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Kitty Z - My Virtual Pet

Supplied By Javier Asensi App´s    On Oct. 13, 2016    Comments(95)

Samsung Phone Kitty Z - My Virtual Pet version0.6.0 Download

KittyZ gives you your own most complete and realistic virtual cat around the store, no app has so many activities such as: augmented reality 3D, simulator, varied and fun mini-games, washing foam. Now with daily rewards : every day a reward from 100px to a new kitten!

Adopt your virtual pet KittyZ and give it a name, you will see it grow and play in the rooms of their new home. It is the most adorable and affectionate cat you'll ever see.

KittyZ is waiting for you adopt it, take care, caress, clean it and feed it.
Take care of your adorable kitten and enjoy many games with which you can earn coins to buy accessories for your kawaii cat.

You can carry to real life thanks to augmented reality environment included! You also have a level of fireworks to enjoy with your virtual pet more realistic.

Enjoy watching the cat plays with the laser pointer!

To your virtual pet loves to play with balls, make the chase all (click on the button touches the ball and the balls fall to the chase) and see how he enjoys and also win coins px!

All this is FREE!

* It is a cat to look as if it were real.
* Adopt your cute kitten, give it a name and have the most realistic virtual pet around the market.
* Store Purchase accessories to customize your kitten.
* You can buy very curious accessories like a drone, and unlock his brothers kittens!
* You can buy a magic potion that makes your kitten pink.
* You can buy more kittens to keep him company to your KittyZ.
* Purchase food to feed your kitten every day.
* Caress your kitten pet to be happy You'll see as purrs!
* Wash your kitten with incredible bubble bath!
* Change the decor of the room, you can even decorate as Christmas style (free) or haloween.
* You can unlock new rooms, some need real money.
* Play with your kitty outdoors thanks to its included and free simulator, where there is also more animals and big surprises, like riding!
* Enjoy watching FREE your aquarium!
* How many virtual pets app´s have these benefits?

Mini-games and activities included:
* Augmented Reality: take your kitten to real life: you see your pet on the floor of your house him, walk him down the street as if it were real!
* Game Platform, platform game you have to cover in the shortest possible time.
* Game Balls Out, which is to drive as fast as possible balls from the playing field.
* Game Match (couples). Streamlines your mind with this fun couples themed kittens.
* Cat Simulator, to take your pet kitten street and play in the third person.
* Aquarium Simulator: A full tropical aquarium fish realistic virtual hand that follow you.
* Fireworks: countless launches fireworks with your virtual pet.
* In the rooms of the house, make your pet cat chase balls by clicking on them. You earn coins and your kitten will fit, losing weight.

NOTE: In order to enter certain levels is necessary to see a promotional video and have internet connection.

Let expanding continuously, do not miss the new updates!

It is the ideal game for adults and kids, get and adopt your pet kitten now take care of him forever!

This game is free and almost everything you can get with virtual money or px, who earns playing, but there are some features that need real money. You can also buy px game with real money to get faster accessories.

Javier Asensi App´s part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 76.3733. Current verison is 0.6.0. Actual size 45.0 MB. Download kitty-z-your-virtual-pet.apk 45.0 MB


It is fun I think you should do something lukewarm with the cat to shops

A little TOO cute. You can keep playing.

Aaaaaaaaaaw Cute kitties thx to you i hope you can add updates i love it you should make a kittie, z virtual puppy 2

Aww The kitties are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooo cute I love the kittys. I love feeding her and playing games.

Kittyz! Kittyz!! Kittyz!!!!!!!!!<3 Poor poor kitty has no mama?i will help it and give it a home! We will have so much fun! You should get dis game and save a poor kitten watin to be adopted by somon.

It is sooooooooo cute

Cute but boring It's cute and I love cats but this is boring and I think u should add health bars.

Points I haven't even played the game yet, and I'm impressed . These kitties are sooooo cute!

Its good but I was realy disapointed with it

It sucks It's boring you have to buy things and he's of ads

Satan. The music during games is scary and demonic. Especially when you finish in the card game. You shold try and make it happy since I just matched them all. Instead, it sounds like I just released Satan from this kitten game.

AMAZING The best game I've ever had

Wow Its so cute isnt it ??!!

Its good I love so much but I can't wait to play this

CCCCUUUTTTTEEE!!!!!!! And cutness is born

Like it but..... How do I unlock the ok outside I can't go outside and how can I level up my cat I what multiple cats

I have a question Why can't I go to the garden?

It is the bomb I love it because the cat are so cute

Bad As soon as I click on the app it says it has stopped bad app.

Stopped This game sucks!! Every time I try to get on, it crashes!!!! Worst game ever!!!!

It was ok but not good enough You couldnt realy do enything with the kitten so, i mean its ok but its kinda a little boring

Pretty good I guess Lol it wasn't the best but....??

Ok but... How do you get more cats?

Can't even play!!!! Every time I click the the game it stops!!!!

Don't know what to do..

