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Hangouts Dialer - Call Phones

Supplied By Google Inc.    On Sept. 2, 2015    Comments(134)

Samsung Phone Hangouts Dialer - Call Phones version0.1.100944346 Download

Now call any phone number in the world from your Hangouts app without using your cell plan minutes. Most calls to US and Canada are free!

Download and install the Hangouts Dialer to start making phone calls in the Hangouts app. After installation, you can access all voice calling features directly from Hangouts or use Hangouts Dialer as a shortcut to make phone calls from the dialer screen in Hangouts.

● Make phone calls over data from the Hangouts app - call any phone number, including landlines.
● Use Outbound Caller ID - people who you call will see your verified number when you call them (no more appearing as Unknown!)
● Connect with your Google Voice number to make VOIP calls in the Hangouts app from your Google Voice number.

Notes: Mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply for data use. Voice calls to Hangouts users are free, but other phone calls might come with a charge. View our calling rates at

Google Inc. part of our Communication and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 2, 2015. Google play rating is 80.4877. Current verison is 0.1.100944346. Actual size 79.0 KB.

What's new

    ● Outbound Caller ID - people who you call will see your verified number when you call them (no more appearing as Unknown!)
    ● Improved usability - complete calls through Hangouts Dialer from more apps
    ● New material Dialer UI
Download hangouts-dialer-call-phones.apk 79.0 KB


Could be included withing Hangout Other platforms have Dialer option included withing Hangout but for android additional installation. Things works as expected most times. However sometime noticed call doesn't get connected and voice drops.Strangely my phone gets extremely hot during call, when screen is turned off by proxy/light sensor. Need integration with phone's Contact

I'm not able to call Dear Google Team, Kindly request you to please check the issue. I'm not dial the call from web and mobile application both .. Waiting for your reply .. Regards Jitesh

doesn't work on my android it doesn't work on my samsung android. as soon as i click to open the app it stops and sometimes freezes my phone and i cant use my phone unless i turn it off then back on and sometimes i can't get the phone to go off so i have to take the battery out.

Drains battery a lot. In 5 min of use, the device gets heated and the app drains battery a lot more. I prefer to use other apps and this app remains as last resource to call.

I haven't had a chance to use it yet . When I do I'll edit this. I do like that I didn't have to put in my phone number before I called someone . Also, I was told to dl Google voice w this. I didn't see a reason to have to, so I didn't.

Allow calls via Cell please. I would love to replace my built-in dialer and use Hangouts for all calls via my Google Voice number and not have to rely on my Data connection entirely.

Incoming phone calls disabled itself Cannot ring while incoming phone call, because it uncheck the checkbox itself. Also the otherside have no voice.

Ditch those minutes! Get T-Mobiles $30 unlimited data (sort of), unlimited texting, and 100 minute plan. Then use your Google voice # and make all calls through the hangouts dialer. Saving me a bunch of money. A+

Default Phone Please! I love Google Voice and all it has to offer. One thing I do wish Google would do is make it so that people can choose to have Google Voice as the default dialer on devices. I'm not talking about clicking a number in another app and hangouts dialer pops up. What I mean is when you dial a number in the system dialer, it uses Google Voice hangouts to dial the number after you press the call button. Add this, and you will make me a million times more happy!

Works on my Note 4, Although it took a while to use it properly. Some contacts have icons listed twice in my call list. One icon rings, but the person I am calling doesn't get any notice of the incoming call. On the other hand, the other icon works for calls, video, and text.

Good app, but still missing something.. Add caller id when making outgoing calls over data networks so the people you call will know who you are.. Also add a default call type (data or voice) option to outgoing calls..

Terrible unusable call quailty I have both Google Voice and Hangouts Dialer. I Constantly lose calls, digitized-slow motion like sound, other end can't hear me or long delays. Using original Google Voice app provides call quality that seems to be the same as a Verizon cell call.

Needs a few fixes Phone gets hot Proximity sensor doesn't activate - meaning the screen stays on when your on the phone seems to freeze my phone, when I finish a call the phone buttons don't work, have to turn screen off and then I can use the back button and such

Great potential, Buggy App I would love to use this app more, however it drops calls all the time, rings forever, bad audio quality, locks up my Bluetooth and crashes my whole phone after only a few minutes of use. I am quite surprised that Google would release an app with so many bugs.

Reboots I have a moto x that has never randomly rebooted until I've started to use hangouts. Rebooted twice while on a hangouts call. I will be uninstalling and maybe downloading later if they fix

Decent... when it worked Just randomly stopped working one day. Thought I'd just wait for an update. Then two.. Still not working. I hit the tab to bring up the dial pad and get a force close every time. Wasn't very good to begin with, ie; dropped calls, latency. Now moving on to alternatives. I rarely ever make calls but it's good to know that I can make/receive them when I need to. This has never been that sort of reliable.

