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Grade Tracker Pro (Free!)

Supplied By LetsLearn™ - NSouthProductions    On Sept. 25, 2016    Comments(174)

Samsung Phone Grade Tracker Pro (Free!) version4.94 Download

"Grade Tracker Pro is a great app for any scholar" - IntellectuApp
"Such a well organized and easy to use app. I love it!" - Gytha Chapman
"It really does help keep my stress down knowing how much or little an assignment effects my overall grade." - Michael

Track your Grades, plan your Assignments, and manage your Schedule through multiple semesters, complete with robust GPA calculation, custom grading scales, and more!

Grade Tracker Pro has grown from a simple grade calculator into a complete school management solution and organizer. Whether you need class scheduling, quick and simple grade entry, or complex grade management and assignment tracking, this app has your back. Perfect for high school and college/university students!

Grade and GPA Tracking -- Averages and GPA by career, semester, course, and category.
Assignment Planning -- Schedule your assignments on the calendar and mark them complete or add grades when done.
Schedule Management -- Set your course schedule and location on the calendar so you never miss a class!
Custom Grade Scales -- Choose from 4 default scales or create your own for letter grades and GPA!
Grade and Final Exam Prediction -- What do you need to score in order to get an A? The robust Grade Calculator will tell you this and more!
Easy Course Setup -- A stylish wizard helps you set up your courses by Points or Percentages
Easy Grade Entry -- Enter as a percentage or fraction. Give a title (or default), date, and description.
Automatic Data Backup* -- Grades automatically backed up and restored on most devices.
Manual Data Backup -- Grades can be manually backed up and restored on all devices!
Pretty Colors -- Courses and Grades are subtly color-coded. Because pretty.
Dropped Grades -- Mark a grade as "dropped" in order to record it but ignore in calculations.
Extra Credit -- Adjust category or course averages with extra credit.
Weighted Categories -- Define the weights of your categories (quizzes, tests, etc.)
Weighted Grades by Points -- Toggle this option upon course creation or in the Category menu.
Grade Editing -- Update your grade, remove it, add notes, change the date, whatever!
Rounding -- Optional, if you get a, 89.88% in your course, you might want to round up!
Accounting for Old GPA -- You can account for GPA you've earned in previous semesters so that your Career GPA stays accurate!
Multiple Semester Support -- Use this app for multiple semesters or go add some grades from last semester. You have complete flexibility and the app handles it all.
And More! -- I have worked hard to make this grade tracker easy yet full of features, the best personal grade book on the market!

Enjoy this tool for school! Study hard as you manage your schoolwork and take advantage of this virtual school assistant, whether you're in high school or university. Remember, life is about good grades and/or lots of other things.

Send feedback and suggestions to

*Automatic grade backup is supported on certain devices. See the FAQ in the app for more info.
Permissions required:
--Write log files
--Write to external storage (for emailing log files)
--Internet. This allows premium features and helps me catch bugs and know where to focus my efforts. Internet is not required to use the app.

LetsLearn™ - NSouthProductions part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 25, 2016. Google play rating is 86.1775. Current verison is 4.94. Actual size 5.6 MB.

What's new

    ✓ Pass/Fail courses now supported!
    ✓ Support for Android Nougat
    ✓ A schedule's location now defaults to the course location (if it exists)
    ✓ Fixed an issue where times would wrap to a 2nd line on the calendar
    ✓ Other minor bug fixes and usability enhancements
    ✓ Maintenance updates to 3rd party SDKs
Download grade-tracker-pro.apk 5.6 MB


PERFECT Its absolutely perfect, once you figure out what your college or universities grading system is (get it off your schools website), everything will work perfectly! Just started using this app and it keeps me on my feet with my grades and how im doing, also helps me predict if ill pass a class. Its jus brilliant. I still need to get to know it more, but the more i play with the more interesting it gets!

All in all, amazing. Love it! Lifesaver! Is there a way to calculate a subgroup GPA- like all my current and old business classes- so I can see where I'm standing within my own major/college? Thanks for an amazing app, it's really helpful. :)

Great App Great App!! I am a college student and it is a great way to keep me upto date on every class. It would nice if you could update all the grading point systems for all classes at once instead of class by class, but over all it's a great help. Another great add would be creating a way to make a goal for each class and then with each grade added the ability to have to app automatically show how close you are to that goal. Just a couple suggestion, I would be will to pay for an app like that.

