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Ice Crush - 2016 Autumn

Supplied By Ezjoy    On Nov. 2, 2016    Comments(185)

Samsung Phone Ice Crush - 2016 Autumn version2.0.8 Download

Ice Crush is a brand new game from the makers of Garden Mania 2 and Garden Mania 3!
Switch and swap, match 3 ice crystals, adopt and raise snowman, challenge snow monsters and elves, face puzzling levels, save bunnies and polar bears, collect coconuts- all with strategic matching!
Ice Crush is an all-new matching puzzle giving you a new way to play in the frozen adventure, you'll be addicted from the very first hit!

☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆
★ Huge and brand new game play! It's time to show your matching skills!
★ Great rewards and daily bonuses prepared for you!
★ Eye-catching graphics, cute and adorable opponents and friends!
★ Rechargeable boosters, well-designed power-ups help with those challenging levels.
★ New way to win coins and snowballs for you to upgrade your equipment.
★ 300+ levels plus well designed topic levels! Free levels and game modes added regularly!
★ Facebook connected, easy to sync progress on different devices.
★ Free & easy to pick up, yet challenging to fully master.

☆☆☆☆☆ How to Play ☆☆☆☆☆
★ Switch and match 3 or more ice crystals, create combos to reach the target.
★ Unlock power-ups, collect coins and snowball, adopt snowman for the preparation of tough levels.
★ Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get. Can you score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?
★ Ice Crush is completely free to play but some in-game items may require payment.

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Ezjoy part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 86.442. Current verison is 2.0.8. Actual size 15.0 MB.

What's new

    Added 20 new levels for the top players. Autumn new levels are back now~
    Like Ice Crush on facebook fan page to get the latest news!
Download ice-crush.apk 15.0 MB


Good game to help pass time. Penguins rnt worth playing don't get anythin for the effort. Get rid of them and I'll give u 5★

Ice crush Great game, love it , i play it all the time. But don't like the bonus penguin games as much, they don't give anything

Ice crush saga An exciting game , it's kind of like Candy crush , n also Candy crush soda . It's a lot of fun

Highly addictive 10 stars********** I can't live without this game. More better than candy crush.

Ice crush Just played level17 got three stars but no bonus coins. Penquins is dumbest thing I've ever played. Was a good game not anymore. Uninstalling won't be back.

need coins to pass levels if you no coins don't bother playing...... update peguins suck can not get any snow balls now can't level up snowmen not worth playing anymore

*NEED MORE GAME LEVELS* Love playing this game but more levels are needed asap...

The penguin bonus level is too difficult....why was the ice-man removed? It was easier with it and could even reach the highest points....can't even get to 50 points without that manatee gobbling them penguins up. Very frustrated

Ice crush Very nice addictive game to help pass the time.

Rubbish now Started off good now every level u needs power up to complete , hate the penguins , unistalling

Fun, but can do with out all the advertisements.

Fun Good game! I don't care for the penguin game. It don't give you any coins. What's the point of it?! If you change it and make it where you get coins then it would be worth it!

Penguins Hate it..hard to see colors. Bring back snow monster

Ice Crush I have fun playing this game. Hope as I'm playing it continously it remains free.

Cool.. Good pass time.. I enjoy playing this game

Ice Crush I like the game ! Ice Crush is fun to play!

Peguin Run I thought Peguin Run was pretty fun before they changed it. Now I hate it. Poor decision

Ice Crush Love this awesome, colorful & FUN game~!!!!!

Ice Crush This games impressed me very much .I like this game very much .

Love this game need more like this one

Hey! Y'all this Teaka from@Syracuse.. I like this game its very joyful and packs a lot of excitement

Ice crush Love this game is very addictive

This is very addictive. I love it

Ok Was great when the sound effects were working. I still play, but miss my effects.

Ice Crush Great fun. Very addictive

Every level show me how to play it is boring.

Bugs When it is loading it exit by itself

Its similar to candy crush it fun

He got me loving this game

It is a good game try it out

Ice Crush It is awesome!

Cute game! I've only played 4 levels so far and love it so far! 2 MONTHS LATER: still loving it. Congrats to the developers - 5★ for you!

