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Kanji Senpai

Supplied By rodriguezJP    On Sept. 30, 2016    Comments(133)

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Kanji Senpai will help you learn Japanese vocabulary and kanji.
By using a spaced repetition system (SRS) you can memorize the different aspects of each vocabulary: meaning, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing, etc.

Included it's the N5 level of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) vocabulary list and you can download (for free!) all the levels (though N1).

Ah! This app assumes you've already mastered hiragana and katakana.

• Study several vocabulary aspects: reading, listening, writing, meaning and handwrite
• Answers are not so easy so you will really learn that the kanji for "person" is 人 (hito), no 八 (for example)
* In the kanji write aspect, strokes are checked for rightness (there's even a strict mode!)
• Lists can be downloaded and upgraded
• You can a study a session without audio questions (in case you're in a public place with no headphones)
• There are vocabulary translations for English and Spanish
• You can create custom lists

If you are serious about learning Japanese, you can download premium audio packs for the study lists (don't worry, it's cheap!). These audios are professionally audio recorded from a Japanese native teacher that will help you master the vocabulary.

The Audio pack for a list (inapp purchase) will unlock:
• Audio for words
• Audio aspect (you'll be asked for listening questions)
• Kanji handwritten aspect (you'll have to write kanji and kana)
• Ads will be disabled
• Unlimited custom lists

With your support, the application will evolve with new exciting features.

rodriguezJP part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 86.3273. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Version 2.15
    • Fix stroke speed settings
    • Add support for notifications (and setting to disable them)
    • Allow to continue studying non due reviews when there is no more words to add (not recommended, add a new list instead)
    Version 2.14.2
    • Changed Japanese default font and added a new one
    • Fixed minor bugs
    Version 2.14.1
    • Fixed speaker button not working on all phones
    • Fixed problem with purchases
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Love it This app is absolutely great for learning! The only thing that it needs is a 'review words' option because I can master words (according to the app) when I first learn them, but I have trouble recalling them after a few weeks.

Perfect Im in a bit of a crowded place, so i can't use the sound which is a shame. But on the upside i can learn how to write Kanji if I am in such a situation. Nevertheless, I love the app and am actually going to be buying some of the additional lessons! Thanks again :D

You sucked me in! When it comes to apps, I abhor spending money... However, even as I type this, I've decided to purchase the first, or first two, audio packs. I just have two suggestions. The first should be rather simple. I would like it so there is an option to hide the choices until you tap the screen. I don't want my peripheral vision to recognize the answer, which seems to happen. Especially if it's a simple kanji and the it's the first or second on the list. The second would be considerably harder, which is an addition of some kind of quiz related to sentences. My Google-fu is terrible so I'm not sure if apps already exist, but I'm incredibly keen on getting something that can quiz for grammar and sentence translation. I hope the first suggestion can be implemented sometime soon. Thanks!

Why I Only Gave One Star (Audio) The app really helped me for the first 5 words. It taught me how to pronounce, read, AND write, bit then the kanji for the number "ten" came up. It had no pronunciation with the kanji. The app suggested updating and/or downloading more packages. What it failed to mention was the fact that the audio packs, which are probably the most important thing when learning kanji, cost money. I am really disappointed. At first, I honestly thought that this was the best app for learning Japanese, but I was wrong.

Awesome! This is the best app for studying Japanese vocabulary I've found so far, and I've been using it every day since I installed it. Has helped my studies enormously. On a side note, I'd love to see an option where I can see an actual list of all the kanji that I've mastered so far/that I'm currently learning!

Overall nice, but... Just started using this app to review and brush up. Overall, it's pretty nice, but I have come across some errors. For "first day of the month", the app uses the reading "ichinichi" instead of "tsuitachi". Ichinichi is for the time period of "one day". Similarly, the reading for "seventh day" is incorrectly listed as "nanuka" instead of "nanoka". These errors make me question whether some of the words and kanji I didn't already know are correct. It would also be nice to have sample sentences for context.