Perfect If I were to design a grade calculator for myself, it would not be nearly as simple and effective as this. Truly awesome.

Awesome If you're a college student wanting an app that'll save you from all the doing all the calculations manually to see how you're doing in all your courses, then this is the app for you.

Great app Now I can check my grades ad catch up on if I'm failing or not

Perfect Exactly everything that I've been looking for!

Awesome app! Absolutely loved it until it deleted my info. At first I thought it was just me forgetting to save but after the 3rd time I knew it wasn't. I deleted and reinstalled the app hoping that would work. Got all my grades in for both classes for the 4th time and I was good to go. I decided to change the semester from Summer 2015, which is the default to Spring 2015, hit save, got the pop up that it was saved and bam, all my info was gone, again. Very frustrating. Otherwise it's amazing.

Great Very nice app for a nerdy person

Thanks! Having this helped during the completely works! No problems and simple to use!

Awesome! A must have for students who like to keep track of things :v

Best app! Lifesaver Taking 6 classes this semester and without this app, it would be so difficult to keep track of my grades. Love love LOVE this app!!

Great app. But one thing, I don't know, what is the meaning of 3.0, 2.0, etc..?

Easy to work with

Works well This apps works great for weighted grades. Easy entry, tracking, and editing. You can even drop a grade and not delete it. I wish the grade scale could be updated but nursing is not standard.

Outstanding App Very easy to use and does exactly what I want it to do. No more excel sheets!

Physician assistant student loves this app! Thank you for this wonderful app. Very clean layout, user friendly, and I love the feature that calculates what I need to get on a specific test to achieve a certain overall grade in the course. I've introduced several of my classmates to the app and they love it. Great work!

Exactly as described This works perfectly! You input your classes, the grading scales, and you can see exactly how well/terribly you're doing that semester.

Best grades app for android Powerful tools, moderate skill to use, great results.

Pretty much perfect for what I needed, calculates gpa and does not limit how many courses you can have unlike other apps of this nature

Calculus Awesome app

Really useful?

Good App Great app and the interface is easy to learn and understand. Only suggestion would be to make it easier to change and view previous semesters/ coursework. A calendar to keep track of upcoming assignments would be nice as well, and the widget idea has my vote.

Amazing This app is packed loaded with literally every feature you ever need for grade tracking. Amazing. It'd be great if you integrate material design! I'm sure that will bring this app the attention it deserves! Thank you Dev!

Great but can imprive more Its a really great app and I track my grades with it...only problem is the gpa calculator. Although it allows customization of scales the gpa is automatically set as the highest no. However in my country, 1 is higher than 4. Other than that its the best so far.

Love it!! It has everything I needed and then some. Obviously, it has the different grading scales and whatnot but you can import and backup data, it keeps up with your gpa, AND you can drop grades (like maybe your lowest quiz score or homework score) like my professors do. I think the only thing it needs is a calendar to see your schedule and a widget. Overall, I quite enjoy the design of it. The one I used before was really plain... ♡♥

Great app Still trying to figure out the fine details, particularly if app on 2 devices must I reenter all info by hand?

Love it Just what I was looking for

Amazing App!! Love this app to keep track of my grades throughout the semester!!

Very good app I would give this 5 stars if there was a widget that allowed you to see you average course grade on the screen without opening the app, and if there was a way to transfer information to other devices. When I tried using the backup option and emailing itto myself the program kept crashing. Otherwise this is a great app.

Tracker Track calculate and predict your grades in school or college. I find it pretyy accurate

Great for college This is an amazing app. Just what I needed. Thanks

Works well It's cool and works well, but it's not much better than a calculator or an excel spread sheet. If it could pull data from existing school grading systems that would be great!

very good!!! nice!!! thank you!!! very good!!! nice!!! thank you!!!

Perfect! It's like the perfect personal grade book. Very easy to use, but full of useful features. Definitely the best option on android at the moment.

The best grade tracker EVER This app is intuitive and very user friendly. Would recommend, and have! 10 out of 10.

Beautiful Design! And everything is set so simply! It is a must have for high school students!

Love the new look! Also, thanks for the new and easier change semester option!

Very simple, elegant and cool. Although I wish I could hide the GPA section. As I am not from anywhere which uses GPA, let alone know what it actually means, I don't need it. Not the apps fault though.