Bluetooth calls not working Bluetooth calls not working on my car stereo. Calls are picked up, but cannot hear audio through car speakers. I have to set it to private call and use the phone non-hands free.

Crashes Used to work perfectly but since they messed something up in a recent update it now immediately crashes as soon as started up on both of my phones. Now it only works on one of my Tablets and even then the dial pad only works when dialing the number after that the dial pad becomes unusable. If you have to press 1 for English or need to enter any numbers like checking a bank account you are out of luck.

Sweet! I use this for my google voice number when I want to call out on wifi instead of being stranded with no signal. I wish this app would be as integrated as the google voice app. Like i get asked everytime I make a call if I want to use my google voice number or regular verizon number.. if I choose Google it still uses my cell service signal and not data/wifi. This app actually uses the wifi or data (whichever is available) wish it could make that connection on its own. Great app otherwise

Used this app to call my ex! She didn't answer so I left her a voicemail. Later she messaged me and told me she didn't ever want to talk to me again. Three stars because you can't fix love

Cool but slow Hangouts will ring but the phone won't actually ring for 45 seconds tested on my cell and yes I'd hang up thinking person isn't there since its a long delay before the actual phone rings

Hangouts, too cute. Not enough REALISTIC Hangouts requires you to haave a $50 mobile phone in order to verify your Hangouts account. If you wanna save $$$ forget using hangouts. Hangouts doesnt let me check SPAM/TRASH folders like Google Voice does. Hangouts doesnt let me forward calls to a landline through wifi like Google voice does. Hangouts wants to control me. Google voice wants to make me simple. Neither one of em are good for advanced businesses. Youmail whips both of em with a 15 foot stick. Hangouts is great if you already have prepaid.

Good, could be better. I like the concept. SMS and VMs in the same place, on multiple platforms (Android and Mac OS). It's not the best dialer. The stock dialer or Contacts+ is better, but I'll use it so that I'm fully integrated with Google Voice. However, I have a problem with the callees complaining of an echo or delay. I don't hear it, and they don't have the problem if I use a Stock Dialer.

Unlimited voice calls over unlimited data Have been running Groove IP for the longest time but finally flashed CM12 Lollipop on my Note II and now use Hangouts with Dialer as alternative.

Rotten quality Audio quality is muddy at best (pretty much incomprehensible) and has some audio dropouts. Very slow to make a connection, too - much slower to my answering machine than is my normal cell connection. Great idea, but I'm still waiting for a usable version.

Weak Dial pad does not look up contacts by letters just numbers. You have to open your keyboard to type a name. I dial by number, maybe, 5 percent of time. There are also no options for recent calls. No details of call, such as times.

Does Not Work on LG Dear Google, this dialer does not work at all on my LG. Attempts to start the call but freezes and nothing happens. Either get the "Hangouts isn't responding" screen or "couldn't join call". Using LG Optimus G Pro (AT&T model) with Android 4.1.2 on T-Mobile

screen won't stay off during calls I constantly hang up the phone accidently because screen would suddenly turn on during call while holding it to my ear. This is on Galaxy Note Edge.

Buggy Constantly unchecks forward incoming google voice calls, voicemail playback is spotty and only via's clear the voice integration needs some work, along with a new UI.

Poor outbound voice quality I don't know what it is, but no one can understand me when making calls, yet everyone sounds crystal clear to me. Making calls through hangouts is useless until people can hear what I'm saying. No other voip dialer has this problem that I've found.

Calls not going through since the last hangout update I was using this service pretty frequently but since the last update all i get is ringing in my end but the call doesn't go through to the person i m calling

I use this daily. Only feature missing is the ability to remove someone from a group. I don't like having to start a whole new group if you only want to change one or two members.

Features missing and poor quality Connections are always poor quality, it seems like it doesn't utilitize the noise cancelling features. Also, what about the other dialer features like favorites and contact management?

Forever hangout This app is legit. Free calls. I'm am so grateful to the creators of this app without it I would still be unemployed.

Nice - edits Overall, not bad. ·Sound quality is good on Wi-Fi or 4G. I have problems with handoff from 4G to Wi-Fi. ·The keypad is too small for my big fingers or one-handed operation. ·I accidentally dial from the recent calls all the time. ·It needs inbound unknown caller ID, i.e. Truecaller/White pages compatible.