Almost perfect This app is without a doubt the best app of its kind that ive managed to find. I dont understand why when drawing the kanji we still have to decide ourselves whether we were correct or not. There are other kanji recognition programs available so im sure it should be possible. But seriously, keep up the good work guys!

Great Kanji Senpai has been one of, if not the best vocab app I have used. There is one suggestion I'd like to make: Add an option to change the timescale of the statistics, and perhaps graph the 'mastered', 'learning' and 'in queue' numbers over time - either as their own graph or an optional overlay perhaps. I'm sure you can think of something and people who love to look at their progress over time in terms of graphs - like me - will greatly appreciate it. Thanks once again for the superb app.

Excellent! So so good, but is there any way we can do a standalone kanji brush thing? Because I *love* how it looks and feels.

some improvement get 5 stars Overall an excellent app. It would be amazing if you added `type answer in hiragana' (for kanji). It is a bit to easy to remember the meaning by multiple choice selection. Also a kanji draw would be great to have. No doubt Best on Market with those additions. Keep up the good work:-)

Great app - writing practice in particular Excellent quality app - well-built, user-friendly and good-looking. Would be 5* if could completely exclude all kana words from lists with one click (although it's good that it's at least possible to do this word-by-word).

Excellent All around, I'd consider this one of the best learning apps available for the vocabulary and characters for N5-N1. You'll want to already know hiragana and katakana to get the most out of it (but even if you're a tad rusty on those you should be able to pick them up. One small gotcha. When there are multiple ways of writing a word with a given meaning (say ja/jaa/dewa or river/stream [two different characters with identical English definitions]), the app doesn't really effectively convey which form you're expected to write. You only really find out after you've written the first character, and the guide at the top of the writing area shows you the character it was expecting. Back up a step and write the correct character, then proceed. A little awkward, but not a showstopper. Overall, the app drills you solidly on vocab/kanji, and if you learn and remember quickly (thus making few mistakes in the testing) the app will throw fresh batches of words at you often. If you're studying the language, this definitely deserves a place on your device.

Perfect and Awesome!!! Awesome app for learning Japanese words. It's very good when it comes to teaching the words. I liked it very much. The words' compilation is great and very well-rounded. Audio are great. It feels like God-send app for learning Kanji. To me, It seems to be a little overboard to buy each audio item separately but I don't care as it takes me one or two month to complete a list and it's not too much in that perspective. I have a request, please add a help for POS marker (like Adj-no, hon etc.) with words. I know they indicate some information about Part of speech related to word but I can't say exactly what it says. Also, please change that picture which pops up after I make mistake. I don't find it funny. Something like a cross or jack-out-of box will be fine. (I'm really so annoyed with the picture that I wanted to give 4 stars instead of 5 ones but I think that will be injustice, this app deserves 5 stars.)

Help? It wont do anything for me :/ it seems like a great app, but whenever I click on a word it wont do anything :( I press it over and over and refuses to do anything (´・_・`) please help?

Highly Annoying Doesn't have clear cut and simple quiz feature. Overly convoluted and cluttered.

The worst of the lot And it seems the devs don't even know Japanese. They keep using the excuse, "our sensei says" for all issues. No thanks, many better options out there from more competent developers.

Great app, but.... Love this app. However the one issue I have is that it doesn't actually RECOGNISE the kanji or hiragana when one writes it out. For example, the kanji 体 has 7 strokes. As long as you write 7 lines, the app will say it's correct - kanji or not! Also, it does not recognise the difference between る or ろ. If the app could be modified to recognise the various kanji and hiragana in terms of stroke order (crucial when writing kanji as it aids in memorisation) and 'shape' it would be perfect.

Decent However, don't use it alone. It doesn't teach all the kanji rules very well...

Loved this app Before the audio update I had no issues hearing the pronunciation of the word now I can't. Please fix! I would've given it a 5!

Awesome app! This is a great app but I've come across things that i think could be better. I'm not sure how mastering works, ive been doing this everyday for 4 days now and for some reason it took me back to the old questions which i answer correctly but for some reason my mastering percent keeps dropping. Also i think a frequency of what type of question option would be great.

