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Hootsuite for Twitter & Social

Supplied By Hootsuite    On Oct. 21, 2016    Comments(216)

Samsung Phone Hootsuite for Twitter & Social versionVaries with device Download

Manage and schedule posts to multiple social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more, all from one app – Hootsuite!

Hootsuite is free for up to 3 social network accounts and has over 9 million users. It is the top app for Android to help you manage social media and track social media analytics.

Publish and schedule messages, monitor mentions and conversations about your brand, and track analytics - all from your Android device.

Hootsuite allows you to:
* Publish and share photos to all your social networks at once
* Manage multiple social network accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
* Schedule a post to Facebook or a tweet to Twitter to be sent at a later time or day
* AutoSchedule messages to automatically post them at the best time of day
* Monitor your brand on Twitter and Facebook
* Receive optional notifications for Twitter and Facebook updates when people mention your brand or talk about keywords you follow
* Shorten links with Ow.ly and track click-through stat report analytics

Hootsuite for Android complements your account on the Hootsuite web platform. You can easily add your social network accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare to your Hootsuite account to get started.

Simple, efficient, and powerful, Hootsuite for Android allows you to:
* Tweet from multiple Twitter accounts or schedule tweets for Twitter accounts.
* Post to Facebook Profiles and Pages or schedule Facebook posts.

You can also post to LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more from virtually anywhere. Plus, you can easily manage campaigns & analytics, schedule updates, and even translate and publish messages to/from over 50 languages.

Get the top app to build your audience, manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare from anywhere and tie analytics back to your goals.

Sign up for Hootsuite for free: http://hootsuite.com

If you experience any issues or want to give us feedback, tweet to us @Hootsuite_Help. We're happy to help!

Questions or Feedback?

Twitter: @hootsuite
Facebook: http://facebook.com/hootsuite

Hootsuite part of our Social and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 81.8457. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    - Fixed a bug that caused edited scheduled messages to fail. You can once again edit your messages freely from the "Publisher" section.
    If you like the improvements in this version please leave a rating. If you experience any issues or want to give us feedback, tweet to us @Hootsuite_Help. We're happy to help!
Download hootsuite-social-media-mgmt.apk 0 bytes


Won't update Facebook Feeds not updating, worked fine but not any more, 2 stars now

Autocomplete No auto complete for names or hashtags makes it very difficult to use. Uninstalled.

WAS a Great all in one app.. 3.0 only allows for 2 social networks? What the crap?! It was 4, no thanks. After years of use I'm forced to look elsewhere. **$14.99/month seems too high for premium

It's good app toh can manage your social accounts under 1 hood if can include Instagram then it's would be great app. Also please change the Design n layout make more jazzy

Two stars for the latest update

The smartest way to manage your social I'm new to Hootsuite, and I'm already an advocate for their platform. Hootsuite is a MUST-HAVE tool for anyone who's serious about leveraging social for professional growth, business growth, or managing their personal brand.

Not that good It has the great UI but it cant send messages, cant search on Facebook, it searches only on Twitter etc...

Terrible update Since v3 this app has been poor. Timeline often will not update at all without being force-closed, just sits there loading nothing. The new UI is also a step backwards. Shame, it was rock solid performance wise before and was much more user-friendly.

Was hoping this would save space over T&F apps The inbox/outbox layout is awkward, especially when you don't chat a lot in Facebook. App doesn't let you know when you have follower requests in Twitter, nor let you know what shared pictures you have "Liked" in Facebook. The "Like" icon in HootSuite in the upper right when you open a shared picture doesn't work, even after reloading using the icon, the "Like" count doesn't increase and double checking Facebook in the Browser shows nothing I "Liked" in HootSuite worked... If I have to keep going back to the Browser anyway, removing this app! Tried v3.0.3 04/02/2015 - better than previous versions. Still not working well on Android v4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. Twitter through current Hoot suite will light up star likes, but not arrows for retreat, yet checking Twitter on browser the retreat worked, but HS doesn't think so, following on Twitter will not work in HS either yet the same person can be follow on the browser Twitter. So HootSuite still sucks...