Ice crush Love this game very addicted

Fun to play? Colorful easy to play.

Fun time killer Very good game, no brains involved!

Love it can't really complain

Billy Used to give 5 stars but since penguin game update, crap! Sort the penguins out. Loved the last one, this one terrible

Like It's the type of game I love to play just the graphics and bonuses and rewards are a little different.

Pretty kool. Like the game, it's fun but if it could be a little bit more of a challenge.

App has mysteriously stopped and wont work now will give 5 stars if its fixed

Stress reliever This game rox just wish there was a to get more snow balls other than to buy them...

Addictive & Challenging Great game with lots of levels. Ads can get annoying!

Level 87 What's up with this level? 2nd pair never appears. Cannot clear!

ICE CRUSH I had no prob. Rating this game 5 stars. Graphics are cryatal clear and sparkling. Im a huge fan of mini games and rewards.This game covers both. Some spiritless folk are bothered when a game takes over and helps give you a higher score. This is a fantasy game guys lets enjoy it. Keep up then good work. LORIV AKA DIXIE RAE

Loved it I just love the way ice plates break and screen of my mobile gets full of icey ice :-) why why why just tell me why the game get stucked everytime...its annoying :-@

Need to quit flashing that light so you can see what's down there at the bottom...

Ice. Crush is a great game and it is to to play I would like to rate this game because it is a excellent game I am on level 3 already. I am going to keep playing until I get to a good level like I want to make it to level 20.I want to make a lot of points.

Stop You guys need to stop asking us to rate after every level it's annoying

Ice crush I really like the game enjoyed playing it.

IceCrush Just started playing so far it's fun

Denise Hernandez? This game is so fun and I like cool games like this

I wish you could skip the instructions instead of having to do what move they want you to make. Keeps going and I will uninstall.

Ice crush Just started playing it but seem to like it

Sharp Dis game is sweet I do enjoy it kip it up developer

ZTE SPEED Its very competitive and very fun to play. Very addictive game.

Needs update All of a.sudden it wont let me open game. Please update so i can play again

I like the game. Nice one to relax to.

Ice crush To much ads, otherwise great game

I love this game It was fun and love to play it

Good Why no more episodes?

Great until it crashed I was at the top level waiting for new levels to be added. There was an "update" and it hasn't worked since. I reported it and Google never replied. Guess they just don't care.

Dinesh Radhakrishnan It's very intresting to play

I just love this game...!!!

Ice Crush I don't like when I have to update the game because when you try and update it, it stops the game and tells me I don't have sufficient space on my phone for it. Can you please fix that about it. Other than that I really like the game

Ice crush The game

Awesome game!!! I love it!!! I luv this game......I can't put this game down. Very fun game!!!!

Really fun. ♥

Good Its easy and fun to play

Ice crush I love this game. I could play it all day.

Ice Crush Very enjoyable, but how many times do I have to rate your game? I've already given it 5 stars, and I really do enjoy it, but I'm tired of getting asked to rate it every day.

Need more instructions Game is challenging. Needs more detail on how to gain and use boosters

Really cute Hate starting over every time I log on

Good game, very addictive.

Great match.. I really enjoy the game...love the little sounds and music and also the colors...thanks bunches...

Ice crush Enjoy playing , good game

Tbone The never ending lives are awesome.

Good but not great The ads are irritating and pressing the 'X' on the ad takes you to playstore & restart the game.Adverts after every level is too much. The frozen tiles need to be darker.I got to level 70 & gave up.Buying extras to turn off ads should be FREE! Ads could be subtle,maybe at the bottom of the screen!? Level 66 impossible.

Ice crush Fantastic game but freezes me out and won't let me back on have to unload then reload thankfully progress is saved on Facebook but not the money please fix this cliche

Awesome fun game Love to play this game, and you don't have to wait for lives to come back you can play forever. Lol

Problems solved 5*! Prior to last update game never crashed...now every time I play it crashes mid-level during play or just after completion of level. Right to 5**** soon as fixeed....JUST UPDATED WILL SEE!! Thanks

Enjoy this game a lot it makes you want to keep playing it

Need a pt 2 Soooo addictive and fun i pkat for hours sometimes and do not realize. Great job!!