Great Great for the little pauses in life where you don't have anything to do. I practice in bursts of 5 minutes during the day, whenever I have time. I'm surprised by the progress I'm making.

Do not remove pink poo. It is light hearted and fun. However, do add a page showing what the various symbols mean! I also would like to see more sentence context as well as both onyomi and kunyomi. Enjoying studying with it immensely though. Thank you.

Promising App This app is the best Japanese study app on Android. I passed the JLPT N3 using this app for vocab/kanji study, and now with the recent updates and new audio for N1 and N2, I'm well on my way to being prepared to tackle N2. Try this app as a supplement to your studies. You won't regret it.

Absolutely fantastic Can't fault it in any way. It's brilliant for learning kanji and it teaches you in the context of words which is exceptional and something which is far too rare. I already know around 1000 kanji so have had my fare share of methods, apps and programs and this is one of the best.

Sugoi Brilliant app, of which i spend hours a day now on. Pair this with JA Sensei (mainly for Kana and Kanji stroke orders) and you've got all the material you need... Only improvement possible I can see is adding stroke orders into the system, as I find I make mistakes and pick myself up on it after the app has accepted it.

learning method i didn't find the learning method useful for a beginner. it was too difficult to remember the items. i might use it later again for reviewing.

Loading the pack download! It takes me a lot of time to load the pack download page, even using a high speed wifi connection. Please fix this annoying bug and I'll give you 5 stars.

Excellent This app teaches listening, reading and writing. You have to purchase sound files if you want listening compression. I love it--I use it 30 minutes a day! The settings are somewhat obscurely worded. Nonetheless. it will take you through the JLPT. Sound files are$3 per level.

Thanks for reply on handwriting issue. thanks for reply, just thought paid was for audio only... But if that includes handwriting as well you really needed to be more clear on this in the app. Anyways thanks for reply bumping back to 4 star rating.

Audio packs It sucks that you have to pay for the audio packs. It's kind of hard to know how to pronounce the words if you've never heard them spoken before. I wouldn't mind paying $3 per audio pack if I could use them more than once. But once you learn the words, you can't go back and review them. I can't justify spending that much money on something that I will never be able to use again once I'm done with it. Other than that, this is a pretty good app. And it really does help with word recognition if nothing else.

It worked! Thank you Jose for your immediate response. I tried reinstalling for the nth time. This time it worked!

Yeay brush size Im really happy to see that you guys take suggestions seriously and Im always excited when there are new updates :D

Best kanji memorisation application on the play store There is no other application on the play store that competes with Kanji Senpai. It is the only application that mixes kanji recognition, phonetics, writing and audio into one quiz. Kanji writing practice and audio are unlocked by purchases but they are incredibly good value and will provide you with the best method for memorising Kanji.

use it more than anki I would pay for more features, but don't care about the audio!

Love it Even though it's a little confusing to use since I'm still learnhng Kanji, I love it!

I'd like to practice writing (cuz I learn better that way) but after learning maybe 70 words it still only has me write the first five of them.

Great app Awesome for learning kanji and all kinds of Japanese words. Would love a review button though, to revise things I've already learned, otherwise perfect.

Great but More Vocab I mostly enjoy this app for the audio and handwriting features. I often create my own lists to study to learn what I need to for class. Unfortunately, a lot of words aren't available to add. I think having a larger vocab available to users would be great for those who use the app in that way.

great app helps me to know more kanji and others :D

Good! Thanks to creator!

super So helpful! It's my favourite app fro learning kanji!

super! Thanks! Very nice app. There is one thing I ask you to improve in next versions: some of English words have two Japanese translations. And when the app asks you to write Japanese for «Every year», for example, it's hard to guess is it «mai toshi» or «mai nen». I think you can use slightly different English translations, or something else. Thanks again!

Well... Potentially great app, but now with defects, like: 1. Some common kanjis are missing (e.g. some of those from the book "Remembering Kanji") 2. In study mode prog gives you meanings and words from everywhere. Why now give them from selected lists only? For example i have a list only with numbers but in study mode it gives me meanings like: one, apple, mouth, previous. Of course i will select "one" :) 3. Why not import lists from Japanese school program also?

