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Laser for cat. Simulator

Supplied By Fresh & Mint    On April 8, 2016    Comments(76)

Samsung Phone Laser for cat. Simulator version1.0 Download

Laser pointer for cats is a simulator game for grown cats and kittens! Laser dot appears on game screen, cat sees it and tries to catch! Tease cats with a colored dot, make fun of your kitten! Cats love to play with laser dot! Play with cats to make them purr! If cat is bored, the app Laser for Cat will cheer him (or her) up! Happy cat is the guarantee for joy house!
Attention! Laser for Cat is a joke, a simulator game! The phone camera cannot project an image or laser beam on any surface! The laser dot appears ONLY on screen!

Fresh & Mint part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 8, 2016. Google play rating is 42.2112. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 4.9 MB. Download laser-for-cat-simulator.apk 4.9 MB


Not what you think it is Its a flashlight not a lazer that shoots out off your phone so, your cat cant play with it

It's a flashlight it's not a laser

I love this app This app is super super cool Bra

Laser For Cat. Simular It working all ready we tried it the laser came out phone the it work tried it now don't get angry :)

Hate it only shows on the screen I don't like it . I usually love stuff

It doesn't work and shows only on screen

I loved it but Can you add a laser not a flashlight

BOO!!! It don't work

Its fine Could you add in some laser

Really Next time make sure that you are making something that works

It dont work

Horrible app Don't get it it's the worst app ever it doesn't even work take it from someone who has tried to work with it for about an hour

?? Its just a flashlight its wasted my time

Bull crap Game is so stupidly weird the thing is the laser is a flashlight instead

Love it Awsome

If I could rate it a 0 I would Booooooring!i mean really, don't install this app please for your own sake

Can't turn it on help

It doesn't work It's not even a laser whoever made this app is crazy from making it as a flashlight not a laser might as well use a torch for my cat ????

It does not work The light does not even show out of the camera.

Cute cats I am going to get a cat so I think that this will go well???

If there was a 0 i would press it!!! This all STINKS!! When I pressed the laser for my dog... and yes my dog... to chase it around but it keeps on saying that the app is not responding! Stupid app! Worst app of the day

Useless It's not a laser it's just a flashlight. You might as Well just use a torch

Horrible next time sombody makes a game like this then they should reck themselves

For mobile It should be for tab please make it for tab I will rate 5 stars

Thank u I love this because I just got too cats lol thank u so so so so much

It's not work

Seen ever I seen never like this game i hated it

Its not real its just a flashlight

fake it is not true please dont wast your time and dwonload it .. yak

It only works with your phone

This is good game cat!

Flashlight I thought it would be a laser light but it was a flashlight good flashlight but could be better.☺

Bad Bad app the worst

My cat pickles loved it

XD I just don't know why This app has no reason to exist it's just a picture of a laser and when you press a button it glows sightly around the edge, if you're into that kinda thing than get it but XD wows

Worst game ever If you get this app and thinks its good. Your dumb. It just shows on the screen. If I could rate the app with 0 stars. I would.

Hate it It doesn't work. I hate this borring. who ever see app don't even think to downlord it.

Strong laser! The laser beam is so strong that it burned my finger. Be very careful if you select the purple laser (strongest one) this laser reached more than three blocks!!!!

Don't install This app does not work at all

I hate it I hate this so much it lies and said it worked it doesn't even fricking work waste of time dont download trust me

Stupid Does not work. Laser does not come out of the phone.

Don't be rude... Even if it DOESNT work the creators tried hard to make a good laser pointer game for cat lovers and they secseded

Hate It It want even let me use it. every time I press it, it says it has stopped working :-(

I get why it did not work I knew why it did not work my tablet does not work like phones mine is different if you have a phone download it on your phone do not download it on your tablet

Hated it This game does not work I turns all my lights off and it did not work it sucks

Rubbish Doesn't work on samsungs. When you turn the lazer on the torch just turns on

Really It doesn't work its only your flashlight. DO NOT INSTALL

What do you expect You phone....dosent have a what do you people expect....for it to actually shine a laser people are so stupid think...logically...of course there will be no laser and stop giving it bad reviews because you are disapointed that there is no magic .....

+jasmine rue Of course it did not work. Lasers don't exist, i don't mean the cats won't have fun.

Doest work on samsungs It just is my flash I don't know how this is going to work on ANY Samsung.....

Doesn't even work I tried using the app and it just turns on the torch

It worked I am sorry for those of you that hate it but I love it and I don't need color the color didn't work but I love it! :-D

It a price of crap It keeps stopping and the light doesn't even show

Does not work!!! all it says is that it has stopped right when I get to the laser

Stupid It dose not work all it dose is turn on your flashlight everyone u where create it is garbage tariboll boring and all the other things it is just stupid i dont know enyone how will want to git it it is????

?? The did not work all I did was turn on my flashlight do not download it

Only shows on screen I don't think my cats gonna like it on the screen

Don't install the light doesn't become the color its supposed to be

It bad Not to be mean but its just my flashlight

I hate it It doesnt even work its just a rip off so dont even download it because now i see why its free

Its just a light This is a waste of your time do not download

Stupid Me and my mom tested it out and it is just a flashlight with no color she said that sucks and its stupid

Don't download It is a normal flashlight even i have a flashlight I AM SAYING DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Doesn't work. All it does is turn on your flashlight.

Just buy a laser XD People wasting time to download it. Get real people. Its not possible to just have a laser come from a screen/phone. A phone's screen uses a different type of light than a laser does. Just go to a dollar store and buy the laser. Get real and use yalls brain

Why lying to us !!!!!????? :-( It is not a game only wastage of time. The one who invented it I think didn't check whether it was working or not .It is just a pic of a laser and we have to choose the laser colour . Only this is what we have to do in the game STUPID STUPID STUPID GAME!!!!!! PATHETIC . I know I am extraordinary rude but that is exactly what this PATHETIC game deserves . You are also lying that it will work but it didn't :-(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Very very very very very very very very very BAD. I don't like liars .

Worst app ever If u think that it actullay comes out it doesn't, so why dose this even exist? I was trying to look for apps that WORK so I could play with them but this doesn't work AND NEVER WILL!!!

Read the description! It says its a joke! I understand that! At least it turns on your phone flashlight. DONT COMPLAIN THAT IT DOES NOT WORK PEOPLE! IT SAYS ITS A JOKE. So I give it 3 ★★★ Because you tried!

I hate it Don't install this game , this game is fooling me

Retarded app. Clickbait title! This has nothing to do with some kind of laser app. THIS IS A STUPID FLASHLIGHT APP!

Get a real laser pointer people Buy a real laser pointer people why even make this app the real pointers are cool the app lasers are dumb whoever thinks this will come out of phone they have no brain so buy real laser pointers people

It's get 0 stars Worst app ever it's a just a light not even one single layer so why are there idiot makers even make this game if it's just your camera light these idiot better stop lieing to us like that

It doesn't work When I pressed start it told me too choose the colour of the laser then whenever I pressed glow it didn't even shoot lasers on the phone

Wow just wow All the lasers suck and even this app too. When I press the laser button, the laser point doesn't come out at all and only the flashlight comes out not the laser point! Warning: do not download :Warning

I hate it so bad I hate it because it won't work it works like a normal light

It doesn't work This is stupid its no lazer its just your flashlite just go buy a lazer that beter