I love it so much! This is the best calling app. Calls are clear and very good. I use a android. And this app is so good. The only suggestion is to let people make short code texts because I want to text radio stations. So please make the app work on short code texts. Otherwise then that the app is amazing keep on updating it. Thanks for the great app

I've been waiting years for this!!! I love the Google Voice and text integration. WONDERFUL except for two things.1: opening Hangouts now defaults to Dialer if Dialer was last used, so both icons take you to the dialer, and 2: the "hangup" button is a small circle in the center of the screen, instead of a bar cross the bottom. After we fix those and work on the lag, this will be my dialer everywhere! Haven't tested wifi calling performance. SGS3 mini

Lollipop resolved most of the issue Four stars for lack of group SMS and a few bugs appeared now and then. Otherwise, the app is now usable for VOIP call on Note 3 (Lollipop) and text messaging. Hangouts does not integrate well with my Subaru' s Bluetooth and steering wheel's controls. Otherwise, I could ditch Google Voice to answer call while driving. But that was not the reason for four stars. The lack of or incomplete features for group SMS is the reason. Although this is a step up from black screen in Kit Kat on Note 3 when using VOIP from Hangout.

Was awesome for about a month. Have it set up for my family on our devices. Worked great for about a month. After that it would ring but the option pop up on to decline or answer doesn't appear anymore. No doesn't ring or send notifications.

Like the new version but.. Im noticing people are having trouble hearing me especially on speakerphone but when I use dialer to call there is no issue, it's something small so idc

Oh God yes! I've been using work around hacks to make Google voice calls from my phone for years. I'm so excited they made an app out of it. Especially since I moved from the states to Australia last year!

WTF did you did to my favorite. App??? Now when you're making the call you can't get the keypad to come up the whole screen goes blank so if you need to punch in a number you're just f*****

Slight problem When I'm added into group texts from devices without Hangouts, they show up as individual and seperate texts.

FINALLY!!!!! (can't add credit, read below) I've been waiting so long for this functionality to arrive. It's a shame that this is not part of the main app nor a standalone app ///////// Issues: Can't add calling credit, it sends me to a Not Found page (why not do this like Google Play payments?)

Works good Still has a few bugs to work out like the user experience needs improvement and things of that nature ,when signed into multiple account ts it can get a lil buggy but all in all its progressing nicely

Call quality It's OK, but still echoes sometimes & I get occasional feedback noise.

It works It works it does what I want it to. There is nothing super amazing about it but then again could they improve on this design? I don't know

Annoying Dear google...please allow calls to be forwarded while opted in to use hangouts...why? I only use my phone through wifi(no cellular service) but our power went off & theres no way to make the calls or txt forward to another phone...i have this option checked in my voice settings but because i had no data service unchecking the options in my hangout settings dont work till i get power/wifi back & i dont need it then.

It works very well BUT After a couple of weeks using it decided that my number would not show up on outbound calls. I have tried to set my number again but to no avail :(

i try to buy the credit from my debit card(master card)but appalication shown invalid credit card..but i used debit card really i suffer wit payment gateway..if any chance to buy the credit from my debit card pls help me... thank u

Screen goes blank in voice call When go to the Hangouts or Hangouts Dialer app, and make a voice call, it completes, but the screen goes "blank". Can't hangup or turn on speaker phone.

I'm not able to call Dear Google Team, Kindly request you to please check the issue. I'm not dial the call from web and mobile application both .. Waiting for your reply .. Regards Jitesh

Newest version wouldn't allow me to make international call through default dialer anymore. And when I use google voice to make call in the hangouts, the other side couldn't hear. Can you just roll back to the old version?

Worked until latest update Galaxy S6 Edge. I've had this app for a few months without any issues, now I no longer receive notifications. Not for calls, not for messages. I use a GV number. The messages are coming in, but there's no notification to alert me that I have a message. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, changed and double-checked the notification settings, and had someone sit next to me sending test messages to see if it worked, it didn't. I'm having to open the app several times a day to check for messages. Please fix?

Works horribly with my Samsung Note. Dialer screen goes black during a call, which means you have no access to the dialer pad to enter numbers for calls which require PINs, "Press 1 if...", and no ability to add a caller to a call. Perhaps it works better on other phones, but I hate the way it works on mine.

Speaker phone does not work On my Galaxy S6 the screen goes to dark when I try to select any options thus I am unable to even pull up settings or change from ear to speaker phone when in a call and the options on settings are totally limited

Messed up Both Hangouts and its Dialer no longer work on my ASUS Memopad since latest updates. I even installed some older apks but kept getting message that Hangouts needed newer version. Google messed up my tablet and my ability to communicate with it. Glad I got an iPhone recently.