Great app! I'm happy to see the improvments over the different versions of this App. It is becoming more and more refined. It's one of the few apps of this nature that has stayed consitent in delivering a better product. More importantly and in addition too, it is a great tool for learning the many Kanji and their associated vocabulary.

Love the How to Write Kanji feature I love how there's an animation for each kanji showing the steps on how to write it. Thank you for this great app pls keep up the awesome work!

Pretty awesome. Can't believe how quickly I can learn kanji. Two suggestions. In the stats, it would be very useful to see how many characters in each group I have learnt. Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana. Also, having romaji as one of the hints would help with pronounciation.

Sentence examples, please Need sentence examples to learn how to use a word correctly.

The draw over kanji option is great but... Can you please allow us to change which learning numbers it works through? For me, I think only having it enabled for Learning 1 is best, maybe 2. For now, I'll just have to turn it off. :( Thanks!

Not enough refreshers I've been powering through the lists for about three weeks now and I feel like this app doesn't give me much repetition of the older, "mastered" words. It would be nice to see some more refreshers in my daily session. Other than that, a great app.

Okay Would be better if there were some way to see an entire word list and choose which ones to study from there. Manually going through thousands of words to try and mark some for study is exhausting.

My only complaint is that words/kanji from early on in a list stop appearing once you get further into the list. Although, I skipped a day of studying and suddenly I have a couple hundred reviews which include earlier stuff. Not sure how that works, maybe you already tweaked this setting in the last update. Otherwise, this app is great! I've tried most of the popular Japanese-learning apps and this is the only one I've wanted to stick with so far. I wanted to drill the JLPT stuff and this does it well.

GOOD This app is amazing. The timed repetition is great and the writing practice is quality and I like the multiple choice format. This is the only language learning resource that has held my attention. Very well designed! You guys rock

Great but needs tweaks to SRS I love the features of this app and the presentation is excellent. Man, this needs some tweaks to the SRS algorithm though. It will sometimes give you the same kanji in succession but fail to prompt for older kanji. So close to perfect! Also, I don't understand the complaints about sound pack pricing. Given the prohibitive cost of Japanese study materials and JLPT exams, is $3 supposed to be expensive? It's really not.

I have anki, but seen this recommended often so I checked it out out of curiosity. Would absolutely suggest using this app even if you use anki! I end up actually using this app daily, unlike anki. This app gives you a study time target which is nice, it let's you know when you accomplish it so you have a nice concrete end goal & praise which is satisfying. It gives you a icon if you get it right which makes getting the right answer feel satisfying (getting poop icon is perfect. Makes me say "aww, I got poop" or "I pooped." when I mess up which is funny). I wish the app played a noise too if you got it right or wrong to cement the feeling. (option to disable for those who don't like it). I wish the audio packs audio were used more! I'd like it to play after you submit your answer (kanji written or English meaning selected from list) it would help in cementing (memorizing) it more. This app obviously has less deck options than anki, which is actually good/useful. You can't bog yourself down with too many decks etc which is all too easy to do with anki. Streamlined, more concentrated. Very happy with app. Use this, and anki (if you need custom deck). Strongly suggested!

How to undo skipping? I really love the app, it helps me keep track of my study and review process! But I have one issue: I skipped some kanji writing at an early learning stage because I wasn't interested in the handwriting of some specific words. Now those words came up in the unit of my workbook, so it would be nice to undo the skipping. How is that possible without resetting the whole learning process?

Lacks a very important feature I've made a custom group for words that have two or three kanji. For some reason, the app doesn't allow me to write them, only multiple choice. Words with multiple kanji are my biggest challenge, and drawing them helps me tons, but this app doesn't let me do that with my own custom group, but does with the default ones ?? Please fix this.

