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Inotia 4

Supplied By Com2uS USA    On Aug. 22, 2016    Comments(225)

Samsung Phone Inotia 4 version1.2.4 Download

Which side will you choose when the two forces rise again?
Inotia saga brought to the next level! 《Inotia 4》

Stride along with Kiyan, the Shadow Tribe's virtuoso, and Eara, the influential Channel of Light, in their fantasy adventure story.
With improved graphics and storyline from the previous series, get indulged in the battles against goblins, orcs, and more!

A new hero awaits to be released from his shadows, or the all-new Inotian continent mobile RPG action game!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

★Supports: English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體.

■ Feature Highlights ■

- 6 Classes, 90 Skills
Choose from 6 classes; Black Knight, Assassin, Warlock, Priest, and Ranger.
15 different skills are added to each class. Combine all skills to customize your party's strategy.

- Convenient Party System
Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytime and anywhere.
Once all mercenaries are recruited, 20 or more unique 'mercenary skills' will help you along your journey.

- One Of The Largest Mobile RPG Maps
Dry deserts and freezing snowfields, mysterious forests and dark dungeons...
400 maps with various themes to roam through!

- A Tragic Destiny and Other Schemes await the Shadow Assassin and the Channel of Light
A breathless chase-and-run story where the two heroes meet companions, enemies, and monsters; Be immersed in emotions as the darkness and light contradicts in force...
Enjoy a stronger, and better, scenario.

- Exclusive Sub-quests Ready To Be Unraveled
Enjoy other sub-quests in each region of the Inotian continent besides the main story.
As you accomplish the quests, you will get your hands on some extraordinary items.
Listen to stories of each villager and monster to unfold other mysteries.

- End of a Story means a Beginning of a New Journey: Infinite Dungeon for Hardcore Players
Cleared the whole story? Get ready to start a new one in Infinite Dungeon!
5 different memory layers will relocate you to a battle that was of your past...but different the next time.
Fight villains that are even more vicious and smellier than the main story, to become the ultimate master of Inotia!

- For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting

Com2uS USA part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Aug. 22, 2016. Google play rating is 91.7391. Current verison is 1.2.4. Actual size 44.0 MB.

What's new

    The classic action RPG, Inotia 4!
    We've fixed up some minor bugs!
    Got feedback? Leave a review or visit and drop us a line!
Download inotia-4.apk 44.0 MB


Sucks After play this game there's alot of stuff that makes this a sucks game. 1st advertise game like this don't suppose 2 have advertise n 2nd main character sounds like girl voice n 3rd lack of quest, monster n in the end stuck with same place n can't go at the place that use 2 go n wthell there's NO teleport scroll and so this is the suckes game in the rpg world

Attention: I suggest to all users not to get the new update. Part of the update allows this game to see what other applications you are running, which could infect and take what ever it wants.

I have a problem This game is amazing i played all inotia games and they all rocks but i have a problem with this one... this is my third login to the game without haveing an access the the daily reward thing . Plz tell me what should i do? And thanks ..

lag on quest and skill desc I play on lg optimus g pro, there is lag abot 4-6 sec before quest and skill desc show. I've played this on glaxy s3 mini before but there is no such lag. And considering performace wise, it's should be smoother on g pro due too higher spec, Thanks

Great game. Love the game, reminds me of old school classics like Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore. My only grey is that with the characters that summon pets, the pets actually impede your movement by blocking your path. Other than that I love it.

Didnt received my gems and cant online shopping Why am i didnt receive my gems and cant go to store even i have best connection. Pls fix it i wanna make a preparations before fight alexander

So far so fun. Still early, but I'm having fun. The battle is automated. You walk up to someone and press the attach button and your character uses there weapon to hit the opponent. You choose to use abilities, items, and when facing multiple enemies you can turn your attack towards either one you want. The game reminds me of a gameboy style game, I like it.

Good accept ending boss. Very fun and challenging apart from I don't like the ending boss. The fact that you need a certain class and combination of skills is stupid.

One of the best RPG on android. Currently at lvl 76 and I really like what I experience so far. The story isn't ground breaking but very good enough for an android game and game progression isn't as grindy as compare to other games.

I can' create an account for com2us, that's why i can't buy weapons and armors from online shop, i only used the fusion machine for stronger weapons, please fix it.... level 100 reached ?, just wanna share... great game...that's all

Amazing, but please fix. When I was at around level 57, at some point in tbr game, monsters did about 1000 damage which wasn't proportional to how strong I was, I had to spam levels for a long time until level 59, then I moved on, I saw that other monsters did about 500 damage. Please fix for other players.

this is ok I played inotia 3 too but that one is so sad... I eventually uninstall it, I hoped this one is not so sad.

Needs better translation I can't understand what some skills do because of the translation. Otherwise it`s a nice rpg with a good story

Great action RPG Great action RPG, hope someone can recommend more games like these,did anyone had a glitch with red hooded boss battle,when i enter the room nothing happens,fight does not start

Excellent Bloudy excellent game so much better then inotia 3 i hoped they had 1 and 2 but no:( so hopin now they do inotia 5 as completed number 3 bloudy fantastic game no issues:) x

A little lagy This game is pretty good especially for a phone game. It does lag a decent amount when talking to people but maybe that is just my phone

Pretty good It reminds me of an old school FF game, (Specifically 5) and I really enjoy the combat system. I'm looking forward to the continuation of the story and the sidequests I'll get to do. However, it does lag heavily on occasion.