Slick new look, same great bugs The new look since the big update is a huge improvement. Everything looks a lot more slick and professional. Unfortunately, it still has that odd bug that prevents me from getting Twitter updates while on 4G. So long as you can get consistent WiFi access, Hootsuite is still probably the best free Twitter client on Android.

Can't retweet. It says the retweets go through on the app but I check Twitter and they never work. ......... Never had this problem ever, until I got this v3 update. I'm paying for an app every month that isn't even working for me. Tried deleting data, tried relogging in, nothing works.

Latest Update is Better! Very. Streamlined!! Took away the option of clicking on a follows avie pic, I'll miss this, these pics are small and need to be sizable. Don't like the new Navy Blue background. Otherwise, it is Smoother! Annnnd, then you ruined it!! Stream refreshes every few Hours! DISLIKE!!

validate network constantly telling me network error and that i need to validate my network. this app has been crappy for awhile now. timeline doesnt refresh on pulldown unless i hit the first tweet, go back and then pulldown

Not great. Images posted show as "?", no image. Way too expensive for full version. Would buy to remove the ads but no way a monthly or yearly fee. There are others out there that work

Not only is the new design less intuitive than the previous one, it doesn't sync with my online account as promised. I am missing several tabs from my Android version. Really disappointed.

Very handy Very good for keeping up with my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Some issues around uploading photos over slow wifi, mean I have to use mobile data for images. Integration issue with Google news app issue may be on side of news app.

How do I downgrade back to free? Seriously, you give me a bloody email account I don't have to where you have the instructions and you expect me to be able to downgrade?

Version 3 a huge step back I see I am not alone in feeling the new user interface is not good. I don't WANT to automatically go to the first stream in a tab. I miss being able to get back to tabs via the back button. The new button to switch is hard to reach with my thumb on a GS5, and I don't have small hands ----update 4/16/15 I saw Hootsuite's response. I don't see dragging one column to be the default as a solution. It depends on the time and the day as to which column I want to see first. Not sure why that wouldn't come up to the User Interface designers. And I still don't understand why the old "streams" starting screen went away. I actually had to revert to an old version and stop updating to make Hootsuite usable again. Version is quite the upgrade over version 3!

Terrible update for saving drafts here and on PC Lost 100's of saved drafts for future posts after your terrible update. Hours and hours of work have been lost. Now, with the new saved drafts there is no option to scedule the message. Utter Crap !!!!!!!!!

Restricted push notifications on update Update now restricting push notifications on non-pro streams for multiple accounts. I can only get alerts for 2 of 3 accounts, which were previously unrestricted. Forcing premium services on users for basic function is bad service Hootsuite.

Ugh! The newest update looks nice but it is horrible! It doesn't update. When I scroll to update it doesn't move one bit! Please fix this.

since my last update it's went terrible all my schedule post nothing happen,and now you just allow two social network on you free...you just allow timeline and page...you remove the group

Need to add all SNS accounts One of the most useful tool, both professionally and personally - 5 star if we can add all the major SNS, including LinkedIn(mobile app) & Google+

Latest update on Android sux Changes & updates to the interface in the last upgrade made Hootsuite virtually unusable. BAD. So bad that I downgraded from Pro, after many years of recommending your products on all platforms. Terrible!

Website better. App doesn't work This is good for basic hootsuite activity but most of it didn't work. Constant failed sends

Fails to update stream The wheel to refresh and update stream frequently fails. It spins and spins. I clear the cache and force stop the app, and sometimes that helps. Also, Twitter's new API features a retweet function that doesn't worm in Hootesuite. This app is due for a serious update!

Need more features. Why i can't play a video on my timeline? And why you don't have a images viewer so we can easly see someone pictures without scrolling their timeline. Please add this features.