Helps me so much and it's Free I use it to call my mom to pick me up from the train station. It's really convenient because I don't have to pay 50 bucks a month for a phone plan. ? merry christmas everyone.

Outbound/inbound call issue? I can make voice calls just fine and it shows my Verizon number on the other person's call. But when they call me it rings my phone and not hangouts? How do I fix this? I don't use Google voice and I'd rather not. Please reply as I need this for work

I'm not able to call Dear Google Team, Kindly request you to please check the issue. I'm not dial the call from web and mobile application both .. Waiting for your reply .

Why is it default? So when I say "ok Google, call so and so" this app pops up as default instead of using the cellular dialer. It's not set as default but it acts like it is. I don't want to use data while I have good reception but I need the app installed due to poor reception at home so I can call on WiFi. I've seen online that I'm not the only one with this issue.

Free Calls! Love It Crisp VoIP Calls! I Rely On This When I'm Home To Make Most Calls - No Connection Distortion/Drops

Free Calls! Love It Crisp VoIP Calls! I Rely On This When I'm Home To Make Most Calls - No Connection Distortion/Drops

More like 4.5 stars, but... More like 4.5 stars, but if I know the folks at the big G they'll have every single odd interface changed and all of the "huh?" comments turned into a "Wow" by, let's say... July 2016. Keep going strong, G!

FREE CALLS Tried it a few times, n seems to work really well, did find out it comes up restricted on caller ID, not aware of any number to give out, good to use, if you call someone that you don't want having your #! That's the good part!!

'm also not able to call to anyone, Kindly request you to please check the issue. I'm not dial the call from web and mobile application both ..

OK but... It works but please let me change the ring tone for voice calls. Then it will be 5 stars but that to me seems like such a basic feature.

Great idea, poorly executed. Well, GV is finally working well again as voip. I appreciate that update to the app as a whole. However, the dialer is still horrible. No access to my actual contact list, and when I actually do use the dialer the screen doesn't turn off. That means when I put the phone to my face it randomly hits buttons. This most recent time it placed an additional 2 calls to the person I was already talking to, so I got to hear their answering machine while trying to talk to them and disconnect the second and third call

Text gets charged to phone I used to use GrooveIP with my Google voice number, it worked really well, it was only voice, no SMS. Now I have to use this since GrooveIP no longer works with Google voice numbers... I have texts disabled with my service provider, Ting, in their site, so they don't charge me for texts. Somehow this app bypasses my account and allows people to text my main number, and Ting charges me for it. I have a separate app I use for text over IP, would be nice if I could either disable SMS or use my text IP number.

Google play credit Why I shouldn't be able to use my Google Play gift card credit on this app? Isn't it a Google play app? You encourage all the developers to do money transactions through Google Play, why don't you do the same then?

New version issues This new update SUCKS! While making a call works great. But when trying to hang up the call. The delay to show options is like one second. I am unable to hang up. I have to restart my phone to hang up.

Buuuugggggyyyy It uses my GV number, so there's that, but that's where the fun ends. Frequently can't hear calls being made. No one calls me back so I don't think it's connecting. If it does happen to connect, there's no sound. When it did work, it would randomly disconnect for no apparent reason. I'm told the audio bounces from clear to muffled. Overall, trying to use it lately has only ended up being a massive headache. If I didn't need a GV number separate from my mobile number, I would have uninstalled it by now.

I have bought a $10 worth voice minutes for international calls and now i see that google voice eats up my mobile data. I have only 1 GB data plan. And in just 30 minutes calls google used 100MB of it. I hate it... I just want my money back

So, in the iOS version of Hangouts a simple and convenient phone symbol is in the app and you logically tap it and make a call. On my Android phone I had to download this additional dialer to use the call option that could have been inside the app as it is for iOS. Way to over complicate it Google ?

Won't auto-dial from voice command.. ie "OK Google, Call Mom". Phone number is entered into dialer, but call is not invoked. Difficult to use, poor UX design. No frequent contacts on dialer screen, cannot type contacts name on keypad, HAS to be entered on input box above. Overall, clunky. I will be using it due to the fact it supports my GVoice number, and account (for long distance calling), but I am hoping for improvement.

Life saver I don't normally review apps but this one earned it. I had an important phone call to make that T-Mobile dropped literally 8 times. I tried one more time with this app, and it worked the first time perfectly. Wasn't even on wifi. Going through data with VOIP saved me.