Using this app every day. 毎日! Only issue has been when I start the app a second time, the sound does not always work. Other than that, it has been very helpful for my 日本語 studies. I will recommend it on my YouShouldVisitJapan website and FB page.

my favorite J app. 4☆ to 5☆. yes, i get the ghost face when i use the hint, very good! what i would really like to see is a "back" button. As i am going through the screens in my daily study, sometimes i would like to go back and spend more time with something... also i just bought the audio pack. it makes a big difference and i highly recommend it. i have used a lot of Japanese language apps. while none give you every single thing, yours is the easiest and most comprehensive i have used. THE BEST!! keep up the good work!

This is a great app. I really like it. However it doesn't give much repeatation. And I also want a test after sometimes.

Great app! But I have one question, h ow can I reset the app and start again from beginning? I have taken a pause on studying for a while and wanted to restart from beginning

Please add translation to separate kanji which are contained in one long word. For example in word bank 銀行 when I finish drowning kanji system should show me under boxes where l put √ or X translation 銀 - silver 行 - move. And there are issues when I try to add new words manually in Studying list. For example it can't find such easy word as 読みます - read. Maybe try integrate it with GoogleTranslator or whatever, but fix this problem.

Best kanji learning app! Easy and useful. Must have if you're studying kanji.

Could you give a better ui to skip some words to be review or skip learning a particular words less clicks the srs function isn't well design it's almost make me wanting to go back to memrise or using anki you lost a lot of time answering to a words known also srs works best when you're about to forget a word and review it, reviewing over and over the same days even in learning phase accomplish nothing because you're not utilizing recall memory. It does something losing time responding to a quiz when you could be focusing on news words.almost bought all your audio pack and feel very displeased abt it

This is a good app. However the only issue for me is that you have to pay for the little things. Such as sounds, and extra kanji. Otherwise, this app is good at making you remember kanji.

Almost perfect A feature that would be good would be a reminder to study every day, for example a notification that appears at a fixed hour if the set goal wasn't yet cleared, or a notification that doesn't disappear while the goal isn't cleared.

Simply Amazing! I love this app! Really nice how it teaches you to write the Kanji.

No apparent order to new vocab. Tedious amount of rapid repetition. Unwieldy interface, making you click various drop down menus to move past simple words you know.

Kanji handwriting bugged? I absolutely love this app, however during the kanji handwriting part the only words it asks me to write are the numbers 7, 8 and 9, nothing else.

You can't create your own lists.

Falling behind Used to be pretty good but it's quickly getting out of shape considering the limited features, poorly streamlined user experience and pricey sound packs.

Custom list issue Very good. Tests can become a little tedious, but overall a solid learning tool

I'm learning for the Tea kim (guide to japanese book) and i love how you can make custom vocab lists. In my case i add words as the appear in my book. I even made separate for nouns, adjectives, godan & ichidan verbs. Some times Kanji have multiple meaning, this app allows you to pick which meaning you want to learn and exclude the rest, which helps keep thing simple. One word to describe this app is FLEXIBLE and i haven't come across an app that is as customizable or has the features this one has.

Although it's called "kanji" senpai, the design also helps reinforce kana reading and writing skills, which is awesome.

It's probably the best free app Not perfect but for 6 MB and at no cost it's damn close.

Great Other than paying for certain sound packs its fine

It's good It has pricey sound packs T_T

Good with audios but are expensive

Wrong questions alot everytime I would have a question in the beginningit would show seven and say Nana but the buttons it shows for me to put in the answer it all kinds of other Kano that I never saw before. I'll write another review when I try it again after I download it again but for now one star

Excellent app Simply excellent. I spent six months without studying Japanese and when I was back the app had several new interesting and useful features. You may want to buy the audio packs to enjoy it fully, but the app is also very good without them.

Fantastic I barely even use any other apps/games anymore; this one is so useful for study and fun to use. Thank you rodriguez for your ongoing improvements and updates to such a wonderful tool! The bigger 'check' button was a great addition, so I'm excited to see what other ease of use changes are coming. In short, best app store purchase I ever made.

I absolutely love this app, minus one problem it allows me to practice all that I knowand learning curve is not too steep. my only current problem with it is the placement of the check button. If it was centered on the orange part it would be perfect, but its current placement interferes with my kanji writing practice. Other than that, this app works great,especially in conjunction with other kanji learning apps.