Long way from finish Waiting for Google+ to be incorporated... Then will get 5 stars. Update: still waiting for Google+. Update 2015: really? Still waiting for G+

Getting better... Earlier today, I called out Hootsuite's problems right here. I was stunned to receive a response so quickly, then have someone give me honest answers and real solutions. Thank you!

Good I have groups which I manage through Facebook app it is not possible through this app. So uninstalling.i use Twitterer and facebook

Best by far Best social media app by far, especially for multi accounts. Believe me, I've tried 'em all and HootSuite is head and shoulders above the rest. The new build fixed some long-standing issues. If you're fed-up with buggy bloatware like UberSocial don't waste any more time, get HootSuite now!

Full Network, Could Not Tweet I'm having trouble. I'm on my full signals, and yet, after many times I tweets, it's failed. Always failed. I love the features one tweet to all socmed, but if it continued like this, without improvement nor updates to fix the issue, I may have to seek another app. I know you can fix this. And you all will help me a lot.

Won't display anything in Facebook I've tried several times, but the app won't display Facebook at all. Just says it's failed to load.

What a mess What have you done? Cannot find scheduled tweets/posts, where are they??? Edit: found them, but for some odd reason some things have gotten mixed up between my twitter and facebook. Will need to work out how to fix them.

Not OK I'm giving this 3 stars coz it has logged me off and was not uploading any pics for some unknown reason. Do something.

Does not work, do now download I tried to use Hoot across my mobile, computer and tablet. The app constantly fails on my phone and won't even load on my computer - just a blank app screen. Look for alternatives this app is a total DUD. Uninstalling.

Still useless without G+ integration. Rather than changing the UI, can you guys please focus on adding G+ integration? I'm still forced to use your website since the mobile app doesn't support G+. People have been asking for this feature for 2+ years!

Why so many updates? If you are gonna put out an update nearly every week, at least make it work! Bugs are terrible and getting worse. I've stopped using HootSuite entirely - simply horrid - after being a long time user. GG noobs.

Good update but has flaws Cannot see the pics ppl upload on facebook sometimes. i would love to use hootsuite as my app as i can see both fb n twitter together

Used to be great Syncing is botched - can't send messages anymore. completely useless app now

Really not much comparing to Buffer...

Good! I cant give 5 stars cuz application hasn't widget. After TweetDeck the most comfortable platform for both Twitter and FB Also I dont understand why it notifies me only about mentions on Twitter, not about new tweets.

Very small fonts :( Installed and promptly deleted because the letters are tiny, barely readable on my Sony Z3 tablet. :( Was a long time user of Seesmic.

Disappointed I very upset and mad because i tried to use facebook and after i did i cant even log into my Facebook account i would appreciate it if u can fix that problem thank you very much...

Improve more I like hootsuit cos u can share good words on facebook. But hootsuit has 2 problem.1 u cant upload a picture unless u got a twitter account so improve here cos Im not on twitter as im not interested. 2 u cant share things on ur facebook page through hootsuit just improve I have a Facebook page so I need to upload things through hootsuit. Be like seesmic!!!!!

Underwhelming Very much lacking from the desktop dashboard. No linkedin company page management, lackluster interface, can't remove accounts. Disappointed considering I have a pro account. No google+ management.

Kept failing to show lists & followers. Basic functionality does not work on android 5.1

What happen to the promises? I have used hoot on fb fan pages for months. First off in the 4th of June we were told there would b a folder option.....never happen. Secondly now when the app is used scheduled pics r posting as shares that fans must click to view. My pages r dying bc of this. Fans r complaining. I'm now having to look into other options such as massplanner, Psycho Monkey ect. I would rather keep hoot for my fan pages but if needed il go elsewhere. Thirdly my posting profile name is now showing up on scheduled pics.

Needs to add functionality to show embedded tweets. If a tweet has a link to another tweet, I need to click the link, which opens in my browser and then the browser goes back to HootSuite!