Pretty good. There are some small errors in the story line and a few technical issues, but the game is fun and keeps me occupied.

Good Very good.....I'll wait for inotia 5.Please reduce lunatic golem's strength and reduce the rate of things.Also I can't login com2us please fix it

Love it I swear u guys are the best developers ever ! I think u guys should do more of these game I like it how u don't have to buy stuff to beat the game u guys are awsoome !

Used to be better When I first played this game on my Samsung galaxy mini with Android 2.2, it never lagged or crash once. However since the Google play branding update and I switched to ASUS ZenFone 4 with Android 4.4.2, it lagged, freezes, crashes all the time. Please fix this.

Good game but Kind of lag while tapping on npc for quest and adding skill points. Overall still a decent game

Inotia 3 was way better but the 4 is way challenging This game had me stuck for days.. Its a very nice game.. I finished the whole inotia 3 story line and im stuck at memory lane 4 at inotia 4 and i have to use 99 resu scroll just to finish 2/3 quest.. Having epic weapons at inotia 3 was possible with a dungeon unlike at 4.. And i really miss the whole party immune skill..

Great!!? The game is awesome!! I dont know if its just me but the game LAGS at some times specially when you click at the quest part and search for your quest. I also have a hard time logging in to come2ushub even though my internet connection is fast. What just happened?..LOADING............

love the game im at lvl 96 love the game at 1st it wsnt much as it look but when i started playing on it BOOM !! how great the game is .the bosses sometimes are hard to kill but hey its wort of a game challenging if i were u i probably download it .im at lvl96 am i close of ending the story in inotia ?

Battles are easy When you fight bosses that move around you ahould run away while someone else attacks the boss whild the boss comes to you but when you fight the lass boss just use all potions and fight crazy

Just started it Its ok only giving It four stars since I just started playing it but when I get further in my rating may go up

Awesome best RPG I have found so far. My PlayStation is feeling ignored. Just cannot figure fusion and ingredients

Good Kinda hard to kill some of the bosses dont know if its just me but other than that great addictive game

Fends off my boredom Im usually picky when it comes to satisfying my boredom. Loved inotia4, it's a really satisfying game with an interesting story. With this, I am never bored. (y)

I luv it This game are the best... Need some improved... Can you make a shop that can hire a soldier not a mercenary.. Lower than mercenary... So we have many troop with us by buy them... As many as as we could...

Opinion I just started playing so far so good . Wish there was some music when your walking or talking to npc's but otherwise good game

Fun Its a good game :) only problem it wants to freeze when you accept quests but other than that can't put it down :D

Love it Simple n enjoyable, but there's one thing when I click some of the button like the quest part it stop or lag temporarily... so, please fix this bug.

Ragnarok Online?!? Reminiscent of mmorpgs from golden days of purchase gaming. Fun, story based rpg. Stuck early on but doesn't need the Web to play so that's really nice. Killer graphics. Smooth on my Galaxy Note 3.

Nice but Its a really good game but do you think you can get some voice actors for the cutscenes the game game is just that good in my opinion that it needs some "voice". Also just a thought could you make the first time you rest your skills free and after that you have to pay real money.

GREAT GAME Got me playing for hours, good story but whats tiring is what the character all does in this game is just being bossed around and have to do all the errands which is tiring and time consuming.

The gems Where did they go. These gems. That would be a daily. Conviene.a 5!@_@I am shellshocked, by how.awesome really is. I just. Wish they ask my opinion. I'm willing to work. Money's. People remember the money earned by improvements.

I love this game!!! Very well rounded combat system and story line. This is the first game I've played in the franchise and Im going to find the older games and play them as well. My only complaints are that your mercs make no sound when they hit enimies which is a bit annoying. Also I wish I could hot key there skills so if/when my person dies it would be easyer to use them if I can could someone please tell me how to do so. And I didnt get my free download gems..but its w.e this game is definitely worthy of 5 stars

Good one Pretty interseting game, but kinda lag sometimes.. but overall, a very nice game..

Hate being begged for reviews so just 4 instead of 5.

Very Good And Very Hard Game Ever xD In the beginning its pretty Easy but into the Final Fight to kill All Bosses xD Shuckzz "GOLEM" !!! I Cant Defeat it... I got a Half of his Life until now i cant defeat it HuHu But Very Nice Game 5Star

Cool The game is fun to play with nice story and gameplay but sometimes, it's laggy. Fix it pleasee :D But overall, it's fun

happy and addicted i was surprised how did this game improved very much...nice story line,new items..improved graphics and more to inotia3..for me,easy 5 star...

Excellent, I hope to see 5 soon. Even if its pay only, I would buy it.

Help It seems like my phone cant connect to the ingame gem store. Keeps saying failed to verify reciept. Please help.

boooooring and repetitive Entire game goes like: kill X monsters A and X monsters B then proceed to next area and repeat whole process until you'd like to kill yourself instead of those monsters. Fights are BORING, too long, too repetitive, too easy - there isn't any challenge, only mindless grinding. Medicore story doesn't justify torturing yourself with this repetitive game, so if you have some money - buy Final Fantasy, if not go for a walk or stare at wall - that still will be better than this game.