Every thing you could want! This app is incredible. It helps practice spelling, pronunciation, and meaning in a simple and engaging way. It feels very fast paced, which is good, because I normally feel bored with this kind of app. The audio us high quality and very helpful, and the writing recognition program is very effective. I have a hard time putting the app down.

Very nice so far. The repetition helps a lot for people with audio rather than visual memories. The steaming pile of poo icon you get when you make a mistake makes me laugh. Will buy the additions as I pass levels. Worth it!

Great App! I absolutely love this app. Between teaching you the stroke order and giving you practice, I think it's great!

Still the best app of its class, mostly 'cause of great voice packs. Would like to ask for a few minor usability improvements: 1) make confirm button a bit bigger to avoid activating hint when it's not needed; 2) add last confirmed symbol to the status line, now if you have a word like 大丈夫, only 大丈 is displayed even if user in self-evaluate mode, last kanji is ignored, displaying whole word will help to memorize visual word patterns; 3) less creepy icons pack (it even can be optional purchase). Thank you.

Really great The app does it's work on teaching kanji. It's pretty complete, simple and efficient. This combined with Tae Kim's Guide and reading raw manga will prove to be a nice free alternative for learning japanese. Also PS for the devs, would you mind adding a mode where all the already mastered expressions and kanji are mixed for studying like the stuff in the learning stage? I feel like I sometimes forget about important stuff that I already passed, so it would make this already nice app even better

Although it's called "kanji" senpai, the design also helps reinforce kana reading and writing skills, which is awesome. Still the best Japanese language skills app I've ever used.

Best app Best app for kanji! Amazing! But it could have a option where I could take an exam ! I've using this app for a year and I want to review my older lists because I already forgot some of the olders kanjis! But I don't know which kanjis , so If I could run a exam and the ones that I miss would reenter my queue!

Use it everyday Simply the best out there.

Just didn't get how to review only what I already learned so far and make stop new words popping out. :/ Otherwise, great app!

awesome great improvememt with time. thanls for the hard work (≧∇≦)b

Very good app Very useful application helps to learn writing and speaking Japanese.

Please add translation to separate kanji which are contained in one long word. For example in word bank 銀行 when I finish drowning kanji system should show me under boxes where l put √ or X translation 銀 - silver 行 - move.

Can get out of hand quickly I'm learning a ton but like other reviewers I run into the problem of ending up with too much new stuff too quickly and not enough review. If I only used this a few minutes a day maybe it wouldn't be bad, but once you catch up on reviews it suddenly starts spitting new items out like every other question and you end up learning more than you can handle. A better method for review only sessions would make this a perfect app!

Great App I've been using this app for a year, and I've learned so much from it. A lot of other apps have you learn the Kanji once and never review it so you'll forget what you learned. I love how review is built into the app, and I love all the options you have for how you want to study. The main drawback I have is that it is difficult when there are multiple words with the same meaning. When reviewing the words, it's hard to know which word the app is asking for because the definitions it supplies are identical.

Awesome so far There's a few books I really want to read but only in Japanese and this is helping a lot to learn about reading Japanese kanji n1-n5 thank you

Ok Could really use some more help with some of the basics... for instance when it asks me "do you know how to read...." and all the answers are more japanese symbols that mean nothing to me how do i improve in this area? Secondly seven.... why the heck is there 3 different ways to pronounce it 2 of which drawn the exact same and one with the "thing" symbol after it... also why do we learn the numbers in such an odd order 1 7 9 2 10 10000 3???? I know im not the smartest man in the world but what the heck??

Fantastic Study Tool The stroke order/angle correction is a really good feature.

Love it, but it would be nice if we could buy a an ad free version.

One of the best apps for learning JLPT vocab and kanji. PROS: + "Real voice" pronunciation. + Relatively cheap audio/writing packs. + Great writing interface for learning stroke order. + Can create your own study lists. + Connects with Google Drive to backup your progress. + Responsive developer. Updates are frequent enough without being annoying. CONS: - Sometimes I spend some time away from the app, and when I come back, I'll have thousands of reviews due! Would be GREAT to have the option to purge due reviews, not overall progress.