It's okay needs to add more One of the main reason I want to use it is to link a Facebook page and a twitter account but on the app you can't connect to the Facebook page

Mistakeware Hootsuite threw their hat into the political ring. Big mistake, politics do little more than divide people. What does your political opinion have to do with social media management tools?

Best option out there, but still some room to improve The app has been steadily improving and is now by far the best option available for social media monitoring and publishing. The tablet version lacks some of the basic features that the Apple app does (like multiple streams at once) which is really the only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars.

What in the world is this mess!? This is just plain garbage. I open it up and first off it says "failed updating stream" OK. So I wait and still nothing. Is this not supposed to show me Facebook? Anything on Facebook? I mean at least a sentence or if possible one word? I get nothing. Just a blank white screen. So Seesmic gave away functionality to hootsuite which has no possible clue what functionality is? Deleted. Zero stars by the way. Wish Google would give us that option. Or to report horrible apps!

Very good, but... Load more button on Twitter searches hangs up, never loads more. Would like to add stream tabs for user posts and mentions with more simple functionality (instead of manually "from:username" etc. Unlimited stream tabs would be helpful too, since multiple streams doesn't fit everyone's needs. Still very good option compared to other Twitter apps out there.

No Google plus support yet! Wish I could manage my clients google plus accounts through hootsuite mobile & it would be nice if you could keep up with Facebooks API!!!

Not worth the nothing I paid I got this exclusively for scheduling tweets. It's horrible at it. Tweets often won't get sent if scheduled (one of mine last night was still waiting to go out; triple checked time/date and it was correct and passed), can't be modified or copied or have the schedule changed, and if you absentmindedly put yer device in airplane mode it will attempt to send the tweet but give you no notification or any way to retrieve the content of the tweet so that you can put it out there yourself. Skip the headache.

Things to be.... Are you thinking of adding posting to G+? And seeing the feed? Since Facebook took seeing the stream what's the use with posting to them? Disappointed?

While hootsuite on desktop is great, this app has a poor UI and UX. It also reserves basic features for Pro that are standard free features on other twitter apps. Overall, very disappointed.

Most elements don't work. Stats haven't updated since May. Crashes regularly.

Need Google Plus for app!!! I like it, just need google plus page integration for the app and Itil be 5 stars from me!

Samsung Galaxy S5 This app is rubbish! It doesn't even load anything on my fb news feed!

Good app We use it for corporate and small biz applications. It's solid.

Good Authenticator Problem Hello, I haven't been able to login to my hootsuite app due to this latest Google Authenticator code you keep asking me. It wasn't there before. Why make it compulsory? I don't have any Google Authenticator code. Can you disable it for my account? Besides I live in Nigeria. Thanks

Won't update Facebook Message for Facebook says streams no longer available, was advised it was not set up previously but another app has no problem only Hootsuite which I prefer, so what is this issue?

Almost Perfect This app is almost perfect but why is there no option to mute people on their profile? Where there is the ability to block there should also be the ability to mute. Add this feature and I'll give five stars

Annoyed The first tjme i tried it, the problems were user error. NOW that i know how to work it... it sucks. One more star left and then im deleting it...

It was nice I don't like this much cos the layout is very confusing and it is very hard to use, i think u need a tutorial for dis app and what bout da other apps like instagram. Could u add more customizing settings 4 us too, like colour themes and stuff. Sorry but i am uninstalling cos i think buffer is better, i will reinstall when its good again

It breaks every month... Let's start tracking breakages! Last break: May 28th, 2015

Can't edit scheduled posts. I have to log into the computer in order to edit scheduled posts. I don't use this app much as a result. Not worth my time.

Nice design Nice design but it does not pull facebook timeline,nothing. I can only post nothing else (twitter works fine)

Needs to have the same functionality as the Web app This app is virtually useless compared to the Web app. What's worse is that you can't access the Web app through the Chrome browser on android. Your stuck with this useless interface.