Great app But please add the option to see career average. Otherwise I like it, easy to use and very accurate

Loved the app.

Seems to work great except I haven't found the option for Fall / Winter or Spring / Summer classes, if there is no option for classes over two semesters it should be added ASAP.

Best grade tracking app on Android! An All-in-one app for grade AND GPA tracking. A must have for students everywhere. It puts me on track of my grade calculations and display them in an easy to use interface. Best of all, Noah, the developer is always available for any questions or feedback via email. He is putting a lot of effort into this and deserves a kudo!

Great app Very intuitive. Has everything you'd want to keep track of your grades!!!

New update is amazing :D

Just what I needed This app is perfect for keeping track of my grades and the new update looks great!!

Amazing Edit: Amazing Update This app is packed loaded with literally every feature you ever need for grade tracking. Amazing. It'd be great if you integrate material design! I'm sure that will bring this app the attention it deserves! Thank you Dev!

Very easy to keep track

Absolutely love this app! Its so easy to use and is very accurate! Would recommend to all students who are eager to track their grades and get a better mark!

Great Self teaching Precalculus. Keeping track of my "grade" on here. Helps keep me motivated

Great! I feel more in control of my work and seeing my accomplishments gives me a sense of calm. Great app!

Really well done

Fantastic As a homeschool parent, this app is fantastic! My son is in 7th right now, but in 9th I actually have to start reporting his grades. This app will make it so much easier! I wish I had known about it sooner!

What I love more about the app... The app is AMAZING but what I love more is how often the Producers reply to reviews. Not to many Producers do that anymore and they give amazing help?

Love it! I've loved this app since I first downloaded it. It's perfect for keeping track of my grades and I've had no issues. Plus, I love you can extend premium features by doing surveys or watching videos!

Can't add marks I love this app but there's a small glitch... I put the wrong end date for my semester and now I can't add any marks... I tried changing it in settings for each class and the semester days but seems like it won't let me anymore

Fantastic app Great Dev, quick to reply and open to suggestions. App is well--thought out and works well, even with NZ universities thanks to the ability to customise grade scales and weights.

Really confusing Okay. So when I enter a course on the calendar, and it comes up on the main menu, it should have the same title in the gradebook as it does when I put it in the calendar. Now I don't know which grades are which. Needs to be fixed.

????????? This Is a waste of time I download it and I opened it and it said that is stopped working SO DONT DOWNLOAD IT ,IT IS A WASTE OF TIME !!!????

Perfect! The absolute BEST grade tracker I have ever used. I'll be using it for the rest of my college career. Suggestions: a website version! Also, a larger color palette for classes, please. :) ❤❤

Love this grade tracker! Easy to use, great layout. Love that you can edit the grading scale for each class! So useful

The best Almost like powerschool but your the teacher

THANK YOU This app us perfect. Don't know why people are complaining.

It is amazing You can put your own goals in it will calculate all your grades... That is amazing!!!

Any color... I like mostly pinks and purples... just alot of colors. If you look at the DigiCal calendar colors they're really nice :) but really... any color is nice I just like having the options

The Best I've never paid for an app but this is honestly worth my 2.99. I will not look for another app. This is going to be my savior throughout my college career! Accurate and useful!

Really enjoy this app! Great way to keep track of all my grades and assignments!

Amazing and very Useful Has weighted categories, gives real marks.

Help I'm in highschool. I take 8 classes a day for 5 days a week, and all are around 45-50 minutes long. How do I do the credit hours??

Good Does what I need it to do and easy to use

It is great

I love it Easy and fast

Amazing Helps me keep track of my grades while in college ; most professors don't give you a grade or keep you on track with your grades

Amazing App UPDATE: Is there any way that you can make it possible to rotate/recategorize the courses as well as the categories for the courses? (Example: I've got my Homicide Investigation class at the bottom of the list, but I would like to move it to the top) This app is absolutely astonishing and I love it! I plan to use this app throughout my college years.

Crashes This app was working great but after the update it crashes as soon as I try to open it. I have an LG G3. I love this app, so please try to fix this!

Amazing! I always had a hard time keeping my grades up to date but this makes keeping track so easy! Essential app for college students!

Does exactly what it says it does and does it well. Not much more I can ask for!