Porting I just got a new phone. Is there a way for me to port over my progress on this app from my old phone?

Great app! The recent improvements made it a whole lot better, sound packs are great and fairly cheap, but I would like to know if there will be a feature to reset your progress for, let's say, one separate study list? Or there is one and I am not aware of it? :)

The best kanji/vocabulary learning app for Japanese I have seen yet. I just wish it would also support Chinese

The best kanji app I've ever used! Handwriting and audio options are so cool! I also like that I can learn variety of readings and useful vocabulary with kanji in use. If You could just change a bit the sound button at the home screen to turn it on easily (like in older version) and undo button in studying section, it's so close to the hint button that I'm clicking it accidentally all the time. Any way, great job and thank You very much for this amazing app ❤❤❤

Loved Is the best for lean kanjis

Good app... If you didn't have to pay for audio... Got really into it in my first 10 minutes, but there are only about 10 words she'll pronounce before you have to start buying the audio files. They're $3 each but with a little more effort I can find free YouTube tutorials... In this day and age, there is no reason you should have to pay to learn a language.

It's a great app to learn new vocabulary. The SRS algorithm hits you when you don't expect it with quizzes about words that you would otherwise forget. The voice packs are great as well. The only downside is that you can't choose a particular kanji from a study list (when browsing )to practice the strokes ,so you have to do it on paper. RodriguesJP could you implement this at some point maybe? If it doesn't break your UI/UX I think you could do it since the kanji writing functionality is there.

Could really use example sentences This is a great app for the serious student of Japanese. The spaced reptition makes it so you really learn all aspects of a word and remember it. And I like how the statistics let me track my progress through the levels. The one thing this app really needs are example sentences showing you how to use a word, and that is a feature I would definitely pay for! Also, there's no context given for words with multiple kanji (which one do I use!?) And it doesn't recognize all words in my dictionary.

Most Sensible Kanji App This app allows you to learn kanji in the context of vocabulary. The audio downloads are not absolutely necessary but they help boost memory. Though I would love for this app to have an option for focused study on the kanji I have difficulty remembering.

my Japanese has come on in leaps and bounds Not only am I learning kanji at a rate of knots using this app , my general vocabulary, writing and audio recognition has improved as well. This app keeps the study formula and lay out simple and uncluttered which being dyslexic makes life much easier. I love the feature where you can trace the kanji for a few turns first that really helps me a lot and the act of writing them that way reinforces my memory of the characters. The audio packs are fantastic value and I get countless hours of study

Best combination of audio and JLPT study lists Update: please change the answer confirmation back! The new "good/come on" is very annoying and distracting! ------------ Inbetween memrise I keep coming back to study for N2. It's helpful, but a few issues could be even better: ---enabling to select vocables you want to skip in the study list (multiple select). (Selection during study mode takes way too long) --- take skipped vocables into the study list statistics ---mark learned/skipped words in study list

Extremely informative, lots of practice It tests you on multiple readings of the kanji and corrects you when you get the wrong stroke order, which is really helpful. It also has a ton of free content to learn, with both kanji and audio. It also lets you set your goal for how long you want to study a day and helps you review more effectively than regular flash cards could. There are times where example sentences would be nice but you can always just type the word into jisho or tatoeba on your web browser so it's not really a problem.

Great app! It would be great if you could provide an option for discount if somebody wants to buy all audio files at once :)

Pretty good app overall. I really like many of the features, and the ability to actually be tested on your hand written kanji is a feature I really with would be in more other apps! Two problems for me are that the lack of example sentences for each word, and quite often when I go to add a word to a custom list, it is not found in the apps database. However, I can easily find said words in other dictionary apps. Sadly these two features have caused me to stop using almost all together.

Different audio packs have different volume. And when you use your own list it's bad. Please add translation to separate kanji which are contained in one long word. For example in word bank 銀行 when I finish drowning kanji system should show me under boxes where l put √ or X translation 銀 - silver 行 - move.