Costly I have been looking for an app to replace what was the excellent seesmic and this seems to be closest at the moment. However I find it a con that they say 'only 3 social networks in free version' and then count each Facebook group/page as another social network! And then expect such a high amount to add a fourth! Ridiculous. I'll be looking out for something better.

Was good but... ... now it won't update Facebook which sort of then makes it a pointless app... might be Facebook's doing but it's still a major flaw. As is no app support for Google Plus. I love the web version but this app just doesn't come close. Sorry.

Best social app combining Facebook and Twitter Very useful and saves alot of space on your device being able to use 1 source for social networks

Hard to work with on a phone device Can't post pictures on fb it asks to stream to twitter (don't have twitter account)

Billy wilson/Motown Alumni Assoc. Love this app!!! Allows me to go to 1 source to tap into my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sights. I highly recommend this app.

There have been a lot of negative reviews here in the Android store for the Hootsuite app. Sure the desktop version set a high bar and the app still has some work needed before it can match that bar. But the app is an excellent product, especially for Twitter power users. It provides an easy way to navigate multiple accounts, lists and search topics. and if you rely upon twitter for your news and other info, this app is definitely the way to go.

Whyyyy I.cant even see my fb timeline yo. Wtf. Yall hella lame. Taking the better app and buying it. Jerks.

Trouble I want to use this for some features but constantly have trouble getting it to update my twitter on my gs4. Annoying!

:( App is glitching and turning everyone in my group into eggs. Please update, it's annoying!

Fix it! Multiple Twitter accounts keep getting removed by themselves.

Easy and efficient Made a normally laborious social media into an easy enjoyable process

Very useful for business, some annoyances Won't upload my fb stream, therefore won't publish to fb. Instagram makes me copy the text, go to instagram separately, paste THEN send. Twitter works fine. Easier at this point to publish everything from Instagram since I can't access all 3 accounts on Hootsuite.

Therapist Have my own business, hootsiut allows me to schedule tweets enabling me to concentrate on clients . Also very easy to follow .

Hootsuite Now I can schedule my tweets and FB updates, on the go! Brilliant! Pity there's no g+ though.

I.G. Not posting My posts never load/Post to my instagram..... other than that it works great for Facebook, now just need to make it to where we can schedule posts to Event pages on FB.

Can't access my account I've been signed up for over two months and love the website but have never been able to access this app from any of my devices, phone or tablet. I just get this message - "Unable to sign in. Try again later.".. I've tried again later, and I'm fed up of trying again later.. Solution please.

Hmmmm Seems to have stopped working. Now presents the top of the Twitter feed so you have to scroll down to read the latest entries

Really easy 2 use This app is easy & effective. So far it has worked great for me and my #hearties friends! Watch @WCTH_TV on @hallmarkchannel or netflix.

Almost perfect Love it, cant fault it, except... only down side is having to find the right account for @ in twitter before using in your tweet on hootsuite. No auto complete.

Garbage for why i need it Tried many times to schedule a post for future date for facebook and it posted instantly..... tried several times and didnt work. As this was only feature i wanted, this is completely useless unless it is made to work

This is one of my favorite apps. I use it daily.

Easy and helpful! Love that its easy to use, wish it would allow me to post multiple pictures for a post but overall, I cannot complain.

Easy as pie I'm thrilled that a coworker told me about this app. It makes posting now or later really easy. I primarily use it for the custom time option. I can take time now to post later. Super smart.

Love it I love being able to schedule my posts for different groups!

Great Resource Hootsuite saves me a great deal of time, effort, and energy by bundling and distributing my Social Media posts. I LOVE this app

Easy to use Well-designed app, perfect for those with multiple Twitter accounts who need to be able to tweet on-the-go.

Great for managing lists I use lists to manage my twitter feeds. Hootsuite's configurable tabs and streams make it the only client that really works for me.