Classic but poor control in mobile interface This game is quite good and it's free, but unfortunately the control is a bit clumsy. You can't move diagonally and ranged classes has to play at melee distance due to the poor auto target system.

So far so good. Love inotia 3 still tryin to fight the god of darkness in that one so figured is give this game ago while i recover from my crippling defeat haha

This game isn't half bad The game's not bad but it's not quite as fast paced as I had hoped and I don't care for the auto attack after u press the attack button of I had to decide which game is better between this one and Demonic Saviour I'd say Demonic Saviour is better and more fast paced

Its an amazing game not the best graphics and apparently with some weapons axes are swords but other then that it is a absolutely magnificent and amazing game

Great game I'm starting to like this game alot more than before.

Omg I will say plot is.not better than part 3 but however i love it just as well i recommend to everyone

Love it and Been playing awhile but I just bought two of the lvl 24 assassin weapons from the gem store. I go check my inventory and I have two lvl 93 assassin weapons and gems missing. Please fix this.

Really good. I played the 3rd Inotia and it impressed me a lot so I wanted to go for the 4 the and its realllllly good, a better improvement from the 3rd one. Only issue I have is really having the choice of changing the quality to low so it'll be smoother to play but other wise good :)

Really liked this game I had it ever since i got my first smart phone nd tab :P

Seems decent but nothing that stands out from other RPG games I've played so far. Will give it some time to see if it gets better. Game play is good but storyline is tried and tested.

Absolutely great! Great controls. Very well put together gameplay and story. Very addicting! It has the feel of a classic JRPG I love it!

It's ok The game is a nice distraction from whatever else I need to be doing at the moment.

Nice RPG ever Since 2012 I'm playing this game.. non stop action and new stories. ... 5stars dude

Great game This game is great I've been playing for a few years n it never gets old. Just wished it was easier to get better items.

Google nexus 7 Great game! Been playing for hours. Nice story

Woop fun game Woop woop having lots of fun. Much like Zenonia but has a better story

Awesome game! If you like simple but fun Rpgs you'll love this game.

Greàt game If you have time to spare, play this game ill know youll love it :)

Little laggy but I enjoyed inotia 3 so 4 is somethin ive been lookin forward to playing good job

I just ended the story of inotia 3 children of carnia Then i just start this inotia 4.. loved this game. :D

Nice and fun game Great time-killer when you're bored, doesn't even need Internet connection to play :)

Classic RPG! Amazing! I hope inotia 5 will be out soon! I cant wait ^^

I love this game but,. I like this game, but When i became lvl 105 all monsters are very powerful. And im like just 2 hits im now stuck in my quest,, plss fix the monster's damage,, but the rest is cool love it.

Great job Please keep them coming you all have done yet another great game thank you all very much

Meh Reminds me of old GBA games like Golden Sun. I just wish the battle wasn't so repetitive.

Really like it but Dunno why it gets laggy or the game stops a bit when i interact with certain people or objects please fix this its really worth it

I want 3D graphics Please fix the problem that sometimes it hang in the game and sometimes it's slow to read specially when checking the missions...

I like the game. Nice effects and good graphics.. But it's a little bit laggy sometimes.

Good game It's a pretty good game, I have been looking for an RPG you can play offline that doesn't take up too much battery life and is enjoyable. This meets all of those criteria and even exceeds them. Thumbs up

It's a cool game In in lvl 6 but I can feel the intense

Samsung galaxy note 4 This a great game played it for old time sake and still runs smoothly for my device

Cool Great game definitely improvements made, simple controls, nice story no problems here.

Offline purchase I got the no ads but I go to play in offline and I still have ad's fix it or give me my money back thx

Lost everything Recent upgrade deleted all my data. Purchases, saves, all gone. Why? Please fix immediately. Addendum: Now 1/13/16 and no explanation or responses to e-mails from devs. These guys suck, and I will never download anything of theirs again.

Really Love it This game always surprise me with new view and graphic just like inotia 3 but with several advancement things :D

Inotia 5??? I really recommend this game to anyone. Just like three, it had a nice story, an open adventure and the combat mechanics are much better. I was wondering though, when will they come out with the next one?

I love this game!! 4 stars for me! One of best free rpg to play. 1 more star to go. Please fix characters not to bump each other for smooth movement. More power!

Plays Off-line! Great game just like one before. Only difference in this one is its EZ to get money early so you can buy the 8 bag slots :)

Inotia 4 A LOT of potential here, a well made experience even when offline with no extra perks paid for. I've played many RPGs on my phone (due to unemployment) and I haven't seen better than this, sadly.

Like it Good art story and play! It's interesting, one minor thing is the lag between quest dialogs popping up

Old Scool I really like old school RPGs and this one is really great! I just started but I can already tell that im having fun. Sadly the music sometimes disappear..

Really liking it! Just got this game a few days ago and I'm really enjoying it so far. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the fact that I logged in a few times and my saved data was gone. Good thing I didn't make it very far yet haha

Why?????? I just updated my game and it deleted my save file. EVEN my data backup was deleted. I will never play this game again if nobody from Com2us can help me. I'm so dissappointed.

