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LAQUE :: Premonitions

Supplied By Jean Fukuda Miyasato    On June 18, 2016    Comments(62)

Samsung Phone LAQUE :: Premonitions version27 Download

TYPE :: Visual Novel
GENDER :: Mystery, suspense
DURATION :: 40min
STYLE :: Anime manga in black and white

/*- History -*/

If you knew that the girl you know you will die for a FUTURE know would avoid?

Laque is a boy with a special gift, he often has prophetic dreams, and one of them manages to see his future love gives her life to save his, now have to decide whether to approach it or avoid it so as not to sacrifice for him.

/*- Autor -*/

Twitter = @jkfumi

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Jean Fukuda Miyasato part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update June 18, 2016. Google play rating is 91.1099. Current verison is 27. Actual size 92.0 MB. Download laque-premonitions.apk 92.0 MB


My Heart... A very well done visual novel. Simple and lovely. The endings made me really sad. I played over and over again trying to get a happy ending but in the end I couldn't. I hope there would be more endings and more visual novels like this in the future. Love it!

Ads covering top section of the app is really irritating. I wish you're using a better approach when displaying ads. It really ruining the app's experience.

Loved it but I'm a little confused I like the game overall but its a bit confusing around certain parts but regardless of that its still a good anime rp game

Interesting story, lots of choices, not enough endings. The story is very good, although it loses some impact at parts because an advertisement pops up. I thought the ending would end up being a looper where you would keep going back trying to find an ending where no one dies like in steinsgate but there's only 2 endings. There were a few translation errors and the names other than main male and female proganists are still in Spanish. Further more there were some errors in some art scenes such as when laquel is sitting on a bench and his entire arms go missing.

Wow *spoiler alert*even though the end is sad the point here is not saving raguel it's saving you from being a killer if you choose to ignore you kill moira if you choose to do the right thing and help you save her and save yourself from being a killer and unfortunately there's no way you could save raguel she'll die anyway from her disease so the point is how will you see yourself unfortunately I chose the wrong choic I killed moira while trying to save raguel I absolutely love it thank you!

The story is very touching....but both endings are sad.. I replayed it many times to get a good ending but I think there is not one

Awesome game. The jumpscares were great and the story was sad. It was a really good story.

SIMPLY THE BEST!!! It was reallly amazinnnn...sad one though but enjoyed a lot....plzz create another such story....will be waiting eagerly...???

So sad.. The last choice you have to make is the hardest. You have to choose between the two. I really loved this game though. The jumpscares we're very unexpected XD Please keep it up!

This is in spanish?

Lovely Story Very good story. Unfortunately, quite often full screen advertisements would pop up out of nowhere, destroying the mood, and making the game kind of glitch out. I wish the choices besides the last one had some effect, as I played the game completely through twice, expecting more variety in the storyline. The advertisements, however are what made this a 4 star review instead of 5.

Awesome story!!! Make more,?? Plz if u have the time plz make another story the story was great !!!!!!????

Awesome game This game is awesome. I really enjoyed this short visual novel - albeit sad, it was interesting and fun, and I hope there are more to come from this creator. Muchas gracias!!

It's good but... Maybe it's better if we can control the speed of the text, i get a little impatient sometimes just waiting for the whole text to load.

Deep... Insightful I like how you portrayed the perception of understanding. The main character thought he knew what he perceived as the threat but with dreams it's always and interpretation of real life.

It seems good But I think there's to much reading. I got bored

I liked it It's rare that I encounter visual novels with sad endings. It's a first for me, but still I liked it.

It's sad that she killed her self and I try to keep her a live. It was good but the ending is bad and sad.???

Great visual novel Very interesting plot and characters, should definitely try this out!

All the choices doesn't matter because it will never affect your storyline or endings But there are only two choices that will change your story on the final chapter, and there are two endings. Both of them are bad, no happy ending nor true ending. That is why I gave 3 stars.

Its okay I like the game it's fun. But can't there be away to save her I've tried so many different ways but she always ends up dead. Shouldn't there be a better way then to watch her die.

The feels The message at the end brought me tears.

This game was awesome I actually cried.

bugs like i can't pick the option to stay a bit longer in the part where i was supposed to meet girl and freezes when ever i am in the hall way well if it's just an image generaly like say"move closer to the door" freeze i exit open then it will continue unless their is more imagest to be seen.