Great to schedule on the go or away from your laptop.

Loving it With the fact I have Instagram Facebook and twitter this app helps me to post quickly and I can set time to post picture when I actually not on my phone

Works well! Easy to use, saves me alot of time and effort!

Great if sign in worked Can't even sign in from my phone. Which causes some issues utilizing the app. What's going on here. Account works fine. I'm desktop.

Awesome & Organized! I dont know where i would be without hootsuite!!

Not as good as the twitter app Where are the gifs? Might not be too bad if I could use into keep track of specific friends tweets but you just allow searches of mentions. Wanted a stream that included all tweets from three or four people

Really save a lot of my time on Facebook.

???? Love it, so convenient for me as I work using social media to promote my business. Fantastic app ???

Cool Yeap it works. Wish I could post in more groups though

Master Social Media Small business or organization thinking about branching out through social media? Do it right with Hootsuite

Amazeballs I love this app makes posting so much easier and faster!

Good app, and free.

Life is easier Makes posting easier and helps me stay on task.

Awesome!!! The app gets me!!

Class So easy!!

So useful as a blogger/entrepreneur Love this app. Works in conjunction with the website.

Helpful I use hootsuite to schedule my fashion-item post on instagram. Very helpful, tho it has a problem a lil while, I couldn't get to sign in, it failed to syncronize to my ig account. Then I updated the latest version, and thx God it turned out well :)

Getting Better and Better I love the fact that you guys don't rest on your laurels! Love the option to display media images in stream. Can you please surface that option in the widgets as well?

Life saver! This helps me SO much with my business! I'm able to stay present and relevant online without stopping what I'm doing every couple hours to post something.

Saves tons of time! I've been able to multiply our social media presence without multiplying my work! Can't imagine how I did my job without it for so long

Great potential - needs a couple of key features 1 - modern conversation view for DMs and 2 - mark all read for notifications or just clear the unread ones after I've looked at the notification drawer.

Easy and Convenient Hootsuite is the reason I can keep up with multiple social media sites without wasting hours of my time signing into each separate account. Thanks!

OK tool The best way to manage FB, Twitter and LinkedIn on the run. App is a little clunky when it comes to searches. Hard to manage FB privacy settings for posts.

Hootsuite Really like the easy to use app. Intuitive, responsive, good multiple social media program.

Can't sign into my instagram accounts Keeps telling me wrong password or username....I am sure they aren't wrong...pls fix

It gets the job done. I had some issues with using LinkedIn, but other than that I dig this app.

Absolutely brilliant Great app for my business page on Facebook. As I don't have time to stop and write post but I do at the end of the day. ? I'm all for hootsuite!

Great for business It's everything I have been looking for...AND it's FREE! I can post business related posts without having to be actually on Instagram and Facebook all day. There were a couple pics that posted sideways but I think that was my doing... I have a LG V10 and overall it works wonderfully. ??

Completely useless Can't even display a news feed from Facebook or post properly in Instagram. Not worth downloading.

Good, not great Features are limited. Would be nicrle if new features are added.

I love it Really good way to do post for a time .if ur round at the time to put a post up I'm using to promote my business ?

Much better The latest update was very good. Now, show the full names in addition to usersnames in timeline; or, just give us the option to choose!

May 2016 improvements make this more usable Now with inline images and image size reduction when uploading, Hootsuite is now a fantastic replacement for the Twitter app.

Mediocre Constant notifications, even though they are all turned off, really irritating. Seems pretty good other than that

Great App! Simple to use ?

Love! Absolutely love this app! It helps save so much time while working my Younique business from my facebook!

Why no Google plus on mobile? Why no Google plus? Buffer can do it why can't you?

Decent Could use a few upgrades: List all other comments and likes in each tweet so I don't have to click through to actual twitter, let me like a tweet directly on the scroll screen so I don't have to click on the tweet, and make it easier to manage lists.