Good game The game play it's self is good, but the boss fights are to hard. For an example when you fight the queen spider (Lvl 12). Being lvl 27 you stell have to to heal. If you were to try it at lvl 13 and and have 3 people with you and heals, you wold fail

A little bit unbalanced I know this is an RPG but the grinding part is just pushing it. Unless you bought something from the store buying diamonds using real money, it will take a super long time for you to complete this game. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, I love the grinding part but that's what hurts this game in some aspects, the story is just standard, the story flows a little bit rushed sometimes. Overall, the game is good, the grinding part needs to be dumbed down a bit in order to be friendly to everyone.

Really liking it Love it so far not that far in but haveing a lot of fun :D def worth downloading

Bad So I have been playing this game for a while and leveled up my heroes to lvl 49 . Then one day I decided to create a new hive account and I lost everything

Classic Nice too know there are these types of games out there instead of your usual mmorpg mobile edition style games. Its a nice break well done.

Nice game It's nice to play it again and i've finished it already though the ending was not a happy ending but still it's great. It's kind of addicting that you will play it for several hours because of it's awsome story but the only thing i dont like is the bonus campaign of Kiyan's memories. It's difficult to defeat the bosses in 4th altar i hate it. I dont want to play it there anymore. Anyone knows what time the daily bonus starts? Please make inotia 5 tnx ?

Pretty good Good game, a throw back to the older SNES rpgs. Only complaint is that it will randomly exit and you'll lose your stuff if you don't save. Doesn't happen often but when it does it hurts.

Enjoyed when looking for a "time killer" The graphics are reminiscent of Final Fantasy on the SNES. The plot line could use an improvement and left me feeling like it was dry and obvious. I enjoyed the grind of monsters finding loot and gold, I felt like there were bonuses for grinding that made it worth while. The grammar of the NPCs were lacking; this game might drive you insane at every other cutscene. All in all, the art is nostalgic and brimming with class, the battles are fun, and this game doesn't beg for your $ too often. Worth a download.

Dear Com2us Team, 5 stars. A really great game. Hope that you can add up some additional maps or lvls as well as the monsters. Pls add another map for item hunting or a special dungeon. Hope you can hear this suggestion and Im sure the game will be more exciting. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ COM2US

Overall good. Movement is a small issue, a co-op control of the mercenaries could be added for some good fun. Overall the game is well made with only minor nuisances that can be easily over looked. The story is slow, but filling. A few grammar errors. A great overall play.

Description Very well put together rpg. It's a mini one but long and challenging. Love it. I give it a four cause the plot line is pretty predictable and dry.

Awesome mobile game The graphics is fantastic and I love the scenes are wonderful. It is easy to control as well. 5 star rating indeed!

Just to Fun I love this game great choises in charaters amd perfect level in difficulties.

i have play this game for a long time Heyy yo ! its an awesome game and I'll make sure you will not regret to download it . I am now in level 100 and I am very excited to know the end of the story if just my current level is going to end . haha anyway its hard to fight Kiyan himself now . best story ! and did Eara die ?!?!?!

Good game I've played this game for a few days. It's fun. Though a few things that get me annoyed. 1 you can get stuck when surrounded by enemies. 2 my game crashes when I add a mercenary to my party. But the rest of the game is great. Nice story line and easy mechanics. Please fix the crash on adding a mercenary to the party I can't contineu at the moment. Thanks in advance

Really...? Cmon you can be better than that this one was bad the story sucked the character sucked and the gameplay sucked but inotia 3 was the bomb please if your gonna make inotia 5 make it more like inotia 3 cause i would love that

Aside from flawed controls it's pretty good The class system is decent but ranged classes have a hard time targeting unless in close range which destroys the point of ranged attacks.The story is pretty good though

Awesome Wat a great game Lv it looks amazing and is amazing should be on a console would be awesome

awesome graphics get hooked up by this game looking forward for inotia 5 i hope comsus will release it and create it!good job!:) awesome!:)

Need a Sequel Very nice game with a nice story element and the real vibe of rpg. a little difficult for newbie player though. The graphic look classic and decent for an rpg game. So inotia 5 when?

Reasonably good hack n' slash rpg The game mechanics and graphics are pretty good. The story line is good and doesn't really have to do much grinding to progress. There are some bugs though. Like mana potions landing on wall tiles, party members blocking player movement, hard to pass through gateways/entry-exit points etc. Also the conversations/dialogues are kinda weird.

Fantastic Love the game. Simple Controls, I could play it with one hand. UI is a little blocky at times, can be difficult pick up items at times but doesn't really interfere with the game. Story is interesting and combat is engaging. Would recommend to anyone.

