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iMindMap HD

Supplied By ThinkBuzan    On Nov. 4, 2013    Comments(45)

Samsung Phone iMindMap HD version1.3.0 Download

Also available for your Android phone - simply search 'iMindMap'

MindMap HD is your limitless workspace for brainstorming ideas, note-taking during meetings or lectures, organising tasks, planning events, creating and delivering presentations and so much more.

We're committed to making iMindMap the best it can be, so let us know if you're having any issues at and we'll get it fixed as quickly as possible

iMindMap HD is packed with intuitive, time-saving features to help lighten the load from your busy schedule and add a touch of creativity to everything you do.

So, ditch the endless lists and dull slideshows and take refuge from the status quo with the creative tool for all tasks, iMindMap HD.

iMindMap HD is the ONLY Mind Mapping app bearing the badge of approval from inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan.

PLEASE NOTE: iMindMap HD syncs your maps between all your supporting devices, so will ask you to sign up for a free account on the first start.

Feature highlights:
- Limited access to ThinkBuzan Cloud, allowing access to your maps from any ThinkBuzan Cloud enabled version of iMindMap
- Open .imx email attachments from iMindMap desktop
- Add web links and text notes
- Templates to get you started fast
- Sketch Tool
- Inbuilt SmartLayout technology to keep your maps tidy
- Tailor your maps with Styles & Freehand Branches
- Undo/redo feature to quickly amend or alter your Mind Maps

The following features are available through an in-app subscription to iMindMap Freedom:
- Access to ThinkBuzan Cloud, iMindMap online editor and iMindMap apps on other mobile devices
- Insert images from your own Gallery or even take photos whilst using the app from your camera (compatible device required) for a completely unique and personalised Mind Map
- Insert Floating Text and Floating Ideas
- Export as Image (PNG) and IMX files
- Speed Mind Mapping Function
- Create new Folders to store and order your maps by date or alphabetical order
- Tidy up and balance your maps in an instant with the Clean Up button
- Technical Support

ThinkBuzan part of our Productivity and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 4, 2013. Google play rating is 68.1683. Current verison is 1.3.0. Actual size 3.8 MB.

What's new

    We've brought the Social experience to iMindMap! Now you can connect with your friends and colleagues to share maps. Look for the new Contacts button to get started!
Download imindmap-hd.apk 3.8 MB


Extremely Poor Very limited. Almost useless. It is the best mind mapping program in Windows but Android Version is very poor and useless. Can't even paste from clipboard into a map. We asked developers to improve but they don't seem to bother to work on Android version at all. No updates for months.

Nice but not even nearly perfect With the version released 4 Nov the regular crashing seem to have been solved. Thanks! A mediocre mind mapping tool. Improvement would be a better sketch tool, especially the ability to open up existing sketches for editing... very important when taking notes. Moving sub-branches from one branch to another is not intuitive (cut & paste) and messes up formatting of the branch (eg when you move a box branch, the box is gone when it is pasted to the new location). The maps look nice though.

Stress inducing and not at all helpful I pride myself on being a bit of a geek and enjoying playing with new tech and gadgets. I liked the idea of this app as mindmapping is a really helpful strategy for overcoming my dyslexia. However, the adverts are really overbearing and distracting. Worse yet, this is the least intuitive app I have had the displeasure to ever try using. I'm glad I didn't pay for it as I would have spent the brief grace period that I could get a refund in getting increasingly frustrated. I can happily uninstall this app, not worry about being out of pocket and not recommend this app. Ever.

Great app really annoying bug If you draw arrows they don't save... not sure where to report this properly.

Not so free One of those annoying apps that requires you to create an account before you can even see what it does. From looking on the website it seems you need a subscription to use it effectively.

Regular app. There is much better on google play. e.g.: Simplemind.

Registering Not Working!! When I Want To Register For The Account, I Did Everything And It Says Username Is Invalid!!!

Perfect app, thank you

Awesome Love this app!!!

To much expensive Maybe this one is good application, but too much expensive for personal use. Hope they review again the price.

Think again Buzan I use iMindMap on the desktop so I really wanted this to work. But no; the 'free' features just don't make the grade - I cant even save a file so that I can update in on the desktop! Being so parsimonious with the free features keeps me from using this app and at $20 per year for the paid version, Buzan seems to be living on another planet. Sorry, looks quite good too.

Absent android login, absent reset password in app. I want to use app, but I remove it, because I can't login. Use site to reset password? Why am I install app? Ok, I go to site. What? I must remember email and login? Hey gays, you exactly don't want I start use your app! :-)

BUG WARNING! This is for my needs the best mm software out there. However, I've stopped using it because ~1/10 of my mindmaps have been rendered useless as one or more branches have totally bugged out and become so long it takes 5 min of continuous scrolling to get to the end of it. Trying to go back only makes the issue worse and manually moving the branch back doesn't work either.

Top App Loving it! Excellant for students. Could you please add a multi-tasking option for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This would be very useful.

Expensive 260 usd for sync with computer?? Don't you want my house too??

Alex Overall good, purchased the imindmap freedom, has the pc version as well, but pc version is a lot better... For this android version, can you plz make the font size stay the same? it keeps changing font size for words on different branches, plus, i cant resize the main image, fix these and it'll be five stars .. Sent support ticket on your website already last week but no response till now..

