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GO SMS Pro Purple theme

Supplied By GO Dev Team    On July 10, 2013    Comments(64)

Samsung Phone GO SMS Pro Purple theme version1.0 Download

GO SMS Pro theme designed by GO Dev Team.

1.This is not a standalone app, you need to download latest amazing GO SMS Pro in order to apply this theme;You can check GO SMS Pro out by searching "GO SMS Pro" in google market

2.To apply the theme within GO SMS Pro:Menu->Settings->Appearance Settings->Theme selection.

GO SMS Pro theme gosmstheme

GO Dev Team part of our Personalization and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 10, 2013. Google play rating is 87.439. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 142.0 KB. Download go-sms-pro-purple-theme.apk 142.0 KB


:'( why?! I know you hace to download the go smd pro app first, but whenever I search it it will have no result. I also tried by going to google, it searches and says that my device is not compatible :"'''(

I love it ive been hating the normal colors and stuff im a color type of girl i love this app so happy i got it =)

This is my fav!! But obviously the devs r in control!! I do not like knowing u blocked out my fav to leave a mssg to me saying the app is no longer avail n u must download the pro version that means u double crossed my choice!! And forced ur choice for me how is that a "free app????!!!"

Great purple-fuchsia fade I loved how the purple faded on the text message screen. I was looking for a purple background to match my outfit for the day . This was it!

Cool theme Cool but a bit dark of course because of the color. Love it.

Amazing :)) DevTeam :)) amazing, Go sms purple theme that you ever dream. its great and wonderful app. love it! Five star pls. rate this app -Ella Mae Lorena :)) .

Okey… I like it… but you can't see the words they're blue over dark purple. Please fix that or at least do somethin bout it

Good theme! Like the lil aliens on the chat boxes. I change it quite a bit but use it for the basic set up.

Would be 5 stars except... the bottom of the conversation view is too bright compared to the background. *PLEASE* make the Send button, Attachment button, and area surrounding text box purple to match the theme, as it does in the pop-up window.

soo nice i kinda love purple so this theme is nice.. although it is a bit dark, its still readable :)

Very awesome! Purple is my favorite color and this theme is really perfect for me. Not too girly. The font is simple and easy to read. Easy to distinguish. Not too girly. Recommended! :)

Too Dark If the text entry window was lighter it would stand out better. As is, it is hard to read. I like the background color.

entertaining and slightly addicting. i just would like either more opprotunities for extra coins or some type of bonus that way you get more chances to play.

AbbyGee I love this theme!! The cute little ghosts are adorable!! But the keyboard could be designed better....once that's done I'll give it the whole 5 stars! :D

Anaya I love it purple is a great color it would b cool if u made one of these for every color nd see how much feedback u would get nd which color chomp is more popular and gets downloaded more. Love this app. √\<(-.-)>/\_<3

Love it purple is my fave color just wish those ghosts werent at the bottom other than that its perfect! Or are they androids?!? Who cares...... LUV

Awesome app I really think this application is cool but you have to download go SMS pro so that it can be able to work. :)

Theme I love the color but if u look close u can see ghost and I don't like the ghost ;-)

Great app.the purple is so cute and also the spaceships and ghost.would've been cute if there were a little alien instead of ghosts. Galaxy S Vibrant

Super cute and awesome took a while to figure it out but got it. You people should read the instructions before complaining. :) mytouch4g

Great && Pretty : ) I Love it When I Text it Looks Amazing ! Try It Its Cool (Purple Boss )

love eeiitt! I love the little ghosts! the purple is awesome :D I really enjoy the little rocket for received messages and the spaceship for sent messages.

I love it but I the main menu is too dark... Not the background but the letters, I can't read them until I touch it. Can't customize this I tried

Awesome This is a great color always loved it and now that its on Go SMS its just fantastic! Love it!♥

LOVE this theme, however, the android on the popup text? Ehhh not so much. Was this made using Microsoft Paint? lol idk..looks like some 8 bit graphic

Love it, just wish that it was animated. Twinkling stars perhaps? :) Oh, and please make a Go Contacts theme too~

Terrible colors. The color design is horrible. You can hardly see the text. Even worse in full daylight.