Bought audio Love how this teaches so much I actually bought the audio, this is the best app for learning kanji by far! It covers everything from meaning to writing. This app makes me confused sometime and wish it explained things a little more or more clearly but wont stop me from using it! Definitely recommend! And recommended to buy audio helps 100% more

Useful, but frustrating I love the multiple ways it reviews words, and the handwriting. Definitely my favorite kanji review app. But words don't seem to drop off SRS ever. There are words like yama - I have reviewed this word 29 times, and it still comes up! I know the word for mountain, and I wish there was a way to make it stop appearing! I would also like a way to get to writing practice sooner - there are kanji I have seen 29 times and have yet to write.

Really effective but hard to personalize I wish there was a way to more efficiently choose what parts of the list I want to study. I personally don't need anything other than the kanji but manually having to skip the vocabulary is becoming quite tiresome when the lists are well into the 500+ range. Also splitting the audio for the lists of the same level seems a little excessive, especially given that there are no bundles. If they were split into kanji/compounds vs vocab I might understand, but they don't seem to be separated in that fashion.

This app has helped tremendously I love this app, just would like it able to move to SD-card.?

My favorite Very good applicaton and better still with purchased sounds.

Decent study app, but way too expensive to learn speech They give you free audio for a few words, but to get audio for the rest you'll need to buy a series of $3.95 packs, adding up to almost $200 dollars. For that price, you could buy many other paid apps to learn Japanese, and probably many would do it better. You might even be able to pay tuition for an actual, in-person class instead! If it was around $10-30 dollars to unlock *all* audio packs, I'd be willing to pay for it. But $200 just for audio is ridiculous.

This is great! I am a more advanced student of Japanese and this app is the only app I have found that really challenges me. My only complaint is that I can't seem to buy audio content. The download page says the audio lists are unavailable, even when I have data or wifi turned on and I can't find a page that has a purchase option. :(

Great app for learning This is one of the best apps I've used for learning kanji, with just one flaw- there's no option for 'just practice'. I recently started the N4 list, but I wanted to practice N5 a little bit more. But the thing is, whenever I turn off the N4 list, it says I've run out of new words and I'm unable to continue. It'd be cool if there was a mode where we can turn off adding new words so we can just practice what we've learned so far.

I Kinda Like It I like this app, so much, drilling the Kanji, Vocabulary with JLPT level it's very good app with Handwriting too. But i don't like the price of audio learning. Too expensive for me, at least I've bought the N5 and N4. And, there is no way to see the Kanji and Vocab one by one without drilling? Just to see it?

Great app I've been using the app for almost a year now and it's been really helpful. It's definitely worth it buying the premium (especially for such a reasonable price), so you can get the best out of your effort. Great thing is that it works in offline. I also really like the latest review rescheduling thing, makes the studying even more enjoyable.

I miss the pink poo 'oops'. I also would like to see more sentence context, because I am often confused about the various uses of the many pronunciations listed for a given kanji.

Love this! When I'm not at home and I'm on a break at work or I'm on the train this helps my mind and learn kanji in a way that helps my brain learn new things. I really like that I has a practice for writing it as well. It's really put a staple in my mind for certain words I see a lot while reading.

Very good app for kanji practitioners. Keep it up and update us. Why am I not able to dowload your N5 - N1 audios etc???

Just keeps popping out new words without ever seriously teaching the previous ones. Also, no Kanji drawing at all for some reason.

Time flies I really enjoy studying kanji with this app. It is so enjoyable that I tend to study 45-50 minutes every day instead of the planned 10 minutes. I have purchased the first audio set, and all is working beautifully.

It's nice, but.. I prefer to add word to my custom list by enter it in romaji form, or the meaning of the word. Fyi, I already purchased the audio for N5

Best Kanji app ... I found so far for learning kanjis. The exercises make it easy remember the kanjis. Note that there is nothing about grammar.

Love it! I study daily about 10 min and I've learned quite well, i'm looking forwars on installing the sound package