Great easy App So much easier to use than the desktop version, makes it so straight forward to set up lots of tweets & posts :)

Helps so much with my business!

Great for multiple listings to many social media sites...

Awesome App Makes my life much easier

Finally!! Pictures and video in steam!

So simple This is so easy to set my posts ... simply set the time & date! Loving this app!

Publisher Page Crashes As soon as I click the link, the ap closes, otherwise this would be a 5 star review, please fix this

Nice, It make my works be fun

This app is incredible

Great Easy to use app.

Great integration into Hootsuite My only real problem with this is when you upload an image over 3MB and it says it won't work on Twitter (even thought doing it directly via another app is fine) there's no way to simply edit my message to replace the image, I have to start again.

Going to buffer because of the hootsuite album on Facebook The fact that photos are uploaded to a hootsuite album on Facebook- and that's your only option when using the mobile version- is something I can't tolerate any longer. Working from a mobile device is critical so I'm not sure why this can't be fixed but it's not an issue with Buffer.

Proper software It does everything I could ask for and then some. Had a glitch with instagram, but a reinstall solved that issue.

Great! Makes life so eaosy for the Pink Zebra Ind. Consulting biz. I think the recent app version was easier to view. This version has too many options and the light small print is hard to see.

Keep online presence in poor connection I love this app, when I was in my home town for 2 weeks I still can update my fb post even when I offline. My hometown has poor and almost none internet coverage.

Time Saving I do so many things at once, this allows me to schedule my daily Inspirational quotes and not have to worry about forgetting to post them! Great app so far!

Thanks for creating this app but... Kindly fix it. Notifications skip a lot, doesn't push on time. If posts are not posted on time, it jeopardize the whole process. If you really want us to buy your services, make sure your free product is performing well.

GO Team #Hootsuite #Canada Ur helping #Ourplace save 3 billion + 1 souls from the coming #eWW3 = economic World War 3 between the #EU and #NAFTA Nations of #USA + #Canada + #Mexico. Thanks #Ph

Won't let me login... I hated this app on the iPad (was pretty useless at the time, was much easier to just use a browser) but decided to give it a go on my phone - for some reason, it's asking for a second "Hootsuite" password even though I've already authorised (or at least tried to) my Twitter account via the app. Tried both my Twitter password and a different one but it still claims that either the e-mail address or the password are incorrect (I didn't use an e-mail address, I used my Twitter username). Poor first impression

Great little app problem is i have Autism so i like to tesch myself how to use things and im finding that tricky with this

login ux s so bad QA n DEV should fix this thing guys

Instagram? Instagram account doesn't work. It says there are no recent posts. Any fix?

Absurdly convenient! Scheduling in advance as well as posting along a large social media spectrum makes this incredibly useful.

Great for basic posts If it is just a text status, it's perfect. Can not do album specific. Photos are sometimes rotated.

Great tool App works well and is easy to figure out. Love being able to set up my day in advance.

Penny Cressall Just wish it allowed me to copy the post link on Facebook. Great app for auto posting!

Handy Very handy. Pity about having to manually do Instagram though. Otherwise it's good.

Really helpful for stay at home mom especially stay at home mom like me love it

Great for personal use I use this to avoid posting multiple places and it works great. No complaints.

Can't load posts on LinkedIn and page manager

Very Good Except... The app won't post to Google Plus page.

Great app! Easy way to set up tweets at a scheduled time

Love it so much.. Having fun with my own quotes and others...

Great time saver, helps with curating Insta content

Love it Make me easy to develop my socmed

Yes i like it Very good

Awesome for managing multiple accounts

Easy to use! Perfect!

The perfect assistant

Ok, it's usefull

HootSuite Thank you for the info..right now,,im using Hootsuite more than before.. i cant see the people behind the likes and the comments though.. it would be great ifyou can fix it. Not only i, but a lot of us using Galaxy J3s will certainly appreciate the improvements.