Love it! Love the small puns and jokes yove added in places hahah makes it so interesting :D

Awesome app Excellent app for all students especially to those in college or universities..

I love this app

Assignments not showing

Did not load I just downloaded it and it kept saying that it was not working

Perfect! Really helps keep my stress level down because if I get a bad grade I can see the reality of how my grade is affected. Also when I am doing great finals are less stressful when you know even if you get a 30% you still have a B in the class.

The force is strong in this one :) I downloaded this app as an assignment for one of my classes. This application has taken the stress away from keeping track of my grades! I especially love the ability to know what I need to make on my final exam to make my target grade. I recommend this app to every college student I talk to.

This app is extraordinary; no other grade calculator app comes close to comparing! The app is intuitive to use, amazingly customizable, and a huge relief to have in your pocket. I love the restore feature, which is awesome for saving everything you've input and moving it to a different device if you get a new phone. Above all, the developer is super reliable and invested in the success of the app - I emailed him about a minor issue that needed fixing and he got back to me very quickly with helpful advice that resolved my issue within minutes. Definitely an app worth using!

Request new feature Hi sir. I really like your app, but unfortunately I can't use it because in our university here in the philippines, we used a different grading system than yours. i really wanted to use your app! In your next version, Can you do me a favor? Please add the ffng features: -can edit the grade scale rating abcdef into something else -before the final gpa, an ability to input a formula (e.g. gpa*0.625+37.5) I sent an email too, a personal request, pls reply.

Amazing This app is amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to keep track of how they are doing in their classes. However, it would be awesome if you could edit the start and end dates of your classes. Also, if there could be an option to add holiday days when no classes are held!

THIS IS TRULY AMAZING! I never thought I would ever find an app that works so well, but then I found Grade Tracker Pro. I had always been looking for something to keep my school life in order and this app did just that! (P.s Maybe make the time schedule easier to use ;) ) The way the creator of this app does the best they can making this app, makes us laugh whenever we read the FAQ (me mostly) and always consistently gets us excited by the new updates that are yet to come? I never really gave reviews but this just needed one!

Disappointed I was so happy with this product, then they took everything I liked about it and made it a premium option. I really don't even like looking at the app without color, and I don't want to download other apps or do surveys for simple options that were free before. I'm going to start to look for a new app now, sadly.

Awesume!! Easy to use, and helps with me foresee what my grade is, and what it can be.

Fab Fully awesome. It keeps all my grade records

Great tool for college

Best of its kind!! I dont know why there presence of bad or neutral comments. This app is outstanding and the developer answers fast if anything happens. This app is perfect!!! And i really doubt that there will be any other equal or better. If you are in high school, or college, or even if you are a professor, this saves you a lot of time. If i could give more ? i would.

Galaxy S3 Great great app... Would be easier to input information with a webGalaxy S3 Great great app... Would be easier to input information with a webGalaxy S3 Great great app... Would be easier to input information with a webGalaxy S3 Great great app... Would be easier to input information with a web

Galaxy S7 Edge Great great app... Would be easier to input information with a web page/login type of interface...also could we get a way to put a date range on assignments... Some of my online tests are available for me than 1 day

Excellent Great app! Easy to enter in my grades.

P good No complaints so far. Does what it says it does and looks nice.

Bug fixed! Before- I can't edit my keeps closing on me and it would be nice to be change the task if needed. After- they responded very quickly to the issue and the bug is fix! If there's a widget with it I would be very satisfied with giving this app a 5 star rating.

Necessary for college! Our school uses a really clunky online learning management system (LMS) and it's almost impossible to keep track of your grades. This saved me. I can quickly tell what grades I need for my finals and what my current grades look like at any moment's notice. Decided to donate because this app is definitely the king of all school apps. Only thing I'd like to see in the future is a GPA simulator that can tell me what my final overall GPA will look like as I add simulated semester GPAs.

New best friend Love it. Has everything from percentage/weighed, +/-, gpa calculator, and schedule.

LOVE IT I am a college student taking classes at 3 different institutions. This app is amazing at helping keep track of all of my online assignment so I don't forget anything and my overall GPA

Loved it I really enjoy this app, I really hope it's accurate because it tells me I can get a 50 on my final and still get a B!

