivers the smooth gameplay like MC4. I think Gameloft ruined multiplayer on MC5, and I hope the next installment delivers even more of what is so awesome about this game.

Difficulties with required files. I'm having difficulties in downloading the game's required files. I have a good network, but it just shows- "checking required files", then tells me it can't download the required files. Please fix this Gameloft, because the fault is from you guys. I've installed, and uninstalled it many times, but it's still doing the same thing.

No controller compatability I stopped playing mc5 because i didnt like how you had to play multiplayer to advance in the campain whivh sucks cuz multi isnt moga compatable like the rest of the game. I paid money for this game but cant play it cuz its too hard to me without a controller. I seriously love gameloft which is another reason it bums me out cuz i never wanted to give them a 1 star review. I know its possible since mc5 is controller compatable..and I know no one will read this which is worst of all. I just wish I could play

Can't get a reply from host left me hanging. Do not buy this game. It was good at one time now you can't even play multi player that I paid for. When they fix this problem I will came back and reply again. I have had this game for four years now at its only got worse. Don't waist your money in till they fix this problem. And when you try and message them you can never get ahold of anyone. They won't even reply on this message. Don't get ripped off. Don't pay for this game. Was awesome at one point now crap trust me. Read a few reviews

No controller support Alot of people still play mc4, alot of people believes it to be better than mc5. So why o why isn't control mapping available or why isn't compatible with the shield tv and its control???? You guys need to pay attention, not just to the newer games, but to the games people actually play.

Screw this game Multiplayer won't even work I tried signing in to gamelo ft live and that did not even work and plus on regular multiplayer is stupid because all the stupid guns are already there!! No guns to unlock I hate it and plus that won't even work so don't buy it its a pile of crap

Good Great always play it with my friends. But can u PLEASE fixed the bug where u keep disconnecting, also happens with me and my friends so can't blame my phone. Also this only happens in local multiplayer. If the disconnecting crap stopped i would rate it 5 stars

An Internet Error Occured Everytime I open the game I am welcomed with that heart warming message. I use to love playing this game, but it seems you guys cant find out the problem, I will be filing for a refund unless u can fix this:(

This game is awesome The campaign is short but longer than mc3 or mc5 and it is amazing.The best fps i have ever played on android,worth the money.I have suggestion that you should add some extra missions besides the campaign and some daily tasks so that we won't get bored after completing the story and add an option to add AI bots in local wifi multiplayer with difficulty setting

Galaxy S5 lollipop OS Working fine, but there's an AUDIO ISSUE. I always hear foot steps even though there's no enemy near my vicinity, it is very hard to pin point where the enemy's actual location. Please fix this. Thank you Gameloft.

Great game but need new updates... runs great on my Galaxy s7 edge and still the best MC out there( MC5 suck). But you guys have to do sormthing about the hackers that's ruining the gameplay experience for us old veterans.

Game is not better after update the Disconnects way too much to play, sometimes 7 to 8 times in one hour. And game is still full of hackers. They are usually level 50 private that never prestige and killing veteran players with the no reload hacks. This game is still just as bad as before because the reporting hackers don't seem to work.

Loved it. Played it on my LG G2. Love the graphics. Edit: it is very unfortunate that Gameloft brought such a short game(mc5) as successor to game like this. The campaign of MC4 is one of the best your can play on a mobile phone.

give back my money i though after downloading the app at google store will auto download with obb.. now the app said i need space 1119mb?? my device have 4gb more empty space when this app said need more!!?

Sound Glitch Latest update made the sounds feel like they're coming from all around in multiplayer. Much more difficult to target players please fix.

Since last update it's to much side effects noise. And started freezing. Plz fix it, and will get back 5 stars

Don't waste your time Bought this app, but it refuses to install, just repeatedly gets stuck on a loop saying it's downloading when it's not. Fraudulent app, don't bother with it.

Awesome Awesome if you added camo (guns and customizable players ) and offline bots to play with if u have no WiFi . that would be awesome . its so hard to get coins to buy guns you should add rewards like in mc5 because this game is way better

Amazing Game! I've had this game for about 3 years, and I have always loved it. The campaign mode has an amazing story line, and the graphics are great for a mobile game. The multiplayer is also really nice. The maps and guns are well designed and balanced, and I rarely have any lag at all (that part might be because of my good Wi-Fi).

I Love you So many cheater god dammit i want more secure so the player who download from internet has a different server cuz not fair that only lvl 2 has compact pn the begining of the match

Gameloft Sucks Excessive lost connection and force close and other bs bugs, over several years, and multiple high end devices, frequently getting screwed out of kills/wins when exciting a match after it has ended... thanks gameloft aholes.

Excellent game. U all did a great job on this. I would like to see more maps, guns, etc. Id really like to see bluetooth chat introduced. Update did not give me the new maps or the new game modes. Wiil 5 star when fixed

Fun while it worked Just the other day I opened the game and it said network error. I kept trying to reopen the game, still wouldn't start, I'll rate the game 5 if u can fix this issue

Best game This is a great game I bought it 2 years ago and still play it online with other players. I never get bored although I wish they would add new guns and maps.

UPDATE GAME MC4 is better than all the others but you guys continue to ignore it. All I'm asking is a few more guns and maps. There is a few sound/music issues after online battles but still those are ok the game is just starting to get old big update would be very appreciated!

I really like the game but.. The campaign... It's so short. I did it all in 1 day or something.. So I hope The campaign is going to be continued... Thank You.

Bes game I have ever played yet Why just a small update make it good and bigger but don't ruin it like mc5 I keep losing connection tho

Game Authentication error Everytime i open the game it doesnt wanna load the Gameloft Logo or the game it stays stuck before the Gameloft logo like if it was looking for the license

This is good game No internet no problem..go to conetions when you want pvp just downloded this game this is mean warsssssssssss love this mc4 have multyplayer options

Gameloft sucks big time! It's been a year since my operational system changed from lollipop to the latest marshmallow update, and ever since i can not play on multi-player mode. How in hell Gameloft still hasn't come up with a fix to this issue...? A whole freaking year has passed by and they can't do nothing about it , that's unacceptable and it's a big time shame. Zero star would be the proper rating for what used to be one of the greatest game and in particular my favorite one. Gameloft truly sucks...!

Gameloft Sucks Excessive lost connection and force close and other bs bugs, over several years, and multiple high devices. Just dumped two magazines into someone, and they still killed me... thanks gameloft aholes. Seconds away from a win... Force close. So here's a big FU to the f*@ktard developers at Gameloft.

Way too many disconnects Disconnects way too much to play, 13 times within 20 minutes. This disgusts me and they shouldn't be allowed to have people pay for this crap and it doesn't work properly. Google Play should remove this game until it is fixed. As of now I am done trying to play this game.

Don't waste your time Bought this app, but it refuses to install, just repeatedly gets stuck on a loop saying it's downloading when it's not. Fraudulent app, don't bother with it.

Don't stop now I sure hope Gameloft plans on giving it's loyal fans a MC6. And base it off of this one and not mc5. I mean mc5 is fun but it is soooo poorly optimized like graphics and movement mechanics its all bs compared to this one. 5 thumbs up GL™ .and pleeaassee give us a mc6 I for one would most definitely pay full price for it :) p.s. let the good people of the Havok team do mc6

Poo My phone has a gyro but the game has no option. I played this game years ago and worked fine on galaxy s3 and now I have an experia xa with gyro and no option. Fix this for 5 stars