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Supplied By JustGiving    On Sept. 11, 2016    Comments(89)

Samsung Phone JustGiving version2.0 Download

JustGiving is the world’s fundraising platform for good. So far we've helped people in 164 countries raise over $4 billion for causes they care about. Our app helps you make good things happen.
- Create a Fundraising Page.
- Keep track of your Page total, edit and share your Page.
- Find your friends and donate to over 13,000 charities.

Want to start raising money?
- Set up your Page in five simple steps.
- Share your Page instantly on social media, or via text, email and messenger.
- Start collecting donations immediately.

Already have a Page?
- Manage your Fundraising Page or Crowdfunding Page super simply.
- Send updates from your phone on the go.
- Get joyful notifications whenever someone donates to your Page.

Need some inspiration?
- Search for your friends.
- Donate to over 13,000 charities around the world.
- See stories from the people and causes you care about in your personalised Feed.

"The app helps our fundraisers tell their unique stories, so they raise more for our cause."
Michael Docherty, Cancer Research UK

JustGiving part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 59.1484. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 26.0 MB.

What's new

    - We've added donation notifications to Crowdfunding
    pages, so everyone can enjoy the jingle of change in their pocket
    - You can now edit the offline amount on your Fundraising Page...
    - ...and you can edit your Fundraising Page summary too
    - We've fixed the 'Story' section of your Fundraising Page so you can use emojis to truly express yourself
Download justgiving.apk 26.0 MB


Not working Won't let me update on social media or add pictures etc , was fine at first but now just won't let me log in or do much at all.

Wont upload pics from phones, crashes continiously, update progress gets lost. Really really bad app. Better off accessing on pc or laptops

Not working 100% :( Really looking forward to using this app to keep my sponsors updated on my charity event but it's very temperamental - can occasionally update via text while uploading photos keeps failing!

Could be much better It won't let me update status or photographs. It is handy to keep track of donations but a bit useless for anything else. Please get it working and it'll be perfect :-)))

Won't let me manage notifications Not a bad app entirely, aesthetically pleasing is one positive and moderately simple to navigate. However, it won't let me control my notifications! I've tried ticking the box to do so and it says "registering for notifications" but never does! This needs to be fixed as otherwise it's no better than being on the online site

Needs looking at properly Keeps freezing when I try to log in, doesn't update my donations unless I literally, uninstall app and download again. HTC One

Getting there Useful to keep up with donations, but that's about it. Should have page editing ability (not great from mobile website either). Clicking notifications always gives an offline message.

Disappointed Don't get updates even though I have set it to update and the colour of the screen means I have to go to the website to see who has donated which kind of makes your app pointless!! There is no way of changing screen colour either and no matter how bright I make it makes no difference! Now deleted, pointless app for something so worthy!

Not great Can't set up notifications and the app doesn't really do anything else. Uninstalling and sticking to mobile site. Doesn't appear they have improved reading past comments.

No Notifications I've been using this for well over a year now and the only reason that you'd actually want it as an app is for the notifications. Please fix this - it's been broken for too long.

Useless App has constant login failures when updating to Facebook and Twitter. All it lets u do really is check to see if anyone has made a donation. Pointless app in my opinion. Just giving obviously don't read the reviews or just don't care about fixing the bugs.

Brilliant idea If it worked better would give it *****but having issues setting up notifications and i cant seem to find my team page.

Buggy Won't let me update and tell me I'm not connected to social media. Please fix bugs I'm going to start to need this a lot more as my event is fast approaching!

Very much improved I've experienced none of the log in issues that appear to have been an early problem with this app. A little slow to start up, but intuitive to use, and very useful.

Ok for sight of balance but poor for management Facebook update says failed because Just Giving servers are not ready but it still posts the update. Ended up with about 10 of the same update on my page so check FB before redo in Just Giving app. Also, notifications very poor. Constantly says "registering for updates" so cannot alter settings

Would be good if you could log in! Is this being fixed? Seems to have been this way for some time.

Great idea but so far hasn't worked. Can log on and see my total and photo, but had no notifications and can't move beyond 1st page.

Great if it worked Can't manage notifications. Even when they were enabled it never notified me of anything that happened. Reinstalled but no joy :'(

Poor! Can't seem to get any notifications what so ever, I also can't post to Twitter from this application! Disappointed

Notifications not working! The main feature of this doesn't work! Like others, when I tick the box for notifications it says "registering for notifications" but then won't let me adjust when and how these happen as all the options are greyed out... and I get no notifications at all!