Recommended rpg!!! This is good rpg i've ever play on my smartphone, you can add skill, stats whatever you like, crafting esspesialy made this game more interesting its not ez to make a good equipment. Exelent game for ur boring time.

kindly check, i have been logg!ng in everyday to have the bonus gems and coins,, i had ar0und 80+ gems but last time i logged in, it became 7 gems only,, i really wanted to buy an item in the sh0p but it is w0rth 95 gems so it was really disapp0nting, hoping you can resolve this, thank you so much!!! :-)

10 out of 10 would play again One of the best rpgs on a phone you can get, great game play I love the flow and mechanics of it all

Best game on play store! This is worth ★★★★★. Awesome game, I love the story as well as the gameplay and epic boss battles. Also a great time killer. I always play this during my vacant classes, I even find myself playing it for hours. I think I'm close to the end of the story of Inotia 4 so I can't wait for Inotia 5. Good job for Com2us! Please continue making awesome games like this.

Great Love it passes time has some cool moves. REALLY NEEDS TARGETING SYSTEM, killing things and a random stronger monster can be hitting you and so hard to turn to it in hoards lol.

Pretty good Im liking it so far just dislike that you can only attack one enemy at a time but its still fun to play

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I am stuck at the Final Seal...have an AWESOME Assassin but don't have enough resurrection scrolls...I've beat 3 out of 4...I can't wait for 5

Just started the game, but it's been great so far! A lot better than Inotia 3!

I'm addicted to it. On my way to lvl 100. Really want to see the ending. Team of 2 rangers and 1 black night, and they're like invincible. Never have a hard time with bosses

Doesn't save data When I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it for reasons I logged into hive and Google+ and still there is nothing,please help or guide me if I'm doing something wrong.

Stuttering, lagging This game was good previously. And afterwards when try to install again after uninstall it, I could not get past the splash screen. When finally able to get past the splash screen, now the game sometimes suddenly lost framerate and lagging. I am using brand new phone with little new app installed yet the game still lagging.

Lute the blade Just the best RPG game on android ever for me, can't stop replaying it. Though the bosses are a bit hard to beat, especially the final that endlessly summons minions and heal it self. I wish for a continuation of the story, [Inotia 5] Please!!!

Could be more better Its great but I wish that the status the words on it wasnt a acronym (i dont know the word completly) and I wish that it will show what it will add so over all super fun but I wish that the daily reward dosent have to be online but the game is playable offline its great while traveling and if your in the country I mean province its everything a man could want a man like me ;) and heres a suggetion add a voice AND I will give a tip there is hidden weapons everywhere for free it looks like chicken bonestap it

Great game, Never seen game like this in android, good story, easy to play, but i got a little laggy when im taking and completing my mission

... Really great game, but only worth playing as an assassin in my opinion... but assassins r weak but they make up for it in powerful attacks... it seams no matter how good my defence is im always taking alot of damage, I don't think that should be the case when im focusing on vitality.

was fun. no doubt about it. can play even offline? woah. talk about awesome. well aside from the lag though that happens every now and then.

I like the Story but 'Something" Need to change 1.Last boss is darius But Boss lv106 Seriously? max is lv 105 Right? And i fight with forgeted skele in shadow training dungeon The enemy lv 108!? Seriously?and After Fight with darius No more story? I want know what happen to Janus,azad and eara(pls make story Continue) Nb=Who is Veteran? Is he Lucio? Veteran Is at in first story in inotia 3

Great graphics good game Great game good graphics nice storyline and the people who dont like this game are just haters I dont care what they to me its a good game and its the best on my phone .

So much better than Inotia 3 ? Even though I only started playing on this game 3 days ago, I daresay that it is intriguing and FANTASTIC. I'm really hooked on it and enjoying it a LOT so far ??!

Very cool. Awesome game. Only complaints are the lag in accessing NPC dialogues, skills, and... Getting the same item combinations you already know from the scrolls. Edit: still a great game, with even more updates and good content! I just came back after years of not playing it, just to have another go around!

Fun (2016 update) still fun A very fun game since part three. I strongly suggest to try it out and tell your freinds. (Played this a while back and still is as fun as i left it ;])

Good So Far I've only started playing, so I can't give it five stars yet until I get further into the game, but I like what I've played up to this point. The only thing I dislike are the controls--there has to be an easier way to do turns and movement in general. I also think something is wrong with the daily prize claim. Might be glitchy. Other than that it's fairly simple to understand. Curious to see how the storyline turns out, although I think I have a general idea of what's going to happen next. ;)

Cool, Great, Nice Loving to play when free times, great graphics, fun to play. Pretty sure you'll love it also

Great RPG!! I'm loving the game it's got a great story and the gameplay is really enjoyable, highly recommend :)

Nice Really like the old school JRPG feel...other than just a mindless hack and slash, this one really is more enjoyable in that you have to micromanage your team member and what skills to use and when...reminds me of Baldur's Gate and the like...the item fusing system is good and can help you get potions, armors, and weapons and can free up the clutter in your inventory...some decent weapons acquired in can do that if you can't afford the items at the shop...overall a good android rpg...

Not too bad It's been good so far. Enjoying it. SADLY I deleted my game by mistake. I realised the beginners pack is not given back when I have a new character... That really sucks big time!

BEST GAME EVER!!! Awesome and pretty good graphics.I,am lvl 105 but it,s so hard to advance cause the memory layer is so hard i,am stuck at layer 5 cause it,s suuuupeeer hard

Great game!.....but Everything is great, but when I picked to be a ranger I expected to attack from distance. As it is I'm only two steps away when I start attacking.