Fantasticness Great app combing a bunch of apps i used to have. I made a comment via email and was replyed to within 5min with support. Super impressed

Love this app so far. Easy to use

Please Help I really love this app, absolutely can't go without it. Just a warning though: make sure to back up data properly. You don't want to lose your data if you get a new phone. Other than this small mishap that occurred (Not the apps fault), I really think this app is perfect if you want to keep track of your grades in an easy manner. So easy to navigate yet so professional.

Really great app & awesome support This app works great and I haven't found any other app that works like it. I love the grade calculator. Really easy to use and the support is awesome. I've emailed with a couple of questions and have always got a quick response. Thanks!

Bad My parents keep yelling at me because of this app wtf

Awesome app Cause my school decided to have all the courses spread out over four different websites I'm forced to use this, which has done the job amazingly well. (-2 stars for the constant nagging to rate the app)

Free, but worth paying for. This app is great! Clean, sleek design. Helps me keep track of my GPA and my grades in each of my classes. It's a must have for college students!

Great Great app for college it helps your keep track of your grades. Especially, since professor don't tell you your grade tile the end of the semester.

Great app! Fantastic! After realizing My Study Life doesn't allow grade tracking (which is stupid because grades are important), I tried out some apps and found this one. Lots of great features and I love how meticulous it is with grade tracking. Was a bit tricky to figure it out but I've got it now. I do wish holidays could be figured in and possibly an attendance grade. In conjunction with My Study Life, I've now got my school life together! Thanks for all the hard work (and delightful humor) put into it!

Perfect! The absolute BEST grade tracker I have ever used and it's good for keeping track of assignments too. I'll be using it for the rest of my college career! App is great and support is great. Suggestions: a website? Also, notifications on tasks/assignments should be a thing. I'll give you money for that. Because I keep forgetting to do stuff. You're fantastic.

Great! I really love this app. It is better than any other grading I have ever tried combined. Two things I would like to be added is an option to input holidays into the schedule and a way to show that an assignment spans over a few days. Other than that, its great!

I love this app. After I figured out how to just pay for the app to get the premium features, I am absolutely happy. When I had a problem, the developer fixed it. I appreciate everything they did to solve the problem. This app is a time saver. Best I've seen. Definitely worth paying a couple dollars for all the help.

Very good so far A bit hard for me to do because we have different scale so had to figure out how to use it at 1st, but overall, great! I could totally see myself continue using this.

Almost amazing The only gripe I have with this app is the tasks on the schedule tab. There is no scrolling feature, and the box expands infintely to cover the schedule and off tge screen. The box length should be fixed and scrolling allowed, so I can actually see my schedule.

LOVE LOVE LIVE IT Even though school isn't starting til 1 month I just want to get a hold of this app first and try it out so I can be better in school. Nothing bad happened so far

Forever in your debt. I am a homeschool mom. This app has everything I need to be a better teacher. I feel spoiled after seeing all this app can do. Thank you so much. Must have everyone!

My favorite grade checking app Super easy to use and very easy to adjust. My school has a different grading scale for nursing courses and non nursing courses and I'm allowed to establish and choose which courses abide by those rules. Its great.

Great! I'd looked everywhere for a good grading app that also had a schedule with it. The only thing I wish it had was a widget for the schedule and grades so you could just get a quick look without having to open the full app.

Really like this app. I love the interface, ability to track multiple semesters, create geade point scales and predict grades. Only things missing are notifications & a widget. Coming soon hopefully.

Very helpful I used to use a spreadsheet to handle this, but it was a lot of hassle! This app is much more elegant. Does exactly what I need.

Best grade tracker Pretty useful app and I've been recording all my marks since I started university. One more addition I'd like to have is to have my CGPA displayed with and without the current semester calculated. That way I can compare my CGPA with my previous one.

Love this app! My only question-some of my homework assignments are open for a few days (online work). Is there a way to show this in the schedule?

Love it!!! I'm enrolling back in to school for medical assistant, so I can finish my prerequisites for Physician Assistant school....then apply in 2018! I love having an app that will configure my grades for me so I didn't have to!!! Is there a way to sync this app with different colleges?

LIFESAVER. Wondering thou if there is an option where i can repeat all the settings of a course to another semester but not the grades?

Awesome best one out there trust me I love it so much I feel obligated to donate

This app is perfect for me. I'm incredibly happy that I can make a Canadian grading scale, so it suits me and the way my school grades me. This app gave me a very close look or the same percentage that I received at the end of the semester. Thank you for making a good app!