Its now finally allowing you to login. Its pretty basic, but gives notifications when donations received and allows you to share and update your page.

My partner diagnosed with brain cancer sep 2012 he is stronger than ever my solider martyn x

Really needs updating A lot of issues with this app can't upload photos or edit my story! Keeps freezing and crashing!

Needs updates Asks me to login every time I open the app. Notifications are never sent when I receive a donation and there is no option to edit my page either. Plus it always crashes!

Disappointed Can't load up own images, nowhere near as good as the desktop application.

Meh improved a little On an s4 now and can log in but it's VERY basic and notifications don't work.

Notifications? It obviously doesn't like my HTC One. It tries to register for notifications but never does. Not much point in looking at anything else as the notifications is key to what I want it to do. Please fix.

What a shame Just Giving Essentially this app would be fab if things worked. It'd be fab if photo uploads and status updates worked directly from the app. Easy to navigate and clear graphics but otherwise a pain to have to email help at just giving to get anything changed or done. As other reviews are over a year old I'm surprised this hasn't already been rectified. Fundraising may well increased otherwise.

Cant even log in! I log in to just giving via my FB account so dont have email and password combination, therefore can't even login in. Seems a massive oversight on the android app

Nearly brilliant Please can you update so notification comes through when somebody sponsors you etc. Using Samsung galaxy Note 2.

Let me down on diary entries. Great app for checking on your sponsor donations. Nicely laid out and good design. However. .. I have been writing daily updates to let people know how I'm getting on with the Dryathelon - like a diary. Today I posted a photo and took quite a while writing a few sentences in the little slot given on my Galaxy Siii mini. When I tried to update it a technical problem message appeared and the whole lot dissappeared! I went to the main site to check and found that none of my entries had posted :-(

Can't make donations.. This can only be used for viewing donations made to cannot send donations, so it's rather pointless.

App Works 60% The app wont let me post on Facebook or update pics using my galaxy s3. Please fix justgiving

Rarely works! Every time I use this app, I have to make a few attempts to log in before I can actually get in. Trying to post updates on my just giving page is pretty painful too as the picture/update won't update - a message shows the app is offline when I have strong wifi connection. A very frustrating app to use

Pointless Doesn't let u register for notifications nor let you up date your story. Basically pointless better with a link top. website

Disappointed Was liking forward to keeping up to date with donations and updating my training .... Doesn't work. ?

Poor app Although this app eventually gives you an update of thr donations. I have set notifications but nothing comes through and almost every time I open it the app crashes first time.

Facebook account I don't seem to be able to use the app as I registered with my Facebook account on the desktop site.... Massive oversight or im being an idiot

Not the best Being able to set up a fund raising page on the app would be a good step. Also fixing the app so it don't stop in the middle would be a good thing too

Very poor app You'd have thought with all the money they cream off from charity donations, they could afford to pay for the development of a decent app.

Not working Won't let me do anything at all really keeps crashing saying internal error please restart application :( :( :( :(

Don't work! Won't let me add pics or share anything on any media... I have emailed you but not bothered to get back to me .... All about the money as long as u getting it nothing esle matters!!! Let's see if anyone gets back to this review.... .....

Once good, not now I used this app when I was raising money 3 years ago and then it was great. I'm using it again this year and it's now mostly useless. It claims that it provides notifications when someone has made a donation. But it doesn't. I've read many other negative reviews here. JustGiving are a profitable business so they have the money to get this fixed. Shame on them - they are obviously more interested in lining their own pockets than helping people raise money.

Limited benefit. The messages from donators are on a dark purple background so they can't be read and the app doesn't really do anything. I already get email alerts so it doesn't seem necessary

If it worked would be great It takes ages to log in, doesn't give me notifications when someone donates even though they are turned on, won't let me update or add photos. Basically only let's me see how many donations and who from when it finally logs in.

The main reason for installing it, to share the page via Facebook easily... and that's the one feature that isn't working

Can't log in Can't log in using Facebook, so it's pointless having this app. Deleting it will have to stay with the Web page

Can't log in I use Facebook to log into the website but it doesn't give me that option on the app and doesn't accept my username and password. Rubbish

Unable to edit donations Need to be able to change anonymity etc for a donation I made

Keeps crashing! After latest update now crashes and logs me out continuously, any fixes?

Excellent service Helps people like me open another Avenue for fundraising. Excellent service and means of fund raising.