Love this theme but its hard to read text in pop up window cuz of colors. Any way to change in settings? I tried :( cant find it

I love go SMS! I love purple and pink so I like the way you can customize the backgrounds! Looks great on my lg vortex!

Al Pal's comment! This is an AMAZING color background! I just LUV it!!! U gotta get it!!! Purple is my most FAV color!!! Wud b better without all those "things"! Watever they r!!! Oh well! Who cares! :-D :-)

Gotta have Go! that purple when I'm in the mood..hhh. Thx! Droid 2 moto

MyneForever I'm never changing my theme from this this theme is my favorite colors literally and match my purple neon go keyboard perfect

I think this will be nicer if ur phone is not white like mine..a darker phone color will be nicer.

?? I'm wondering if this.happens with anyone else.. I'm not sure why but this only happens on mi boyfriends txts.. a little red heart monitor looking thing scrolls across the top and in the middle forms a heart with a couple kissing.. this isn't something he sent me? Not sure how this is happening lol. It's cute but very strange

Its cute...but gets boring. I wish you guys had more to choose from Cuz I love this sms app. G1

I don't like it It messes up all my text from previous. And it doesn't allow the pictures to be used as contacts from facebook.

Why I've used this theme on three different phones! Now it won't work on my LG g2.... HELP!!!

I'd like it if the text box in the app matched the theme. Otherwise great :)

Go gadgets Ta bien bonitaaaa i luvvvvvvv it i love all the go apps and stuff perfecto

Ufff on che ne rabotaet chtoli na x10

Doesn't work I've had it on the past, and loved it. I've installed it twice now and it's still not working. Can't find it, and when I do, I can't open it.

At last sometink that isnt pink,can change text,font, background colours n icons if u want.Iv got nearly all Dev Team apps all awesome Samsung galaxy.

Nice theme! But it's sad when I open a keyboard on my HTC Desire Z, and pictures on the background are ugly streched :(

Can't get it to open or show up anywhere! This is nerve reking and stupid

Read... THIS IS THE BEST THEME I HAVE EVER HAD!!! THANX DEV TEAM! ILL NEVER SWITCH THEMES AGAIN! THX AGAIN! Its impossible for anyone to rate this 1 star!!

Wont even show up! I cant find it!! I hate this!

Love the color of the background Lucky, the color wasn't that much violet it' like a mixture of some dazzling colors. Well I prefer these rather than the pink one. :-)

Love the theme but if it would be a little brighter I would give it five stars. Because you can't read the message if your screen brightness is low...

It's ok. Can't read anything in bright light. Like if you're outside, in a car or anywhere.

Go SMS Pro Purple Theme I love this theme! Mainly because purple is favorite color, and because you can see a bunch of cute, little android people at the bottom.

WTH love this app, then it started forcing closed. Then somehow my password changed and I couldn't open my messages private

Adorable! Love it, I was worried about how dark it looked but once install and used, looks fine even better if I have to say!

Superb. !!! Far better in all aspects than the stock sms software. The sheer amount of customizations that you can do is excellent... Enlarging text 5* fab

good theme but it would be alot better if the font color in the popup window was changed. the font is purple. so is the background. hard to see..

Armani This is sooooooooo pretty! I love purple. Like the other girl said, sorry I don't kno her name: read directions BEFORE you complain!

If you love a purple theme, then this is the way to go. I can't wait until,they come up with a gold theme. HTC EVO

Absolutely love this theme. Can you do a pink or something? Love that I can make certain people private with a pw =)

I love it, the purple hella swags out your phone and the alien spaceships is a good touch, and the little guys screaming at the bottom are classic!

<Oh yeah> uhmmm plss make different color of go sms like go sms black.. please edpecially ung pang EMO

Love it I had to tweak the font colors a little so it was easier to read (I'm a graphic designer so I always play with that stuff). Other than that I love the theme...

Love it... I would really like to see a cute purple and green theme. You need more free themes please!! HTC EVO 4g

Purple I liked the colors but the whole theme was too dark. Made even reading messages difficult.

If i could get rid of the "ghosts" at the bottom I would give this 5 stars. I love the colors, hate the cutesy characters.

Love the app and color purple but really hard to see in bring sun light. Not enough contrast