Don't like winning a level and get no stars or coins

Newbie Yet to play in order to keep up it's ratings & there goz

Snowman This game keeps your attention with different graphics & strategies! Makes me feel good! The Daily reward & free spin on the slot machine sets the mood!!

Jewel pop It is challenging and loads of fun.

Don't like offers to get free coins and when you complete you don't get your coins.That sucks

Fun challenging Good way to pass time and still have brain busy

Love it Great game. Lots of fun for me and my grandkids!

Ice Crush Very cute game

Simple but addictive. No issues whatsoever.

Nice game for cold nights

Very fun and entertaining game.

Addictive Great way to pass the time, fun game

Ice Crush Match 3 game fun and !exciting

I really enjoy this game ! Is very challenging ! Love it !

Ice Crush Itd a great crushing game

Unfortunately ice crush has stopped working This is the message i get. Crashing every time I open this game, since the last update. Please fix so I can give you a better rate.

A very cool game, I enjoy playing every chance I get.

Ice crush Haven't played long enough to give the game a good ratting.

I love this game I never buy nothing and I play to much sooooo much fun

Ice creams I love playing the game for the first time

Its really hooking Awesome but time consuming

Ice Crush Cool game it's very relaxing

I love this game. MY new favourite.

Best and, beautiful The best app

Awesome game!!! Fun and so easy to play.

Cool fun in the summer Fun game to play

It was fun while it lasted.

????? Hope it wont crush and cost money

I luv it fun fun

Frustrated Tired of game closing during and after each level

Ice Crush Summer! What a COOL game (pun intended!) Really fun and so far no problems kicking me back to my home page like several others do. Thank you so much.

Stupid game I was on level 300 and the game stopped wherever I start the game it does not starts and takes me to the home page pls do something fast

Ice Crush On level 300 and still enjoying this challenging game even though it's still rearranging the mini games. I really like it because it gives you unlimited lives.

Great game Great game to play when waiting for school pick. Loads of levels n extras

Ice crash summer Awesome game,and its fun,

Would be nice to see more spring rewards..Thank you!!!

Addictive Love how you can keep playing until u can't know more.

Ice Crush I just keep playing and playing! So much fun. And great visual reward when you win!

Nice graphics Addictive, nice graphics, cool game.. Loving it!!

Love this game lots of fun

The very nice game I like it very much

New game is alots better. Keep it up Like it a lots

Great game fun and relaxing

Twolilcats Lots of play time and so many variations. BUT EVEN ON MUTE ADS WILL BLAST OUT LOUD! Can't play incognito. Haven't touched this in months due to this reason. Can it be fixed? Will have to uninstall if it continues.

I have been playing this game for a couple of month now but after I have updated recently, I can't seem to open the game. Please somebody out there help me.

I really love it a lot its very exciting I love the features and graphics that shows in it and I really love the sounds in it and it is very addictive and I want to thank you for this fun game to play

Addictive Love this game hard to stop playing it.

Very wicked game!

Fun Its a fun game good time killer

Ice crush Love this game

Alot of fun.

I've reached the top!!! It took me almost 2 years but I've completed all 700 challenges and both Summer games!! Need more!! So addicting!! Wish I could carry all this to my next new phone, since there is NO account I'll have to start all over again ?

Ice crush 2016 summer event This 3 match game is good up to now how far will I go with it is hard to say but for now it's 5 star's from me.

Help! Level 711 has major issues. I can't go anywhere until it's fixed!

Refreshing: A nice break from the HARD levels of one of the other games I am currently playing/struggling. Where was this game when we had our 90 plus degree days?lol

Glitch 711 Major glitch on level 711. Please fix it!!!

Ice Crush Love the levels great way to pass the time when you are board.

Great! Stimulating and new every time you play. Love love love love loooove it

Love this . it's very addictive.

Love the game

Puzzle game The premise for the game is similar to others such as candy crush and pet rescue saga. I have only played a few rounds so far and it's not shaping up to be too shabby. Per another person who rated this game, I do like the fact that you have unlimited number of lives and do not have to wait for the refill

Not sure I love it anymore Have you ever beat a game so bad that you have to wait weeks to get more levels?