What an improvement on the old version. And notifications work! Love it.

Hmmmmm... Went to edit my story, which was entered on the website, and the app tells me it contains invalid characters. Those are there for a reason, and the website accepted them fine. Then I looked at my updates and all the in ages were missing, haven't got ant further yet but that's a pretty poor start. Think I'll just go see if the website works on Android.

New update means that I now hear what sounds like money dropping into a moneybox.

Hardly used it Yet I think it fair to say I have hardly used the app yet, I have still not had response from an e-mail sent two day's ago for the online issue.

The worst app ive ever downloaded Crashes everytime you try to load. Awful..

My own fundraiser I want to start my own fundraiser. Not pick charities or other campaigns to give money to. I have my own needs

Great app Great app but not as good as the browser version.

Kamil Stender thinks this App is fantastic! Very user friendly and for a great cause

Good app Great aid to help you keep track of your fundraising

Does the job Works fine and does everything you need on the move.

Not bad at all. A handy alternative to logging on to the website.

Easy to use Keep improving the features -- Swami

App is as useless as the website and customer service!! I set up a page to help a family member out, easy to set up and use but the money still hasn't been paid into her account even after following the help page advice.. No reply to my email. Called today after being told I'm in a queue, get to 4 plus minutes and you get cut off automatically by just giving. Do not recommend this service at all. Why is it so hard to get hold of an actual person rather go through email and robots?!

Updates It would be good to be able to post updates with photos. This functionality was in the old version and was the reason I got the app in the first place. A little disappointing

Very Poor update Don,t like the update no running total and photos are on the side

No notifications Again, same problem as others have reported. No notifications received, uninstalled and retried but no joy. It worked when I did the same sponsored event last year, but not this time! Something's broke since then! Great app if only it worked on HTC One X.

It's a shame this app appears to have been abandoned by JustGiving. The basic ability to check donation amounts works but that's about it. Updates are temperamental and the notifications just won't work, instead the constant message "registering for notifications".

Great idea but lacks functionality Notification options cannot be altered. Donating directly from app does not exist. There is no way to collect sponsor details for fund raising events. Needs a lot of work to make it useful.

Doesn't Register for Notifications Was looking forward to using the app to keep an eye on my new Just Giving page until the app doesn't register for notifications, just hangs at 'registering for notifications. Needs fixing and if it does i will re install as otherwise it looks good

Not Working Can't get it to post to my Facebook page, help link is broken, have set it to notify me when a donation made but not had one yet, can't read donations that have been made as colours unreadable. Sorry guys but your app is useless.

Terrible functionality Used to work. Since downloading again this app will not let me do anything at all. Not a good way to try and raise money for charity. Will be giving virgins offering a try

Can't upload pics Not bad, could be better. Keep getting internal error when i try to upload a new picture and i don't get notifications anymore when someone donates. Very simple design, could have better functions

Not able to log in Used to work. Now can't log in. App leaves a "You just log in" message across all other apps for a 30 secs which you can't dismiss

Can't log in No longer able to log in with Facebook given error message. as I registered this way I have no other password for my account and am unable to access it without fb.

Horrendous app This app hardly updates. Logging on to just giving via browser gives true figure, this app doesn't. And pulling down and refreshing doesn't work either.

Unable to edit donations Need to be able to change anonymity etc for a donation I made. Edit: feature coming in the future :)

Facebook login not working Doesn't allow me to login with my facebook! Must be said that I do login with my facebook email but receive justgiving emails to another address. Maybe it's confused lol

App is so easy! Loving the way this app works. It lets you know what's going on with your fund raising but doesn't intrude on your day to day stuff. In fact it improves it. Takes away assume of the strain of fund raising. Thank you.

WTAF What's the point in an app that doesn't work....and I can see that without being able to log in..... I would have thought that seeing as we're all raising money for charity you'd have actually created something where we could at least log in and review....I for one am no longer going to keep this on my phone... Neeko ( The Preacher ) Preach

Would have given it 5 stats if.... You could view the names of people who donated like on the editing page of the main site and also you could access editing options through it.

What an improvement on the old version. And notifications work! Love it.

Really useful app Easy to use and logical. What more could you ask?

It's really great. It'd be nice to be able to message donations to say thanks.

Very good Big help for brother in law cancer patient..

Spot on for what I need

Great app Good for keeping you upto date on you goals

Wonderfully easy way to raise money for great causes

A few kinks but generally OK The updates don't work right with photos but otherwise it does what it needs to do.