Nice game! Nice game, but the enemies are too difficult to fight. When the enemies gathered, I attacked with sword and it did no splash damage.

Fun Repetitive and a little on the easy side, but hey it's fun to play.

Good game. Its nice to return to this game after a while, feels good to be back.

Hard time Good game ever that i installed but one thing was that i have a hard time fighting with the Bose's. Hope it could be updated to adjust the difficulty just a little

Great game but ... Please remove the tutorial it makes the game laggs on my phone with 512ram

A great way to spend tons of money and they wouldn't even save your data on their server amd therefore your money is forfeited for no reason at all

Best freemium game ever Game is soo awesome doesnt force me to actually spend cash.made me want to spend a littlw to support the devs.but also not necessary as game can be played and completed without spending

Great game Perfect little loot collecting and grind if you want type rpg. Exactly what I was looking for and then some :-)

Not bad Doesn't seem like anything special yet. These devs need to ask for reviews a bit later into their games.

Great Game! Wonderful storyline, graphics, and interface. Pretty addictive. One of the best mobile games I have played.

Purchased items glitch don't spend money I purchased blade extreme multiple times, they took the amount of gems for that blade, but I only received blade of destruction. not what I wanted, glitchy store. don't purchase anything, they don't contact back through email to correct. wasted real money even more so than what I wanted to.

Awesome. Can't stop playing. Great game addicted right off the bat.

This is a solid RPG. Would love to see an inotia5 at some point. I prefer this over other more known games like zenonia.

Awesome Pretty good so far! The lags are quite bothering though!

Excellent game. Smooth controls. Easy to navigate and gameplay is excellent.

Poor Customer Support I used to love this game for the option to back up your game save files. When I reinstalled though, the backup was empty. Disappointed, i contacted the CS. No reply.

Fun offline game This is a fun little game that can be played offline. The controls are OK considering its on touchscreen and the graphics are appealing. A nice time filler that isn't just another puzzle game.

Game It's a good game, I just wish it was more diablo like in the sense that weapons could be white, green, blue, orange, or redish.

Number 5? Are u guys planning on making another I've loved them all so much so far

OK game! Well its nice and all but the stats... Why there is no mp increase and mp regen? All it has is attack bonus... And I wish it has a item that is especially for that kind of specific hero (type).

LOST MY GEM When i logged in to Hive,my daily reward was reset from day 1 and i lost my gem. How could this happen? Please give me some solutions.

Bretty gud Story sucks most the classes suck and there's not many skills but it's the only 2D action RPG with AI party play so good game

Bug detected Would give it 5 stars for awesome storyline, SFX, gameplay and such . . BUT ! The second profile I have can't get out of a location since the barricades or something won't vanish DESPITE the Quest being completed . In addition , an incomplete side quest is suddenly 'completed' but won't give the rewards as the quest client shows the rewards have been claimed but the Quest overview or something says otherwise . Mind looking into this ?

RPG fans I'm a huge fan of old school RPGS so when I found inotia 3, I instantly fell in love. Obviously I had to install this one as well, keep up this series

Kiyan's voice My only problem in this game is Kiyan's voice. Voice acting doesn't match the characters look. He sounds like a little girl lololol.....Thats why my volume is off most of the time playing this game. Though it seems like no more update is given to this game anymore......

I Like So Much, Please make Inotia 5 please make Inotia 5, cuz i like this game story, and make that game Online and able to create avatar Character...cuz i feel boring if just One character on RPGames...I hope you will respon my Wish :D But why you made the sad ending in this Story T_T......I m Wishing so much for you to Release The Next Story in Inotia 5....Did you knew after I finised this game , I cried for 10 minutes because of the Sad Ending T_T...

Com2us delivers once again I have played every one of the installments in the Inotia series up to 4 and I have thoroughly enjoyed every one. Although the pacing didn't agree with me entirely with the first 2, com2us has outdone themselves with number 3 and this, number 4. This game is hands down, the BEST free rpg game on the app store currently. IAPs are 100% unnecessary but i will be buying a couple anyway because when a free game makes you WANT to pay for it, you know you've struck gold. Keep these games coming, com2us!

On the road so far I really like this game I feel that it gives you a lot of options and things you can do I wish I was a little bit more of a description when it comes to what each character can hold I've noticed that is the level the sword is too high my person cannot hold it and I feel like that's kind of dumb but so far and have enjoyed it there's a pretty decent storyline

Best free mobile RPG I've played so far. The only complaint I have is that some of the grammar is off in the English dialogue.

I like it Would give a 5 star if there weren't any small 1 minute lag that comes up once in awhile. But over all, good game. Brings back old rpg memories when I played back in the 90's.

O.O brings back old times, though the controller scheme sometimes blocks the quest markers / monsters on the phone edges

Great series The forth game of inotia is the best of them with respect to game play. Story seems nice but it is predictable. Maybe a little bit more freedom could be given to player. For instance, we should have more choices like which side we want to play or no side at all. Though it is still nice and I would like to thank the developers and the sponsors for this awesome follow-up.

Pretty fun. Its a great game to have on a handheld device. I don't find it to be particularly innovative, but then the game asked me to review essentially moments after beginning it.