Somehow it's too scary In some moment when laque in his dream, i didn't paid attention & suddenly my phone vibrated & there are a scary picture of ghost with long hair. Is that from the developer ? That picture make my heart beats fasger & afraid ><

Good, but it carries a few issues I'm not denying that this is a good game, but let's be honest - it's not as functional as it should be. The text crawls slowly, the game lags even when no other apps are running, and the exposition and dialogue is clunky. I see so much potential in this title that it almost makes me sad when I say all of this, but sugar-coating things doesn't do anyone any good.

Please fix I can't read the text it's too dark but it's a pretty game tho

Problem I know the end...u know why? Because the idiots in the comments keep making spoilers, when of course before installing people check the comments to know how is the game e.e , well is not your fault so...5 stars!

The ending may be sad, but I really liked the story.

Good The story is good

Very good story. I enjoyed it. And I was shocked several times by the “vibrating” part XD. Like others said, wish there were more endings that no one dies.

Fantastic I am impressed by how good this is. Good job! I will be look forward to more of your works.

This game doesn't even work on my phone....

Is there walkthroughs so we can complete all the endings??

Great game Love the beginning how it starts... scary

Love the story but hate the ads.

I kept getting shocked by the jumpscares due to the fact that my phone would really isn't good for my heart XD (and then i accidentally spoiled the story for myself while reading the reviews). Sigh. It's a good VN, quite different from what I'm used to.

Can't run/launch the game The game froze at the unity stuff. Plz fix. I'm using Lenovo A526...

Oh my.~ This game taught me a valuable lesson. It doesn't matter what you do to save someone... Their end is inevitable. I recommend downloading.~!!

Loved It But.... I really Love the game, And I really Like the Jumpscares You @#©k !!!! Yeah, It was good... I really didn't understand what are they saying under the stars.... And I didn't expect the ending... Please make More Visual Novels (that has a happy ending T^T)

What a amazing story.. Really didn't expect it.

As expected! This is so true Humans sometimes does or thinks this way! I expect more if possible on your next project looking forward to it!

Awesome Love it Heck good this game it CONFUSED ME so much actually thats why I chose this game is mystery and I'm good in mystery too bad its too brilliant to beat it nice story and pretty happy sad for the guy ? but I loved it so 1000000℅ STARS!!! :D

She will die anyway Omgggg I choose not to ignore her because I know what its mean by being a human. I always click on help. IN THE END JUST LIKE WTFFFFFF. Then I played it again but click on a differently option, she's still dead. The advice on the end is great but...........she is still dead!!!! Idc anymore that she alive or not IM MEAN!!!!!!! FCKING HELL I CANT EVEN SAFE ANYONE LIFE!!!! Should have has the option we can save both life.

Awesome Very good and awesome VN .I want to read more.its the best VN .I enjoy every ending. But sad that she died at the end.I think she did not want to live anymore. :-( sad for hero.he try everything for her

Enjoyable The game is fun to play but at the continue story, got me confused. At the start the murderer was left handed after another dream the murderer turn to right handed?but I still enjoy the game :D

Such a great game I really like the story line also, the messages the game gives at the end of the both decisions. It would be better tho, if it was a bit longer, but as every one knows good things doesnt stand too long.

Good game You assholes I did not see that coming in the game I loved it make more like it

Good game Great Story.I got scared at the vibration part though... Hahahaha

I loved it It really touches on Suicide, and you really connect to the story and characters. I would recommend this to anyone

You got me you ASSHOLE I was playing the game and ". ," Why the he'll would you DO THAT.

Amazing! I would love more apps like this one, it was awesome. This one could use a graphic upgrade and maybe another option(s) as far as endings.

Great story My only complaint is that it could have been longer

Not bad I enjoyed the game. Would be better if there is an option to skip text so we can choose other option. Waiting for new games

It's nice but.. A save game button should be added. ? other than that, it's okay. ?

Whyyy Why !!! Only the ones who have played it will understand but, its a good game and i recommend it a lot

Speechless The lessons and the plot is absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to your works.

Great art and unique. I went through and played twice.

best novel i ever played this game should take a very good appereance for story

Please make more games like this

Awesome It's a really good game, you feel the story

SIMPLY THE BEST!!! It was reallly amazinnnn...sad one though but enjoyed a lot....plzz create another such story....will be waiting eagerly...???