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Supplied By CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.    On Oct. 6, 2015    Comments(112)

Samsung Phone G'MIX App version1.1.2(0918A) Download

G'MIX App is a music app that provides three powerful functions: a PLAYER MODE for intuitive control over equalizer and live aspect settings, a SEARCH MODE* for quick and easy lookup of the title of a song playing in your background, and a SOUNDER MODE, which lets you assign sounds to six buttons and play them with a touch.
If your phone is linked with a CASIO G-SHOCK GBA-400, you can also control operations remotely from the watch.

* SEARCH MODE is supported only when the phone is linked with a CASIO G-SHOCK GBA-400.

① PLAYER MODE (Music Player)
 In addition to sound quality (equalizer) and sound field (reverb) settings, this multi-functional music also provides you with a variety of different music enjoyment features such as A-B repeat.

② SEARCH MODE (Song Title Search)
This feature lets you easily look up the title of a sound that is playing in your vicinity.
*SEARCH MODE uses SoundHound Inc. technology.

③ SOUNDER MODE (Sounder)
 This mode can be used to assign built-in sounds or sounds provided by you to six buttons of the app display and play any one of them by tapping the corresponding button.

④ G-SHOCK Linking
Linking with a CASIO G-SHOCK GBA-400 watch lets you remotely control your phone from the watch, to display the title of the song being played on your phone, and more.
For details, visit

Supported Formats: AAC、MP3、WAV、FLAC
Playback of copyright protected files is not supported.
Playback of files not downloaded to the terminal is not supported.

G’MIX App can be downloaded using a terminal running Android OS 4.3 or higher.
Operation has been confirmed on the phones below, and use of these phone models is recommended. Note that operation is not guaranteed on any phone not included below. More phone models will be added as soon as operation is confirmed.

Even if operation with a specific phone model has been confirmed, a phone software update, an Android OS update, or other factors may result in improper display indications and/or operation. News about the causes of incompatibility and other operational problems will be made available on the CASIO website.

Confirmed Terminals

Supported G-SHOCK Models: GBA-400

CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 6, 2015. Google play rating is 78.3787. Current verison is 1.1.2(0918A). Actual size 12.0 MB.

What's new

    Stability improved, minor bugs eliminated.
Download gmix-app.apk 12.0 MB


HTC ONE M8 Great app for music experiance....with htc...tanxxxxx...a lot.....casio...plzz develop this..with more ..

Is ok I only been using these 3 days with my G mix watch When I try to open it on my HTC m8 It never does...but when it finally opens is runs good

G mix app Doesn't work with my LG G 3

Other app It would be great if it's connects to other music app...

Nexus 5 App works fine on lollipop 5.1. Only listening on headphones not enough loudness

It only supports few music files not all. Please update

Its work!!! After an update from kit kat to lolipop my watch can connect with my xperia Z1

Great I can now connect with the watch.

Sweet Sauce. Just got the GBA400. Loved the idea so much I went out and bought a Galaxy S5 with kitkat. I can control my music, find out the name of the song thats playing at a bar/restaurant/on the radio/etc., and I can make my phone ring if I've misplaced it in my bag or desk. All from my watch. I just hope I can block the OTA update for lollipop! Please work on a lollipop version!

Mike Brown Great innovation for g-shock. Took a few tries on my S4 to get the watch to sync with my phone. In fact I took my watch off and placed it next to my phone as well as taken the phone off of power saving since it wasn't connecting at first. Once connected it worked great and had no connection issues since. Unfortunately I cannot find any way to use my own music which was a big let down. If they could sync this app for use with google play music it would be an easy 5 stars.

Got g mix Will not pair with note4!! Sucks for me, sweet watch! Can anybody help?

Pretty Cool I like that it improves the functionality of my GBA 400-1a9. The watch is a little slow when scrolling through music options, and I wish you could scroll alphabetically, cause I have a lot of music. But nonetheless, very cool. (Working on HTC One M7 running Lollipop.)

Wont work with my g3 If it worked it would be awesome, tried redownloading it and it still wont work, just shuts down as soon as i try to open it

Hardcore smartwatch!! Just what I needed! But..... The gmix app crashes like hell!! So much !! That everyday I have to uninstall it and reinstall it! Though the watch works without the app !! It works like charm with the app!! Please fix the crashing issue!!!!

Full Function HTC ONE M8 LOLLIPOP Just got my G Shock GBA400 8B, kinda sucks that they push hard for iPhone & Galaxy, it works flawlessly with the M8, I set up my watches settings via the G Shock+ app without any problems whatsoever. I've been using it all day and haven't experienced and disconnections. #HTCONEM8ALLDAY

Note 4 Can we get an update so it can pair up with the Note 4 plz and I'll give it 5 star rating

It doesn't work It kicks me out please help me!

Cool Awesome watch but not working for my Sony Z. Hope this will be fixed soon

No point Doesn't supports sony z3 :P what's the point....

Frustrating.. Been two mths almost still no improvement to watch since sent for repair.

Best App for Music One of the best free music players for your Android. Even if you don't have a Casio you should try this. The equaliser is awesome and other features are equally cool. Lock screen support is also admirable.