Great media tool My only complaint on the app is you can't post to your Google pages. Only available on desktop

Not bad It successfully appear in facebook but not in my instagram. I dont know why. I hv done the steps to publish in instagram but still they dont appear. Please help.

Convenience! While I prefer, in general, to use a laptop when sending out multiplatform posts, this works well in a pinch. It's still easy to understand and use, and helpful for real-time onsite posting.

Great business tool I run social media accounts and do promo for local artists and music groups. This app makes it very easy to balance all of my clients

Impossible to post for FB business page This sounds great but its impossible to post to my Facebook business page. Ive looked up the problem and loads of others are struggling. It really shouldn't be this difficult :(

Pretty great! One problem which has gotten frustrating is the fact that double tapping Instagram images to like them is unreliable on Android. Only works on every other image or so.

Facebook? I was able to sync my social networks to HS, except for facebook. Each time I was told to contact the app maker and have them report error #1118578 to FB. Fix that and I'll give more stars.

Better than buffer I was a long term buffer user, just made the switch and haven't had any issues so far. It's great knowing what I post is going through

Does not connect to Facebook Works okay with twitter, but refuses to connect to Facebook even though I have reset the app, and signed into Facebook repeatedly going through the ALLOW THIS process... Keeps disconnecting... Getting bored....

Like it. Works well. Keeps out the spam. Wish it had more options for Facebook etc as far as seeing likes etc.

Perfect for adding a picture of Joshua Jackson daily I have a page on facebook called thr same picture of Joshua Jackson every day. Hootsuite let's me get it organised in bulk do I dont have to remember it.

Love this app It's making my life so much easier to just be able to schedule posts and not worry about posting every day!

Web app is great, tablet app missing features I'm missing important web features on the tablet version, too bad because the web-hootsuite is very nice.

Very useful app LOVE how I can combine all my SM platforms to post, answer, respond to all as I want. LOVE how the mobile client looks/works on my Android. Very intuitive and easy to use out if the box. I can schedule post -OMG, worth its wait in gold!

Help!! I just downloaded the app to my new phone, it wont let me sign in, says there is an error. I tried the app on my old phone months ago and couldnt adjust the post date and time. Ive used the website no problem. Please fix your app.

Needs fixing I haven't been able to post early, see notifications, or even find my scheduled posts since the latest update. This app is great but it needs to be fixed.

Great for business on the go I'm a real estate agent and the app is very handy for cross posting photos and more while on the go and scheduling them as well!

Easy to use. Buy the subscription and use the mobile app on the go. Good for spontaneous posting.

Pointless I'm not going to spend the extra money to manage apps. It should be free it is not that hard.

Great App Wonderful app. Love that it autoschedules posts...just took away a star because of limitations on Instagram accessibility.

All socialmedia updates Works well. Used for over a year. Always reccomend it. I post to Facebook linkedin and Twitter with ease via desktop or mobile

This is one of my favorite apps. I use it daily.

Amazing app I'd love a better and smoother automated system for Instagram just like Facebook. But, other than that, I love the app and I love Hootsuit.

Great App Love the app and that it comes up when I want share a photo externally from FB

Uhm... What happens to support for 5 accounts for free?!

Awesome Great using this apps, save my time and make me more productive with my biz online.

Awesome For business there is no better product of its kind.

Time saver for sure! This app is amazing! So simple to use and saves me so much time!

No Instagram Claims it works for Instagram but I find no option for this

Useful App! Hootsuite is really handy. I just wish it was easier to post on instagram.

Very useful It's easy to schedule your tweets with hootsuite and easy to use and very useful.

So so Its need improvement

Still getting use to it but so far so good, its been great.

Works well Posts to Facebook with no problems super speedy and no ads ! Love it

Perfect on the go The app is simple to use while I'm out and about

Good. Perfect for a social media manager business!

Hootsuite Just works and easy to run on multiple devices

Good Cats thats all im going to say

Top app save a lot of time and it's a genius idea...