Cool I love how realistic it is but I can't seem to name my kitty other than that it's cool

So cute I am an animal lover! Even a virtual pet is adorable to me. Realistic, love this cat!

Well There should be instructions on what to do i dont know how to play

Aww i love kitteh kats.. This game is so realistic... I love it

Ohh loved loved loved one of the best pet games EVER I SAY THE SAME TO THE DOGGY ONE

Can u fix it!!! It wont let me name the cat

Won't let me keep name, which means I can't adopt!!

Kitten z It is good game

I love it but ..... There are ads and something else .

Its great but Its great but I have a real cat and kitty's hone and it's mor fun vhit reel pets

App I love this app so much better than having a reall pet I called mine caramel xx

Is ok but... For the next update do something more cool then that because is good have a cat well... You have luck I gonna give you five stars but... Is of luck!

It's good overall The game is great, but when I leave the app, it makes me adopt my kitten again. Plz fix

I like it I like it but why does a raccoon follow you

Make some changes Please get rid of the part when your kitty comes so close to you it's so annoying and i wish you could swap to the other kitty in the Iiving room. Please make these changes

Sooooo cute! The beginning is irresistible! You have to get it it's too cute. It's the cutest game ever

SO SO CUTEEEEEEEE I wish I had a cat like this

Cute I love this game so much i feel like it's a real kitten.

ADORABLENESS!!!!! Oh my goodness! It is so CUTE! I love that it does that praying thing! Like please please please! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! ? SO CUTE! Who ever made this… THANK YOU!!! Thank you god, who ever made this game, THANK YOU!!! Like it??? Like ? this rate message!

I like this game it is very cute

Cute It blowed my mind ?

It's okay. It gets boring after awhile but it's good.

My cat. I play this game everyday it is amazing.

Okay Maybe if there was a mouse or laser the cat could chase

I love it It's cute too

the. cats are. SO CUTE'' the rooms are fun I love to pet the. Cats and I. Like the pink cat

Ummm You need to give it more rooms and less ads and also better features and you should make more options and make it funner it also has a lot of bugs ,so FIX. it! I gave you two cause I dont want to be rude:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

The video is so sad???

Needs updating No pink cat,not even 5rooms. Needs fixing,DO NOT PLAY!!!!!

WTF Kitty is Uncanny Valley times 100. Its purr and sleeping sounds are like a large, dying bee. Ads pop up every 5 seconds. Uninstalling.

Why hate This game is perfect! !!!!!:) the music is good. Thanks for letting us play it creators

Hmmm.... It cute but all it does is sleep. And the games are weird too....like ITS BORING I dont know when it is hungry or dirty it just sleeps MAN please change it !!!!!!!!


Cute cute cute! Ohhhhh............................me i'm love cat cute because cly

Care for you cat I love this because it is about cat. Cat are cute arent they lol

Love it so far. I just can't stop playing.

Best game ever You should get this game it is the best

Kitty z It doesn't make much sense to me.

Lol best cat ever Cats are cute and adorable and just like a baby

I love it How do you get the pink kitty?

I love you Danny but you have to pay for some things and I don't have the money or the credit card

adorable so cute I like the idea of the application

AW!! The cat noises get to me! (Btw I'm a girl im using my boyfriends tablet XD)

Adorableness If u play it u will get so attached to this game

Love it It's so cute. My cousin has a cat called Dora.

cat's are lovely I love cat's very most of all time

Thay are so cute

Just so cute I love this game cute kitty's and great graphics

So cute I am in love with animals?

Omg best game ever Love the kittys

KITTENS!!!!!!! I just LOVE KITTENS and I've got two toy ones! I brought the black one [in the game] and called it Princess just like one of my kitten toys! SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

adorable I love it, the cats are adorable! I got the black cat and i named it camille, its good but for the fact that you can't go outside unless you pay for it, also when the cat goes far from you you can't zoom in close enough to see them when they are far sucks. Thats why I'm giving it a four! :)

This game is AWESOME if you want some cute in your life get this app %100you will like it??????

Kitty They are cute and cutlery and clen

I loved it I adopted the black kitty I named him bouncer because it suits him well I love ?? but the husky in the simulator is creepy I looked behind me and HE WAS RIGHT THERE ! ? he reminds me of smile dog with that demonic smile

Like but The free simulater is so so so slow so please please please fix it if you do I will rate 5 stars and please please please reply to me. And this is not Leo This is Roel.?

Omg its breaking my heart Sooooo cute i want a kitty witty in meh house

How do you get to the yard for free How do you get the yard I know there's a way but u have to pay but I can't pay I have no money on my phone how do u get to the yard for free please help me anybody

Sad Sad bescuse kittyins mother was gone??

Cute I love the game soo much

Simulator When ever I put on simulator the game stops

Awesome game But how do you play with your kitten

So so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute its a great game I love it

I cant get into it I can get into it but it is taking to long

GREAT Super good game but the stuff is too expensive

So cute I want to take all of them

Perfect The kittens are so cute i did not know who to take home

I love the sim