It's good but... Inotia is a game were you develop your experience in the character as his experience continues in the game... also in the story... but based on what you can achieve each of its hard to find experience points as you move forward in the story I wish it was more faster for more monsters to appear and I also hope their will be an update where you can find animals name them or even characterise with the villagers and involve a relationship with them also I'd like there to be a community were other players share

Wow .... Had some fun with the gameplay, but the story and some characters are irritating garbage to put it nicely. Had to stop playing the game after the "ben" quest line. Won't be touching anything from this company again. ?

Lost data on the first day of play. I started to play this morning. I saved it like it told me, tried to log in again and nothing. I don't care about my progress as I was only lvl19 but I WANT my money back so I can start again.

Solid game so far It's pretty early on that the 'please review' quest comes in, so it's hard to be sure, but the game is fairly solid up to this point.

Pretty good so far I wasn't sure about this game but another reviewer said it reminded them of Baldur's Gate, so I thought I'd give it a try! :-) It's pretty fun so far but I'm disappointed that you can't choose the gender/sex and name for the player/main character.

Yeah its a awesome game cant wait for the next inotia five perfect job by the makers Good games its entertaining love it great job

Mobile Classic I love the loot and level ARPG genre and try every one I see. This is by far the best example on Android. One thing I'd like to see is more unique gear and weapons from drops and crafting. IAP is there but not at all mandatory to complete and enjoy the game. Which is exactly why I've made several IAPs just to support this model. Thanks devs, VERY much appreciated! =) To everyone struggling with bosses, you need to kite them, not just stand there trading damage. Warlock is by FAR the best class for this.

Amazing Game Such rich detail to gameplay and graphics that you won't stop playing. I love the story behind it and all the characters that you meet along the way. I have a level 102 black knight intelligence/ vitality build and it's amazing with the amount of damage I can do. Each class can be played how you want it so decide wisely. By the way, the store in the game is reasonably priced and you can complete the game without spending a penny. 10/10

Never get bored I have played inotia game from the first one....the great graphic, the great storyline, the smooth moves, always make me can not stop playing the game in my spare time......greattt !!

Ok Still getting the hang of it. since Ive played Inotia 3 years ago. but yeah,decent time killer

FOREVER AWESOME!! I've been playing this game for so long now I just love it!! I try to take my time so it will take forever to finish (I hope) I was just downloading games everywhere and just finding rubbish! But then for no reason at all I downloaded this game and version and I was blown away with everything about it :) I don't need crazy perfect human like graphics when I have a well put together perfect game called Inotia 4 Thanks to all involved and looking forward to play more of your other games soon ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Game is a very awesome app Great game, actually helps time fly by. The story is very compelling and attracting. And the online features help keep a player interested to play more.

GREAT GAME but dunno why after 3 years.. better than Inotia3 more HD. But after i played it back three years later, i couldnt play a new game at all. I tried to play one character till lvl 11 then the game froze, after that i restart the game, my saved data are all gone. After that, i tried login to my google account, then played a new char under lvl one, it immediately tell me this game has stopped therefore i go into the game again. My lvl 1 char is oso gone.

Im fvcking Love it.. ^_^ I finish the INOTIA 3 last 2 years. And this Inotia 4 is quite challenging. ;) but i almost finish this game. ;) hehe i hope if i finish this. You got INOTIA 5 so i can download that Asap. Best RPG i played. Trust me! Wow nice story and Gameplay. Too many bosses to. Pls download and u will not regret this.

It's a good single player game. I really well developed single player party based rpg. My only problem being after I tried to link my hive account it deleted Every character I had. So now it's a 2 star and an uninstall, sorry I had a lot of effort put into this game building my party around my death knight tank.

Fun and Interesting Game But the enemies are kinda hard to defeat I love the game and also the storyline made it more interesting that made me play the whole night till morning its around 5am in the btw.xD So Great game but my only hardest in the game is leveling up and the enemies are kinda difficult even its not bosses sometimes.But hey why not a challenge. XD but yea it kinda give me headaches repeating to defeat them over and over.xD. Edit: LOVE THE GAME TRULY DESERVED 5\5! PERFECT! Download it! (BTW Choose Black Knight)

Why i cant craft jewels Every time i go to fusion machine when im crafting standard jewel to advanced jewel it says it is not compatible. Do you know any other ways to craft or create some jewels? Or is this some kind of bug? Please fix it i really wanna play this game so bad. :)

Great gameplay Loving this game. Not too complicated but great 2d graphics. Minimal ads and fast enough loading. Old style free roming battle play with nice skillset to learn. Reminds me of Chrono Trigger without the turn based game play and with an item synthesizing system.

Kind of sucks You guys give the bosses too much health like the Spider Queen. She's only lvl 12 and has way more health than she should have which makes it very difficult to beat

Ok but kinda grindy This is similar to the zenonia latest versions where the game seems to be excessively difficult to get people to spend money. A lot of power can be generally bought from the store. For example the first real boss is a lv 11 spider, which took my lv 11 archer and warrior duo 8 tries to beat. A top yt vid of the boss shows someone beating it with a trio of lv 15. If that's any indication of what to come then that's disappointing. Inventory space is also an issue as you'll constantly need to micromanage.