Keeps crashing with everything I try to do

Stupidly expensive just to get access to basic features Very nice to use when creating, but unless you want to drop big coin on this app forget about useful features like getting your data out. At least mindjet lets me export in a list format...

Does this app not work with jelly bean? I can't for the life of me figure out how this app works. I cannot get a branch to draw and pressing the menu button does not bring up any menus. Is this app compatible with 4.1?

Could be Excellent Developers, Android has a flexible, open file system that the application ignores completely, instead forcing proprietary sync & cloud. Feels like I'm using a pad from the fruit company... The map creation and maintenance work and allows the creation of very nice ones, but that's all that I liked. From that point on, it's a succession of proprietary stuff, from the file format to the cloud. No, thanks.

Good program but very annoying bug On the nexus 7, I make a new mind map, make additions, then switch apps. After a while I switch back and all my additions are gone! :( Judy left Roth the center title

To much "pro options" That is not a fee app. It is OK to charge for a good app, but don't call it free...

Unreliable Let me down on first use in anger. Had spent about 30 mins Working on mind map when it pushed 2 branches out to a huge distance. Tried to drag them back, and delete them but no luck. Had to delete whole map.

So sad Frist time, i connect [Online] to login and I used [offine] and close. When I open it again, it only have a central. Omg I lost my data. I want to save[Offine] in my tablet.

Looks awesome but has dealbreakers Really nice presentation but I can't commit to a proprietary format locked on a pricey cloud with quirky behaviour. I need reassurance that I can export (at least stripped-down map) before I can make the leap.

On 1 month freemind trial The ads are gone ok but, still, it lacks many basic feature like, expand all, collapse all,

Crash Bug Issues I keep getting "Force Close" notifications after i got my 1year licence· This happens even when i am not even opening or using the app. This needs urgent fix by developer otherwise i ll just uninstall the app and lose use of then the 1 year subscription. Otherwise app was good before upgrade on my Galaxy Note. Change from 2* to 4*: Right now app doesn't crash since latest update. Used to crash each time I opened GooglePlay now all fine. Thanks developer. Hope app keeps consistent.

Buggy Generated map looks great. app can not handle large maps and start to crash frequently.if the branches get to long it start to act funny and it extend the branches way out of screen which can not be reached. The app finallycrashed after 2hour of use and the whole map is gone just a blank screen. Would not recommand if you have complicated maps.

Flexible but buggy Much more flexible in design than some other mind map apps - you can move the branches etc to exactly where you want but in the free version I can't seem to choose colours or boxes. Just lost an hour's work - the icon of my map shows all my work but when I click it is just the central idea. Not happy.

Great but buggy A mindmapping tool with great potential. Would get a better rating if the forced closes would not happen. At least twice today I had forced closes and lost major portions of maps due to this. If a map is stored on the cloud at least one can restart based on the saved version. But maps stored locally could be completely wiped out. This renders the app useless, as it is not reliable.

Love it I have iMindMap on my work and home laptop. Now its on my work tablet so I can take notes in a way which works for me. Thank you


Adverts make it useless I am sure the product will be okay but having taken out the 12 month subscription I still have advertising all over the bottom of the display. This makes it unusable. This needs fixing. I I have told support but nothing has changed

The Icing on my Cake I prepare my mindmaps at home but as all we know, there is always that great idea that will complete your masterpiece and usually happened on your way to a meeting or to work. This application let me spread the icing on my cake.

Work in progress Great tool, but needs work. Why does it have adverts when I've bought the software? Keyboard doesn't auto show when adding branches.

The app can't open/save maps from tablet memory or sd card

Good I subscribed for iMind Freedom. Usually I use my Android tablet to create and edit Mind Maps when I'm at home and a browser when I'm at work. The functionality is slightly different - in browser one can search and insert pictures immediately from the application but not from the computer. Sketching seems to be unavailable. The pictures may be rotated. Multi branches selection feature is available. Android version allows inserting pictures from the device and sketching. Pictures are resizable but not rotatable. Multi branches selection is unavailable. Still I like the application and I'm planning to use it for a long.

Useless don't download Their marketing strategy is so wrong... They should have made this app totally free after some 10 million downloads only.... They should have thought of generating revenue from this app...don't be too selfish..... U know u r the best in Windows..even best mind map out their in market don't charge even a single penny... So why should I download this fu*ked up mind map... sorry uninstalling

Basic like a kids drawing app Bought a subscription thinking I was getting desktop app. It was not clear I was not, instead I get this kids drawing app which is a very poor relation of the desktop version which they now try and upsell to me. There are better mobile mindmaps out there.

Useless don't download Their marketing strategy is so wrong... They should have made this app totally free after some 10 million downloads only.... They should have thought of generating revenue from this app...don't be too selfish.Even best mind map out there in market don't charge even a single penny, So why should I download this fu*ked up mind map... sorry uninstalling

Needs attention from developer Think Buzan and iMindMap are world class, their Android app isn't. I use the desktop version routinely, and I'm a TLI, but the Android version really doesn't live up to the innovation and power of the desktop version.

So unoptimized Use simple mind it is better on iOS I would recommend everyone but here the app is crap.

Rubbish Very limited. Useless. It is the best mind mapping program in Windows but Android Version is very poor and useless. Can't even paste from clipboard into a map. We asked developers to improve but they don't seem to bother to work on Android version at all. No updates for months.

Expensive 260 usd for sync with computer?? Don't you want my house too??