Wtf How u going to make a watch that needs this app to work and can't get right? Fix it

Not working It is not connecting for HTC one m7

G mix Works for S5 but not note 4

Needs to integrate with Google play music Was extremely let down when I realized that this only functions with music that you have on your phone. I may be returning my new watch since it can't work with the music I have =(

HTC M8 Not working for HTC M8, please fix.

Its fabulous I bought a gba 400 and its really amazing

Works great with Z3 and Bluetooth watch ⌚

Works well with my GBA 400 Works well with my GBA 400

Works Works fine on my lg g2. Cloudy g3 rom

Love it Working on moto g

Awesome..I loved it. Too much great.

sm-n915g galaxy note edge need new update, so g+ can detect and conect my gba400 through sm-n915g like galaxy note 3 do..

Oh Update it for lollipop

Bad You guys need to make it for 6900aa to i bought 2 watches beacause the 6900aa don't work with the music player

I love to give it 5 stars. Its very good and powerful idea. But unfortunately it dose not do any reactions while using my gb6900b, As well my music appear at the new app play list. Therefore i hope i could come over it ASAP. Love u gshock developers.

Volume issue Working well with my xperia sp... Buy oly 4 star as the maximum volume is very low comparing with my default Walkman....! Fix it

WTF!! It won't even connect with my Note 3 even though it is one of the VERY limited phone models it's supposed to work with. Really Casio?!?!! I expected more than this. Great concept but such a waste when the apps don't support it. You can do better than this BS!!

No need... This app worked fine, but no need for it since the G+ app doesn't work with my LG g4 phone.

Can't work with my LG G3 phone android 5.0.1

Nice innovation but needs stability after pairing the device. Good functionality. But gets crashed after 10 to 15 mins of playing and pairing with Moto G 2nd edition - Android 5.0.2 version phone.

note2 will it work well with note2.. anyone try?

Awful This app is embarrassing for such a large company. Get it right.

errors on lollipop its not working on my lg g2 lollipop ...try to fix the problems im not able to control my music..

Crashes Cant even use it crashes on startup.

This apps not work proper on my xiome note 4 mobile ..feeling engre..

Really-FORCE CLOSE Is this real life right now I mean come on ur makin gshock look bad this app won't even open up fix it

Zenfone 2 Android 5.0 works I am using Asus ZenFone 2 on Android 5.0, this app can connect with my GBA-400 seamlessly with English and Japanese titles displayed. Fantastic!

Force close on LG V10 I had my hope high, given it's a G shock with street cred. Team need to get this working, soon please.

It is good but i have a question How do i conect spotify to the app or if i cant could u make a update

Thats not fair The watch GBA 400 is detectable by phone LAVA irisx8s but can not connect. Plz sort it out I paid 165$ for it. I am offshore for 3 months and no much advanced phones allowed.

Not supported in Lenovo k3 note This app is not able to connect to Lenovo k3 note with lollipop os and Bluetooth 4.0 I think I had make a mistake by buying this watch gmix. Please develop the app quickly for this device and other devices too. All the Casio users don't use only Samsung phone.

U guys suck .... its not getting connected to my HTC e9+ ... bloody whats d use of spending so much plz fix it asap ....

Nice app but needs some improvement Everything currently in the app world fine but added feature of fast forward or rewind would be very useful

Lg v10 This app keeps force closing . doesnt work at all have made me upset! This app is not working on my LG G3. I had purchased this watch- GBA 400, but now I think I had made a mistake. Please modify the app and make it compitable with LG G3. It runs on android 5.0. Plzz make the app supported for other smartphones looks like you think that the whole world only uses samsung galaxy mobiles! Improve the app and make it of the same level as your other products are of excellent quality. Really this app has made me upset.

Disappointed Cannot connect to my LG G4.please repair i want to use my gmix to my lg g4..thanks

Useless app The app worked to start with, I paid AU$350 for the watch (which is great) the G'MIX App is now completely hopeless on my LG phone, force stops when opening, the watch is now just for looks unless I upgrade my phone which I wont!

Casio Team, Y U no make it compatible with all android devices..... I m sure Japanese can do it.

Works Fine on Moto E And. 5.0 Casio had done it again. Sorry you guys had problems.

It don't work with anything LG.

Nexus 5 App works fine on lollipop 5.1. Only listening on headphones not enough loudness.. Doesn't connects

Great application Finally, my gba400 just connected with Lenovo K3 Note..

Ok No reviews. All the credits should be given to the awesome watch.

Stopped working This app stops working after a few hours of usage...plz fix this..

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Really super.....we didnt expect this much equaliser option..

Issue Voice decreases when I use this app

LG G3 on T-Mobile USA Works Great All Songs Plays Well on The LG G3 & The EQ Sounds Awesome, I've Been A Fan Of Casio Watch, Till This Day I wear It, Great Graphics (:

Good app, more options needed.. I love the G-Mix app when I'm at the gym but there needs to be more connectivity. I shod be able to control ANY music app with my watch not just limited to the one G-Mix app. That's the only dislike.