Billymon55 I made it to level 700. Need more levels. Great game! Is there any more?

New update messed up file The game won't load and it sucks that I can't play. Don't want to redownload. Please fix this problem.

Nice I like it.. But it all went backwards after I updated.. I lost a lot of ground..

Addictive game Thanks to the team great job... best part is I can play many times..... every level there is curiosity ti crack I just love it...

Game surprise me... It's a lot funner than it looks. And you don't run out of ways you can keep going that's cool

COOL FUN!!! Cute game. Just started. Hopefully it continues.

Fun! This game is fun for ages 5 & up. It gets harder as you play. But be patient playing this game.

Cecil Johnson Too many ads

I just started playing so far I like it

Wow This game is so fun I can play it all day

Ice Crush Awesome game,VERY addicting. So watch out!!

Ice Crush Just got it. Possibly a 5. Really enjoy this one..

Ice Crush 16 - Summer Another cool game to play

Lisa Love this game so fun.

nice game! love this puzzle game =)

Fun Very fun to play

Fun and easy for chilling

Lost all snowmen. What happened..no new levels in last update. I am connected to facebook, cleared cache, now what? Please fix. Lost all my snowman boosters, cannot get to #2 snowman (with red and white hat) (x 3 momths) how do i get to #2? I have completed all game levels when will new levels be updated? Can we get more than just a few? I love this game. Need more levels. Previously (not now) when I changed phones I had to start from level 1 again, please fix. Biggest problem is when you change phones you will lose everything. When will the new update be coming?

HATE THE ADS!! I love the game and already made a purchase to get rid of them. What gives?? NOT HAPPY!! Not fair either!

Twice it has stopped opening, despite updates. Tired of repeating levels, only for it to stop working again!

Paid to remove ads a long time ago. Now with latest update, I'm suddenly inundated with ads. Please fix!

I paid for coins previously and same today. Now I have to watch ads again!!! Not acceptable. Fix it please!

Awesome!!! Great!! Love it!! It is fun and challenging. It helps your brain build up more thoughts. It is really fun, and my little brother loves it!!

That's better Ads are gone in latest update. All is OK in the world again... :-)

Brilliant game Thank you for removing ads

Keeps my interest ok enough but needs more of something, that's something you need to work on. THANK YOU FOR your help.

Hmmmmm It's ok

Great Fun to play# great bonus coins and addictive

Love Pretty graphics... Fun to beat your own scores

Fun just started playing

Very addictive

They cheat you by stealing your money and not giving what you paid for. Plus they are very slow to update new levels. It is not worth the effort no matter how addictive it is. They claim to add new levels once a week and there has been no new levels added in 3 and a half weeks. I deliberately claim the daily bonus and don't play just to see long it takes and not one new level in 3 and a half weeks. They tell you that if you make in app purchases that it will be ad free that is a lie and false advertising

Ugh Frustrated.. After last update the Ads came back.. Debating whether to uninstall it.. But have had it for a long time. DO NOT BUY COINS TO GET RID OF ADS!!! IT DOES NOT GET RID OF THEM!!!

It's fun. But.. I recently changed my phone. My progress through facebook was kinda lost. I am 100 something levels behind now. My coconut prize went away and I can't find the coconuts levels anymore.. I had ad free version now I have to pay again to play ad free.. so disappointing..

Fun! Updated the game this morning, and now all the annoying ads are back!!! I thought once we made a purchase, they would be gone PERMANENTLY! Please fix this! Not everone wants to install other games or watch videos! Love this game, but hate all the ads! Thank you!

Ice Crush Great game so far - but I just installed it & played the 1st level .... Now that I have played on to several levels later - I have made purchases for more coins, etc & the last one I just done it is still showing ads when it's not suppose too after making a purchase !?!!!!!!

Got the latest update And now I'm getting ads again... please fix! I have already paid for the removal of them.

Too many ads I've paid for the ads to be removed and with this latest update the ads are back. I paid a 2nd time, tonight, for an ad free game and the ads are still there. I want my money back.

great game i played it all the time its a great time killer.

Best Game Love, Love this game

Good game Addictive been playing it haven't stopped.