It needs more basic functionality if it's going to replace the stock dialer I'm a little confused why this app even exists. It's essentially just a shortcut to the same dial feature within the Hangouts app. It lacks basic functionality such as a favorites list or even a speed dial. The app just misses the overall idea that there should be one app that can manage voice calling, video calling and voicemail. Why not make this app do all those things, since Hangouts does two out of the three. Then just merge Google Voice's voicemail functionality, and you have a killer app.

DIALER BUTTON IN THE WAY and..... Pop up "toon" notification telling me the call is connected, etc., while in the way of dial and number and hang up buttons. WHY? This was a "duh" moment in latest update. I do not need to be informed if the call was connected (joined the call). NEEDS SPEAKERPHONE!

the app is relatively solid, have had some issues on my Nexus 5 when trying to make international calls, but now i have added credit online i will see if it works. wish you weren't forced to use the app for phone functionality and the browser based option still had a dialer like you are using a phone; at least as an option. however the rates are extremely reasonable for having the liberty of using and calling with proper phone numbers, making you not subject the problems of skype or other free voip options when one of the calling parties doesn't have internet access.

Needs a lot of work and google is being lazy - underwhelming and unperforming in the G-Voice area. many calls don't come through with full reception, and it's just not a consistent solid product.

Love it but... It drops calls when you have longer conversations. Also the menu does not offer the option to turn on SMS (a feature which allows you to text a phone directly.) Yet, if a person has a gmail address, all they have to do is have the app, internet access, microphone and speakers, and you're talking. When my phone got water-damaged, I was able to depend on Hangouts and Dialer to make calls in a pinch. You also must have a strong Wi-Fi signal to talk. I also love that users can toggle between video and no video during a video call.

Need to buy credits for local number? It has to be an error, dl last week worked well with in good data coverage, but now it is saying to buy credits to call local numbers, my own answering service and toll free numbers. . Can't dial out anywhere without asking to buy credits

It OK when it work properly Spent alot in this app but I would say that 5 or 10% of what I spent got wasted because of the poor service. When you call someone else pick up (connect you to a different number from the one you're calling) which happened many times, sometimes the line open and the minutes start counting while the phone is still ringing. Sometimes when you finally get hold on the person you were trying to call they will tell you the phone didn't ring at all. Quality of the call is good. Wrote few feedback but no response.

PLEASE LET US USE OUR OWN INCOMING CALL RING TONES The Hangouts dialer incoming call ring tone is useless because it cannot be heard in most practical real world settings. FACT: The Hangouts dialer incoming call ring tone Cannot be changed, many have tried. FACT: Despite repeated, yearly requests sent to Google to let us use our own incoming call ring tone, Google has ignored all requests since the beginning. Why Google? Why will you not give us the choice to use our own incoming call ring tone?

It doesnt let me call anymore Idk why, it stopped working , it has just been saying that calling is not working right now.

Missing one feature! I love this app! Makes keeping track of my GV calls a breeze. As well as making and receiving calls. The reason i rated so low is because of the feature missing. My pet peeve lies in the call log. You can not send a hangout message to any # through the call list. Which is extremely agitating. It will not even let me copy and paste the number into a new chat window. I have to physically pull out pen and paper to copy the number down then write it down, & transfer 2 the new chat window. Please fix if possible

Lacks caller ID choice Loved it. Until I picked up a Google Voice number. You can't choose the outbound ID to be one of your verified numbers. This means I stop using Hangout for calling any (bank, service) that is testing my (home) phone number for ID. Which is most of my phone usage, actually. And all my friends thought I'd moved, because the Google number has a new area code. To reset my outbound ID, I have to throw away my new Voice number, which was going to be unifying. Sigh.

"Google Hangouts: Now useless." UPDATE ON 12-27-15: I try to make calls when I'm on cellular data, and it always times out and tells me there's no internet connection.I already uninstalled and reinstalled bout hangouts and the dialer. For this I give it only one star, it should be getting ZERO, since it's now useless.

Good but... It's a very good calling app with lesser size and has many features with a good user interface and looks but the only thing is that it does not supports USSD Codes which makes people use their default Android caller.

#hangoutdialersucks Simply put, this app use to be the best. Now, it's F√¢\!πg slower than Congress and #asworthlessasTrump. In other words a POS. Moreover, When placing a call you had the option of using your G# or carrier #is gone now you're forced to use the G# with carrier # as the carrier ID; WTF Google. Idk who's idea it was to screw up this app, but great job in doing so. More than likely you'll be rewarded for yttihs work and get promoted

How do you stop this app from being the default dialer? Every time I tap a phone number it automatically starts dialing with hangouts instead of my default phone dialer. Also when you do make calls with it and are in an automated IVR system and it asks you to push a number of your phone to reach sales or some other department it doesn't register that you are entering a number on the keypad. Considering every company in the world uses a menuing system like this when you call I am surprised that google would release something that is so bad! Get a clue honestly and start testing/using your own apps that you release to the public.

no more updates?! I've been submitting feedback and only now realised this app isn't being updated at all. it's so great but it still has lots of bugs.