Great Game. So far i've only started playing inotia 3 on my smart phone, and I can say that this is one awesome rpg. Quest are continiuos, plots are well arranged, and details on the UI is great. The only set back are the skill effects and limited skills. All in all an excellent game.

Amazing game I don't even know why I put that shot review on here. I sounded so stupid. This game is amazing and a great time waster or normal game in general. Difficulty is not extreme and great graphics and amazing game play. Nice story as well 5/5

Storyline well balanced. Liking the raw storyline, along with the occasional blunt humor and dramatic irony. Controls are touchy, and could use a remodification, hud too large in my opinion but I see it's nessessity.

So far so good Fun, easy to learn but definitely gets challenging after short while. I would give 5 stars but there seems to be some issues with stuttering. Other than that I am really enjoying this so far.

Solid game! Like the rest of the series, it has a great story line, wonderful audio and realistic characters. I still wish they'd fix the combat thing so I can kite effectively as a Ranger.

The best Action Rpg Game Ever Made Its The Best...But Its A Bit Too Difficult... Its Impossible To Beat The Spider Queen... Hopefully next update would be better...and please make a inotia 5 for jelly bean...

Awsome! I really love this game! It's not often that I find a really good offline RPG. The only thing I would add is background music. It helps set the feel for that part of the game. Other than that, I LOVE it!!!

Rage against the world Attack slash any that gets in my way lovin it as for the story idk wats goin on with anything but the warrior but as fars as im concerned tho best class and the channels agg

Well done Its been a long time I played this kind of game. Good story and great game play. A little lag that frustrated me thou but overall it's a good game

Engaging It drew me in almost immediately, its a great way to kill some time at the office, however when I hit around lvl 27 I decided to log into hive and when I did that it erased my data and deleted my game so that's why I only give it 4 stars

I made a warlock and need some help for the end. I got past doppelganger, but the Dark's ranged and does too much damage to me. 4-5 hits and I'm dead, with my allies too! What can I do in 4-5 hits??? It's like you guys didn't make warlocks able to go past the final boss. I'm very pissed right now because I spent a very long time making this warlock....and then finding out that it was useless to the final boss is just depressing. It's still a great game's not fair.

Like this game,, but when the mana orb bounce in the wall or terrain it cannot get it stick is that a bug or glitch? But anyways like this game automatic 5 star yeah!!!!!!

Profile Deletion Updated I have submitted an objection based on the fact that I submitted TWO emails before they responded about my lost data and told me they would bring it back. It has almost been a full week. I want my money back NOW.

I'm crying Not even gonna lie and this may be because I'm super lame, but this is the best game I've ever played on a mobile phone.. I'm in tears

Best game of the inotia series yet!!!! This is one of the best games I've ever played. I'm on my third replay. Been waiting for its sequel for a long time. Hope to see one soon!!! Thanks for fixing the bug as well.

Really great game! I always have something to do when playing Inotia 4. It is time consuming and has the option to play offline. I love it!

Fun and easy, but buggy... Easy to get started with, and a real time stealer :-) Game broke at lvl 40, crashes every time I go to mercenary screen... Reinstall didten help :-(

2nd Replay After finishing the game a few months back, this is actually my second time playing it again. Still as entertaining as ever. Never gets old. Keep it up! Definitely one of my fave games and have already recommended it to my friends.

Great time killer. So far I been having a decent time. It's not ten outta ten but it's fun. Not many games can say that.

Inotia 4 is great,but... My id is tedomi00, i played up to lev 100+ but now login, i can't see my character although i saved and loaded more sad...

I've been playing this game for a year i always back and back in this fkng level 103 it's to hard to defeat the boos at there Dame, pls Creator ma'am or sir add some skills or power or something

Harder than Inotia 3 !! <3 I played inotia 3 until it ends and i didn't die not even once but this new installment's mini bosses kills me WTG.Great game !! \m/

Classic and pretty fun Dragon Age/FFXII style combat, interesting story, cool character designs, classic retreaux graphics reminiscent of the best of SNES RPGs. Definitely worth a look if you're an RPG fan.

Its good but... This is one of the best RPGs on moblie I ever played! It gets slow towards the middle though.

awesome rpg game its pretty good, not the most amazing graphics but great story line and kick ass skills with a complex upgrades and fusions I have a level 10 warrior and its pretty awesome I say give it a try

Game crashed Played it back after 3 years and the game crashed after my character reached level 100..same issue

It is very interesting & great storyline I love this game, I am a wizard in this game and it is awesome. Keep up the good work in the Intonia games and also the skills are overpowered and fun to play with

Solid Single player game. Overall well built single player game. Having my run into any major issues yet.

Great game but....... I've finished the main game beat it with black knight and started the second half of it I guess u can say that.....I'm doin the part were u gotta go and take care of ur memories what ever it is and it got boring real fast I got to layor 3 or 4 I think and actualy started a new char a warrior and I'm at lvl 96 with him is there something after the dream part of do u just keep goin down more lvls or do u actualy get to square off with your brother if someone knows post a comment about thx

Lvl 90 and losse everything after server maintenence How can I get my character back?

Fun but crashes It crashes from time to time. Auto save seems to be working well though.

Disappointed I liked it better before it became a hive member only game and it became impossible to shop in game without a Hive membership. Please change it and i will restore my stars.