Amazing! This is an extremely helpful tool for keeping track of my progress! I wouldn't change a thing, keep up the great work ?

Amazing application This app should be highly recommended at colleges and universities. Students can easily keep track of their grades and have a clear idea what grade they would posible get in a particular course.

Very helpful Easy quick way to keep track off all your grades, especially if the professor keeps the graded material.

Perfect Exactly everything that I've been looking for!

Great app Great app, I use it every semester. Great way to stay organized and informed on how you're progressing.

Great app!! Helps me stay aware of where I am in my classes.

Fantastic Love it! Bought it! Winning!!!

Polished App This app is perfect for what I need.

Best Grade Tracking ever I love how it's free yet has so many features.

Great app Basically servers as a convenient way to calculate your grade all semester long.

Pretty cool Really like how neat the app is

Love it Quick questions 1.Is this for any school ? 2.Can High School students use this app ?

Highly recommended A flawless and amazing app with all grading features!

Simple, easy to use. An overall great resource for any student.

Add widgets please

Super easy to use, great features Love this app. So many different options for recording grades. The versatility is great so you can set up the different weighting for your grades. The customer service is excellent, with super fast responses. Never had a problem with the app, I'm just a dumb dumb and forget to back anything up every time I break my phone...which is too often. Definitely recommend this app, and it is worth way more than the 1.99 for the premium features.

Love This For College I've been using this since starting college & it's a well organized app that allows you to do so many things other than just keep track of your grades. I love the setup of it and will be keeping it until I am finished with school

Necessary for college! Our school uses a really clunky online learning management system (LMS) and it's almost impossible to keep track of your grades. This saved me. I can quickly tell what grades I need for my finals and what my current grades look like at any moment's notice. Decided to donate because this app is definitely the king of all school apps. Only thing I'd like to see in the future is a GPA simulator that can tell me what my final overall GPA will look like as I add simulated semester GPAs.

Best grade app Keeping up with my assignments and grades used to be such a hassle. Now it is easy and i can have it with me at all times. I love this app, try it out and you will too.

I absolutely love this! I've been using it for about 5 weeks, since the beginning of my first college semester. It's helping me to stay on track with my GPA better than blackboard, so that I know where I need to focus my efforts.

Useful This Grade Tracker app could be very useful to me however, there's a problem in setting the GPA whenever i create a new grade scale. Like when i set a GPA value for one row it automatically copies for some other row. Is there any way you can help me?

Thank you! It's an amazing app for organizing all your school stuff. Grade tracking made easy. Homeworks, projects and all other pending assignments, , you get them done easily. Also I dunno who the app guy is but he is damn cool( go thru the FAQs). And so is his app. I realy love it. Thankx Mr. Appguy! ♥

GREAT I have been looking for an app that I can track my grades, assignments, and tests. This has all these features in one and you can add semesters which allows this app to accompany you along your academic journey. I would only suggest to allow a sync with Google calender to allow on the pc as well. Other than that I love this app. I am also grateful of the opportunities available to keep the app free. Thank you!

Great I upgraded phones and I don't have my old phone anymore. Is there a way to get my information back on my new phone?

Love this app So easy to track my grades with my schools GPA scale , all assignments WITH REMINDERS and estimate what my final grade will be with what marks. Thanks for making this app and better yet thanks for making it free. I've told most of my class about it. Us University students thank you.

Dope My friend has been telling me about this app for a long time and i finally gave it a try. Love it.

Amazing!! I really enjoy using this app, it helps me keep track of my classes when professors won't tell you your grades :) Great Job! Keep up the good work!

Great for college. Really helps see how bad you really are doing.

I wish it had some more features Would it be possible for the calculator to have an overall grade of the class and not just per category?

I use it to keep up with classes I wish it had a widget like calender but thats life

LOVE it Seriously love this app. Easy to use, essential for college and very helpful?

Love it! It really helps me to keep up with all of my grades

But why I can't add a new course?

liked using it but no way to transfer data to new phone

Great app Let's me track, and keep on track of assignments

Great app The developer seems really chill and the app is great

Nice It's veth helpful app for my Studies

Great Great app for keeping track of all my grades

Great Helped me track classes and grades.

good easy to use, well organized

Great Can be up to date with the grades :)

Very useful app!