I've used the Google Hangout to make calls over Sea's as well as replenish my account with credit. The app works great except once in a while based on where you are calling and the infrastructure of that country the call may drop during your conversation as I have experienced on a few occasions, which is expected. Apart from that I like the app and continue to use it to call my Family in the Caribbean & South and Latin America. Highly recommend to smart-phone users.

Not an actual dialer. It won't make calls from other apps (ex. clicking a link or initiating a call through Google Now). Definitely not a limitation of the operating system and the level of control third party apps have over system functions - Skype can do it, why can't Hangouts (an app that is actually made by the same people who made the OS)? That's a deal breaker for me since I use Google Now for pretty much everything.

Finally it's here! You can piggy back Google Voice on Hangout. This means you can make VoIP wifi/data calls without using a telcom celluar network! Free calling without a plan is possible. Realize these are the big steps of eleminating the cellphone! I can answer a call from Gmail, Chrome Hangouts widget, tablet, via cellphone on wifi and they all ring at the same time. Switching from real number, GV #, and Hangout email. Perfect!

Nice - edit DOES NOT MUTE MEDIA AUDIO FOR PHONE CALLS. Needs to behave more like a phone not an app ·Sound quality is good on Wi-fi and 4G. Keypad is too small for my big fingers or one-handed operation. ·I accidentally dial from the recent calls all the time. ·It needs inbound unknown caller ID, i.e. Truecaller/White pages compatible.

Very good, But??? Using it as a start today was really a lifesaver in the sense that your able to make calls free depending on your location. My only issue is if you could add regular text messaging as an input that connect regular text from any mobile carrier without a plan being needed. Yes there SMS from Hangout, however since your enabling your own number wouldn't connecting regular text be of use?

It was great, but now it won't work. I'm getting the message, "We are sorry, but phone calling is temporarily unavailable", every time I open the Hangouts Dialer app recently. It worked wonderfully a few weeks ago when I needed to make a long distance call, and now I need to do so again but I can't. Between this and the regular Hangouts no longer including a widget, I'm just about ready to stop using Google's apps entirely.

Double charge without calling I tried to call to my home number. Tariff was 0.15c. I was standing next to my landline phone and it never rang. The time started counting in the app even before it started ringing (in the app only, I never received a call on my home phone). I decided to disconnect the call at 57th second, but I got charged for 2 minutes talk (0.30c). Google call history now shows that I used the service for two minutes. Is this a good service? Is this fair?

So far no complaints Good app. Does provide free U.S. and Canada calling over wifi to landlines... Great in a pinch. Just what we have been looking for to get away from roaming fees. Still this app can do with some improvement. Also far better than numerous other apps that boast free calling, when the callls are not free. May change to 5 stars after using this for a couple months.

Very useful app, especially for SMS and calls in North America. I hope it will stay this way for a long time and will extend the list of countries, where you can dial the US numbers. I had some issues setting it up on my Samsung Galaxy S2 that runs Android 6. I had to go manually into Settings and install permission to use microphone for Hangouts app (not the Dialer). But now everything works fine.

Awesome app! Can do just about anything - voice call, video call or texting. It works awesome on my TAB S 8.4, and I use it to call and text people. It does cost money to voice call to outside the US and Canada (maybe video call, I cannot tell). But, texting is 100% FREE! It texts all kinds of media, including pictures and videos. If you have a tablet or device compatible with this app, and you are in need of a cost free form of communication, google's app is the one for you (note: you need wi-fi or any kind of internet connection to use this. Contacts don't require a phone number to use; you can use your email, or a phone number. )!

The Hangout dialer worked fine initially. But when you make calls using this dialer, there is no ring sound nor a connection confirmation. No feedback /Sound when connected. It seems other party gets the rings but when they attempt to speak nothing is audible to the caller. Google Developers should investigate this issue and resolve it ASAP.

Just for now 1star I love using the Google services, because they work really good. Unfortunately this not really, you can't buy money unless you have a credit card? And there's only the credit card, no PayPal or Ideal. What even weirder is, you can't use Google Wallet for it. If Google will add more methods to pay, I'll be rating it 5 stars and start using it.

not able to verify number and receive code. have tried computer as well. Is there any other way to verify phone number without receiving text message? Was working fine till few days earlier. now can not dial. it says "call has ended" Will give 5 stars once my phone number is verified and it does not say "call has ended"

There needs to be an option to to choose how to make make calls, either over cellular network or data/wifi. Wifi and data arnt always reliable. Still have Google voice ask if I want call using Google voice or my carrier. Wish incoming calls could be the same. Ask how I want to answer over data or forwarded to cellular. Both ring just need to be fast enough to chose.