Very disappointing Not able to connect my galaxy note4...even after many updates its not compatible with note 4...

no spotify ill rate 5 if I can use spotify for android

Disappointed !!! Not Match With My G Play Mini Handset ...

Samsung s6 edge This company is so slow going up to date with the new phone i think there is not going to be an update for the newer phones

Its nice but... Not working properly stops automatically pls help me how to solve this problem

Its not working on my LG G FLEX 2 Its not working on my LG G FLEX 2

It is not compatable with 4.3 anderoid grand pls fix

not supported oppo neo 5

Lg crash Doesnt work on LG software please fix soon thanks otherwise love ya products!

Force close on LG G4 Please fix it

Needs imediate update galxy s6 Crashes the whole time

Force stop Unfortunately stopped working reinstall reboot reset nthing is helping Asus zenphone 2

update please i am using sony xperia z2,after the 2nd update of my software from kitkat it ia unable to it's seems like useless.please make it work.

Cannot connect to my samsung s6 edge Please do upgrade on app for Android phones also. I cannot interface this with my samsung s6 edge. Waste of money on buying this watch. Really hating ur app.

App does not connect to Galaxy S6 Edge Tried everything and i cannot get my GBA-400 to connect with this app on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge running Android 5.1.1. Starting to wish i had not bought the watch due to the rubbish software support. The app sees the watch but it then says failed to connect after discovering it.

Why does it need G-SHOCK+ to use !!?? G-SHOCK+ did not work with GBA-400, Samsung Note3 and iPad air . Would Casio open source of G'MIX and G-SHOCK to let casio fans to fix their problem ?

Nexus 5 App works fine on lollipop 5.1. Only listening on headphones not enough loudness.. Doesn't connects. Make app switch off tired do force stop everytime. this app can't be on rating 4 becouse people putt 1 star.. i see some cheating in rating system

Waste of everything! Can even connect to gmix app..watdafak is wrong with gshock now? This is ruining your reputation just bcoz of this useless app! Fak

Omg This is very bad. Is not working on my lg g flex 2

Rubbish I can'tconnectto my z5 premium I bought gba 400 to connect my phone and now it's done nothing

Equaliser and sound quality is not good Please improve the app and equaliser is must , I love listening the music and gmix makes that awesome if u fix these things. Please do concentrate in this

Its good.... It works well with my asus zenfone.........

Nice Work perfectly with galaxy s7. Excellent connection with gba400!!

Android 5.0 not working It is now a piece of crap. Not working on my note3 after i updated to android 5.0. Irritates my watch has a useless features. Cannot use on android 5.0

Cool Works so well on galaxy s4 kitkat....also cool watch

Awful No way to choose my library.... It detected all my sound effect MP3.... which last less than second each.......

Whenever I try to open this app, it closes immediately in my LG G Flex 2, please resolve this issue. Once it is fixed, I Will give 5 rating

Bullsh!t This apps layout looks amazing. But if it acctually would work (for more than 2 seconds before force closing)... This app im sure would be worth the time to download. But as it stands its crap. I wish this would work... Please fix this

Come on man What's the point of this app when you really can't do anything with it? You can't find music on it. Are you suppose to download music from another app and add it to this app? I'm so confused??? I mean I like g shock, but this g mix is trash. Straight garbage. FIX THIS APP!!!

Nexus 6p with marshmallow Works fine and syn with no problem.

My songs and playlist are on Spotify which this app is not capable of linking to it.. Making it almost redundant to have this function. Make it compatible with Spotify please thank you

Crashes on my Nexus 5x Worked fine at 1st attempt. Then the app started crashing and have been crashing since. Tried rebooting the phone, reinstalling the app. No luck.

Nice app but 2stars coz of bugs I am using g mix for my g shock watch but now it is crashing from two days i hope developers fix the bug soon

My gba400 red works just fine Connection issues very frequently , while connecting just tun off WiFi to increase chances of bugs

Worked fine..... I hav an HTC 816 n it worked absolutely fyn but i hav a reaaaallly big problem tht the sound quality is totally ruined by crack i mean after every second cracks come in. It is actually better to use normal music play cause its much better and even u dont need to press a button hard to change it from volume to song selection n visa versa

Now better I used to hate it when i couldnt connect my phone and watch just coz it was samsung galaxy series.....but that is sorted now so i m happy

Nice Approach, but needs a update Hey team, is there a possibility to tweak the app to control the master volume of the mobile device, which will make this watch useful with every music app . I also believe adding a notification functionality will make this atleast my permanent wearable watch.

Very disappointing...GBA 400 Neither I can connect my Samsung Galaxy note 4 nor I can connect one plus X ....if the watches aren't comfortable with the devices why to make such watches and app....waste of money... never expected from Casio....

Poor sound quality The player has very poor sound quality compared to the pre installed music app on my phone.

Please, update this software. My phone is samsung galaxy a5 (2016) and its not compatible

Crashes Started crashing after I upgraded to Android 6.0.1! Please fix this ASAP!

Do this from Casio? LG G3, G4 not support. Still support 3 samsung old model android phone ONLY? No update at all?