Great app, but audio quality needs improvement. This is an awsome app! It's cool to be able to call any Canada and US number free of charge over WiFi. No need to worry about using your cellular data or minutes. Also, as a totally blind user, I am happy to see that Hangouts Dialer is accessible with the TalkBack screenreader. However, I have some issues with the audio quality. There is a significant delay, and although I hear the person I'm calling, they have trouble hearing me. Please fix this in the next release!!!

I cannot recommend this app enough. It's basically hangouts, but the shortcut just takes you to the call page. However, I love that I can use all my Google communication services in one app. Yes, it's not as intuitive as other SMS apps like Textra, QKSMS, or even Google messenger. As with anything in life, it takes time to get used to it and recognize all the features. I like having one app that does everything that I need and because I have a Google account everything integrates seamlessly with no hassle. People may disagree strongly about what I think of this app however, as someone who uses Google products extensively every day, I could not be happier. Please keep making this app better, and I will continue to support it.

Integration works, time to clean house It's great we finally have voice and a dedicated dialer with hangouts. There seems to be a problem with calls ringing both hangouts and the stock dialer simultaneously. The ability to call using cellular service and not data would be great with Project Fi out in the wild as well as combining the stock Google dialer and hangouts dialer on nexus phones with improved contact integration. Not sure if carriers would be cool with that but I sure would.

LG G Flex 2 on Sprint Network I use Hangouts for Google Voice number only. Lately I have not been receiving notifications for my texts. I literally have to go in and open a conversation for the messages to appear...sometimes hours later!! This is extremely inconvenient. And a quick Google search let me know I'm not the only one with this issue. Can we get a fix for this some time soon???

Good idea but it just doesn't work Every time I try to use this whether over WiFi or4g the person on the other line always says they can't understand me. I don't know if it's the app, my phone, or the cell networks/WiFi internet but this just doesn't work yet. On Verizon HTC one m8

Doesn't work on galaxy tablet My boyfriend and I use this to sleep with each other even when we're apart. It's wonderful. But when he bought me this Samsung galaxy it won't work to call him. It only works if he calls me. It would be nice to watch movies together on my laptop. Any help or advice to fix this?

No voice If I choose to make Hangouts ring when someone calls my GV# then there is no voice on either side. But if I make GV forward calls to my tmo# then the default Android dialer rings and voice is fine both ways. BTW, how do you put a comma to dial extensions directly?

Trying to start transitioning from Google voice to Hangout. I'm happy about the group text capability now & MMS. Can we get the ability to start an SMS text from the hangouts website? Also hoping for the ability to appear invisible\offline. I do not want to start chats with my contacts but mostly keep things isolated as texts.

Tried installing this on my Nexus 7 and followed the tutorials for setting up Google voice. Just while my phone is in the menders. Added 10GBP credit in readiness. Total costs: 12 quid after Tax. Dialer states its compatible with all of my devices and has worked on my Nexus 4 for calls and video calls on 3G network. Nexus 4 sim is 4G and shows as 4G on my Nexus 7 LTE version. Google voice does not give the option of getting a Google number (and hence no option to keep my current number). Have requested an answer or my credit refunded.

10 second calls I'm a big supporter of hangouts and Google voice. But for the past few months my calls won't last more than 10 seconds before disconnecting, no matter the quality of the wifi or 4g LTE I'm on. Google voice has lost all of its reliability for me and I spent the money to have my carrier number transferred to it for business. My clients aren't happy. It worked perfectly before so I have faith that it can work again. But until then. I can't rate it any higher

Nice but This either needs to be integrated into Google hangouts or Google voice ... Why must we have a separate app just to make calls? It does allow users of tablets and other devices to make calls when they don't have a data plan or mobile signal.

Google account problems! Shameful. Does not allow me to make phone calls from all my devices to North American numbers. One device works perfectly then the other device asks me to buy credit to make the call to the same number. This has been happening for more than 2 years and Google has continued to neglect my request for help! This is shameful.

Mic not working! This app doesn't work on my s7. I have uninstalled multiple times and EVERY time I use the dialer the person on the other end can't hear me. All of my other calling apps work fine. I have nothing but issues with all things hangout on the s7. An android platform causing issues with it's own developers app is priceless.

Data calling is the future What if this could integrate with the Google dialer/standard phone dialer? I don't understand the relation to Hangouts. The Google dialer has a much prettier interface such as full screen high resolution contact photos, bigger dial pad, and integrated visual voicemail. And like others have said, call clarity seems pretty good, however calls can take awhile to connect and sometimes hang or lag behind inputs. Also, why does it cost $$$ to make calls outside the US when I'm just using data? Curious.

Its alright but you guys need to develop a "hangouts contacts" as well and implement it into the Hangouts suite --like you did with dialer. Also, sometimes it don't always over ride the phones default phone app. Sometimes if I toggle the option off and on it will work and then sometimes it will not. Now sure what is going on with that. I love the fact that you provide a great phone voicemail service with telephone number and it's the primary reason I use Hangouts --I can have one number regardless if I pick up a new provider or not. One other thing you can add is if Dialer could behave or act like a default phone app, utilizing the service providers network instead of WiFi only. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

Works Great...except there is one trick I use the service from Canada, the free calling from and to US and Canadian #s is great. The only trick to make it work was that I had to activate and verify the new caller ID service. Without this activation and verification being completed and active in the settings, it would not work. I hope this helps others. The quality is excellent and great to have...thank you Google for this.

Notifications won't turn off during calls It would be 5 star, but notifications still come through while in calls. It's annoying to have my phone buzz and ding while I'm talking to another. But the voice quality is great, and nice to use when I'm at work with no cell signal but wifi...

Recent update issue With the latest update on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 running KitKat Hangouts does not connect for me to joing an ongoing group call I had initially missed. Hangouts says it cannot connect to the server. When I uninstalled the update, it shows me the ongoing call for me to join.

This is a nice app. The reason why I only give it 3 stars is because apparently it does not work with voice command. I had selected it to be my default app for calling but I had to back up because I cannot make phone calls from my car. It would be nice to know if you guys are working to include this important feature in it.

Great app, still in early stages. 1)There is no option to "Send Message" from the drop down menu when selecting a phone number from the call log. 2) Call log is not synchronized with other devices. That's what google is for, to keep everything synchronized on all devices!

Why not integrated My guess: difference in permissions required. That's my guess, or maybe because of some compatibility issues with Hangout previous the update and introduction of calls. Can't tell, but I love the idea of being a complete app. Deserve a 5/5.

Phoning It In Nowhere near as good as the phone app already on my device. Probably the roughest piece of Google software I've ever used. It does work though, most of the time. Not a frill in this thing. Very Gingerbread, aka OLD. Especially not great if you have a nexus 6P and rely on it much of the time.

Traveling lifesaver Traveling abroad in Europe must have app. Worked perfectly without a sim card, since finding a foreign cell carrier to sell you a card for a few days is difficult at best. As long as you have a WiFi connection your good. Saved us when we had to call the airlines to change a flight reservation, since Delta contracts out to KLM and they wouldn't change our reservation... told us to use the pay phone and call Delta...Costly! Can't wait to use it more state side when cell coverage is failing me.

Ringtones note 5 So I change my hangout ringtones but still uses the default ringtones whenever someone calls. Can you guys fix it please! I have Google voice through hangout and before the updates I was able to change and use the ringtones I had set but now it is not working! Thanks in advance.

Most of the times other call cannot hear you I use this app to call international calls.. Even though I have full LTE signal and on WiFi the call Quality is very poor. Out of 10 people that I call 8 people complains that it is not audible or bearably hear me. Tried from using 2 different phones and various locations.. I don't recommend this app for international calling .

Hang outs dialer When you want to make free WiFi calls, it's great! Always not as great as a cellular connection. But one draw back a big pain, Tmobile had put an update that interferes with free WiFi. You can get around it with Google voice, going thru hangouts. Don't give up!

Very basic and easy but one glitch This app is a great companion to hangouts and very handy when I have a spotty cell signal but good WiFi like in my hotel room. One glitch that I noticed that I see others have as well is sometimes the person you call can't hear you. I tried several of the suggested fixes online but nothing helped. I shutdown and rebooted my Galaxy S7 now it's working again. I'll update this if I have new info.

Google really messed this one up!! Before I was able to make calls directly with Google Voice now the over complicated the process and make it impossible to actually make calls?!!! Whoever is spearheading this project should be fired!!! I'm actually taking longer to write this review than needed, but I thought that I'd throw Google a bone before I switch to another app. Snooze you loose Google, you know how that goes! I don't want to have to use 2 programs that aren't communicating and seeing my calling credits, to make a simple call. if I wanted complicated I'd be making free calls with another program.